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August 9, 2017 | Author: Δημήτρης Αντωνιάδης | Category: Valve, Instrumentation, Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
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Detailed Engineering Drawings, Codes and Standards PIPING & INSTRUMENTATION DIAGRAM CHECKLIST – EPC PROJECT S/N



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ITEM DESCRIPTION Verify revision, purpose of revisions, numbering, title. Verify “holds” are indicated. Verify piping spec. break. Verify line number, cross check with line schedule and sizing. Verify all sizes are indicated and match the process calculations : control valves, relief valves, by pass… Verify limit of package, limit of supply. Verify that all installation requirements are shown : no slope, high point, min. straight length, no pocket, min. length, etc. Verify low temperature impact if expansion (control valve, relief valve, depressurization). Verify insulation requirement for piping, equipment and instruments are shown including pp/acoustic. Verify proper valving for drain, relief valves. Verify isolation of equipment (spectacle blind, double block and bleed) with job standard. Verify consistency of double block and bleed. Verify operability for start-up, opening of valve with high differential pressure especially riser valves. Verify any by-pass requirements and appropriate valving. Verify that working range of control valve is adequate or need of split-range. Verify requirements of API 14C are fulfilled (safe chart) (for offshore projects). Verify all SP items are indicated. Verify equipment, data and level diagrams are filled in and match the process calculations. Verify piping, valve, equipment and instrument symbology and numbering. Verify symbology against standard legend, symbols and instrument interface (if applicable). Have IDC been done ? Have all design changes been included ?

GE200 Course Handout – P&ID Checklist

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Have all changes clouded, previous ones removed ? Verify reference to other P&IDs and line continuity. Are P&IDs properly signed ? Are all the set points indicated ? Have all other discipline comments been entertained ? Are all tie-in points shown and does the tie-in schedule revision agree with the P&IDs ? Do all equipment numbers and specs. agree with process data sheets or specifications and equipment list ? Verify all the nozzles of an equipment including drain, vent, manholes etc. have been shown. Verify provisions for future expansion is kept, if the same is anticipated. Are complete instrumentation and control loops shown on the P&IDs ? Verify if instrumentation details is as per job specification (isolation valve size and spec., vent & drain requirements, etc.) Verify if failure position of shutdown and control valves are shown. Verify if full bore valves are indicated.

GE200 Course Handout – P&ID Checklist

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