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December 11, 2016 | Author: jimmyfung40 | Category: N/A
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PAS won the PRK N20 Sungai Limau by a majority of 1084, and the result was announced by TV3 very reluctantly at 9:00 pm only after enduring a lot of anguish in the heart. The result is a resounding rebuff to the very unbelievable racialist utterances coming from the other party. The people of Sungai Limau clearly are uncomfortable with the present state of the economy where their economic cake is visibly shrinking by the day and the other party is clearly trying to take everything away and dole all of it to just one group – the particular group represented by the people seen on TV busily grovelling to the other party. How shameful. The nation is rapidly sinking into a state of despair, with the other party boasting about how great the nation is, yet the people are fully aware of the growing lawlessness, crime, especially unrelenting street crime and the growing flood of foreign migrants entering the country in the guise of legit-entry students, bona fide visitors and tourists. The other party is clearly unaware (or not willing to be aware) of the rising or frightfully growing number of local youths turning to crime. The DPM is busily boasting about how good the education system is, so unwilling to realise that more and more students are playing truant these days due to the warped education system which is now promising to turn even worse very very soon. Meanwhile, the public is totally fed up with the poor quality of the recently introduced currency notes. Only after a short use, the ink is gone and the Agung’s portrait turns nearly faceless, especially on the RM20 note. How inept.

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