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online movie ticket booking system includung srs dfd erd...



Assignment :Software engineering Assignment No. 2

Submitted To: Prof. Sh. Vikram Singh Comp. Deptt.

Submitted by: EJAZ KHAN Roll No. 1120725 ADITYA BANSAL Roll No. 1120806


PROJECT CONTENTS  Project Introduction.  Objective of project.  Software Analysis  Software Development Life Cycle  Software Development Model  SRS Contents  Detailed SRS  Symbols of DFD  0 level DFD  1 level DFD  Future scope of PROJECT  Project REFERENCE

********ABOUT THE PROJECT******** Project title:Online Movie Ticket Booking System Statement of project:  This project is aimed to provide the customers facility to book tickets for cinema halls online.  E-ticket system is made for providing the customer an online service to gather information about the movies on the theater. The user can easily be able to know about the movies show timing and book the show accordingly.  In this project, DFD(Data FLOW Diagrams) on working functions is explained at various levels. Description about some process d and data dictionary.  Admin can use the system to insert and delete data (e.g. film description, time table) which will update the webpage  Also, admin can check the statistic information about the users who booked the show and payment processes.

********OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT******** 

The main purpose of ONLINE MOVIE TICKET BOOKING SYSTEM is to provide alternate way for the customer to buy cinema ticket.  After inserting the data to database, staff need not headache for booking procedure. This is done automatically .  This system is aimedto provide the customer the information of the movie, according to which the customer can book the tickets .  The refund facility provides more flexibility to the system.  The goals of system are:

1 To provide a anytime anyplace service for the customer 2 To minimize the number of staff at the ticket box 3 To promote the film on the internet 4 To increase the profit 5 To obtain quick statistic information about movie and theatre from previous records

******** PROPER SOFTWARE ANALYSIS *****  If system, which is going to be developed, is complex in nature ,will cost more to maintain and understand  So, proper analysis gives rise to the requirement of collecting all information about the system

User Developer

Generate Request

Managers Problem Statement UserInterviews

Software Knowledge

Build Models

Experience Object Model Functional Model Figure 1 :System Analysis Phase



 A timelinechart can be developed for the entire project or a separate time chart can be developed for each function.

 A tabular form is maintained where rows indicate the tasks and columns indicate duration (weeks/months).

 The horizontal bars that spans across columns indicate duration of the task.

********Time Line Chart********







Requirement specification and Analysis Design Test Cases Coding with unit testing Testing Documentation (dark box shows time approx.. time spent to complete a particular task)


*****BriefSoftware development Model*****


Improve the specification



Evaluation Design Testing Implem Operation and Maintenance


Introduction 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Scope 1.3 Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations 1.4 References 1.5 Overview


Overall Description 2.1 Product Perspective 2.2 Product Functions 2.3 User Characteristics 2.4 Constraints


System Requirements 3.1 Plateform 3.2 hardware requirements

Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) 1)Introduction: 1.1) Purpose: Looking for an online comprehensive solution to manage to online movie ticket booking .This will be accessible to every user who wants  Online movie statistics  Online movie booking  Online movie reviews

1.2) Scope: • Users must have an net banking Account no. and password to login into the system. • On selecting the desired option, the process is done accordingly. • User can use any credit card / bank account to book the movie show. • User can get a some extra order of eatables during booking session. • User can view his movie details and booked seats after successful transaction.

1.3 )Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviation:  

WAS :Web sphere application server is an application server that runs business applications and supports the J2EE and web services standards. J2EE: Java2EnterpriseEdition is a programming platform-part of the Java platform-for developing and running distributed multitier architecture Java applications, largely on modular software components running on an application server. DB2 :Database is the database management system that delivers a flexible and cost- effective database platform to build robust on demand business applications.

WSAD :sphere studio application developer is a tool kit which is designed for the creation of more complex projects ,providing fully dynamic web application utilizing EJB’s. This consist of EJBtools,CMP, data mapping tools & a universal test client that is design edtoaid testing of EJB’s.

OS: Operating System.

HTTP:Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a transaction oriented client/server protocol between web browser& a Web Server.

HTTPS:SecureHypertextTransferProtocolisa HTTPoverSSL (securesocketlayer).

TCP/IP:Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol,the suite of communication protocols used to connecthostson the Internet.TCP/IP uses several protocols,the two main ones being TCP and IP.

1.4) References: • IEEE SRS Format • Problem Definition (Provided by IBM)  Wikipedia SRS Format 1.5) Overviews: This SRS contains what does this software do and what is the hardware and software requirements (interfaces).

2) The Overall Description: 2.1) Product Perspective: 2.1.1) Software Interface:     

Client On Internet : Web Browser, Operating System (Any) Client On Intranet : ClientSoftware,Web Browser,OperatingSystem(any) Web Server : WAS, OperatingSystem(any) Data Base Server : DB2, Operating System(any) Development End :WSAD(J2EE,Java,JavaBean, Servlets,HTML),DB2,OS (Windows),Web Server.

2.2.2) Hardware Interface :  Any High-End Device  Any OS (including Linux/UNIX) 2.2.3) Communication Interface : 

Client on Internet will be using HTTP/HTTPS protocol.

Client on Intranet will be using TCP/IP protocol

2.2) Product Functions :   

Product will do transactions with user bank account For Loan purposes. For Insurance purposes

2.3) User Characteristics : Every user should be comfortable of working with computer and net browsing. He must have basic knowledge of English too.

2.4) General Constraints :  

GUI is only in English. Login and password by admin is required for using hosting feature of it. The customer must have an bank account and password to access any of feature listed.

3 system requirements 3.1 Platform Windows platform like: 2000 professional, XP & Vista 3.2Hardware Specification:  Intel Pentium and Celeron class processor  Processor Speed – 1.2 GHz or above  RAM - 512 MB  HDD - 40 GB  Monitor-14”SVGA  Printer –Laser Printer  Mouse- Normal  Keyboard- Normal



=>Data store/Data Base  Source or destination of data  Data flow

=> Process that transform data

****0-Level DFD****

Online Movie Ticketing

View Admin

View Staff Response

Response View

Response Users


0 level dfd)

*****1-Level DFD*****

User Table


Password Change

Generate Reports

Store Sales Details Ticket Confirmed

Bill Generation



Login Users View

Online Ticket Booking Movies

User registrati on Process

Online Movie Details



View Admin




1 level dfd)


***Future scope and further enhancement of the Project***** Future Scope  The project E-ticket System for Cinema Hall is flexible enough to meet the requirements of the Customers. This project also has the scope of enhancements like: 1- Home delivery of tickets may be provided 2 -Online Booking of Purchases of eatables(coldrinks, popcorn etc) can be provided 3-Corporate/bulk booking:for corporate presentation /meetings the and bulk booking Etc. Conference facility can be provided for corporate meetings in the hall. Any institute/company can book the tickets for students/clients and special discount will be provided to them.


 

Books/e-books  Let Us C by Yashwant Kanetkar.  Introduction to software engineering by F.Boston  Software Engineering by Yogesh Singh and K.K Agarwal


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