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April 12, 2018 | Author: LOTSOFTESTS | Category: Surgery, Nursing Home Care, Nursing, Hospital, Blood Transfusion
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Occupational English Test

WRITING SUB-TEST Nursing Practice test

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The OET Centre GPO Box 372 Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia © OET Centre — Practice test

Telephone: +613 9652 0800 Facsimile: +613 9654 5329 www.occupationalenglishtest.org

ABN 84 434 201 642

OCCUPATIONAL ENGLISH TEST WRITING SUB-TEST: NURSING TIME ALLOWED: READING TIME: 5 MINUTES WRITING TIME: 40 MINUTES Read the case notes and complete the writing task which follows Case Notes

Harry Kovacs is a 5 year old boy who is the son of one of your newly referred patients in the community mental health centre where you are a mental health case manager. Date of birth:

15 April 2006

Place of birth:

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Sydney

School year:


Religion & ethnicity:

Catholic & both parents Australian born Hungarian

Mother’s name:

Elizabeth Kovacs

Mother’s community admission date: 16 May 2011 Diagnosis:

Mother – Major depression with psychotic features Son – ? Early onset separation anxiety disorder


* Elizabeth suffered PND – depressed since *She sometimes hears voices calling her and sees ‘men’ running around her house – nil serious psychosis in functional terms. * Recently 1st psych admission for 6/52after high lethality DSH attempt. *Harry’s psychological status ok until DSH and hospitalisation; after this +++ signs of separation anxiety *Father is self employed and works long hours 7/7. Rarely sees Harry & dismissive of Harry’s emotional states, ‘He’s like a bloody girl now!’ he told us. *Harry loves soccer and playing with his dog, ‘Rusty’.

Medical History

Eczema Serous otitis media – required grommets at 18 mths Hearing NAD now.


Nil meds

Case management care and progress: * Elizabeth new to our area (from Parramatta) & referred to us post D/C from Bankstown MH inpatient unit 2/52 ago *We will provide her with long term MH case management. *Harry now 1) cries and panics whenever Mum leaves his sight 2) Socially withdrawn & refusing to attend kindergarten 3) ↑ insomnia & nightmares 4) preoccupied re Mum’s daily activities & that she might leave him again. * This is greatly ↑pressure on Elizabeth when her MH is already fragile. * Father, John, uninterested in meeting in person or discussing problems in detail. *Harry attended initial assessment with Elizabeth and separation anxiety behaviour very obvious

Referral plan:

* Referral to early childhood mental health team for assessment and management of Harry’s ? early onset separation anxiety disorder. *Request joint meeting with case manager and Elizabeth.

Writing Task You are the Case Manager caring for Harry Kovac’s depressed mother but due to his psychological issues need to write a referral for him to John Dyer, Clinical Psychologist on the Bankstown early childhood mental health team at Bankstown Hospital.

In your answer:  Expand the relevant notes into complete sentences  Do not use note form  Use letter format The body of the letter should be approximately 180-200 words.

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