Paper Bag Business Plan Report

November 8, 2017 | Author: Muhammad Shadab Chisti | Category: Sick Leave, Family And Medical Leave Act Of 1993, Employment, Business, Labour
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c Business plan Of FRIENDS Paper Bags Pvt. Ltd c SUBMITTED TO:Miss Neha bhardwaj

SUBMITTED BY: Anayat Ansari Sarpreet Pavra Ajay Shastri Shashi Shekhar Kumar Bhashkar Joshi Dharmendra Kumar

x NOWLEDGEMENT c Ohis report bears the imprint of many people and without their support would not have existed. First of all we would like to express our sincere indebtness and profound se nse of gratitude to our parents without their support in all our endeavours we would not have been able to give this project its present shape. We acknowledge our deepest thank to MISS NEHx BHxRDWx, for all his guidance and encouragement which leads us al l through this project. Suggestions at all point of time are invaluable for us. We would like to put on record our sincere gratitude to all our friends for giving us valuable ideas throughout our project.

Business Plan FRIENDS Paper Bags Pvt. Ltd

Promoters : º.c Anayat Ansari 2.c Sarpreet Pavra 3.c Ajay Shastri 4.c Shashi Shekhar Kumar 5.c Bhashkar Joshi 6.c Dharmendra Kumar

Why Paper Bags? O    

       O                              O                      O                                    O     

   Îc     Îc           Îc           Îc      

 ecutive Summary

åc    O  O  åc O O   åc 

    ! "  #    

åc $O% åc    &'((((() * åc +  O   ,   -   "  #     !   åc O.  /00((((  )1(///1*



 mpany Pr ile Visi n  +                              Missi n  +                      Objectives Îc +        Îc +   2       



Pr uct Pr ile Pr ucts range: åc +  2        åc


åc 7          8   9 :  Pr uct quality c        :

   c O     

Pr uct price: c „    ;     2O       Îc 6ŒO   Îc -    Îc  


           Îc  Œ  

      L cati nO    W rkers require11?(0@„ /0@-  (0! A P wer10  Raw Materials 

   2   +    Pr ucti n apacity (14 HRS): /((((1((((   

Operati n scheule Îc M rning shit

'(( 6(( Îc vening shit





HR P licies åc O

  -   -    - " -    -  åc O

        :                åc


åc O


     åc O



   åc O


Leaves åc - "    

                           åc    - "

              /1           - " /BB6     åc C                                             



  i l l   



Îc o l l     

Îc !iddll l           Îc Lo l l      

 Q lifi iofo lo  Îc Lo l l  Îc !iddll l


Îc o l l §c  §c   


W rking c niti n Îc +        /;
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