Panaguiton vs Doj

August 9, 2018 | Author: JuanDelaCruz | Category: Prosecutor, Crimes, Crime & Justice, Complaint, Virtue
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PANAGUITON VS DOJ - 571 SCRA 549 G.R. NO. 167571, NOVEMBER 25, 2008

FACTS: In 1992, Rodrigo Cawili borrowed various sums of money from Luis anagui!on" #n  $anuary 199%, Cawili and and &is business asso'ia!e, Ramon C" Tongson (oin!ly issued in favor of )e!i!ioner !&ree '&e'*s w&i'& bear !&e signa!ure of bo!& in )aymen! of !&e said loans" +)on )resen!men! for )aymen!, !&e '&e'*s were dis&onored" Luis anagui!on made demands bu! !o no avail and so &e led a 'om)lain! agains! Cawili and Tongson Tongson for viola!ing -a!as ambansa -ilang 22 before !&e .ue/on Ci!y rose'u!or0s #'e" uring !&e )reliminary inves!iga!ion, only Tongson Tongson a))eared and led &is 'oun!er3adavi!" Tongson alleged !&a! &e &imself led some 'om)lain!s agains! Cawili and !&ey are no! asso'ia!es" anagui!on s&owed do'umen!s )roving !&e signa!ures of Tongson Tongson !o s!reng!&en &is 'om)lain! agains!  Tongson"  Tongson" In a resolu!ion, Ci!y Ci!y rose'u!or found found )robable 'ause only agains! Cawili and dismissed !&e '&arges agains! Tongson" A 'ase was led agains! Cawili before !&e )ro)er 'our! bu! !&e )e!i!ioner led a )ar!ial a))eal before !&e e)ar!men! of  $us!i'e" T&e C&ief S!a!e rose'u!or rose'u!or $oven'i!o R" 4u5o dire'!ed dire'!ed !&e Ci!y rose'u!or rose'u!or of .ue/on Ci!y !o 'ondu'! a reinves!iga!ion of !&e 'ase agains! Tongson Tongson and !o refer !&e 6ues!ioned signa!ures !o !&e 7a!ional -ureau of Inves!iga!ion" Assis!an! Ci!y rose'u!or Sam)aga dismissed !&e 'om)lain! agains! Tongson Tongson sin'e !&e !& e o8ense &ad already )res'ribed" An a))eal by anagui!on !o !&e e)ar!men! of $us !i'e !&ru +nderse're!ary anuel A"$" Tee&an*ee was dismissed" -u! on mo!ion for re'onsidera!ion, +nderse're!ary a" er'edi!as 7" u!ierre/ de'lared !&a! !&e o8ense &ad no! n o! )res'ribed" #n mo!ion for re'onsidera!ion, !&is !ime by Tongson, Tongson, #$ reversed and &eld !&a! !&e o8ense &ad already )res'ribed" Issue: ;&e!&er or no! !&a! !&e o8ense &ad already )res'ribed as A'! 7o" %%2< a))lies !o viola!ion of s)e'ial a'!s and !&a! A'! 7o" %%2< s!a!es !&a! )res'ri)!ion s&all be in!erru)!ed w&en (udi'ial )ro'eedings are ins!i!u!ed" =>L: 7o, !&e o8ense &ad no! )res'ribed" ;e agree !&a! A'!" 7o" %%2< a))lies !o o8enses under -"" -"" -lg" 22" An o8ense under -"" -"" -lg" 22 meri!s !&e )enal!y of im)risonmen! of no! less !&an !&ir!y ?%@ days bu! no! more !&an one year or by a ne, &en'e, under A'! 7o" %%2
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