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August 18, 2017 | Author: Jordan Kurt S. Gu | Category: Market (Place), Market (Economics), Psychology & Cognitive Science, Cognition, Psychological Concepts
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I.INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Considered as the show window of the city, the market is endowed with fertile economic activity, where different kinds of enterprising individuals stay and income-generating activities are undertaken. Public Markets exist to fulfill a public purpose, showcase a community’s unique character and culture while serving its everyday shopping needs. The Public Market provides a venue of product and cultural exchange where diverse people meet and socialize. Perhaps more so then was the main center of town commerce and trade. The exchange between and among diverse cultures implies that one or the other or both is changed or enriched by the other’s culture, eventually enriching the culture of the community and ultimately society. In the City of Baguio, The market became the center of trade of Kafagway even before Baguio became a chartered city. It has always been the area where products from the lowlands and products from the highland areas of the old Mountain Provinces were traded among local buyers as well as the viajeros. The Baguio City Public Market was formally established in 1913 and covered by a transfer certificate of title for an area of 77,770 square meters. At present Baguio Public Market is still a bustling place where locals and tourists stroll and purchase products produced in and around the city. Though considered as some as one of the best public markets in the Philippines the Baguio City public Market through the developments through the years is losing its cultural identity which gives the users the unique experience as they strolled through the market. “The totality of learned, socially transmitted behavior. It includes ideas, values, and customs (as well as the sailboats, comic books, and birth control devices) of groups of people” as defined by Ian. Culture is what binds society, the consummation of the knowledge from its beginning to the present. Culture does not only provide social stability but also provides explanations and answers to problems we face.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The Baguio Public Market throughout its history has been through a lot of CATASTROPHES AND DEVELOPMENTS/RENOVATIONS, but with these the developments has not been able to solve the present problems and has not been able to address and predict impending problems. The Market has changed but failed develop. The Researchers aim to answer the following questions: 1. What are the problems faced by the Baguio City Public Market in the present and the past? 2. Why and how did the problems in the Baguio Public Market come about? 3. How has the Baguio Public Market progressed/deteriorated through the years? 4. How satisfied are today’s users with the present condition of the Baguio Public Market?

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Cultural identity remains an important quality of a society in order for its people to feel a sense of belonging and a sense of security. Preserving it would mean allowing its people to work together and grow and survive as individuals and as social beings. Learning from history and culture would present us significant knowledge that would help forge a better plan for our market, not only for todays but also in the future. By studying and understanding the patterns, behaviors, and attitude of the people in a society, we would be able to provide a more effective solution for the problems faced by the Baguio City Public Market. Concisely the outcome of the research would keenly give developers valuable information on how to engage the design and planning phase of a public market (specifically in Baguio city).

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