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November 3, 2017 | Author: Jennifer Ortuoste | Category: Horse Racing, Philippines, Animal Racing, Horses, Equestrian Sports
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The annual souvenir magazine of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office's flagship horse racing event, the Preside...



Ruby Anniversary Edition

PCSO 40th Presidential

Sunday, 9 December 2012 • Santa Ana Park, Naic, Cavite

Celebrating Forty Years of Horseracing’s Most Prestigious Event

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 

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Cover Story


PCSO 40th Gold Cup Rules and Regulations


Official Starters

Published by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office Address: PICC Secretariat Bldg., CCP Complex, Pasay City Website: www.pcso.gov.ph Email: [email protected]


Forty Years of the PCSO Presidential Gold Cup

JENNY ORTUOSTE Editor-in-Chief


PCSO: Caring for Children at Tahan-Tahanan

JAS LALOG Creative Director


A Day at the Museum

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup Souvenir Magazine Ruby Anniversary Edition

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 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

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Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office


Message A very heartfelt congratulations and greetings to the 40th Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office Presidential Gold Cup. In life, 40 years is an important milestone. I am optimistic that this is no different in the case of the PCSO’s 40th Presidential Gold Cup. PCSO has a long traditional relationship with horseracing. When sweepstakes was our sole product in the 50s, our first three prizes were determined by the ranking of the horses that carried our tickets. This is no longer the practice but the old horse and jockey icon remains a sentimental memory of a legacy. Horseracing is a sport that symbolizes man’s competitive spirit and determination to get to one’s goal—whether this be the finish line rankings or reaching one’s own ambition and dreams. As we remember moments of horseracing past, may this 40th celebration kindle new beginnings and fortunes.


 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 


Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office

Board of Directors

Message The PCSO is proud to welcome you to our celebration of the Ruby Anniversary of Philippine racing’s most significant event – the PCSO Presidential Gold Cup, now on its 40th running.

The Hon. Margarita P. Juico Chairperson

It is the longest continuously-held event in racing, if not among other sports in the country as well. Certainly there are few events that have been sustained for more than a generation as this one has. In the face of challenges, the race is still held every year. In doing so, we preserve and perpetuate a hallowed sporting tradition and show respect to a partnership of decades’ standing.

The Hon. Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II Vice-Chairman & Manager

The Hon. Francisco Manuel G. Joaquin III Director

The Hon. Mabel V. Mamba Director

We also fulfill the objectives of helping support an industry that benefits thousands of employees and their families, provides opportunities for business and economic growth, contributes to agricultural and infrastructural development, and remits around a billion pesos in direct taxes to the government each year. PCSO dedicates this race, for the third year in a row, to President Benigno S. Aquino III as the race honoree. Thank you for joining us for the Ruby Anniversary commemoration of the PCSO Presidential Gold Cup. Our warmest wishes for good fortune to the participants and racing fans. Let us look forward to more years of this grand tradition!

The Hon. Betty B. Nantes Director

 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

The Hon. Ma. Aleta L. Tolentino Director

Atty. Eduardo G. Araullo Board Secretary & Compliance Officer


PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 

Republika ng Pilipinas Tanggapan ng Pangulo Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office Tanggapan ng Sweepstakes Pangkawanggawa ng Pilipinas Lungsod ng Pasay

Finance Sector

Executive Officers

Mercedes J. Hinayon OIC - Assisstant General Manager The Hon. Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II Vice-Chairman

Atty. Lauro A. Patiag Manager Internal Audit Dept.

Dorothy C. Robles OIC - Manager Budget & Accounting Dept.

Alegria R. Asuit OIC - Manager Treasury Dept.

Dr. Larry R. Cedro OIC - Manager Fund Allocation Dept. (Concurrent)

Online Lottery Sector

Administration Sector

Julieta F. Aseo Assistant General Manager

Atty. Venus T. Buado Manager Administration Dept.

Dr. Larry R. Cedro OIC - Manager Charity Clinic Dept. (Concurrent)

Atty. Jose T. Malang Manager Legal Dept.

Carlos M. Castillo Manager Draw & Races Dept.

 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

Atty. Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II GM & Concurrent Manager Publicity & PR Dept.

Romualdo V. Quiñones Manager Assets & Investments Dept.

Dr. Jose Bernardo H. Gochoco Jr. OIC - Manager Special Projects Dept.

Remeliza Jovita M. Gabuyo OIC - Assistant General Manager (Operations)

Irma S. Guemo OIC - Manager, Southern Tagalog & Bicol Region Dept.

Arnel M. Casas OIC - Manager, Central Operations Dept.

Josefina A. Sarsonas OIC - Manager, Northern & Central Luzon Dept.

Federico A. Damole OIC - Manager, Visayas & Mindanao Region Dept.

Production & Marketing Sector

Corporate Planning Sector

Dr. Elisa B. Baroque OIC - Assistant General Manager

Conrado A. Zabella Assistant General Manager

Ramon Ike V. Señeres OIC - Manager Management Information Services Dept.

Betsy B. Paruginog Assistant General Manager

Roger C. Ramirez Manager Sales Dept.

Atty. Roman C. Torres Manager Security Printing Dept.

Mario J. Corral OIC - Manager, Production & Marketing Dept.

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 

Republika ng Pilipinas Tanggapan ng Pangulo Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office Tanggapan ng Sweepstakes Pangkawanggawa ng Pilipinas Lungsod ng Pasay

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office

Committee on Races

Message Atty. Jose T. Malang Chairman

Carlos M. Castillo Vice-Chairman

Desoto O. Tupaz Vice-Chairman

In behalf of the Committee on Races, we cordially welcome you to the PCSO’s milestone Presidential Gold Cup - Ruby Anniversary edition. It is with a sense of responsibility that we stage this event annually, and it is a source of pride for us have seen it develop over the years into the foremost race of the sport. Our gratitude goes to the Philippine Racing Commission for helping us sustain this tradition, and to the Philippine Racing Club, Inc. – Santa Ana Park for their unstinting cooperation and accommodation as the host venue this year.

Betsy B. Paruginog Member

Jennifer Rebecca L. Ortuoste Member

Atty. Gay Nadine P. Alvor Member

We are grateful to the participants who have entered the pride of their stables in this race. Here’s the best of luck to them as they seek to earn this coveted jewel, and to the aficionados who eagerly look forward to each chapter of this story as it unfolds. Thank you for witnessing this historic event with us on this very special day for PCSO and for Philippine horseracing and breeding.

JOSE T. MALANG Chairman, Committee on Races Dr. Romeo F. Buencamino Member

10 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

Jesus C. Villanueva Member

Orlando M. Malaca Committee Secretary

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 11

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office

Message Two months ago, I received an award from PCSO for having completed forty years of service in this agency. I have been here just as long as the PCSO Presidential Gold Cup, and it is a rare privilege for me, as it must be for anyone, to have been part of the inception of an activity and to see it grow over the years into the phenomenon it is now. From its humble beginnings, the PCSO Gold Cup is now a beloved tradition of the generations of racing fans that have seen a new champion crowned each year. This is an immense pleasure that we are happy to share with you. This year’s event features an interesting lineup of the finest and most talented local-bred and islandborn thoroughbreds, and we hope you will enjoy and never forget this once-in-a-lifetime race. My sincerest wishes to all the participants and spectators for a successful and memorable PCSO Presidential Gold Cup – Ruby Anniversary edition!

CARLOS M. CASTILLO OIC-Department Manager, Draw and Races Department

12 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 13

Philippine Racing Commission

Message In behalf of the Commission, our sincerest congratulations to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office on its celebration of the 40th Presidential Gold Cup! The Commission is pleased to be a part of this historic occasion, the Ruby Anniversary. For forty years, the PCSO Gold Cup has served to promote the highest standards of excellence in the sport, and is the measure by which the success of a racehorse’s career is estimated. As such, we assure PCSO and the racing industry of Philracom’s continued support for this event. Good luck to the horseowners, jockeys, trainers, and other connections whose hopes for victory are riding on the outcome of this race, and to the racing players who enjoy the display of speed and skill on the track. Mabuhay!


14 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 15

Philippine Racing Club, Inc.


16 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 17


Horses jump out of the gate for the February 25 PCSO Freedom Cup at Santa Ana Park.

Forty Years of the PCSO Presidential Gold Cup 18 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup



epresentatives from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, Philippine Racing Commission, and Philippine Racing Club, Inc. gathered at the Amorsolo Restaurant at PICC last November 16 to sign an agreement for the staging of the PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup on December 9 at Santa Ana Park.

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 19

The Origin of the Iconic Gold Cup

(Front, L-R): Atty. Ramon P. Ereñeta Jr., Allan V. Abesamis, Atty. Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II, Angel L. Castaño Jr., Engr. Jesus B. Cantos, and Dr. Romeo Buencamino. (Back, L-R): From the PCSO Committee on Races: members Jenny Ortuoste and Atty. Gay Alvor, Racing Secretary Orlando Malaca, Chairman Atty. Jose T. Malang, Vice-Chairman Desoto Tupaz, Handicapper Reynaldo Empremiado, Vice-Chairman Carlos Castillo, Dr. Gary de Leon, and Divine Miranda.

From the PCSO, General Manager Atty. Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II; from Philracom, Chairman Angel L. Castaño Jr. and Executive Director Jesus B. Cantos; and from PRCI, Director Atty. Ramon P. Ereñeta Jr. and Executive Vice-President and COO Allan V. Abesamis wielded their pens on the contract that ensured the Ruby Anniversary edition of the sport’s longest-continuously held sponsored race. Held for the first time in 1973, the race was met with “wide spontaneous acclaim,” according to the message of then-PCSO Chairman-General Manager Nereo C. Andolong printed in the souvenir magazine for the second running of the race. He added that he hoped the 20 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

the international racing scene as the Philippines’ G1 stakes race. Chairman Andolong’s objective for the event was the same as it is today – “to serve the lofty purposes of national sports development” and to “elevate horseracing and horsebreeding to a rightful position of respect in the country.”

race “will become truly part of Philippine sports tradition.” It has, not only as a “classic event” but is now recognized in

The PCSO Presidential Gold Cup was designed by Dr. Galo B. Ocampo, technical adviser on heraldry to the Office of the President. It was crafted and engraved by Jose J. Tupaz Jr. of El Oro Engravers of Manila. The original cup, made of brass, about two feet tall, is covered with elements and motifs from Philippine history and legend – galleons with sails flying, the battle between LapuLapu and Magellan, Malakas and Maganda emerging from their bamboo cradles, and much more. A replica half the size, but with a different design including the likeness of the sitting president is awarded to the race winner each year.


From the souvenir program of the first PCSO Presidential Gold Cup The story of the to humanitarian Presidential Gold ends. The Cup is a story of Presidential Gold achievement and of Cup intends to draw vision of things to nationwide concern come. It is a story of to charity races and the benefits derived a post that is heroic in proportion, of therefrom by the less a present marked fortunate Filipinos. by progress, and of It strives to foster a future that will among the people an Colonel Nereo C. Andolong abiding faith in the bring its own blend began his career as a of challenge and journalist, and was elected capacity of society president of the National change. to look upon the Press Club. He was later In magnitude orphan, the sick and appointed to head the PCSO during the ‘70s. and prestige, the the infirm with a compassionate eye. Presidential Gold Cup is certain to equal, if not in the long run The immediate boon to local excel, the classic races held horseracing, both as a business elsewhere in the world. Be it concern and a sportman’s the Melbourne Cup of Australia, delight, cannot of course be entirely ignored. At stake In the Prime Minister’s Gold Cup of Malaysia, the Wellington the Presidential Gold Cup are Cup of New Zealand, & Japan’s awards and cash prizes never Emperor’s Cup and Derby. offered by any previous racing Moreover, as conceived by Col. event in the country. This is not to mention the unprecedented Nereo C. Andolong, ChairmanGeneral Manager of Philippine chance to make history, open Charity Sweepstakes Office, to horse and owner, in one the Presidential Gold Cup magnificent dash. seeks to have a meaning that Finally, new and higher standards set to qualify for the transcends the cold pageantry of similar events abroad. To live Presidential Gold Cup have been up to the nobility of events and designed to promote a breed of things brought under the pale Filipino horses comparable in of the Presidency, this premier pedigree with the world’s best. horseracing event must therefore Such loftier goals for the local seek a deeper significance in the horseracing business have been Filipino soul and experience. adopted because Filipinos have Thus, it departs from the mere amply demonstrated a capacity to glitter and thrill of the classic excel “wherever the race deserves race abroad by consecrating itself a good run.” PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 21


Wins PCSO 39th Gold Cup, 17th Silver Cup

MAGNA CARTA: Heavy Metal Star of the Track Guns for Another Gold Cup Victory By JENNY ORTUOSTE


Magna Carta (Woodman x Pledge the Fifth) 22 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

e ran – no, flew – over the dirt and straight into the pages of racing history. Island-born colt Magna Carta earned his slot in the ranks of elite thoroughbred champions by winning the 39th Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office Presidential Gold Cup in 2011 and the 17th PCSO Silver Cup in 2012. Copping both of PCSO’s major racing awards is no easy feat, especially when done back-to-back.

The 39th Gold Cup: 11 December 2011, San Lazaro Leisure Park

PCSO 2010 Gold Cup and 2011 Silver Cup victor Yes Pogi, a local-bred colt, was gunning for another win in this event, but was thwarted by the outstanding speed and skill shown by Magna Carta over the 2,000-meter journey. Yes Pogi, who also won the November 20 San Miguel BeerMARHO Cup Classic event over the same distance, was sent off as the favorite, with Magna Carta a close second. When the gates clanged back, Carriedo jumped for the lead, with Constatic just behind him. Yes Pogi ran off-the pace in third, followed by Gastambide and Magna Carta in fifth. With regular rider Manolito Daquis aboard, Yes Pogi took the lead briefly at the backstretch, relegating Carriedo to second. But with a flick of the whip, jockey Jesse Guce urged his

mount Magna Carta past the frontrunners to take the lead at the far turn, never looking back from there to win by almost two lengths. Magna Carta (Woodman – Pledge the Fifth) earned P2.5 million in prize money for his spectacular feat (P1 million of that amount provided by the Philippine Racing Commission). The total time was 2:07 (24.5-2426.5-25.5-26.5). Wilbert Tan’s Sulong Pinoy came in second for P500,000; Francis Lim’s Yes Pogi, third for P250,000; and Nathaniel Velasco’s The Rock, fourth for P125,000. The breeder’s purse of P50,000 went to Mayor Leonardo “Sandy” Javier Jr. At the awarding ceremony at Manila Jockey Club’s SLLP were PCSO general manager Atty. Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II and Director Atty. Ma. Aleta L. Tolentino, as well as Committee on Races chairman Atty.

Jose T. Malang, Draw and Races department manager Carlos Castillo, and others from PCSO. From Philippine Racing Commission were chairman Angel L. Castano Jr., commissioner and executive director Jesus Cantos, commissioner lawyer Victor Tantoco, and racing consultant Dr. Romeo Buencamino. Also present were Manila Jockey Club EVP-COO Atty. King Reyno and racing manager Jose Ramon C. Magboo. Mayor Javier was sentimental as he held the heavy Gold Cup replica aloft with the help of his son Michael Dragon T. Javier, registered owner of Magna Carta: “We’ve been waiting for this for ten years.” As he caressed the image of President Benigno Aquino III engraved on the cup, he said softly, “Hello, my friend.” It was a well-deserved win for the racing stable/breeding ranch combo that has greatly contributed to the upliftment of Philippine racing over the years, as Mayor Javier has unstintingly sought to upgrade the quality of local Thoroughbred bloodstock through importation and careful and judicious breeding based on scientific principles and his famous “gut feel”. uuu

The 17th Silver Cup: 3 June 2012, San Lazaro Leisure Park

From stomach-churning nausea to heart-lifting elation, Mayor Sandy Javier says he experienced a gamut of emotions when he watched the pride of PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 23

At Mayor Javier’s Royal Maverick Ranch in Rosario, Batangas.

GM Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II, Mayor Leonardo Javier Jr., Michael Dragon T. Javier, and Director Ma. Aleta L. Tolentino pose with the facsimile prize check and the 2011 edition Gold Cup.

was now fulfilled. The likeness of the sitting president is carved upon the replicas of the PCSO Silver Cup and Gold Cup that are awarded to the winning horseowners. PCSO general manager Atty. Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II handed out the trophies. He was accompanied by PCSO officials Atty. Jose Malang (Committee on Races chairman), Betsy Paruginog (assistant general manager),

his stable, Magna Carta, defeat eight others to win the 17th PCSO Silver Cup. The 2,000-meter race saw bettors send Magna Carta off as the outstanding favorite, and lawyer Sixto Esquivias IV’s coupled entries Arvin Dugo and Cheese Mosa as far second pick. Steered once more by hotshot jockey Jesse Guce, Magna Carta ran off the pace just behind frontrunner Arvin Dugo, with Hari ng Yambo behind in third. Magna Carta made his move in the back stretch to

Mayor Sandy Javier holds up the breeder’s trophy, Michael Dragon Javier hoists aloft the 2012 Silver Cup, and Karen Montelibano carries the facsimile prize check. With them are (L-R): Draw and Races Department Manager Carlos Castillo, DRD Assistant Department Manager Orlando Malaca, Manila Jockey Club Racing Manager Jose Ramon C. Magboo, trainer Ray Henson, jockey Jesse Guce and family, GM Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II, Committee on Races Chairman Atty. Jose T. Malang, and Assistant General Manager- Marketing Betsy Paruginog.

24 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

grab the lead from Arvin Dugo at the far turn. With jockey Jesse holding his mount in check for most of the race to preserve the colt till the rally, Magna Carta seemed to have wings when he hit his stride

down the lane, flying over a heavy track to replicate his Gold Cup time of 2:07 with splits of 24’-24’-26’-25-26’ to finish four lengths ahead of Hari ng Yambo. The win was worth P2.5 million for Magna Carta’s connections, who set their sights on the 40th PCSO Presidential Gold Cup. Arvin Dugo came in third, Prime Rate fourth, Darleb fifth. Also-rans were Barkley, Money Queen, High Voltage, and Cheese Mosa. A beaming Mayor Javier joked with racing fans who congratulated him, saying that just before the race he “felt like throwing up.” Upon his son Michael Dragon’s hoisting the replica Silver Cup as the registered owner, he said he was gratified that his ambition of owning a Silver Cup with President Benigno Aquino III’s likeness upon it

Carlos Castillo (Draw & Races department manager), Ria Asuit (Treasury Department manager), Orlando Malaca (Draw & Races assistant manager), Desoto Tupas (Committee on Races vicechairman), and veterinarian Gabriel de Leon (Draw & Races division chief). With them from the host club MJC were racing manager Jose Ramon C. Magboo, events manager Cecille Villanueva, and marketing manager Nathan

Mazo. Trophies were also awarded to Magna Carta’s jockey, Jesse Guce, and trainer Ray Henson. uuu Today, Magna Carta guns for another Gold Cup victory. But this time he faces a tough foe – this year’s 3YO champion Hagdang Bato, owned by Mandaluyong Mayor Benhur Abalos. It is a match of a lifetime, befitting the significance of the Ruby Anniversary celebration of this, racing’s most important

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 25

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office PRESIDENTIAL GOLD CUP Roll of Champions

40th PCSO Presidential Gold Cup Race Rules and Regulations

Title : 40th PCSO Presidential Gold Cup Date : 9 December 2012, Sunday Venue : Santa Ana Park, Naic, Cavite Host Club : Philippine Racing Club Distance : 2,000 meters Entries : Open, except to imports. Purses : 1st Prize - P 3,000.000.00 2nd Prize - 1,000,000.00 rd - 500,000.00 3 Prize 4th Prize - 300,000.00 Breeder’s Prize - 200,000.00 Handicapping System - Weight for age with sex allowance. Age of horse on the day of the race Fillies Colts (in kilograms) 2 yrs. old 52 54 3 yrs. old 53 54.5 4 yrs. old 54 55 5 yrs. old and above 55 and up Max allow of 0.5 Kg. Winners of the previous PCSO Presidential Gold Cups shall continue to be eligible for participation, subject to a penalty of three (3) kgs. for every win to be added to their assigned weight but irrelative to wins in other PCSO sponsored races. Jockeys with actual weight over 1.5kg of assigned weight shall automatically be replaced. General Provision: All other racing rules and regulations of the Philippine Racing Commission shall supplement the above rules.

The jockeys for the 2011 PCSO Presidential Gold Cup. 26 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup






1973 SUN GOD Pedro Cojuangco Bernardo Lahoz Elias Ordiales 1974 ILOCOS KING Constante Rubio Ponciano Guerrero Cresencio 1975 HENNA’S GOLD Domingo Poblete Romulo Henson Andres Camba 1976 FIORELLA Gretchen Cojuangco Armando Trinidad Jesus Guce 1977 LITTLE MORNING CJ Yulo & Sons, Inc. Antonio Alcasid Sr. Andres Camba 1978 GYPSY GREY Canlubang Sugar Antonio Alcasid Sr. Eduardo Domingo Jr. Estate 1979 HONOR ROLL Jose Cojuangco Jr. Jose Cojuangco Jr. Francisco Fernando 1980 RED ANNIE Nicanor Jacinto III Nicanor Jacinto III Jesus Guce 1981 FAIR AND SQUARE Herminia Mamon Antonio Alcasid Sr. Jesus Guce 1982 FAIR AND SQUARE Herminia Mamon Antonio Alcasid Sr. Jesus Guce 1983 SKYWALKER Enrique Cojuangco Ricardo Gregorio Elpidio Aguila 1984 DINO BAMBINO Cadamma Enterprises Antonio Alcasid Sr. Eduardo Domingo Jr. 1985 HEADMASTER Carmel Investments Antonio Alcasid Sr. Andres Camba 1986 MUSIC MACHINE Jenar Breeders Corp. Jose Torno Rizalito Agustin 1987 TIME MASTER Cadamma Enterprises Antonio Alcasid Sr. Eduardo Domingo Jr. 1988 THRILLER Andrew Sanchez Antonio Alcasid Sr. Gerardo Biazon 1989 SUN DANCER Toshio Abe Ruben Tupas Eduardo Domingo Jr. 1990 SUN DANCER Toshio Abe Ruben Tupas Eduardo Domingo Jr. 1991 BALATKAYO RHU Corporation Romulo Henson Joe Noel Camu 1992 GRAND PARTY Andrew Sanchez Antonio Alcasid Sr. Guarino Infantado 1993 FAIR START C&H Enterprises Antonio Alcasid Sr. Elpidio Aguila 1994 CROWN COLONY Romen Equity Corp. Antonio Alcasid Sr. Antonio Alcasid Jr. 1995 STRONG MATERIAL Rolando Rojas Severino Andrade Jesus Guce 1996 BULLDOZER Ramoncito Arceo Ramon Domingo Joe Noel Camu 1997 BULLDOZER Katkarian, Inc. Ramon Domingo Joe Noel Camu 1998 REAL TOP Emmanuel King & Jose Clor Jesus Guce Rolando Rojas 1999 HOBBY Jose Vergel de Dios Juanito Macaraig Ramon Guce 2000 WIND BLOWN Leonardo Javier Jr. Leonardo Javier Jr. Dominador Borbe Jr. 2001 WIND BLOWN Herminio Esguerra Antonio Alcasid Sr. Patricio Dilema 2002 FREE WIND Hubert Leong Edwin Vitalli Joe Noel Camu 2003 RED STAR RISING Michael Trillana Ruben Clor Manolito Daquis 2004 EMPIRE KING David Lee Ernesto Roxas Jeffrey Ladiana 2005 SPEED ADVANTAGE Roberto Yutadco Jose Fernandez Fernando Raquel Jr. 2006 REAL SPICY Herminio Esguerra Ruben Clor Jesse Guce 2007 NATIVE LAND Antonio Tan Jr. Anthony Henson Jesse Guce 2008 IBARRA Benhur Abalos Ruben Tupas Kelvin Abobo 2009 DON ENRICO Lorraine Uy Wi & Arturo Sordan Jr. Fernando Raquel Jr. Gerardo Espina Jr. 2010 YES POGI Francis G. Lim Felix Lauron Manolito Daquis 2011 MAGNA CARTA Michael Dragon Ray Henson Jesse Guce Javier PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 27


40th PCSO Presidential Gold Cup 2,000 meters 9 December 2012, Sunday Santa Ana Park, Naic, Cavite

Purple Ribbon




Purple Ribbon – 3YO bay colt / 54.5 kgs. Owner: Herminio S. Esguerra Jockey: Valentino R. Dilema Trainer: Ruben S. Tupas Pedigree: Account of Grace (USA) x Feverishly (AUS)

Magna Carta


Magna Carta – 4YO bay colt / 58 kgs. Owner: Michael Dragon T. Javier Jockey: Jesse B. Guce Trainer: Raymundo R. Henson Pedigree: Woodman (USA) x Pledge The Fifth (USA) 28 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 29

3 4 3

Hagdang Bato – 3YO bay colt / 54.5 kgs. Owner: Benhur C. Abalos Jockey: Jonathan B. Hernandez Trainer: Ruben S. Tupas Pedigree: Quaker Ridge (USA) x Fire Down Under (USA)

Hagdang Bato Pleasantly Perfect


Pleasantly Perfect – 3YO bay colt / 54.5 kgs. Owner: Divina Y. Dy Jockey: Patricio R. Dilema Trainer: Rodolfo G. Mendoza Pedigree: Interrogate (USA) x Passing on Passion (AUS)

30 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup


Tensile Strength – 4YO bay colt / 55 kgs. Owner: Felizardo R. Sevilla Jr. Jockey: Jeffril T. Zarate Trainer: Manuel M. Vicente Pedigree: Kangoo (IRE) x Real Storm (AUS)

Tensile Strength


PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 31


Steel Creation


Steel Creation – 3YO bay colt / 54.5 kgs. Owner: Bienvenido Pierre M. Niles III Jockey: Mark A. Alvarez Trainer: Francisco C. Niles Pedigree: Reenact (AUS) x Asap (AUS)

Cinderella Kid



Chevrome – 3YO bay colt / 54.5 kgs. Owner: Wilfredo S. Yason Jockey: John Alvin Guce Trainer: Jose Angel L. Mijares Pedigree: Conquistarose (USA) x Hantuchova (NZ) 32 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup



Cinderella Kid – 3YO bay colt / 54.5 kgs. Owner: Nathaniel G. Velasco Jockey: Fernando M. Raquel Jr. Trainer: Jose Mario Paulo S. Jacob Pedigree: Kafwain (USA) x End Sweep’s Girl (USA)

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 33

Magna Carta vs. Hagdang Bato: A Jewel of a Match The PCSO Presidential Gold Cup Ruby Anniversary Edition By Atty. wilfred DE UNGRIA


ight of the best racehorses in the country are slated to compete in the Ruby Edition of the Presidential Gold Cup. Many, however, this early have conceded this race to be a showdown between this year’s Triple Crown Champion, Hagdang Bato, and 2011 PCOS Presidential Gold Cup and 2012 PCSO Silver Cup champion, Magna Carta. And why not?

Magna Carta 34 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

Hagdang Bato, a progeny of Quaker Ridge out of Fire Down Under, has, as of this writing, suffered only one setback in its racing career. For the grueling 2,000 meters, the prized runner of Mandaluyong City Mayor Benhur Abalos was clocked at a shade over 2:07 when it won the third leg of the 2011 Triple Crown. That run was followed by an awesome 1:37’ for the mile in the Bagatsing Racing Festival, showing us all that Hagdang Bato can do even more. Magna Carta (WoodmanPledge the Fifth) of Michael Dragon Javier, on the other hand, has shown everyone that it likes the distance, having won all three of the last 2,000-meter races it ran, most recent of which was the Philracom Ambassador Eduardo M. Conjuangco, Jr. Cup held last November 18 at San Lazaro Leisure Park where Magna Carta notched a 2:06’ victory over a game Tensile Strength. If we follow the clock alone then we can already put Magna Carta at an advantage. The trouble is, Magna Carta will be carrying 58 kilos, three and onehalf kilos heavier than the handi-

cap weight of Hagdang Bato. The additional weight could wipe out Magna Carta’s advantage, although knowing how serious his connections are, it is not farfetched to assume that he has had practice runs carrying this weight by now. One good thing going for the Javier stable, however, is jockey Jesse Guce’s long partnership with Magna Carta. Jesse’s presumed mastery of the weaknesses, if any, of Magna Carta, and the runner’s strengths may yet prove to be the decisive factor in a competition such as this where split-second decisions are made depending on how the other runners perform. Hagdang Bato does not like to be rushed into action. If Hagdang Bato takes the lead from the gate, its rider Jonathan Hernandez is more than likely to employ his signature aerodynamic technique and simply let Hagdang Bato run at his own pace, with zero to little urging in the first and second cantos, with tight reins to conserve energy. If another runner tries to take the pacing chores away, Hernandez is more than likely to yield the lead. Bienvenido Pierre M. Niles III’s Steel Creation (ReenactAsap), Felizardo R. Sevilla Jr.’s Tensile Strength (Kangoo-Real Storm) and Nathaniel Velasco’s Cinderella Kid (Kafwain-End Sweeps Girl) all have gate speed but could be hesitant to match strides with Hagdang Bato in the early going. Magna Carta, on the other hand, would be content with a third lane in the fourth or fifth spot up to the mile marker, making sure that those ahead would not be more than five lengths away.

On the other hand, Wilfred S. Yason’s Chevrome (Conquistarose - Hantuchova ), Divina Dy’s Pleasantly Perfect (Interrogate-Passing on Passion ), and Herminio S. Esguerra’s Purple Ribbon (Account of Grace- Feverishly) will play the roles of backmarkers. The more serious hostilities will commence a few meters after the mile marker is passed as challenges for the lead will already be made against Hagdang Bato (expected by this writer to have that lead by this stage) starring Steel Creation, Magna Carta, Tensile Strength, and Cinderella Kid, with Chevrome, Pleasure Giver and Purple Ribbon also trying to close the gap, hoping to snatch a victory at the wire in the event that the hustling and jostling that transpires during the challenge for the lead is protracted. In the exciting sport of horse racing, time and again, experience has taught us that there is only such a thing as a sure win after the race is over. The fine regal animals, good as they are, conditioned to the prime as they may be, are not machines

whose performances can be repeated with precision. Thus, one can never rule out the prospects of an upset. For example, at the earlier mentioned November 18 ECJ Cup face-off between Tensile Strength and Magna Carta, the latter started to attack the lead earlier but from the fifth spot. Tensile Strength was able to enter the homestretch earlier than Magna Carta before eventually losing out by about two lengths. They both carried 54 kilos then, but this time Tensile Strength will carry a handicap weight which is three kilos lighter than that of Magna Carta. The more potent variable perhaps is that Magna Carta and Tensile Strength will be diving for the lead at probably about the same time Cinderella Kid and the anticipated back-markers will be making their respective moves, making posi-

tioning crucial. A simultaneous charge can spoil timing and give the advantage to a front runner but the Santa Ana Park’s long homestretch is an equalizer which favors come-from-behind runners like Chevrome. Hagdang Bato PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 35


PHILIPPINE CHARITY SWEEPSTAKES OFFICE Secretariat Building, PICC, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City

September 22 2YO Maiden

PCSO 2012 RACES OFFICIAL RESULTS Sponsored Stakes and Maiden Races From 25 February to 17 November 2012 Date / Race

25 February Freedom Cup Open Except Imported April 14 3YO Maiden

May 19 3YO Maiden





June 3 Silver Cup Open Except Imported


June 9 3YO Maiden


July 21 2YO Maiden

Aug. 11, 2012 2YO Maiden

August 19 National Grand Derby




36 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

Dist. Mtrs.


Prizes 1st Prize 2ND Prize 3rd Prize 4th Prize

Horse Name - 700,000.00 - 300,000.00 - 175,000.00 - 85,000.00


Breeder’s - 50,000.00 1st Prize - 600,000.00 2ND Prize - 225,000.00 3rd Prize - 125,000.00


Breeder’s - 50,000.00 1st Prize - 600,000.00 2ND Prize - 225,000.00 3rd Prize - 125,000.00


Breeder’s - 50,000.00 1st Prize - 2,500,000.00 2ND Prize - 700,000.00 3rd Prize - 350,000.00 4th Prize - 250,000.00


Breeder’s - 200,000.00 1st Prize - 600,000.00 2ND Prize - 225,000.00 3rd Prize - 125,000.00


Breeder’s - 50,000.00 1st Prize - 600,000.00 2ND Prize - 225,000.00 3rd Prize - 125,000.00


Breeder’s - 50,000.00 1st Prize - 600,000.00 2ND Prize - 225,000.00 3rd Prize - 125,000.00


Breeder’s - 50,000.00 1st Prize - 1,500,000.00 2ND Prize - 500,000.00 3rd Prize - 300,000.00 4th Prize - 200,000.00

(2) Arvin Dugo (10)The Rock (8) Barkley (6) Money Queen (2) Arvin Dugo ERIC R. TAGLE (4) Deo Volente (6) Royal Storm (5) Arriba Amor (4) Deo Volente JOSEPH T. DYHENGCO (1) Watershed (8) Miss Malapia (4) Heart Summer (1) Watershed ARISTEO G. PUYAT (5) Magna Carta (2) Hari ng Yambo (7) Arvin Dugo (1) Prime Rate (5) Magna Carta LEONARDO M. JAVIER JR. (6) Batangas Fighter (3) Power Factor (4) Statuesque (6) Batangas Fighter PAOLO MENDOZA (3) Boss Jaden (8) Super Whaaa (9) Boss Jay (3) Boss Jaden HERMINIO S. ESGUERRA (6) Pantukan (8) Sky Dragon (5) Leonor (6) Pantukan ANTONIO FLOIRENDO SR. (3A) Hagdang Bato (3) Barkley (2) Darleb (6A) Purple Ribbon

October 13 2YO Maiden

October 14 Anniversary Race Regular October 21 Anniversary Race Runners October 21 Anniversary Race Regular Nov. 17 2YO Maiden








1st Prize - 600,000.00 2ND Prize - 225,000.00 3rd Prize - 125,000.00


Breeder’s - 50,000.00 1st Prize - 600,000.00 2ND Prize - 225,000.00 3rd Prize - 125,000.00


Breeder’s - 50,000.00 1st Prize - 180,000.00 2ND Prize - 67,500.00 3rd Prize - 37,500.00

(4) Alta’s Finest (7) Right Direction (10) Garnet (4) Alta’s Finest ANTHONY TAMAYO (6) Bumpy Ride (9) Mrs. Teapot (1) Pocket Power (6) Bumpy Ride BENHUR C. ABALOS (3) Leonidez Might (4A)Tarzan (2) Minotaur


4th Prize 1st Prize 2ND Prize 3rd Prize

- 15,000.00 - 700,000.00 - 400,000.00 - 300,000.00

(6) (3) (5) (1)

Mi Esperanza Pleasantly Perfect Si Señor Arvin Dugo

4th Prize - 100,000.00 1st Prize - 180,000.00 2ND Prize - 67,500.00 3rd Prize - 37,500.00 4th Prize - 15,000.00

(6) (6) (5) (2) (3)

Purple Ribbon Pugad Lawin Madam Theresa Quaker’s Hill Pinay Beauty

1st Prize - 600,000.00 2ND Prize - 225,000.00 3rd Prize - 125,000.00

(2) Cat’s Silver (9) Haring Benedict (14) Mistah (2) Cat’s Silver BENHUR C. ABALOS



Breeder’s - 50,000.00

Jockeys of the PCSO Special Maiden Race of May 19, at Santa Ana Park. PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 37



PHL-Bred Juveniles and 3YO Shine

The PCSO 2012 Special Maiden and Open Races Deo Volente with Patricio Dilema

Special Maiden Race, 3YO Open 1,300 meters / 14 April, San Lazaro Leisure Park Six 3YO local-bred runners were declared, and the favorites were colt Royal Storm and fillies Caraga Weather and Arriba Amor. The rest of the field were deemed to have slight chances – Quaker’s Hill, Pugad Lawin, Deo Volente. To everyone’s surprise, Deo Volente took the lead at the first turn under the guidance of jockey Patty Dilema. Fans feared she would lose steam at the far turn or homestretch, as frontrunners often do. But the Joseph Dyhengco-owned and Anthony Francisco-trained filly clung grimly to the lead, besting Royal Storm by a neck. Arriba Amor was third, eight lengths away, and Caraga Weather fourth. Total time was 1:23.6 (7-24.4-24.6-27.6). Special Maiden Race, 3YO Open 1,200 meters / 19 May, Santa Ana Park It rained heavily that just before the third race, a wall of water turning the track sloppy but firm and reducing visibility to almost zero. Consequently, the races were delayed until the rain eased. 38 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

The wet track proved no hindrance to Aristeo Puyat’s powerhouse filly Water Shed (Master Class x Wooded), who ran wire-towire to beat third pick Miss Malapia by a nose. Heavy favorite Heart Summer showed no speed and settled for third, while longshot Machine Gun Mama came in fourth to cause havoc in the quartet. With a total time of 1:12.8 (24’-22-26), Water Shed, ridden by Rodeo Fernandez and trained by Johnny Sordan, marks herself as one to watch. Batangas Fighter with DH Borbe Jr

Special Maiden Race, 3YO Open 1,200 meters / 9 June, Santa Ana Park Batangas Fighter showed his mettle here by winning wire-to-wire over a band of other talented 3YO. The entry owned by Divina Dy showed class by grabbing the lead right out of the gate. Blank Check paced behind in second, Power Factor in third, with the others were strung out behind them like cars behind a train. Batangas Fighter won by four lengths over Power Factor with a time of 1:14’ (24’-23’-26’). Statuesque placed third, Esprit de Corps fourth, then Blank Check and Classy Jeune (who also came in last during the trial race).

Special Maiden Race, 2YO Open 1,200 meters / 21 July, Santa Ana Park The son of a champion scored over the trial race winner in this outing. Jockey Jeffrey Bacaycay steered lawyer Sixto Esquivias IV’s Boss Jaden to victory, relegating to second place Herminio Esguerra’s Super Whaaa, who won the July 3 trial. SC Stockfarm’s Boss Jay came in third. Esguerra still went home with a trophy – the coveted breeder’s prize – for having come up with the serendipitous cross that produced Boss Jaden on his Herma Farm & Stud ranch in Lipa, Batangas. Boss Jaden is out of the broodmare Tereshkova and was sired by Esguerra’s champion Real Spicy. A hot property during his racing years, this horse by American champion Real Quiet out of Spicy Tale garnered practically all the available stakes honors – 3rd leg Triple Crown 2005, PCSO Presidential Gold Cup 2006; PCSO Silver Cup 2006 and 2008; and many other prestigious races. Real Spicy also holds time records, coincidentally tied with another noted stayer, Mandaluyong mayor Benhur Abalos’s Ibarra: in the 1,750 meters, 1:48, and in the 2,050 meters (the longest race distance in the country), 2:09. Special Maiden Race, 2YO Open 1,300 meters / 11 August, San Lazaro Leisure Park Top choice Pantukan and second pick Sky Dragon battled neck-andneck for the win in this race. Sky Dragon’s rider, Antonio Alcasid Jr., is known for his comefrom-behind tactical skill and used this to good advantage in the race. However, crowding at the far turn

caused him to lose ground and allow the front-running Pantukan to maintain a slight edge until the finish line. Although a photo-finish was declared, the outcome was inevitable and the Floirendo family’s Pantukan was declared the winner by the MJC Board of Stewards. Time for the race was 1:28.6 (12’-24-24’-27). Leonor placed third, Divine Eagle fourth. Special Maiden Race, 2YO Open 1,300 meters / 22 September, San Lazaro Leisure Park Alta’s Finest was sent off as the favorite. The colt owned by RJ S. Moran paced along in third for most of the race, allowing Princess Kenny and Able Minister to forge ahead. Steered by Rodeo Fernandez, Alta’s Finest moved up at the 3/8 to take the lead and won by five lengths, over second placer Right Direction, with Garnet settling for third. Special Maiden Race, 2YO Open 1,200 meters / 13 October, Santa Ana Park Mandaluyong Mayor Benhur Abalos’s colt Bumpy Ride outclassed his eight opponents in this race by posting a seven-length win with regular Abalos stable rider Kelvin Abobo in the saddle. The duo outlasted second pick Angel of Mine, the frontrunner for most of the race. Guided by Pat Dilema, the Kenneth Causon-owned Angel of Mine did not finish in the money. Sent off as the outstanding favorite, Bumpy Ride turned in a time of 1:14.4 (24’-23’-24). Antonio de Ubago’s Mrs. Teapot placed second, Jade Brothers Farm’s Pocket Power in third and lawyer Sixto Esquivias IV’s Niagara Boogie fourth. PCSO 78th Anniversary Race 1,200 meters / 14 October, Santa Ana Park Top favorite Leonidez Might won by 1-1/4 lengths over five others. The Rene Virata-owned filly guided by Mark Alvarez and trained by Nestor Manalang checked in at

1:16.2 (25-24-27.2). Lawyer Narciso Morales’s Tarzan came in second, followed by lawmaker Jeci Lapus’s Minotaur in third, and Manny Santos’s Mi Esperanza fourth. PCSO 78th Anniversary Race 1,600 meters / 21 October, San Lazaro Leisure Park A mere second choice beat two hard-charging frontrunners to dominate this race, a benefit event for the Philippine Sportswriters Association. The race was led by close third choice Arvindugo (PCSO 2012 Freedom Cup winner) and top pick Si Señor, running against each other neck and neck for most of the race, while Pleasantly Perfect conserved his energy six lengths behind. Steered by star jockey Jonathan Hernandez, Pleasantly Perfect made his move at the far turn and easily passed the flagging frontrunners down the stretch. The bay colt sired by Interrogate out of Passing on Passion and owned by Divina Dy clocked 1:41.8 to win by a length. Si Señor came in second, Purple Ribbon third, and Arvindugo fourth and last. PCSO 78th Anniversary Race 1,400 meters / 21 October, San Lazaro Leisure Park Also held that day was another PCSO Anniversary race, this one for the benefit of Pugad Lawin charity foundation. Coincidentally, the race was won by the outstanding favorite also named Pugad Lawin (Refuse to Bend x Unstoppable Lady). The colt owned by Antonio V. Tan Jr. carried the heaviest handicap weight - 58 kilograms – compared to the five other runners, a

disadvantage of four kilos against two others carrying the next heaviest weight of 54 kgs. Despite this, the Jesse Guce-ridden Pugad Lawin won wire-to-wire, posting a time of 1:29.2. The other placers were, in order of arrival: Madam Theresa, Quaker’s Hill, and Pinay Beauty.

Cat’s Silver Special Maiden Race, 2YO Open 1,300 meters / 17 November, San Lazaro Leisure Park Fifteen juveniles were entered into this race, one more than can be accommodated inside a starting gate. They were divided into two groups that ran over 1,400 meters. One trial race was won by Cat’s Silver, steered by jockey Jonathan Hernandez, timing 1:29.8. Mistah, guided by Antonio Alcasid Jr., won the other trial, clocking 1:32.8. As expected, Mayor Abalos’s Cat’s Silver dominated the sales and likewise the race itself, grabbing the lead as early as the first bend. Her speedy legs chewed up the track with long strides under double-wrapped reins to win by five over placers Haring Benedict and Mistah. The time was 1:28.4 (12’-2424’-27’). * The last PCSO Special Maiden Race of the year is a 1,300-meter 2YO Open on December 15 at San Lazaro Leisure Park.

Jockeys of the Aug 11 2YO Open PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 39

Arvindugo Outlasts PCSO Freedom Cup Field By JENNY ORTUOSTE


CSO’s first race of the year, the Freedom Cup, was held February 25 in celebration of the 26th anniversary of the People Power revolution. 40 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

Jockey Jonathan Hernandez leads Arvindugo around during the parade for the February 25 PCSO Freedom Cup.

Jockey Jonathan Hernandez grins as he holds his trophy for steering Arvindugo to victory in the PCSO 2012 Freedom Cup. With him are GM Atty. Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II (in black), and, (L-R), Philracom Executive Director Jesus B. Cantos and Chairman Angel L. Castaño Jr.; from PCSO, Committee on Races Chairman Atty. Jose T. Malang, Draw & Races Department Assistant Manager Orlando Malaca, and Department Manager Carlos M. Castillo.

Francis Lim’s Yes Pogi, winner of the 2011 MARHO Cup Classic last November, was sent off as the favorite in the mile race. Barkley, another stellar champion, was third pick. Lawyer Sixto Esquvias IV’s entries - colt Arvindugo, coupled with filly Cheese Mosa (winner of the previous week’s Philracom Amethyst II stakes) - were sent off as second choices. An early scratch was Wind Turbulence. Joshua’s Laughter was scratched at the gate after he reared inside his stall while waiting for The Rock to be led inside. Jockey John Alvin Guce, on Joshua’s Laughter, was injured slightly but was deemed unfit to ride after the incident, leading to the scratching. At the jumpout, speedy racemare Heaven Sent (winner of the 2011 MARHO Sprint), took the lead, while Arvindugo paced comfortably behind in second. The son of Quaker Ridge by Reprise took the lead before the far turn and never looked back,

winning by three-and-a-half lengths. Nathaniel Velasco’s The Rock made a brave rally and came in second, followed by Mayor Benhur Abalos’s Barkley in third and Emmanuel King Jr.’s Money Queen rounding up the cast of placers. Race quarters were 25’-23’23’-27 for a total time of 1:39.6. Present at the awarding ceremony were PCSO GM Jose Ferdinand Rojas II, Philippine Racing Commission chairman Angel L. Castaño Jr. and executive director Jesus Cantos, and Philippine Racing Club executive vice-president and COO lawyer Ramon P. Ereñeta Jr. They were accompanied by other PCSO, Philracom, and PRC officials. Congratulations to the winning connections of Arvindugo – the owner, Atty. Esquivias, and trainer Renato Yamco, jockey Jonathan Hernandez, and breeder Eric Tagle. PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 41

Hagdang Bato I Sets Record in PCSO Derby!

t was a foregone conclusion. A baby in the womb would have had no doubt that 2012 Triple Crown champion Hagdang Bato would win the August 19 PCSO National Grand Derby.


Hagdang Bato wins the 2012 PCSO National Grand Derby with plenty to spare and sets a record time.

42 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

The only question was, how and by far would he win? Hagdang Bato, owned by Mandaluyong mayor Benhur C. Abalos, added to his considerable achievements by winning the mile PCSO Derby by six lengths at Santa Ana Park.


Sent off as the outstanding favorite, it was practically a wire-to-wire win for the halfbrother of another Abalos Stable champion, Ibarra. Into the final meters of the race, the reins were still double-wrapped around the hands of jockey Jonathan Hernandez, who merely gave a slight flick of the whip close to the wire to cement the win. Stablemate Barkley took second place, a one-two finish in prize money for the owner. Darleb came in third, Purple Ribbon fourth.

Trained by Ruben Tupas, Hagdang Bato clocked 1:37.8 (25’-23’-23’-25) demolishing the 2007 record of 1:38 for the mile forged by the late Jose Mari Franco’s island-born Copper Dew. It is a triumph for a local-bred to have set a record for that highly-competitive distance. The 3YO colt was sired by Herma Farm’s stallion Quaker Ridge out of Mayor Abalos’s broodmare Fire Down Under; Hagdang Bato was therefore bred by Abalos (because the mare belongs to

him, with the stud services contracted). Hagdang Bato also won the November 25 San Miguel Beer-MARHO (Metropolitan Association of Racehorse Owners) Colt Mile, also at Santa Ana Park, posting a time of 1:43.6 (26’-25-24’-27’) over a slow track. The feisty bay colt is so far at the head of his 3YO class, and also dominated his juvenile batch. He enters this year’s PCSO Gold Cup fray in excellent condition.

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 43


PCSO: Caring for Children at Tahan-Tahanan By JENNY ORTUOSTE


his year, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office celebrates 78 years of service to the Filipino people.

The government’s charity agency was founded on 30 October 1934 upon the passing of the Philippine Legislature’s Act No. 4130. Since then, the PCSO has faithfully generated funds for charity and is continuously

extending its services to provide medical and healthcare related assistance to Filipinos, particularly those in impoverished areas. Among the PCSO’s many programs are the Individual Medical Assistance Program

PCSO 78TH YEAR. PCSO FAD and Charity Clinic Manager Dr. Larry Cedro (second from right) raises his award before PCSO’s officers and employees after being conferred with the ‘Managerial Excellence Award’ during the culmination on October 25 of the week-long celebration of the PCSO’s 78th Anniversary. Cedro has been with PCSO for 20 years and rose from the ranks. With him are top officials of PCSO (L-R): GM Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II, Directors Atty. Mabel Mamba, Atty. Francisco Joaquin III, and Chairperson Margarita P. Juico. Other personnel also received their loyalty awards from the PCSO in recognition of those who have rendered 25 to 45 years in service. (JOSEPH MUEGO) 44 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

): PCSO Chairperson Juico (center) led the distribution of relief goods consisting of medicines and clothing to the residents affected by flooding caused by heavy rainfalls in Caba, La Union last August 24. A dental and medical mission was also held in San Juan, La Union where hundreds of beneficiaries received medicines and medical check-ups. At right is Dr. Larry Cedro, manager of the Fund Allocation and Charity Clinic departments. (JOSEPH MUEGO)

(IMAP), Institutional Financial Assistance Program (IFAP), ambulance and mobile clinic donation, and disaster and calamity response programs. The PCSO also administers special programs. One such initiative is the Tahan-Tahanan halfway home for pediatric cancer, chronic illness, and organ transplant patients who live outside of Metro Manila. Located at the East Avenue Medical Center (EAMC) and funded in part by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, the facility opened its doors on Valentine’s Day 2011. The young patients are cared for by EAMC’s multi-disciplinary Pediatric Oncology team, headed

PCSO Chairperson Juico (second from right) hands a check to Butuan Medical Center OIC-director Josephine Chua (third from right) during the turnover ceremony held at Marco Polo Hotel in Davao last July 5. A total of P 7.2 million was given to 10 government hospitals in Mindanao. Looking on are PCSO Special Projects Department Manager Dr. Jose Bernardo Gochoco Jr. (left) and Fund Allocations & Charity Clinic Department Manager Dr. Larry Cedro. (JOSEPH MUEGO)

by physician Ma. Victoria M. Abesamis and comprising pediatric oncologists, nurses, psychologists, teachers, parents, and volunteers.

PCSO launched its first of a series of milk feeding programs in Sitio Alltop, Merville, Paranaque City. PCSO Chairperson Margarita P. Juico (right) greets some of the 150 beneficiary children of the agency’s free milk feeding program. PCSO launched the program on July 16 in coordination with the National Dairy Administration. This will go for 120 days in various depressed parts of Metro Manila, initially, where there are many malnourished children. The 120-day feeding program is expected to improve the weight and health of the children, aged 24 to 71 months. (JOSEPH MUEGO)

Tahan-Tahanan patients and their caregivers receive free board and lodging in safe, clean, and home-like surroundings. The facility also has playground

GM Rojas (center) with (L-R) Mr. Ramirez, Dr. Cedro, Dr. Abesamis, and radio announcer Tony Falcon, with some of the Tahan-Tahanan children and their caregivers.

equipment and age-appropriate educational toys. To encourage patients’ development and to make their stay pleasant, the children are engaged in a comprehensive enrichment program that provides play and study activities such as arts and crafts, sports, music, theater, dance, and home-study. Skills training is also given to the family members and caregivers. Since it was established, the PCSO-EAMC TahanTahanan program has helped 638 patients. Much of its sustainability as a program is due to the selflessness of volunteers. As part of the PCSO’s 78th anniversary celebration, the children of Tahan-Tahanan were treated to a party last 24 PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 45

October 2012 at the facility, where they were entertained by volunteer performers. Singer Garie Concepcion (who came with her mother, Grace Ibuna, and sister Raffie) sang “It’s a Wonderful World;” Brazilian model Lua (who is fluent in Tagalog), sang “Nandito Ako” and led the parlor games; and Dayloe Ranario of the cast of “Teen St. Pedro Calungsod: The Musical” told the story of the Philippines’ newest saint. Presidential cousin Jackie Aquino came with daughter Andrea, while Stauro Punongbayan of Rotary Midwest-Diliman gave a short talk on earthquake preparedness. PCSO GM Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II and jazz musician Boy Katindig spoke to the children about the value of courage in the face of adversity. The program was emceed by Emer Guingon, also a cast member of the musical. Also present, from PCSO, were Charity Clinic and Fund Allocation Departments Manager Dr. Larry Cedro, Sales Dept. Manager Roger Ramirez, and Office of the General Manager staffers Joseph Muego,

The Unsung Heroes of PCSO Words and Photos By darcy geronimo

EMERGENCY KIT DISTRIBUTION: PCSO Chairperson Magarita P. Juico (left) distributed emergency medical kit and relief goods to the residents of San Vicente Central in Urdaneta, Pangasinan last October. (JOSEPH MUEGO)

Rogelio Constantino Medina, and Jenny Ortuoste. Among the attendees from EAMC were Dr. Abesamis and home manager Maggie Abilgos. uuu Volunteers are always needed at Tahan-Tahanan. For more information on how to help, or on admission details, call PCSO’s Minette Fernandez of the Special Projects Department at (63-2) 846-8879, or EAMC’s Maggie at (63-2) 928-0611 loc. 711 or visit eamc.doh.gov.ph.

PCSO gives away ambulances and mobile clinics under its Ambulance Donation program, to first- to third-class municipalities under a 60% PCSO40% LGU payment sharing scheme, and to fourth- to sixth-class municipalities as 100% donation. 46 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

PCSO-EAMC Tahan-Tahanan Halfway Home Admission Requirements Qualifications for admission: Pediatric cancer or chronic illness patient from below 1 - 20 years old, with residence outside Metro Manila Documentary requirements: 1) Clinical abstract from his/her pediatric oncologist; 2) Updated Residence Certificate and Barangay Certificate; 3) Social abstract from a medical or a barangay social worker. Additional requirements: 1) Without any communicable disease; 2) With good compliance with treatment; and 3) With parents’ and/or caregivers’ willingness to participate in all activities of the center like household chores, skills training, socialization, play therapy, support group, and family counseling sessions.


Aling Ising

anuary 1961, Priscilla de Guzman (now 73 years old), or Aling Ising as everybody knows her, started her career selling Sweepstakes tickets. Inspired by the way her Kumareng Dionisia earned her living by selling tickets in Mercury, Bambang, and Sta. Cruz, Manila area, Aling Ising then asked her assistance to become a Sweepstakes ticket agent herself. Aling Ising’s husband left their home in an early stage of their marriage, leaving her with four kids and a not so comfortable life, forcing her to find a living for them to survive the daily requirements of a family living at the center of the city. Fortunately, Aling Dionisia introduced her to PCSO Sales Supervisors Ray Roldan and Inocensio Enriquez. Covering the area of Blumentritt, Dapitan, Quiapo, Escolta, Arranque, San Lazaro, City Hall of Manila, & PCSO San Marcelino office, Aling Ising ventured into life anew as a PCSO Sweepstakes ticket agent. As early as 4:00 in the morning, before rush hour breaks, Aling Ising is already on her doorstep carrying her pouch bags filled with Sweepstakes tickets and a pack of lunch prepared by her kids, ready for her daily walk from Sta. Mesa to Bambang, Mercury where she will be met by her longtime friend Aling Dionisia before starting their daily route, selling PCSO tickets to by-standers, establishments, and sari-sari stores. “Life was quite easy during those day, people are friendly, you will never have a hard time convincing them,” Aling Ising uninterruptedly

Aling Ising (Priscilla de Guzman)

narrates her story with teary eyes. During those days a sweepstake vendor can manage to sell 10 to 15 booklets a day, enough earnings to have a healthy and decent life in the city. It was during those times when Aling Ising was able to buy a TV set and other household needs, including a tukador, which until now serves as a beautiful remembrance of those blessed years. Aling Ising had the first taste of a winning client in 1975 when she sold a ticket in San Lazaro to a professional jockey who won the P3 PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 47

million prize. In 1980, she again made another employee at the City Hall of Manila a millionaire. While she provided fortune to others, Aling Ising found herself again at the crossroad of life. While on the way to school one of her sons met an accident and was immediately declared DOA upon arrival in the hospital. It was the toughest time of her life, but she managed to convince herself that life must go on for her other kids. She continued to sell PCSO tickets to overcome her grief and manage to support the whole family as a single parent.

PCSO Dentist Warns Againts Bad Teeth Words and Photo By Irwin Cariño




Aling Nina

aturnina Corong (75), residing at Project 4, Quezon City, started selling Sweepstakes tickets in 1968. Back then, there was nothing much about selling a sweepstakes ticket; for her it was just a past-time, until her husband, who was a truck driver, died in 1981 after having a massive cardiac arrest, leaving behind seven children (two of them died afterward of chickenpox). This sudden incident forced her to make a major adjustment for her and her remaining kids. Determined to face life anew, Aling Nina accepted laundry and ironing jobs from neighbors and family friends. But life continued to tighten up on her so she had to find additional income for the family. It was then that she concentrated on selling Sweepstakes tickets. With the help of her long-time friend, Katalina Sahuna, she took several area assignments selling Sweepstakes Tickets; Bureau of Forestry, National Irrigation Authority, Camp Crame, Napocor, and San Marcelino main office of PCSO are just some of her areas. Having a 10 booklet sale weekly, she manage make a decent living from then on. 48 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

ntreated bad teeth can cause various ailments and usher in heart problems that can lead to death, PCSO dentist Dr. Bobby Guerrero said following treatment of a dental patient who suffered four months of toothache. The patient, Josephine Madrinan, had a tooth extraction after suffering four months without seeing a dentist because she “could not afford to see a private dentist.”

Aling Nina (Saturnina Corong)

Just like Aling Ising, Aling Nina was also instrumental in making someone a millionaire. She managed to issue the lucky ticket worth P3.5 million to a teacher of a kindergarten school in Kalibo, Aklan. “I consider myself a winner too. I am very happy making someone an instant millionaire, I am part of this win!” as she happily recalls it. uuu Now you can find Aling Ising and Aling Nina at the lobby of PCSO-Pasay office waiting for the occasional draws of the Traditional PCSO Ticket and selling Scratch & Match tickets to support their family, while hoping for the permanent return of the Traditional Sweepstakes Draw.

She finally found relief at a PCSO medicaldental mission held recently in Parañaque City. Dr. Guerrero cautions the public that Madrinan was lucky that her prolonged toothache did not lead to complications. He said that aside from the pain, rotten teeth and other tooth problems can lead to abscess, severe headaches, throat infections, stomach problems, and worse, even heart problems. “Abscess is one of the most critical forms of infection when it comes to teeth. It is the collection of pus, otherwise known as nana, which is formed in a cavity. The pus eventually seeks a way out and usually ends up going to critical organs; in many cases, the heart, “ Dr, Guerrero said. “Signs of redness, swelling, and pains are symptoms of abscess and once these symptoms begin to occur it is advisable to go for a dental check up before any further complications can occur, ” he also pointed out.

Josephine Madrinan finds relief for her dental problem at a PCSO medical mission.

The medical mission in Paranaque is part of PCSO’s regular sorties aimed at providing much-needed assistance in poor communities. The medical mission comprises a team of doctors, dentists, and nurses who provide free consultation, tooth extraction, and free electrocardiogram tests.

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 49

Pharmas to Reduce Prices to Charity Patients by 20%

PCSO Opens Samar Branch Words and Photos By Irwin Cariño

New arrangement expands PCSO assistance to more charity patients


harmaceutical companies have agreed to reduce prices of medicines made available to patients under the medical assistance program of the PCSO. This agreement expands PCSO’s capability to reach more charity patients.

The lower costs of medicines via the agreement with pharmaceutical companies and PCSO will benefit more patients, such as these receiving free medicines at a medical mission held by PCSO in coordination with radio station DZMM last November.

PCSO Chairperson Margarita Juico said that under a memorandum of agreement due to be signed, major drug 50 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

distributors Zuellig, Metro Drug, and United Laboratories will make their medicines available at 20% less than market prices.

PCSO, in turn, assures suppliers repayment within 45 days. The previous repayment time had been six months. This accomplishment came about after PCSO, wanting to expand assistance to more patients, performed a review of the relevant existing processes. After streamlining and creating more efficient management procedures and timelines, PCSO succeeded in reducing processing time to only 45 days. This made it feasible for suppliers to reduce prices by 20%, allowing PCSO to use more funds to assist more people in dire need of medical assistance, Chairperson Juico said. Dr. Larry Cedro, PCSO Fund Allocation department manager, said that the charity agency is covered by an P80-million credit line with the country’s major pharmaceutical distributors. The elimination of processing layers and imposition of timelines for present procedures have cleared an important path towards the more efficient provision of medical assistance. The lower prices of medicines means more patients can be served by PCSO’s charity program. — Research Division, PCSO PR & Publicity Dept.

CoS Vince Juico (center) and AGM Gabuyo (right) at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new PCSO Samar branch.


he PCSO opened a branch office in Samar on 14 June 2012 in line with its advocacy of making its medical and health-related services accessible to as many Filipinos as possible. The new branch is located at the Convention Center, Calbayog, Samar, where it caters to the northern and eastern parts of the province. The inauguration ceremony was attended by PCSO Online Lottery Sector Assistant General Manager Remeliza Jovita Gabuyo, Chief-of-Staff to the Chairperson Vincent Juico, Special Projects Department

Manager Dr. Jose Bernardo Gochoco, and members of the Samar local government unit. All services given by the PCSO main office are also offered at the Samar branch. However, for charity services, only medical requests for P10,000 and below will be entertained at the branch. Requests for larger amounts will be subject to approval at the main office.

Samar Province has two congressional districts, 24 municipalities, and two cities and has a population of 224,134 who are expected to benefit from the branch office. There are 29 PCSO lotto agents in the province whose outlets contribute to the 30% charity fund used by PCSO for its medical assistance programs. Aside from the Samar branch PCSO opened other new branches this year, in Cagayan Province, Bohol, Zambales, and Bacolod City, bringing to 30 the total number of PCSO offices nationwide. PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 51

PCSO Opens Bacolod Branch Office Words and Photos By Irwin Cariño


n 21 November 2012, the PCSO launched a branch office in Paglaum Sports Complex, Bacolod City. In line with PCSO’s objective to make the office accessible to more people nationwide, Chairperson Margarita Juico said, “This is our commitment to bring our services back to the people.” With this new branch office established, patients and individuals seeking assistance from the PCSO will no longer need to travel to the PCSO branch in Iloilo City.

Chairperson Juico said that the Bacolod branch will accept requests for medical- and health-related assistance below P10,000. Subject to submission of

Councilor Carl Lopez (left), PCSO Chairperson Margarita Juico (second right), and PCSO OIC-AGM for Operations Remeliza Gabuyo (right) cutting the ceremonial ribbon for the new Bacolod branch office, with Bacolod provincial Officials and other PCSO officials as witnesses. 52 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

requirements, any requests beyond the amount will be approved at the PCSO head office in Manila together with required documentations and a corresponding guarantee letter addressed to the Chairperson. PCSO signed a memorandum of agreement with Governor Alfredo Marañon Jr., and Councilor Carl Lopez for the branch office. Councilor Carl Lopez and Chairperson Juico performed the cutting of the ceremonial ribbon, assisted by the PCSO Officials. Also present in the inauguration were PCSO AGM-Administration Julieta Aseo, OIC-AGM for Operations Remeliza Gabuyo, Treasury Department Manager Alegria Asuit, Visayas & Mindanao Department Federico Damole, and Atty. Ana Marie V. Gonzales together with Bacolod City Mayor Evelio Leonarda and Governor Marañon. The inauguration and blessing were witnessed by the Bacolod community and some of PCSO’s beneficiaries. At a press conference immediately after, Chairperson Juico clarified that the PCSO generates funds to provide medical, health, charity and welfare programs. PCSO funds are generated from lotto, other games, and traditional Sweepstakes.

PCSO Plants Trees


s part of its 78th anniversary celebration this year, PCSO employees from the Main Office in Pasay City participated in a tree-planting project in coordination with the Department of Environment and National Resources. Tree seedlings were planted along a portion of the STAR Tollway Road in Sto. Tomas, Batangas, on 30 October 2012.

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 53

Employees at some of the PCSO’s provincial branches also held their own tree-planting activities in their respective areas.

54 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 55

A Day at the Museum: A Launch with Friends of PCSO



n recognition of the vital roles of different individuals, institutions, and organizations the Board of Directors and management of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office acknowledged them in a morning fellowship in the Senate Hall of the National Museum of Philippines on 28 November 2012. Referring to these individuals, institutions, and organizations as “friends”, the event A Lunch With Friends of PCSO featured messages from PCSO Chairperson Margarita P. Juico and PCSO General Manager Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II regarding PCSO’s current projects, success, and how PCSO and its partners play a big role in fulfilling PCSO’s mandate of raising and providing funds for health, welfare-related assistance and services, and charities of national character. As part of the event, Chairperson Juico, GM Rojas, and PCSO Director Betty B. Nantes awarded recognition trophies to the partners of PCSO, and turned over grants to the following mandated beneficiaries of PCSO: • Dangerous Drugs Board – P12 million • Department of Justice Juvenile Justice and Welfare Council – P5 million • National Book Development Board – P5 million • Philippine Sports Commission – P10 million 56 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

Chairperson Margarita Juico (fifth left), GM Jose Ferdinand Rojas II (fifth right), and Director Betty B. Nantes with PCSO partners and beneficiaries during the recognition event A Lunch With Friends of PCSO. (Photo by JENNY ORTUOSTE)

• Commission on Higher Education – P45 million • Congressional Migrant Workers Scholarship Fund – P10 million • Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council National Shelter – P5 million • National Museum – P25 million

The following received citations: • Senator Aquilino Pimentel III • Congressman Amado S. Bagatsing • Undersecretary for Special Concerns Atty. Michael Frederick L. Musñgi • Philippine International Convention Center General Manager Atty. Renato B. Padilla • Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares As a response from friends of PCSO, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Museum of the Philippines Ramon Del Rosario Jr., ABS-CBN Head of Manila Radio Division Peter A. Musñgi, and Government Corporate Counsel Justice Raoul C. Creencia gave their thanks and made remarks on how PCSO’s contributions have helped them with their projects. The event allowed PCSO the opportunity to enkindle further partnership with their friends and strengthen their bond. With this is the desire to assist those truly in need, and recognize that together, PCSO and their partners can achieve much more in helping the poorest of the poor and make them know that they are the heart and soul of PCSO. PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 57

PCSO SILVER CUP ROLL OF CHAMPIONS 1995 Winner : Owner : Trainer : Jockey :

Santa Ana Park PAY D’CLAY Augusto Benedicto L. Santos Juanito A. Macaraig Joe Noel D. Camu

1996 Santa Ana Park Winner : AMERICAN SONG Owner : Rodolfo G. Mendoza Trainer : Rodolfo G. Mendoza Jockey : Dominador H. Borbe, Jr. 1997 Winner : Owner : Trainer : Jockey :

San Lazaro Hippodrome WISE GUY Ma. Consuelo Puyat-Reyes Juan C. Sordan Patricio R. Dilema

1998 Winner : Owner : Trainer : Jockey :

Santa Ana Park STREETS OF GOLD Mario R. Mercader Jose B. Fernandez Miguel S. Recosana

2000 Winner : Owner : Trainer : Jockey :

Santa Ana Park STREETS OF GOLD Albert C. Alvina Raymundo R. Henson Patricio R. Dilema

2001 Winner : Owner : Trainer : Jockey :

San Lazaro Hippodrome WIND BLOWN Herminio S. Esguerra Raymundo R. Henson Fernando M. Raquel, Jr.

2002 Winner : Owner : Trainer : Jockey :

Santa Ana Park WIND BLOWN Herminio S. Esguerra Antonio C. Alcasid Fernando M. Raquel, Jr.

2003 Santa Ana Park Winner : GOLDEN BALLET Owner : Lamberto C. Almeda, Jr. Trainer : Teodorico O. Basco Jockey : Jonathan B. Hernandez 2004 Winner : Owner :

San Lazaro Leisure Park RED STAR RISING Michael O. Trillana

58 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

Trainer Jockey

: :

Ruben B. Clor Manolito F. Daquis

2005 Winner : Owner : Trainer : Jockey :

Santa Ana Park COVER GIRL C&H Enterprises Antonio C. Alcasid, Sr. Jonathan B. Hernandez

2006 Winner : Owner : Trainer : Jockey :

San Lazaro Leisure Park REAL SPICY Herminio S. Esguerra Jose Antonio M. Panlilio, Jr. Louie D. Balboa

2007 Santa Ana Park Winner : EMPIRE KING Owner : David C. Lee Trainer : Ernesto S. Roxas Jockey : Jeffrey M. Ladiana 2008 Winner : Owner : Trainer : Jockey :

San Lazaro Leisure Park REAL SPICY Herminio S. Esguerra Joselito V. Tornandizo Jeffril T. Zarate

2009 Santa Ana Park Winner : DON ENRICO Owner : Lorraine Uy Wi/Gerardo Espina Jr. Trainer : Arturo C. Sordan Jr. Jockey : Fernando M. Raquel Jr. 2010 San Lazaro Leisure Park Winner IBARRA Owner : Benhur C. Abalos Trainer : Ruben S. Tupas Jockey : Jesse B. Guce 2011 Santa Ana Park Winner : YES POGI Owner : Francis G. Lim Trainer : Felix C. Lauron Jockey : Manolito F. Daquis 2012 Winner : Owner : Trainer : Jockey :

San Lazaro Leisure Park MAGNA CARTA Michael Dragon T. Javier Ray R. Henson Jesse B. Guce PCSO 40th Presidential Gold Cup | 59

60 | PCSO 39th Presidential Gold Cup

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