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August 31, 2017 | Author: Arpit Jain | Category: Feasibility Study, Websites, Information, Automation, Databases
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Partial Fulfilment of MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATION (2014)

Aryan College of Technology, Ajmer [Affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University, Kota]

Submitted By: Arpit Jain MCA (SEM 4)


This is to certify that

Online Career Guidance Has been Analysis and Designed by ARPIT JAIN FIROZ KHAN RAKESH CHOUDHARY In the partial fulfilment of

Master of Computer Application Under our supervision and guidance.

Seema Hava (Project Guide)

Aryan College of Technology

Page 2


Completing a task is never a one man effort. It is often the result of valuable contribution of a number of individuals in a direct or indirect manner that helps in shaping and achieving an objective. It is very difficult for anyone to complete a project without the active cooperation and the benefit of the advice from the people who are experts in their field of specialization. The satisfaction and euphoria that accompanies the successful completion of any task would not be complete without the mention of the people who made it possible with due honour, we want to thank all the personalities who made us able to do this interesting work. First of all we would like to thank lovely professional university for giving us this opportunity to carry out this minor project at their esteemed institution. I am grateful to our honourable faculty who provided all the facility. I acknowledge the earnest suggestions given by Ma’am Seema.

Aryan College of Technology

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Page No. 5

1. Introduction

 Abstract


 Problem Definition


 Proposed System


 Scope


2. Feasibility Study


 Technical feasibility


 Economical feasibility


 Time & Operational feasibility


 Behavioral feasibility

15 16

3. System Analysis

 Data Flow Diagrams


 E-R Diagrams


 Database Design


4. System Implementation


5. System Maintenance


6. Future Scope of the Project


7. Conclusion


8. Reference


Aryan College of Technology

Page 4

Introduction A. Abstract Practical project forms an important component for any professional course like computer. The real place where a computer professional faces and tackles live problems and gets a rare opportunity to experiment and implement the knowledge, which he has gained so far, is the industry and the field . It’s therefore important for a computer student to have a full of field environment and culture. This project “Online Career Guidance” has been made with a lot of hard work. Through this project, an automation of Career Guidance System has been done to reduce the manual and mental tedious work. Before we get into the core of the topic, we must first have an idea that what do we mean by web based project management system. It is a system which takes the help of specifically designed software that can actually carry of much diverse procedures and functions such as control and manage the different streams/branches of education, perform communication between students and institutes/colleges and performs quality management procedures. This is just not the end it has many functions. Project is related to online career guidance which provides the career guidance services to all type of students. Any person can become registered member of the career guidance by filling registration form. They can get the career guidance issued in educational field, so that they can take use the websites and choose their career way. The aim of this project is to design and implementation an online career guidance which will enable users to search for website and browse information about the different career opportunities. These opportunities are provided form the current job opportunities from market need. The database of the online career guidance is based on the standardized system for cataloguing and classifying the different career opportunities.

Aryan College of Technology

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Career Opportunities

Information about all courses in all Streams & Branches

Online Career Guidance WEB SITE (Portal)

Searches Information based on Criteria

Counselling & Admissions STUDENT

Schools, Colleges, & other Educational Institutes

Aryan College of Technology

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B. Problem Definition

This project is for Online Career Guidance, which guides the students for the best career opportunities available for them. After 10th/ 12th/ bachelor, a student has many questions in his mind. The objective of this project is to develop a web based career guidance system. The main problems with the existing system: Manual System itself describe as an outdated.  Difficult to handle and manage.  Lots of paperwork as all data is maintained in legers, sheets and files.  Searching of records is cumbersome as search process takes place within paper records.  As paperwork is there, the readability of document might not be proper due to improper handwriting, paper getting older fades the ink, or any other reason.  Records can easily be accessible to any intruder.  Operations on records take much long time.  Requires much manpower.  More time consuming.  Not reliable and effective.  Reports generations have complexity.

Aryan College of Technology

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Existing system: Time Delay: In the existing system, information related to all transactions is stored in different registers. Since all transactions are stored in different registers it takes lot of time to prepare different reports. Redundancy: As the information passes through different register, each registers consolidated and sent to next register. So the same information is being tabulated at each register, which involves lot of complication and duplication in work, thus it causes redundancy. Information Retrieval: As the information is stored in the particular format, it can only be retrieved in the same format. But if it is to be retrieve in different format, it is not possible storage media; in existing system, data transaction being stored on too long registers it is very difficult to refer after some time.

Aryan College of Technology

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C. Proposed System Online Career Guidance System maintains information about the different career opportunities as well as the institutes & colleges. It notifies every student with the availability of career opportunities as per the criteria in which the student has registered user’s resume. The system also notifies the job provider with the information about the persons registered under category required by the job provider. It also maintains a specialized search engine which provides instant availability of the jobs as the user’s category. The system maintains information of the users who have registered with site and every user can post multiple resumes in every category. The system helps the user in formulating the resume in proper manner.

Aryan College of Technology

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D. Scope Developing system on a topic like “Online Career Guidance” has much scope. It is an automated computerized system that will provide career opportunities and counselling to all types of students. It will be proved effective and efficient in reducing the problems and errors that are faced in the manual system. It will be a web based online career guidance system, an online website in which the students can get information about career according to their academics. They will register themselves and according to their profile, the updates will be sent to them through email/message. It will make the students aware of the current career opportunities according to their qualifications/stream and current market requirements.

Aryan College of Technology

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Feasibility Study The primary objective of this feasibility report is to inform the objective of proposed system would be to overcome the problem faced in the manual system. Updating records would not be a problem and also cross checking of records in the proposed system would not be required. There is an increased risk of error in the manual system. Redundancy of data creeps in the manual system and it becomes a very time consuming job to search information criteria related to the student’s stream as well as his requirements. This burden can be reduced by making the Online Career Guidance related whole process automated right from the beginning. In view of the above problems, a proposed automated Medical store management system is strongly needed. The user about following matters: 

What are the problems with conventional (manual) system?

What are the goals and sub goals of the new system?

What the proposed system would achieve?

What will be the requirements for this achievement?

Who will be involved in operating the system?

The benefits, the system will give over conventional (Manual) System?

The estimated cost of implementation?

Aryan College of Technology

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Technical Feasibility :

It involves determining whether or not a system can actually be constructed to solve the problem at hand. Some user expect too much of computer, assuming that computers can accurately predicted the future, immediately reflect all information in an organization, easily understand speech, or figure out how to handle difficult problems. The technical purchases raised during the feasibility stages of the investigation are: 1. Does the necessary technology exist (can it be acquired) to do what is suggested? 2. Does the proposed equipment have the technical capacity to hold the data required to use the new system? 3. Will the proposed system and components provide adequate responses to enquiries, regardless of the number or location of users? 4. Can be system expanded, if developed? 5. Are there technical guarantees of accuracy, reliability, ease of access and data security? For examples, if the proposal includes a printer that prints at rate of 2,000 lines per minute, a brief search shows that this is technically feasible. Whether it should be include in the configuration because of its cost is an economic decision. On the other hand, if user is requesting audio input to write, read, and change stored data, the proposal may not be technically feasible. I had found in my analysis that there are quite sufficient technical resources available at the organization and capable of handling user requirements. Aryan College of Technology

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Economical Feasibility :

It involved estimating benefits and costs. These benefits and cost may be tangible or intangible. Tangible benefits may include deceasing salary costs (by automating manual procedures), preventing costly but frequent errors, sending bill earlier in the month, and increasing control over inventory levels. Such benefits may directly estimate in rupees without much trouble. Tangible cost is easily estimated. Intangible benefits may include increasing quality of goods produced, upgrading or creating new customer, and developing a better understanding of the market. The economic and financial questions raised by analysts during the preliminary investigation seek estimates of: 1.

The cost to conduct a full system investigation.


The cost of hardware and software for the class of application being considered.


The benefits in the form of reduced costs or fewer costly errors.


The cost if nothing changes (the system is not developed). Because of already availability of computer software and hardware in the organization it is economical feasible.

Aryan College of Technology

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Time & Operational Feasibility :

Proposed projects are of course beneficial only if they can be turned into information systems that will meet the organization‘s operating requirements. Simply stated, this test of feasibility asks if the system will work when developed and installed. Here are questions that will help test the operational feasibility of a project: 1. Is there sufficient support for the project from the management and from users? If the current system is well liked and used to the extent that persons will not see reasons for a charge, there may be resistance. 2. Have the users been involved in the planning and development of the project? Early involvement reduces the chances of resistance to the system and charge in general, and increases the likelihood of successful projects. No qualified and trained person is required for this system because all the transactions and entry are through integrated development environment so it is quite easy to operate.

Aryan College of Technology

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Behavioural Feasibility :

People are inherently resistant to change, and computers have been known to facilitate change. An estimate should be made of how strong a reaction the user staff is likely to have toward the development of a computerized system. It is common knowledge that computer installations have something to do with turnover, transfers, retraining, and changes in employee job status. Therefore, it is understandable that the introduction of a candidate system requires special effort to educate, sell, and train the staff on new ways of conducting business. It answers the following questions: 

Is the audience likely to adopt the behavior? Is the current behavior seen as a problem? How engrained or “rewarding” are the current or competing behaviors?

How costly is it (time, effort, resources) for the audience segment to perform the behavior?

How complex is the behavior (does it involve few or several elements)?

How frequently must the behavior be performed?

How compatible is the proposed behavior with the audience’s current practices (is the behavior socially approved)?

Are there major barriers to engaging in the desired behavior? What information, skills, resources and/or access must the audience segment acquire to overcome the barriers and make the desired behavior change?

Are there at least some members of the segment (“doers”) who manage to do the desired behavior? Do they have unusual characteristics?

Aryan College of Technology

Page 15

System Analysis and Design A.

Data Flow Diagram


STUDENT Request for Registratio

Information Details

Student Details 1.




Information Details

Student Details

Student Database

Information Database Student_Id Information Criteria Information Details


Information Criteria


STUDENT Information Details

Aryan College of Technology

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Context Level DFD




Aryan College of Technology

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E-R Diagram










Aryan College of Technology


Page 18


Database Design Tables 1. Administrator 2. Student 3. Information

Administrator Table Field Name

Data Type






Primary Key

Administrator _Name



Unique, Not Null



Aryan College of Technology


Page 19

Student Table Field Name

Data Type






Primary Key




Unique, Not Null



Aryan College of Technology


Page 20

Information Table Field Name

Data Type






Primary Key




Unique, Not Null



Aryan College of Technology


Page 21

System Implementation

Implementation includes all those activities that take place to convert from the old system to the new one. The new system may be completely new, replacing an existing manual or automated system or it may be major modification to an existing system.

Direct Conversion This method converts from old to the new system abruptly, sometimes over a

weekend or even overnight. The old system

is used until a planned conversion day, when it is replaced by the new system. There are no parallel activities .The main disadvantage of this approach are: no other systems to fall back on, if difficulties arise with new system. Secondly, wise and careful planning is required.

Pilot System The Pilot approach is often preferred in the case of the new systems which involve new technique or some drastic changes in organization performance. In this method, a working version of the system is implemented in one part of the organization, such as single work area department. Based on feedback, the changes are made and the system is installed in the remaining departments of the organization, either all at once (direct conversion method) or (gradually (phase-in method). This approach provides experience and lives test before implementation.

Aryan College of Technology

Page 22

Phase-In Method This method is used when it is not possible to install a new system through an organization all at once the conversion of files, training of the personnel or arrival of equipment may force the staging of the implementation over a period of time, ranging from weeks to months. It allows training and installation without unnecessary use of resources.

Parallel conversion: If it is possible to keep the old system in place and running while the new system is installed, you gain certain benefits. We can directly compare the effectiveness and efficiency of the new and old systems. If the new system fails, the old system is still there chugging away as normal so no harm is done. Parallel conversion is only possible if the old and new systems are completely independent. It is impossible to achieve if the new system is built on the old system.

Aryan College of Technology

Page 23

System Maintenance It needs to continually maintain the system. Programmers/ analyst spend sufficient time for maintaining programs. The study on the maintenance requirement for the information system revealed that: 

60-90 percent of the overall cost of software during the life

of the system is spent on the maintenance. 

In document cases, the cost of maintenance, when measured

on the basis of writing each instruction in coding form, is more than 50 times the cost of developing a system. 

The software demand is increasing at faster rate than supply

.there is a backlog of new development work. The maintenance can be classified as corrective, adaptation or perfective Corrective maintenance means repairing, processing or performance failure or making alterations because of previous ill-defined problems Adaptation maintenance means changing the program function. Enhancing performance the programs according to user’s additional needs are included in perfective maintenance more time and money are spent on perfective than on corrective and adaptive maintenance together Maintenance covers a wide range of activities including correcting coding and design errors, updating documentation and test data and upgrading user support.

Aryan College of Technology

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Future scope of the project For further development of this project, we will be adding more features in our next version to make our project match the maximum requirement of Online Career Guidance. Some of the features which will be added are as follows: Job Portal-Job guidance  Recruiters Login  Career as well as job opportunities

Aryan College of Technology

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Online Career Guidance is a web based project. It provides a collection of different career opportunities, normally offered by a number of different educational institutes, schools and colleges. This project is designed for the reason of easy up-to-datedness and comfortable use. Online Career Guidance contains two main users that are Administrator and Student. The wider areas of job searching facilitate the quick and easy access to opportunities. The increasing job opportunities and changing scenario of the business environment today has made more people to search for better career and employers to search for better potential. This situation has prompted many to move to job portals to look for the ways that has been widely accepted and fully useful in job searching. In this sense the job portals assumes greater importance and we could develop such an efficient system which is used by lot many job hunters and employers.

Aryan College of Technology

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References Websites    

Books & Documents  Software Engineering (A Practitioner’s Approach) – Roger S. Pressman  ASP.Net Bible  ASP.NET-UNLEASHED 3.5

Aryan College of Technology

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