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Specialist risk and insurance solutions for the Hospitality, Sports and Leisure sectors....


Targeted insurance solutions that are just the ticket Oval Hospitality, Sports & Leisure Insight. Service. Performance.

Specialist risk and insurance solutions for the Hospitality, Sports and Leisure sectors Leisure is big business in the UK, worth nearly £220 billion1 a year and employing 2.6 million people2. It’s also the UK’s fifth largest export industry3. A mass-market sector run by people for people, it comes with a varied range of business risk – and delivering the protection you seek for your business is what we do. That’s why it’s good to know there’s a specialist leisure insurance broking partner out there who understands the taste, pace and beat of your industry. It’s easy to overlook just how important the leisure industry is to the fabric of society. It underpins our natural instincts to interact, experience and share - whether it’s down the local, on the pitch or in the front row. But there’s no doubting the pressure that leisure has experienced in recent years: discretionary household spending has been contracting at around four per cent a year since 20093 and extra government regulation and taxation has added an extra £3.2 billion of costs to the industry year-on-year since 20104. Inflationary pressure since 2008 has increased operating costs: by 2011 this meant a pub generating an annual operating profit £100,000 was accruing extra costs of £14,000 a year5. Operational risks are significant and diverse: they span brand, reputation, public safety, health & safety, crisis management, employment, supply chain, environment, infrastructure, seasonality and continuity. That’s why it makes sense to seek an integrated, bespoke approach to your insurance that simplifies complexity, delivers flexibility, maximises your protection and above all, optimises your costs. While risk is part of your business: risk is our business. Oval Insurance Broking (Oval) is one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers and we arrange insurance for many clients across the sports, hospitality and leisure sectors. This commitment helps us deliver the insight, empathy and innovation that ensure your range of commercial insurance policies are simple, competitive, efficient and cost effective. It also provides you with on-demand expertise from people who take the time to understand the rhythm of your business – then translate that knowledge into tailored insurance that works harder for your bottom line.

Welcome to Oval Hospitality, Sports & Leisure: insurance know-how – that knows how. A top UK commercial insurance broker, our tailored insurance solutions include sector-specific policy features and wordings. Spanning the full spectrum of leisure industry applications, we’ll help you identify liabilities, cut costs, quantify risk and mitigate losses across the following operational and administrative areas:

• Property damage and Terrorism • Business interruption and loss of income • Stock & storage • Employers & employment practice liability • Public and products liability • Treatment risk • Directors and officers liability • Personal accident & travel • Cash exposures • Engineering, plant and infrastructure • Internet and eCommerce cover • Health & Safety • Disaster recovery planning • Legal expenses

We work with leading specialist underwriters, arranging policies that close the gaps and ensure the service, asset and people protection you demand is in safe hands. Proven practical and intellectual expertise has made us the insurance broking partner of choice for hospitality, sports and leisure businesses of all sizes across the country.


Business in Sport and Leisure (BISL): State of the UK Leisure Industry: A Strategy for Growth – June 2012.

Targeted insurance protection that tackles your diverse risk needs.

With bespoke protection that hits all the right notes.

You’ll find the hospitality, sports and leisure insurance solutions and services you need to help protect your business against the expected and the unexpected alike – and a team that speaks your language. Our approach is based on a strong service ethic and focused on the professional risk management values you expect.

With many years experience in the sector, we design bespoke covers that span a wide range of hospitality, sports and leisure applications, including:

• Hotels, accommodation and other lodging •  A safe pair of hands: a partner you can trust, backed by experience, commitment, national reach and the ability to meet the exacting risk needs of your business at every stage of its growth and development.

• Restaurants, pubs, clubs & bars

• Market momentum: a combination of size, attention to detail and demonstrable understanding of each client’s business means insurers trust us and want to work with us. Plus, we’ll always negotiate hard on your behalf because we believe it’s our job to put you first.

• Amateur sports & social clubs

•  Entrepreneurial attitude: working with the UK’s leading insurers and underwriters, we develop bespoke protections that address emerging risks – like e-commerce and cyber crime. • Partnership approach: a total commitment to understanding your business sits behind our long-standing client relationships and market-leading retention rates. •  Innovative mindset: we are constantly investing in ways to support our service delivery and risk management support – including secure online portals to access digital documentation and your cover summary. •  Fast, expert problem solving: we’re proud of our reputation and we are committed to providing a quick response that makes the most of our cumulative risk and insurance expertise. •  Competitively priced quotes, services and deals: our lean business model keeps our structure flat and overheads down, enabling us to pass cost savings directly onto you. •  Exceptional reach: we have over 900 people working through our nationwide network of offices so we’ll always deliver that personal local service.

• Theatres, cinemas & live entertainment venues • Performing arts • Professional sport businesses • Health & fitness, spas & gyms • Stadia, arenas & public venues • Exhibition & conference facilities • Visitor attractions

Insight. Service. Performance. At Oval, we’re driving the market for agile risk management and insurance solutions that proactively protect the UK’s leisure sector and support both best practice and innovation. Above all, we invest in our people. We have drawn together experienced, high calibre professionals who blend the advisory, administrative, technical, listening and claims management skills essential to delivering the exceptional levels of insight, service, agility and pitch-perfect performance you demand. Whether you’re in food, football, fitness or film – plus all points in between and beyond - you can rely on Oval to go further… so you don’t have to.


About Oval Insurance Broking With offices across the UK, Oval Insurance Broking (Oval) is the specialist insurance and advisory partner of choice for thousands of organisations and individuals across a range of disciplines and industry sectors. From general insurance to sector-specific requirements, the strength of Oval lies in designing bespoke, dynamic and competitive risk solutions that fit your needs. Our insurance and risk specialists take the time to understand those needs, simplifying risk to deliver a consistently innovative, high standard and high performance service that adds value, capability, agility and a competitive edge to your business. For more information, visit us at www.theovalgroup.com

Would you like to talk? If you have any questions or would like to explore how you can make your insurance work harder for your organisation, we’re here to help. Call: 0800

612 6223

Or email: [email protected]

Oval Insurance Broking Limited Registered Office: 9 South Parade, Wakefield, WF1 1LR Registered in England No: 01195184 Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Insight. Service. Performance.

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