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January 12, 2018 | Author: balatn | Category: Guru, Yoga, Nondualism, Religious Belief And Doctrine, New Age
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Jun 13, 2012

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COMPILATION OF PANCHA PAKSHI SASTRA (1-14) (பசப சர -1-14 -1-14)) PANCHA PAKSHI SASTRAM -1 “சமய மறத வல தய

தச பத த வ ள வகள க த ரசனம றகண பய ப சத படத வ ப யல சரசரக ளன  சகல  வயற பபற மமயல வசப பசப க தன” “த ஞன அடய வ, அதயடய ய வயப”

எ வடக  ஒ அகல எ நத  ந சர க கக கய ற ப ரசசன தலழக க அவ சன சக இவக. “Pancha pakshi sastram”, before sastram”,  before writing on this, I always used to skip this sastra many times on many requests from readers due it’s highly connected with yogis. This totally belongs to yogis due to its hidden arts and enormous energy generated by humans who knows this sastra and those energy which can controls the universe and its powerful than nature in every respects, its well known to be yogi’s sastra due to yogis followed this system of pancha pakshi sastra and saram of  pranayama for million of years in tamilnadu.

த அபக இத சரத பல தக இ எ களல. ந த தவமக ஆல எவ ந தக யக அயசக உலக கரக எத மறப இல எபத ஆரமக மற ம பபக வத வ ம ல த தவமக எவத க யக மக ஆ வ ல பகள பர வற. ஞனமக நயக பவக ப சர படய கதன தமப . தள எ கள. One in crore knows these roots of sastra. sastra . He can activate and use it perfectly and cut the major  root of any human or anything in nature superior or  dire. I used a word here “he”. It’s true, except mahayogi “OVVAIYAAR” AMMAL who

had written about “SARAM” in “ovvaiyar  kural “other than no other lady connected with spiritual and written about yoga sastras. Now I hereby skip the topic saram, once after completing this topic, i will try to start on the topic “saram”. Because, it’s always one in other interrelated.  There is no comparison and equal to this pancha pakshi sastra in the world. Yogis called siddhars in tamilnadu used only pancha pakshi sastra? There is a strong reason behind this. Whoever attained the stage of Samadhi is able to control these pakshis. A yogi always deals with pancha boothas and working above the atoms. They used to always control the atoms in all respects. Some may laugh while reading this. Why yogis control atoms? For example, if u controls any movable and activation things in the universe inside the galaxy, you require non activation space or  vacuum to control activation and movable things inside the zone of atoms or circle where humans to live. So they raised their level above the atoms level and starts control all the movable things in the universe after reached Samadhi stage. Some yogis used to come again from the Samadhi for their  disciples to help them to complete their birth. “பமடதட சப

பகரத உமய ம ஆண ஆண சடள எறக சலணத”  Yogis always advises don’t disclose about the pancha pakshi sastra to unqualified person. If  the disciples stayed with you for twelve years also; don’t tell him if he is observed as an unqualified. If  you disclose this secrets to any person mentioned above it brings strengthen curse to the guru and it will stand to continue for your family for twenty one generations. In many poems it has been mentioned like those three lines indicated above, all the yogis strongly condemned about that they should not disclose secret behind this sastra. I try to give here some of the briefs and outline of  the pancha pakshi sastra for easy understanding. I try to write here about the importance of yogis from tamilnadu, who written about the highly secrets in the universe. Before writing these I want to give a brief about sastra dealing with, in what way we can use it, how it works in the universe. Readers should not read unknowingly like the previous posts. The mantra, yantra and tantra all these three hidden arts are working only on this pancha pakshi sastra. Unknowingly a magician used to touch the universal energy and brings the sins to humans and themselves. If any person doesn’t know this sastra but he practices black magic’s and pooja with the humans exposes clearly he is not connected with holy power and unfit for yogi. He is spoiling his generations by doing all mantras. If he know the pancha pakshi sastra he never do all other black magical things, it’s not necessary also. Because once he knows this sastra, he himself attached with universe and travel to omnipresence.

Pancha pakshi sastra majorly deals with pancha boothas but it’s indirectly through the human body. Yogis calculated the pancha boothas for each planet in the universe. Then they analyzed the pancha boothas in human beings with different timings to activate for spiritual and used on the humans for many purposes. After this they have fixed for each day and each nakshathira and rasi on the humans. The great siddhars, yogis like  Agasthiyar, Bogar, Kaga pusundar, Romarishi rishi, matcha muni and many people written about this pancha pakshi sastra in detail. All these yogis published books were easily available in markets. “தனறபயபற வநச

சடலஇத அசயக கணல பதனறகமவல ள  பநர ழத பலஏ கதனறவடய கடசதல கலதறமன யகவ வதனறஉலக கக வவ இலற பதபர.” க ஒவ இலற வபவ வபமடய கடச பறவம இத சரத பப எற பட. The verses exposes once in a crore who blessed with lord shiva and staying with family, who knows about this pancha pakshi sastra. PANJA PAKSHI SASTRAM -2 (பசப சர- 2)

உ யவ உரத தலத ப பறவய ப- வ உதய சப ம ர கதகயபள க. Before writing this second post on this sastra, very huge observation I have given below for some quick reference. Readers are advised to read and understand the importance of hidden things in panja pakshi sastra first; otherwise it will lead to bring the problem from other karmas. I don’t want to criticize about other blog members who ever writing in English about this sastra. The basic thing everyone should understand behind this sastra, it’s never ever properly understood by common person other than maha yogis. Till today, plenty of people who follow the astrology as profession is trying to grasp the panja pakshi sastra are mostly failure in all cases. This is because of lacking of yoga knowledge in siddhars yoga principle and who was not really followed by siddhars and yogis in tamilnadu to attain the extreme end of spirituality. All yogis whoever written on this sastra were kept curse along the major verses inside on every sentences of their poems. Yogis kept highly hidden mantras to activate the elements but in a

mystified way and everywhere kept the key surreptitiously for whoever trying to crack out in a wrong way. They have separate techniques to crack the verses whoever well versed with yoga sastras connected with yogis in tamilnadu. Once in a crore who knows the link of god, who can able to control panja boothas (five boothas/five elements), can calculate the pakshi timings for others. If any person is able to read the verses and poems of  panja pakshi sastra written by yogis, they can able to grasp the essence from yogis. Pakshi never deals with only timings; also it deals with the universe and almighty. It deals with herbs, it contains mostly the hidden timings, and it deals with supreme nature. It deals with alchemy; it deals with mantras related to panja boothas. Yogis and great siddhars of tamilnadu have calculated this sastra attached only for yogis. All mantras are controlled by lord shiva. The mantras were deal with panja boothas never ever written in any sastras anywhere in the world. Every one should understand that the panja boothas can control the planets and entire universe when a yogi operates the key from his energy through panja pakshi sastra. Whenever a yogi gets in to trouble by external sources or to solve the problems for needy people, they themselves advised to use this sastra for world peace. In bogar 12000 verses were written by maha yogi bogar graphed out separately written this topic about panja pakshi sastra. In Agasthiyar  12000, agasthiyar divided the elements in to different ways and he calculated the timings in to four divisions to confuse the unqualified persons. Kaga pusundar written the timings very simply with hidden keys and notes for calculate the elements. Romarishi calculated the elements in a method of  seconds. Romarishi, the great person mastered in panja pakshi sastra considered all timings in to accurate seconds according to scales used by ancient tamilians. Romarishi divided the elements in to subtle energies and calculated in to seconds by seconds. Other than these verses and poems by great yogis there are some mahayogis from their  own disciples like matcha muni and others make this pakshi in to other way of fast calculations. All I have mentioned here with details are written in books are easily available in markets to understand the outline. I requested Blog people whoever used to write in other languages should not misguide readers in a wrong way without knowing the value of siddhars in tamilnadu and don’t misguide the people who ever  unable to understand the Tamil books. People are requested don’t trust any calculations published in the net especially on this sastras. It is totally wrong calculations and its very far from siddhar principles. On enthusiasm if you follow unknowingly from the book without any guru or from the internet it will bring lot of family problems from others and it make unnecessary connection to unqualified persons and

brings painful things. Once you touch the karma of  others you have to face the results of pain for 21 births as i mentioned in previous posts. It’s my personal experiences, when I helped one of  my friends with this sastra to cross over the obstacles to achieve when they faced troubles in their life to purchase a flat during recent years.  Then I got stuck up continuously on my work and unable to come out from their karmas what i have taken for consideration. It takes long time to recover. After, I came to know the secrets that the final stage of panja pakshi sastra working only on karmas and secret link connected to universe. It’s very unsafe to touch the elements. Hence, readers are requested to read this blog once or twice to know the value of this sastra which I was learned personally from gurus who were attaining Samadhi, and then after please refer the available books which I was mentioned here above to follow up easily to avoid unnecessary things. I assure some of the gifted person surely understand what all yogis hidden the secrets in panja pakshi sastra. Many things I skipped here and erasing the sentences many times due to some blogs i have observed recently that they are regularly copied from my blog even erroneous words and published as by them. Wherever I did mistakes in languages they also did not changed in their sentences. Readers are requested to read completely and try to understand the major outline of this sastra and write the doubts to my email for clarifications. “பசப தல மமள தக சவ சவ” Panja pakshi sastra taught to lord subramaniyar by his mother Lord sakthi. Lord subramaniyar taught this sastra to his disciples gurumuni. Maha yogi gurumuni taught this sastra to eighteen siddhars. This sastra were written only by yogis and siddhars of tamilnadu. But all yogis strongly informed that lord Shiva taught them in concerned births. All the works and elements in panja pakshi sastram are commanding by lord Shiva. With out lord Shiva there is the absence of this sastra. So always they have mentioned in all poems and they insist to pray to lord Shiva on any yogic sastras. Siddhars are different from maharishi’s. There are 18 siddhars in tamilnadu. All those sastras are accumulated with these siddhars disciples. Initially many controversies were happened between those people who followed this sastra due to timings. But later it is understood it has been hide by siddhars continuously for million of years and later disciples brought in to a final frame on this sastra. Panja pakshi sastram is an extraordinary and hidden system of sastras in astrology was developed in tamilnadu. Its majorly deals with five panja boothas as referred in previous posts. The five elements are appu, theyu, vaayu, agayam, neer . The calculation of this changing of five elements is the major secrets in this sastra and how it influences the person to person on every day,

hour, minute, second will come to understand after this post. People should get confused with these elements, so siddhars fixed elements as five birds without any connection on the elements?. Some says the bird’s looks like Tamil words like அ இ உ எ ஒ. The five birds are vulture,owl,crow,cock,peacock for easy understanding. அ - Vulture இ - owl உ – crow எ - cock ஒ - peacock These five letters of Tamil is added with this panja pakshi sastra for all purposes used in this sastra. Readers if they don’t know Tamil, try to ask the pronunciation of these five words. This is very important in this sastra to understand the doing of  black magics. Nakshathira pakshi

டய அப நஐ வ றபன ஆர ந ஆ ஆத படய உர ந ஐ கக பலமன அட ந ஆ க நடய அட ந ஐ கட  மலலட ய ஜத ய படய வகய பப பவ மறத பலத. Stars are mentioned above by kaga pusundar in his verses on each nakshathira for the five birds for  easy reference. The Panja-pakshi system divides all rashi/star/naksthira into five elements, characteristically representing them with a five birds. Each bird as a symbol for a particular  element, pancha boothas which was referred in tamil words அ இ உ எ ஒ. Aswini, barani,karthikai,rogini,miruga seeridam --- vulture Thiruvathirai,punarpoosam,poosam,ayilayam,m ---Owl Uthiram,Astham,chithirai,Jothi,Visagam --- crow Anusham,kettai,moolam,pooradam,uthiradam,th ---cock Avittam,sathayam,pooratahi,uthiratathi,revathi -- peacock Yogis observed that pancha boothas controls the universe in all aspects. In the high-level state of  yoga they found the pancha bootha system working inside the human body by changes the time to time for every second. They tested themselves and calculated and brought the pancha boothas, elements under their control with strong conclusions. They found that they can make anything in the world and control the universe when they attain the high level yogic stage with this sastra. If the elements are in higher level on one individual

it should not indicate that they are on the highest level of energy and they can do anything accordingly. It’s a false statement. Panja pakshi never says when the elements are working on higher lever inside the body they can get success in their work. Pakshi says that the timings of the higher level corresponding to the elements. How it connects the link from human body they never said in any verses. People should not get confused with ruling party always gets success on panja pakshi sastra. I observed many times in my life whenever I try to help some of my friends are suffering in front of me for marriage purposes or for personal obligations. Unknowingly I used to do help, but the timings and situations bring the elements in to neutral and never allow us to completing it. The major thing behind this work is the works of masters never  allow you to get in to other karmas to suffer  ourselves. They erase the circle what ever you created for to help friends with your yogic practice and sastras. Readers once again read this paragraph and remember this word till end of this post.

“ஆயற பசப அதனய

அவ த அவ ய சய மன ம வன சன” The above verses describes that “Who knows this panja pakshi sastra he is a yogi” said by lord shiva. PANJA PAKSHI SASTRAM -3 (பசப சர - 3) “ஞலகக வலமன மயப

நமபற வள மன லமத தபத பந னமறவ வகள ததத ” ”ப பறவட பககத” in tamil There are proverbs in Tamil which warns that one should not develop enmity with a man who knows this sastra ('Panjapakshi sastram').He cuts the roots of the generations and also he is a yogi and he had been crossed the generations of birth. A complete yogi knows the entire secrets of this sastra. Most of the panja pakshi sastra were written by disciples of Agasthiyar. If refer this sastra written by magamuni,romarishi,bogar,kagapusundar,matcham and others, they mostly refer agasthiyar’s verses and poems. All the eighteen siddhars refer only agasthiyar panja pakshi sastra. ”அகரம வ ஆத இகரமத உகர ககக -பக

எகரம க யஞ மஞ

ஒகர மயர” -அகய- (agasthiyar) The above verses and poems of Agasthiyar specify about, how the major five birds made connection with elements. These are always understood by deep meditation during the journey towards omnipresence with difficult and secret yogic practices. Once again, I repeated the five Tamil words for easy understanding for fixing the mantra and it will be useful in the advanced stage of pakshi sastra are given below for further remembrances. This is the highly secret Tamil words in panja pakshi sastra working with elements and god. Without these five words there will be absence of  panja pakshi sastra. அ - Vulture இ - owl உ – crow எ - cock ஒ - peacock  As written in previous posts the pakshi operating in two durations of timings with sun and moon. So yogis considered as waxing moon and waning. We can take as suklapaksha and krishnapaksha for our  easy use. The below stars are quoted for waxing moon days in Tamil and English” “டய அப நஐ வ

றபன ஆர ந ஆ ஆத படய உர ந ஐ கக பலமன அட ந ஆ க நடய அட ந ஐ கட  மலலட ய ஜத ய படய வகய பப பவ மறத பலத” Aswini, barani,karthikai,rogini,miruga seeridam --- vulture Thiruvathirai,punarpoosam,poosam,ayilayam,m ---Owl Uthiram,Astham,chithirai,Jothi,Visagam --- crow Anusham,kettai,moolam,pooradam,uthiradam,th ---cock Avittam,sathayam,pooratahi,uthiratathi,revathi -- peacock

 As same as the above, the stars are fixed to waning moon days are given below” ”பரட அமர பவக-பபன

அந ஐ தகயப சரட ஆரந ஆ கய ரமன உரந ஆ ககப என சவ அஷந ஐ ஆதய எலன ஒணந ஆ வ இதமக மட சனவக இதபர ”

Aswini, barani,karthikai,rogini,miruga seeridam --- peacock Thiruvathirai,punarpoosam,poosam,ayilayam,m --- cock Uthiram,Astham,chithirai,Jothi,Visagam --- crow Anusham,kettai,moolam,pooradam,uthiradam, -- Owl Thiruvonam,Avittam,sathayam,pooratahi,uthirat --- vulture Now readers can easily fix their own bird according to the nakshathiras during the waxing and waning moon periods for easy reference. Why the yogis fixed the waxing and waning movements only to moon and the sun? Many astrologers used to think that the Hindu astrology based on moon relative with the calculation of sun. All Astrologers are professional to make money as a business. Once in lakh a yogi became astrologer and predict with connection of nature. Those persons can easily use panja pakshi sastra. Other than nakshathiras, the five birds are also fixed for daily panchanga accordingly “Thithi,predhamai,sasti,yaegathesi, referred to the bird vulture thudhigai,sapthami,thuvadhasi, referred to the bird owl thiruthigai,ashtami,thirayodhasi, referred to the bird crow sadhurthi,navami,sadhurthathisi, referred to the bird cock panjami,thasami,poorani referred to the bird peacock” Birds are also fixed to colors during waxing and waning moon days. ”ஆத வ ற அகக தகற

சத ம பப த க நத வள வ க கப எல க சயல.” I try to explain with some verses about the colors whenever it’s required to understand between the posts... so i skip here, it’s not important here. How this color is useful to apply for days. It will be useful only for meditation purposes when a person go for  black magic’s, so I skip here. After fixing the bird, one should understand the basic working of each bird. How the bird works daily or how the elements changes every second individually in nature. How they indicated. There are five stages of a bird's activity in the order  of strengths compared to elements. The codes are Eating, walking, ruling, sleeping, dying. It’s code words for panja pakshi sastra and it’s easy to remember in applying the timings through out the sastra for easy calculations.  Among the above listed five activities, every bird

will eat, then it will walk, it rules the nature, sleep for some time, then it will die. This is a symbol and working of each element in nature. Readers should understand siddhars are making gradations in the five birds as elements. “னக பசப வவசல

றயன ஊப வக தல நடப யதப சத மர வ சறண அனத ப வத அமம நடவ பயக சனப யயக மரணப க பய சலம ” (strength of  each work/grade of birds in tamil)  According to the gradation the highest activity and strength of the bird is Ruling. Because it has been considered that the particular time elements are ruling all other panja boothas. Whenever this ruling gradation on the particular time makes the bird in to top priority and also fixed to humans accordingly.  Second place is grade of eating, its one third value of the ruling grade bird. Third place is the walking grade; this walking value is the half of the eating grade value bird. Sleeping grade value is the half  value from walking grade bird and finally dying grade value is the half of sleeping grade value birds. So the work of a bird is considered as highest for to follow up easily as ruling,eating,walking,sleeping, and dying. The above five works are carried out by each bird daily for 12 hours in first session and 12 hours in second session. Siddhars they made separate calculations to confuse unqualified people. So they fixed the birds in a systematic gradation in all their  verses. For example: Eating, walking, ruling, sleeping, and dying. They says very simply to understand as a bird will eat first, then it will go for relaxation by walking, then it goes for some discussions as ruling, then it becomes tired and may go to sleep, after at the end it will die (dying should not taken as consideration, they kept hide in this grade, some of  the black magical works on individuals only on this dying grade, readers should not get confused with dying grade here) i try to explain later. Eating, walking, ruling, sleeping, and dying these five works will be carried out by every bird on a week and begins with this work and complete it on the day itself for twelve hours in the first session. Now the question arises very easily how the elements, panchaboothas work externally and internally on the humans connected with universe. How its get altered when continuous use of panja pakshi sastra. But actually, it’s never related with any energy or power or any vibrations from external forces. What is pancha boothas, how it works. What is an element? How it disturbs the individual regular  life cycle? Some days back a yogi from palani, tamilnadu

explained about the place of palani where he wants to attain jeeva samadhi. So he constructed a small building and given for other yogis till his attaining of  samadhi. He also explained why mahayogi Bogar  considered palani is the centre of the earth in three dimensional ways. He fixed a place with a scale compared to human body. The skull of a human centre is the gland of manonmani by Tamil sastras. That’s the place where the door is closed for all humans from the child hood. Some children were born as yogis to complete the birth. They have born as yogis. They never connected with material world internally. Majorly, all yogis got Samadhi at palani or around palani. How people used to says Chidambaram temple is one of the place for panja bootha “agayam” and another place fixed for fire bootha at tiruvannamalai. The major reason was very critical to understand behind all these panja boothas are working below the region of atoms. These panja boothas never related with humans when they attain the stage of samadhi. Some persons always say that the Siva statue at tiruvannamalai temple is the hottest place in the earth. If a yogi declare this it may be the truth. Sometimes they used to open the yogic secrets from their yogic power. Topic started jumping. I bring to an end here. Readers should know the horoscopes of the individual never connected with panja pakshi sastras. Horoscopes are working on the representative of the planets from the individual births. Humans were born to dissolve the karma by taking the cycle of life in this birth. The elements,panja boothas is working according to the principles of nature and god. It never fails. Humans are running inside the pancha boothas. As vethathiri maharishi explained many times about the elements that how humans approach with pancha boothas unknowingly. He also quoted as eevakantham and rose to above be the extreme end of vaankantham where the karmas will be dissolved above the level of atoms. Many times he was explained in ecstasy that as “sivakalam” in front of everyone. Any humans never escape from the nature and their karma. They cannot adjust their karmas or  skip the differences in life problems facing regularly arise day by day. Panja pakshi never help them until unless they should improve themselves as a yogi or by doing right way of yogic practices formulated by Tamil siddhars and yogis. From the beginning, i strongly said in these posts, that readers should not trust the people who says this panja pakshi sastra or published in the net. I advice readers read this sastra if u have gifted and able to understand 100 times, 500 times or above thousand times. You will come to know how to do this sastra. What is the major key role to activate this sastra? How my guru said as same as, I explained here with the same words. Once I started to calculate and written in all the books calculations

with timings and seconds, he said all are wrong. He given the panja pakshi sastra in only one page of   A4 size sheet, and also he said with those calculations we can calculate for all pakshis. Without siddhars blessings or follow the siddhars principles no one in the world can’t open the key of  panja pakshi sastras. Questions easily arises that if the people is unable to follow their yogic practices in day to day life how they use their panja pakshi sastra for themselves. If  they are not able to apply this sastra for self, how they apply for others. This is the major reason behind this sastras why most of the people failed in this sastra other than yogis. If plenty of books for  reference, but how to bring out in a common way use for day today life like panchangam or  horoscopes and the movement of moon and sun in daily calculations?. Where is the key in panja pakshi sastra? Readers are advised to read this sastra and find out the key first. All the siddhars are well quoted the key in their  writings and it’s published also. Whoever starts to read panja pakshi sastra in depth, he may jump in to spirituality and attain the Samadhi if they have their gift in this birth itself. Most of the yogis said about this.  All corporate yogis never opened this sastra, because they well known its very difficult yogic practices of ancient siddhars. If they open with business they get it easily locked themselves by pakshi sastras through siddhars. So I request readers try to improve the knowledge on spirituality guided by siddhars and yogis of tamilnadu. We don’t require any new corporate gurus; we have plenty of spiritual things written by Tamil siddhars and yogis for millions of years. We have plenty of  books to open and crack the verses. Readers should understand this in a proper way and try to understand who is guru.  A proverb in Tamil says “always disciples will beat guru”. Its false statement “masters are always masters”  All disciples are always below the support foots of  masters. Disciples can overtake guru, I have seen in my life plenty of disciples with masters, but it brings into failure at every stage until unless with the mercy from guru. The great masters only know the extreme end of  yogic practices. Once he knows the extreme end, he became silent. ” சய உசம சயல இப த” is it correct? Yogi always says”end of any extreme art is the silence” “ஏன சத வடம

ஏகத வயய பமத ன அகரம சயதனல ன னதரச பனக தன சகத கம தக பகத னலக

ஆன வகத தலயக அடன ப மடனன.” ---அகய--- (Agasthiyar)

அகரம, சகத க, பகத னல, வகத தல-----Its golden Key------? With this golden key we can see the god. PANJA PAKSHI SASTRAM -4 பசப சர - 4 ”ஆயபரபரன பச அமயவ

உலகத ணகவ பசபசகரத பகரவம பரபரன கக சய மயவளக எ சற பசசர பமத பகவ பலப வய பய ள மனவ வ வகய கள.” த Readers are requested to read all the observations which are given below for easy discerning. Do not concentrate only on the techniques and related briefs which were mentioned about panja pakshi sastra. Try to read completely and thoroughly, so that you can understand the outline of the sastra without any confusion. Therefore it is easy for any reader can refer books written by siddhars for  further readings or clarifications with gurus may be uncomplicated. The works of birds are Eating, walking, ruling, sleeping, and dying. These five works will be carried out by every bird round the clock through out the week. It begins with this works and completes on the same day itself between twelve hours and next day in the first and second session. Once if it’s started to understand the computation which is given below, then after it will be easy to recognize in a prescribed format for other  calculations. Siddhars are fixed with hidden timings on each session throughout twelve hours. But, they were followed the oldest calculations for timings in seconds which were practiced by ancient tamilians, so all timings mostly in Tamil. All the oldest books are referred which is easily available in the market and its generally more than hundred years. Timings are given below for reference. Anybody can convert the old timings into new one and bring out in to recent type of time phase calculations. Siddhars of tamilnadu fixed their timings in panja pakshi sastra and it’s majorly whatever they were observed from their yogic practices and they were also well known about how the physical and chemical body of the human beings response with nature and elements. Accordingly they were fixed the timings for each bird works in the universe. They were fixed separate timings for animals also. Its coming under different topic. It may discuss at the end if it’s required. From the sunrise to sunset they divided in to two periods. All the horoscopes in tamilnadu are differing always; it’s not particularly

on timings or coordinates. They have their own panchangas in different districts according to their  ancestors in particular districts. But they have experienced and well known that how to interpret and how to change the calculations in to another  panchangas. For example a person born at Coimbatore, tamilnadu follows a type of  calculations, but if we go to Madurai or tirunelveli districts they have their own calculations according to panchanga. It always varies and makes confusion on predictions due to lacking of  knowledge on conversion. But

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