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September 10, 2017 | Author: IgnatiusDominicCumigad | Category: Rebellions, Violence, Crime & Justice, Justice, Public Sphere
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Cumigad, Ignatius Dominic P. Evangelista, John Andrew Socio 10 THR October 18, 2014


Reflection Paper on Lino Brocka’s Ora Pro Nobis (Fight for Us)

Ora Pro Nobis is a 1989 film that depicts the violations of human rights and liberalism of the administration in its support for cultic vigilantes who call themselves “Ora Pro Nobis” for the purpose of fighting communism during the end of the Marcos regime and the beginning of Aquino administration.

There are three issues shown in the movie that has made a great impact to me: Political issues, Moral issues and Social issues.

For the Political issues: the protagonist, Jimmy Cordero, an ex-priest-activist, was more of a symbol rather than a complete character: He was the symbol of the ordinary Filipino who has become lax in the skin-deep safety the weak democracy has promised. It was also implied in the last parts of the movie that the decision for quiet aggression and diplomatic means of fighting oppression will not work within a system that is so corrupt to its core, that is why Jimmy, during the last minutes of the film, called his friend to join in the group and become an activist once again.

For the Moral issues: I was disturbed by the act of rape being used as a weapon against the underground movement, which is portrayed by Commander Kontra. I was pressed to find out

Cumigad, Ignatius Dominic P. Evangelista, John Andrew Socio 10 THR October 18, 2014


why moral issues and human rights are so closely tied and why rape is such a prevalent and widespread practice used to oppress people during times of war. I feel that the use of rape as a weapon of war is an illegal, disgusting, and inhumane war crime. It is disturbing how widespread its use is throughout history to prove dominance. Among these acts of sexual violence, there were other oppressive situations that demonstrated the broad range of human rights violations that took place during that period. For the Social issues: The use of guns as weapons portrayed by the “Ora Pro Nobis” vigilantes depicts their power. The mass killings also shows their power, even though they do not have a definite proof on who are the rebels or not, they just pinpoint random civilians and refugees, and out of rage, they just kill them without warning. At first, I was confused on the title “Ora Pro Nobis” which really means “Pray for Us”, however, it also means “Fight for Us”. It was really ironic since the “Ora Pro Nobis” vigilantes, which has the job to fight for the eradication of rebellion and communism, seem to become the rebels themselves, because instead of bringing peace and order, they bring chaos to society. I was also disturbed on the brutality even if it is just a movie, but when I read an article that it is based on real-life events that happened during that time, I was furious and many thoughts came to my mind. I imagined what if the portrayed issues in the movie will happen again in the near future here in our country? Ora Pro Nobis shatters our vision of the current system of our state, even though so much has changed in almost 28 years. This film will help us seek for the much needed change in the

Cumigad, Ignatius Dominic P. Evangelista, John Andrew Socio 10 THR October 18, 2014


society. It carries our call to end the oppression of the Filipino people may it be political, moral or social.

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