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Executive Summary Plastic Industry in India at a Glance Objective of the Study & Scope of the Study Research methodology Limitations of the Study

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Company Profile Product Profile Mission of Ori-plast limited Benchmarks Special Achievement & Awards Major Customers Organization Structure Marketing Channels of Ori-plast Limited Sales Analysis Of Ori-plast limited

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Marketing Mix Strategy of Ori-plast Ltd. Customer Satisfaction Policy of Ori-plast Ltd.

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Findings Suggestion


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Questionnaire Bibliography


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Institute of Business and Computer Studies

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Institute of Business and Computer Studies


DECLARATION I solemnly declare that the project report, submitted by me to the “ INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS AND COMPUTER STUDIES” , Bhubaneswar. Approved by U.G.C, Govt. of India, under SOA University is for the partial fulfilment of the course MBA in Marketing. I also declare that the report submitted by me is of my own and is not submitted to any other institution including the university or published at any time before.

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Nitin Sharma

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Regd. No :- 0841333349

Institute of Business and Computer Studies


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Exchange of idea has a new object which helps the person to work in a better way. Whenever a person is helped and co-operated by other his /her heart is bound to pay and obligation to them. Acknowledgement may not be more formalities but expression of deep sense of gratitude and cumulative appreciation. I am thankful to the management of Ori-Plast, Balasore, for giving me the opportunity to undergo project in their organization, which is a part of my MBA programme. I have the humble privileged to record my thanks to my estimated guide Mr. H. K Mohanty ( Marketing Manager in Ori-Plast ) for his constant supervision, worth fully guidance and suggestions. I offer my deep sense of heartful gratitude to my guide Mr. Sujit Kumar Patra for his lively support and encouragement for making this report success.

Nitin Sharma I.B.C.S

Institute of Business and Computer Studies


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Men have already become masters of this world as well as the universe as they have already climbed the greatest heights of mountains, visited the unknown depths of the oceans, deeply studied the mystery of the universe, explored the moon several times and now daring to unleash the symbol of life even on Mars. All the made possible due to scientific revolution. Research & Development, Inventories & Discoveries. Plastic is such a things, which is accompanying us in almost every sphere of life. Plastic is a manmade material, whose use is inevitable, ineluctable & ineradicable. Among all other available materials plastics are infallible, inviolable & invaluable, as it is the only material, which can be easily formed into various shapes by pressing, heating, mailing & moulding. It is a deserved to quote here that, “ plastic is a divine gift to mankind” by us. Plastics, known as the fourth generation of materials, have already found their place among the established materials & are invading newer theories today. Whether one is purchasing a milk pouch or watering the plant or driving a car to reach at the destination or typing on his personal computer or laptop for a business decision or is welcomed back at the door on the screen, one finds plastics to be one constant companion. It is truly an age of plastics. The history of growth of plastic pipes industry reflects the creativity, innovativeness & ability on the part of both producers & consumers to exploit the most out of the specific characteristic of these materials. There are many plastic industries in India, who are making products of various kind made of plastics out of those industrials, some are producing pipes & fittings, water tanks made of PVC & polyethylene ( high density & low density ) materials. Ori-Plast is a leading plastic pipe manufacturing industrial house in India. Ori-Plast started its manufacturing 42 years back at a time, when few people heard of them, much less understood their potential. Now Ori-Plast pipes are an ideal economical substitute of conventional in all possible conceivable use. Before the invention of modern plastics, the shapes of many articles that we use in everyday life were decided by the physical properties & validities of the materials of which they were made. Stone & wood, two very common such materials, have obvious limitations, for example, they cannot be cut very thin & they cannot be formed into different shapes. Plastics processes the properties like elasticity nonconductive, resistance to heat, cold, water and scratches normal to oil, water or acid. Plastic in India was a post world war phenomenon. The first plastic material “celluloid” was produced in1940. Until 1962, the global production of plastic was about 4-lakh tones. It went up to 10 million tones by 1962. The industry is expecting to grow at 5% world wide, almost 5 million tones per annum. Industries such as

Institute of Business and Computer Studies


automobiles, domestics appliances, packaging, travel luggage, consumer electronics & refrigeration are the main consumers of plastics. India produced basic polymers such as LDPE, HDPE & PVC, polypropylene, polystyrene etc. However, the demand has always outstripped local supplies & the industry has been largely dependent upon imported plastic resins. The plastic raw material consumption in India during 1970 was little over 9-lakh tones & these may exceed 3 million tones by 2005. The first thermoplastic resin plant came into begin in1945. The world per capita consumption has reached 1 kg in spite of many converters in the business. India has 20,000 converters out of 1-lakh in world. Until 1985, plastic exports have remained at low level of 60 million, but by 1992, they had grown to 110 million $. The main purpose of the study is an analytical of Ori-plast products performances as well as the perception of contemporary customers in today’s competitive environment. The study emphasizes on various features, benefits, strengths & weakness of the Ori-plast products. Chief Objectives : • • • • • • • • •

To, find out the current position & status of the company. To, find out the sales of the ori-plast & its share in the present plastic pipes market. To, find out the quality of the product. To, know the consumers buying attitude. To, evaluate the strength & weakness of the organization. To, evaluate the marketing strategy of ori-plast ltd. To, find out the brand awareness of Ori-plast products among the customers. To, identify the major competitors. To, find out opportunity & threats of Ori-plast ltd.

SCOPE OF THE STUDY Marketing Research is a systematic process of gathering, recording & analysis of fact, which assist professional in making rational decision. In the study various important aspects are highlighted, those mentioned below: • • • • •

The study gives an idea about the major competitors of the company. Identification of strength & weakness of the company. Identification of the areas, where R & D need to be more specific. Identification of attitudes preferred by dealers & direct customers towards Oriplast products. Identification of opportunities & threats for Ori-plast ltd.

Institute of Business and Computer Studies


Marketing Research: Function & Objective Research is a process of gathering, recording & analyzing of critical & relevant facts about any problem in any branch of human activity, like that, Marketing Research refers to the methods of finding & analyzing facts to assists manager’s in making rational marketing decision. Definition “ Marketing Research is the systematic problem analysis, model building & fact finding for the purpose of important decision making & control in the marketing of goods & services”. ( Philip Kotler )

Functions of Marketing Research Following are the functions of Marketing Research: a) It Facilitates The Decision-making Process: Marketing Research helps in making decisions. A manager as faced with various alternatives, but he has to choose the best alternatives. If he makes the decision by his own, he will be under a great risk, as his decision are not supporting by any relevant data. Here Marketing Research comes to help or aid. The information gathered through marketing research will help the managers to make right choice among the various alternatives. b) It helps to Reduce Risk Associated With The Decision-Making Process: Decision-making is made for future. But future is always is uncertain. Marketing Research helps in reducing the uncertainties that may arouse in future. Marketing Research provides a solid base for decision-making process. Research provides information regarding future. It anticipates the future. Since the techniques of Marketing Research are based on scientific methods, it can provide a definite fact for decision-making process. c) It helps in Discovering the Profitable Opportunities: It helps the firm in discovering opportunities, which can be profitability exploited. Marketing Research helps in finding out the profitable opportunities for the marketer through a search for the good opportunities from the market. Example: The concept of Milk Powder for making tea & coffee, where the consumption is high but availability of milk is difficult, by ‘Everyday’ milk powder has been a grand success, which was possible because of marketing research. Institute of Business and Computer Studies


The chief objectives are: a) To measure promotional effects: Market is changing rapidly. Companies follow different strategies to promote a product or a service. Research enables the researcher to measure the strength & weakness of the promotion mix elements to achieve better result. b) To Measure Consumers Responses: Companies are keen to know the consumer response for all its efforts made in delivering the product. Studying consumer response can be known through market product testing. Consumers satisfaction & dissatisfaction, helps the companies to improve the product in terms of quality, design, size, colour, appearance & So. c) To Know The Buyer: Marketing is linked with people always. Each firm tends to know all persons, who are willing to pay for the firm’s products & services. The knowledge includes about number of buyer, frequency of buying, location, social category & So on. d) To Know Market Cost & Profits: Market cost means, an input employed by a company to execute its marketing program. And, today the market cost has raised to such an extend that, optimization of profit has became a big problem. Research makes marketing management cost conscious & which helps in its control & reduction & as a result profit rises. e) To Master The External Forces: Each company needs reliable information about competitions, company shares, expansions, government policies. Technical changes, etc. These forces always changes & in turn affects the market. So, research in these areas is a most to survive & become successful. f) To Design & Implement Marketing Control: Marketing Control is the final job in marketing management. The marketing performance should be monitored & feed backed by comparing the actual performance with the standard. Through which we can easily point out the deviations, if any. Then, we can rectify them & provide revision for that. RESEARCH PROCESS Research process consists of series of actions or steps necessary to carry out the research effectively. It consists of the following steps. Institute of Business and Computer Studies


Step 1 : Formulating the Research Problem: Selecting the Research problem is 1 st step of any research process. There are 2 types of research problems: • •

Those which relates to state of nature. Those which relate relationship between variables.

The 1st work of a researcher is to find out the problems he wants to study. There are many aspects while formulating the Research Problem, such as: • • • •

Understanding the problem. Surveying the Materials. Discussion with colleagues & people having relevant knowledge. Knowing the suitability of time, period, sources, limits & scope of the problem etc.

Step 2: Extensive Literature Survey: The 2nd step is to write down the brief summary of the problem. So an extensive literature study is required here. Journal, conference proceeding’s Govt. reports, books etc. are helpful. A good library helps greatly at this stage. Step 3: Development of a Working Hypothesis: It is the step in which, the researcher stages clearly the hypothesis that is to be proved or rejected. It can be developed through the following approaches. • • • •

Discussion with colleagues & Experts & seeking a solution. Examine of available data or records, which are helpful in the problem. Review of similar studies and similar problems. Personal investigation including field interviews to get a deep picture of the practical aspects of the problem.

Step 4: Preparing the Research Design: The Researcher required preparing a research design. The preparation of the research Design involves the following aspects: • • • • •

The means of obtaining the information. The skill of the Researcher & his staffs. Explanation of the selected means for obtaining the information. The time available for research. The cost involved in conducting the research etc.

Step 5: Determining the Sample Design: Institute of Business and Computer Studies


It is practically impossible to carry on a research on the whole class of the subject matter or the ‘population’, which is universal in nature. Hence, we select only few items from the Universe or class or population for our studies, which represented the whole class or population. Technically these smaller representatives of the whole class or population are called a ‘sample’. The researcher must decide the way of selecting the sample, which is called Sample Design. The important Sample Designs are: • • • • • • •

Deliberate Sampling: purpose or non-probability sampling. Simple Random Sampling: Chance or probability sampling. Systematic Sampling. Stratified Sampling: ( Non-homogeneous group ) Data Sampling/ Area Sampling. On the stage sampling & Sequential Sampling.

Step 6: Data Collection: The task of data collection being out after a research problem has been defined & research design has been chalked out. Without a correct data a successful study is not possible. There are 2 types of data collection i.e, • •


Primary Data: Primary Data can be collected either through experiment or survey. For this project, the primary data are collected mainly from dealers, sub dealers & consumers of Ori-plast in Balasore & Bhadrak district with the help of structured & undistinguished questionnaires & personal interview.

Secondary Data: Secondary Data were mainly collected from internal source like company’s sales figure, company profile, sale call report, inventory records, dealers record, customer records etc.

Step 7: Execution of the Project: It is the very important step in research process. If it proceeds on the correct lines; the collected data will be accurate & dependable. Collection of data should be systematic, realistic & well controlled. Step 8: Analysis of Data: After data collection, next step involves in analyzing them. The various processes, such as coding, editing, tabulating etc. should be done with perfection use of symbols, graphs, tables, images, avoidance of grammatical mistakes & clarity is checked here. Step 9: Hypothesis Testing: Institute of Business and Computer Studies


After analysis the researcher is in a position to test the hypothesis. Does the hypothesis proved or rejected? Various tests, such as ‘Z’ test, ‘T’ test, ‘F’ test chisquare test, Anova etc. have been developed by statisticians for this purpose. Hypothesis testing results in either accepting the hypothesis or rejecting it. Step 10: Generalization & Interpretation: If a hypothesis is tested & upheld several times, it is possible for the researcher to arrive at a generalization. In fact, the real value of a research uses in the ability to arrive at a certain generalizations. If the researcher had no hypothesis to being with he might seek to explain his findings on the basis of some theory i.e. interpretation. Interpretation trigger new queation, which in turn may lead to future researches.

Step 11: Preparation of the Report/Thesis: Finally, the researcher has to prepare the report. The layout of the report should be as follows. a) The preliminary Pages: • • • • •

Title Acknowledgement Foreword Table of Contents List of Tables, Graph etc.

b) The main Text: • • •

Introduction Main Report Conclusion

c) The End Matter: • • •

Appendices Bibliography Index.

Research Design:

Descriptive- cross sectional type approach survey.

Institute of Business and Computer Studies


Research Measurement:

Well-structured questionnaire. ( A copy of the questionnaire is appended) •


The existing customer & dealer. •

Data collection Method:

Personal interaction & interview. •

Sampling Techniques:

Simple random sampling of different industries. •

Sampling Size:

50 different customers/dealers. • • • •

Time constraint to office hours only. Insufficient information about the product. Non-co-operation attitude of some respondents. Sometimes fabricated & manipulated information from respondent.

Institute of Business and Computer Studies



Institute of Business and Computer Studies


BRIEF PROFILE OF THE COMPANY Ori-Plast Limited, a registered small-scale unit, is a plastic processing Unit. This was established in the year 1965 in the name and style of Orissa Plastics. This industry was promoted by Sri Swank Ram Gadwall & Associates. It was converted to Private Limited Company in the year 1990 And to a Public Limited Company in year 1994. This unit is located as Balas ore in the State of Orissa in Eastern India. It is about 200 KM. away from the State Capital Bhubaneswar , towards north of N.H. 5 and on the rail line connection to Howrah .Balasore is about 230 KM. away from Kolkata towards south on rail . Ori-Plast prides itself to be associated with rise and growth of polymer industries in India since mid sixties . During last 35 years if hard Work and with in house R&D works, Ori-Plast has become one of the Leading plastic processing units in the country, be it in the fields of Tube Well application, Water supply lines or chemical and edibles transportation, Effluent collection & disposal system, hydro transport system, gas /compressed Air system, submarine & under water pipe lines, agriculture, sprinklers etc… Ori-Plast has been accepted as a quality manufacturer for products for different use by UNICEF, RITES, NTPC, SAIL, Ports, Mines and other Leading and famed institution like Tate consulting Engineers, Engineers India Limited etc… Ori-Plast has received a number of Awards for its quality products And export performance from different Govt. Organizations such as Productivity council, PLEXCONCIL etc……… The company has already been awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certification vides license No. QSC / L –006033.1 for manufacturer Supply of HDPE Pipes and fittings, PVC Pipes & fittings, Direct Action Hand Pumps, Sprinkler System for Irrigation and polyethylene pipes and Fittings for Supply of Gaseous Fuels Excluding Design and Development Activities. 2: History The twilight era of independent India witnessed the lunching of Numerous industrial projects for rated growth of industrialization in the Country to make the economy string. Ori-Plast Limited was the torchbearer For private sector integrated plastic pipe manufacturing organization in Orissa Came into existence in the year 1965 and carried the banner of industry revolution for the nascent republic.

Institute of Business and Computer Studies


Incorporated in the year of 1965 M/s – ORI – PLAST LIMITED, Formerly known as Orissa Plastics started its manufacturing articles in a very Small way in mostly with plastic consumer products till 1968. Since then it Was a long way to its present status of a light engineering industry (as Defined by N.S.I.C, D.G.S and D) and the leader in the field of custom Made pipeline system for industries. Now the company produces 7 major Varieties of product including play-balls and solvent cement for jointing PVC Pipes and fitting etc. It has produced employment opportunities to a large number of local people . In India , ORI – PLAST a leading plastic pipe manufacturing industrial house started its commercial production 36 years back at a time when few people heard of these type products much less understood the potential . Beginning with an install capacity of only about 50 tones of thermoplastics processing’s , the company now has got the annual install capacity of 6000 M.T… of HDPE pipes ( high density polyethylene ) and 9000 M.T…of rigid and flexible PVC pipes and fitting sprinkle irrigation system 36000 sets , direct action hand pumps 18000 sets . Besides company has got about 400 M.T.. rot moulding and injection moulding capacities .The company is also in the manufacturing of high temperature and chemical resistance pipes in fiber glass reinforced plastics ( F.R.P.) , F.R.P-PVC combinations poly propylene and ABS in sizable quantities . The product conform to Is ( India Standard ) as well as various foreign standards like BS ,ASTM , DIN and ISO are for transportation of portable water line , plumbing pipes , sewerage line , rain water line , tube well , chemical and slurry , ash disposal line , dredging pipe line and water , chemical storage etc . The company is well known in business for its quantity, timely commitment and competitiveness in price .For this company has own several export awards at the national and state level since 1981. Today the company is well known in business circle for its quantity, timely commitment and competitiveness in price. For this the company has own several export awards at the national and state level since 1981. Today the company is in the threshold of a rapid expansion and growth in a highly potential environment with 44 years of hard earned experience and expertise behind the company is looking forward for the future , where all conventional pipelines material currently in use at enormous National disadvantages will be replaced by plastic pipeline system . The company is having a group of talented professionals who are heading different branches and developing the products with in house technology.

Institute of Business and Computer Studies





1965 ( AS ORISSA PLASTIC ) This converted to ori-plast ltd. in 1994

ADDRESS: REGD. SALES AND ADMN. OFFICE 40, STAND ROAD, 3RD FLOOR, ROOM NO.9, KOLKATA-700 001 Phone No. : 91-00-2243 3396/3397 Fax. No. : 91-33-2243 2395 E-mail : [email protected] : [email protected] Website : www.oriplast.com CORPORATE OFFICE: 9A, WOOD STREET, KOLKATA-700 016. Phone. No. : 91-33-2283 9054 Fax no : 91-33-2283 9059 E-mail : [email protected] WORKS: O.T.ROAD, BALASORE, PO/DIST-BALASORE-756001(ORISSA) Phone No : 91-6782-264551/52/53 Fax. No. : 91-6782-262551 E-mail : [email protected] REGIONAL MARKETING OFFICE: DHRUVATARA APARTMENTS, FLAT NO. 6A, 6TH FLOOR, AMRUTHA ESTATE, SOMAJIGUDA, HYDERABAD-500082 ( A.P.) Phone. No. : 91-40-2337 5618, 91-40-5598 3033 Fax. No. : 91-40-2337 5618 E-mail : [email protected], [email protected] CONTACT PERSON: MR. K. R. K.. PRASAD

Institute of Business and Computer Studies


BRANCH & LIAISON: (1): ROOM NO.709, 7TH FLOOR, 91 BHANDARI HOUSE, NEHRU PLACE, NEW DELHI-110 019, Phone. No. : 91-11-2643164/41552025 Fax. No.

: 91-11-2433 3164-22


: [email protected]

CONTACT PERSON: MR. A.K. ANAND. (2): DOOR NO. 5-2-336/A, HYDERBASTI, SECUNDERABAD-500 003. Phone. No.: 2754 3033 Fax. No.

: 91-40-2754 2155



: 45164 sq.ft.


: 2268 sq.ft.


: 19380 sq.ft.




: 66812 sq.ft.


: 248831 sq.ft.

DEPTS INTO WHICH FACTORY IS DIVIDED: Production, Quality Control Commercial, Stores, Purchase, Etc.

Institute of Business and Computer Studies



: 662 KVA


: 1000 KVA


: 220 KVA


: RS. 600.00 LACS : RS. 697.00 LACS

CAPITAL STRUCTURE : 2007-2008 Rs. 5.00cr Rs. 4.94cr Rs. 9.72cr Rs. 5.11cr

2008-2009 Rs. 5.00cr Rs. 4.94cr Rs. 9.95cr Rs. 5.86cr

1. Govt. Dept 2. Pvt. Parties 3. Export

2006-2007 Rs. 9.29cr. Rs. 40.03cr. Rs. 1.52cr.

2007-2008 Rs. 22.91cr. Rs. 67.42cr. Rs. 1.37cr.

2008-2009 Rs. 10.20cr. Rs. 61.61cr. Rs. 2.27cr.


Rs. 50.84cr.

Rs. 91.70cr.

Rs. 74.09cr.

1. Authorized 2. Paid Up 3. Reserve 4. Borrowing

2006-2007 Rs. 5.00cr Rs. 3.55cr Rs. 6.25cr Rs. 5.16cr


PROFIT & LOSS IN LAST 3 YEAR : YEAR 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009

TOTAL SALES RS.5083.57 LACS RS.9170.46 LACS RS.7408.67 LACS

NET PROFIT RS. 110.59 LACS RS. 181.29 LACS RS. 173.29 LACS


Institute of Business and Computer Studies


MANUFACTURING FACILITIES : • Extrusion Process. • Injection moulding process. • Pump manufacturing. • Sprinkler manufacturing. Production Process Ori-Plast extrusion operation factory based at Balasore, Orissa offer the widest range of plastic pipe fittings for different purpose of uses. As a leader in plastic pipe manufacturing business, it produces various categories of types of pipes i.e., PVC, HDPE, FRP, PP etc. the main process of the production system is known as extrusion process. Extrusion process is a continuous process, which goes seven steps, 0.

Raw material compounding or mixing


Hopper feeding


Pass through screw and barrel


Pass through die-heard zone




Pass through Haulf


Cutter In the extrusion process of PVC, first of all PVC resin mixed to the other ingredients like TBLS ( Tri Basic Lead Sulphate ), DBLS (Di Basic Lead Sulphate ),Wax, stearic acid etc. in a high speed mixture up to temperature indicates 100 centigrade to wake it a heterogeneous mixture. But in case of extrusion process of HDPE, the raw materials of HDPE is coming shape of pallets which put inside and oven for pre-heating at 50 centigrade. EXSTRUSION PROCESS OF PLASTIC PIPES RAW MATERIAL + ADDITIVES COMPUNDING OR MIXING HOPPER FEEDING PASS THROUGH EXTRUDER GO TO SCREW AND BARREL PIPE EXTRUDER THROUGH DIE-HEARD ZONE AND SIZING DIE HAULF COOLING CUTTER

Institute of Business and Computer Studies


FINAL SHAPE After that the compounded materials feed in to the hopper of the extruder manually or through vacuum feeding process. Then the material goes to the extruder to heat the specific temperature. It is heart of the machine. The hot melted materials pass through screw and barred, then external parameter heating change the powdered material into viscous liquid or plasticised. After that the plasticised materials pass through die to take shape of the product, then it pass through the sizing die to take the final shape. Before reaching the take-up zone finally the pipe pass through the frozen bath for cooling. The stretching of the pipe is done according to production requirement in a synchronized manner to attain the regular wall thickness throughout length of pipe and after that the pipe pass through the cutting zone to cut down its required length. Product Profile Eastern India’s leading plastic pipe plant was started by Ori-Plast at Balasore, Orissa in the year 1965 and it has unsurpassed enterprise in every aspect of plastic pipe business design, manufacture and application for various purpose. Along with Ori-Plast has promoted Orissa Plastic Processing Ltd. From Ori-Plast, shapes with a circum scribing circle diameter range of 60 mm OD and 1/2" to 12" NB, also according to the customer’s choice able size i.e., PVC, HDPE, PP conforming to various Indian and overseas standard such as IS, ASTM, BS, DIM, and ISO.


Institute of Business and Computer Studies


Product Specification

Size and Dimension

IS : 4985

16 mm to 630 mm OD


1/2" to 12"

BS : 3505

1/2" to 24"

DIN : 4925/IS :12818

40 mm to 315 mm NB

ISO : 4422

20 mm to 630 mm NB

IS :132818

15 mm to 315 mm NB

SWR Pipes

75 mm to 110 mm NB

IS : 14106


Besides this company manufacturer flexible PVC for agries hoses, PVC garden hoses and flat hoses etc. Typical Usage :It is used in water supply system like potable water lines, cooling water lines, service pipes. It is used for drainage pipe system like as surface and rain water, waste water, mains, sub soil water etc. Sewerage pipe system is used for domestic, salary, waste, discharge system in chemical and food processing industry. Agriculture and horticulture for supply of water. It is used for curing construction of missionary works. Paper industry, chemical industry and sugar industry. Telecommunication and cable ducting. It is used for irrigation pipe system such as field, tea plantation. It is used for tube well systems even hard rock and alluvial soils. Advantages of PVC Pipe : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Safe drinking water at low cost. Less energy consumption. It can be joined easily with metal pipes. Low frictional losses. Light in weight and easy to handle. Water absorption less than 4mg/ c.m2. Meat reversion less than 5%. Present neap and smart appearance. No rodent menace. Saving in plumbing cost. Resistance to soil movement.

Institute of Business and Computer Studies


Profile of H.D.P.E ( High profile polyethylene ) The advent of the knowledge and the technology that thermo plastic materials can be converted in to pipe from and its first commercial utilization in late twenty six of last country was a significant phenomenon both in the rapidly expanded filed of pipe line engineering. High Density Polyethylene ( H.D.P.E ) pipe are one of the two largest thermoplastic pipe systems available and by far the most versatile. Ori-Plast HDPE pipe are manufacturers from world renowned pipe grade materials such as Hostalen G.M.

Ori-Plast HDPE product range. Product Specifications

Size & Dimension

IS : 4984

20 mm to 600 mm OD

BS : 3284

1/2" to 6” NB

DIN : 8074-8075

20 mm to 600 mm OD

IS : 554/BS-21

1/2" to 2” NB

IS : 8008/8360

20 mm to 600 mm OD

DIN : 16963

20 mm to 600 mm OD

IS : 14151/94

40 mm to 600 mm OD

Typical Usages : Ori-Plast HDPE pipe in inert to chemicals, non-toxic does not impart any taste or small its application are innumerable. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

In water supply system it used in water mains, distribution, service pipes and slurry disposal. In drainage pipe system it is used in disposal of surface and rain water, waste water, mains and sub-soil water. In sewage pipe system it is used in domestic, sanitary, industrial corrosive effluents disposal, internal sewers, main sewers, sub rains etc. In irrigation pipe system it is used in fields, tea plantation (sprinkler irrigation system) and liquid fertilizer. It is used in suction and delivery pipe in pump sets and as suction pipe in tube well with hand pump.

Institute of Business and Computer Studies


6. 7.

In sprinkler irrigation it used in lawns, Golf course, gardens, nurseries etc. It is used in transportation of oil and petroleum such as oil main, crude oil flow pipes, petroleum gases, refinery process etc. 8. It also is used in ducting process such as air-conditioning, refrigeration, humidification extracting pipes. Advantages of HDPE pipes : 1. Light in weight and easy to handle 2. Less energy consumption during production 3. Low frictional resistance due to smooth inner surface 4. Flexural strength resistance 315 kg/cm2 5. Resistance to all type of chemicals 6. Abrasion resistance 7. Durability at abrasive conditions on 7% V/V sand and water to 14% V/V sand and water 8. Life expectancy 9. Low thermal conductivity and specific heat properties of HDPE 10. Greater bursting strength because of their flexibility 11. Good dielectric strength ( 800 kv/cm2 ) 12. Easy jointing 13. Inner to chemical, nontoxic and does not import any taste or smell Profile of PP ( POLY PROPYLENE ) PRODUCTS Ori-Plast poly propylene pipes ate made of propylene coplymers of world renowned manufacturers such as MONTEDISION group (“Mopen” EP-Q 30 RN/C ) and SHELL CHEMICALS ( GET 6100 ). Those are random copolymers of ethylene ( 2to 5 percent ) and propylene, specially designed to give unique tamer made properfies like increased recline, light weight, wide range chemical resistance including better environment stress, crack resistance, better mechanical, thermal and creep properties.

Ori-Plast PP Product Range. Product Specification

Size & Dimension

BS : 4991

1/2" to 12" NB

DIN : 8077

16 mm to 315 mm OD

ASTM : D-152775 PRP Pipes and Pipe Fittings

1/2" to 12" NB

Institute of Business and Computer Studies


Typical Usages : Ori-Plast propylene pipes are excellent substitutes for metal pipes in the following applications or usages – 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Food processing industry Pharmaceutical industry Hot water lines – ducting etc in building industry Normal potable water supply system Transportation it slurries Fly ash discharge lines in thermal power station Inorganic chemical industry Agriculture sprinkler irrigation in particular

Advantages of Ori-Plast Polypropylene Products : 1. Very good mechanical strength and toughness 2. High abrasion resistance for conveying solid slurry 3. Resistance to wide range of chemicals and solvents 4. Resistance to weathering-suitable for out door exposure as well 1. Light weight and easy to install 2. Less power consumption in production 3. Faster installation and less labors requirements 4. Reliability to 25 times outside diameter-conventions transport and store 5. Resistance to fungi 6. High thermal ability up to 100 degree centigrade of non-pressure intermittent service 7. Ori-Plast polypropylene pipe withstand them because of its inherent elasticity and toughness SPECIAL PRODUCT Ori-Plast achievement domestic market leadership, thanks to focus on quality, performance, design and customer service, value addition showed sharp increase which leads to higher export volume achieved. Export markets expanded to Egypt, Denmark, Ethiopia, South Korea etc. Due to markets development activities for agriculture water supply, chemical industry, irrigation, food and petroleum etc. was pursued with vigor, yielding significant contribution to sales. LIST OF PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED BY ORI-PLAST LTD. Description of items



1.HDPE Products Pipe & pipe fittings Pipe & Pipe fittings Pipe & Pipe fittings Pipes (threaded)

20mm to 630mm OD 16 mm to 500mm OD 1/2" to 6” NB 1/2" to 2” NB threads upper

Institute of Business and Computer Studies

IS : 4984 DIN : 8074 BS : 3284 IS : 5541BS-21


Sprinklers Irrigation System

50mm to 90mm

IS : 1415/9-9

16mm to 315mm OD 1/2" to 12” NB 1 1/2" to 8” NB 75mm to 110mm OD

I : 4985

2.PVC Products Pipe & pipe fittings Pipe Ribbed well screen pipe SWR Pipe fittings DAHP direct action hand pump

DIN: 4925/IS :12 IS : 19160/96

3.PP Products Pipe & Pipe fittings Pipe & Pipe fittings ABS Pipe fittings RPF Pipe & Pipe fittings Nylon, ABS, PVC

1/2" to 12” NB BS : 4991 16mm to 315mm OD DIN : 8077 1/2" to 12” NB ASIAN-D-1527 As per customer design and specification Injection molded items Different size As per customer design

HDPE, PP, Polystyrene etc. specification. Expertise in erection of HDPE, PVC, PP, FRP pipes in Turkey basis. Ori-Plast Ltd. Is involves for manufacturer plastic pipe. Fittings products by means of Extrusion and molding process respectively. The company Ori-Plast Ltd. Is one of the producers in the line of plastic pipes in India, started its manufacturing at a time when few people heard of than much less understood their potential. Of all the plastic materials which can be made available in the form of extruded pipes, unplasticised polyvinyl chloride ( U-PVC or Rigid PVC as in commonly known ) has been found to process the best combination of properties and economy. It is the widely used plastics for system world over. In the USA, Europe and Japan combined together, 30% of the PVC plastics produced is used for pipe system. It accounts for the 75% of the total quantity of plastic pipe produced in those countries. POLY VINYL CHLORIDE ( P.V.C. ) Poly Vinyl Chloride ( PVC ) Plastics are produced by combining PVC resins ( a petrochemical product ) with various types of stabilizers, lubricants, pigments, fillers and processing aids. In order to make it flexible plasticisers are added. This PVC products can be broadly divided in three categories: 1. Rigid PVC ( un-plasticised PVC, commonly known as U-PVC ) 2. Flexible PVC ( commonly known as plasticised PVC ) 3. Cellular PVC ( commonly known as toned PVC )

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Ori-Plast pipe systems out of PVC material suitable for making pipe for portable cold water suppliers, well casing, well and creaser and other pipe systems come and rigid ( un-plasticised category ). Ori-Plast P.V.C. pipes can be used in all sewerage and drainage, waste and rain water. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Agriculture. Tube wells, even in hard rock and all vial soil. Paper industry. Sugar industry. Chemical industry. Telecommunication/Cable ducting. Sprinkler irrigation system.

TECHNICAL DATA OF ORI-PLAST U-PVC PIPES The average term of fluids to be carried in these pipes should non exceed 65 C.PVC is a synthetic material light in weight, impermeable to fluid and gasses and resistant to a wide range of chemicals and has very high electrical resistively. It does not support combustion. CHEMICAL PROPERTIES U-PVC has an excellent resistance to Acids, Alkaline and salts in all concentration. The most versatile range of U-PVC pipe is available in working pressure rating of 2.5,4,6 and 10 kgf/cm2 as per IS : 4985. available in GRAY Colors and in very wide ranges from 20mm to 215mm outside diameter, they are worst economically joined solvent cement widely used in transportation of drinking water, sewerage, rain water, salt water, acids, alkaline, aggressive fluids and gases pulverized ducting for exhaust of irrigation project ducting for exhaust of vapors, electrical conducts and even in tube wells as well causing pipes up to 2900ft deep. THE ORI-PLAST HDPE FAMILY (High density Polyethylene Pipes) The quality HDPE pipe produced by Ori-Plast, which the major media of the system has been proved in the country and abroad. This is strictly manufactured as per IS, DIN, ASTM, ISO standards and also as per customers specifications. The application of Ori-Plast HDPE Pipes : 1. Water supply system : For portable water lines as water mains distribution and service times for coupling and chilled water lines. Available from 20mm to 600mm out side diameter and pressure rating up-to 15kgt/cm2 2. Drainage Pipe system : Institute of Business and Computer Studies


For surface and rain water waste water mains, sub-soil water sizes 20mm to 50mm out side diameter and pressure rating up-to 10kgf/cm2 3. Sewerage Pipe system: For domestic and industrial sanitary application main sewers, sub-mains and internal sewers. 4. Industrial Pipe system: a) For process lines carrying corrosive chemicals, alkaline or acidic medium pipe lines for treatment plants as well as for acids alkalis, salt solution plant efficient disposal. b) Process lines and the food processing industries handing pulps juices etc. available in size 20mm to 50mm out side diameter and pressure rating up-to 15 kgf/cm2. 5. Tube Well System : As section in tube well with hand pipe. 6. Ducting System : a) For air condition, refrigeration, humidification, chemicals fuels and exhaust lines. b) As ducting/conduct for power cables, to protect them aggressive soil, conduction, moisture and mechanical damages. 7. High abrasive Pipe System : This is a highly interesting application where specially HDPE pipes are used for showing of mines, dewatering prinsodreding in ports, river, irrigation canal transportation of abrasive scurry, mineral one concentrates, boiler ash tailings slims wood chips, paper pulps and all such and all such particular solids under high pressure. There are specialized Ori-Plast pipe system along with fittings and accessories and such applications. 8. Irrigation Pipe System : Sprinkler drip irrigation lines and accessories for tea gardens, unserious golf course etc. 9. Irrigation Pipe System : Per national and coal gas mains and distribution lines, service connection etc. in addition Ori-Plast make complete range of pipe fittings and accessories for every application all the pipes and fittings are manufactured and tested as per the strict quality control standards in Ori-Plast modern and well-equipped plant and laboratories when any one buy an Ori-Plast product. One can by the expertise of 75 years behind it.

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ADVANTAGES OF HDPE PIPES : -Light weight and transportability -Resistance to chemicals -Low frictional resistance -Flexural strength MECHANICAL PROPERTIES : HDPE pipes can be expressed to temperature up-to 80 degree centigrade for prolonged period and even up-to 120 degree centigrade depending on the load and the duration of the exposure. As temperature rises from 70 degree centigrade, strength decreased. The nature pressure can be tolerated on a long term basis ( 50 years ) must be reduced fir higher temperature. Ori-plast Water Storage Tanks as per IS: 12701: Manufactured with improved equipment, Ori-plast water storage tanks are available in 2 types- Vertical Tank ( 200-1000 liters ) and Loft Tank ( 200 ).

ADVANTAGES : • • • •

Economical, hygienic and odorless. Lightweight-easy to handle and install, reduces dead load on structure. Seamless one piece model, leak-proof, corrosion-proof & maintenance free. Resistance to stress cracking & can withstand any atmospheric condition.

PETROLEUM & GAS APPLICATION MDPE Pipes as per ISO : 4437/IS : 14885 : The trust for betterment led to development of MDPE shortly after the lunch of second generation HDPE. This material has the same MRS as HDPE ( PE-80 ) but offers better resistance to crack propagation a vital requirement for a gas distribution network. The company has taken a major step by introducing a new generation of MDPE pipes for gas distribution networks, based on the guidelines contained in the BIS draft proposal for specification on “Buried PE pipes for the supply of gaseous fuels”. The PE gas pipes manufactured out of Cadmium free, yellow MDPE designated as ELTEX TUB-172, PE-80, are tested under a fully integrated Quality Assurance System. Ori-plast MDPE pipes are ideally suited for transportation of petroleum products like natural gas and coal gas from source to user. ADVANTAGES OF ORI-PLAST MDPE PIPES: Institute of Business and Computer Studies


• • • • • •

Ideal substitute for CI concrete pipes, owing to its flexibility and resistance to technical, abrasion, rodent etc. Later modification and easy repair of the piping system possible. Long life, tough & ductile with good creep properties. Higher strengths and resistance against rapid crack propagation & slow crack propagation. Smooth interior surface-No deposition, encrustation & leaching. Resistance to aggressive media, soil and frost.

JOINING: Joining through electro fusion welding to from Leak proof joints. PRODUCT RANGE: Ori-plast MDPE pipes and fittings are available from 16mm to 315mm as per ISO: 4437, IS: 14885-2001 in varying pressure of SDR: 9,11, 13.6 & 17.6 WATER TRANSPORTATION & IRRIGATION SYSTEMS: uPVC Pipes & fittings as per IS: 4985/2000: Introduced as a cost effective solution for the India farming community, IS: 4985 uPVC pipes account for more than half the production of the Indian Plastic pipes industry. Versatile, they are today also used for other applications like sanitation, sewerage, rainwater, bore wells, industrial applications such as sugar & fertilizer industries, reusable applications, cable ducting, etc. PRODUCT RANGE: Available in all size from 16mm nominal dia to 630 nominal dia. They are made with varying wall thickness, to withstand pressures from 2.5 kgf to 20kgf in all sizes. ADVANTAGES OF ORI-PLAST 4985 Upvc PIPES: • • • • • •

Highly economic and versatile, ideally suited for a variety of applications. More resilient and strong due to less filler content. ( Specific Gravity 1.41 ). Lightweight with large impact-to-weight ratio facilitates easy handling, transportation & installation. Removable and re-usable. ( electrometric ring fittings ) Strong resistance to chemicals makes them ideal for industrial applications. Large diameter options make them ideal for sewerage applications.

JOINING: A variety to fittings are available to suit joining by both Solvent Cement & Electrometric Ring methods. Jointing techniques have shifted to Electrometric from Institute of Business and Computer Studies


the earlier Solvent Cement ( as per an amendment to IS 4985 ) making them suitable for all temporary lines as well as fixed lines. Ori-plast Solvent Cement has high viscosity stability, excellent bonding performances, and free from gelation. Thixotropic, it consists substantially of solvents that swell unplasticised PVC resin. CONDUITS & DUCTING APPLICATIONS: Plb HDPE Telecom Ducts as per DoT: G/CDS- 08/01: Ori-plast Permanently lubricated HDPE Telecom Ducts for use, as underground optical fibre cable conduits are a new-age application that finds great demand in developing countries like India, which seek an expansion in its telecommunication infrastructure. A unique product, the internally and permanently Lubricated pipes are used in speedy laying of long lengths of cables with the help of cable blowing system. ADVANTAGES: • • • • • • •

Resistant to environmental stress. No cracking, swelling or leakage. Savings on manpower and costs due to easy and rapid installation. Easy handling and transportation due to its low weight. Highly resistant to corrosive water and aggressive soil conditions. High impact strength protects it from heavy vehicular movement. Long Lasting and trouble-free maintenance. Elastic with high flexural strength.

PRODUCT RANGE: Ori-plast Plb HDPE Telecom ducts are available in continuous lengths of 500 or 1000 meters in sizes 32/26mm, 40/33mm and 50/42mm per DOT: G/CDS-08/01. a wide range of accessories such as duct couplers, End Plugs and Cable Sealing Plugs for use in underground optical fibre cable conducts is also available. SPRINKLERS, HAND PUMPS & GARDEN HOSES Sprinkler System as per IS: 14151: A system where water is conveyed through HDPE pipes and gets distributed uniformly over the field under pressure through a system of nozzles. It is also an alternative and efficient method of land shaping and levelling undulation. Checks topsoil erosion. Available in a range of 50 – 110mmdia with quick coupling arrangement with readyto-install HDPE pipe fittings. ADVANTAGES:

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• • • •

Water economy. Manpower saving. Easy installation & Operation. Energy Saving.

Direct Action Hand Pump Assembly as per IS: 14106: Capable of lifting uncontaminated ground water from geological strata up to 15m depth, Ori-plast Direct Action Hand Pump ( DAHP ) does not require any priming. The pump rod assembly within is light weight with high displacement capacity, implying less effort for the upward stroke. The well casing and well screen are made of Ori-plast uPVC pipes. ADVANTAGES: • • • •

Corrosion resistant, since pump rod assembly parts are made of plastic and rubber. Smooth bore discourages bacterial growth. Extremely sturdy & suitable for use in rural areas too. Long life and maintenance free.

DRAINAGE & SEWERAGE SYSTEM: FLOWEL uPVC S.W.R. DRAINAGE SYSTEM AS PER IS : 13592 : Recognizing the potential of PVC pipes being already used in diverse applications, Ori-plast introduced a long-term solution- Flowel, for drainage & sewerage applications. The Flowel range is ideal for both residential and commercial premises of any height, due to its superior properties as compared to conventional systems such as C.I. & Asbestors. PRODUCT RANGE: • • •

110mm pipe for draining of night soil. Fixture such as latrines and urinals are connected through branch pipes. 75mm size pipe for draining waste matter. Fixture such as baths, sinks and washbasins are connected through branch pipes. A Varity of fittings to suit both pipes are available.


Easy handling, transportation & installation. The lightweight & flexible prefabricated subsystems result in substantial saving of time and money. Unaffected by a wide range of chemicals. High Flow Rate throughout life due to smooth internal surface.

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• • • • •

Excellent outdoor weathering performance due to specially blended UV stabilized compound. Aesthetic Superiority to conventional CI and AC systems. Special treatment at compounding stage ensures that the product is immune from rodent attack. Trouble-free functioning saves on inspection & maintenance costs. Not prone to mechanical damages due to handling and transportation due to high impact strength.

JOINING: Ori-plast Flowel UPVC SWR fittings are equipped with a unique collar-piece with moulded grooves to completely eliminate possible displacement of the elastomeric ring at the time of installation. Joining also possible with solvent cement. MISSION OF ORI-PLAST LIMITED The mission of Ori-plast limited is to provide quality products through continuous improvement of product & services through process control & management commitment. In the company website www.oriplast.com everybody can see a page containing a heading ‘our mission’. There the following quotation will be found. “To add value to all our stock holders, that is to our customers, by fulfilling their needs for superior goods; to our employees by providing them with the opportunity to develop & to rediscovery themselves; to our equity holders by maximizing return on capital invested; and to our society at large by making it a better, healthier & happier place to leave.” Therefore, from the above one can get a very clear idea regarding the mission of Oriplast limited. The chief objective of Ori-plast ltd. is to fulfil all the needs of their customers by providing them value added products & give maximum emphasis to its employees to grow & develop & to give maximum return on their investment to the investors. It also depicted its responsibility to the society. Therefore, it can be concluded that in the era of Globalization, the mission of Oriplast ltd. is well suited.

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Ori-plast successfully completed the job of SEA WATER INTAKE SYSTEM on turnkey basis, using 450mm OD HDPE pipes with specially designed suction blocks, for M/s Thappar Water Base, Chennai.

The Indian iron and steel co. ltd. in their collieries in Bihar have used HDPE pipes supplied by ori-plast for sand stowing purpose. The steel pipes previously used for the same purpose, were found to have a service life of only 6-12 months. The 180mm OD & long term two HDPE pipes scored over the steel pipes for their absolute corrosion resistance, higher service life & 60% lower weight.

Ori-plast has successfully completed a turnkey job of 250mm HDPE pipeline system for M/S Manali Petrochemicals ltd. Chennai ( a SPIC group company ) for disposal of their effluents from their factory at Manali to the sea covering a total distance of 6.0 km ( of which 5.4 km on share & 0.6 km off share ). At the end of the piping system, a diffuser of multi port type designed by us was fitted to spray the effluent in to the sea.

Ori-plast has completed a turnkey project worth 1.8crores for manufacturing, supplying & commissioning of different diameter HDPE pipes & fitting for Paradip Port Trust against their off share & on-share requirement of SAND BYPASS SYSTEM.

Ori-plast has supplied 1750 meter of 500mm OD & 6kg/cm 2 working pressure HDPE pipes with floaters worth Rs.1.11crores to M/s Dredging

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Corporation of India ltd. Visakhapatnam. The specialty of the system was that, it could be assembled & maintained in the floating condition with a zero maintenance cost. •

Ori-plast had undertaken a project worth Rs. 70 lakh for Boiler Disposal System in Tuticorin Thermal power station, Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, where HDPE pipes & fittings up to 500mm OD diameter & of working pressure 10 kg/cm 2 were used.

Ori-plast has carried out a 450 mm OD of 10 kg/cm 3 working pressure sea water intake pipeline & 355 mm OD of 4 kg/cm 2 Brine Discharge pipeline for Desalination plant ( on behalf of M/S Tata Projects Ltd, Hyderabad ) at Kundan Kulam Nuclear Power Project of Nuclear Power Corporate of India ltd.


The no. of award received as given below: 1981-82 : State award forr outstanding export ( export promotion & management, Orissa ). 1982-83 :Plexconcil’s top export award as well as state award. 1983-84 : Phexconcil’s second best exporter award as well as state award. 1984-85 : Plexconcil’s top exporter award as well as state award. 1989-90 : Chairperson, Sri S.R. Agarwala has been awarded udyog patra award by the hon’le vice president of India in the year 1989. 1992

: Odyssey awards for successful entrepreneur the state.

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: National award for quality product by the honourable president of India.

1995-96 : State award for outstanding export ( export promotion & marketing, Orissa) 1996-97 : Plexconcil’s top exporter award as well as state award. 1997-98 : Plexconcil’s second best exporter award. 1998-99 : Plexconcil’s second best exporter award. 1999-00 : State award for outstanding export ( export promotion & marketing, Orissa) 1999-00 : Plexconcil’s top exporter award. 2000

: National award for quality products in small scale sector 2000.


: Our Company is an ISO: 9001/2000 certified company. MEMBER

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The plastic & linoleums export promotion council. Plastic federation of India. American water works association. United nation children’s funds, New Delhi vide Regd. No. seg/igr/99 dtd. 01/03/99. District industries centre, Balasore, vide regn no. 150100590 dtd. 09/03/76. National small industries corporation ltd. Govt. of India vides Regn. No. nsic/ori/gp/regn (07)/81/1548 dtd. 08/03/99. Dredging corporation of India ltd. Vide Regn. No. TM/INDEG/91 dtd.29/07/91. Neyveli lignite corp. ltd, vide Regn. No. Mm/cor/Regd/F-18/58-A/92 dtd.07/07/92. Engineers India ltd. Vide Regn. No. 8518/PDD/I/E/0-033 dtd. 14/11/96. Project and development India ltd. Vide Regn. No. Po/PUR/REGN/VS/F-9/88 dtd. 28/08/89. U.P.Jal, Nigam, Lucknow vide Regn. No. 264/U.P. Jal Nigam/ Spl/G-4/2001 dtd. 16/03/02. Directorate general of supplies & disposal vide Regn. No. DGS & D/REGN/CAL/S-018/97/0. Karnataka Urban Water Supply & Drainage Board vides Regn. No. KWB/TEC/MAT/IIIPI/1422/2003-04 dtd. 25/07/2003. Mahanadi Coalfields ltd. Sambalpur vide Regn. No. MCL/SAMB/E & M/0405/1138 dtd. 30/08/04. Kolaghat Thermal power station vides Regn. No. 0968 dtd. 31.12.04. Gujarat water supply & sewerage Board, Gujarat vide Regn. No. MAT.CELL/C/RC/HDPE pipes/198 dtd. 16/03/05.


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• • •

PVC Resin of Different Grades. Stabilizer & Plasticizer etc. Polyethylene Granules.

ITEMS WE SELL As mentioned under products manufacturing heading. OUR MAJOR CUSTOMERS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Bridge & Roof co. (India) ltd.,Calcutta. Birla Tyres, Calcutta. Chief Engineer. RWS & S (O), Bhubaneswar. Chief Engineer, Public Health Engg. Depts. (O), Bhubaneswar. Chief Engineer, Public Health Engg. Depts, Patna. Dredging corp. of India ltd. Visakhapatnam. Disvi International Corporation, Nepal. Depts. Of water supply & sewerage, Nepal. Gopalpur port project, Ganjam, Orissa. Hindustan Zinc Limited. Lutheran world service (I) Ltd. Calcutta. Loktak Development Authority, Manipur. National Thermal, power corp.ltd. National Aluminium Co. ltd. ( Nalco). Oil & Natural Gas Commission ( ONGC ). Orissa Agro Industries Corp. Ltd. Orissa lift irrigation Corp. Ltd. Orissa Mining Corp. Bhubaneswar. Paradip Port Trust. Paradip Phosphates Ltd. Rourkela Steel Plant (Sail). Singareni Collieries co. Ltd. Tata Hydro Electric Power Supply co. Ltd. Tuticorin Thermal Power Station, Chennai. Uranium Corp. of India ltd. United Nations Children’s Fund ( UNICEF ).

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MARKETING CHANNELS OF ORI-PLAST Ori-plast limited has valued his customers at very wide range whether he buys a bulk amount of product or very small range of product. It gives same weight age to all the customers. Its marketing policy may note out in the following points. GOVERNMENT SECTOR :

Marketing Division

Limited Tender

( OPL )

Unlimited Tender

Approval Of Tender ( Sales )


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Marketing Division







Marketing Division



SALES ANALYSIS OF ORI-PLAST LIMITED Institute of Business and Computer Studies






2006-07 ( Rs. In Cr )




2007-08 ( Rs. In Cr )




2008-09 ( Rs. In Cr )









45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0





Institute of Business and Computer Studies


70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 2006-07




70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 2006-07




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70 60 50 40



Private Export

20 10 0





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Introduction : Marketing is challenging & exciting. It ia as old as humankind is. It has its origin in the fact, men is a creature of needs & wants. “Society can exist when a large number of people want something a few people have”. It is necessary for both group to be mutually aware of this need. Marketing is indeed on ancient Art. It is the most complex & challenging function performed by every business firm. Marketing is a social & managerial process by which individual & groups obtain what they need & want through creating, offering & exchanging products of value with others. ( Philip Kotler ) Marketing – Mix Strategy : Marketing mix refer to the amount & kinds of marketing variables, the firm is using at a particular time. The idea of the ‘Mix’ of ‘Marketing’ function was conceived by Prof. Neil.H. Bordon. According to him, “the marketing mix refers to the appointment of efforts, the combination, the designing & the integration of the elements of marketing in to programme or mix, which on the basis of an appraisal of the market force will best achieve the objectives of an enterprise at a given time”. The four P’s of marketing mix:- The marketing element centre around four distinct functions, sometimes called the four P’s i.e., product, price, place, promotion. All these functions are considered in planning a marketing strategy & any one may be enhanced, deducted or changed in some degree in order to create the strategy necessary to efficiently & effectively, sell of a product. a) Product Strategy : It includes : • Quality. • Design. • Brand name. • Packaging & service, etc. b) Pricing Strategy : It includes : • Level of price • Discounts and rebates. • Allowances. • Credit term etc. Institute of Business and Computer Studies


c) Place Strategy : It includes : • Channels • Coverage • Locations. • Transport, etc. d) Promotion Strategies : It includes : • Sales Promotion. • Advertising. • Sales force • Direct marketing, etc. Marketing Mix Strategy of Ori-plast ltd.: In plastic industries, marketing plays a critical role in the successful establishment of the brands & procurement of major market share. There are always new companies emerging with new techniques, hence company should be alert & keep constant eyes on the existing market. Ori-plast has its own-strategy of marketing mix let us discuss the 4.p marketing strategy of Ori-plast limited. a) Product Strategy of Ori-plast ltd.: When an organization introduced a product in to a market, they must overcome various questions, such as: • • • •

Who is the product aimed at? What benefit will they except? How do they plan to position the product within the market? What different advantage will the product offer over their competitor? Etc.

Ori-plast company has a number of product objectives such as: • • • •

Sales growth. Utilization of resources. Utilization of wastages. Taking advantage of profitable opportunities.

1) Product Variety : Ori-plast is a premium house in manufacturing pipes & fittings in wide range of polymers i.e., PVC, HDPE, UPVC, MDPE etc. it products are for transportation of Institute of Business and Computer Studies


portable water line, plumbing pipe & sewerage line, rain water line, tube well, chemical slurry, ash sewerage line, dredging pipe lines & water/chemical strange tanks etc. 2) Product Design : Product designing is another way to add customer value. Ori-plast has outstanding product design such as attractive colour pipes & fittings for drinking water transportation. They are also easy in installation, safe & in expensive to use. 3) Product Features : A product can be offered with variety of features. The company can provide more value to a product by adding more features. Ori-plast products have various features to attract both the domestic as well as industrial consumers. The company has appointed liaison officers, who frequently come across with consumers & dealers in order to know good & bad features of Ori-plast products. 4) Product Servicing : Customer service is another product strategy. Providing adequate post sale services as maintenance & repair of products are complex things. In Ori-plast, the pipelines we tested at 5 times the working pressure mentioned on them. The company too assured its customers to serve the pipe & fittings in case of any defect found. 5) Laboratory Facilities : The company has a fully equipped laboratory for testing of raw materials as well as finished products. The raw materials & finished products are inspected by third party inspecting agencies like: CROWN AGENT, SAGS, RITES INDIA, and CIPET & EPM etc. in regular interval. 6) Brand Name : Branding refers to use of a name, term, symbol or combination of these to distinguish a product from the competitors. Ori-plast is a well-known brand for its quality in the business circle. 7) Quality : Quality means, totality of feature & characteristics of a thing that bear on its ability to satisfy implied needs. Ori-plast ltd. is maintaining the no 1-quality product. It offers products after testing 5 times. It uses best quality raw materials with sophisticated machineries. For last 41 years, it supplying the best quality pipes with least defects. b) Pricing Strategy of Ori-plast ltd.: The second major variables, that a marketing manager controls is ‘price’. Price level decisions are especially important because they effect both the number of sales firm Institute of Business and Computer Studies


makes & how much money it earns. Price is simply the amount of money that consumers are willing to pay for a product or service. It is the only mix, which generates a turnover for the organization. Pricing is difficult & must reflect supply & demand relationship. Pricing should take into account the following factors : • • • • •

Fixed & Variable costs. Competitors. Company Objectives. Proposed Positioning Strategies. Target Group & Willingness to pay.

There may be differences in price based on variables such as age of the customers, location of sale, season etc. Companies usually adjust their basic prices to account for various customer differences & changing situations. There are seven price adjustment strategies, they are: Psychological Pricing, Discount & Allowance Pricing, Geographical Pricing, Segment Pricing, Promotional Pricing, Value Pricing & international Pricing. Pricing objective should be explicitly stated because they have a direct effect or pricing policies as well as the method used to set prices.

Target Return Profit oriented Maximize Profits

Pricing objectives

Sales Oriented

Unit Sales Growth

Growth In Market Share

Status Oriented No Price competition

The Ori-plast company looks after the price at the retailer’s level. Its price commensurate with the perceived value of the offer. The ori-plast is changing its pricing strategy from time to time. Few years back, it was fixing the prices normally lower than competitors were. Now company offers reasonable price with quality products & on time delivery.

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Psychological Pricing :

Psychological pricing means a pricing approach that considers the psychology of prices & not simply the economics. Here the price is used to Jay something about the product. Another aspect of psychological pricing refers to the price that buyers carrying in their minds & refers to when looking at a given product. •

Discount Pricing :

Most companies adjust their basic prices to reward customer’s responses, such as early payment of bills, volume purchase & off-season purchasing. This price adjustment is termed as discount.

Forms of Discount

Cash Discount

Quality Discount

Functional Discount

Seasonal Discount

Ori-plast offers discount to distributors & customers through dealers. It gives 1520% discount on the MRP from deals. •

Promotional Pricing :

With promotional pricing, companies will temporarily price their products below the list price & sometime over below cost. • Ori-plast prices some of its products below the list price. • Price is subject to change without notice. •

Allowance :

It is one types of reduction from the list price. Ori-plast gives promotional allowances. Promotional allowance is given as rewards for participating in advertisement & sales support programmes. In addition, financial & non-financial benefits are provided to distributors, dealers based on their annual turnover. c) Place Strategy of Ori-plast :

Institute of Business and Computer Studies


The third element of the marketing mix is place. Place refers to having the right product in the right location at the right time to be purchased by the customer. This proper placement of products is done through middle people called the channel distribution. The channel of distribution comprised of interdependent manufacturers, wholesalers & retailers. These groups are involved in making a product or service available for use or consumption. Distribution management consists of two major tasks : • •

Physical Distribution. Management of Distribution.

Ori-plast ltd. was established 41 years ago now it is spread over all the important places like, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Visakhapatnam, Pune etc. in India. Similarly, it also has regional offices at Secunderabad, Delhi & liadioning agents at Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata & Kathmandu. At present, the registered office of the company is situated in Howrah ( 52, N.S.Road Howrah, 711101 ). Hence, all the plastic pipes & water storage tank are distributed by direct marketing. There is also a very good communicational link in between these offices & every dealer. Or-plast ltd. has also advocated non-personal communication channels carrying messengers without personal contact or interaction. They include media, atmosphere & events. The company uses print media ( Newspaper, Journals, Periodicals), display materials effectively. The company also participates in industrial exhibition, trade fairs at National & International level. d) Promotional Strategy of Ori-plast Ltd : Promotion is the fourth element in the marketing mix strategy. ‘Promotion’ is a communication process that takes place between a business & its various publics. Publics are those individuals & organizations that have an interest in what the business produces & offers for sale. Thus, in order to be effective, the business need to plan promotional activities with the communication process in the mind. Marketers use many methods of sales promotion. Company can use some of the most common used methods for sales promotion. • Sales Promotion. • Public Relation. • Sales Force. • Advertising. • Allowances.

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A Customer: A customer refers to individuals or households that purchase goods & services generated within the economy. The word ‘customer’, historically derived from, ‘custom’, which implies that, a customer was someone who frequented a particular shop, who made it a habit to purchase goods there, & with whom the shopkeeper had to maintain a relationship to keep his or her ‘custom’, which implies expectation of future purchase. Customer needs may be defined as the goods or services a customer requires to achieve specific goals. Different needs are of varying importance to the customer. Customer expectations are influenced by cultural values, advertising, marketing & other communications. Both customer needs & expectations may be determined through interviews, surveys, conversations, data mining or other methods of collecting information. Customers at times do not have a clear understanding of their needs. Assisting in determining needs can be a valuable service to the customer. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: ‘Customer Satisfaction,’ is a business term. It is a measures of how products & services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation. It is seen as a key performance indicator within business. In a competitive market place, where business competes for customers, customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator & increasingly has become a key element of business strategy. Organization are increasingly interested in retaining customers, while targeting noncustomers. Measuring customer satisfaction provides an indication of how successful the organization is at providing products or services to the market place. ‘Satisfaction’ is a psychological state. In general, ‘satisfaction’ is a person’s feelings of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a product’s perceived performance in relation to his or her expectations. If the performance matches the expectations, the customer is satisfied. If the performance exceeds expectations, the customer is highly satisfied or delighted. A company would be wish to measure customer satisfaction regularly because one key to customer retention is customer satisfaction. A highly satisfied customer generally stays loyal longer, buys more as the company introduces new products & upgrades existing products, talks favourably about the company & its products, pays less attention to competing brands & is less sensitive to price, offers product or service ideas to the company & costs less to serve than a new customer, because transactions are routine. A number of methods exist to measure customer satisfaction, such as• • •

Periodic survey. Monitoring customer loss rate. Net promoter scare method.

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SERVQUAL method etc.

BUILDING CUSTOMER VALUE, SATISFACTION & LOYALTY Today, companies face their toughest competition ever. Moving from a product & sales philosophy to a marketing philosophy, however, gives a company a better chance of out performing competition. John Chambers, CEO of CISCO systems, put it well; “Make your customer the centre of your culture”. Therefore, companies in order survive in this competitive Era must give importance to following factors in order to deliver customer satisfaction & became the market leader. These are : 1. CUSTOMER PERCEIVED VALUE (CPV): Perceived value is the value promised by the company’s value proposition & perceived by the customer. It is believed that, customers choose between competitive brand offerings based on which marketer delivers the most customer value. Customer value = Customer Benefits – Customer costs. 2. PRODUCTS & SERVICE QUALITY: Satisfaction will also depend on product & service quality. According to American society for quality control; “Quality, is the totality of features & characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs”. This is clearly a customer centred definition. A company that satisfies most of its customers needs most of the time is called a quality company. Marketers who do not know the language of quality improvement, manufacturing & operations will become obsolete very soon for them. 3. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: In these days of liberalization, companies cannot simply stay domestic & expect to maintain their markets; they are making their operations internationalized. In deciding to go beyond the domestic arena, a company needs to define its global marketing objectives & policies. Three important criterions in respect to this are: Market alternativeness, risk & competitive advantage. All these necessitates, the company involves in global market R & D program. 4. ATTRACTING RETAINING & GROWING CUSTOMERS: Customer are becoming harder to please. They are smarter, more price conscious, more demanding, less forgiving & many competitors with equal or better offers approve them.

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According to Jeffrey Gitomer, the challenge is not necessarily to produce satisfied customers as several competitors can do this. The challenge is to produce delighted & loyal customers. 5. FORMING STRONG CUSTOMER BONDS: Companies that want to from strong customer bonds need to attend the following basics: • •

Adding Financial Benefits: It can be done by providing allowances, discounts, rewards etc to the customers who buy frequently & in substantial amounts. Adding Social Benefits: The companies should follow societal marketing concepts. A principle of enlightened marketing that holds that a company should make good marketing decisions by considering consumers wants, the company’s requirements, customer’s long run interests & society’s long run interests.

6. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: It means a company’s ability to perform in one or more ways that competitors cannot or will not match. Michale Porter identified two basic types of competitive advantage:• •

Cost Advantage. Differentiation Advantage.


Distinctive Competencies

Cost Advantage or Differentiation

Value Creation


RESOURCES & CAPABILITIES: According to the Resources-based view, in order to develop a competitive advantage the firm must have resources & capabilities that are superior to those if its competitors Institute of Business and Computer Studies


without this spuriously m, the competitors simply could replicate what the firm was doing & any advantage quickly would disappear. The following are some example of resources: • • •

Patent & Trademarks. Reputation of the firm. Brand equity etc.

Capabilities refer to the firm’s ability to utilize its resources effectively. An example of capability is the ability to bring a product to market faster than competitors. The firm’s resources & capabilities together from its distinctive competencies. These competencies enable innovation, efficiency, quality & customer responsiveness, all of which can be leveraged to create a cost advantage or a differentiation advantage. VALUE CREATION: The achieve competitive advantage, the firm must perform one or more value creating activities in a way that creates more overall value than the competitors do. Superior value is created through lower costs or superior benefits to the customer. Ori-plast ltd. is distinctly ahead from its competitors. It is in an advantages position due to its differentiation advantage. It gives the product quality & service that no other can provide. It uses the best quality raw materials with its proper combination to create best & durable plastics. All renowned firms & institutions like NALCO, UNICEF, Birla Tyres, Department of water supply & Sewerage, Nepal, Hindustan Zincs limited, SAIL, PPL, Tata Hydro Electric Power supply co. ltd. etc. uses Oriplast products. The company’s quality policy is worthy in maintaining its quality & service.

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Institute of Business and Computer Studies


Analysis refers to the evaluation of all sorts of performance, achievement and problem of business establishment. The basic approach in analysis is to direct all the problems and provide their best solution. Analysis involves the problem identification of alternatives and finally to choose the suitable one. The trend analysis is actually assess whether the demand is increasing or decreasing. ANALYSIS OF CUSTOMER RESPONSES To find out the perception of customers or users of plastic pipe to collect the first information from them through direct interview. I visited hundred customers within Orissa to find out the perception of the customer about Ori-Plast pipes i.e the sourse of product awareness, its purpose, about the quality of pipes, price, availability of pipes in the market etc. Analysis of product Awareness about Ori-Plast. QUESTION- How do you come to know about Ori-Plast products? Analysis of most preferable customer rating on different brand. Source Of Product Awareness

No. of People

Through friend Through Newspaper Advt. Through Hoarding& Wall Painting Recommended by Technician Any other source

18 07 42 28 05



( Analysis of product awareness about Ori-Plast product ) QUESTION- For what purpose you have used Ori-Plast pipes? Analysis of most preferable purpose in the use of Ori-Plast product. Purpose of the use of the product

No. of person

Service Line Connection Plumbing Line Rain Water Line Bore Well Casing Riser Pipes Distribution line for irrigation Any other

20 23 15 22 17 03 00



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INFERENCE :The above table shows that the purpose of use of Ori-Plast pipes through different criteria. As the researcher, surveys the market he finds that 23 people out of 100 are using plumbing line and 20 people use service line, 17 people are for riser pipes. QUESTION- How is the product Quality? Analysis of most preferable quality of Ori-Plast products. Terms of Quality No. of person Excellent Good Fair Poor Total

52 42 06 00 100


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The above table shows that the quality term analysis of Ori-Plast is excellent. According to customers response, 52 customers out of 100 said the product quality of Ori-Plast is excellent, 42 people said good and other 6 people said it is fair.

QUESTION- How do you like price? Price Analysis of Ori-Plast. Standard of price No. of person Cheaper 30 Fair 25 Reasonable 45 Total 100

INFERENCEThe table shows that the product of Ori-Plast pipes is not a maximum. Here, according to the market survey, 30 people said out of 100 that the products are cheaper, 25 people said it is fair and 45 that is the maximum people said the products have reasonable price.

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QUESTION- How is the availability of store materials with distributor / dealer? ANALYSIS OF AVAILABLITY OF MATERIAL TERMS OF AVAILABILITY


Very Good Good Fair Poor

20 65 10 05



INFERENCEThe above table shows that the availability of store materials with distributor or dealer analysis of Ori-Plast pipes. Here we find that 20 people said the availability of Ori-Plast pipes are very good, 65 people out of 100 said that the availability of Ori-Plast pipes is good, 10 people said it is fair and the rest 5 people said it is poor.






QUESTION- Do you like the behavior of distributor or dealer? Behavior analysis of distributor and dealer of Ori-Plast pipes. Terms of behavior

No. of people

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Very Good Good Fair Poor Total

45 50 05 00 100

INFERENCEThe above table shows that the behavior analysis of Ori-Plast pipes by the distributor and dealer is a good one. Here we find that the behavior of the dealer and distributor is very good according to 45 people out of 100, 50 people said it is good and rest 5 people said the behavior is fair.

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Institute of Business and Computer Studies


FINDINGS For analysis of dealer responses it is found that Ori-Plast has market dealer in manufacturing or selling of pipes in Orissa market. The performance of the company is all most good. As a market share of pipes among dealers and customers held by Ori-Plast and weakness find out by the research in analysis of question arises. STRENGTH: • • • •

Ori-plast is the brand leader in manufacturing plastic pipes not only in Orissa, but also in the eastern region of our country. It has a very good reputation & wide market share, because of 40 years of hard-earned experience, since 1968, when most of the people hardly heard of pipes made of plastics. Ori-plast ltd. has succeeded in establishing the brand equity in the minds of its customers, not for its reliability, durability, customer’s satisfaction, but also for its product differentiation trustworthiness as well as versatility. Ori-plast ltd. adopt the changing modern techniques very fast & uses the world class raw materials, which leads a good quality products & helps the company overcome any crisis facing after sales. This indicates that the performances of ori-plast pipes are satisfactory. The company has been several expert awards at the national & state level since 1981. For maintaining excellent standards, it has got. ISO: 9000:2000 certificates and continuing since last 6 years.

WEAKNESS: • • • • •

According to dealer responses, the companies do not provide better incentives for sales promotion. As compared to other brands, Ori-plast does not spend more in the area of advertising. However, in today’s competitive business environment, advertisement plays a vital role influencing consumer buying decisions. Due to increasing in consumption patterns of the consumers, the company should go for increasing the efficiency of the production unit. To create more awareness in remote areas, the organization should give more & more advertisements of its products in different medias like local newspaper, billboards, radio, TV etc. The R & D efforts should be improved to increase the application of plastic pipes in other areas except in certain restricted areas, which will increase the volume of sales.

This the era of globalization. The worlds is getting smaller day by day. Communication, travel & transport have made the worlds a smaller place. The current millennium has unfolded new business rules. The market place is not, what it used to be 10/15 years back. It is changing radically because of major societal forces such as technological advances, globalization etc. These forces have creates new behaviors & challenges.

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Now customers not only looking for higher quality, better service, but also they are looking for customization. They are becoming more price sensitive in search of value. After researching the marketing strategies of ori-plast limited my suggestion are given below: •

There is no doubt that the company is offering the best quality, but today’s customers are very sensitive. As other company are also spending much more in R & D to produce better quality even at a relating lower price. There fore, the company should go for a regular periodically analysis for further quality up gradation with latest technology & in a less expensive way through R & D. The organization depends a lot on private transport services, as it has no transaction of its own delivery. Hence it should develop its own transportation system.

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SUMMARY Institute of Business and Computer Studies


Customer buying behaviour is affected by various factors, which determine the product and brand preferences of customers. Therefore, it is very essential for marketers to understand the impact of these factors of consumer buying behaviour because it helps them design marketing strategies to appeal to consumer preference. The completely marketing process revolves round one central point i.e., customer. Marketing is customer-focused. It starts & ends with the consumer. Therefore, customer satisfaction lays a pivotal role in affecting the marketing strategy as well as future of an organization. We are in the 21st century. Our age is termed as Ultra Modern. In this era of globalization, the world is becoming smaller day-by-day. Trade barriers among nations are being reduced. Communication, travel & transport have made the world a smaller place. Global marketing is the only way to satisfy these needs. Global marketing means, utilization of a standardized marketing strategies & uniform marketing programs of product development, production, advertising etc, in world wide markets to achieve marketing objectives. Therefore, now the whole world is a market place. Now-a-days customers are expecting higher quality, better service with some customization. They are obtaining extensive product information from the satellite television & internets, which permits them to shop more intelligently. They are becoming more price sensitive in search of value. The brand manufacturer are also facing intense competition from domestic as well as foreign brands. Retailers are facing problems with newspapers, organization, TV, Direct-to-customer ads, Home shoping TV & internet. Companies are changing their trends in the form of re-engineering, outsourcing, bench making etc. The marketers are also rethinking their philosophies, concepts & tools. Therefore, it is an all changed scenario. Change is necessary just to keep the level of given stability. The economic & social environment is so dynamic that, without change that would be adaptive to the changed environment, even the most successful organization will be left behind, unable to survive in the new environment. After analysing the data & information from the consumers & dealers by direct survey method, it is observed that Ori-plast has occupied the major share of market. There is an awesome gap between its nearest competitors. However, the gap is becoming narrower day-by-day. So Ori-plast need to know each competitors strategies in various sectors such as, Investment, production, diversification, resources, channel operation, price-change, latest technique adoption & advertisement etc. in order to identify the important sector, which needs proper attention & course of action. Other aspects, which are observed by personal experience & study about Ori-plast Company, are as follows: •

Although the company is providing good discount to their dealer, but some additional commissions or incentives / packages may increase their motivation, which in return will have a possible impact on sales.

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• • •

The company must give more emphasis on their advertisement media. They should recruit more & sufficient media to bring in business. If the company checks the piracy or duplicity then it will do the trick. It will not only increase sales but also will help in protecting the goodwill of the company. Hence, I conclude that, Ori-plast is a well-known brand among the end users, which concentrates on the quality of its products with reasonable price. It also aims of the customer satisfaction & profit for organization.

Lastly, I would like to convey my salutation to all staff & authority of Ori-plast limited, as well as to the dealers & customers, who have spend their valuable tome with me & sharing their wide experience, which helped me a lot in completing my study.

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Institute of Business and Computer Studies



Institute of Business and Computer Studies


CUSTOMER FEEDBACK Dear Sir/ Madam I am the student of MBA affiliated to SOA University, Bhubaneswar, ORISSA, carrying a survey on the marketing of Ori-Plast Ltd. We will be grateful to you for titling this questionnaire by spending your valuable time. The information is given by you will kept confidential and will be used only for research work. 1. Name of the customer : 2. Address of the customer : 3. Have you used Ori-Plast product ?


4. How do you come to know about Ori-Plast product ? a. Through a friend b. Through hoarding c. Through newspaper, Advt., d. Recommended by technician. 5. For what purpose you have used Ori-Plast pipes ? a. Service line connection b. Plumbing lines c. Rain Water d. Bore water cashing e. Riser pipes f. Distribution line for irrigation 6. How is the product quality ? a. Excellent b. Good c. Fair d. Poor 7. How do you like price ? a. Cheaper b. Fair c. Reasonable

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8. How is the availability of store materials with distribution or dealers? a. Very good b. Fair c. Poor 9. Do you like behaviour of the dealer or distributor ? a. b. c. d.

Very good Good Fair Poor


Date……………….. Place……………….

Institute of Business and Computer Studies




Institute of Business and Computer Studies


DEALER / SUB-DEALER FEEDBACK FORM Dear Sir / Madam : I am the student of MBA affiliated to SOA University , Bhubaneswar , ORISSA , carrying a survey on the marketing strategy of Ori-Plast Ltd. We will be grateful to you for titling this questionnaire by spending your valuable time. The information is given by you will kept confidential and will be used only for the research work. 1. Name and Address of the dealer / sub-dealer /retailer : Name : Address : Tel & Fax No : E-Mail : 2. Have you deal with Ori-Plast product ?


3. What are the other different brands of PVC pipes and tanks you deal with ? a. b. c. d. e. f.

Neel Plast Jaiswal Ori-Plast Supreme Kissan Others

4. Reason for keeping Ori-Plast products ? a. More Demand b. Good Margin c. Good Distribution Channel d. Good Quality 5. Whether the customer is having knowledge about the Ori-Plast products ? a. YES b. NO

Institute of Business and Computer Studies


6. Generally which brand the customer prefers ? a. b. c. d. e. f.

Neel Plast Jaiswal Ori-Plast Supreme Kissan Others

7. Why your customer prefer the same brand ? For : a. Maintain Good Quality b. Reasonable Price c. Easy Availability d. Good Brand Name 8. Quality of other brands as compared to Ori-Plast products ? a. b. c. d.

Excellent Very Good Good Poor

9. How do you feel about the pricing strategy of Ori-Plast relating to its competitors ? a. Cheaper

b. Competitive

c. Expensive

10. Are you using Display materials ? a. YES

b. NO

11. If yes then which type of display you are using ? a) Hoarding b) Posters c) Cable TV d) News paper 12. Who bears the advertisement cost ? a) Company

b) Yourself

Institute of Business and Computer Studies


13. Do you think that advertisement of Ori-Plast is satisfactory as compared to other brands ? a) YES

b) NO

14. What type of promotion you will prefer or wants from Ori-Plast ? a) Advertisement b) Dealer Meet c) Better Credit Term d) Public Relation e) Others 15. Whether the supply of Ori-Plast pipes is:a) According to Demand b) More than Demand c) Less than Demand 16. Is the demand of plastic pipes are seasonal ? a) YES

b) NO

17. Do the company’s sales executive visit regularly ? a) YES

b) NO

Your suggestion about : 1. Products…………………………………………………………….. 2. Company……………………………………………………………


DATE :………………… PLACE :………………..

Institute of Business and Computer Studies

(Signature with seal)


BOOKS: 1. Das, Partha Sarathi and Mishra, Pabitra Kumar, “Marketing Management”, Bhubaneswar .Alok Publication, 2007. 2. Kotler, Philip and Keller, Kevin Lane and Koshy. “Marketing Management”. 3. Kothari, C.R., “ Research Methodology method & Techniques”,.


Company-Profile Brochure. Product Brochure.

WEBSITE: • • •

www.oriplast.com www.google.com en.wikipedia.org

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