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Hey, Race dePriest here. If youʼve read some of my stuff before, glad to have you here :) And if youʼre just hearing my name for the first time, well also glad to have you here :) Either way, what Iʼm going to share with you in this report is going to open your eyes, and possibly even blow you away. Itʼs the result of the last five years of my life, countless hours of trial and error, successes and heartaches... ...and literally thousands of women. Now before you starting making comparisons to Russell Brand or Wilt Chamberlain, the answer is no, I havenʼt slept with thousands of women. But when it comes to choosing hot girls to spend time with, well, Iʼve got it down to a bulletproof system. Thereʼs not been one evening in the last two years when Iʼve been lonely or without female companionship when I want it. This system is cheap, efficient, and doesnʼt involve buying drinks for girls or pheromones for yourself. You donʼt even have to get off your couch - Jabba the Hut would be an excellent candidate for my system if I knew he wasnʼt going to enslave the women he met. So if youʼre an upstanding guy and youʼd like to learn about the easiest way ever to meet quality women, let me tell you a thing or two about meeting women online, and how Iʼve turned it into a process that anyone can master. In fact, once you understand how my system works, youʼll see that itʼs literally as easy as pushing a few buttons.

A DAY IN THE LIFE... It wasnʼt long ago that my buddy Christian and I were sitting in a coffee shop in Montreal, enjoying the free wifi and what must have been the biggest cup of cappuccino in the land of moose and mounties. Weʼd been traveling for a few days, and after getting caught up with my Gmail, I logged into a new online dating site I was trying out. Iʼve traditionally used facebook and

MySpace to meet girls (more on that in a minute), but wanted to branch out and see what some of the paid sites were all about. Looking at my inbox, I first thought it was a joke. 32 new emails? I hadnʼt even sent any messages out yet. I managed to make it through about five messages before the real rush came... one chat invitation, then another, then a third... a torrent of interest from woman after woman. “You look so interesting, I had to get to know you” “Hi cutie, whatʼs going on today?” “Love what you said about wine and cheese lol! Whatʼs your name?” ... and so on. Before Christian and I returned to New York from Montreal, I already had eight dates lined up. Iʼd love to have met more of the girls, but itʼs all my schedule could fit. After a week, I decided that I wanted to start spending more time with one of the girls, and had a nice little relationship with her for the two months I was in New York, before returning to my home in Vegas. (where I had a bunch of other dates lined up with girls I met on facebook, and another online dating site). Are you starting to get a glimpse of the picture? Not one cold approach... Not one face-to-face rejection... A smorgasbord of hot women to choose from... The ability to “open” 50 - 100 women in about 30 minutes... A constantly renewing stream of new women And a LOT of fun. The best part? At least 1/4 of it was copy/paste, and the rest was based on just a few principals that are easy as pie to learn. Of course, it wasnʼt always like this...

THE BIRTH OF A LEGEND Itʼs funny when people call you a “legend”. Iʼve heard it more than once from friends and clients, but only a few people know how humble the beginnings were. I didnʼt systematize this stuff by accident. Many years ago, I was living in Las Vegas with my friend Kelly. We were both broke, our rental home was far from the strip, and we didnʼt even have a car to get into the city center. I had just finished a year of traveling, and was using my facebook account to keep in touch with about the friends Iʼd met on my adventures. It wasnʼt until I was penniless on the outskirts of Vegas that I thought to try using it to meet women. Cross my heart, I couldnʼt even afford a subscription for a “real” dating site. Facebook and MySpace were the only options. Too bad I SUCKED at meeting women on them. I was sending out hundreds of messages, and Iʼd get maybe five responses. Those rare times that a girl would write back, Iʼd be too afraid to ask for her number for fear of screwing it up or seeming weird. Maybe it was a twist of fate - Kelly happened to be an expert in social media. Heʼd been using it for a few years to promote his band and get people to come to his shows... and about 90% of these people were attractive girls. He would pop online, quickly send out some messages, and bam - a bunch of new girls would show up to hear him cover Third Eye Blind songs. We shared one computer with a dial-up connection, and after about two months of living together, Kelly finally got fed up... “Race - what are you always doing on that thing?” After sheepishly admitting that I was trying to meet girls - and not doing too well - one of Kellyʼs trademark million-watt smiles broke out over his face. “Alright buddy, letʼs see whatʼs going on here...”

WHERE MOST MEN GO WRONG ONLINE It all starts with the profile, as it did with mine. It took about ten seconds for Kelly to start finding flaws with my MySpace profile. We did a quick tear-down and rebuild. “Race,” he explained to me, “your profile should be doing 90% of the work for you. Most girls you write to will actually look at your profile before they even open the message you send them. Youʼre putting all this effort into sending long messages, itʼs totally unnecessary. Letʼs get this thing fixed.” Fix it we did, and under Kellyʼs ongoing guidance, I became an online dating master. All those women who Iʼd have been petrified to approach in person were all of a sudden getting cute messages from me on facebook and MySpace. Their shields were down, they were in the comfort of their homes, and we could start a fun, flirtatious interaction... it was truly amazing to discover how easy it could be to meet the “9ʼs and 10ʼs,” and just how sweet they were! Here we are years later, and Iʼve come up with five profile templates that are proven winners. Thereʼs a lot that goes into a great profile, but I want to share something with you now that you can add to yours, whether itʼs on facebook or an actual online dating site. This is one of those “20% of things that get 80% of results” - something that really catches a womanʼs eye. Itʼs called a qualifying statement. Many attractive women have them on their profiles. And I want you to add one to yours. The one from my facebook profile reads as follows:

“If you are FUN, DORKY and ADVENTUROUS let's be BFFN'S (best friends for now)” Sounds silly, right? Well I have to tell you this qualifying statement is the result of years of revisions, and does all the right things. It doesnʼt come across as overly cocky or pretentious, and it hits one of the five key psychological buttons that are part of my system.

And to a gorgeous girl whoʼs been dealing with douchy guys in the real world, seeing something like that on your profile is just fun and playful enough to get her engaged when you write her on facebook or MySpace. (tons of women have commented on how charming they find it, btw). So youʼre welcome to copy this one, or come up with something similar. And if youʼre lost for words, it just so happens that I have way more of these qualifying statements on standby. In fact, I wrote the book on ʻem.

I’M KIND OF A BIG DEAL Ok, maybe Iʼm not as big a deal as Ron Burgundy. But my material has helped thousands of men get their first date, lose their virginity, even meet women who theyʼd go onto marry. You see, I got so good at meeting women on social networking sites that Kelly and I put pen to paper and popped out a 200-page tome on the subject matter. We launched Window Shopping For Women in 2007, and itʼs still the de-facto bible on using facebook and MySpace to meet women. Youʼll find glowing reviews if you Google it. One of my openers (I call it the “ex-girlfriend” opener”) became so popular that women started blogging about it, and I recently saw a girl on whose qualifying statement said “if youʼre going to write to me and tell me that weʼve already married and divorced in your mind, Iʼve heard it before”. Needless to say, Iʼve got hundreds of other tested openers, but itʼs a testament to the popularity of my old system. Thatʼs the encouraging part. The discouraging part is that Iʼm not exactly a lawyer, and when I signed a contract with my publisher for that book, I didnʼt realize how many of my rights I was giving away. To this day, Iʼve not made a single penny from the sale of that book. Thousands of sales, countless lives changes, hundreds of testimonials... and Iʼm not one cent richer. Itʼs kind of sad, actually. My contract said that I would get paid after expenses, and while my publisherʼs not a bad guy, he managed to find a lot of expenses. But every cloud has a silver lining, and in the years since writing Window Shopping, two things have happened: • Iʼve been running a private forum, with over 4500 posts of tested material from guys whoʼve been using the Window Shopping system • Iʼve gotten even better at meeting women online :)

Window Shopping For Women was based on a linear system: first do this, then do that, and so on. And it worked great 80% of the time, but sometimes guys struggled with the hottest girls. The girls would do something the guys wouldnʼt expect, or theyʼd put up resistance that the guys didnʼt understand. Heck, I experienced it myself enough times to know that I needed to do better. Plus, it was time to spread my wings a little bit. Facebook and MySpace were monster hits for me, but my clients were starting to use and other online dating sites and reporting good results, so I thought Iʼd give them a try. Well, Iʼve come back from the mountaintop, and Iʼve got news to report...

IF IT GOT MENTIONED ON SEX AND THE CITY, IT’S OK Forget anything youʼve heard about this whole “online dating” thing. Forget the stigma, and the idea that itʼs embarrassing or lame. When you know how to play the game right, when youʼre one of the “top dogs” on an online dating site, you literally get to hand-pick the hottest girls - the same girls who intimidate the hell out of you (and me!) when theyʼre out on a Friday night with a mob of friends, done up like perfect Barbie dolls, getting swarmed by drunk men who are all eager to take their shot. And if you prefer hipsters or goth chicks or preppies, well, theyʼre hanging out online too. 20,000 new members join Plenty of Fish per day (and they got a shout out on Sex and The City, so you know itʼs finally socially acceptable :p). I just checked OKCupid - 37,089 people are online at this moment. Attractive women are flocking to these sites in droves, and with every passing month, the sites become more and more socially acceptable.

So why do I love dedicated online dating sites so much? 1. The girls are pre-qualified. You know theyʼre single and looking for a good man, so itʼs a matter of finding the quality ones and working some of the magic Iʼll show you. 2. Your competition is pretty weak. Most guys have boring profiles, lousy photos, and their opener goes something like “whatʼs up, you look hot, holla back.” It doesnʼt take much to stand out, and the contrast between these guys and a cool guy is striking to the women receiving the messages. 3. These girls are, shall we say... sexually liberated. If thatʼs your thing too, you should probably know that 1 in 3 women who meet a guy online have sex on their first date. Donʼt believe me? Just Google “online dating statistics” and look at the Huffington Post article (it should be one of the first ones). 4. If youʼre looking to settle down and find a wifey, the stats are in your favor, too. The average time from meeting to marriage is 18 months - less than half that of the 42 months it takes couples who meet in the real world to get hitched. 5. Did I mention that these women are dying to meet a cool guy? Check out my inbox from a two-day period on one of the paid sites:

Thatʼs ten new women in two days... who are all super-engaged, whoʼve read about me and are interested in getting to know me better... how are you going to get more efficient than that? Not going out to clubs. Not with “day game”. Not through your social circle. Oh and by the way, if youʼre into making a lot of female friends so you can go out to clubs or have a nice big social circle, this is the easiest way possible to start. I know that wherever in the world I want to visit, if I can find an online dating site or social networking site, I can have a group of fun girls waiting to greet me when I get off the plane. I sincerely hope none of this sounds like bragging. Itʼs just, as far as I see it and have experienced it, the truth. And you can have it too. Now, youʼve got to do it right. But you already know that, and thatʼs why youʼre reading this :)

DOING IT RIGHT The material Iʼve put together is like nothing else out there. It is based on thousands and thousands of interactions, years and years of research, thousands of client case studies, and five simple psychological ʻbuttonsʼ that you have to ʻpushʼ when youʼre getting to know her. Iʼve been working nonstop on the new system, and Iʼve been showing it to a small group of friends - everyone from drinking buddies to colleagues. Iʼm getting close to releasing it into the wild, and I want you to get excited, because Iʼm going to be giving you a ton of great material to get you going. Keep your eyes on for tips on how to get your profile together, what to say in that first message, and a LOT more. And in the meantime, one of the guys Iʼve recently trained on this stuff... someone who I work with, in fact... with has volunteered one of his interactions for you to peruse. This one pushed four of the five ʻbuttonsʼ, and sure enough, it ended up with her in his bed on the first night after he pushed the fifth one in person. Look forward to an explanation on this one soon, and lots of other fun stuff coming your way :) - Race

A CASE STUDY IN PUSH BUTTON DATING From: guy (View Profile) Subject: i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/8/2010 12:17:13 AM

[proprietary opener - look for it soon]

From: girl (View Profile) Subject: RE:i was wondering??? Sent Date: 6/8/2010 12:21:21 AM

Ha, depends on what the rock look likes ;-) And people who list factoids about themselves are clearly the coolest people on here...

From: guy (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/8/2010 12:30:02 AM

[LINK TO FUNNY ENGAGEMENT RING] what do you think? what it lacks in clarity it more than makes up for in character. but I'm only putting it on your finger if it's accompanies by a big southern "oh my LAWD".

From: girl (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/8/2010 1:51:39 PM

Oh my lawd! Never seen a more beautiful ring!

From: guy (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/8/2010 4:53:46 PM

then it’s official. ohhhh also I'm gonna need a prenup. nothing personal, it's just that we've never met each other, so ya know... or we could just start with names (*****) and favorite drinks (Newcastle) and what we write (short stories) and pick some time to meetup. either way, really.

From: girl (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/9/2010 9:21:16 PM

***** - vodka tonic - blog - TBD?

From: guy (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/10/2010 5:46:39 PM

you know what I love about you? you never skimp on the details ;P Well **** I know of the perfect place for a vodka tonic, some interesting conversation and A LOT of laughter :)

From: girl (View Profile) Subject: RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/10/2010 8:06:42 PM

Haha Where would that place be? What neighborhood do you live in in the city?

From: guy (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/11/2010 11:36:02 AM

I'm at **** and ****... smack in the middle of soho. Love it here. Yourself? Spring Lounge is always fun. But I'm thinking something more adventurous either backroom or pegu.

From: girl (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/11/2010 11:39:39 AM

I'm on the Upper East, ** and *. Love it up here :) SoHo is one of the few neighborhoods that I'm pretty clueless about, even after living here for three years. I just never go down there. Do you live by yourself?

From: guy (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/11/2010 11:59:01 AM

Just moved down here from Flatiron... so much to do and such a cool little community. Although we don't have nearly as many tast-d-lites per square mile as the UES ;) I live in a 1br but for the past two weeks I've had a lot of couch surfers... I've had a few coworkers into town for training and a big project. Was just last night thinking that I need a few days of space. Do you have roommates, cats, goldfish...?

From: girl (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/11/2010 12:41:48 PM

No roommates but I do have a cat, who's got about as much personality as a little person. He's great. So what do you do that you're bringing coworkers in for and letting them crash on your sofa?

From: guy (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/11/2010 5:20:59 PM

Sounds like my old cat. We always joked he was like a dog. Its got to be great to come home to that after work. So my business... we help make men more awesome :) Sort of like self-help but more focused on their social skills. I have coaches and staff throughout the country, and this past weekend was the first time we've all come together. Got a few hotel rooms but also had a few over... fun times but I def need personal space sometimes. btw celtics or lakers?

From: girl (View Profile) Subject: RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/11/2010 5:26:31 PM, expand on social skills...are you like a real-life "Hitch" or something? Not a fan of basketball...only during March Madness for college, don't watch pro at all. Now football, I'll talk your ear off about...

From: guy (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/11/2010 5:34:30 PM

Uh oh. Well if you're gonna talk sh*t on Michigan football, a.) you'd be justified and b.) don't, we already know. But I'm giving richrod one more year. As for work, you could say that. Its pretty amazing to me every day that I get to do something I love... actually working from my laptop in washington sq park right now :) Pigeon Guy says hello.

From: girl (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/11/2010 5:38:02 PM you help other guys woo women for a living? How come you're on a dating site then? Hello Pigeon Guy.

From: guy (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/11/2010 5:42:33 PM

Well **** don't you think this would be a more interesting conversation to have in person? He gives you the nod. I think he takes himself and his pigeons pretty seriously.

From: girl (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/11/2010 5:46:53 PM

Fair enough. ;)

From: guy (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/11/2010 5:49:06 PM

So is there a number at which I can text u 20 times a day? Or should we just plan on crossing paths at some cross street at some time on some day? :)

From: girl (View Profile) Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:i was wondering???? Sent Date: 6/11/2010 5:50:51 PM

***.***.**** And thank god you're a fellow texter. Who actually talks on the phone anymore?

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