Petition for Annulment of Marriage

July 7, 2017 | Author: RodneyAce | Category: Annulment, Government Information, Politics, Crime & Justice, Justice
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Petition for Annulment of Marriage...


Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT National Capital Judicial Region Pasay City Branch 30 VERONICA S. VILLANUEVA, Petitioner, -versus-

Civil Case No. ______________ For: ANNULMENT OF MARRIAGE

PETER Y. VILLANUEVA, Respondent. X-----------------------------------------X

PETITION PETITIONER, Veronica S. Villanueva, by counsel, respectfully states: 1.

Petitioner is 24 years old, born on March 21, 1991, and a resident of 2149-F. Fernando Street, Pasay City where summons may be served for the instant case. Petitioner is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at University of Santo Tomas in the year 2011 and is currently employed as a professor in the said university.


The respondent is 30 years old, born on January 1, 1985, and a resident of 246 Villaruel Street, Pasay City, where he may be served with summons for the instant case. Respondent finished Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at University of the East and is currently employed as an Executive Assistant at Hewlett-Packard. He had been employed in said job since 2011.

3. Petitioner and respondent first met sometime in 2009 when petitioner was only 18 years old while respondent was 24 years old. They initially became text mates from January to March of that year when one of Respondent’s former college classmates gave him Petitioner’s mobile number. After a few months of texting each other, they started going out exclusively as a couple. 4. Petitioner introduced respondent to her parents but the latter disapproved of their relationship because respondent was, then, unemployed and was older than their daughter. But despite the opposition, the two continued to see each other.

5. After being in a relationship for a year and a half, the two decided to get married on July 4, 2011 before Judge Cruz of RTC Branch 12 of Pasay City when petitioner was only 20 years old, while respondent was 26 years old, without the consent of the petitioner’s parents. The marriage certificate is herein attached as Annex “A.” They, thereafter, eloped to Tondo, Manila. 6. However, after a few months of living together, petitioner decided to end their relationship and went back to her parents and asked for forgiveness. 7. Having married respondent at the age of 20 without her parent’s consent, petitioner now wishes to have the same annulled. PRAYER WHEREFORE, premises considered, it is respectfully prayed that the marriage of the parties be annulled in accordance with Article 45(1) of the Family Code. Petitioner also prays for other reliefs as may be deemed just and equitable in the premises. LASERNA CUEVA-MERCADER & ASSOCIATES LAW OFFICES Counsel for the Petitioner Unit 15, Star Arcade, C. V. Starr Avenue Philamlife Village, Las Pinas City Tel. Nos. 872-5443; 846-2539 Fax No. 846-2539 X x x.


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