Omicron Test Procedure

November 27, 2017 | Author: Mohamed Wahid | Category: Electrical Engineering, Electricity, Electromagnetism, Electronic Engineering, Electronics
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OMICRON TEST PROCEDURE Normal distance: you can test point by point manual change Advanced distance you can adjust ramp of testing points

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U can make right click and test the point this menu will appear Or u can write the value here and test

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Here u can adjust the setting for your test Prefault Max. fault current

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Advanced distance Shot if u want to make one point test Check : for zone reach , timing test

Press parameter – hardware configuration

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Press general - detail to check the connection

Press test opject

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(Enter your system data ( VIP

You can select the direction for your test

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Select zone setting To add new zone click new then edit

Select the type of your char. Then enter the setting

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Click default setting and adjust the current = 2A then click OK

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Press sequence and enter your required ramps start , stop & step

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RELAY MIN. PICKUP CURRENT OPEN ADV.DISTANCE SCREEN Select setting and change the fault current & Go to shot screen

Select impedance & click single test

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High set .State seq

.Make the first state ----- healthy 63.5 for 3 ph , 0A for 3 ph time 2 sec The sec. state VR = 10V and other phases healthy time 2 sec The third state change the value for IR around HS value=2In then test Must adjust measurement view start at state 3 , stop at trip

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2nd method Mcb trip Q7 & IF SOTF enable must AC SOTF pick delay=1 sec. INJECT one state 0 voltage for all phases , 10A IR & IS=IT=0

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SOTF ADV. DISTANCE & make DISTANCE fun. Enable AC SOTF Go to setting screen and adjust pre fault time case A=150msec case B .=250 msec

And after this test impedance from shot screen and sheck SOTF LED Case A : SOTF OPERATE CASE B : SOTF NOT OPERATE

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DC SOTF Go to SEQUENCER screen State 1: 63.5 V , 0 A for all phases State 2 : fault state: VR=10V,VS=63.5, VT=63.5 , IR=5A, IS=0 , IT=0 and change the time for state 1 case A=350msec case B =450 msec and apply +ve to A26 CB CLOSE through BO from Omicron click here and select BO:1 for state 1 , state 2

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Test the two cases

and check SOTF LED Case A : SOTF OPERATE CASE B : SOTF NOT OPERATE (VTS (voltage transformer supervision Setting Vres.=20 v , Ires. = 1.5 A by using quick cmc inject this values VR=VS=VT=63.5 V AND BALANCED current = 0 for all phases & Decrease the value of Vr to 43.5 V the led for VTS will be appeared Increase IR UP TO 1.5 A the led will be disappeared for phase S,T repeat the above state &

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Blocking function :Inject 3 states like this healthy state vr=vs=vt =63.5 v , balanced & Ir=Is=It =0 , time =2 sec -1 drop the voltage of ph. R to 10V and remain the others phases like -2 state 1 time = 2 sec increase the value of current Ir to 6A -3 The relay not trip

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