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1. In order to promote the process of cooperative learning, the teacher should (A) Allot individual assignment to each student (B) Assign group projects (C) Engage students in debate and discussions (D) Divide the class into groups of homogeneous ability Ans : (B) 2. ‘Child-centered’ pedagogy is (A) Teacher explains the concept by standing in the centre with children encircling her (B) Teaching as per the desire of a child (C) To teach children in small child care centers to ensure individual attention (D) Giving primacy to children’s experiences, their voices, and their active participation Ans : (D)

3. A teacher should have (A) Knowledge of his subject (B) Knowledge of teaching methods (C) Knowledge of students (D) All the above Ans: (D)

4. Which of the following is a centre point of a lesson plan? (A) Principal (B) Teacher (C) Student (D) None of the above. Ans: (C)

5. How will teacher try to make teaching social studies in effective and interesting manner? (A) By using Audio Visual Aids

(B) By giving home work (C) By illustrating answer (D) By Telling Jokes Ans: (A)

6. This is an instructional material for a teacher – (A) Workbooks (B) Supplementary material (C) Atlas (D) Curriculum guides Ans : (B)

7. A teacher has to be adapt a (A) Communication

(B) Learning (C) Acting (D) Playing many roles. Ans: (D)

8. The activity techniques is (A) Class-centered (B) Subject- centered (C)Student-centered (D) Teacher-centered Ans: (C)

9. The limitation of the five stage system of Herbert is (A) Making the student passive (B) Giving more importance of social studies (C) Giving less importance to knowledge (D) Giving less importance e to the teacher Ans: (A)

10. Whenever Possible the teacher should resort to (A) CAL (B) Micro Teaching (C)Team Teaching (D)All of the above Ans: (C)

11. Which of the following is not an objective to use of audio- visual aids? (A) Is useful for slow learner (B) Is useful for brilliant students (C) Is useful to develop curiosity (D) Distracts the attention of students from the main topic. Ans: (D)

12. A good textbook is one which essentially includes, besides other special features the following: (A) Direction to teachers (B) Direction to examiners. (C) List of chapters (D) Practice exercise for doing a lot of homework Ans: (C)

13. The plan meant for evaluating the learning outcomes of the students in the classroom is called – (A) Unit plan (B) Year plan (C) Lesson plan (D) Subject plan Ans: (C)

14. While teaching an issue sensitive to a particular community, but described in the textbook (A) The teacher should ask students to make notes on these in the library or at home sponsored links (B) The teacher should explain the concept with sensitivity and firm commitment while respecting the dignity of all students (C) The teacher should write to the authorities to omit the contentious topic from the curriculum (D) The teacher should respect the textbook and explain the facts as given Ans : (D)

15. While teaching ‘Poverty,’ which strategy would be most appropriate? (A) Ask students to read from the textbook and explain the difficult words (B) Prepare notes and deliver and good lecture (C) Give hand-outs to students and explain (D) Engage students in debate and discussions Ans : (D)

16. The Third important element of education besides teacher and students is (A) Syllabus (B) Curriculum (C) School Building (D) None of the above

Ans: (A)

17. Attempt to test students abilities to interpret data organize ideas and describe events is seen in (A) Objective tests (B) Oral Test s (C) Essay type tests (D) None of the above Ans:(C)

18. ‘Team Teaching’ (A) Is a way out to manage with the shortage of teachers? (B) Encourages healthy competition among teams of teachers in a school (C) Involves small teams of students as per their ability (D) Involves teams of teachers to optimize resources, interest and expertise Ans : (D)

19. Remedial teaching as part of formative assessment means (A) Diagnosing and addressing gaps in learning (B) Extra coaching by tutors (C)Teaching beyond the textbook (D) Teaching for gifted student Ans: (A)

20. Classroom teaching should be (A)Intense (B) Easy (C) Inter-active (D) One sided

Ans: (C) Directions: Read the poem given below and answer the questions that follow (Q. No. 84 to 88) by selecting the most appropriate option.

On A Tired Housewife Here lies a poor woman who was always tired, She lived in a house where help wasn’t hired: Her last words on earth were: ‘Dear friends, I am going To where there’s no cooking, or washing, or sewing, For everything there is exact to my wishes, For where they don’t eat there’s no washing of dishes. I’ll be where loud anthems will always be ringing, But having no voice I’ll be quit of the singing. Don’t mourn for me now, don’t mourn for me never, I am going to do nothing forever and ever.’

1. The woman described in the poem (A) Lived in her own house (B) Worked in the house of a rich man (C) Was very busy doing chores (D) Was no more Ans: (D)

2. The woman was always tired because (A) She did all the household work without any elp

(B) She had hardly anything to eat (C) She was physically very weak (D) She was suffering from a serious ailment Ans: (A)

3. The woman wanted to go to a place where (A) People would take good care of her (B) People would sincerely mourn for her (C) People didn’t sing or dance (D) People didn’t cook, wash or sew Ans: (D)

4. The woman’s account in the poem shows (A) How a woman can escape from work (B) How we should help each other (C) How overworked a housewife is (D) That there is no work in heaven Ans: (C)

5. ‘For everything there is exact to my wishes,’ In this line, the word ‘exact’ can be interpreted to mean (A) According (B) Leading (C) Contrary (D) Contributing Ans: (A) 6. Fill in the appropriate determiner: The ring is made of _______ gold. (A) The (B) A

(C) X (no determiner) (D) Any Ans : (C)

7. Choose the word with the correct spelling. (A) Happenned (B) Hapenned (C) Happened (D) Hapened Ans: (C)

8. Fill in an appropriate determiner: _____ first item in today’s programme is a song. (A) The (B) A (C) Any (D) Some Ans: (A)

9. Complete the sentence by putting an appropriate determiner: You should always carry _______ umbrella with you. (A) A (B) An (C) Any (D) A few Ans : (B)

10. Fill in the appropriate determiner: I have not got _____ money in my bank account. (A) Any

(B) A (C) A few (D) Few Ans: (A)

11. Identify the correct form of the adverb to fill in the blank. I have told you _______ (A) Twice (B) Many many times (C) One time (D) Two times Ans: (A)

12. Supply the correct form of the verb in the following sentence: She ___________ a new dress last week. (A) Has bought (B) Has been buying (C) Buys (D) Bought Ans: (D)

13. Manjit said to Anisha, “Could you please open the window?” sponsored links In the above sentence Manjit is – (A) Asking a question (B) Giving an instruction (C) Offering advice (D) Making a request Ans : (D)

14. Supply the correct form of the verb ‘remember’ in the following sentence: I ______ your name. (A) Am remembering (B) Remember (C) Was remembering (D) Have remember Ans: (B)

15. Choose the set of words which are in the alphabetical order. (A) Celebration, celebrity, center centimeter (B) Celebration, celebrity centimeter, center (C) Celebrity, centimeter celebration, center (D) Center, centimeter, celebrity celebration Ans: (A)

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