PC300-8 New Model

August 31, 2017 | Author: jacklyn ade putra | Category: Fuel Injection, Engine Technology, Vehicles, Internal Combustion Engine, Rotating Machines
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Short Description

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Introduction PC300SE-8 New Model Concept Design

Fuel consumption indication

7” LCD

ECOLOGY & ECONOMY Tear-3 and EU Stages 3A emission engine Eco gauge for monitoring fuel consumption SAFETY & COMFORT Introduction of Sturdy CAB to comply EOPS safety regulation Silent noise inside CAB, User friendly Color Monitor features IT Upgrade Monitor features


3.8” Low



MONITOR PANEL -Large LCD 7” Multi Color Monitor with multi functions of operation control -Password feature for assuring the security -Multi language operation feature (available in Bahasa Indonesia) -Eco-gauge for monitoring fuel consumption -Capable for KOMTRAX installation

New Frame structure

2 4Å2 Valves/cyl.

CAB -Sturdy structure CAB to meet the most strict regulation “EOPS”


-Silent noise inside CAB 70.9 dB Å 73.6


SAA6D114E-3 Å SAA6D114E-2 Special features Bucket with Tiger Teeth (under development)

CRI Tier 3 Å Tier 2 Conventional 246 HP/1950 rpm Å 242 HP/1900 rpm

Interchangeability Parts (against -7)

1. Ecology & Economy ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY FEATURES Komatsu SAA6D114E-3 engine • Low emissionized SAA6D114E-3 (ecot3) engine, EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage 3A emission regulation certified


Item Engine model Rated output After cooler Complied emission with regulation

KOMATSU KOMATSU KOMATSU PC300-7E0 PC300-7 PC300-8 KOMATSU KOMATSU KOMATSU – SAA6D114E-3 SAA6D114E-3 SAA6D114E-2 kW/rpm 184/1,950 180/1,900 184/1,950 {HP/rpm} {246/1,950} {246/1,950} (242/1,900) – Available Available Available –

Tier 3

Tier 3

Tier 2

HITACHI ZX330-3 Isuzu AH-6HK1X 202/1,900 {271/1,900} Available

CAT 330D CAT C9 ACERT 184/1,800 {247/1,800} Available

Tier 3

Tier 3

1. Ecology & Economy Design features of SAA6D114E-3 engine • 4-valves per cylinder • HPCR (High Pressure Common Rail) fuel injection system • Center injection • Advanced combustion technology

Model Item Number of valves per cylinder Fuel injection system Control

KOMATSU PC300-8 4 HPCR (High Pressure Common Rail System) Electronic

KOMATSU PC300-7E0 4 HPCR (High Pressure Common Rail System) Electronic

KOMATSU PC300-7 2 Conventional Mechanical

1. Ecology & Economy Design features of SAA6D114E-3 engine New combustion technology ICS (in-cylindersolution) reduces NOx emission without using EGR. Electronic-controlled high pressure fuel injection system realizes both low NOx emission and high performance. The exhaust color density during acceleration is also reduced. 4-valve (per cylinder) system to increase cylinder intake air flow. Injection nozzle arranged at cylinder center to effectively use the air contained in cylinder (to promote fuel-air mixing)

The common rail fuel injection system assures high-pressure fuel injection in low-speed range to increase low-speed torque.

1. Ecology & Economy Fuel efficient engine/pump control (New E-mode)

1. Ecology & Economy 2. Safety & Comfort Eco-gauge to assist energy saving operation Fuel consumption indicated Fuel consumption High Operator can control the optimum fuel consumption easily with considering job condition and working mode being used



1. Ecology & Economy 2. Safety & Comfort 3. IT Idling caution To prevent unnecessary fuel consumption, an idling caution is displayed on the monitor if the engine idles for 5 minutes or more. Operator can see the caution easily in the Monitor Panel

1. Ecology & Economy Low operation noise • Enables a low noise operation using the low-noise engine and methods to reduce noise at source. • Meets the EU Stage 2 noise regulation.

Large cooling unit

Low-noise muffler Optimal arrangement of sound absorbing materials

Electronically controlled common rail type engine Multi-staged injection Highly rigid cylinder block


Item EU dynamic noise Actually measured values

KOMATSU KOMATSU PC300-7E0 PC300-8 dB(A) 103.4 103.4 *: 70% speed fan/Max. speed fan

KOMATSU PC300-7 104.5

HITACHI ZX330-3 104.4

CAT 330D 104.9/107 *

2. Safety & Comfort Sturdy cab with improved resistance to deformation, to meet the most strict safety regulation EOPS New cab with pipe-structured framework

Model Item Sturdy cab with improved resistance to deformation





CAT 330D






2. Safety & Comfort Improved anti-slip plates

Protruded anti-slip plates

2. Safety & Comfort Easy-to-clean and individually removable side-by-side cooling units Since radiator and oil cooler are arranged side-by-side, it is easy to clean, remove and install them. Oil cooler


2. Safety & Comfort Integrated armrest with control console • To provide fixed positional relation between armrests and control levers

Armrests are mounted on the control console.

2. Safety & Comfort Silent and comfortable cab

Dynamic noise level: at operator ears

70.9dB(A) (PC300-7: 73.6dB(A))

Model Item Dynamic noise level at operator ears * 70 fan speed / Max. fan speed


KOMATSU PC300-8 70.9

KOMATSU PC300-7E0 72.2

KOMATSU PC300-7 73.6

HITACHI ZX330-3 74.3

CAT 330D 75.4 / 76.0 *

2. Safety & Comfort Fuel pre-filter with water separator, Large-capacity air cleaner

Large-capacity air cleaner

Fuel pre-filter 500h replacement, with water separator

Air cleaner size up Model Item Air cleaner size(Dia.)

mm (in)

KOMATSU PC300-8 381(15")

KOMATSU PC300-7E0 381(15")

KOMATSU PC300-7 330(13")

3. IT (MULTI FEATURE MONITOR PANEL) Easy-to-see 7" LCD color monitor Travel speed monitor

Air conditioner monitor Wiper monitor

Working mode monitor

Swing lock monitor

Auto deceleration monitor

Engine pre-heating/ Power Max. monitor

Clock (possible to switch to service meter)

Engine water temperature gauge

Eco-gauge Fuel gauge

Size of current monitor 96.5mm (3.8")

Hydraulic oil temperature gauge Travel speed selector switch

Function switch Auto deceleration switch

Wiper/washer switch

Working mode selector switch

Air conditioner control switch

Buzzer cancel switch

TFT: Thin Film Transistor

3. IT (MULTI FEATURE MONITOR PANEL) 2. Safety & Comfort EMMS (Equipment Management Monitoring System) Abnormality and maintenance information are displayed on the 7" LCD color monitor to prevent a minor problem from becoming a major one. Abnormality display function

Maintenance function

Display is changed by push this function switch.

PC300LC-8 Parallel Link Cab Improved Operator view by Higher Lifting CAB (+ 140mm of height) Base Machine : PC300LC-8 Attachment : Arm (6800 mm) Boom (9500 mm) Grapple (1,8 m2)

Arm cylinder New (-8)

Same as -7



Same as -7 (9.5m)

Same as -7 (6.8m)

Boom cylinder New (-8)

Parallel Link Cab New ( -8)

Add C/W (new) -Change profile - Keep same weight

Grapple Same as -7 (1.8m2)

Track Frame Same as -7 (Long Track for PLC)

Cab EOPS New ( -8)

R/F Frame New -8 (for PLC)

B. Comparison PLC -7 & -8


H = 2260


H = 2400 + 140mm

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