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Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D. 1

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Audio Sessions & Video Chapters....................................................................................................4 Introduction.......................................................................................................................................5 Best Ways to Use..............................................................................................................................6 How Resets Work..............................................................................................................................7

Phase 1..................................................................................................................................7

Phase 2..................................................................................................................................7

Phase 3..................................................................................................................................7

3-Circle Transformation Process...........................................................................................7

Tapping and Psychological Reversal.....................................................................................8

Qigong Bouncing................................................................................................................11

Using Paraliminal Resets Effectively..............................................................................................12 Choosing How You Feel..................................................................................................................13

Awareness of Self................................................................................................................13

Awareness of Your Body.....................................................................................................13

Awareness of the Present Moment......................................................................................13

The Feeling Exercise.......................................................................................................................14 Calm Reset......................................................................................................................................15 Focus Reset.....................................................................................................................................16 Adventurous Reset..........................................................................................................................17 Radiance Reset................................................................................................................................18 Success Reset..................................................................................................................................19 About the Author.............................................................................................................................20 Tools for Lifelong Learning............................................................................................................21 3


Calm (Eyes Closed) (13 Mins)


Calm (Eyes Open, Active)


Calm (Quick Reset) (5 Mins)

(13 Mins)

2 – Focus 1-4

Focus (Eyes Closed) (13 Mins)

5-8 Focus (Eyes Open, Active) (14 Mins) 9

Focus (Quick Reset) (5 Mins)

3 – Adventurous

5 – Success 1-4

Success (Eyes Closed) (13 Mins)

5-8 Success (Eyes Open, Active) (14 Mins) 9

Success (Quick Reset) (5 Mins)

Resets Coaching Video (27 Mins)

Chapter 1

Early Roots

Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Chapter 4 Eyes Open Active Sessions

1-4 Adventurous (Eyes Closed) (14 Mins)

Chapter 5

Calm Reset

Chapter 6

Focus Reset

5-8 Adventurous (Eyes Open, Active) (15 Mins)

Chapter 7

Adventurous Reset

Chapter 9

Radiance Reset

9 Adventurous (Quick Reset) (5 Mins)

Chapter 9

Success Reset

Chapter 10

Quick Reset Sessions

4 – Radiance 1-4 Radiance (Eyes Closed) (13 Mins) 5-8 Radiance (Eyes Open, Active) (14 Mins) 9

Radiance (Quick Reset) (5 Mins)



INTRODUCTION Welcome to the Paraliminal Resets, the easy and enjoyable way to quickly shift your mood or frame of mind, giving you ready access to the rich resources within you at any given moment in your day. Resets move your awareness away from the busyness and distractions within and around you and help you reset your energy to a positive feeling state that allows you to better navigate your life. You learn precisely how to shift your state in seconds so you can be more effective and purposeful with less stress or resistance. You are able to tap into true resourcefulness and engage your world and the people around you in ways that support your success, health, relationships, personal growth, and well-being. The Resets combine the same Paraliminal human performance technology developed by Paul Scheele with a 3-phase process of transformation. This helps you tap into the energy of your emotions to support your goals. When you need to be more resourceful, Resets help you access your innate knowingness, selfawareness, passion, and purpose. They connect you with your natural gifts of joy, happiness, peace, harmony, contentment, abundance, confidence, creativity, courage, adventure, brilliance, and light. 5

BEST WAYS TO USE Choose the Reset for the emotional state you want to create—Calm, Focus, Adventurous, Radiance, or Success—and allow the transformation to happen within you… When you desire a state of peace, serenity, inner quiet, and harmony, listen to Calm. When you need to be engaged, assured, decisive, sharp, and purposeful, use Focus. When you want to achieve a goal, create abundance, or earn recognition and praise, use Success. When you desire to add spice to your life or do something fun, exciting, and out of the ordinary, choose Adventurous. When you wish to reset your energy and radiate your inner brilliance and beauty, use Radiance. Use the Resets when you find yourself stuck on a problem or are in a pinch and unsure of the direction you should take. Listen to a session anytime you need a break in your hectic day or a pick-me-up to carry you through the evening. What if you are already in a good mood? For instance, you might be perfectly happy listening to your favorite music or playing catch with your dog when you need to change your state and focus on your work. Here, you are not moving away from a negative state but instead into a different positive, focused state. Resets create an inner place for you to enjoy pleasant relaxing feelings of rest to spread through your body and mind as your entire being resets to a more positive feeling or mood of your choice. Play with them in many of life’s circumstances to enhance your skills at moving the energy within you. Supporting Video Be sure to watch the Resets Coaching Video with Paul.



HOW RESETS WORK There are three versions of each Paraliminal Reset. They will help you shift the energy of your current disposition into your desired state of body and mind and learn a simple process to reset your mood quickly. This happens in three phases.

Phase 1 Select the Reset for the mood or state you want to create within you—Calm, Focus, Adventurous, Radiance, or Success. Listen to the Eyes Closed version of the Reset to build your desired state of awareness and enjoy the immediate benefits of your new mood as you go about your day. Use it over a period of days or weeks to condition your mind until the process feels second nature to you. You may also use the Eyes Open active version of the Reset when walking, working out, or doing chores and discover your expanded ability to choose your mood as you pay attention to yourself and your surroundings. In the Eyes Open version you are introduced to the “psychological reversal” and a tapping technique to help you neutralize the unwanted state, which you will learn about shortly. These longer audio Resets run from 12 to 15 minutes in length.

Phase 2 Once you can reset your state consistently with the longer Resets, use the Quick Reset for learning the “3-circle process of transformation,” a simple process to quickly embody your target state. You will train your nervous system to leave your current or interim state of emotion and enter a neutral state, again supported by the use of the tapping technique. Then you enter into your target state of emotion, employing all of your senses to embody this new feeling state with your whole being. This process takes just 5 minutes.

Phase 3 Once you have learned the 3-circle process of transformation, you can use it to quickly shift your mood or state of mind in just 12 seconds or less any time you desire. The more you apply this process during your day, the faster you can make this transition. As you take charge of your body, mind, and feelings, you will discover how much more fully you can participate in and engage the world in a newly expanded way.

3-Circle Process of Transformation Because the Quick Resets train your nervous system to feel and access your desired state, you can use it whenever you want or need to. Once you learn the process with the guided audio session, you can do it on your own at any time to shift your state in a matter of seconds as follows. 7

Imagine three circles of light drawn on the floor or ground before you. Each is large enough to occupy your body as you step into it.

Interim Circle Step into this first circle. As you do, feel the feeling of the present mood or state of mind you are choosing to change. Notice where in your body you feel it. Recognize it, experience it. Then shake this feeling from your body, physically shaking your entire body, arms, and hands. As you finish, step out of the Interim Circle into the Neutral Circle.

Neutral Circle As you step into this second circle, begin tapping the Karate Chop points on your hands to perform the psychological reversal (further instructions follow). Then begin bouncing your body to move the energy in your body and pump the cerebral spinal fluid through the column in the center of your body (further instructions follow). Bouncing energizes all parts of your body and brain as you prepare to step into the Target Circle and the feeling state or emotion you are choosing to create. After ten seconds, pause to feel the energy in your body.

Target Circle As you step into the Target Circle, fully embody the positive feelings of your new emotion. You have already conditioned yourself using the Resets. Simply allow yourself to remember and embody the state you have built within you and have access to any time you want. Feel it, see it, and experience it in your whole being.

Tapping and Psychological Reversal The tapping technique is a method of releasing negative energy from the body and mind. Also known as the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), it helps you in the process of shifting from your current state into a more neutral state, from which you have the choice of creating the state you truly desire. After you have experienced your current state, tap the Karate Chop points on the leading edge of the palms of your hands as you step into the neutral state. These energy points are located on the outer edge of the hand that would land a karate chop (see following diagram). It’s easiest to simply tap the sides of both palms together several times. (You can also tap these energy points on the side of one palm by using the tips of the fingers of your opposite hand.)



Karate Chop

Stimulating these energy points allows you to actually shift what is happening energetically within you. As you are tapping, say in your mind or aloud the following affirmation: “Even though I have been feeling this way, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Repeat it three times. You may state your current feeling more specifically, if you like. For instance: “Even though I am feeling angry and upset with myself/my partner/etc., I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Stating the affirmation allows you to first appreciate the energy that is there so you can then direct the energy to create what you really want. You then make a choice of the feeling state or emotion you desire. EFT was developed by Gary Craig, a Stanford University engineering graduate and ordained minister. It’s based on the findings of Dr. Roger Callahan, a clinical psychologist who discovered Thought Field Therapy in the 1980s. Tapping relieves pressure and blockages in the meridian points and meridian lines of the body. By releasing negative energy and emotions, you increase the flow of vitality and well-being throughout the body and mind. 9

The Tapping Series When using the 3-circle process of transformation on your own without the guided Reset, you may also choose to add a full series of points on the body, including the ones used in this basic sequence offered by Nicolas Ortner, producer of the documentary film Try It On Everything. 9. Top of Head

1. Karate Chop 2. Eyebrow 3. Side of Eye 4. Under Eye 5. Under Nose 6. Chin

7. Collarbone 8. Underarm

1) Karate Chop – The outer edge of hand that would land a karate chop 2) Eyebrow – The inner edge of the eyebrow closest to the bridge of the nose 3) Side of Eye – The hard area where the eyebrow ends between eye and temple 4) Under Eye – The hard area under the eye that merges with the cheekbone 5) Under Nose – The point centered between the nose and upper lip 6) Chin – The point between the bottom of the lower lip and chin 7) Collarbone – The point just below the hard ridge of the collarbone 8) Underarm – The point on the side of the body four inches beneath the armpit 9) Top of Head – The crown, center, and top of head To begin, take a moment to touch each of the EFT points, making a mental note of how each one feels. They may feel different before and after using EFT. When you step into the Interim Circle, identify the mood or emotion you want to release. For example: “The demands of my family stress me out.” Or, “I’m happy playing catch with my dog but need to focus on my work.”



When you step into the Neutral Circle, add the affirmative statement about yourself. For example: “Even though the demands of my family stress me out, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Or, “Even though I’m happy playing catch with my dog when I need to be focusing on my work, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Repeat this statement three times out loud while tapping the Karate Chop points. Next, tap the following sequence of points using two to four fingertips: Eyebrow, Side of Eye, Under Eye, Under Nose, Chin, Collarbone, Underarm, and Top of Head. Tap each point five to seven times at a moderate pace (about two taps per second) before moving to the next point. As you tap, repeat a simple reminder phrase, such as “ family and peace” or “happy focus on work.” Finally, as you step into the Target Circle, take a few deep, relaxing breaths, focus on your positive mood, and gauge how you feel in your new calm state.

Qigong Bouncing Qigong bouncing, as taught by Qigong master Chunyi Lin, creator of Spring Forest Qigong, stimulates the body’s lymph system and increases energy flow. Bounce as you prepare to embody your target emotion. • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and flat on the floor, knees slightly bent, and arms relaxed at your sides. • Keep your back and head straight and your eyes looking forward. • Gently bounce your body up and down from the knees for about 10 seconds as you breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Then shift into your new attitude as you step from the Neutral Circle into the Target Circle. You may choose to bounce longer when using the 3-circle process of transformation on your own without the guided Reset. Here are some tips for doing so: • Bounce with your arms at your sides for about a minute in the Neutral Circle, as noted above. • As you continue bouncing, slowly raise your arms and hands up higher than the top of your head, letting your wrists relax so they bounce up and down with the movement of your body. You can do this for several minutes or more. (This stimulates acupuncture points in the wrists that control your breathing and heart rate.) • Then slowly drop your arms and hands to your sides, slow down your bouncing, and come to a stop. Shift into your new attitude as you step into the Target Circle. 11

USING PARALIMINAL RESETS EFFECTIVELY Paraliminal technology is used with the longer Resets—the Closed Eye and Eyes Open active versions. It works on your behalf to make it easy for you to gain access to the full resources of your genius mind and learn new strategies for responding to the world. Through their unique blend of neuro-linguistic programming and whole braining learning technologies, the Paraliminal Resets activate your mind with a precise blend of music and words. As you listen with headphones, you will hear a variety of messages coming into each ear, speaking to different parts of your mind. Your conscious mind finds it difficult to process two voices speaking simultaneously, so it steps aside, placing you into a deeply relaxed, clear-headed state— which opens your inner mind to absorb the messages at a deeper level. This makes it easier for you to quickly shift your state or mood in the way that best supports your intentions and actions. Consider these additional tips for listening to the Closed Eye version: • Create a quiet time to focus inwardly. Choose an environment relatively free from distractions. Sit comfortably or recline, being sure your spinal column remains straight. • Listen with a clear intention to create the mood or state you want. • Listen with headphones, and do not listen while operating machinery. • If you are interrupted at any time during the listening session, simply open your eyes, deal with the interruption, and then continue where you left off. • When finished, take a few moments to reflect on your experience in a journal. Doing so will help to reinforce the valuable connections and communications you are making between your conscious and nonconscious mind during your session. When using the Eyes Open active version of the Resets, you may actively engage in your environment. However, while you are learning the process, avoid operating machinery. Holosync audio tones, which you might hear as a hum, have been embedded in the recordings to increase your ability to benefit and learn from the Closed Eye version and Eyes Open active version of the Resets. Centerpointe Research Institute’s Holosync audio technology, when listened to with headphones, creates the electrical brain wave patterns of many desirable states. These states include deep meditation, increased creativity, focus and concentration, and accelerated learning ability. Using Holosync creates new neural pathways between the left and right brain hemispheres, balancing the brain, enhancing mental/emotional health, improving mental functioning and self-awareness, and healing unresolved emotional problems. A much deeper and more powerful version of Holosync can be found in Centerpointe’s ongoing program, The Holosync Solution. For more information about this program and how Holosync can accelerate mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, and to receive a free Holosync demo CD, visit For more information about using Paraliminals, read the articles on our website at



CHOOSING HOW YOU FEEL Three things determine your choices about how you feel, and the Resets help you make the choices that best serve and support you.

Awareness of Self How you feel is often a product of your state of mind. And when you get distracted by the problems, pain, or suffering of others, it’s easy to embody another person’s feelings. But when you become more aware of your own internal thoughts, feelings, and emotions, you begin to recognize you have more choice about what you feel.

Awareness of Your Body The state of your body contributes to your feeling state. If your body is agitated, anxious, overly excited, tired, or fearful, so too will your feeling state. You can reset this aspect of your being in several ways: • Relax your shoulders. This has a profound effect in calming your entire nervous system. • Relax the muscles of your face, especially the forehead, and put a slight smile at the corners of your eyes and mouth. Smiling stimulates positive neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, which create feelings of joy, wellbeing, and euphoria. • Relax your breathing. The breath is the invisible link between the body and mind. Breathing more deeply and evenly brings balance to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Awareness of the Present Moment The present moment is where all of your resources exist. Not in the past, not in the future, but right now. When you attend to what is going on with you right now, you realize everything is okay now. You begin to recognize the greater number of choices you have and can choose the emotional states that will support you in accomplishing what you truly desire. 13

THE FEELING EXERCISE The human experience is a feeling experience. You have a body and a mind, and the energy they share is the energy felt by you. That energy in motion—emotion—gives you the power to create your life. There are basically two kinds of feelings: expanded or contracted, life-enhancing or lifenegating. Spiritual coach and teacher Arnold Patent taught that most people are just trying to get away from and rid of contracted feelings, which depletes their power and energy. But each negative feeling is a gift waiting to be unwrapped. And the Feeling Exercise from our Abundance for Life course serves as the foundation for that process. This simple exercise can help you claim the power of your emotions and shift to positive ones that position your thinking and feeling in the direction of what you want to create. Here’s a variation we use with the Paraliminal Resets: 1) Become aware of and feel what you are currently feeling, without judgement about it. Let go of any labels or associations attached to it. Simply feel it and recognize it as energy. 2) Love yourself feeling the energy and power within you. Appreciate yourself feeling the feeling and the power in the feeling. 3) Choose an energy or feeling state you truly desire. What is going to enhance your life and your capacity to create what is important to you right now? Then choose the Reset that will assist you in accomplishing what you desire.



CALM RESET The Calm Paraliminal Reset brings you into the present moment to help you transition away from chaos, excessively high energy, or anxiety to a state of inner quiet, serenity, and peace. The inner resources you need are in the present moment, not in the past or future. This Reset helps you eliminate any mind chatter, thoughts, and mental programming that might be keeping you in the past, as well as any concerns of lack, worries, and fears that may be producing anxiety about the future. When you shift your attention to the present moment in time, the nonconscious resources within become more available to help you accomplish what you desire.

When to Use • When you need to be relaxed, whole, and fully present in the moment. • Any time your emotions are getting the best of you. • Whenever you are feeling anxious, agitated, troubled, or disturbed. • When entering a tense or stressful situation. • When you want to find your happy place. • Any time you want to unwind from a hectic, nerve-wracking day. • When you feel incomplete, saddened, or off-center. 15

FOCUS RESET When you are committed to what you want, you gain a single-pointed awareness that propels you forward in life. The Focus Paraliminal Reset helps instill that sense of purposeful commitment so you can more fully engage in any task, goal, activity, or challenge before you with a focused mindset. Whether you are writing a report at work, figuring out your smartphone, or driving in a foreign city, this Reset will help you become more assured, sharp, decisive, and engaged in the task at hand.

When to Use • When you feel scattered and out of control. • Any time you need to be at the top of your game. • When you are struggling to accomplish the smallest tasks or your most important life goals. • Any time you feel detached from the challenge before you. • Whenever you are spinning your wheels. • When you are feeling you want to escape from a responsibility or avoid beginning an important project. Extra Tip There are times when you have to commit to doing something you are not particularly interested in. This can make it even harder to focus. When you need to complete a project or task you have little or no excitement for, apply the AIDA formula. The acronym stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, a concept described by author Charles Godfrey Leland in his book Have You a Strong Will?, first published in London in 1899. Here’s how: • Before using the Focus Reset, give a little of your attention to your task. This will help you build some interest in why you are doing it. Your interest helps create a desire to achieve it, even if it’s just the desire to get it done. • Then listen to the Focus Reset. • Finally, take action to accomplish your task, finding a new ease and effortlessness in your work.



ADVENTUROUS RESET Living life wholeheartedly takes courageous confidence and a bold willingness to explore what each day brings. The Adventurous Paraliminal Reset helps you draw on your innate curiosity and courage to capitalize on all the opportunities that come your way. The word courage comes from the French cour, meaning “heart,” and age, meaning “filled”—filled with heart. This Reset creates a mindset that helps you step boldly out of your comfort zone and trust the abundant supply of energy and resources that is always there to help you fulfill your destiny. As you listen, consider what it is you are here to do and create in this world and how best to give rise to its fullest expression.

When to Use • When it is time to embark on a new journey or entrepreneurial endeavor. • When you are ready to add spice to your life or do something out of the ordinary. • Any time you want to cross off another item on your Bucket List—perhaps write a book, skydive, adopt a new language, run a marathon. • When you want to venture forth on a new career path or return to school. • Any time you want and need to step forward with your whole heart. 17

RADIANCE RESET There’s a gift within you that only you can bring forth in this world. Your unique talents and truths and genius capacity are yours to share in service of others, those you care for, and your own goals. The Radiance Paraliminal Reset allows you to maintain a resilient attitude that helps you accomplish what is truly important to you. Listening allows you to shift your frame of mind so your inner truth, beauty, and goodness can be more fully expressed in the world around you.

When to Use • When you need to reset your energy and refresh your body’s vitality. • When you need to exude confidence as you connect with others. • Any time you want to feel beautiful or win someone’s heart. • When you want to feel like a movie star, rock star, or sports star. • When you want to feel as if you just won the Nobel Prize, a Pulitzer, or the Presidential Medal of Freedom.



SUCCESS RESET Success can be defined as simply taking a step in the direction of a goal you desire. It’s not the accomplishment but instead the progressive realization of your goal. The Success Paraliminal Reset helps you gain access to the attitudes, feeling states, and moods necessary for you to take the next small step in the direction of what is important to you. As you listen, you remember times when you successfully accomplished things in the past, which helps you connect to the resources within that you need to fulfill your task. You also learn to identify what is not working so you can do something different to propel you forward.

When to Use • When you are uncertain of the next step to take toward your goal. • Right before work, a meeting, an interview, sales presentation, or performance review. • When you want to be successful, abundant, admired, and praised by others. • When things are not going right and you need guidance from your inner genius. • Any time you are leading others and need a boost in confidence. • Before meeting new people or joining a group. 19

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., is co-founder of Learning Strategies, a Minnesotabased private school and publisher of self-improvement, education, and health programs established in 1981. He is an innovator in the fields of neurolinguistic programming, accelerated learning, and preconscious processing. For over three decades, Paul’s work has involved him in the latest thinking on human potential, mental powers, and how to overcome challenges both personally and professionally. He is a speaker, author, trainer, and consultant with a passion for guiding people to achieve their full potential. Paul has designed and developed over 75 programs to stimulate personal and professional success, including PhotoReading, a unique reading system for processing the written page at 25,000 words a minute, the highly acclaimed Paraliminal learning sessions, and the Future Mapping, Genius Code, and Natural Brilliance personal learning courses. He has authored three books: PhotoReading, Natural Brilliance, and Drop Into Genius. His works, translated into 18 languages, are sold in 185 countries. Paul received his doctorate in Leadership and Change at Antioch University. He is a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council, founder of the Association of Transformational Leaders, and co-founder of the International Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International.



TOOLS FOR LIFELONG LEARNING Paraliminal sessions are included with many self-study programs developed and published by Learning Strategies Corporation. We offer some of the finest programs to help you maximize your potential and get the most from life.

Natural Brilliance Move from Feeling Stuck to Achieving Success by Paul R. Scheele Unshackle blocks that have held you back. In this uniquely powerful course, Paul Scheele helps you understand how being stuck undermines your brilliance. See how you might be living with the model of failure instead of the model of success. You will move from feeling stuck to achieving success with four simple steps you do in your mind. As a result, stress drains away, proverbial mountains shrink to molehills, goals soar to achievement, relationships become more meaningful, and life becomes smoother and more fulfilling. Several Paraliminal learning sessions make the steps of Natural Brilliance automatic, and the Natural Brilliance Generator Paraliminal helps you spontaneously move through limitations as they arise in the future.

Future Mapping Turn Imagination into Reality by Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., and Masanori Kanda Free your powerful imagination to immediately generate ideas, find solutions, and spark creativity in ways that make a difference in every area of your life. Future Mapping helps you draw on the motivating resources of your inner genius mind to take the effort out of achieving your goals. Using the unexpected power of altruism, self-sabotaging self-interest drops away, giving rise to unexpressed potential. As you capture your conscious and nonconscious thoughts together in one unique Future Mapping chart, you reduce interference from your limited conscious mind and get relevant, practical, and creative insights for your goals. This elegant process helps you creatively transform your thinking into concrete action plans. And it works equally well for the smallest task and your most ambitious dream. 21

Genius Code Guiding You into the Realm of Genius by Paul R. Scheele with Win Wenger, Ph.D. Paul Scheele and mind development pioneer Win Wenger teamed up to create a fascinating exploration into the human mind with useful and practical applications that can benefit you immediately and for a lifetime. Your powerful inner mind talks to your conscious mind through a steady stream of images. Break the code of these messages and you can improve your performance in virtually all aspects of mental ability including memory, quickness, IQ, intuition, and learning capacity. Win Wenger has research showing the exceptional achievements of famous thinkers may have been more the result of mental conditioning than genetic superiority. Now you can condition your own mind the same way. This means that genius thinking is within your grasp.

Genius Code Live Boost your IQ, mental quickness, and creativity by Paul R. Scheele In this uniquely interactive companion to the Genius Code personal learning course, Paul Scheele helps you access the immense resources of your nonconscious mind to release your infinite potential and power. The 2-video set includes simple techniques to help you quickly and quite naturally tap the magical capabilities within you that fuel your passions and drive your success.

PhotoReading Use Your Whole Mind to Read with Speed, Comprehension, and Enjoyment by Paul R. Scheele Experience how mentally photographing the printed page turns your mind into an information sponge. You learn new ways of processing information to give you an edge in today’s world where knowledge is currency. As a beginning PhotoReader you will get through your reading at least three times faster than you can now—without the stress of speed reading. Hundreds of thousands have already used the self-study course or attended the PhotoReading seminar. The PhotoReading whole mind system allows you to get your reading done in the time you have at a level of comprehension you need. You can be more knowledgeable, improve your job skills, ease your workload, earn more money, and supercharge your memory.

Paraliminal Sessions by Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D. As you know from your Resets, Paraliminals activate your “whole mind” to create the most receptive brain state for personal transformation. Through a precise blend of music, words, and cutting-edge audio frequencies, the Paraliminal technology stimulates your genius mind to begin learning how to quickly improve your life and maximize your potential. PARALIMINAL RESETS


Paul Scheele created 42 individual Paraliminals to gently activate your inner mind to make your life better and better. Truly, nothing gets results like a Paraliminal. You may purchase them individually or as a set in the Ultimate You Library. Abundant Money Mindset–Move beyond limits and build financial strength Anxiety-Free–Gain freedom from fears and project strength Automatic Pilot–Eliminate negative self-talk and vaporize self-sabotage Belief–Strengthen belief in your ability to achieve Break the Habit–Free yourself from addictive behaviors Conscious Time–Get the most out of every minute Creating Sparks–Ignite fun, attraction, and romance Deep Relaxation–Enjoy profound and rejuvenating relaxation Dream Play–Profit from remembering and using your dreams Fresh Start–Make each moment a new beginning Focus & Concentration–Accomplish more in less time with focal point thinking Get Around To It–Eliminate procrastination and succeed by design Happy for No Reason–Build an unshakable inner home for happiness Holiday Cheer–Feel love, peace, and joy toward yourself and your world Ideal Weight–Reach and maintain your ideal weight—naturally Instantaneous Personal Magnetism–Turn on poise, charm, and sex appeal Intuition Amplifier–Bring clarity, trust, and power to your inner knowing Letting Go–Gain emotional freedom from what holds you back Living the Law of Attraction–Consistently attract the good, positive, and extraordinary Memory Supercharger–Strengthen your memory and concentration New Action Generator–Make choices, take action, and succeed New Behavior Generator–Neutralize unwanted behaviors and take on new ones New History Generator–Transform emotions and memories that block you New Option Generator–Resolve issues with new solutions and choices Peak Performance–Fire up your motivation for superior results Perfect Health–Align your mind and body for self-healing and well-being Personal Genius–Accelerate your learning abilities Positive Relationships–Create strong, beneficial, and lasting relationships Power Thinking–Think clearer, smarter, faster Prosperity–Open the flow of abundance in your life Recover & Reenergize–Get your body back to feeling great Sales Leap–Perform with the winning attitude and skills of the best 23

Self-Discipline–Follow through with consistency and determination Self-Esteem Supercharger–Gain profound confidence and feel great about yourself Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed–Gain rest, healing, creativity, and energy Simplicity–Uncomplicate your life for more freedom and joy Smoke-Free–Effortlessly cut back and give up smoking Success Built to Last–Create a life that matters Talking to Win–Communicate with ease, present with authority You Deserve It!–Gratefully receive life’s abundant gifts Youthful Vitality–Enjoy the creative energy and vitality of youth 10-Minute Supercharger–Energize your body and mind in minutes

Paraliminal Walkabout Step Into the Genius Resources of Your Mind by Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., and David Rubenstein, Ph.D. Turn an everyday walk into a profound personal growth experience. Paraliminal

Walkabout combines the power of the Paraliminal human performance technology with specific walking and breathing strategies to help you build a mind-body connection for enhancing all areas of your life—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Benefit from this super-learning state with four individual Paraliminal Walkabouts included with this course: Abundance, Health Boost, Creative Thinking, and Quiet Mind.

Sonic Access by Paul R. Scheele and Paul Hoffman Access powerful vibrational frequencies to align your body’s energy system and quickly create significant and lasting change in virtually every area of your life. These extraordinary programs bring together Paul Scheele’s unique Paraliminal technology, the cutting-edge audio frequencies of Holosync, and the energy principles and sounds of Diamond Feng Shui and Spring Forest Qigong, all wrapped up into the transformative music of Paul Hoffman. Instantly Transform Through the Power of Sound The four Paraliminal Meditations of Sonic Access offer you an amazing portal to greater success, richer relationships, balanced health, and spiritual growth. They support you energetically to help stabilize your intentions, build your internal connections, and attract the resources you need to move your thoughts into positive actions and results. Tap nature’s cycle of abundance The Paraliminal Meditations of Sonic Access Four Seasons draw on the benevolent energies of nature to free your infinite spirit to excel and prosper. The music, vivid imagery, words, and powerful audio frequencies—including the ancient Solfeggio tones—help you ride the waves of energy that each season brings to manifest the life you want. PARALIMINAL RESETS


Spring Forest Qigong For Health and Healing by Chunyi Lin For thousands of years the Chinese elite have known that controlled breathing techniques combined with focused concentration and simple movements can significantly improve one’s health. They call this practice Qigong (pronounced “chee-gong”). Chunyi Lin, a Qigong master, teacher, and healer, has demystified this ancient practice and made it practical for today’s modern people. His Spring Forest Qigong course guides you through learning simple, easy-to-follow exercises for a vibrant sense of energy and well-being. With the practice of Qigong you can take away stress, pain, and sickness at speeds that will amaze anyone… leaving you with more energy.

Spring Forest Qigong Wisdom & Insights by Chunyi Lin Advance your knowledge and practice of Spring Forest Qigong with this compelling 3-video collection. Healer and teacher Chunyi Lin guides you to greater understanding of universal energy and shares techniques to help you take your practice to the next level. His unique approach to the ancient Chinese practice of energy healing is easy to use and extremely effective. Four hours of informative and inspirational discussions help you gain greater confidence in your ability to help yourself and others heal. Filmed before live audiences, this program captures Chunyi Lin’s gentle soul and spirited sense of humor as he shares powerful truths and insights to help you take your place as a healer.

Diamond Feng Shui Balance, Harmony, Good Fortune by Marie Diamond with Paul R. Scheele Universal energy continuously flows in and around our homes and workplaces. Learn to attract positive energy and deflect negative energy so that you experience fortune and happiness in the four main areas of living: success, health, relationships, and spiritual growth. Marie Diamond shows how universal energy responds to you personally, including how a room with good Feng Shui actually stimulates your brain to access desirable alpha brain waves. You also learn how to energize your home and workplace, reduce stagnant energy, and harness a type of dynamic energy that ebbs and flows over time. 25

Changing the Paradigm Series by Jeddah Mali Jeddah Mali created her Changing the Paradigm Series to help you understand the universal laws that govern existence, leading you to greater inner peace, joy, and love in each moment. Through direct experience of your being, you learn how the universe works and how to transform your inner—and outer—world.

Seeds of Enlightenment In her first volume, Seeds of Enlightenment, Jeddah helps you discover that enlightenment is a state of being, and it is the state of being that you have been all along. Through a series of eight experiential and transformative meditations, you will feel and sense your role in generating your experiences in each moment, which can greatly affect your health and well-being.

Embracing Freedom Navigate the challenges and joys of living a conscious life with volume two of the series. Jeddah leads you through a series of 12 unique and powerful meditations to help you override contracting habits and limitations and gain direct experience of existence as it is happening, revealing endless beauty and grace in all areas of your life.

Infinite Grace Explore the qualities inherent to all life—expansion, light, harmony, love, beauty, reverence, wisdom, and grace—in the third and final volume of the Changing the Paradigm Series. Jeddah guides you through nine powerful meditations on these qualities so you may experience awareness as the source of all form.

Recognizing Truth Transforming the Five Illusions By Jeddah Mali Further your experience of conscious awareness with Jeddah Mali in this 3-video series. She explores the key illusions—fear, doubt, struggle, myth, and individualism—that prevent you from perceiving your being as the unified field of awareness. In five spirited programs filmed before a live audience, Jeddah teaches you how to use consciousness attention as a tool to transform limiting states into an experience of freedom. She covers: • • • • •

Fear into Love Doubt into Confidence Struggle into Harmony Myth into Truth Individual into Universal



Jeddah shows you how to dispel the illusions by bringing in the energetic vibration in which the illusions can no longer exist, freeing you to operate as the sea of awareness in each and every moment. You will find the beliefs and guidelines you live by changing and expanding as you listen to and internalize the compelling dialogue in these videos.

Abundance for Life Trance Breaking, Wealth Making by Paul R. Scheele Most of us live in a trance, the illusion of limitation. Paul Scheele will take you on a journey from your familiar world to follow your hopes and dreams. You will free up energy as you awaken anew into a world of abundance, power, and possibility. This wealth-making course will help you rewrite the script of your life for overflowing abundance. Whether you want outward prosperity of family ski trips, additions to your home, and BMWs, or a spiritually complete lifestyle of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love, you will learn the secrets to having things you want miraculously appear as well as the mental processes that make it happen for you.

Aura Seeing Experience the luminous world beyond ordinary sight by Brian Osborne Everything in existence—every person, animal, plant, and object— generates an energetic field or aura. In this fascinating interactive program, teacher and healer Brian Osborne helps you reconnect with your natural ability to see this life energy, Qi, giving you a clearer, more complete picture of the world around you including the people in your life. Brian integrates ancient Eastern and Western shamanic traditions with modern science in ways that are easy to follow and fun to do. Vivid meditations help you enter a state of profound relaxation, while clearing your energetic field to see auras more clearly. Gazing diagrams and exercises train your physical eyes to see energy and help open your “third” eye. As you learn to trust your perception of what is normally outside of conscious awareness, you gain practical benefits in your daily life and the amazing gift of seeing the beauty of the luminous, moving energy.

Memory Optimizer A Fun, Bold Approach to Vastly Improve Your Memory by Vera Birkenbihl with Paul R. Scheele A poor memory robs your income potential, steals your personality, and creates frustrations throughout your day. Capitalize on recent brain research to easily improve your memory with a unique approach using Vera F. Birkenbihl’s “The Birkenbihl Method” and Paul R. Scheele’s “Paraliminal Learning.” Concepts and practical processes such as Intelligent Gap Management, the Inner Archive, Memory Pyramid, and the Anchorman List coupled with 57 memory tricks will give strength to your memory and ability to learn. 27

Numerology Know your numbers, know your self by Gordon Taylor Spowart Everything in the universe can be expressed in terms of numbers. Numbers embody specific attributes, traits, and challenges. The numbers of your birth and those associated with your name describe your personality, talents, and skills, and the way you approach your daily life. Numerology helps you understand the nine basic lessons you are here to learn and the role “karma,” the cosmic principle of destiny, plays in your life. Numerologist Gordon Taylor Spowart teaches you how to uncover your lessons—or numbers—and create a Reading Chart that can help guide the choices and actions you take in pursuit of your goals and dreams.

Effortless Success Living the Law of Attraction by Jack Canfield with Paul R. Scheele We create our lives, with every thought every minute of every day. The keys are to ask, believe, and receive. Best-selling author and transformational leader Jack Canfield translates these general principles into specific daily practices to help you create the life you want now. He guides you in three powerful courses. In Activating the Law of Attraction you learn how to get from where you are to where you want to be. In Integrating the Law of Attraction you discover how to deal with obstacles that stand between you and your dreams. In Applying the Law of Attraction you create breakthroughs in your health, relationships, personal growth, and success.

EasyLearn Languages Spanish, French, German by Arlene M. Jullie, Helga Boege, and Paul R. Scheele In as little as ten minutes a day you can learn a new language without rote memorization or tedious study. Learn in the same effortless manner you learned your native language. Accelerated learning principles ensure that the EasyLearn method is easier and more fun than any other language program.

Pure Energy All Day Long, All Life Long By Deirdre Hade Vivid imagery, beautiful music, and healing sounds form the eight fiveminute meditations of Radiance Pure Energy from spiritual teacher, mystic, and healer Deirdre Hade. Her teachings and meditations help you create a powerful energetic foundation of deep integration, peace, and connection to your higher self, the people you love, and your life purpose. This will PARALIMINAL RESETS


help you greet each day with a vibrant outlook and meet every challenge and opportunity with greater focus, enthusiasm, and joy. With this easy-to-use program, you can tap the pure love that emanates from your heart and live harmoniously with pure energy.

Resiliency The Power to Bounce Back by Al Siebert, Ph.D., with Paul R. Scheele Learn mental strategies to overcome adversity and thrive in most circumstances. Get both the edge to handle life’s annoyances and setbacks as well as confidence to deal powerfully with cataclysmic events. Al Siebert and Paul Scheele help you build mental and emotional flexibility to turn misfortune into good fortune.

Million Dollar Vocabulary Sharpen Your Verbal Edge for Success by J. Michael Bennett, Ph.D., with Paul R. Scheele Breakthrough processes help you learn 600 new words to use naturally in everyday life. People with a strong vocabulary are thought to be smarter and more capable, which is why they are generally given all of the breaks and earn the most money. See how your vocabulary will grow from the very first listening. This vocabulary builder consists of ten vocabulary lessons and two Paraliminals in MP3 format for you to download along with a 64-page PDF playbook. The playbook supports the lessons with quizzes and crossword puzzles, tips for expanding your vocabulary, and an extensive glossary. The Paraliminal learning sessions imprint the words and their meanings directly to your brain.

Euphoria! The Gift of a Healthy, Balanced, and Energetic Life by Paul R. Scheele, Hale Dwoskin, D. Trinidad Hunt, Chunyi Lin, Bill Harris, and Rex Stevens Sikes Six experts come together to help you experience a natural, euphoric high. Learn to enter, at will, a sense of inner calm. Experience joyful flowing with the events around you. Feel blissful happiness, love, rapture, and peace of mind. Paul Scheele presents a Paraliminal session, Hale Dwoskin teaches The Sedona Method for euphoria, D. Trinidad Hunt helps you find purpose, Chunyi Lin presents a Spring Forest Qigong meditation, Bill Harris gives you a Holosync experience, and Rex Steven Sikes takes you on a ride with the Attitude Activator—all giving you the gift of a healthful, balanced, and energetic life. 29

Diamond Dowsing Ancient Secrets, Modern Solutions by Marie Diamond Energy emanates from the earth’s core 24 hours a day. How the energy reaches you determines whether it has a positive or negative impact. Feng Shui master Marie Diamond reveals how the earth’s energy and the energy created by electricity, machinery, and cell phones affect you. She teaches you step by step how to use dowsing rods, interpret their movements, and take appropriate action so you can neutralize stressed energy and amplify positive energy for your greater success, health, and well-being.

Four Powers for Greatness Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing by J. Michael Bennett, Ph.D., with Paul R. Scheele Discover the four power skills that can stop you cold or lead you to greatness: Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. Quickly absorb thoughts, ideas, and feelings by becoming a more effective listener and reader. Enjoy expressing yourself thoroughly and completely with powerful speaking and writing skills.

Happy for No Reason 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out by Marci Shimoff Deep and lasting happiness doesn’t depend on your circumstances. It just bubbles up from within… for no reason at all. You don’t have to win the lottery, lose weight, or have happy genes. In this powerful seven-step approach, Transformational teacher Marci Shimoff shows you how to experience true happiness from the inside out, naturally bringing greater success, wealth, and health, and more fulfilling relationships.

No Matter What! Stepping into Your Greatness by Lisa Nichols Finding your passion and living your dreams becomes an exciting adventure in this transformational course. You learn to sing your song, dance your dance, and exercise your personal power so you can experience the peace, prosperity, and happiness you deserve. Bounce back from setbacks faster, step fully into your authentic power, remove limitation, and push back any fear. You learn to use your inner coach to make better decisions, create dynamic relationships, inspire people, and make a difference in the world—no matter what!



Spiritual Codes Align your life with the energy of your soul by Marie Diamond You have your own individual pathway in this life, your personal trials and triumphs, influenced by a specific set of vibrations called the Spiritual Codes. There are seven Spiritual Codes. Each is associated with a color and with an archetype—builder, contributor, creator, healer, discoverer, luminary, and visionary. Your Spiritual Codes shape your life. Each is connected with a particular way of being and include your thoughts, feelings, and actions. As a human being, you are evolving to become fully aware of your spiritual oneness with the universe. The challenges and victories of life are there to help you master more of your connection with the universe.

Love and Long Life The Mars and Venus Connection Video by John Gray Renowned relationship expert and best-selling author John Gray uses his phenomenal metaphor of “men are from Mars and women are from Venus.” He explains the difference between men and women and gives concrete advice for creating the brain chemistry of health, happiness, and lasting love. Based on cutting-edge research from his book The Mars and Venus Diet and Exercise Solution, John shares new findings of gender-specific solutions for optimizing brain chemistry, diet, exercise, stress management, and romance.

Diamond Hexagrams Ancient Symbols to Expand Your Life by Marie Diamond The I Ching is the world’s oldest and most revered system of personal guidance and prophecy, unveiling the balance between heaven, human, and earth energy. Diamond Hexagrams reveals its use as a code for manifestation. Marie Diamond shows you how you can apply the complex system of symbols called hexagrams to adjust the energy that flows into your space. You will clarify and uplift your life purpose… increase the flow of abundance in your life… enhance your career and business success… improve your health and well-being… create more loving and fulfilling relationships… discover greater peace and contentment… change the “energetic direction” of your home.

Diamond Quantum Colors Direct Access to the Abundant Universe by Marie Diamond Feng Shui master Marie Diamond unveils her unique system of Diamond Quantum Colors to help you bring about what you want faster. Marie shows you how to use 24 specific colors as energetic codes to access the quantum energy underlying all 31

things in the universe. You will learn how the 24 colors relate to specific qualities of life such as joy, power, forgiveness, love, or compassion. You will discover how each associates individually with another to unlock astonishing results. The Diamond Quantum Colors provide the code to minimize the time to manifest your ultimate desires.

Clear Mind ~ Bright Future

Goal Setting with Focus, Energy, and Achievement by Paul R. Scheele Life is too short to wait a minute longer! Turn your hopes and dreams into realistic, absolutely attainable goals that make sense for you with this unique interactive program you can do on your computer. In just a couple of hours, international learning expert Paul Scheele will help you discover your guiding purpose in life, sort out what you really want, and create a workable path that gets you on your way to manifesting it. Use the power of guided visualizations, creative brainstorming sessions, the ancient “Master Formula of Attainment,” and inner mind conditioning and programming.

Boundless Renewal Embrace the Power of Reflection to Rejuvenate, Attract, and Achieve by Bernie Saunders with Paul R. Scheele Don’t let the speed of life get the best of you. Rescue yourself from feeling overwhelmed, burned out, disengaged, or out of control with Bernie Saunders and Paul Scheele’s Boundless Renewal. Use these breakthrough insights and strategies to bring greater emotional, intellectual, and spiritual balance to your life. See what happens when you shift your life’s focus from the ever ticking clock to something more valuable.

Your Healing Power Healing Yourself, Helping Others Video by Chunyi Lin This video follows a 6-day retreat led by Qigong master, teacher, and healer Chunyi Lin and organized by Learning Strategies. You will see practitioners use Spring Forest Qigong, hear their commentary and personal insights, and witness miraculous healings. Learn a soothing chant that helps heal the body, an easy way to reap healthful benefits of fasting, Chunyi Lin’s process for helping another person heal, a powerful group healing method that you can use at home, and a sample exercise to experience the healing benefits of Spring Forest Qigong.

Personal Celebration by Paul R. Scheele Gain purpose and satisfaction in your life. You will meet dozens of friendly people who give you pleasant, life-affirming messages. As a result you are happier, more prosperous, and fulfilled. PARALIMINAL RESETS


Genius Mind Activating Your Brilliance Video by Paul R. Scheele Forget boring talks about “brain power”… this is a rock concert of mental potential. This stunning, uniquely interactive video will inspire and motivate you into action to immediately improve your life. Paul Scheele reveals how the brain works and how to use this knowledge to further your financial, relationship, and academic success.

Effortless Abundance The Alchemy of Wealth Video by Paul R. Scheele Most traditional self-improvement approaches and wealth-making programs try to get your conscious mind to control your success. Paul Scheele shows you how to step out of the limited conscious mind’s desire to control your life. He helps you gain access to a powerful—yet seldom used by everyday people—way of thinking that produces miraculous results.

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