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Packet Core Network Audit Introd Int roduc ucti tion on: Audit and assessment customer current PaCo network and interfaces and Review of network constraints, of core network in high-level. It will help in improving user experience, reuirement and customer ARP!.

Why Audit is required: "ith the evolution of smart phones and other data ena#led mo#ile devices, data usage is growing phenomenall$. Also, with operators preferring multi-vendor capa#ilities, it #ecomes imperative to audit the packet switching core core network to complete the end to end picture.  %his provides provides the complete complete anal$sis #$ #$ correlation correlation of P&, '&, '&, C&, (perational (perational ) *ignaling *ignaling %races. %races.

Main Target areas: All Packet Core +odes, connecting interfaces, network capcit$ and esign are the target areas like :

PaCo Nodes :  **+, *+ and C' Interface : *C  # **+ R+C  Iu Ps  **+ **+  n  *+ **+  a  C' **+  r  /0R **+  f   1IR *+  a  C' *+  i  P+ *+  $  (C* *+  x  PCR' 

Optimied Network capacity: %he node and network capacit$ can #e get e2ected with uses of interface, Control and user messages, Polices, Rules, Rating group and some other internal ) external factor. Provide practical and cost-e2ective advice to management on designing, implementing and enhancing internal controls in the areas of technolog$ in the customer network .

O!"ecti#e and $cope •

 %he purpose of this audit was to ensure that the Packet Core +odes and tra3c path are in /igh Availa#ilit$ mode, the 4PI will give clear vison of network accurac$.  %his will help to update the network topolog$, dimensioning parameter which improved network availa#ilit$ , network ualit$. Provide assurance during s$stem implementations5 upgrade of network elements that will #e incorporated within network elements to mitigate the risks. Provide practical and cost-e2ective advice to management on designing, implementing and enhancing network in the areas of technolog$. Improve user experience that will re6ect in R(I and ARP!.

Input %equirement • • • • • • • • •

**+ and *+ Performance reporting 7le in reada#le format. **+ and *+ 4PI Reports. +ode and Card level utili8ation report. +ode 0evel health checks reports. IP Pool and AP+ level utili8ation report.  %op Alarm report. !R0 performance reports. *tatistical and anal$tical reports 0icense !tili8ation

Approacha!i&ity The objective of this audit was to update the info of the network design and dimensioning. I will also improve the user experience will also impact proportionally to the revenue part.

a' Audit (&ow Chart:

!'Mandatory )PI that fa&&s under impro#ement i'

ATTAC* $+CC,$$ %AT,

 %his 4PI descri#es the ratio of the num#er of successfull$ performed attach procedures to the num#er of attempted attach procedures for Packet Core network and is used to evaluate service availa#ilit$ network performance.

Attach $ucCess %ate @?; @>; @=; @; =; ; @=; @; =; 
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