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May 29, 2018 | Author: Kiran Khasa | Category: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Breastfeeding, Infants, Clinical Medicine, Medicine
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CHILD HEALTH NURSING Short Answer Questions Write Write short note on the following. Each Question carries 5 marks 1) IMNCI 2) Brea Breast st feei feeing ng !ro" !ro"le lems ms #) Chem Chemoth other era!$ a!$ in in chil chilren ren %) &la$ &la$ ther thera! a!$ $ 5) '$!ot '$!othe herm rmia ia in in new"o new"orn rn () ole lerr fee feein ing g *) +efle, +efle,es es in initia initiati ting ng Breast Breast -eein -eeing g ) /ne /nerr fi0 fi0ee clin clinic ic ) Col ch chain ain 1) &ulse !olio !olio !rogramme 11) &re0enti0e &re0enti0e &eiatrics &eiatrics 12) W'3 &lan C for 4e0ere iarrhea 1#) &rinci!les of Immuni6ation 1%) -eeing -eeing a "a"$ with cleft !alate 15) 7astroschesis 8 3m!halocele 1() +ole of a nurse in Immuni6ation Immuni6ation 1*) 'ealth eucation for a chil with 'emo!hilia 1) Worm Worm infestation infestation 1) 3+4 3+4 2) Infection !re0ention in 9:: chilren 21) Characteristics of normal new"orn 22) 3!hthalmia 3!hthalmia neonatorum. neonatorum. 2#) Marasmus Marasmus 2%) 4ca"ies in in chilren chilren 25) 'I; in chilren. chilren. 2() &hoto hera!$ hera!$ 2*) Chil guiance guiance clinic. 2)
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