Painting Haradrim

September 29, 2017 | Author: Barghus | Category: Paintings, Leisure
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painting Haradrim minis for Lord of the Rings miniatures game...


Games Workshop - The Battle of Pelennor Fields

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Painting Haradrim Warriors Painting Workshop for The Battle of Pelennor Fields

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This archer was painted by Neil Langdown as part of a small warband of Haradrim Warriors. Although the cloak is drybrushed, the primary painting technique used was ink washing. To use this technique, paint fluid ink over a light basecoat. The ink will flow into the natural creases and folds to create shading and highlights. This quality of the ink allows you to shade a model effectively with very little effort. Start by gluing the model to its base and undercoating it with Chaos Black Primer.

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Lightly drybrush the cloak with equal parts of Chaos Black and Codex Grey.


Paint the trousers and sleeves a basecoat of equal parts Liche Purple and Shadow Grey.


Paint Scab Red onto both the loincloth and headdress. You may need to apply several thin coats to get a solid color.


To add staining effects to the cloak, lightly drybrush Bestial Brown along the edge.


Apply a wash of Black Ink to the cloth and finish off the red cloth with a wash of Brown Ink.


Apply a basecoat of Graveyard Earth to the strapping and paint the armor Shining Gold.


To paint the skin, apply an equal parts mix of Bronzed Flesh and Dwarf Flesh. Pick out the teeth with Skull White.


Shade the strapping with a coat of Brown Ink and apply Chestnut Ink to shade the gold.


Drybrush the feathers on the arrows with Codex Grey.

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Games Workshop - The Battle of Pelennor Fields

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the quiver 10 Paint Scorched Earth.

Paint the metal

the bow 11 Paint Bestial Brown.

Paint the cloth

12 clasps Shining Gold.

Finish the quiver by

with 13 straps Bleached Bone.

To finish off the

the arrow 14 painting shafts Bestial

model, paint 15 whole the gems


Enchanted Blue.

When the red and purple color scheme is applied to a whole warband of Haradrim Warriors, you can create a nice sense of variety by applying the colors to different areas of each model. You can paint the headdress purple on one model, for example, and then paint it red on the next. By using the same colors on the whole unit, you retain a sense of unity that looks good on the tabletop.

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Bronzed Flesh

Liche Purple

Dwarf Flesh

Enchant. Blue

Codex Grey

Scab Red

Shadow Grey

Scorched Brown

Shining Gold

Bestial Brown

Graveyard Earth

Chestnut Ink

Brown Ink

Bleached Bone

Black Ink

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Games Workshop - The Battle of Pelennor Fields

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