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February 28, 2018 | Author: LOTSOFTESTS | Category: Surgery, Nursing Home Care, Nursing, Hospital, Blood Transfusion
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Occupational English Test

WRITING SUB-TEST Nursing Practice test

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The OET Centre GPO Box 372 Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia © OET Centre — Practice test

Telephone: +613 9652 0800 Facsimile: +613 9654 5329 www.occupationalenglishtest.org

ABN 84 434 201 642

OCCUPATIONAL ENGLISH TEST WRITING SUB-TEST: NURSING TIME ALLOWED: READING TIME: 5 MINUTES WRITING TIME: 40 MINUTES Read the case notes and complete the writing task which follows Case Notes

Patient: Mr Zhang Ming is a 30 year old male patient on the mental health ward where you are a charge nurse. Name: Ming Zhang Age: 24 Cultural background: From China. Speaks ↓English. Needs interpreter. Admission Date: 5th April 2011 Macquarie Hospital Rosella Ward Discharge Date: 26th April 2011 Diagnosis: Major depression and deliberate self poisoning (DSP) Social background:

- Came to Australia as a labourer 5 years ago -Permanent resident now -Wife had affair and divorced pt 1yr ago. -Depressed and unemployed since -Lives in own house with NESB mother out from China. -Mother doesn’t like pt taking psych meds due to her Chinese medicine beliefs -Pt hobbies are fishing & online trading

Psychiatric & Medical background:

- Nil Hx of depression pre divorce - 1st presented 1 yr ago with 1st episode DSP and major depression - Attended Chinese psychologist sporadically this year - Current presentation is 2nd DSP and mental health admission. - Medical history of gout, previous hepatitis A, # L tibia, # R humerus, # L clavicle (all separate occasions and resolved; work related)


- Mirtazipine 30 mg nocte

Nursing Management and Progress:

-Frequently S/B Chinese speaking transcultural mental health worker and received 1:1 CBT counselling. -++ insomnia & ↓mood -Mirtazipine ↑from 15mg to 30mg 12/4/11 -Mother educated via interpreter re importance of Antidepressant (AD) meds -Nil suicidal ideation (SI) at present, please monitor closely for SI in community


Mood low but improved Low risk of self harm with close follow up and support Good response to CBT

Discharge Plan:

- For case management via community mental health team -Ideally assign pt to Chinese speaking clinician or use interpreter service -Continue CBT -Observe response to ↑ AD Rx, monitor for side effects -Encourage ↑ physical exercise & job hunting -Avoid prescribing benzo meds as pt uses these to DSP

Writing task You are the Charge Nurse on the mental health ward where Mr Ming Zhang will be discharged from and need to write a nursing referral letter to the local community mental health team. Address the letter to Team Leader, Ryde Community Mental Health Team.

In your answer:  Expand the relevant notes into complete sentences  Do not use note form  Use letter format The body of the letter should be approximately 180-200 words.

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