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London’s most luxurious address is set in stone...


One Hyde Park Press release

Aerial view looking north (artist impression)

View from Hyde Park looking south (artist impression)

Candy & Candy, London‘s leading Interior and Architectural designers and development managers, offer a bespoke service that focuses on the creation of the ultimate luxury environment. Based on a client’s individual tastes, desires or needs, the company specialises in devising design concepts for individual rooms, a whole property, or complex of properties with an unrivalled attention to detail. Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, the pre-eminent architectural practice was appointed to create the design for One Hyde Park. The practice has built up a world-wide reputation for its pioneering innovation and outstanding contribution to the field of design. Laing o’ Rourke, the most renowned construction company in the UK have been appointed as advisers for the build of One Hyde Park. Laing O’ Rourke offers the ultimate in construction, with offices in the UK, Germany, India, Australia, United Arab Emirates and more than 23,000 employees worldwide.

One Hyde Park Press release

London’s most luxurious address is set in stone

The most luxurious address in London is official: One Hyde Park, created on the site of the former 1950s building Bowater House in Knightsbridge, is set to be the most iconic work of architecture that London has ever seen. Designed by pre-eminent architect Richard Rogers, the development of 80 apartments and three exclusive boutiques within four pavilions, will be created to form a unity between Knightsbridge and Hyde Park. Candy & Candy are delighted to be development managers and interior designers for the project. With a highly-skilled design team, Candy & Candy will deliver unparalleled style and expertise. As development managers they will drive the scheme and ensure the smooth running of the entire project, through to its completion. Nicholas Candy of Candy & Candy, said: “This extraordinary project will make a major contribution to this prime central London location. We are delighted to have the opportunity to play a part in the development of one of the best, if not the best, residential buildings in the world.” Exceptional buildings are rare, but the Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners has been able to encapsulate the very best of urban living in their design. The drawings and sketches alone are awe-inspiring and the overall effect of romance and grandeur is evident even now. Though full of subtle moods and qualities the design is clear and eloquent, devoid of fuss and complication. Its apartments, which will be hidden from public view, will be wonderfully luxurious and incomparable to anywhere else in the world. The structure has been designed to synthesize with the existing landscape - on one side, the vibrancy of Knightsbridge - stylish, international and quintessentially English, with an exuberant mix of European architectural styles. On the other, tall groves of trees from which the tranquillity of the park unfolds, opening out onto lush greenery, lakes and fountains. One Hyde Park will overlook all of this and will indeed become a natural part of it. The transparency of the structures will magnificently open up the space between Knightsbridge and Hyde Park, creating a natural flow of light and a new energy between the two. The light will be drawn into the north-facing areas and recesses of the buildings and their shape will provide residents with both panoramic views onto the park or city, with total privacy. The pavilions shape will add shadow and definition - their sparkle and rhythm breaking up the roofline. The roofscape will rise and fall in scale with the buildings on either side, their Victorian inference subtly reflected in the new development (for example the red weathered steel of the façade is a contemporary hint at the red brick of existing Knightsbridge architecture). Their shape will create floors of dramatic beauty and scale, where discreetly served apartments will offer consummate space, comfort and style. Covered garden spaces inside the buildings will bring the essence of the nearby park inside and glazed screens will open during the day adding to the organic flow of energy on entering and leaving the building. The buildings are a celebration of light and nature, even in the midst of the city. Having been granted planning permission by Westminster City Council, the demolition of the old structure begins in June 2006 and completion of this exceptional development is currently anticipated to be in 2010.

View from Knightsbridge looking west (artist impression)

Notes to Editors: Candy & Candy do not own One Hyde Park and neither are they part of the investment consortium that do own One Hyde Park. The consortium: Project Grande (Guernsey) Ltd, is made up of off-shore investors. Candy & Candy are the development managers and interior designers for the scheme/new building. Recent accolades include: seven times winner of the ‘Best UK Property’ and ‘Best Interior Design’ at the International Property Awards; ‘Best Interior Design’ and ‘Best Apartment London’ at the UK Property Awards 2007. ‘Best Luxury Home’ at the Evening Standard Homes Awards 2007. For further information or to request visuals please contact Candy & Candy Public Relations: Nina Sanders [email protected] or Martine Bridge [email protected] Tel +44 (0)20 7592 2000

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