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Turn on more accessible mode Skip Ribbon Commands Skip to main content Search MAF-Al-Tayf Complex 24674302 [email protected] PR-1000 - Operations Handover Procedure PR-1696 - HAZOP Procedure PR-1971 HAZID Procedure PR-1029 - Competence Assessment & Assurance PR-1047 - Well Integrity Maintenance PR-1048 - Well Control / Well Kill PR-1076 - Isolation of Process Equipment Procedure PR-1232 - Design Integrity Review Procedure PR-1233 - Contract & Procurement Procedure (CPP) PR-1961- Process Leak Management PR-1172 - Permit to Work Procedure PR-1154 - Gas Testing Procedure PR-1001a - Facility Change Proposal Procedure PR-1001b - Trip Alarm SCADA Settings Change Procedure PR-1001c - Temporary Override of Safeguarding System Procedure PR-1001e - Operations Procedure Temporary Variance PR-1001x - Operations Variance and Change Management PR-1002 - Operations Excavation Procedure PR-1005 - Maintenance and Inspection Activity Variance Control Procedure PR-1023 - Automation Systems Software Management Procedure PR-1489 - Well Test Operations PR-1034 - Wireline Operations Procedure PR-1035 - Well Pulling Hoist Operations PR-1036 - Coiled Tubing Operations PR-1038 - Workshop Operations PR-1039 - High Pressure Operations - Fracture Stimulation Operations Procedure PR-1046 - Concurrent Drilling, Hoist and Production Operations PR-1052 - Preparation and Updating of Station Plant Operating Manuals PR-1073 – Gas Freeing, Purging and Leak Testing of Process Equipment and Pipework PR-1079 – Gas Freeing and Purging of Petroleum Storage Tanks PR-1083 - Safe Working on the Roof of a Floating Roof Tank PR-1086 – Locked Valve and Spectacle Blind Control PR-1088 - Organisational & Staff Changes Process Control PR-1098 – Well Activity Coordination and Control PR-1106 - Changes and Administration of Authorities PR-1159 - Commissioning and Start-up PR-1247 - Project Change Control & Standard Variance Procedure PR-1473 - Well Barrier & Isolation PR-1721 - Shutdown Management PR-1947 - Electrical Safety Rules PR-1948 - Electrical Safety Operating Procedures PR-1960 - Control of Portable Temporary Equipment SP-1075 Fire and Explosion Risk Management (FERM) SP-1127 - Layout of plant equipment and facilities SP-1258 Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) SP-2062 - HSE Specification: Specifications for HSE Cases SP-1131 - Handover and As-built documentation SP-1190 - Design for Sour Service Specification SP-1219 - Well Engineering Hydrogen Sulphide Specification SP-1278 - Specification for Site Selection and Soil Investigation Works Engineer

ing Guidelines SP-1284 - Signs and Signboards SP-2017 - Well Failure Model SP-2061 – Technical Authority System SP-2113 - Specification for Commissioning and Start-Up (Key Principals) SP-2110 - AI-PSM Assurance Framework GU-611 - PDO Guide to Engineering Standards and Procedures GU-625 - PDO Operations and Maintenance Related Documents GU-648 - Guide for Applying Process Safety In Projects GU-655 Demonstrating ALARP GU-230 - Fire and Explosion Risk Management (FERM) Facility plan Guideline GU-289 - PDO Security Guide GU-425 - GU-425 Contracting and Procurement Guidelines GU-513 - Guidelines for Alarm Management and Rationalisation GU-622 - Contract Performance Management (CPM) Framework Guideline GU-632 - Water Management Control Framework Guideline Life Saving Rules Work with a valid work permit when requiredConduct gas tests when requiredVerify isolation before work begins and use the specified life protecting equipmentObt ain authorisation before entering a confined spaceObtain authorisation before ov erriding or disabling safety critical equipmentProtect yourself against a fall w hen working at heightDo not walk under a suspended loadDo not smoke outside desi gnated smoking areasNo alcohol or drugs while working or drivingWhile driving, d o not use your phone and do not exceed speed limitsWear your seat beltFollow pre scribed Journey Management Plan HSE-MS Web Page Owner : MSE52H

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