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Outotec® Ausmelt TSL Process

The Outotec® Ausmelt TSL Process is an efficient,

We have the world’s leading smelting technology



portfolio which includes the Outotec® Ausmelt TSL

pyrometallurgical process for treating a wide range of

Process, the Outotec® Flash Smelting Process, the

feed materials:

Outotec® Kaldo Process and other complementary

nn copper, nickel, lead, tin and polymetallic

offerings. This extensive array of technologies and


expertise ensures you receive not only the best possible

nn copper and lead secondaries

solution, but one that is tailored to match your specific

nn zinc bearing residues





nn various waste materials and ferrous feedstocks

002 Outotec Ausmelt TSL Process

Outotec® Ausmelt TSL Process in brief Based on Top Submerged Lance (TSL) technology, the Ausmelt TSL Process has become a leading smelting technology due to its versatility, cost effectiveness and environmental benefits. It is equally suitable for new

Gas Offtake/Boiler

installations and for modernization of existing smelting plants. Standby Burner

The Ausmelt TSL Process

Fuel, Air & Oxygen

is based on injecting air,

oxygen and fuel directly into the molten slag bath via a

Lance Sealing Device

vertically suspended lance. Critical process phenomena,


such as feed material dissolution, energy transfer,

Feed Port

reaction and primary combustion, take place in the intensely agitated slag layer. As a result, the Ausmelt TSL Process is extremely efficient with high specific smelting rates. Outotec’s commitment to the continuous

Protective Slag Coating

development of the Ausmelt TSL Process - in close collaboration with our customers - ensures you receive a best practice solution.

Benefits of the

Patented Lance

Furnace Shell

Outotec Ausmelt TSL Process „„ Low investment and operating costs „„ Environmentally friendly „„ Flexibility to process a wide range of

Forced Cooling

feed materials


„„ Compact furnace system - ideally suited

to retrofit into constrained plant area

„„ Rapid ramp up to full production

Furnace Taphole

Outotec Ausmelt TSL Process 003

Superior environmental performance

The Ausmelt TSL Process is one of the most energy

Outotec® Ausmelt TSL Furnaces are fully sealed and

efficient smelting technologies available. In the Ausmelt

operate under a slightly negative pressure to eliminate

TSL Process the direct injection of fuel into the slag

fugitive emissions to the environment. As a result, the

bath and ability to utilise the energy released during the

lower offgas volumes and higher strength SO2 also offers

oxidation of the feed (e.g., sulphides, plastics) reduces

significant savings, as a smaller offgas handling system

the fuel requirements compared to alternative processes.

is required. In addition to these benefits, the Ausmelt

The addition of post combustion air with the Ausmelt

TSL Process provides significant improvements in

Lance Shroud System is used to maximize the recovery of

occupational health and safety.

energy available in the system. This energy may be used in other sections of the plant or for electricity generation.

The Weser-Metall GmbH Nordenham lead smelter

This further reduces the plant’s energy requirements

is a prime example of how the Ausmelt TSL Process

and minimises green house gas emissions.







performance. This modernization project, which involved The Ausmelt TSL Process offers a range of process

replacing an existing sinter plant/blast furnace process

solutions for the treatment of various metallurgical

with the Ausmelt TSL Process, significantly reduced SO2

slags, residues and waste materials. Unlike other

and heavy metal emissions from the site.







produces a benign slag that meets Toxicity Characteristic


Leaching Procedure (TCLP) requirements. The slag does not require any downstream processing and is simply

Environmental benefits of the Outotec Ausmelt TSL Process „„ Reduced offgas and SO2 emissions

SO2 Emissions (t/y)

before discarding.

Dust Emissions (kg/y)

granulated to vitrify and lock in metallic components






„„ High strength SO2 offgas „„ Reduced energy consumption „„ Ability to treat waste materials and

heavy metal residues

„„ Ability to process secondary materials


SO2 Emissions Sinter Machine/Blast Furnce (1995)

Dust Emissions Ausmelt TSL Process (2008)

Emissions at Weser-Metall before and after the installation of the Ausmelt TSL Process (U. Kerney, “The Nordenham Pb Smelter and its

Challenges”, International Science and Technology Conference: Lead Metallurgy – Achievements and Problems Conference, Legnica, 2010 (preprint).)

004 Outotec Ausmelt TSL Process

Versatility of the Ausmelt TSL Process The flexibility of the Ausmelt TSL Process allows us

Secondary copper

to tailor a processing solution to suit your specific requirements. This versatility, combined with Outotec’s

With increasing competition for high grade primary

extensive metallurgical knowledge and experience,

concentrates and pressure for sustainable development,

enables us to deliver an optimized plant design.

producers are looking for technologies to process secondary copper materials. The Ausmelt TSL Process

The Ausmelt TSL Process can handle a wide range

is suitable for a wide range of secondary copper feeds,

of feed materials including low grade concentrates,

ranging from low grade slags and residues, to materials

complex polymetallic ores, materials with high impurity

with high impurity and organic contents such as

contents and secondary and industrial waste materials.

e-waste, through to high grade metallic scrap.

These materials, which are often problematic for conventional smelting technologies, are becoming increasingly important feed sources. The Ausmelt TSL Process has been widely adopted in commercial operations and successfully implemented worldwide. Outotec has a strong track record of projects achieving rapid ramp-up to design capacity or even exceeding design production capacity.

Copper smelting and converting The Ausmelt TSL Process offers an integrated solution for copper smelting and converting or it can be coupled with existing site processes. The Ausmelt TSL Furnace can process copper concentrates with a wide range of copper contents and high impurities contents. For copper smelting the Ausmelt TSL Process has been installed in relatively small operations through to large scale operations processing in excess of 1.5 millions tonnes of concentrate per year.

Outotec Ausmelt TSL Process 005

HCHM (Hulunbeier) Russian Copper Company (Chelyabinsk) Weser Metall (Nordenham)

Intertrust (Kurdjali)

Carat-TSM (Sorsk) Chifeng Jinjian Copper Group (Chifeng) Jinchuan Nonferrous Metals Corp. (Jinchang City)

KCM SA (Plovdiv)

Hindustan Zinc Ltd. (Chanderiya)

Global Resource and Materials (South Korea)

China Tin (Laibin)



Yunnan Tin Corporation (Gejiu City)

Birla Copper (Dahej)



Huludao Copper Group (Huludao) Jilin Nickel Group (Panshi) Mitsui (Hachinohe) Dowa Mining Co. Ltd. (Akita) Korea Zinc (Onsan) Young Poong Corp. (Sukpo)

Wuxin Copper (Urumqi)

Empresa Metalurgica Vinto (Oruro)


MAPO Project (Seoul)

Zhong Tiao Shan (Houma City)

Minsur (Pisco)

Votorantim Metais (Juiz de Fora)

Anglo American (Bindura)

Namibia Custom Smelters (Tsumeb)

Rio Tinto Zimbabwe (Eiffel Flats)


Anhui Tongdu Copper (Tongling City) Daye Non-ferrous (Daye) Portland Aluminium/Alcoa (Portland)

Anglo Platinum (Rustenburg)


Ausmelt (Whyalla)

Waste Treatment Not in Operation

Ausmelt TSL Furnaces around the world Nickel smelting and converting Ausmelt TSL Furnaces have been designed, built and

Small-scale lead producers can now also benefit from

operated to handle nickel concentrates with nickel

the flexibility and superior environmental performance

content as low as 5%. Nickel converting is also available

achievable with the Ausmelt TSL Process. The

to upgrade low grade mattes before refining. PGM

consistency of secondary lead materials, especially

recovery can be targeted specifically using the Ausmelt

lead acid batteries, has allowed Outotec to offer ‘off the

TSL Process. Similarly, concentrates with high MgO

shelf’ small scale secondary lead plants to meet the

levels, unsuitable for other processes, can also be

needs of this competitive market.

treated using the Ausmelt TSL Process.


Lead Today, approximately a third of the world’s tin is The Ausmelt TSL Process has been rated the BAT (Best

produced with the Ausmelt TSL Process. The Ausmelt

Available Technology) for the production of lead. The

TSL Process can be used to smelt tin concentrates or

emergence of the Ausmelt TSL Process as the preferred

as a fuming operation to recover tin from low grade

lead smelting technology has been driven by the search

concentrates or slags.

for environmentally friendly technologies to process low grade concentrates and secondary materials. Ausmelt


TSL Furnaces can process up to 100% secondary lead materials such as lead acid batteries, metallic scrap,

The Ausmelt TSL Process has also been adapted

low grade slags and residues.

to successfully process polymetallic concentrates, zinc bearing residues, ferrous materials and various industrial waste materials including spent pot linings (SPL), municipal waste incinerator ash (MWIA), electric arc furnace (EAF) dust and various residues.

006 Outotec Ausmelt TSL Process

Complementary Outotec technologies Outotec’s technology portfolio covers the entire production chain from mine to metal. This broad range of technology offerings and industry experience, combined with our comprehensive understanding of equipment and process requirements, ensures you

Complementary Outotec technologies „„ Smelting technologies „„ Refining

receive fully integrated process solutions customized to

„„ Casting

your specific needs.

„„ Electro-refining „„ Precious metal recovery

This unique ability to supply comprehensive plant

„„ Slag cleaning

solutions allows us to provide plant and process

„„ Offgas handling

guarantees for key performance measures including throughput, metal recovery, energy consumption and emissions. In addition to building new capacity, Outotec

„„ Sulphuric acid plants „„ Automation and process control

delivers technology and services for the expansion,

„„ In addition, Outotec’s technology portfolio


also extends into the mineral processing,

hydrometallurgical, chemical, energy and

water industries.





existing plants, processes and equipment. Outotec is dedicated to supporting you at every stage of a project lifecycle. From conceptual studies and process development





training or ongoing technical and maintenance support, Outotec can help.

Outotec Ausmelt TSL Process 007

Outotec services improve process performance

Outotec aims to maintain long-term working partnerships

Plant and process support services

with its customers to ensure the full value of their operations and equipment is realized. Outotec’s global

Outotec's advanced plant and process assessment tool,

network of service centres are dedicated to providing

ef-X® Efficiency Explorer, indentifies areas with the most

ongoing specialist technical and maintenance support.

potential for improvements, e.g. equipment, automation

This support maximizes productivity and optimizes

systems, metallurgical processes and complete plants. Our

customer plants and processes.

intimate knowledge of the process demands and equipment requirements ensures that any modifications or upgrades

Through these local service centres, customers have

are seamlessly integrated into your existing operations.

unparalleled access to Outotec’s broad expertise base and extensive operational experience. Additionally, customers can tap into the latest technological

Benefits of Outotec services

developments from Outotec’s extensive research and

„„ Critical original spare parts in stock

development programs. Outotec delivers solutions from spare parts procurement and support, preventative maintenance programs, plant audits, through to

„„ Comprehensive process and equipment expertise

optimization and upgrades, project management and

„„ Minimize downtime and unscheduled


stoppages „„ Maximum operating performance

Equipment services As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) you are assured that Outotec’s spare parts and consumables are of the highest quality and specifically designed for the application. Through Outotec’s specialized manufacturing, procurement and logistics channels you will have the peace of mind of timely access to genuine parts whenever required. Outotec’s team of specialists understand the pressures of production. Our specialists will work with you to develop preventative maintenance programs and with regular involvement, offer optimal availability and reliability minimizing downtime.

Total service package from Outotec: Process support services nn Troubleshooting nn Optimization nn Simulation nn Integration nn Design nn Technology transfer nn Commissioning nn Process control analysis nn Training

Equipment services nn Spare parts and spare parts management nn Equipment inspections and maintenance nn Training Plant services nn Plant assessments nn Operation and maintenance support services nn Upgrades and modernizations nn Shutdown maintenance services

Finland, October 2011.

Outotec develops and provides technology solutions for the sustainable use of Earth’s natural resources. As the global leader in minerals and metals processing technology, Outotec has developed over decades several breakthrough technologies. The company also offers innovative solutions for the chemical industry, industrial water treatment and the utilization of alternative energy sources. Outotec shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. www.outotec.com

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