Past Life Discovery by Sufian Chaudhary

August 8, 2017 | Author: indianagt | Category: Trance, Reincarnation, Meditation, Consciousness, Soul
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Libro en idioma ingles que trata sobre metodos para recordar vidas pasadas...



The palms of my hands were soiled by the baking hot deserts; they smudged sweat along my face in a desperate attempt to clean my eyes. My vision distorted by the long drawn-out plumes of heat creating liquid mirages around me, found temporary relief in the shadow I was casting upon the ground. My body felt strange and foreign with a slight hint of nostalgia curving my thoughts in the back of my mind. I was surrounded by tents of sullen brown materials stretched out over them to create makeshift homes. That same dark brown material was draped over my body to shield me from the immense heat of the day. My bare feet were burning with every single step I took upon the silky soft dunes. My skin was dark and tanned from the years spent wandering beneath the powerful God in the sky. As I half-stumbled my way to the top of the dunes, I caught a striking glimpse of a magnificent temple being built on the horizon. Enormous blocks of stone were being hauled on top of each other while tall wooden structures oversaw the complex mess of operations. My thoughts raced as it dawned upon me that I had somehow managed to travel back in time. I was witnessing a day in the life of the creation of the Pyramids. Time was quickly running out. Suddenly, I felt a sharp jabbing pain directly in my back and my world turned black. My eyes opened to my living room. The hard floor was pushing against my ribcage and causing enough discomfort to break me out of trance. My body creaked as I slowly turned over along the floor. My mind was still buzzing with the remnants of my ancient past. Repressed memories that had been buried for thousands of years were suddenly being unearthed. Despite the feelings of incredible disorientation, I was so excited that I had successfully performed a past life regression that I barely even noticed the strange sensation of my body trying to figure out what Century it was living within. A little while ago I underwent a spiritual journey to discover the truth behind my reality. My journey allowed me to meet some of the most powerful Beings in this Universe and basked me in so much Unconditional Love that I transcended my regular life. However, even though I was operating in a much higher frequency, something kept calling out to me amidst the depths of my subconscious mind. I kept experiencing this lingering feeling to venture into my past. I threw myself into the deep end to personally initiate a past life regression. First memories of Ancient Egypt started trickling through the cracks and then a whole myriad of lives began to unfold in this beautiful stream of consciousness that went on to serve as the backdrop of my Creation. My spiritual understanding became accentuated by the wisdom and knowledge gained through multiple lives concentrating upon my current presence. I became humbled by the sheer warming beauty of how reincarnation was shaping my process of Godself realization. And then I stumbled across a past life that changed my life forever.

The process of reincarnation is one of the most rudimentary philosophies on Earth. Reincarnation serves as the core of the self-realization process we experience through multiple incarnations within our physical bodies. It forms the foundation necessary to understand nearly every single spiritual concept introduced on Earth. Though we may come across the term in just about every single spiritual book that was ever printed in history, it’s sometimes difficult to understand what the notion of past lives means for the life we are currently experiencing. The topic has been strenuously debated time and time again as so few people can mentally process multiple life-streams of knowledge within that of a singular mental analogy, or more importantly, discover whether it is even possible to see something prior to this particular lifetime. The irony of Life’s blind faith has worlds of exploration yet to discover; though we may believe in something, we may not even know why we believe in it. Beyond the feeling of the ignorance of doubt, there is a very pure and a very clean intention to just let God unfold the manifested Creation without much further comprehension. I am in love with our innocence; however, I simply could not satisfy my spiritual craving by allowing myself the opportunity for blind unconditional faith. I could always feel my past lives were there; they were floating in the back of my subconscious mind and every time I tried to grasp hold of one of them, they would evade my thoughts and sink deeper into the recesses of my soul. I have come to understand that there exists an energetic void that prevents the spiritual aspirant from consciously delving into previous incarnations; to the point where we can’t even remember a single thing. This energetic void is tied directly to the expression of our soul within our physical vehicle; the human body’s DNA. The current human DNA structure is by no means complete and we therefore do not ordinarily have the ability to bridge the energetic void within our current state of mind. If the human DNA structure was in fact complete, we would have one of the most beautiful and beneficial abilities in this Universe openly available to us: the complete memory paradigm of our Universal reincarnation process allowing us to achieve accelerated levels of self-realization. However, as our DNA currently looks more like a leaky colander, our spiritual realization process has been slowed down to the point where we don’t even know who we are in this particular lifetime let alone our entire system of incarnations creating the acknowledgement necessary for full God-self realization. The energetic void truly disenchants the individual long before the yearning to understand the depth of the human soul ever comes into fruition. To actively bridge this energetic void, is to bridge our level of God-self realization towards Enlightenment and create the foundation necessary to delve into the rest of the spiritual world. When I first met Archangel Uriel, I was taught how to commune with a number of very powerful Beings who contributed to the unfoldment of my realization process. Channeling allows the individual the ability to bridge their consciousness with an understanding that may not ordinarily be found within the human spectrum of thought. With this very unique concept in mind, a doorway opens up to one of the most powerful methods to externally connect our conscious minds to a past life; connecting with Beings who knew us during those past incarnations. This particular method fills in a lot of gaps; however it doesn’t allow us to achieve the spiritual innovation enough to discover the frontiers of the human soul by ourselves. The difference between somebody telling you about the past and you actually

experiencing the energetic bursts of these past incarnations is like the difference between somebody talking about a cooking show on T.V and you actually tasting the intricate flavors of your culinary delight in an expensive restaurant. The closer you get to personally experiencing the spiritual world, the more powerful the avalanche of realization will completely redefine the parameters for what you believe is and is not possible. I could sit here and write about my past life experiences all day long; however it will not garner the same type of response a true past life regression opens up to you. You would never really know unless you can initiate a past life regression yourself. It is also more beneficial to initiate a past life regression ourselves, as opposed to finding a professional hypnotherapist to guide us through the process. When we personally delve into our past lives, our body of consciousness picks op on particular lifetimes where we achieved a significant level of spiritual realization. Visualize all of your incarnations on Earth forming part of a running seismograph (instrument used to detect the earthquakes). The lifetimes where profound spiritual realizations were achieved would warrant extreme spiritual activity, and lifetimes of uneventful normality would result in little to no movement. Our consciousness is much more likely to pick up on lifetimes with extreme spiritual activity rather than those with hardly anything to pick up on. When a past life regression is performed by an external party however, this level of spiritual judgment is completely lost and we are much more likely to just fall into whatever lifetime is easiest to complete the hypnotherapist’s instructions. The importance of performing a personal past life regression surrounds the ability to personally bridge our spiritual understanding into a powerful flow of consciousness into our current lifetime. With every beneficial lifetime we connect, the deeper our spiritual understanding of who we are and what we are doing here becomes available. There are two methods in which we are able to achieve the ideal state of mind frame during meditation: Increasing our vibration with techniques such as the White Energy Staircase (described in Chapter 7 “Chakra Activations” in World of Archangels) while channeling Higher Beings, or dropping our level of brain wave activity down to the borderline of unconsciousness for past life regressions. The later method is the most effective when you need to induce a very deep state of trance in order to find past lives that are absent from our conscious memory. Increasing our vibration is excellent while achieving an incredible state of Enlightenment and Unconditional Love; it rapidly accelerates our minds to the point where we induce an out of body experience. When we enter trance, we slow our bodies down to the point where it completely relaxes and enters an alternate state of mind frame that has a much more substantial access to our powerful subconscious mind. Though we are also able to induce an out of body experience with trance, we do so in a dream-like interactive experience that does not become distorted by our conscious thoughts. Both methods achieve similar results, however only trance allows us to go deep enough to search the corners of our soul. There are four states that our brain wave activity can be induced in order to achieve a desired result; Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. The Beta state is most commonly associated with the energetic awareness of being present within your body and allowing a very fast transition of thoughts to rapidly speed through your brain. The Alpha state is achieved when your mind slows down and relaxes into a more laid back frequency when we are not under the stress of

everyday life. The Theta state is achieved when we are border lining the point of unconsciousness in deep meditation. Theta is the ideal state to be in whilst meditating as it opens our conscious mind to the subconscious and becomes more receptive to either internally or externally induced visualizations and legitimate spiritual experiences. Delta is associated with the pattern of deep sleep cycles or unconsciousness. The perfect state with trance is to hit the very bottom of Theta-- to the point where you are just bopping up and down upon wanting to fall off the face of the Earth. The lower you are able to maintain your brain wave activity, the more effective trance becomes. It is perfectly fine to fall asleep during meditation; it just indicates that you are training your mind to achieve the fine balancing act between trance and unconsciousness. Once we are in fact down there, this is where the right meditations and spiritual guidance can really help us achieve the results we want. Trance is easy to induce, what is harder is the conscious thought to actually procure a desired result, rather than just zoning out in silent bliss. In the sea of unconsciousness, those with the brightest ideas are the ones who can actually see where they are going. Imagine finding a library of knowledge that has recorded absolutely everything about your life, not only in this lifetime, but every single life you have ever lived on Earth. Think about how vast this library must be if it was to contain the complete recordings for every single soul currently alive on this planet and everybody that has ever lived on this planet. This construct is a field of consciousness known as the Akashic Records. They record every significant spiritual event, both individually and collectively as a society, in a unified field of consciousness. Entire fields within spirituality have been dedicated into learning how to access the Akashic Records to help us better understand our lives; however most get caught up trying to contemplate the various puzzling interpretations rather than achieve anything useful. Psychics have dedicated their lives to specifically become Akashic Record Readers who utilize back door approaches into a client’s history for the purposes of a psychic reading. In the same way that the symbology of dreams may mean something significant to the dreamer and something completely different to an outside observer; the Akashic Records can be deceitfully cryptic unless we ourselves delve into our own lives to draw out the correct meaning and interpretation. Symbols in dreams are used to convey individual-specific responses based upon our external environmental conditioning within any particular lifetime. One person may find snakes a threatening mental image, while another person within a different culture may view the same symbol as a sign of good luck due to their inherent fascination with snakes their entire life. Essentially, only we are able to interpret our own lives. The Akashic Records are not an original spiritual function such as the process of reincarnation that is programmed into the energetic matrix of a planet when it was first conceptualized. It is an independently created mechanism that only serves the self-limiting nature of the Beings living within the society that created it. The Akashic Records cannot be used to see the future, as it is not a divine mechanism that allows individuals to completely process the entire nature of Creation unfolding every second of its existence. Many people have tried to use the Akashic Records to see the future, and do claim success; however the reality behind their visions is quite complex. This is not the first time the Universe has cycled through its complete course. It has expanded and contracted into Oneness many times over.

The Akashic Records have the ability to track Universal progress based on past Universal Cycles. What this means is that even though the past is being recorded within the Akashic Records, the future is being drawn upon from past Universal Cycles at this exact moment in time—where technically speaking, the future has already happened. The most famous person to have ever accessed the Akashic Records in order to effectively to this was Nostradmus. He was accessing a past Universal Cycle and predicted quite a few events that were yet to unfold in Earth’s future. Problems arose when some of his predictions didn’t come true because each Universal Cycle is different from the last. We are ever so slightly increasing the rate of our self-realization process and causing subtle differences within the events of the Universe playing out. These subtle differences collate together to make significant differences if enough people within the consciousness of that society are realized enough to take aboard these new spiritual paradigms. Nostradamus was faultless; his ability to directly interpret the cryptic symbology of the Akashic Records was superb. Problems arose because Creation itself plays out ever so slightly differently every single time it cycles through. Events always change in the next Universal Cycle and it opens up the reason as to why so many psychics cannot see the future. To see the true future within any kind of incredible detail, would be to tune into every single energetic flow pertaining to our current existence through a powerful Universal processing ability. To see the future you would either have to commune with Beings that have such an incredible ability, or express the level of God-self realization equivalent to the Archangels themselves. The Akashic Records are a thought-form construct that individualized souls incarnating within physical bodies feel the need for there to exist a mechanism to record significant spiritual events. The Akashic Records can be found within every major civilization that ever required its unique properties and indicates that there must exist an apparent useful function for society if it is indeed so broadly used. The problem with this thought pattern is that as an individualized consciousness of God, we somehow believe there needs to exist an external function to record the intricate connections of Life when our Soul is already performing the exact same function as Universal Witnesses to Creation. As long as we believe that the consciousness that surrounds this planet is somehow an external entity from our own body, the longer society will keep limiting itself as an unrealized race of Beings. Though many feel the Akashic Records are a legitimate source of information, they are in fact an illegitimate pathway to self-realization as the individual is still externalizing their power. We can utilize the Akashic Records to bridge our past and create the foundation necessary to commence our spiritual journey—it is by no means the end all and be all of psychic power. Learn what you will, and then transcend the system to realize your presence within the Universe as something much closer to God. Think of the Akashic Records as a structure that was set up to be a user-friendly graphical interface within the Collective Unconscious. The Collective Unconscious is already recording and maintaining the consciousness of our planet in great detail. The Collective Unconscious is however quite difficult to directly interpret and therefore the Beings existing within our field of consciousness wanted to more easily access their history and lessons surrounding events that occurred in the past. This in itself draws up the next wonderful ironic twist within the existence of the Akashic records; if we had the ability to consciously recall significant

spiritual events that occurred within our previous lives, the Akashic Records would cease to exist. Unfortunately, we can’t remember past lives unless we undergo heavy past life regressions which allows us to delve into our subconscious mind and draw out certain pieces of information and memories from previous embodiments. To undergo a past-life regression is to access the full depths of the soul within the Collective Unconscious and create a doorway for our subconscious mind to interpret our consciousness in a non-linear format. Since the human body in its current level of realization does not remember past lives, the Akashic Records were developed as a bridging mechanism in order to try and perform the same function of what a completely activated sequence of DNA would already be providing us. Something quite unique does however occur when we perform a past life regression; we seem to leave the door open even after we come out of trance. It made me believe that the energetic void existed to prevent those who were not ready to comprehend this level of information from overly confusing their current lives, but was able to be bridged by those who were determined enough to find out. Our incomplete DNA exists this way because the consciousness of society is not ready to comprehend the true power of complete DNA sequences. These energetic voids are fine for the general commonality of society; however for those of us who wanted to break away from the slow spiritual progress of humanity, we had to develop back doors into our subconscious minds to unlock ourselves within the Collective Unconscious. Past life regressions are allowing human souls to take a step towards the full Enlightenment of God-self realization. If they can prove the existence of chains of lifetimes on Earth; the only thing left to do is figure out why we are spending so many lifetimes incarnating here.


I would like to start by saying that there doesn’t exist an innocent soul on this planet. No matter what we have achieved in this lifetime, there will always be another lifetime to either embrace us in the Light or hinder us in exceeding Darkness. When we come to Earth, we play all manner of roles; from the Victim to the Aggressor and everything in between. There are going to be things that we will accept seeing and there will be things that will make us question the very nature for why we believe we are even alive. Past life regressions open up a doorway to absolutely everything. There is no filter; there is no subjective analysis for what society deems as “normal” or even “criminal”. What we are looking at is life in it most pure and beautiful form; completely unhindered by the mental preconditioning we attribute to our personal analysis. We will see ourselves living, we will see ourselves dying; but what we will not see is an altered reality. Take these lifetimes in their most unadulterated form and accept the very nature for what the human soul needed to experience in order to achieve our incredibly sacred realization process. We will only realize the importance of our God-self

realization when we remember what we had to do to get here. It is with these thoughts that I gently part with a caution; never try to process a past life regression while it is still unfolding. In the same way that I fell out of trance during my Ancient Egyptian expedition, our minds can tear us out faster than it takes to complete a thought. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show no matter what genre of film you may be watching. There are 3 techniques needed to perform a successful past life regression: Entering Trance, Creating a Fragment, and Interacting with the Collective Unconscious. Entering Trance can be achieved by simply lying down on the floor and performing specifically tailored meditations to slow down our brain wave activity to the Theta state. Creating a Fragment is a unique meditation to essentially create an ethereal double of our consciousness. Interacting with the Collective Unconscious covers the many avenues available for accessing a past life; in this particular method it is about utilizing the unique properties of a fragment to visit the Akashic Records. In the same way that an Archangel fragments themself in order to more easily commune with a human being in the Third Dimension, we are able to create an ethereal fragment for the sole purposes of interacting with the materialization of the Collective Unconscious, or what we have come to know as the Akashic Records. The combination of all three of these techniques will allow one of the smoothest transitions to experience a past life regression.


A state of trance is achieved when we consciously alter our brain wave activity to slow down out of Beta or Alpha and sink into the much deeper level of Theta. There are 2 methods which I combine together in order to achieve this state: The first part involves floating large blue energetic balls throughout our body to relax us to the point of sleeping, and the second part involves directly slowing down our brain wave activity through a powerful visualization. Trance is essentially about getting to the point of more clearly accessing our subconscious mind. Trance flows from our ability to surrender our conscious control over our bodies and embark on a deep subconscious journey. Trance is entered when we become subject to the heavy pull of life drifting us downwards to unconsciousness. It is a unique experience accompanied by a vivid sense of reality; it will leave you feeling that you just entered the dream world.


1) Find a very comfortable location, lie down on the floor with a cushion beneath your head and let your hands drop by your sides.

2) Close your eyes and relax. Try to get as comfortable as possible. 3) Start by visualizing a blue ball of energy floating above the tip of your left toe. It should roughly be the size of a grapefruit with a beautiful teal-blue glow emanating from within it. 4) Float the blue ball of energy down towards the tip of your big toe and slowly sink it down through your entire foot to your ankle. Let it illuminate all your muscles and blood vessels within your foot. 5) Now slowly float the blue ball of energy up through your ankles and into your leg-illuminating all of your muscles and blood vessels along the way-- up through your calves and thighs and pass it through your groin region into the left side of your abdomen. Illuminate every major organ within your body in a calming blue energetic light. Watch as the energetic ball passes through all of your organs and makes its way up through your body. Slowly float the ball through the left-side of your chest, through your neck and into the left hemisphere of your brain. 6) Float the blue ball of energy out of the left hemisphere of your brain and into the right hemisphere of your brain. Float it back down through your neck into the right side of your chest and keep moving it down through the right side of your abdomen towards your right leg. Slowly float the blue ball of energy all the way through your right leg, into your right foot and back out into the air. Blink the energetic ball out of existence— completing the first cycle. 7) Perform steps 1-6 floating a new blue ball of energy into your left foot, through your entire body, and out of your right foot—3 times in total. With every time you float the ball of energy throughout your body, visualize each part of your body in greater detail. Start with your muscles and blood vessels, and finish by illuminating the full spectrum of human flesh containing everything within your body. This technique of floating blue balls of energy throughout your body aims to induce a state of mind-frame known as yoga nidra—or the act of consciously decreasing your brain waves from Theta and into Delta where your brain initiates your sleep cycles. This technique is quite powerful in relaxing your body by simulating a slow moving wave of energy that enters your body through your feet, passes through all of your major organs and releases the built-up energy externally into the air. By the time you finish, you will feel very calm and peaceful. Most spiritual practitioners take quite a bit of time to consciously induce the full effects of yoga nidra, and in the beginning this technique is perfect for relaxing our body. As our aim is to get to Theta, I therefore utilize a second technique to make sure we are indeed making it down to our most effective state of mind-frame. Perform the following technique directly after the first.


1) Visualize yourself standing within completely a black space devoid of any light, color, and forms. Nothing should complicate your mind in your pure sea of silence. 2) Now visualize an elevator floating directly in front of you; its doors are open and it is standing still within the pure sea of silence. Walk towards the elevator and step inside. 3) Inside the elevator is a lever on the ground. Pull the lever backwards and watch the doors to the elevator close. 4) Once you pull the lever, the elevator suddenly starts free-falling downwards into the black abyss. Feel the sudden force of gravity pushing up against your body as the elevator falls down faster and faster. It is not guided by a shaft, there are no support cables, it cannot be controlled in any way. 5) The further down you fall, the faster the elevator picks up momentum. Surrender to the uncontrollable rush of energy as the elevator plummets down through the sea of consciousness. Every now and then watch the elevator break through thin veils of black energetic planes signifying your level of brain wave activity. Keep falling and succumb to the intoxicating power of free-falling in darkness with a weight much greater than your own. 6) Keep falling until your body starts to feel distant. Your head will feel very heavy and your body should almost feel like it is temporarily paralyzed. The secret of this technique is to surrender your body to the onsets of trance. If you try to control your muscles, feelings or brain waves, you will not reach the state of Theta. The borderline of unconsciousness feels like you are going to sleep. The deep sea of consciousness will start drifting your mind in relaxed bliss. This is the perfect place to stop falling. 7) Come out of elevator and visualize yourself floating within the darkness; weightless and perfectly free in the void. You would do very well to practice entering trance a few times before moving on. With every time you perform this technique, try to fall deeper and deeper towards the borderline of unconsciousness. The fine balancing act between staying awake and falling unconscious takes a little practice to get used to. After a while, you will be able to enter trance by simply closing your eyes and meditating. Trance pushes out the mental boundaries containing your thoughts within a certain frequency of brain wave activity. After completing between 5-10 trance sessions, there is going to be a very big distinction between relaxation and meditation. With relaxation, you will just be closing your eyes and taking it easy. With meditation, you will be entering an alternate state of mind frame where you will be pioneering the frontiers of

the human soul. This distinction will separate the true spiritual practitioners from those simply seeking the time for their daily escape.


Creating a fragment is a very unique technique I use to interact with the ethereal world in a much more advanced format than just sitting within meditation and expecting the ethereal world to come to you. I was actually taught fragmentation while trying to access the Akashic Records the very first time, which I managed to visit with some considerable ease due to the creation and use of an interactive ethereal double. Fragmentation is one of the most widely accepted ethereal practices for inter-dimensional travel. Nearly all of the Archangels and Ascended Masters use fragments to communicate with lower Dimensional Beings. Fragmentation allows the user to visit target environments without needing to be physically present. In such a way, the Archangels have the ability to fragment himself in order to talk to us and at the same time continue to process the complete Universal energy for their primary roles. I have simplified the process of fragmentation down to that of a single meditation to effectively use our very own fragment to travel to the Akashic Records. The beauty of this technique is that it teaches the spiritual practitioner how to split their minds and effectively view the world from two separate bodies of consciousness, one physical and one ethereal, which are both connected to the same source. The key difference between fragmentation and just about any other form of psychic travel is that fragmentation can be consciously controlled through every aspect of the experience in a great amount of vivid detail. It will feel like you are actually there—and in some regards, you actually are. You are going to absolutely love this technique if you ever wanted to wilfully induce an out-of-body experience. You will be able to remember every aspect of your fragmentation interacting with the ethereal world, as this form of travel occurs within a completely conscious construct. The more you practice this technique, the more vivid your sense of fragmented reality becomes. The point in time when you no longer consider your fragment as something separate to your own body is the point in time when you have mastered fragmentation.


1) Directly after entering a state of trance, visualize a golden body floating 6 inches above your own. It should be in the exact same proportions as yourself with no variation in size or posture. The only difference should be that it is a golden Being floating directly above you-- you should be staring at the back of its head.

2) Link your Chakras with the golden Being. If you performed the healing techniques in Chapter 11 “The Art of Healing” in World of Archangels, then this technique will be very familiar. Visualize your Root Chakra extending a red beam of light into the Root Chakra of the golden Being above you. Next visualize your Sacral Chakra extending an orange beam of light into the Sacral Chakra of the golden Being. Repeat this process with all of the Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third-eye and Crown Chakras. You should be completely linked up with the golden Being by the time you finish, with a rainbow of beams connecting the both of you together. 3) Move your consciousness into that of the golden Being. Pump your energy out of each of your Chakra points into the golden Being until its Chakras are glowing in the same brightness as your own. Feel your consciousness extending out of your Chakras and into the respective Chakras of the golden Being. After a few minutes its Chakras should be the same color and size of your own. Visualize your mind within the mind of the golden Being and try to feel your body floating within the air 6 inches above the physical body below you. You will have successfully moved your consciousness into that of the golden Being when you are able to feel yourself floating within your new energetic body-- where if you were to mentally move your arm, the arm of the golden Being would move instead. 4) Stand the golden Being up and walk it away from your body. Everything should be visualized from the point of view of the golden Being. Your body should be left on the borderline of unconsciousness on the floor. Move with your golden Being as if it was an ethereal extension of yourself. You have now successfully created your first fragment!

When you first start creating fragments, you have to be in a deep state of trance before you can commit yourself to them. The secret of this technique is feeling you are the golden Being. Your physical body is just a fixated source of power and your interactive experience is actually occurring through the golden Being. The linking process will allow you to think and feel through the golden Being-- almost like a little Pinocchio set out to discover the ethereal world. You have to learn to surrender yourself to the consciousness of the golden Being and then pray to God it doesn’t come back to try to steal your body while you are sleeping at night... (I’m kidding). In all seriousness, there is nothing harmful about creating ethereal fragments of yourself, in most cases it will just disappear as an energetic thought form when you come out of trance. When you open your eyes, its remnants will stay up in the Collective Unconscious and disintegrates into Universal energy over time.


The final technique is structured around interacting with the Collective Unconscious, or its more user friendly manifestation known as the Akashic Records. Since you now have an interactive ethereal fragment at your disposal, this process is much easier than if you were to try and mentally comprehend the complex visions and symbology from your physical mind alone. This technique involves traveling with your fragment towards the thought-form constructs of the Akashic Records and then being guided by the respective ethereal Beings to visit a past life. The Beings in the Akashic Records are very well used to people visiting them and they often come to greet you at the entrance-- to then take you to a specific room within the library to initiate the past life regression. An Akashic Records Keeper normally stands within the room with you while you are undergoing the past life regression to guide you through the process and answer any questions you have about what you are seeing. Try to take everything in while the experience is unfolding, to only mentally comprehend what you saw after the session is over. Our mental analysis has the ability to pull our conscious attention out of our fragment and into our physical body. This will thoroughly disrupt the past life regression, and in the worst case scenario break you out completely mid-session. Commit to the experience, live your memories once more and allow the process to help you achieve a greater level of self-realization upon your spiritual journey.


1) While commanding your consciousness through the golden Being, repeat the following phrase “Take me to the Akashic Records.” Feel yourself moving upwards through all manner of planes of light until you reach the vast library known as the Akashic Records. Your subconscious mind will know how to take you there, as it has been in communication with it since your first started incarnating on Earth. If you are having some trouble getting there, call your Spirit Guides or Guardian Angel to help you. 2) If you are standing outside the vast library of knowledge, walk inside. I normally see quite a buzz of activity within these corridors; there are a lot of people who either consciously or subconsciously walk through these halls at some point in time. 3) An Akashic Records Keeper normally comes forward to greet you once you walk inside. Meet this Being and follow them through the Akashic Records until you end up in a small room with a large book propped up on a table. The Keeper will instruct you how to open the book to initiate a past life regression. Quite a bit of white light shines out of this book when you open it. If you are interacting with the Akashic Records with a fragment, you should instantly be transported into the life that you are viewing. 4) Like an old nostalgic movie you are re-watching for the second time, your lives will unfold until your energy reserves are too depleted to keep going. Sometimes we can

view our past lives from a third-party perspective, and other times through the body itself. Once you have finished, if you still have the energy, snap back to the room in the Akashic Records and thank the Keeper for guiding you through the process. 5) Open your eyes in your physical body on the floor and let your body accustom itself to being physically present once again. The Akashic Records can be quite a powerful experience if we commit ourselves to the lives we are witnessing. Try not to enter the Akashic Records with any preconditions for who you believe you were in a past life. This act in itself is quite meaningless because you may not have been that person and end up confusing your experiences with what you are meant to see. I find it much more important to bridge our lives with the greatest amount of spiritual realization achieved rather than possible fame. This is the true nature of wanting to bridge your past lives, beyond that of simple fascination and interest in the process unfolding, our spiritual realization is at its best when unadulterated by our egotistical needs. Past life regressions are about building a foundation in the spiritual world with solid experiences progressing our thoughts beyond the regular traps of ignorance and doubt. If these meditations can simply help you believe in reincarnation, then my job within this particular spiritual paradigm has already been completed. Though this guide has been set up to take the spiritual practitioner towards the Akashic Records, it is not completely necessary to specifically visit the Akashic Records in order to induce a past life regression. It is possible to hit the borderline of unconsciousness and access your very own subconscious constructs to visit past lives. The more advanced format involves entering a state of trance and then exploring the true depths of your soul while your subconscious mind opens the doorway to the sleeping world of past incarnations. I was introduced to the Akashic Records because it has become a very well established thoughtform construct, complete with interactive guides walking around and helping new initiates with their spiritual journeys. It is a very good starting point for those who are just getting the hang of it. One of the greater benefits of using your own subconscious constructs is that you can delve into the heart of your soul rather than the Collective Unconscious. They key difference being that your soul has been tracking your progress ever since you first entered Creation. I must make mention that if you do delve into your own subconscious constructs; you may very well come across a lifetime that looks like something quite different from the others. A lifetime bound to a world that doesn’t exactly look like Earth. The Beings you are interacting with may not even look human. Every now and then you might just so happen to stumble across one of your lifetimes on another planet with a completely foreign body. If you are anything like me, then these other-worldly lifetimes are going to interest you far greater than anything else experienced on Earth. Some of these lifetimes will test the full breadth of your faith and spiritual understanding and even challenge your thoughts for why you believe you are alive on Earth. The beauty of past life regressions are these extremely difficult lifetimes to explain; they will come and go and leave you completely speechless on the crossroads of a major

spiritual epiphany. Our soul in this Universe of interactive knowledge becomes much more apparent with our Dimensional Ascension process much closer to home than what you may have previously thought. I ask you to take these lifetimes in like any other lifetime you may have experienced in the Akashic Records. These are the lifetimes that will completely redefine your beliefs upon the Universe and grasp a hold of your childlike curiosity as to who you actually are and where you actually come from. Past life regressions paint a much broader story than what we are currently led to believe. The lifetime that changed my life forever was not one of my incarnations on Earth. Sure Ancient Egypt was fascinating; however when your soul craves its true belonging to this Universe, we will find it very hard pressed to contain our minds to physical experiences found on any particular planet. I seem to believe that Earth would be a very different place if more people did in fact start remembering where they came from. I most seriously doubt that we would feel even half the admiration for materiality if we initiated our God-selves in the non-linear folds of Creation. We would see Life as just another excuse to express our Unconditional Love. Reincarnation is not a product of the spiritually initiated; it is a core essence in Life that unfolds every single Universal inhabitant through the powerful process of God-self realization likes waves consistently lapping against the ocean shoreline. We come and we go, we cycle through our lifetimes faster than it takes to comprehend the reason for why we are even alive. To start focussing on the Light which is sourcing the power for our system of reincarnation, is to cease the need for reincarnation any more.

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