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2nd Revised Edition OLD SCHOOL BODYBUILDING: BODYBUILDI NG: Training Training With The Legends

 The !Legendar" Trainers# Trainers# That $ade The$ Cha$%ion &r' &r' O("$%ia)s *+,-./ +,0.1


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Learn So$e o4 The Se5rets o4 O(d S5hoo( Bod"63i(ding Cha$%ions 7 Te5hni83es Te5hni83es o4 Training Training  Dieting Te5hni83es 9ro$ So$e o4 The Best Legendar" Trainers in Bod"63i(ding Histor" S35h as  Rheo H' B(air ;in5e Gironda Dan D35haine That &ade So$e o4 The O(d S5hoo( Bod"63i(ding Cha$%ions &r' O("$%ia Winners'

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Trace the evolution of some of the World's World's elite bodybuilders and discover what it took to get them to the top of their championship status. Learn how they trained to develop their unbelievable muscle mass at a time when training equipment was wa s basic and simple. Discover what type of dietary means me ans and training techniques they employed to build bu ild their amazing physiques. This book is essential for those young and aspiring bodybuilders that are interested in learning the origins of how some of the greatest legends of old started and began their quest for a championship  physique. et a behind the curtain look into some of the greatest training methods that these men used to gain some of the most unheard and unseen muscle mass development in the history of bodybuilding. ! detailed and a comprehensive transformation of muscle like the great phenomena l “Sergio Olivia” the “Myth”  and  and no other than “Arnold Schwarzenegger” the “Austrian Oak”  himself who paved the way for bodybuilding to become the great sport as it's known to be today. today. This book describes the events" circumstances and personalities responsible for transforming their once average looking body into becoming the world's best built man#bodybuilder. $nside you will get to know some of the old and forgotten methods of special dieting techniques" training systems" favorite e%ercises" and age old secrets that have hav e been forgotten. Discover how to use these rare and proven secrets that these great legends themselves used to build their amazing looking physique's. &ecrets such as nutritional advice, steroid use, secret diet plans on muscle-mass & definition plans. $nside" you will get to know all about some of the great legendary trainers in bodybuilding" along with some of the old school bodybuilding concepts that time has forgotten" such as •

Vince Gironda Giro nda ,  , The Great “Guru” of ody!uilders, ody!uilders, S"ecial #iet $ Training Training Techni%ues, Techni%ues, and &nderground ody!uilding Secrets 'e Shared (ith 'is To" )ha*"ions+  heo lair, -utritional Adviser of The Great ody!uilding ody!uilding )ha*"ions . heo lair/s lair/s -utritional -utritional  ody!uilding 0or*ula/s 0or uilding Muscle Mass 0ast1 0ast1  #an #uchaine, the Steroid “Guru” 'is original original infor*ation $ advice advice he shared with so*e of the  great legends of Old School School ody!uilding )ha*"ions1 Training Syste*s Syste*s of The Golden 2ra of ody!uilding . Old School “Secrets” To To uilding The  3erfect 3hysi%ue+

The Golden 2ra of #iet $ Su""le*ents 0ro* The Glory #ays Of ody!uilding 

Old School Strength Training $ 3ower outines, ulking u" "lans, )ontest 3re"arations , 3re"arations , etc+

et the historical analysis of some of the heated battles and friendships that these great men shared during their competition days. Discover the era when anabolic steroids became available and how it was used by some of the great legends. (ou will be taken back in time during an )ra when bodybuilding was simple" training with some of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. &hare some of their secrets on training and dietary techniques" and  pick up some advice on muscle building that you would normally not learn in many of today's muscle magazines" which may have been forgotten up until now after you finish reading this book.

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Trace the evolution of some of the World's World's elite bodybuilders and discover what it took to get them to the top of their championship status. Learn how they trained to develop their unbelievable muscle mass at a time when training equipment was wa s basic and simple. Discover what type of dietary means me ans and training techniques they employed to build bu ild their amazing physiques. This book is essential for those young and aspiring bodybuilders that are interested in learning the origins of how some of the greatest legends of old started and began their quest for a championship  physique. et a behind the curtain look into some of the greatest training methods that these men used to gain some of the most unheard and unseen muscle mass development in the history of bodybuilding. ! detailed and a comprehensive transformation of muscle like the great phenomena l “Sergio Olivia” the “Myth”  and  and no other than “Arnold Schwarzenegger” the “Austrian Oak”  himself who paved the way for bodybuilding to become the great sport as it's known to be today. today. This book describes the events" circumstances and personalities responsible for transforming their once average looking body into becoming the world's best built man#bodybuilder. $nside you will get to know some of the old and forgotten methods of special dieting techniques" training systems" favorite e%ercises" and age old secrets that have hav e been forgotten. Discover how to use these rare and proven secrets that these great legends themselves used to build their amazing looking physique's. &ecrets such as nutritional advice, steroid use, secret diet plans on muscle-mass & definition plans. $nside" you will get to know all about some of the great legendary trainers in bodybuilding" along with some of the old school bodybuilding concepts that time has forgotten" such as •

Vince Gironda Giro nda ,  , The Great “Guru” of ody!uilders, ody!uilders, S"ecial #iet $ Training Training Techni%ues, Techni%ues, and &nderground ody!uilding Secrets 'e Shared (ith 'is To" )ha*"ions+  heo lair, -utritional Adviser of The Great ody!uilding ody!uilding )ha*"ions . heo lair/s lair/s -utritional -utritional  ody!uilding 0or*ula/s 0or uilding Muscle Mass 0ast1 0ast1  #an #uchaine, the Steroid “Guru” 'is original original infor*ation $ advice advice he shared with so*e of the  great legends of Old School School ody!uilding )ha*"ions1 Training Syste*s Syste*s of The Golden 2ra of ody!uilding . Old School “Secrets” To To uilding The  3erfect 3hysi%ue+

The Golden 2ra of #iet $ Su""le*ents 0ro* The Glory #ays Of ody!uilding 

Old School Strength Training $ 3ower outines, ulking u" "lans, )ontest 3re"arations , 3re"arations , etc+

et the historical analysis of some of the heated battles and friendships that these great men shared during their competition days. Discover the era when anabolic steroids became available and how it was used by some of the great legends. (ou will be taken back in time during an )ra when bodybuilding was simple" training with some of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. &hare some of their secrets on training and dietary techniques" and  pick up some advice on muscle building that you would normally not learn in many of today's muscle magazines" which may have been forgotten up until now after you finish reading this book.

=re4a5e The golden age of bodybuilding" was called that because of the changes in the aesthetic for more mass" as well as muscular symmetry and definition" which characterized the *early years+ of bodybuilding. The ,-/'s 0 ,-1/'s was a time where some of the greatest legends of  bodybuilding emerged emerged and developed some of of the greatest physiques the world has ever seen. ! combination of size" symmetry" and classic lines of muscle that were developed by means of simple weight lifting equipment and good quality wholesome nutrition and clean foods. Take a trip back in time where today's so2called e%perts in bodybuilding have forgotten some of these original *old school+ muscle building laws" such as 3eg 4ark's 5x5 training program" the erman volume training program" or 5ince ironda's meat, egg and water diet " and 3heo 6. 7lair's famous “mother's milk”  protein formula that has helped many of the top legends achieve greatness in winning the 8r. 8r. 9lympia title. :or longest time" $'ve been a big fan of the old school bodybuilders" the bodybuilders of the golden era from the /'s" ;/'s" and 1/'s. These men achieved all this without the use of drugs or new hyped hi2tech supplements or fancy weightlifting equipment. RT I The olden !ge of 7odybuilding The 6istory of 8uscle 7each" *5enice+" Aalifornia 9ld &chool Dieting E &upplements 0 ,-/'s to Late F/'s :ull :at rass2:ed Dairy Aows &taple Dairy 4roducts of 9ld &chool 7odybuilders 9ther 9ld &chool 7odybuilding :oods 9ld &chool 4rotein 3heo 6. 7lair 2 *Cutritional enius+ 3heo 7lair's *8other's 8ilk+ :ormula 6ow Top 7odybuilders :ollowed 3heo's Cutritional 4rogram 6ow To :ollow 3heo 7lair's 9wn Diet 6ow To :ollow 3heo 7lair's Cutritional Diet program 3heo 7lair's &upplement 3ecommendations

=>RT II The reat 5ince ironda 0 The *uru+ of 7odybuilding The Alassic 9ld &chool 3ipped 4hysique 5ince ironda's Training 4hilosophy 5ince ironda's !mino !cid Loading Technique 5ince ironda Take on Cutrition E Dieting 5ince ironda 8a%imum Definition Diet 4lan 5ince ironda 6ormone 4recursor Diet for 8uscle 7uild2up 5ince ironda 8eat" )gg" and Water Diet :or 8uscle 7uild2up 5ince ironda )gg Diet 5ince ironda ,/ Aommandments of The 7odybuilding Diet 5ince's 9%ygen Loading Technique 5ince's 8uscle &leep 4eriods :or rowth 5ince's Training &ecrets

5ince'sTraining To :ailure 5&. ;/G2F/G 5ince's Aontraction *aka+ $nsurance 3epetitions 5ince's Aontraction 8ethod 5ince's Tempo Training ,/ sets of ,/H The :orgotten Workout >erman 5olume Training? F%F" ;%;" ,/%,/" ;%," and ,%I 8ethods of Training 5ince's Aompound Training 5ince'sI )%ercise Aompounds 5ince's 4eriodization 4rinciple 5ince's $solation 4rinciple 5ince's Training 7eliefs

=art III Dan Duchaine 0 The *&teroid uru+ ,-J2J/// Dan's 4ost Aycle Therapy 4rogram Dan's $soAaloric Diet 6ow $soAaloric Diets Work  9ld &chool Low Aarbohydrate 6igh 4rotein Diet The :irst Alinical Dietary Trial 9ld &chool 6igh 4rotein Low Aarb Diet :or Definition The 4ro's E Aon's of Low Aarb Diets The 4ro's E Aon's of Low :at#6igh Aarb Diets Lesson :or The Aarbohydrate 7odybuilder Aontest Diets Low2:at#Low Aalorie Diet The olden )ra of 8eals The 6istory of 7odybuilding DietsH 6ow Dietary Trends )merged in 7odybuilding Dietary Trends in 7odybuilding Typical 6igh Aarb Diets ,-1/'s

=>RT I;  Cutrition The *Key FG+ To 9ptimal 8uscle rowth The 9verlooked :actor in 7uilding 8uscles The )volution of 4rotein 4owdersH Types of 4rotein 4owders 7est 4rotein 4owders :or 8uscle 7uilding @nderstanding 4rotein Labels E &ub2Types of 4rotein &ources 7est Time To Take protein 4owders During The Day 9ld &chool 7ulking @p Diets 9ld &chool &upplements @sed 9ld &chool Training 3outines 0 ,-I/'s2,-1/'s The olden )ra of !nabolic &teroids 0 6ow it !ll 7egan Aomparison &teroid Aycles !cross Time

=art ; 9ld &chool &trength Training &ecrets 0 Lost in &ight 7uilding 3ugged 8ass E &trength

3elating 8uscle &ize To &trength 6ard ainers &ecrets To :ast 8uscle gains )%ercises That 4roduce 3esults =art ;I

Why Dieting Defines -/G of (our 8uscle ains 8a%imizing (our 8uscle 7uilding 4otential With )nzymes 6ow To @se )nzymes To (our !dvantage )nzymes and Their :unction What )nzymes &hould (ou Take !nd 6ow 8uch =art ;II

9ld &chool 7odybuilding 8entality 0 *4lain E &imple+

INTRODUCTION The Go(den >ge O4 Bod"63i(ding

What ever happened to 7odybuilding  The golden age of bodybuilding" was an era that  produced some of the great legends of bodybuilding" from the great )ugene &andow" to testosterone?. Aottage cheese was also used as a perfect source of  protein >casein?" calcium" and for its high lutamine content as well. Their idea of a muscle building diet was to eat large amounts of protein and fats and small amounts of carbohydrates" which also resulted in them cutting fat as well" and it worked well for most of them. Who would of thought 7ack then fad diets came and went" even the famous !tkins diet" which was thought of and used by bodybuilders before it went into the mainstream. 8any of the old school bodybuilders took carbs out of their diets completely. 8ost of their muscle came from high protein diets with very little or no carbs. This is completely different than today's bodybuilding mentality. We think that in order to gain muscle we need to include carbs into our diets. 7ack then these men ate clean. $n the morning it was ,/2,J egg whites with some of the yolks thrown in. 6ours later they would consume meat" whether it was a hamburger meat" usually four to five hamburger patties" chicken breast with the skin on or tuna fish. They would also throw in a few protein shakes into their daily regimen of supplements. 7ack then their protein shakes didn't consist of the multi2flavors that are here today" chocolate if they were lucky" theirs were pretty awful in taste and te%ture" difficult to mi% with a spoon as well. !fter their workout they would usually go to an all you can eat buffet for cheap prices making sure they consumed their worth in size. Two to three of these giant muscle heads would destroy a buffet restaurant within an hour or so leaving the tables clean and dry. 4latters and trays of foods that would feed families would be consumed by one bodybuilder himself. $t was not uncommon for one bodybuilder to eat over J meatballs" so can you imagine what several of these bodybuilders can do to a buffet eatery &ome of their favorite meals were cheese omelets with maybe ,/2,J eggs" yes" a dozen or more would be eaten in one sitting along with maybe half to a whole gallon of milk to wash it down with.  (ou also have to remember that back then steroids were not available in the late ,-/'s or early ;/'s" so their food severed as their anabolic steroids. Their combination of breakfast foods were obviously eggs" egg whites" omelets" cheese" meats with their eggs and cheese" and milk. That was there supplement >steroids? that helped them achieve their great bodies. 7ut despite carbohydrate deficiency" they achieved great looking physiques that are still admired today.

!s far as supplementation" liver tabs were one of their mainstay nutritional supplements that many of them would devour by the handful. 7odybuilders like !rnold &chwarzenegger" Dave Draper" :rank Bane" and &ergio 9livia lived on liver tablets for their nutritional value and muscle enhancing growth capabilities. 7ack in the old days" liver was considered by many lifters to be a panacea. 3ich in amino acids" iron" 7 vitamins" nuleic acids" lipotropics" minerals" an >an enzyme involved in steroid production and deto%ification?" and other important nutrients as well. Liver" and liver tablets >desiccated liver? has been used by bodybuilders and power lifters for decades to increase strength" enhance appetite" reduce recovery times" support liver function" energy" and to deto%ify the body. 4lus it is also an effective blood builder helping to increase red blood cells" and is one of the best sources of heme iron. Desiccated liver contains heme iron" one of the most bio2available forms around. That is why liver has been called a natural *blood2builder.+ !ll of this is important because blood is what delivers o%ygen and nutrients to your working muscles. &tudies have clearly shown that even slight deficiency in iron can lead to a reduced work capacity. The nucleic acids in liver are important for when the body is undergoing rapid growth" and is one of the reasons that liver can have a real effect on improving recovery rates. These old timers knew what they were doing back then taking their liver supplements like crazy. They knew it was rich in nutrients that would help with their hard training and much needed recovery periods. The rich source of 7 vitamins helped with their energy levels allowing them to train hard. 7 vitamins play a key role in energy production and are needed in carbohydrate metabolism" fat utilization" cell function" proper enzyme function" regulation of  blood sugar" and deto%ification reactions as well. &o" you might want to get your supply of desiccated liver tablets and get on their bandwagon of old school muscle growthM )ventually" the introduction of amino acids and protein powder would also supplement their dietary intake along their heavy consumption of foods. 5itamin A" wheat germ" vitamin )" and lecithin also were coming into play in the bodybuilding supplement ranks. 8ilk E egg protein  powders also were a very big part of their supplement regimen. Thanks to the likes of 7ob 6offman" 3heo 7lair" and commercial dairy cows?. The difference between these two different cows are incredibly important. AL! fatty acids has  been shown to be a powerful ally in the fight of cancer" and has been found to greatly reduce tumor growth in animals" and possibly in humans as well. 5itamin K in the form of KJ28KI" is the other best part" which is shown to be an important protector of heart disease. $t is also important in the prevention of fetal birth defects as well. 9n a final note that $ think will speak to many bodybuilders and fitness buffs" beyond the health benefits 0 muscular growth. 3esearchers compared skim milk to whole milk in the post2 training period" to see which would produce greater anabolic effects. They pitted ,Ioz of skim milk against Foz of whole milk" to make them calorically equal. Theoretically" the results should be even or in favor of skim milk" since it had si% more grams of protein. The research showed that whole milk was more effective than skim" despite lesser protein content and equal total calories. !nother notch in favor of whole fat over fat free. &o" for those of you pushing to gain mass and some size" why would you choose low fat or fat free dairy options (our trying to sneak calories into your diet" not out of itM :ull2fat versions" especially from grass2fed cows" are vastly superior for health" and for growth. Today" there are several companies that are available nation wide that provide high quality milk from grass2fed cows" like 9rganic 5alley and Whole :oods N; brand. To find out about a company near you"

or to see if your current organic milk stacks up" check out the report from the *Aornucopia $nstitute.+ Sta%(e Dair" =rod35ts o4 O(d S5hoo( Bod"63i(ders (hole Milk 0 use to be the staple food of old school bodybuilding crowds" and was used e%tensively by a innumerable of men in their quest for muscle growth and mass. $t provided a lot of easily consumed calories" a nice blend of whey and casein" as well as a good choice of electrolytes 0 calcium" potassium" magnesium" and some sodium. $t also offered them a good source of vitamin !" D" and a few of 7 vitamins as well. 0ull fat cheeses 0 Aheddar" Aottage" etc. 2 !lso" all very high in calories" especially cheddar cheese" being one of the best sources of vitamin KJ due to the fermentation process" as well as  providing relatively even amounts of protein and fat without any carbohydrates. Aottage cheese is an incredible source of protein" and the full fat versions are again more calorie dense" with a very high lutamine content. )rea* 0 >especially the whipping kind? is an e%tremely calorie dense. This can be a great addition to smoothies as it improves mouth2feel" flavor" and =ust provides a ton of calories. (hole 2ggs 0 eggs have always been a main bodybuilding ingredient even in the old school days and now in the new school days. With the only difference being today" they strictly use the egg whites" back in the day" it was the whole entire egg. 7odybuilders" in the golden era of  bodybuilding would devour carton's of eggs on a daily level" the whole egg" yolk and the whites.

Two whole eggs with si% egg whites don't even compare or come close to the caloric or nutritional powerhouse of five whole eggs. Whole eggs contain the brain boosting and anti2 inflammatory choline" lutein and zea%anthin for eye health" vitamin !" vitamin D" 7 vitamins" selenium" iodine for proper thyroid function and more. Whole eggs are on of nature's greatest foods" so why are so many of you eating only the damn egg whites $f you still think that saturated fat and cholesterol contribute to heart disease 0 wait no more" because no one still  believes that" or do they Well" for one" the high lecithin content in the yolk of the egg acts as a natural emulsifier negating the bad cholesterol build up. !nd lecithin today" is even being used as a dietary supplement to lower e%cessive cholesterol levels" which science has shown it to be effective in that regard. $f you remember the old *3ocky+ movies when 3ocky was shown waking up early morning hours before his morning =og" he would crack open N to I eggs and down them in one gulp  before his running around 4hiladelphia. $'m not saying for you to do that as well before your workouts" which $Om sure" when the movie came out" that many individuals thought it to be a great motivation booster. 3aw eggs were known to be unsafe" because of salmonella poisoning and it would not be safe or logical in doing so. 7ack in the very old days it was done by many health enthusiasts and had no ill2health effects what so ever.

$f you can get access to pasture2raised eggs" get them" because their nutritional content is vastly superior to the normal commercial eggs. They have I2; times the vitamin D content" N times the omega N content" and F times the beta2carotene content. 9f course they are also much more e%pensive but well worth the health benefits they offer youM

Other O(d S5hoo( Bod"63i(ding 9oods

(hite 3otatoes 0 recently" white potatoes have gotten a bad rap" mainly due to their high glycemic inde%" which is higher than the more celebrated sweet potato. 7ut really" who cares (ou aren't eating a white potato all by its lonesome" so that T2bone and steamed veggies with it" along with the pastured butter inside it" will slow its digestion anyway" making that point rather irrelevant.  Sweet "otatoes may be awesome for bodybuilding needs" but white potatoes have more iron in it" magnesium and potassium than sweet potatoes do" and they're one of the most satiating foods on the plant. They pack a lot of calories into a small package" they were also a staple old school crowd favorite that have helped a thousand lifters pack on some muscle building and serious amount of mass. 4lus" they are also a good source of ,J vitamins and minerals" and  provide 1 grams of both fiber and complete protein in each large white potato. (ild ice 0 has been recently forgotten in bodybuilding circles and even in the health conscious circles as well these days. $s brown rice any better Well" they're both equally good sources of F vitamins and minerals wild rice has N grams of fiber and 1 grams of protein in , cooked cup" while brown rice has I grams of fiber and  grams of protein. Do you really see any significant difference here 4ersonally" $ would say that wild rice is every bit as good" plus it offers a nice change to the palate for your much2neglected taste buds. !nd really" did a little variety ever hurt anyone O(d S5hoo( =rotein

 Let's be honest with this one" do you really en=oy eating boneless" and skinless chicken breasts every single day with multiple meals per day" every day Cot meM While a fine food" there are still so many other great protein sources of choice out there that have been completely forgotten with the e%plosion in consumption of said chicken breasts. These sources have micronutrients" fatty acids" and more than chicken breasts have to offer. !nd they also bring some more flavor and variety" as well as calories to help spur growth" which you might even en=oy eating meat again. (hole )hicken 0 one of the favorites of old school bodybuilders" in which many of them used to absolutely crush and devour in eating huge amounts of. Whole chickens" whole milk" and  potatoes were the name of the game back then" and they certainly worked. &o why do we =ust eat plain boneless" skinless chicken breasts today

$ will bet you that whole chickens back then were easy to prepare" convenient" and go with =ust about anything and can last for several days in the fridge pre2cooked. 7ut in terms of price per calories" whole chickens are crazy cheap" provide more total calories and taste loads better" so what's not to love compared to boring boneless and skinless chicken breasts Turkey 0 7reasts" thighs or the whole dam thing" turkey is vastly under2appreciated meat that arrives in spades come Thanksgiving time" but then goes virtually unnoticed the rest of the year. Turkey is a fantastic protein meat source" a good source of ,, vitamins and minerals" including being an e%cellent source of the cancer2fighting selenium. 4lus" it's =ust a nice change of pace from eating chicken all of the time. Tuna 0 once a dietary staple" although it seems it has gone the way of the dodo lately. Co one talks about it anymore" and even less seem to eat it. $t's no longer the pretty girl at the dance" having been replaced by the se%ier salmon. Though salmon does have more omega N's" and that  powerful anti2o%idant asta%anthin" tuna is still no slouch. :or one" it's a better source of protein" containing over , gram of omega N's per can >amount varies by type?" and is a good source of 1 vitamins and minerals. $t's also an incredible source of selenium" containing over N times the amount in turkeyM

4lus" it's one of the cheapest sources of protein around" though $ would recommend the light variety" due to the marked decrease in its mercury content.  3ork )ho"s 0 also having to disappear from the !merican diet" probably due to the late F/'s early -/'s for the fear of fat. While pork chops do contain more fat than chicken or turkey" again" who cares The ma=ority of the fat is in the form of the monounsatured oleic acid" =ust like in olive oil" and they're a good source of ,/ vitamins and minerals. 4ork chops are also an e%cellent source of several 7 vitamins" as well as the brain boosting and anti2inflammatory choline. 4lus they're tasty" which isn't a crime" no matter what the guys eating ; meals a day of Tupperware of skinless chicken breasts might tell you.

The key to a successful bodybuilding plan is consistency" back in the old school days of  bodybuilding" they en=oyed a variety of meals consisting of high protein sources and low carbs. They were tasty and nutritious that helped them pack on some serious calories providing some much needed variety to their palates. Ahicken breasts" egg whites" broccoli" and brown rice are all fine foods" but they aren't your only choices 0 especially day in and day out. &o give some of these old school foods a shot what do you have to got to lose $t worked for them back in their day and it will work for you as well. 7ut the real genius of bodybuilding supplements was non2other than a young and aspiring  bodybuilder#nutritionist by the name of 3heo 6. 7lair" who came along with his take on a muscle building diet for bodybuilding with his famous *milk E egg+ protein" which dominated the market based on mother's milk formula.

Rheo B(air N3tritiona( Geni3s

6is theory was to mi% milk" eggs and cream to get your protein and fats to build muscle mass. &ome of the great bodybuilders back then like 8r. 9lympia winner Larry &cott and up and coming Don 6owarth followed some of 3heo 7lair's products and recommendations and built awesome physiques. 3heo also came out with his own line of supplements like vitamins and digestive pills" which were little round balls of hydrochloric acid. They were also a little strong and could actually burn a hole in your stomach if you didn't consume enough food with them. 3heo 7lair was a nutritional genius back in his day who actually was ahead of his time and era. 6e did e%tensive research on weight training and nutrition and gave advice to people all around the world" especially to movie stars and bodybuilders. 6e was an e%pert in high quality protein  products and he created the original milk and egg protein powder that filled the shelves of health food stores. 6e believed the perfect food for muscle growth was a combination of milk and whole egg. $t was also said that his protein products turned weaklings into musclemen and made sick people healthy. 6is protein formula's were based on the highest quality protein in terms of supporting *human growth+ and well2being and would be found in mother's milk *colostrum+. 6is preferred liquid for mi%ing protein was half and half" his reason was that nature seems to indicate that protein and fat should be taken in even balance" with milk and an equal amount of fat >half and half or cream? mi%ed together. !nd likewise with eggs and meat. 3heo's instant protein formula was e%tracted from milk and eggs without normally occurring fat both milk and eggs were defatted in the processing. 3heo's concept was" by mi%ing the  protein with half whole milk and half heavy cream you restore some of the fat removed during the processing and you then achieve a product more normally balanced as to the proportions of  protein and fat. 3heo would also state" during his processing of protein formula's for building muscle that the half and half sold by most dairies is not true one2half plus one2half but can be used. 6e prefers to mi% his own by using one half whole milk and one half heavy whipping cream. 6e also would recommend for his bodybuilding clients to use raw milk and raw cream for a much  better natural effect" when it was available. Today only certain states in the country sell certified raw milk products. 3heo would also advise when training his bodybuilders to refrain from a diet in high carbohydrates" which were those that were high in starch and sugar because the body uses fats for a superior source of energy. 4lus fats in the diet tend to burn off accumulated body fat much easier. 6is home made protein drinks made with half E half were delicious and tasty" especially if the milk and cream were very cold. (ou could also add vanilla e%tract for flavoring or you may add a raw egg or two to the shake for an even higher biological value and protein effect.

6e had a special way that he recommended when drinking his protein shake which he considered very important. The protein shake was to be sipped very slowly and not gulped down fast" because when one puts food into the stomach slowly it helps the digestion absorb the nutrients more efficiently. 4lus he would recommend for them to take along one or two hydrochloric acid pills with the protein shake. 9ne of his weight gain recipes was sipping whole milk down with 4eptain between meals instead of water. 4lus eat more smaller meals and learn to take them often with at least N  protein shakes a day. This tends to encourage a more efficient handling of food. With this sort of discipline it is possible for you to eat less in volume and still receive more real nourishment. 3heo 7lair helped many his star athletes in training with his advanced nutritional recommendations. 6e would e%plain to many of his clients how to be able to better handle food when dieting for muscle mass like never try to fill the stomach when more than J#Nrds full with too much food intake. 7ut use smaller amounts at a given time and gradually increase your daily intake over several weeks. 7ecause this gives the body a chance to increase its efficiency in digestion and assimilation" so it can handle greater amounts of nutrition more efficiently. 3heo 7lair also realized that when one increases his protein intake he may want to decrease the amount of potatoes and vegetables" breads and cereals" as well as salads and vegetables in the diet.  These other foods take a secondary place to protein and should not be allowed to displace in the digestive tract. 6e found out as well that people can handle more protein efficiently when they include an appropriate amount of a protein digestant 4eptain 6AL with each serving. 6e states strongly that never an hour should go by without consuming protein in the !8 hours" very important to start the day with" because small amounts taken often" is a viable secretM 7lair's students soon learn the wisdom of using no grains" flours" cakes" pastries or the like. They use very little fruits or vegetables. :or an evening meal they should be including a piece of lamb" beef" or poultry with a slice of tomato or raw onion for seasoning purposes. &ome cottage cheese" natural &wiss" cheddar" so as to include some calcium bearing food to off set the  phosphorus in the meat" also with that include some deviled eggs soft boiled" butter milk fats help slow down the digestion process. 9n e%ercise days" one may use the protein with whole milk or with some half E half" ad=usting it to your taste and needs. 7edtime mi% should be with whole milk" and !8 morning hours can  be used with half milk and half cream. 9ther times you may use half and half or reduce the amount of cream in your home made half E half mi%ture in order to help speed up the digestion  process of proteins. :ats in the stomach tend to slow down the digestion. &kim milk also can be used for a more lean look if desired. 3heo 7lair" found out that bodybuilders gained more muscle on milk E egg than beef proteins. 8ilk and egg has a higher biological value and would place his students on a milk and egg diet

for greater muscle growth. 6e also claimed that milk and egg proteins kept the body in a natural *calcium2phosphorus balance" which he believed was important in building muscle. 8eat proteins in his opinion had too much phosphorus in ratio to calcium. 7lair also concluded that this could cause *phosphorus+ =itters" bringing with it an%iety" fatigue" insomnia and restlessness. 6e believed the correct ratio was J parts calcium to , part  phosphorus" and the other ingredient missing from most of todayOs *more advanced protein  powders2 was Lactose.+ Lactose" was the one carb essential to muscular growth. 7lair's protein contained 1 grams of carbs per P cup serving and the carb was lactose" or natural milk sugar. 7eing an animal carbohydrate" lactose is chemically different than other carbs" it digests more slowly than carbs from fruits" grains" veggies and other plant sources. 7lair believed milk sugar allowed the body to produce 7 vitamins and helped intestinal bacteria to flourish and also calcium was best absorbed in the presence of lactose. 7ut lactose's most important role was as a protein sparer. $t helped the body from converting into carbs" thereby allowing protein to do what it was meant to do 0 build lean muscleM The lactose content made 7lair's protein hard to digest" so his students took digestive supplements of hydrochloric acid and 4eptain 6AL >2; capsules with each meal? to aid digestion. The digestibility factor is why virtually all protein powders available today have almost no lactose. Lactose may be one of the most important ingredients that made 7lair's  program so successful. Rheo B(air)s &other)s &i(< 9or$3(a

3heo knew that muscle required protein to grow" and protein was the foundation of his  philosophy. !s he would put 2 *(ou are made of protein" so a protein diet builds you betterM+ $n a nutshell" he proposed the following rulesH •

Take protein in small feedings. )at often" and never skip meals. 7alance protein and fat intake. )liminate starches and sugars. Take supplements with foods.

3heo 7lair was adamant that the ultimate food steroid was mother's milk 0 nothing more" nothing less. 8aking and devising a protein based formula similar to mother's milk first feeding" which nature provides in her breast milk to sustain a baby's first stage of life consisting of amino acids" essential fats" growth factors >colostrum?" vitamins" minerals" and natural enzymes. With that" 3heo set out to create the very ne%t best thing by combining animal  proteins with supplements" or as he called them" *food concentrates.+

3heo's perfect man made anabolic meal consisted of milk" cream" eggs" and of course" some of 7lair's own brand of protein powder. 7lair called it *protein pudding+ and suggested that it be eaten throughout the day in many small meals" so that the stomach was never over loaded. The reason for all that fat" he stated in his book *4rotein Way of Life+ was to try and replicate the  protein#fat balance of milk in its natural state. 6e wrote in his book 2 *Cature seems to indicate that protein and fat should be taken in even balance.+ 7y mi%ing the protein >powder? with half whole milk and half heavy cream" we restore some of the fat removed during processing" and we achieve a product more normally balanced as to proportions of protein and fat. !nd one may use the protein in pure cream" with no milk at allM+ (ou can also mi% a similar concoction to 7lair's protein pudding that includesH •

93(( 4at ri5otta *Ahe"1 Cottage 5heese *5asein1 Co(ostr3$ RaA %ast3re7raised eggs Organi5 heav" Ahi%%ing 5rea$

(ou can also add some protein powder to the mi%" but its not really required" because there's already a lot of protein in there. This meal is really more like a dessert" it sits well in the stomach. 4lus" it builds muscle" and makes for a great bedtime snack. 7lair was also big on supplement use" especially on Aalcium" which he advocated to be taken with meals always when consuming red meat to improve the calcium to phosphorus balance >AaH4? ratio. 6e  believed that the high phosphorus content of meat could disrupt an ideal ratio of two parts calcium to one part phosphorus" and could cause *phosphorus =itters+ in the form of an%iety" fatigue" and restlessness. The calcium supplements that 3heo sold" Aalcium 4lus and Aalcium 42:" listed servings of J2  pills per day" but 7lair and his pupils were known to pop handfuls of the stuff. 3heo 7lair was also noted while eating out at restaurants having his hydrochloric acid tablets and some of his calcium tablets handy while having his meals. 6is belief in the importance of calcium supplements for muscle growth was also backed by other noted authorities in the muscle fitness field. This was further illustrated in the 9ctober issue of 8uscle 7uilder magazine" ,--" and in the 8uscle Training illustrated" &eptember2 9ctober ,-;;" and 7ob 6offman's 8uscular Development" !ugust ,-;- issues as well. 7ut that was then" and this is nowM They've been a number of recent studies showing serious health risks from e%cessive calcium supplementation. Aurrent internet searches reveal the dangers of calcium supplementation" stating that it could cause a potential cardiac risk. Writer and health investigator Ahris Kresser provides a great review of the literature" suffice it to say" the burst+ of calcium from a large supplement dose has been linked to drastic increases in cardiovascular disease" prostate cancer" kidney stones" and general mortality rates. !lthough" smaller doses of calcium dose seem to pose less risk in studies" but the science definitely seems to indicate that this one nutrient is best left to your diet.

!lso" it makes you wonder if the popping of all those calcium pills had something to do with the untimely death of 3heo 7lair at the age of ;J. 7ut up until now" there's only been speculation 0 which some say hepatitis !nd some say heart disease 7ut we'll never know the real answer.

7lair was right in many of his take's on nutrient balancing and deficiencies" but may have gotten a little too carried away with calcium. etting adequate calcium levels from diet alone is usually not a problem" especially if you eat fairly clean and consume foods rich in dark green leafy vegetables 0 spinach" kale" collards" bok choy" broccoli" seeds " and nuts 0 sesame seeds" quinoa" almonds" and fish 0 sardines" salmon" perch" rainbow trout. 7one broth is probably the  best source of calcium around" but only in you add a splash of vinegar to to the stock before cooking to pull the minerals out of the bone. !nd if you're worried about bone density" routine weight training should keep you in a positive calcium balance. $n my own opinion" magnesium" not calcium" may be the missing nutrient for bone and cardiac health and muscle growth along with zinc" is perhaps the most common nutrient deficiency" especially among athletes. )%cesses sweating and stress" our filtered water and depleted farm soils have been known to lead to deplete magnesium" a critical nutrient. Today is estimated that ;FG of !merica's population have a magnesium deficiency according to the Cational 6ealth $nstitutes of 6ealth. 9ther health e%perts put that number above F/G. 3heo 7lair knew about magnesium and prescribed it to his clients when they went on his nutrition program" but he did not include it as part of his retail line" because" he said" *the dosage was so high" the :D! would probably not have passed itM+ The bottom line is that too much or two little of any important nutritional mineral is not ideal. There are optimal ratios that should e%ist among minerals" and they often work in a seesaw fashionH one that goes up" another goes down. 7alance is the key. $n practice" this means that supplementation may be fine for a period of time 0 one month" two months" possibly even three months depending on the level of deficiency 0 but staying on any particular mineral for an e%tending period of time may be detrimental to your health and longevity in ways that you're not qualified to diagnose. $f that doesn't scare you there's thisH it may negatively impact your muscle size and strengthM 3heo 7lair was right on track when it came to many nutritional concepts" but he may have been dead wrong about others. The lesson for the rest of us is not to go over board with particular nutrients" but rather to stay open2minded" abreast of research" and well rounded in our diets. his favorite?" lamb" or beef. 6e did not eat fruits or veggies" e%cept for one or two slices of tomato. 7lair's special method for cooking his raw eggs were prepared in this manner 0 a lot heat method that kills bacteria and cooks the eggs but does not destroy its nutritional value" heating the water to ,F/ 2,F degrees and staying in this range cooking for J minutes. The eggs then are ready to eat or add to your protein shake. 9ne of his star pupils" the great Larry &cott" would take a lesson from 3heo 7lair's nutritional advice and would prepare his own formula consisting of J#N cup of protein powder" , cup of cream" , cup of whole milk" which he would consume N times a day along with having N regular meals of lean meats and cottage cheese with almost no carbs" and he would also take N eggs a day 3heo 7lair style. Larry &cott was normally not a big eater when it came down to dieting for muscle size. 6e would rely a lot on 3heo's protein formula's that he would include at times as ac substitute for his regular meals. Larry was known as a picky eater during his competitive years in

 bodybuilding and it was amazing how he packed on so much muscle mass during his years in  bodybuilding. $ think with the help of 3heo 7lair and 5ince ironda" the famous uru of many  bodybuilding stars" Larry made due with the best that he had. S3$$ar" +' 3eason 3heo 7lair's nutritional program was so successful" it was a properly made non2 denatured protein supplement from milk E eggs >casein" whey" and eggs?. 2' 6e used Lactose ' 6e used saturated fats from cream and egg yolks ' 8onounsaturated fats from rice germ oil or other sources" such as nuts" seeds and better still" 9live 9il. ?' 6is formula contained very few carbs >other than lactose?.

HoA To 9o((oA B(air)s N3tritiona( =rogra$

6is basic program consisted of 0 Q a cup of protein powder" F oz cream" J oz milk mi%ed to a  pudding like consistency and eaten with a spoon. :lavoring can be added with dietetic fruit or vanilla. Aonsidering how protein powders are made today" additional , cup of milk >raw? if you can. 7ut also adds the essential lactose in about the same ratio as 7lair's protein. &pecifically add Q a cup milk to each P cup protein powder. !dd also monounsaturated fat" , teaspoon to , table spoon of 9live 9il which should fine > a ma% of J table spoons should =ust about fine? other fats you can use 0 fla% seed oil or @do's oil" also add raw eggs or eggs prepared in 7lair's way. &tart with having N drinks#shakes per day and N meals per day of lean meats 0 chicken" beef" fish" pork or lamb. (ou can add small salad with J of the N meals but make sure the dressing has no carbs. !nd try to consume not too much liquids with meals as not to slow down absorption. !s you progress you can add more protein shakes and drop some meals if you wish. !dvanced 7lair students often took in no more than N2 meals per week" living on his protein#cream mi%ture and supplements the rest of the time. 9ne thing to consider and remember 7lair's  program was not set in stone" he would often e%periment with his mi%ture" as well as with different nutritional supplements customized to individual bodybuilders. 8any bodybuilders of the ;/'s often also customized their programs to suit their needs. 7ut always used 7lair's basic protein#cream mi% as a base. (ou may also do some e%perimenting yourself to find out how to best suit your needs as well. 7lair's students took in no more than , gram protein per pound of body weight" so workout what works best for your needs but use the , gram per pound as a base minimum. 7ut do pay attention to your intake of calcium to phosphorus. 3ead your protein powder labels

to make sure your getting the JH, ratio of calcium to phosphorus and ad=ust with supplements as necessary.

Rheo B(air)s S3%%(e$ent Re5o$$endations

=e%tain HCL 0 used to digest high lactose protein Liver Etra5t  0 contains //mg of liver fractions in free available form that he considers it to be far superior to desiccated liver e%tract. B Co$%(e ;ita$ins  0 to maintain nutritional balance So"Bro 0 used as a lipo2tropic Cho(ine =(3s  0 used as a lipo2tropic Iron =(3s 0 supplies iron in a natural form" along with zinc" copper" maganese in proper proportion. Ca(5i3$ =(3s  0 contains vitamin A" D" 6AL for proper digestion Bio4(avinoids  with vitamin C Cod Liver Oi(

>see www.rheoblair.com for 7lair's protein?

&ergio 9livia" Larry &cott" and Aasey 5iator were all heavy into 7lair's milk and egg protein mi%ed with heavy cream or half E half. 7lair's whey cream 0 mother's milk contained high amounts of saturated fats. 7lair felt cream and eggs provided the best and most palatable source of fat which wrapped the protein" slowing it down for digestion and making it more usable for the body over the course of the day. 6e considered lactose" the one carbohydrate essential for muscle growth. 6is protein formula contained 1 grams of carbs per P cup serving and the carb was lactose or natural milk sugar. 6e believed lactose was essential to muscular growth. !s an animal carbohydrate" lactose is chemically different from other carbs 0 it digests much more slowly than carbs from fruits" grains" or veggie sources. 7lair believed that milk sugar was vital as it allowed the body to produce a host of 7 vitamins and helps good bacteria to grow and flourish. 6e also believed calcium was best absorbed in the presence of lactose. 7ut lactose's most important role was in protein sparing. $n the absence of plant source carbohydrates" the body converts protein into carbohydrates to meet energy needs. 6e was a firm believer that lactose made many of those energy needs and helps to keep the body from

converting protein into carbs" thereby allowing protein to do what it was allowed to do 0 7uild 8uscle.  The lactose made the protein hard to digest" so digestive capsules were employed *hydrochloric acid+ and pepsin with each meal to aid digestion. The digestibility factor is why virtually all protein powders today have almost no lactose. Lactose may be one of the most important ingredients that made 7lair's formula so successful. 3heo 7lair helped the bodybuilding community during his era make strides in their muscle development when many of them longed for alternative ways to increase their muscle mass. 6is products and supplements dominated the sports supplement market of his time by offering  bodybuilders with a logical an effective means of supplementing their daily meals with high tech nutritional nutrients. 3heo 7lair's nutritional ideas were revolutionary for his time" and maybe advanced for ours. 6is views on protein and fat were visionary" and he was also one of the original low carb diet advocates. 6e was also the first to push a milk and egg protein supplement for building muscle" during a time when cheap and inferior soy2based powders were the only retail option. There a countless number of individuals from bodybuilders" movie stars" celebrities to e%tremely ill  people that e%perienced the success of 3heo's formula's. There were important nutritional ideas that we know well now" but that were still far beyond the horizon when he died in ,-FN. !s such" he advocated some supplement approaches that modern science contradicts. $n other words" he was a man a comple% mi%ture of timeless wisdom and cautionary tale. 6e was a man back from the future that en=oyed widespread success between the early /'s and late 1/'s" but the name 3heo 6. 7lair is hardly recognized today by even the most e%perienced bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. 6e left us a taste of nutrition in the highest order for science to finish off and improve on. &ad to say that it never happened to this day. 7ut still" the old school days did =ust well enough with his help in nutritional bodybuilding to build super physiques that many today still talk about. $n those days bodybuilders did not care what their protein powders tasted like as long as they were getting in their protein requirements. These men needed to grow muscles and would take anything even if it tasted horrible" it did not matter to them as long as it workedM &ome bodybuilders would even take raw liver and put it in a blender and drink it down. &ome would drink pure quarts of cream or milk at the beach during their training sessions. Liver e%tracts were their main source of iron and 7 vitamins" taking as much as / pills a day. )ventually as the supplement market grew" T ;INCE GIROND>: THE !GURU# O9 BODYBUILDING

7orn 5incent *5ince+ !nselmo ironda Covember -" ,-,1 0 9ctober ,F" ,--1 was  bodybuilding's *uru+ of 8uscle 7each 5enice" Aalifornia and bodybuilder himself and trainer#owner of the celebrity frequented *5ince's ym. 6is nickname was the *$ron uru+ of  bodybuilding. 5ince was born in the 7ron%" C(. While fairly still young as a child" 5ince and his family decided to head out to Los !ngeles" Aalifornia when his father" a stuntman" got offered a =ob in the up and coming movie classic *7en 6ur.+ During 5ince's teenage years he also tried his hand at becoming a stuntman =ust like his dad but when he saw a picture of unhomogenized" unpasteurized? milk. Large amounts of fertile eggs" he would claim to equal the anabolic steroid *Dianabol+ or *D27ol+ in effectiveness. !lthough he never did provide supporting evidence for his theories. &ome of 5ince's nutritional beliefs were 0 eating liver and using liver e%tract tablets for a  potent training session. 6e would state that if you separate the white and the yolk of the egg" you would get an isolated protein. !nd anytime you separate the white and the yolk" you get an isolated protein. !nytime you separate protein from fat you're left with an incomplete food. 5ince promoted the weight loss and muscle building benefits of high fat diets long before the !tkins and Bone diets were popular. 6e could shape up movie stars in record time and help  bodybuilders attain their best ever size" condition and presentation. 6e invented and  popularized many techniques and training accessories that we take for granted today and its no e%aggeration to say that 5ince ironda was years a head of his time. &ome of 5ince ironda's

idea's and concepts wereH •

 'ow to "recurse natural hor*ones and increase the ana!olic environ*ent of your !ody!uilder+ The "ro"er intensity and duration of the o"ti*u* workout   'ow to overwork and avoid hor*one loss (hy you should avoid e4cess a!do*inal training   'ow to increase your ar* size !y 5// in two weeks (inner training routines for !eginners, inter*ediates, and advanced trainers+ The !enefits of s"ecific diets and what effect they have, high "rotein, low "rotein, high car!, low car!, high fat, and low fat+  'ow to naturally increase your *eta!olic rate  'ow to i*"rove *uscular weak "oints in your !ody+ (hat su""le*ents you should take, how often, and how *uch+ (hat are the *ost "owerful foods availa!le today which can %uickly "rovide *uscle gain and  fat loss+  Saturated fat, unsaturated fat and cholesterol . what "art should it "lay in your diet+ Vince/s fa*ous steak and egg diet+  And *any others+

8eals and supplements that 5ince would recommended were 0 meats" milk" eggs" fish" cheese"  protein powders" fowl" amino acids. &upplements 0 mineral tablets" kelp" vitamins !" 72 comple%" A" )" : >folic acid?" digestive enzymes" 6AL" :ats" and oils. 8etabolic stimulators 0 kelp" fats and oils" and minerals. ;in5e)s >$ino >5id Loading

When it came to nutritional advice 5ince ironda was way ahead of his time" that was one of his strong skills that he specialized in. 6e knew the in's and out's of muscle growth" he knew that muscles needed proteins to grow" and the key to muscle growth was to keep the body in a constant positive nitrogen state. 3ealizing that as long as there was amino acids freely available in the body" the muscles then wouldn't enter in a catabolic state. During his time and era" he was limited by the supply of supplements available" using low quality amino acid tablets. 7ut despite the rather crude supplements used" this method worked amazingly wellM The difference with 5ince's preference of choice" he would use the branch chain amino acids" which were responsible for sending the protein synthesis signal. 5ince already knew back then when the ratio of 7A!!'s to regular amino acids is elevated in the  body" we turn the switch to anabolic mode. 6e would suggest to his clients to take five feedings  per day" between meals of 7A!!'s making it an ideal situation for positive nitrogen retention. 6e scheduled it during the !8 morning hours upon awaking before breakfast" between  breakfast and lunch" between lunch and supper >or pre2workout?" early evening hours" and  before bedtime.

Today" it is not impossible to say that most bodybuilders and gym rats would take anywhere from J/ to / grams of 7A!!'s per day three to five times a day. The whole point and message that 5ince was trying to deliver was making sure that you had a constant flu% of 7A!!'s in your blood stream" so the more frequent your intake is" the better off you'll be. 5ince always felt that the use of supplements combined with good quality foods was a way to get effects close to what could be achieved with anabolic drugs >keeping in mind that in his day" taking J/2J mg of Dianabol per day and J//mg of Deca per week was considered a lot?.

!lthough 5ince was limited to what he can use as far as the quality of supplements that were available during his time. :or e%ample" he was keen on trying to increase testosterone levels. &o" to do so he recommended a high fat diet and supplementing with glandulars >which  basically were dried testes" orhic?. While the high fat diet is indeed proven to increase testosterone levels" he may have been right on track with the raw glandulars to increase testosterone production. 6e considered them >glandulars? too be a valid alternative to anabolic steroids. 5ince was also big on kelp >a source of iodine? to increase thyroid hormone production. 6e always had specific formulas of certain supplements to assist and increase the body's own natural production of the necessary hormones to build lean muscle mass. 5ince ironda would always make it a point in regarding bodybuilding" *if you don't have your diet down first" the rest of it" training" is moot. 8eaning that bodybuilding is FG diet. We are what we eat periodM 8ost of the champion bodybuilders know this and are very vain about their dietary plan and structure. ;in5e Gironda)s Taand e%cessive caloric intake? along with a sedentary lifestyle that make people fat. 5ince ironda was the first guy to advocate that  your !ody!uilding success is ( nutrition.  Cow whether or not you actually agree with number" you can't argue with the fact that what you eat" when you eat it" and what supplements you take and when you take it is much more effective than most bodybuilders imagine. 5ince's unorthodo% eating strategies that he followed and taught to his students. Like do  )*# combine carbohydrates with protein in the same meal. 7ecause proper digestion of protein requires a higher level of an acidic base in the stomach. Where as proper starchy carbohydrate digestion requires an alkaline medium. $f you consume both together you'll only get partial digestion and the residue will result in severe discomfort" gas" bloat" heartburn" and hyper acidity. +nd not to mention the dreaded !ody!uilder farts.....*. 5ince was often asked about gaining weight and#or building muscle and he would reply with a question of his ownH *Do you want an increased body weight" or is it an increase in muscle size you are after 9f course the response would usually be *size.+ 5ince claimed that muscle size is desirable" but not simply adding body weight" which will only smooth out your definition and increase the size of your waist and hips while causing a loss of symmetry. ;in5e Gironda)s &ai$3$ De4inition Diet =(an 5ince ironda loved the protein and fat diet" which he called the ma%imum definition diet. 7asically one was to eat#drink a dozen eggs a day >any where from ,2N dozen depending on what else you ate during the day?. Whole eggs are a perfect food >and are also cheap? according to 5ince. (ou should have N to I meals a day" but between meals you would take a handful of liver tabs. With the most important supplements being digestive enzymes" liver tabs" and essential fatty acids >):!'s?. Those will help with digestion and food cravings. 6e recommends that you take in only protein and fat" as there are carbs hidden through out the &tandard !merican Diet >&.!.D.?. !lso while you try to limit your processed food intake >i.e.

use butter 0 not margarine?" and drink plenty of water 2 hyperhydration. )very N2I >sometimes ? days have *) carb only meal. Don't make it too big" and don't eat crap" or as he would state 2 *you will feel like crap.+ 6is diet definition plan is recommended for ,J weeks. Despite other noted nutritional e%perts  beliefs" quality research does show no problems using this type of diet long term" >research the )skimo or $nuit Diet" or read Will 7rinks info' on this?. 5ince knew this nutritional concept years ago and used it effectively for many of his students. 5ince's idea and beliefs on this diet plan was that raw eggs stimulated the endocrine system and therefore naturally increased growth related hormones. 6e would also recommend raw egg  protein shakes throughout the day for a couple of months >Fwks? and then switch to another more moderate diet >i.e. mass or maintenance?. These shakes consisted of raw eggs >,J?" cream" sometimes wheat germ" banana" and milk#egg protein. The results according to those who have followed this plan were mind blowingM !nd noticeable. :irst recovery and growth happens more readily after =ust the first week on this diet. &econd" little aches and pains >low back" etc.? seem to diminish. !nd finally" you will e%perience a stronger pump during and after training. Thus" your body will appear to lose fat and gain muscle" but nothing too dramatic >its not magic?. !nd barring in=ury" your weight and reps should increase steadily afterward. ;in5e Gironda)s !Hor$one =re53rsor Diet# 9or &3s5(e B3i(d U%

5ince was ahead of his time by decades with many of his ideas. !lmost J/ years before Dr. !tkins was promoting the merits of a carbohydrate restricted diet" 5ince was writing about a diet of steak and eggs for ma%imum definition+. While some of his ideas are out dated >ie."  bench pressing to the neck?" he was right about the role that a high in egg protein plays in ma%imizing natural hormone levels 0 since cholesterol is an essential building block of testosterone. :or his famous hormone precursor diet he recommended this diet for four to si% weeks" followed by a mostly vegetarian alkalizing diet to help restore the body's acid#alkaline level. Breahalf E half? ,J raw eggs Water and ice 4ure protein powder >quality whey#or milk E egg? 0 the powder is for mainly flavor.

Drink this throughout your morning as your breakfast. !d=ust the volume to your  preference >ie. Taste and consistency?. !nd ad=ust the egg content to what you can handle >e%. ; eggs % N % day R ,. doz. R half way to N doz?. 3epeat at noon and evening. 9r make several shakes in the morning and bring them with you to work >so long as you have a fridge for storage?. $f you want to eat" eat some eggs or meat. 7ut you'll probably find your appetite calms down" and your cravings will subside. 3emember to take your digestive enzymes" and your ):! blend" and a quality multi2 vitamin >with good 7 comple% of ,// mgs?" and your desiccated liver tablets and glandular e%tracts of >orchic? for a testosterone boost.

 CoteH $f you are not trying to lose body fat then =ust keep your carbohydrate intake at a moderate level. 7y moderate" meaning have some toast with your eggs" or en=oy a small veggie side dish with your steak. Don't consume the worthless breakfast cereals" or other starchy foods with every meal. The kind of carbs you ingest doesn't really matter.......it all becomes a form of glucose >sugar? and will cause an insulin response >usually leading to body fat deposits?. The e%ception would be fibrous food products" as your body cannot digest them.

;in5e Gironda)s Ten Co$$and$ents o4 The Bod"63i(ding Diet +'  Cever mi% protein fat" and carbohydrates at the same meal. They do not digest in the same medium. 2' Aut out all food and diet drinks containing salt or sodium nitrates. &odium retains e%cess water in the tissues and subcutaneous fat. ' &tay away from or eliminate refined sugar. ' Do not drink water during workouts or with meals" Water is a weight gaining substance. ?' :ats are desirable and combined with protein help emulsify body fat and provide energy. -' 6alf and half cream contains almost no carbohydrates and provides much desired bodybuilding nutrition. Throw away skim milk and homogenized milk. @' )ggs are the best source of ine%pensive protein. @se the best 0 fertile eggs. 0' Aarbohydrates mi%ed Jwith protein turn into fat. Aarbohydrates on ly turn to fat. &tart counting grams of carbohydrates. :orget counting calories. ,' &tress or hyperactivity will not allow you to digest food properly" destroying muscle tissue. )at slowly and put energy into your life. +.' Aigarette smoking will cause restriction of the capillary system you are trying to build" making gains difficult.

5ince ironda had several principles that he would adhere to and advise to his clients" which were •

4rinciple S, 0 Cever do sit2ups to build your abdominal muscles. 5ince felt that sit ups were useless and could even harm the spine" lower back and hips. !ccording to 5ince" he said that  bodybuilders spend too much time training abs that can shock the central nervous system" disrupting muscle growth in other areas of the body. 6e stated that high reps and daily training of the abs produced a smooth" bloated look.

4rinciple SJ 0 )at the whole egg and not =ust the whites. 7y not eating the yolk your depriving your muscles of valuable growth driving nutrients found in only the yolk" lecithin" choline" 7 vitamins and fatty acids valuable for protein synthesis. 5ince was also the first one to recognize the 'cholesterol myth' of whole eggs. $n which today nutritional science has agreed with. &cientific studies have shown that the lecithin in the egg yolk tends to emulsify the cholesterol" and lecithin today is widely used as an emulsifier. 4rinciple SN 0 Do not listen to the muscle magazines" they are owned by nutritional supplement companies only interested in selling their sport supplement products. 7ecause if they really told you the real truth about what really works to build lean muscle mass" you'd realize that supplements don't build muscles or make you lean. 9nly real hard training and a good diet will get you the results you want. 4rinciple SI 0 &tay away from anabolic drugs" they are dangerous and will only lead to a short term physique that wastes away. 9nly a well nourished body and good training protocol will give you a body that will last and be healthy.

5ince ironda had a reputation of being one of the most effective and influential trainers to ever step inside a gym. !t times he could be one of the most hard headed people" out spoken and in your face type of person. There was only one way to train2his way. $f you disagreed with him or didn't do what he e%pected" that was the end of your relationship with 5ince. $t was his innovated ideas and pioneering ways that generated a firestorm of controversy and made him one of the most polarizing figures in bodybuilding. &ome e%perts may not have agreed with some of his training philosophies and ideas but 5ince only went on to prove many of them wrong as more of his clients reached championship status. ;in5e Gironda)s O"gen Loading Te5hni83es

6ow one breathes during an e%ercise period is very important. There's no golden rule though. :or the most part" a bodybuilder should breathe in prior to the start of a rep and breathe out =ust as the hardest part $ s reached during his movement. Cever try to breathe in and out through the nose when training vigorously. The nasal passages are =ust not set up for huge rushes of air intake. $nhale through pursed lips with a blast as the rep is concluded. There are some e%ercises where it is best to breathe only every two or three reps" and others that lend themselves to double breathing.

$f you are training with a good tempo" don't =ust allow you down and panting. Load up with o%ygen. 6yperventilate. 4lace your hands on your thighs" knees bent" and lift your chest high as you slowly take each breath through pursed lips. !fter taking five or ten breaths in this manner" you should be ready to begin your ne%t set. 5ince calls this *o%ygen loading+. (our muscles will definitely benefit from this o%ygen loading principle. 7y pouring o%ygen into the blood" through the lungs" you are paying back the debt created by the last set of e%ercises. The most important principle is to maintain an e%ercise rhythm for ma%imum muscle pump.  &3s5(e S(ee% =eriods 9or GroAth

(ou would be surprised what periodic naps of sleep can do for your muscle recovery and growth. 8any of the top bodybuilding champions that have won ma=or contest and make a living off of bodybuilding often take two naps or so of sleep consisting of one hour and a half to two and a half hours a day. This allows them to train even harder and recuperate with new vigor and tenacity. $t not only helps with their recuperation but also acts as a e%cellent energizer. 8ost of the professional bodybuilders actually have the time in the day for nap time and can afford to do this" but even so" you don't have to be a professional bodybuilder to find the time to take growth naps" it's =ust a matter of fitting it in your daily schedule. !s an older person" it may  benefit you to adapt to making it a habit of taking naps. Taking a nap every now and then is a terrific scientific concept nevertheless. ;in5e Gironda)s Training Se5rets

5ince's training idea's" what many considered to be unorthodo%. !nd many e%perts today and  back then did may not have agreed with some of his concepts in training ,//G. :or e%ample" 5ince was against the regular squats for the most part when it came to leg training. 6e felt that the squats developed more of the glutes and hips than they did the leg muscles. $nstead he would have his students employ the other variation of the squat like doing 2 sissy s%uats, front s%uats, hack s%uats and frog7style s%uats . 6e claimed that these would be more of a direct effect targeting more of the leg muscles rather than giving you a larger hip and  backside. 8ost importantly" he really did not disregard the regular back squat completely but would say that it was more suited for some male bodybuilders like &ergio 9livia who had a naturally small hip and bone structure that would allow them to perform the regular squat without  building2up the hips and glutes too much. 6is gym also did not carry any squat racks that you would normally see. &o generally the regular squat involved a naturally small waist and hip structure" and a relatively long torso. :or women" he believed that the regular squat was a great e%ercise to build a firmer perkier butts. 5ince also developed a special type of squat called the *thigh squat+ for specific thigh muscle development.

5ince was also the first trainer to comment on sit2ups" which actually do not contribute to the development of the abdominal muscles correctly. 6e also was against using the regular bench  press for chest training" which he considered an inferior e%ercise in its place he would favor the *neck press+ in which the bar is lowered" with a wide grip" to the neck instead of the chest. 6e considered the dips which were called the *ironda dips+ done on a the 52bar" to be the best chest e%ercise for complete pectoral development. !nd considered the dips to be equivalent to the decline bench press.

!ccording to 5ince's beliefs on chest development" he stated that the pectoral muscles should consist of a wide slab of muscle" not two discrete slabs of muscle. !nd personally $ agree with that statement as well" don't you 5ince ironda detested drugs and anabolic steroids" and the droopy" bunched up" over bulky  physiques that anabolic's produced. 6e was all about quality over quantity and his training methods reflected his philosophy. To 5ince" 7odybuilding was about shape" symmetry" and  balanced proportions of muscle with beautiful classical lines. 6e believed" by building up certain areas" leaving some the same" and reducing others" you can transform the way you look in utterly fantastic ways. (ou can even make yourself look much bigger >and even taller? than you actually are. 5ince would call it *cosmetic bodybuilding+ a lost art he would consider. With 5ince ironda" it was all about symmetry and the classical reek proportions. 6e noted that it was *4ythagoras+ who first observed the first rules of symmetry in nature and set those rules to be applied in the construction of reek temples. They eventually were elaborated upon  by Leonardo Da 5inci as applied to ideal proportions of the human body. *To develop a harmonious relationship between the parts of the ob=ect of beauty is the goal+ said 5ince ironda. &ize without shape is grotesque.+ 6e was a master of this art and he helped his clients create the illusion by developing the lateral head of the deltoids" building the 52shaped back" minimizing butt and hip growth" shrinking the waist line" avoiding oblique over development and bringing the rectus femoris all the way up into the hips" training the thighs to actually create the illusion of longer legs. !nother thing that stood out was 5ince's stance on abdominal training. 6e advocated minimal abdominal work" which he wouldn't do endless sets of ab work a lot of people would do. $n his mind e%cessive ab training thickened the waist and actually slowed your gains. 6e believed in training the abs =ust like any other muscle group and to get a ripped ; pack you focused on your diet and doing faster more intense training sessions. &ome other unique training theories that 5ince ironda had were to increase a muscle's size you must increase the intensity of work done within a given period of time. This means minimum rest between sets and pushing yourself hard during your workouts. ! prime e%ample of this principle can be seen when you compare sprinters and marathon runners. )ven though

the marathon runner is doing greater volume of work" the sprinter is doing more work per unit of time thus builds more muscle.

Training To 9ai(3re ;S' -. 7 0.

5ince recommended training with weights that are in the range of ;/ to F/ percent of your ma%imum for sets of F reps. 6e advocated shortened rest periods between sets before increasing the weight to get more concentrated work volume done per unit of time. $n his opinion speeding up your workout is your best form of progressive resistance. ;in5e)s Contra5tion *aand your athletes" if you are a coach or trainer? achieve your fitness goals. The value of his *high volume training principle+ he would refer to it as an 'honest workout'" because he believed in the value of periods of high2volume to achieve ma%imum muscle growth quickly" especially in the lagging body parts" and to reduce  body fat. 9ne of his favorite workouts in this regard of was the *F%F+ system 2 high volume training" which below you will see how similar it is to the erman 5olume Training. The 0 0 - - +.70F-7+? and +?   ðods o4 Training

5ince ironda was famous for his schemes of specialization work like his ,/ % ,/ system" but he also had several other effective set#rep training methods of use. Which they all shared one common factor" always trying to do more work in less time. &ome other of his very effective systems are the F % F system" which is similar to the ,/ % ,/  but you perform F sets of F reps instead of ,/ sets of ,/ reps" still done with minimal rest. The one difference is" it is used for the whole body instead of it being a specialization program. The F%F involves focusing in on a low number of e%ercises" with a high number of sets and reps" so that an entire workout could be finished in an hour or less 0 in fact" most of his workouts were designed to be performed in one hour or less. To work all the ma=or muscle groups and enable them to recover from these difficult training sessions" you would work each body part only twice a week and allow at least 1J hours rest between workouts. ! typical split system for this workout >F%F? might look like thisH •

 Monday $ Thursday8 )hest $ ack, Shoulders+ Tuesday $ 0riday8 ice"s, Trice"s, 0orear*s+ (ednesday $ Saturday8 6egs, )alves+

The same is said for the ; % ; system" you perform ; sets of ; reps with minimal rest. The ,/2F2;2, system equals to performing I sets >still with minimal rest between sets?" and is done with the first set of ,/ reps with /G of what you would use for your set of ; reps. The second set of F reps is with 1G of what you'll use for your set of F reps. The third set of ; reps with as much weight as you can handle for ; reps. The :ourth set of , reps is with NG of what you used for your set of ; reps. !nd again" only one e%ercise is used for per muscle group. $n the , % I system" you perform , sets of I reps of one e%ercise per muscle group with as always minimal rest" you guessed itM $mportant CoteH $n the ,/ % ,/" F%F" ;%;" and , % I systems" you should use the same weight

for all the sets. 6ypertrophy will still be stimulated via cumulative fatigue and not the load per se. if you can complete all the sets" you then increase the weight at the ne%t given workout. The rest intervals between sets are ,2N/ seconds which is what you should be doing with all of the sets mentioned. ;in5e Gironda)s Co$%o3nd Training =rogra$

5ince will perform J2I e%ercises that he selects for a certain muscle group and then perform them in a succession with minimal rest. 6is compound method of training allows you to keep on raising training density while maintaining training volume and using more e%ercises for a certain muscle group >for a more complete development?. The main difference between compounds and super sets is that the rest interval between the two e%ercises is stable. With With super sets you have little rest between sets of the two e%ercises but it takes a longer rest period  between each super set. 7elow is an e%ample of the difference between a compound set and super set let's say for the  pectoral muscles as a sampleH  egular Su"er7set  Su"er7set  •

&et , 0 wide grip bench b ench press to neck >5ince ironda style? for F reps Take a ,/2, second minute rest &et , 0 Ahest dips 0 F reps #hen take a -/0 second rest  And then re"eat re"eat for an additional additional 9 *ore sets, sets, sa*e se%uence se%uence done the the sa*e way

Vince/s )o*"ound Su"er setting  •

• •

&et , Wide grip bench press to neck 0 F reps Take a ,2N/ seconds rest &et , 0 Ahest Dips 0 F reps Take a ,2N/ second rest  And then you you re"eat the the sa*e se%uence se%uence for an an additional additional 9 *ore sets sets done the sa*e way+ way+

When straight sets are used with his F%F" ;%;" or , % I routines" 5ince 5ince recommends only one e%ercise per body part for a total of ;" F" or , sets per muscle group. When using compound sets" you keep using the same total number of sets >;" F" or ,I..., being an odd number that's not divisible by two? per muscle group. &o since you're using two e%ercises per muscle group" the number of sets per e%ercise is half of what you have with his straight2set routines. The e%ample above illustrates a compound F%F routine for the chest muscle group. ;in5e Gironda)s  Eer5ise Co$%o3nds

The four e%ercise compound system sy stem is another one of 5ince's 5ince's favorite routines which in compound sets for each muscle group. $nstead of using a compound set of two e%ercises" he uses a compound set of four e%ercises. $deally" $deally" 5ince 5ince would select e%ercises that work different parts of a muscle group. !nd only one or two compound sets is completed per muscle group >so a total of I2F sets per muscle group? is performed. $n his original routine" he recommended only one rotation but performed it two times per day. day. Cormally this set up would be done best by performing it twice in the day" day" one in the !8 hours and one in the 48 hours" but those who can not perform it twice in per day can use it in two rotations during their same workout. 7elow are some e%amples for you to see how it's doneH Chest •

Wide grip bench press to the neck 0 ,J reps ,2N/ seconds rest

Ahest Dips 0 ,J reps ,2N/ seconds rest Low incline >N/ degrees? dumbbell bench press 2,J reps ,2N/ seconds rest 6alf dumbbell flyes 0 ,J reps

Ba5drugs? associated with bodybuilding. $n heart" he was a caring and generous person to those he considered close friends. 6e would often help friends with loaning them money for their financial reasons and never ask questions why. 6e was certainly ahead of his time living an era that was quite not ready for his many ideas in the sport of bodybuilding and performance enhancing supplementation.

Dan began competitive bodybuilding while in college in 8aine in ,-11. During that time Dan considered himself a *miserable bodybuilder+ after having no luck competing at bodybuilding shows" so it was then that he began e%perimenting with anabolic steroids and would soon come up with the idea of persuading his family physician in 4ortland" 9regon to prescribe anabolic steroids to aid in his training. 6owever" after completing a cycle or two of steroids" Dan felt that there was something missing or lacking in his development that would give him some muscle size that he could be come confident in. 6is use of anabolic steroids wasn't working as he had hoped and realized also that he couldn't really go to his doctor or pharmacist for answers in furthering his muscle development. 7ecause of his slight dilemma on anabolic steroid use" he started looking for answers on his own. That became the start of his quest for more knowledge that would eventually land him the title of *uru+ on the sub=ect of anabolic steroids and bodybuilding. &o" in ,-1F" Dan decided to move to Los !ngeles" Aalifornia and went on to fulfill his quest as the founding father of the steroid movement and would candidly share his opinions on news shows such as J/#J/ and ;/ minutes. Dan also authored several books about steroids including “2nderground 3teroid  4and!ook for en and $omen and 2nderground 6ody *pus7 ilitant $eight oss and  ecomposition.” )ventually Dan Duchaine's quest for steroid knowledge and use led him to begin in selling steroids illegally" which took a turn for a ma=or part of steroid trafficking of the drugs from 8e%ico and was even indicted for those actions" pleading guilty and spending time in prison. 6e also went back to prison for the second time and realized that he needed to do something different so that he wouldn't end up there again. That was also the moment when he started  putting his self2obtained knowledge to good use by becoming the *uru+ for the 88JK magazine by writing articles and heading a E! Aolumn. During this time while writing for 88JK magazine" Dan was being sort out as an e%pert by the bodybuilding community on what they needed to know to succeed in their field of  bodybuilding. 8any well named and known bodybuilders sought his advice and e%pertise and methods of use. Dan strongly believed that with the right knowledge" steroids can be used moderately enough to be safe and successful at the same time. Dan was liked and noted for his method of giving out information which combined personal e%amples" research and technical

information about the drugs including how and why they worked. 7ecause of his recent arrest record and prison time associated with the use and illegal sales of steroids" Dan was watched not only by local law enforcements but by doctors as well in what he was doing concerning the recommendation and use of steroids promoting potentially hazardous drugs to the public and bodybuilding community. !dditionally" Dan would write to those steroid users of how they could beat the drug tests they were sub=ected to before their competitions. 6e was also always aware and on top of any new drugs or performance enhancing substances that athletes could use that were not yet being tested. 7ecause of this" the athletic community often looked to Dan as someone who promoted cheating in competitions. 9verall" Dan Duchaine said that if he knows about potential  performance enhancers then other people will to so he liked to do the service of researching them so that people had the ability to find out the pertinent information to use them in such a way as to not harm themselves. Dan D35haine)s =ost C"5(e Thera%"

9ne of Dan's original *4ost Aycle Therapy+ regimen that was printed in his book “#he 2nderground 3teroid 4and!ook” which was wildly popular in the F/'s and -/'s was one of the very first resources steroid users had at their disposal to educate themselves with the use of steroids. 6is book was also updated with a *part J+ and in ,--J had yet another update printed. Today" in J/,N his post cycle therapy is still very current even with the creation of many other newer 4AT24ost Aycle Therapy *theories+ and drugs used today for 4AT therapy.  #an #uchaine/s 3ost )ycle Thera"y advice8 +' :ind an ideal time to stop the drugs. !n ideal time is when you are training regulary" have tight control of your eating" and seem reasonably happy. 2' !lways taper the dosage" starting with in=ectables. The taper should go from full dosage to no dosage over a four week span. ' Taper your tablet dosage down ever three days starting during the third week that in=ectables are tapered. Taper the to%ic orals out first" i.e. taper !nadrol before !navar. ' Aontinue or add Colvade% for N2I weeks after the steroid cessation" then taper the  Colvade% over a two week period. ?' 7egin 6A therapy at the end of the third week of the taper...usual dosage is ,"/// iu's every third day. -' @se effective non2steroidal anabolics immediately after stopping the steroids after the fourth week. &ynthyroid" Ao 7,J" L2Dopa" Aatapres" !rginine" and 9rnithine are recommended. @' )liminate most =oint stressing compound movements from weight training for I2; weeks after stopping steroids. 0' 8odify your training to stimulate natural testosterone production. :ive reps per set with three minutes of rest" and more than one workout session per day is recommended.

Dan's recommended 4ost Aycle Therapy regimen was right on point even by today's standards on post cycle therapy" in which many bodybuilders still follow and adhere to. 6e would recommend Colvade% as the preferred compound for recovery of 64T! after steroid useage. 6e also advocated the use of Alomid as it has mimetic properties of L6 so the use of both together would block estrogen receptors in the breast and help to raise testosterone levels at the same time. !t that time Dan recommended getting the stuff in 8e%ican pharmacies as no  prescription was needed to purchase the drugs. Cow these drugs have fallen in to a grey area of the law and are available as research chemicals from several online retailers. !s of today" there is growing concern among the users of research chemicals as to the purity" the legality" and privacy issues. 3ecently *9peration 3aw Deal+ closed several research chemical retailer sites and has people somewhat on edge about purchasing these chemicals. Dan Duchaine's work is still the backbone on many of today's accepted methods" he barely scratched the surface" however today" J/ years later" we know a lot more" because Dan opened the door" stuck his foot inside and no matter haw hard the medical establishment tried to slam it  back shut" Dan never wavered. :or Dan's indomitable conviction" we all owe him a great debt" none more so than scientists" gurus" and other purported e%perts who have taken over where Dan left off. 9ne of his books" *@nderground 7ody 9pus+ was the first real deal diet for people that weren't overweight. $n fact" it was actually recommended that you not start this diet until you are under ,G body fat for males and no more than J/G if you are a female. Which is considered by today's average a standard by most books" but compared to what is out there these days" his  body fat numbers were actually above average categories. $ urge those interested in knowing more about some of his advanced methods on dieting and weight2loss to read his book *@nderground 7ody 9pus+. Dan D35haine)s !Iso5a(ori5 Diet#

9ne of Dan's other concepts on the reduction of body fat without losing muscle mass" in which he discovered that eating calories from protein" fats" and carbohydrates in equal amounts can result in a reduction in body fat without losing muscle mass" calling it the “:socaloric #iet +. 6e states that many bodybuilders tend to eat large amounts of calories" in the range of N"///  per day and on an average isocaloric diet he would recommend consuming N// grams of  protein for ,"/// calories" N// grams of carbohydrates for another ,"/// and ,,, fat grams for the additional ,"/// calories. This diet promises quick weight loss with minimal muscle loss. 7asically" the $socaloric Diet is a moderate2carbohydrate" moderate2fat diet that allows dieters to eat whatever they want as long as they consume the same amount of carbohydrates" proteins and fats daily. HoA Iso5a(ori5 Diet Wore.g." meat" poultry" fish" shellfish" eggs"and seeds? and other foods that are low in carbohydrates >e.g." most salad vegetables" and fruits 2berries? which are often allowed that restrict carbohydrate consumption for the treatment of obesity. !nd as such" Dr. 6arvey established a simple dietary protocol of a low carbohydrate diet to treat some chronic diseases and conditions includingH heart disease" high blood pressure" diabetes" etc." and obesity as well. 8aybe Dr. 6arvey knew the pre2history of the early *paleolithic diet+ that was closer to our ancestral diet of humans before the origin of agriculture" that human beings are generally adapted to diets low in carbohydrates. Direct archaeological or fossil evidence on nutrition show that during the 4aleolithic era when all humans evolved from the vegetarian diets common to the great apes to one with a greater level of meat eating. )ven though that some of the close relatives of modern  4omo sapiens >neanderthals?" appeared to have been almost e%clusively carnivorous.

$n ,-/;" Dr. 5ilh=almur &tefansson" a young 6arvard anthorpology teacher who later became a world2famous e%plorer and anthropologist" revolutionized polar e%poration by crossing the !tlantic alone and living off the land with the )skimos. $t was there that Dr. &tefansson began eating a diet composed of meat and fish. @nlike the diet he was brought up on" it contained no  plant material whatsoever. This eventually began a golden opportunity for him to conduct an

e%periment into the effects of an )skimo diet and a )uropean unaccustomed to it" with the usual )skimo meal consisting of stewed fish washed down with water. 7eing so different to what the doctor was used to eating" he became repelled by it" and so tried to prepare it in a much more palatable taste" so he tried broiling it. This resulted in his  becoming weak and dizzy" with other symptoms of malnutrition. &tefansson reasoned that with such a restricted diet the body had to have not =ust the fish but other nutrients that had been leached out into the water. !nd so he tried even harder. )ventually he became accustomed to the primative diet that" by the time he left the )skimos" he managed as well as them. !nd on this regimen >meat E fish?" &tefansson remained in perfect health and did not get fat.

This e%perience had a profound effect on Dr. &tefansson. !nd =ust like William 7anting" the undertaker before him" he also became interested in the possibilities of diets high in proteins and fats and low in carbohydrates. $t seemed to him that a balanced diet in which there was relatively little meat" balanced by larger amounts of potatoes" bread" rice and other starchy foods followed by sweet desserts and sugared coffee might be balanced in the wrong direction. !nd so" like 7anting" &tefansson questioned the established ideas on diet. @nfortunately" he had no more success than 7anting did" eventually he became famous and his position as an anthropologist was unassailable" still no one took any notice of his idea on nutrition. !lthough" some years after his first e%periment with the )skimo" Dr. &tefansson returned to the !rtic with a colleague" Dr. Karsten !nderson" to carry out research for the !merican 8useum of Catural 6istory. There one year pro=ect turned out to be a four year stretch" during that time the two men ate only meat they could kill and the fish they could catch in the Aanadian !rtic.  Ceither of two men suffered any adverse effects from their four2year e%periment. $t was evident to &etfansson" as it had been to 7anting" that the body could function perfectly well" remain healthy" vigorous and slender if it used a diet in which as much food was eaten as the body required" only carbohydrates was restricted and the total number of calories was ignored. The 9irst C(ini5a( Dietar" Tria(

$n ,-JF" &tefansson and !nderson began a controlled e%periment at 7ellevue 6ospital" Cew (ork" for the effects of an all2meat diet on the body. ! committee was assembled to supervise the e%periment with some of the best qualified doctors in medical history consisting of all different branches of science related to the sub=ect at hand. This study was designed to find answers to five questions about which there was some debate concerning the low2carb diet. •

Does the withholding of vegetable foods cause scurvy Will an all2meat diet cause other deficiency diseases Will it cause mineral deficiencies" of calcium in particular Will it have a harmful effect on the heart" blood vessels or kidneys Will it promote the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut

!fter a year long study" the answer to all five questions was a definite CoM The results were  published in the &chwarzenegger" ,-F?.

The =ros and Cons o4 LoA7Car6 Diets

When it came to bodybuilders" they have always sought out high protein foods" relying on lean meats and whole milk products. 6igh protein and fat diets with minimum carbs were needed for the shredded lean look of their physiques. (ou have seen from the beginning as history has shown that low carb diets are e%tremely effective at burning body fat. !s much as mainstream doctors and dietitians hate to let the F/'s go" research has proven over and over again that low carb diets burn fat more efficiently and quickly than other types of diets. Low carb diets work by decreasing blood glucose" insulin" and glycogen stores. This" in turn"  promotes the mobilization and utilization of fatty acids for fuel" especially once ketosis has set in. luckily for us" many >even most? of these fatty acids come from nasty ol' body fat. 7ut" chronically consuming a low carb diet depletes muscle glycogen stores. !lthough this is good for fat burning" it's not good for your performance in the gym. 8uscle glycogen >stored carbs? serves as the primary fuel source during weight training. 7ut without its preferred fuel source available" working muscles are forced to try to get the enrgy they need from fatty acids. @nfortunately" this happens a bit more slowly than we'd prefer" leaving you dragging like a bag of wet hammers. Like wise" low carb diets tend to leave the user with muscles that are flat+ as we like to say in competitive bodybuilding circles. 9n the other hand" when your muscle glycogen stores are topped off your muscles have a round" full look to them. Low carb diets also have one more >arguably? ma=or draw back when consumed for long  periods of time" they tend to decrease T2N levels. $f you recall" TN is the active thyroid hormone that is largely responsible for controlling your metabolism. !nd you most definitely would not want your TN levels to take a drop in its production of this necessary thyroid hormone.

The =ros and Cons o4 LoA79at High Car6 Diets

Low2fat diets are great in that they are easy to control energy intake. !fter all" if you don't eat any fat it's hard to consume too many energy containing calories. This is especially the case if those carbs are from natural" unprocessed sources. Low2fat diets also tend to decrease lipogenesis 0 the formation of new fat. !lthough carbs can definitely be converted to body fat" it's not the most efficient process. Low2carb diets have long been a staple of bodybuilding and still one of the most popular methods used to lower body fat levels prior to competition. 5ince ironda" a noted Aalifornia trainer in the ,-;/'s and 1/'s" was an early advocate of low carb plans. 6e used the diet himself to produce a physique so muscularly defined that according to 5ince" *glycogen? substantially

more so than even endurance athletes. 6owever" as a consequence of their dietary practices" many of the bodybuilders of that era lacked the modern day muscle fullness and striations. they can certainly be made to over the short term?. 3ather" it is important to point out that" such dietary guide lines are not easily maintained over the long haul and are much less effective and more troublesome than alternative approaches. 6igh carb diets tend to cause more dramatic fluctuations in blood glucose levels which lead to an ongoing cycle of feeling great" feeling tired and hungry" feeling great" feeling tired and hungry" and so on. Likewise low fat diets tend to cause deficiencies in essential fatty acids. (ou know that ):!s are important for a plethora of things" including cardiovascular health" central nervous system function" insulin sensitivity" and cell membrane integrity" =ust to mention a few. To say that you need to consume ample amounts of essential fatty acids is an understatement. 7ut it's not =ust the ):!s that have the benefits. 9ther types of fat like monounsaturated and even saturated fats have numerous" sometimes surprising benefits. :or e%ample" cholesterol is used as a building block for every male's favorite hormone" Testosterone. &o" do you still want to throw out those egg yolks

$n the ,-;/'s bodybuilders relied heavily on limited carbohydrate diets to show off their muscularity. 6owever" because of their high intensity" high volume of training to build and maintain muscle mass they have to rely on stored carbohydrate energy >glycogen? substantially more so than even endurance athletes. 6owever" as a consequence of their dietary practices" many of the bodybuilders of that era lacked the modern day muscle fullness and striations. they can certainly be made to over the short term?. 3ather" it is important to point out that" such dietary guide lines are not easily maintained over the long haul and are much less effective and more troublesome than alternative approaches. Lessons 9or The Car6oh"drate Bod"63i(der

&ince science tells us that carbohydrates deliver calories >I per gram?" this nutrient can play a role in promoting fat gain. $n addition" carbohydrates are a primary driver for increases in insulin levels" which can play a role in reducing fat burning. $n an effort to get leaner" carbohydrates have become the primary macronutrient that have been reduced in many  bodybuilders' diets. :or some" it has meant an abandonment of any and all dietary carbohydrate in a desperate effort to lose weight or become leaner. The result is that muscles lose size" shape and energy. Workouts can also become almost non2e%istent tiring" and your physique appears fat and small. This is why in my opinion these carte de blanche reductions in total carbohydrate intake >especially slow2burning" low2gylcemic carbs? are often too aggressive and leave  bodybuilders with nowhere to go. The typical rationale is that if a bodybuilder accelerates fat loss by reducing carbs from I// to N// grams per day" then J// must be better. The trouble is that when fat loss stalls" the  bodybuilder is compelled to take in less than J// grams of carbs per day to resume fat loss. (et research shows that the body soon begins to show resistance to these e%treme dietary efforts. !t this point" the stage is set for your body to use protein from muscle tissue to provide additional energy. Ceedless to say this is not the ideal situation for anyone who wants to change his or her  body composition for the better. $n concerning carbohydrate intake" the risk of fat gain is 9CL( problematic ifH •

(ou are sedentary person" or a bodybuilder that either does not train hard enough or frequently enough to e%pand the e%tra calories.

(ou eat too much high glycemic >fast absorbing" insulin spiking? carbohydrate per meal. (ou eat too much total carbohydrate > of any type? per meal. $f your calorie intake e%ceeds your caloric e%penditure regardless of carbohydrate intake" your body fat will increase in size with time. Contest Diet

9ver the years" contest diets have gone through numerous changes. $n the ,-;/'s the low carbohydrate diet was the most popular way of cutting e%cess fat in preparation for competition. $nvariably" some hard2earned muscle mass was lost as a result. $n the ,-1/'s" the ma=ority of bodybuilders preferred the low fat# low calorie contest diet and it still remains the favorite of most bodybuilders.


The low2fat#low2calorie diet is the most popular diet followed by -/G of the world's elite  bodybuilders. The fat burning#muscle sparing components of the diet is the biggest contributing factor to its rapid rise in popularity. ! balance of carbohydrates" proteins" and fats help to supply enough energy to the body for intense training sessions while fat is burned and muscle is built. Autting out fat2ladden foods" consuming nutritionally valuable foods and adhering strictly to the guide lines presented here" are the most important aspects of successfully  preparing for a bodybuilding contest. Con5(3sion

$n my opinion" the low carb diet did produce results for the golden era of bodybuilders back in their day" providing them a higher testosterone level" increased fat loss" and greater recuperative capabilities and greater strength gains as well. 7ut studies have shown that high carb#low fat diets" even when carbs are consumed in e%cess" do not result in the formation of as much body fat as would mathematically make sense. Aonsuming a high carb" low fat diet is also a good no2brainer way to keep muscle glycogen stores topped off. This makes for good workouts and good pumps. The real benefit to consuming ample carbs is muscle growth. 7ecause insulin is one of the most anabolic hormones in the body" and no matter how you slice it" to get insulin to be secreted and work its magic" you have to consume carbs. The higher the amount of insulin that comes with eating carbs is great for those looking to pack on some muscle. 6owever" trying to get leaner with high insulin levels is like driving with the emergency brakes on. (ou can do it" but it isn't the most efficient way to get across town.

The Go(den Era o4 &ea(s

The key to their training and diet back then was being consistent with both" but they would often e%periment with different ways of eating until they found what worked best for each of them. They would vary their meals and did add chicken, and turkey when ever possible. :ish wasn't the most pleasant of foods but it was used often for leaning out. )heese o*elets and cottage cheese were the favorite of many bodybuilders back then that was used often in their meal plans for a good source of protein and calciu*. $t was also a convenient protein snack to get their e%tra grams of protein in" and the cheese again was also considered good for fat  burning. Today bodybuilding diets have changed and there are literally hundreds of great supplements to use" you could only imagine what the old school bodybuilders would do if they had the supplements we have today. 7ut those were the days that $ wouldn't trade for the world" it was an era that you had to live and be part of to feel what it was about. $n the ,-;/'s and 1/'s two of bodybuilding's top trainers and nutritionists" 3heo 6. 7lair and 5ince ironda advocated the use of blended oil's for muscle building. They both new that these oils help the body assist in the production of testosterone. Today's scientists have taken these facts further naming these Oil/s 2ssential 0atty Acids ;20A/s< which your body has to have in order to survive. The goal of every human cell in the body is to survive and with out that essential fatty acid the cells that make up the body can not survive" and more over they can't build up muscle or strip away body fat. ! direct food source is needed" so there fore the body can not synthesize 20A/s from any from any other substance we eat. That's how they got their name essential fatty acids. 3heo 6. 7lair came along with his take on diet and came out with a *ilk and egg  protein" which dominated the market. 6is theory was to mi% it along with heavy crea* as you were getting your protein and fats. 8any of the great  bodybuilders followed his idea and built great bodies. $n those days bodybuilders didn't care what the protein shake tasted like and would eat anything =ust to grow muscles. They would eventually use  fish "owder "rotein and you can imagine what that tasted like" it was fishy as could be. &ome bodybuilders would take raw liver from the market and put it in a blender and drink it" and said he got some great results from it. $n those days they ate anything nutritional they thought would make them grow. &ome of them would hang out on the beach in 5enice" Aalifornia and drink quarts of cream. They also took desiccated liver tablets like it was going out of style" which you don't see around today. They were not only rich in protein but high in iron and  vita*ins, sometimes ingesting up to / tablets a day. (ears later they were replaced by !mino !cid tablets. $n the early ;/'s" 3heo 6. 7lair also came out with his line of vita*ins, and digestive "ills *ade of hydrochloric acid+ Which were strong if you did not have enough food in your stomach. wild animals?" fish>salmon?" and berries. 6e would be amazed of the size of the Alydesdale 6orse" orilla's" and nature's largest land animal the )lephant. $n which they all consumed vegetation and fruits. &andow would often recommend milk mi%ed with raw eggs after a workout" milk with oatmeal" cheese" beans" peas" and meat. 6e would call milk a perfect food. 6e also advocated good wholesome foods and the importance of a good digestive system in those with a hearty appetite. ! debate would soon follow on the importance of *raw food versus cooked+ that has been going on since the early ,-//'s between &andow and a wrestler named *eorge 6ackenschmidt+ the *3ussian Lion+ who was in the raw food corner that rivaled )ugene &andow's belief's of eating raw eggs and under cooked meats as a nonsense and a practice that is slowly passing away. eorge 6ackenschmidt like &andow was small in comparison by today's standards" standing =ust under ',/+ and weighing J//lbs was enormously strong. 6e was a gentleman and a sportsman" that reflected a spiritual conservative philosophy towards nutrition. 6e also wrote a book called *The Way of Life+. ! well known fellow" by the name of *legs#shoulders#arms?" 3esting on Wednesday" &aturday" and &unday. 7efore the ,-1/'s there were very few resistance machines that you see today" so most bodybuilders back then based their workouts on free weight e%ercise. Despite with all the advances with the high2tech training philosophy we see today" old school training still works today for building muscle and stripping away fat. $t's the very foundation of  bodybuilding" old and new that few people realize. The concept hasn't changed all that much. (ou still have to lift heavy weights with some of the core compound movements to lay the foundation for massive muscle mass size. 9ld school bodybuilders trained for strength as as well as muscle size.  They would often do an e%ercise as heavy as can be until they found their one rep ma%. The  perfect e%ercise to do the one rep ma% are 0 flat bench press" the deadlift" and the squat. The deadlift was also not performed over  reps" it is a heavy weight e%ercise designed to build ultimate strength and over all body development. &till used today" the deadlift will always remain a core e%ercise for overall body strength and mass. &quats are another key e%ercise that  beefs up not only your thighs but your overall body mass as well. $t's a great movement for one looking to bulk up and add some more size to their frame. 7ench press also an old and new favorite of many bodybuilders" a great upper body e%ercise that adds muscle mass as well. 9ne can not leave out the rowing movements either for a wide barn door back development. @sing variations of these e%ercises like in dumbbell use will help shape and sculpt the muscle mass for a new dimension of size.

9ld school bodybuilders were concerned with intensity" and lifting heavy weights with core compound movements until their body told them to take a rest. !t that point" they would eat food like a starving man introduced to a free buffet. There were no magic2bullet supplements either" they relied on wholesome foods as their anabolic supplements" as many of today's supplements were not invented yet. Today modern bodybuilders rely heavily on supplements. 6ere are some of the basic e%ercise movements that old school bodybuilders employed" as the foundation to their over all sizeH Done on &onda"Wednesda"9rida" O447Da"s /T3esda"sTh3rsda"/Sat3rda"S3nda" • • • • • • • • •

9(at Ben5h =ress / >worked chest muscles"shoulders"and triceps? S83ats 7 *worked the whole leg muscles" and over all body growth? Bent7Over7RoAing 7 * worked whole upper back and biceps? &i(itar" =ress 7 *worked shoulder muscles"traps" and triceps? Dead(i4ts 7 *worked the leg muscles"back"biceps"chest"traps? =3((7U%s 7 *worked the upper back and biceps" and fore arms? Di%s 7 *worked chest muscles"triceps"and shoulders? Bar6e(( Cheat C3r(s 7 *worked the bicep muscles"fore arms"traps? Tri5e% Etensions 7 *worked the tricep muscles and fore2arms?

!s you can see these e%ercises basically covered the whole body" these were their 5ore eer5ises that they used to build muscle mass . Their sets and reps were from"  to F reps of J to  sets of each body part. &ome of the best physiques of the early J/ th century were built using full body workouts. &teve 3eeves and including calves and abs?. Traditionally" you would work out each body part using N2 sets or more. !s a result workouts would contain up to I/ sets or more" hence the incredible length of time. This" when done only leads to over training and may not actually be for many people. 7odybuilders that train that way" will make sure their diet is heavy in nutrition to be able to recovery till their ne%t workout. !n alternative approach would be to involve training each each body part for N sets" eliminating , body part for each workout" while alternating calves and abs for each session of training. (ou could eliminate training the triceps" because there will be lots of di"s and  "ressing e4ercises that stimulates that muscle indirectly anyway. !nd will get stimulated enough indirectly to induce a sufficient amount of growth. 7y focusing on these heavy compound movements that work the larger muscle groups like chest" back" legs" and shoulders" the smaller muscle parts like biceps" forearms and triceps still receive enough stimulation from

the heavy load work associated with the larger muscle groups. !ssuming this full body workout will be done N times per week" the schedule below would look like thisH + ,.)s7?.)s  -.)s  da" > Wee< Who(e Bod" Worna6o(i5 Steroids !HoA It >(( Began#

To trace back the history of anabolic steroids as we know them today we must first go back to Wink...? The early ;/'s did not really mark the true origins of bodybuilder's regular use of steroids. $t was also written in the early addition of his book *etting &tronger+" where bodybuilder 7ill 4earl told of his meeting with !rthur founder of the Cautilus line of training equipment and father of the *6$T+ style of training? in ,-F" learning of the anabolic steroid *Cilevar+ from him. 7ill 4earl began a ,J week cycle of the steroid and gained J pounds. &o what we can assume is that no bodybuilder or weightlifter was using anabolic steroids before ,-;" as they didn't e%ist yet. $t was by ,-F that most high level West Aoast bodybuilders knew of them. :rom there it would seem that the knowledge of Cilevar and Dianabol to build muscle and strength was kept relatively in the closet until early ,-;/'s. $t was also rumored that 7ob 6offman did not want outside athletes to know of his lifter's secrets that they were using for their sudden gains in strength and muscle via D27ol >Dianabol? to promote his supplement line and isometric training courses. 3eg 4ark >8r. @niverse ,-," ,-F" ,-;? said that he first heard of them in the connection with rumors about )ast erman and &oviet athletes during the ,-;/ 9lympics" and also heard that steroids were being used on 7ritish 49Ws from &ingapore in WW$$ as they were being nursed back to health in !ustralian hospitals. Ahet (orton >8r. !merica ,-;;" 8r. @niverse ,-1? has said that he first heard of steroids

 Cilevar in ,-;I" and had decided not to risk using them. 6e eventually went on to be one the sports most outspoken campaigners against steroid use and was also the founder of the first drug2tested" natural bodybuilding federation. !s for testosterone itself" in ,-I a book written by 4aul de Kruif *The 8ale 6ormone+ was cited as *proof+ that bodybuilders knew of and were using synthetic testosterone in the ,-I/'s. (ou also have to remember that testosterone had been identified by researchers and was isolated in laboratory settings as early as the ,-N/'s" even though it didn't receive :D! approval as a prescription drug until ,-/. 7ut that does not also mean that there were any batches available for research purposes before that time. !nd we all know what that means" don't we body fat" subcutaneous water?. 8ost people don't realize that ,/ years later" The @nderground &teroid 6andbook still only listed J- drugs used by bodybuilders back in their era of bodybuilding. $n reminiscing those days" !rnold &chwarzenegger to Lee 6aney years represented the peak of bodybuilding before the new mass2monsters of today account for.

Aurrently" bodybuilders today are using much higher doses of anabolic steroids" in con=unction with human growth hormone >6?" $nsulin" and $:2, to promote ma%imal muscle mass and recovery. !nother trend seen in the last decade or two is the pro2longed use of steroids" to the  point where some bodybuilders do not go 'off2cycle' at all. 8ore commonly" their off2cycle  peroid were scheduled during the winter months" where it is brief and consists of a short bridge and accelerated post cycle recovery. Their off cycle may also be no more than I2; weeks in a year. The reason for their e%tended stay on anabolics is because of their e%tension in contests throughout the year" with frequent photo shoots for endorsements" or media e%posure" and appearances at amateur events. Today" top bodybuilders have product and clothing lines" endorsement contracts and agents. They are more professional than the classic bodybuilders of the 1/'s. !nd in that era it was not uncommon to see bodybuilders working at an unskilled =ob to support the gym fees or travel. The top guys back then were sponsored" but there was little money to be made in bodybuilding" unlike today. Today's bodybuilders may spend a fortune on drug use" supplements" and groceries =ust to keep them at their competitive level. !nd if your not an elite bodybuilder a secondary =ob or an alternative means of income may be required of them =ust to stay competitive. (ou can see by reading this book on old school bodybuilding" that the sport of it has come

along way since the introduction of anabolic steroids. !nd" if one focuses on the use of anabolics by bodybuilders" the culture and commitment of the men and women is lost. 9f course" drugs are essential to developing the mass and definition requisite to e%cel in  professional bodybuilding and over the course of time" they they have played an increasingly dominate role. 9ne competitor bodybuilder once noted that in the ,-1/'s" the only real reward was the achievement" making bodybuilding a calling. Today's competitors see it as a business" requiring them to be more professional and take calculated risks. $n the !rnold2era of bodybuilding" it was hard work back then" others state that current  bodybuilders work smarter" not harder. &ome believe that genetics played a big role in the ;/'s and 1/'s >see &ergio 9livia" 8r. 9lympia ,-;12;-? some also feel that genetics continues to  play a role and that increased public awareness of bodybuilding and access to well2equipped gyms >and drugs? have improved the odds of the generally gifted entering the competitor pool. 3egardless of the differences across the generations" one fact is universal to all of these elite  bodybuilding icons 0 they have devoted themselves completely to achieving physical e%cellence with or without drugsM Co$%arison Steroid C"5(es >5ross Ti$e

 2arly 5F Steroid )ycle . 0our to eight week cycle of 7>E*g of #iana!ol ;#7ol< daily+

The ,-;/'s were amazingly simplistic and e%tremely conservative. 7odybuilders like Larry &cott" Don 6oworth" :reddie 9rtiz" Dave Draper" etc." would literally debate whether they should up the dosage of D27ol from N to I pills a day. !nd in the later part of the ;/'s Deca was added to D27ol. Typically during that era bodybuilders would stay on that cycle for maybe I moths out of the year and take the remaining F months off. The )lassic 5F9E7HE Steroid )ycle . 75> weeks I ta"er 

Week ,. Testosterone cypionate J//mg U J/mg D27ol Week J. Testosterone cypionate J//mg U N/mg D27ol Week N. Testosterone cypionate J//mg % J >8on2:ri? U N/mg D27ol Week I2;. Testosterone cypionate N//mg % J >8on2:ri? U N/mg D27ol Week 12,/. Testosterone cypionate I//mg % J >8on2:ri? U I/ mg D27ol Week ,,2,J. Testosterone cypionate J//mg % J >8on2:ri? U N/mg D27ol Week ,N. Testosterone cypionate J//mg U N/mg D27ol Weeks ,2,;. Taper on D27ol

During the ,-1/'s D27ol and Deca was still the prefered stack in the early part of the 1/'s and in fact most bodybuilders would use this stack up to a show only dropping the D2bol N days

 before the competition. !s the decade progressed other stacks were e%perimented with such as !nadrol#!navar" Deca#Winstrol and !rnold's personal favorite 4rimobolan !cetate and D27ol. Towards the end of the decade thyroid drugs were =ust starting to be e%perimented with for that ultra2body ripped look. Typically during this era in bodybuilding the bodybuilders would stay on for maybe ; months out of the year ma% and have at least ; months clean. The ,-F/'s were the good ole days. !ny steroid you wanted could be obtained for a ridiculous low price. ! hundred pills of D27ol ran for VF.//" Jmls of Deca V1.//. $n the F/'s bodybuilders very rarely ever came off of steroids with e%tended lengthy times of duration. They would develop sophisticated stacks of cycles as such listed belowH Test2 I//mg per week  Deca I//mgs per week  4arabolan N amps per week  D27ol ,/ tabs a day !nadrol J tabs per day  Colvade% , tab per day

Aytomel /mcg per day  3re7contest cycles would change slightly and look like this8 :ina=ect N/mg per day Winstrol /mg per day 4rimobolan !cetate J/mgs per day !navar J/ mgs per day 4roviron / mgs per day  Colvade% J/ mgs per day Arescormin >6? Iiu's per day Thiomucase >in=ections? once per day for the last J weeks Aytomel 1mgs per day !ldacone#Lasi% last I days

J-ote8 D3ring the +,-.)s7,.)s %"ra$iding Aas 5o$$on as %ost 5"5(e re5over" Aas de%endent 3%on ta%ering' >(so the (a5< o4 e44e5tive aro$atase inhi6itors and sensitivit" to estrogeni5 side e44e5ts 5a3sed so$e to 3se (oAer doses o4 testosterone and s36stit3te >navar 4or the Diana6o( tho3gh Aith (esser $ass and strength 6ene4its' =re75ontest 5"5(es Ao3(d s36stit3te =ri$o6o(an 4or the testosterone in ever in5reasing ratio)s' R3$ors o4 higher doses are (idumbbells? 2  3ower )leans 7 @pright 3owing 2  #eadlift 7 8ilitary 4ress 2 Dumbbell &ide Laterals 2 7arbell Aurls 2 Dumbbell :rench Aurl 2

&ets and reps are up to you if your an advanced trainer and for beginners you should keep your sets to J2N sets with ;2F reps on the non2highlighted e%ercises and with the power movement e%ercises that are high lighted should be ;2I2N reps" with the e%ception of the power squats it would be good to include some high repetitions like ,J to ,I reps on your last set of the squats. )mphasize a sound diet with sufficient amounts of growth promoting protein sources and watch your results begin. !lso" keep this important point in mind" and that is when training never leave the gym after your workouts feeling tired. (ou (ou should be leaving feeling as if you would want to do more training. Leaving off fatigued is a sure sign of over training and e%cessive cortisol release which is a no2no. )%cess cortisol ruins muscle growth and that leaves you with futile results and a big waste of timeM Trust me on this" you can research this all you want and you will find this to be true. 8ake your training sessions count and results will come much better than e%pected. That is the reason why some guy's get results and some don't. 6ow often have you gone in the gym and seen friends

and other gym rats training when you arrived and still training when you have finished $ bet a lot of times you =ust didn't pay attention to the reason why. 7ut now you know what it means. These are the fellows that completely over due their training for muscle growth and fail to see the results that they long for not realizing that they have generated too much cortisol for their own good and negated all of their training efforts. 8ost @niversity studies done on college athletes revealing while training when cortisol release is at its highest. 8ost results revealed I minutes were the highest peak during their training routine and anything after that was =ust a wasted effort because of the e%cessive cortisol release into the blood stream. This little often forgot about secret that actually isn't a secret but sort of remains one because many people fail to look at the science part of muscular training often goes by forgotten. 7ut now you know this and should keep this important fact in mind whenever your training. Keep your training routines to I minutes and no more than one hour ma%imum. !Cortiso(# / > Hor$one That Contro(s Yo3r &3s5(e Gains (hat is )ortisolL $t's about time that someone introduces you to cortisol+ and the havoc that it can play on your muscle building results" and $ might as well introduce you to this one amazing hormone that is necessary to sustain human life and function. Aortisol is a stress hormone+ that is released from your adrenal glands which actually sit on top of your kidneys 2 sort of like a pyramid shape and in response to a stressful situation whether it be physical or mental" your brain can not tell the difference" is produced or released to combat the situation at hand.

Aortisol's primary functions are as a anti2stress related and anti2inflammatory function or response" meaning that cortisol causes the body to suppress the immune system response to a  problem or pain stimulus. :rom a bodybuilding stand point" cortisol is the enemy in regards to muscular growth. :or enhancing muscular growth" cortisol is a catabolic hormone. This you will begin to see and find out in many of the articles written in muscle magazines pertaining to muscle building. &o" know that when building your body for muscular growth" it's about more than eating right and training hard. $t also requires for you to understand advanced manipulations of anabolic and catabolic hormones in regard to your diet plans and training routines. Aortisol is termed catabolic as it has the opposite effect to testosterone" insulin" and growth hormone in that it  breaks down tissue" especially muscle tissue. &o" you see" there's more to bodybuilding than =ust lifting weights" eating" and sleeping. 7odybuilding is a comple% balancing act if you will. 6ormone release and decrease of certain hormones at certain times due to physiological matters are dependent on how we gauge our hormone production. 6ormone release is one factor that under pins many of the physiological

reactions that cause the changes in muscle density a bodybuilder desires. :or e%ample testosterone is one hormone that is released following a series of hormonal processes starting in the pituitary gland >situated below the frontal lobe of the brain?. Testosterone is important  because it increases muscle protein synthesis and this is essentially what bodybuilders desire most. 9ther important hormones are growth hormone and insulin. rowth hormone produced in the hypothalamus gland" which is situated above the pituitary gland" is responsible for keeping the body in a youthful state by revitalizing the immune system" ese%ual function" and most importantly for bodybuilders" stimulating muscle tissue repair. $nsulin assists amino acid and glucose transport into muscle cells. These three hormones  0 testosterone" growth hormone" and insulin are termed anabolic because of their tissue  building properties and are an e%treme importance for bodybuilders. Aortisol is termed catabolic as it has the opposite effect to testosterone" growth hormone" and insulin in that it  breaks down tissue. $n fact cortisol" which is released by the adrenal glands under certain conditions of high mental and physical stress and high temperature" is the body's primary catabolic hormone. The three *ain functions of cortisol are8 5essential fatty acids" omega N's?" vitamins" and minerals" its that simple. (our muscle gains are

 based on your dietary measures measures throughout the day. day. &o" please don't waste waste your time looking for some magic training routine that your favorite bodybuilding champion is employing  because the magic lies in the foods we eat. eat. 4rotein builds muscle muscle tissue and is responsible for its growth for how ever big you want to be as far as muscle development goes. 7asically" 7asically" the N main components that make up your diet are  "rotein, car!ohydrates, and fats+ Without adequate protein we wouldn't grow. !part from water" protein is the most plentiful substance in the body. 4rotein is responsible for building" repairing" and maintaining muscle tissue. 4rotein is also the body's second resource for energy after carbohydrates. Without it we would wither away to skin and bones. When it comes to muscle building" your body requires an increased amount of protein to repair the muscle your braking down while e%ercising at the gym. The basic amounts of protein required for muscle building purposes range from , 0 ,.; grams  per pound of body weight. (our protein intake is basically basically the foundation of your muscle  building efforts. Delivering Delivering your body with a constant supply of protein and amino acids throughout the day is one of the most essential things that you can do to ensure your workouts are not futile. 4rotein is made up of carbon" hydrogen" o%ygen and nitrogen. 6aving a sufficient supply will put your body in a positive nitrogen balance" or an anabolic state. This is how we grow and make muscle gains that you can see s ee on a weekly basis. This is the *Key+ to optimal muscle growth and repair of muscle tissue. Citrogen balance for any body builder is a rudimentary understanding and key to gaining muscle gains 2+protein consumption on a  periodic level+ will will get you where you need to be as far as steady steady muscle gains go. 8ake 8ake it a habit of eating quality protein meals at least every J2N hours of the day.  Cow on the contrast" contrast" if you don't have a positive nitrogen nitrogen balance and basically are in a negative nitrogen balance you will then be in a catabolic state and your body will then be  breaking down your hard earned earned muscle gains for energy energy that it needs needs to sustain itself on a daily level. ! good and decent protein consumption of appro%imately N/2I/ grams of protein each meal throughout the day will allow you for a complete recovery between workouts. This This will ensure you have an adequate supply of protein without consuming a surplus of calories allowing you to be in an anabolic state all day long. This is how we make muscle gains when we have the  proper workout routine that's that's geared for muscular growth. growth.

Get Read" To &a %uarts to a gallon of *ilk a day+  There are also other e%ercises to be added to this training program along with other necessary things to be discussed in which will be e%plained later. later. 7ut $ don't want to get away from the simplicity of this training program and of the way it has to be performed. !t best two times per week you should be under taking your workouts for the best possible growth and size enhancement" although three times a week can also be employed for those who are of a high energy output. There is something magical about the squats" !rnold &chwarzenegger &chwarzenegger even rated it as one of his favorite e%ercises to do.

7ut what happens to the body which most people fail to understand or see is" those heavy" high rep butt busting squats somehow cause a release of hormones and other growth producing chemicals in your body and super charge your blood with nourishing nutrients and hormones to get things growing. &quats unlike any other e%ercises become a growth stimulus to all ma=or muscles of your body. 9nce you begin to do the sets as described you will begin to understand what is being mentioned to you. To begin with the program" start2off with the squats after you are sure you thoroughly warmed up and stretched sufficiently. Walk over to the squat rack and begin your first set of ,/ reps with the squat using a weight that will allow you to perform ,/ full buttocks touching ankles squats" rest for N/ seconds then lie flat on the bench with your head hanging over the bench to perform your dumbbell pull overs for a weight that will allow you to perform J/ reps" as your performing your set of pull overs make sure you arc#or bent your elbows =ust enough to take the stress off of your elbows.  3emember" the emphasis is not on the weight being used here" but your breathing. 8ake sure you are inhaling as you are lowering the dumbbell and e%haling as you are raising the dumbbell e%panding your chest as much as possible each time with each repetition. !s you are lowering the weight stretch and feel your ribcage e%panding trying to get a good J/ reps out of it. 3est for N/ to ;/ seconds before you begin your second set of squats which now will be done for J/ reps with a weight that you can perform. Then shoot over to the flat bench for your second set of pull overs for another J/ reps. emem!er to add weight, at least 5  pounds each week while still keeping your repetitions the same, very important that you do this  for the  week period while on this course. #rust me, you will !e glad you did% The whole point of this is to force your body to growM Note:  Always re*e*!er to add at least  to 5E "ounds of weight "er each week, very i*"ortant1 (eightlifting or !ody!uilding is a constant "rogressive syste* where one *ust learn to add weight accordingly, at least on a weekly !asis+ That/s why it/s called “"rogressive resistance e4ercise”+ The  "rogressiveness on a weekly !asis is what results in you getting stronger and therefore !igger1 Cou won/t get any increases in *uscular size if you stay with the sa*e weight used each week+ ig *uscles handle !ig weight1 There are Dust so *any "eo"le that do not "ractice it 7 “"rogressive resistance” e4ercise+

!fter you completed two super sets of squats and pull overs" make sure you rest for ;/ seconds  before you begin part two of the other e%ercises that were mentioned earlier which are included with the squats and pull overs. :or =art TAo of your program your sets will be J to N sets of each e%ercises listed belowH Ben5h =ress / 27  -70 Dead(i4ts / 27  -7 Bar6e(( RoAing7 27  -70 or Wide Gri% Chins 27 sets  +.7+2 re%s Bar6e(( &i(itar" =resses 727  -70

Bar6e(( C3r(s / 27  -70

That's itM ! short but effective" simple and basic routine that was used by many hard gainers who have had a difficult time gaining muscle. The first part of this program" squats E pull overs make up the core of the program with the other remaining part two of the e%ercises to cover your whole body development. $t's basic e%ercise movements that involve large muscle groups of the body and allows one to stick with simplicity in order to pack on the size quickly. 9bviously" the diet that is described in the beginning of the program" with the daily consumption of milk is to provide you with calories and good basic nutrition. 7ack in the old school days many bodybuilders made milk and eggs a mainstay diet when bulking up. The resorted to the basics with what they had available unlike today where we have a multitude of options as with the many sports supplements currently out. To s3$ 3% the %rogra$ such as ulcers and burn victims?" and malnutrition individuals that needed to gain as much weight as possible health conditions. 7ut when a normal healthy person takes on such a healthy diet plan the results are that much more efficient and quick. 0oods that are high in "rotein and "rovide high calories are8 • •

• •

• •

 ' ot cereals . ;oat*eal or crea* of wheat< with *ilk, added fat such as natural !utter+ Granola and other cereals with dried fruit+  Meats, eggs, dried !eans, and lentils+  utter*ilk, whole *ilk "roducts like yogurts, ice crea*, and cheeses+ )asseroles with *eat+  Sou"s *ade with crea* or *eat+  2ggnog and *ilk shakes+  3otatoes with !utter, sour crea*, and cheeses+ Vegeta!les with added !utter, crea* cheese, and cheeses+ )roissants, !utter*ilk !iscuits, *uffins, or %uick !reads ;!anana !read or zucchini !readcan be ground? with N eggs Two slices of wheat toast 8ilk or protein shake  S-A)= 

Aottage cheese P pound fruit milk or protein shake  6&-)' 

Tuna sandwich >;oz's? Aottage cheese P pound &alad 8ilk or protein shake  #:--2 Ahicken F oz's 7aked potato cooked vegetables &alad 8ilk or protein shake  S-A)= 

J )ggs hard boiled fruit milk or protein shake The above recommendation is =ust a sample to give you an idea. Try also to prepare your food a head of time to be taken to school or work. 9ne popular one time secret amongst bodybuilders  back in the day of old school bodybuilding that successful bodybuilders were doing to keep their bodies in a positive nitrogen state for growth was “never letting more than @ hours go !y without consuming some kind of "uality complete protein.” ! positive nitrogen state means that there is always a complete protein source available in the  blood stream for growth and repair to occur. 7y constantly sipping on milk or protein shake throughout the day should take care of that" keeping you in a positive nitrogen state allowing you to grow2grow2 and grow on a weekly basis. Ho$e7&ade =rotein GroAth Sha+ ?+ @+ + 9+ H+

Vita*in $ Mineral Su""le*ents 24tra Vita*in ) w io7flavanoids 7)o*"le4 5EE*gs )reatine Mono7hydrate ;*icronized< 3rotein 3owder or (eight Gainer 3owder  (heat Ger* Oil  Multi72nzy*e #igestive 0or*ula

9n an ending note concerning nutrition" the great Larry &cott" the first 8r. 9lympia winner in ,-; attributed F/G of his success to nutrition" which was 3heo 7lair's nutrition program that can be also found in this book" 4art , *3heo 6. 7lair section" and advice from the great 5ince ironda as well. !lso" it wasn't until the great legendary trainers of past like 3heo 6. 7lair and 5ince ironda" Dan Duchaine and others that bodybuilders began making great strides in their muscle development when they began taking the nutritional advice from these great legends.

7ack then" before the start of steroids took off" nutritional know how was what they relied on the most. Then of course" obviously steroids combined with the nutritional smarts that they gathered along took them to a whole another level. 7ut all in all" sports nutritional supplementation have taken a huge leap in development that can definitely make a difference in anyone's training and muscle development. &ome of them work very well and some are =ust 'snake oil'" in which get rich scheme companies =ump on the band wagon and manufacture crap' till people catch on. 8y advice to you" as a consumer and self2e%perimenter of sports supplements for many years. $ have virtually spent thousands of dollars throughout my career on sports nutritional supplements" herbs" etc." and found out which products work and which of them don't &tick with the reliable manufactures that take pride in delivering a quality product" companies like  3ro76a!, Muscle7Meds, O"ti*u* -utrition, &S3 6a!s, M'3, 6a!rada -utrition, Gas"ari  -utrition, 3:, A: S"orts -utrition, AllMa4 -utrition, A6:, AST S"orts Science, Muscle Tech, iotest, #y*atize -utrition, 2nzy*atic Thera"y, :force -utrition, :ron7Tek, :nner  Ar*our, :satori S"orts -utrition, Karrow 0or*ulas, )yto7S"orts, MM, Meta!olic  -utrition, Met74, -ature/s Answer, -ature/s 'er!/s, -ow 0oods, -utre4, -ature/s 6ife,  -atural 0actors, -ature/s (ay, Oly*"ian 6a!s, 3lanetary 0or*ulations, 3ro*a4 -utrition,  3rogressive 6a!oratories, Schiff 3roducts, Scivation, Solary, Source -aturals, Solgar,  Sy*!iotecs, Sun )hlorella, S-:, Twin 6a!s, Tho*"son Vita*ins, Traditional Medicinals, <i*ate -utrition, &niversal, &+A+S+ 6a!oratories, <ra 6a! -utrition, Vio!in )or"oration, V3N, Vitol 3roducts, Garden of 6ife, #avinci 6a!s, and !asically the su""le*ents listed are a *i4ture of *anufacturers that s"ecialize in s"orts su""le*entation and general health su""le*ents that you *ay need such as her!al su""le*ents, vita*ins, a*ino acids, etc+, in which : felt it would !e good to list to give you a good idea of what/s re"uta!le and solid *anufacturing+ &ports &upplement 8anufactures That cater to bodybuilding and &pecialize in  3rotein  3owders, (eight Gainers, and A*ino Acids are8 O"ti*u* -utrition, 3ro76a!, Muscle7Meds, )yto7S"orts, M'3, 6a!rada -utrition, &S3  6a!s, Gas"ari -utrition, Met74, 3:, A: S"orts -utrition, A6:, AST S"orts Science,  A66Ma4 -utrition, <i*ate -utrition, iotest, #y*atize -utrition, :satori S"orts -utrition,  :ron7Tek, :nner Ar*our, :force, MuscleTech, Meta!olic -utrition, Twin 6a!s, Oly*"ian  6a!s, V3N, Vitol, &+A+S+ 6a!s, <ra 6a!s, -utre4, S-:, and Scivation+

The following supplement manufacturers listed below are reputable and offer great products for any health related need. They generally cater to all health related matters" in which they sell her!al/s, vita*ins, *inerals, glandulars, etc." and they areH  Karrow,Garden of 6ife, Solary, -ature/s Answer, -ature/s (ay, Solgar, Source -aturals,  3lanetary 0or*ulations, Sy*!iotics, Traditional Medicinals, Schiff, -atrol, -atural 0actors, #avinci 6a!s, Vio!in )or"oration, 2nzy*atic Thera"y, 2nzy*atica, )ardiovascular esearch,-ow 0oods, -ature/s 6ife, 3rogressive 6a!s, Sun )hlorella,

&ai$iing Yo3r &3s5(e7B3i(ding =otentia( With En"$es !En"$es are the s36stan5es that $advantage

reat health starts from proper digestion and good digestion relies on the enzymes we get from eating live rich sources of enzymes the way it was meant to be for our survival and good health. The best choice for enzymes comes from obviously fresh foods. 3aw food diets are rich in *live+ enzymes" fruits, vegeta!les, and her!s. 8aking them part of your everyday diet plans serves to help your digestive system function optimally and absorb what you eat. 3emember that as we age in years plus add in other factors that hinder our digestive system like stress" environmental factors" poor food choices >fast foods?" bo%ed foods" etc." all take there toll on our digestive system without us realizing the harm of our degrading health. 3esearchers now reveal that we lose digestive enzymes through sweat" body waste and natural ageing process of the organs that produce our digestive enzymes.  Cot everyone eats or thinks that their eating well without realizing the factors that were =ust mentioned above. These factors all deplete our digestive system to meet the demands of daily

life. 9ur current fast paced society with its preoccupation of convenience has resulted in more chemical pollution" overly processed foods and microwave cooking" all of which help create a lot of free radicals that damage our body's" also known as a process of accelerating ageing. This  process of free radicals lower the body's natural ability to produce enzymes and meet its demands to function well. )nzymes our the catalyst to life" they are our life force the spark that creates metabolic functions to take place that we take for granted on a daily level. The more enzymes we have the more efficient our body's become and reward us for great health and healthy living. The three main categories of enzymes that you need to concern yourself with and what they do in the body areH  >igestive nBymes, Cood or 9lant nBymes, and eta!olic nBymes. Digestive En"$es /  made and secreted by the salivary glands" stomach" pancreas" and small intestine help breakdown food into components. 9ood or =(ant En"$es 0 e%ist naturally in raw food. $f food is cooked above I1 degrees Aelsius" the high heat and temperature involved in the cooking process destroys the enzymes. Digestive enzymes and food enzymes serve the same purpose they digest food so it can be absorbed into the blood stream. The difference between the two is that food enzymes are derived from fresh" raw" uncooked foods such as fruits" vegetables" eggs" raw unpasteurized dairy" meat and fish >sashimi?" whilst digestive enzymes are made in the body. &eta6o(i5 En"$es 0 are produced in the cells and are found throughout the body in the organs" in the bones" the blood" and inside the cells themselves. 8etabolic enzymes help run the heart" brain" lungs" and kidneys. 6undreds of metabolic enzymes are necessary for the working of our body.

&upplementation with enzymes in our diet helps to improve overall digestion so we have more energy for life and reducing the effects of aging" wrinkle free" and avoiding sun spots. They also provide prevention from cancer and other illnesses and debilitating diseases. 9ne of their great benefits from a bodybuilding perspective is that they also help to speed up in=uries that may have occurred in the gym and reduce inflammation a great deal. Their benefits to a  bodybuilder can not be over stated and their importance can make a world of a difference in speeding up your muscle gains" recuperation" recovery" and give you assurance that your intake of foods are going to be utilized efficiently. &ociety today is not like it used to be years ago when most of our foods were organic and one did not have to pay e%tra for. Today" organic has become the premier choice of assuring yourself of clean" un2affected chemically sprayed food.

En"$es  Their 93n5tions

Li%ase 0 contributes to carbohydrate and fat digestive action" helping to maintain correct gallbladder function. When added to a meal as a supplement" lipase digests dietary fats helping to relieve the gallbladder" liver" and pancreas which otherwise would need to produce the required enzymes. (our protein absorption from fatty foods such as fish or seeds can be improved by incorporating supplemental lipase enzymes in the diet. =rotease 0 this enzyme helps to break down protein found in meats" poultry" fish" nuts" eggs" cheese" and may be helpful for people with food allergies or who have difficulty digesting  protein. &upplementing with protease can help to breakdown and destroy unwanted fungi"  bacteria and viruses in the bloodstream. 4rotease enzymes in supplemental form spares the natural pool of protease digestive enzymes from being e%pended in the digestion and absorption of protein. >$a("se 2 is a natural plant e%tract which helps your body breakdown and assimilate starches and carbohydrates. !malyse has been shown to also help reduce stress. Ce((3(ase 0 digests cellulose>fiber?. Aellulose" which is not found in the human system" breaks down the bonds found in fiber. 7y disrupting the structure of the fiber matrices or cell walls which envelope most of the nutrients in plants" cellulose increases the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. La5tase 0 digests milk sugar. Lactase deficiency is also the most common and well known form of carbohydrate intolerance. Lactase digests lactose milk sugar into glucose and galactose. 8ost mammals" including humans" have a high intestinal lactase activity at birth. 7ut" in some cases this activity declines to low levels during childhood and remains low in adulthood. The low lactase levels cause maldigestion of milk and other food containing lactose. $t is also estimated that appro%imately 1/G of the world's population is deficient in intestinal lactase with more than one third of the @.&. 4opulation presumed to be unable to digest dairy products. &upplemental lactase enzymes have been found to decrease the symptoms of lactose intolerance associated with the consumption of dairy foods. =h"tase 0 This enzyme breaks down phytic acids in grains" seeds" and simple sugars into fructose and glucose. &a(tase 0 Digests comple% and simple sugars" breaking down the unused glycogen in muscle. lycogen is a thick" sticky substance that is converted from sugars and starches and is stored in your muscle cells for future use. $f stored glycogen continues to build up in the muscle tissues" it leads to progressive muscle weakness and degeneration.  3a"ian fro* "a"aya and ro*elain from pineapple" both help digest protein. 7romelain is also a natural anti2inflammatory.

!s a bodybuilder" it is important to know and understand the nutritional aspect of bodybuilding.

6ence the term *72o2d2y272u2i2l2d2i2n2g+" you are literally building a body to what your specifications desire. &o" wouldn't make sense to know everything required to build your body or for that matter anything your trying to build to completely understand what your trying to accomplish That's where nutritional knowledge comes into play knowing and understanding what foods we need to know to makes us grow to build muscle efficiently and systematically. Knowledge and understanding of a pro=ect in mind leads to a greater pathway to your success in creating a masterpiece. (our results and success depends on what you know to complete the task at hand. 4hysiology and !natomy also come into play here" understanding what your body's hormones" metabolism" and muscle structure and composition also are important. The whole point is to get you to understand how your body functions and works and what you have to do to make it respond to coincide with your training programs. 9nce you get a decent grasp of what your trying to accomplish" bodybuilding then becomes that much more easily for you to make the gains that your looking for. &o" being that diet clearly defines what your results are going to be as far as muscle gains go for that matter" diet is going to be the FG to -/G of your success in making all the muscle gains that you desire" and enzymes are the key to your success. &o" with that" we all know =ust how important protein is to making muscle gains. Without consuming enough protein in our diet our results will fail and not be to our e%pectation. $n the chain of muscular growth" enzymes are even more important than protein itself. Why 7ecause without a sufficient supply of enzymes" protein" and amino acids will not be absorbed and utilized to manufacture muscle tissue and dysplaysia. )nzymes are the steroids of the future as bodybuilding is concerned. To build a massive muscular body such as the current bodybuilding champions posses. They could not possibly digest all of the protein and nutrients from food that hey eat on a daily basis throughout the day at every two hour intervals. The bottom line is their body can not produce enough enzymes to reach their genetic potential without simple supplementation of enzymes. $n fact" a high protein intake without enzymes eventually leads to serious health problems" because our bodies are limited to enzyme production and the capacity of. Co matter how good their training program is or how well they are eating" they would not get any bigger because their muscles are starving for protein" even though they are consuming massive amounts of protein. (ou see" enzymes are one the single factors that deteriorate as we age and effect every single  part of our anatomy and life cycle. When our reserves start to deplete past a certain point" the aging process accelerates because our body now has to grab amino acids from your body's own tissues such as your skin and organs. This is one of the biggest factors to your body's deterioration as you get older in life. 7eing on the aggressive side of the enzyme regimen is the key to fighting aging and muscle atrophy.

With our food supply being irradiated and sprayed with nasty chemicals and preservatives which kill enzyme production" it is necessary to either go organic or supplement our diets with

enzyme supplementation. Today's protein powders are all sold with enzyme additive's to  potentiate their absorption into our blood stream. !lso" keep in mind that all cooked foods heated over ,, degrees L9&)& all of it's enzyme capacity. :or bodybuilding' sake" the solution is to supplement your diet with enzymes to ma%imize your genetic potential to speed up your growth capacity. 7y consuming the right types of specialized enzymes to breakdown protein and the essential nutrients you need for optimum growth and well being you need to understand the value and importance of enzymes. &o" by now you understand the value of enzymes and the ne%t question is “what are the !est enBymes to take as a natural !ody!uilder”D What En"$es Sho3(d We Tand HoA &35hQ

!ppro%imately F/G of digested enzyme supplements are all plant based. Look for combinations that have a high  3rotease, 6i"ase, A*ylase units with added lactase and !ro*elain+ This would be a very good combination to take with each meal. This combination can also be taken in between meals to clean the blood of impurities. :or vegetarians and vegans" plant based and fungi derived enzymes would be ideal and the good thing is that plant based enzymes do the =ob well. $n some cases plant based enzymes might be even more effective as they survive the acidity of the stomach whereas pancreatic enzymes may not and might not get to the small intestines where they do their =ob. !lso" most importantly try to eat food as close to its raw state as possible" so when cooking look for more healthier ways like blanching" steaming vegetables. 3emember the heat sensitive value of enzymes and their degradation of heat ,, degrees. When you improve your digestion" you improve your health and your muscle building capabilities. !dd your supplemental enzymes when eating well cooked#cured#smoked meats to ensure that your getting the full nutritional value of your meals eaten. When cooking eggs" one of the best bodybuilding proteins make sure your eggs are soft boiled or poached which is best" instead of having omelettes and frying. )ggs have some of the best enzymes and nutrients particular for our thyroid gland and our liver" so it pays to preserve these delicate enzymes in eggs as well as other proteins. This is because proteins are the building  blocks of life" and we constantly need these building blocks in rebuilding and maintaining lean muscle tissue" regenerating organs#glands" synthesizing hormones" regulating our brain chemistry" and supporting our immune system. $f we are not ingesting our protein well" we don't have the necessary building blocks for life and that of course would diminish our health. The key to great digestion is enzymes" and by ensuring we have an adequate supply in our system for optimal health and digestion" energy" and overall well being. >3thors Note: Yo3r “diet”  %(ans and nthon" P' Ci5hium!!ell *ne +rm owing  >um!!ell >ead ifts -

Sho3(ders 2  >um!!ell ilitary 9ress :with !oth hands=  >um!!ell 3ide aterals  >um!!ell 6ent *ver laterals  >um!!ell Cront aterals  >um!!ell 3hrugs  >um!!ell 2pright owing -

Bi5e%s 7  >um!!ell 8urls  >um!!ell 9reacher 6ench 8urls >um!!ell ;ncline 8urls  >um!!ell 8oncentration 8urls >um!!ell ying *n Clat 6ench 8urls-

Tri5e%s 7  >um!!ell #ricep xtensions >um!!ell ying #ricep xtensions  >um!!ell 6ent *verkick!acks-

Legs7  >um!!ell unges:dum!!ells in !oth hands at your side=  >um!!ell 8alf aises-

There you have it" dumbbell e%ercises to provide for that unique contour of muscle belly roundness to give you that N2D dimensional look for added muscle mass. 7odybuilding after all of these years to my conclusion and discovery" $'ve come to the realization that bodybuilding is a *science+ of finding out what works and what what doesn't" and this also includes the diet aspect of bodybuilding which is thee most important part of training for growth.

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