People vs Torres (Iana)

April 8, 2019 | Author: lookalikenilong | Category: Robbery, Homicide, Crimes, Crime & Justice, Murder
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G.R. No. 189850

September 22, 2014

PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, Plaintif-Appellee, Plaintif-Appellee, vs. REYNALO TORRES, !AY TORRES, "O""Y TORRES # RO"ERTO TORRES $ NA%A, &'( RONNIE TORRES,  Accused, "O""Y TORRES # RO"ERTO TORRES $ NA%A, NA%A, Accused-Appellant. Accused-Appellant. DECISION

EL )ASTILLO,  J.: F&*t+ Siblings Reynaldo o!!es "Reynaldo#, $ay o!!es "$ay#, Ronnie o!!es "Ronnie# and appell appellant ant %it& %it& t&e specia speciall co'ple co'ple( ( c!i'e c!i'e o) !obbe !obbe!y !y %it& %it& &o'ici &o'icide de co''i co''itte tted d against $ai'e *. Espino "Espino#.  &e accused a!'ed %it& bladed %eapons, conspi!ed and con)e!!ed con)e!!ed %it& one ot&e! 'ale)acto!, %it& t&e use o) )o!ce, violence and inti'idation bloc+ed Espinos pat& and )o!cibly g!abbed &is belt-bag. On t&e occasion o) t&e !obbe!y, t&e accused use pe!sonal violence and abuse o) supe!io! st!engt& %&ic& %as !esisted by t&e victi' p!o'pting t&e accused to stab t&e )o!'e! %&ic& cause &is i''ediate deat&. u!t&e!, t&ey ca!!y a%ay %it& t&e pe!sonal p!ope!ties p!ope!ties o) t&e victi'.  &e R RC !uled t&at t&e appellant can only be liable )o! 'u!de!. 'u!de!. &e CA 'odied t&e decision and )ound t&e appellant guilty o) !obbe!y %it& &o'icide. /ence, t&is p!esent appeal.

I++-e 0&et&e! o! not t&e accused can be &eld liable )o! t&e co'ple( c!i'e o)  !obbe!y %it& &o'icide instead o) 'u!de!1 R-/' t&e CA.

 2es. &e Sup!e'e Cou!t a3!'ed %it& )u!t&e! 'odications t&e decision o) 

Appellant is guilty o) t&e c!i'e o) !obbe!y %it& &o'icide. 4Robbe!y %it& &o'icide e(ists 5%&en a &o'icide is co''itted eit&e! by !eason, o! on occasi occasion, on, o) t&e !obbe !obbe!y !y.. o sus sustai tain n a convi convicti ction on )o! !obbe !obbe!y !y %it& %it& &o'ici &o'icide, de, t&e p!ose p!osecut cution ion 'ust 'ust p!ove p!ove t&e )ollo% )ollo%ing ing ele'e ele'ents nts66 "7# t&e ta+ing ta+ing o) pe!son pe!sonal al p!ope p!ope!ty !ty belonging to anot&e!8 "9# %it& intent to gain8 ":# %it& t&e use o) violence o! inti'idation against a pe!son8 and ";# on t&e occasion o! by !eason o) t&e !obbe!y, t&e c!i'e o)  &o'icide, as used in its gene!ic sense, %as co''itted. A conviction !e
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