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July 19, 2017 | Author: Dan Emmanuel R. Ventura | Category: Land Use, Irrigation, Land Management, Natural Resource Management, Agriculture
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The potential site of the demo farm project which is being envisioned to showcase an integrated livestock, aquaculture, vegetable and fruit production was inspected on September 28, 2011 by PB Odelon Ventura, AT George Quines and Grace Malenab and ably assisted by Kagawad Irene ______, Kagawad ________ and BAFC Chairman Rosie Montegrico. BASELINE INFORMATION 1. THE PROJECT SITE The site is situated on a 7.5-ha lot donated by the Hacienda Don Formoso to the Municipality of Aparri. It is composed partly of the old radar site, with an area of about 3.0 ha, and extends to the back up to the edge of the irrigation canal, about 4.5 ha. The soil is reddish and generally, stony (“nabaggiing” in the vernacular). Topsoil is gone. 2. THE OLD RADAR STATION (ORS) The ORS consists of the main office building, barracks, pumphouse and powerhouse. The concrete walls and posts of these buildings still appear to be structurally sound. The perimeter fence of the ORS, consisting of concrete and GI pipes, is partly vandalized. Trees and weeds have grown around and inside these buildings. The pumphouse has only concrete walls and posts. It is only the GI pipe installed that is found inside. There is no pressure pump or pressure tank. 3. THE OPEN LOT (OL) The lot at the back of the ORS is not fenced. The terrain is undulating, the lower part catching the water running off from the ORS lot. The path of the run-off has already eroded and a deep canal has been created as a result. RECOMMENDATION 1. THE PROJECT SITE There is a need to locate the exact points of the entire area to establish a more accurate estimation of the entire lot. The sketch plan is required. The assistance of the Municipal Engineer is needed. 2. FENCING THE ENTIRE PERIMETER Rehabilitate the partially damaged concrete fence of the ORS.

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The OL should be fenced using kawkawate posts. Once established, the leaves could be part of the feed ration of livestock and as an ingredient in the preparation of organic fertilizer. Kawkawate leaves contain high percentage of nitrogen. Parallel to the kawkawate posts, about 2m distance, seeds of ipil-ipil will drilled. Ipil-ipil leaves also contain high nitrogen. Ipil-ipil trees also serve as windbreakers. 3. THE OLD RADAR STATION The main office building can serve as a farmers’ center for training/seminar purposes and as office for the farmers who will manage the demo and farmers’ center. The barracks can be used as quarters for training participants and facilitators. It is recommended that the vegetation around and inside the buildings be cleared in order that the Municipal Engineering Office can make a proper assessment on the said buildings and appropriate rehabilitation plan can be made. 4. WATER SYSTEM The existing deepwell installation needs assessment as to the condition of the GI pipes installed. Once rehabilitated, this will provide the water requirements of the entire facility and irrigation water for plants grown within the fenced area of the ORS. A small water impounding pond (SWIP) is being recommended at the OL to catch run-off from the upper part of the site. The SWIP provide irrigation water for plants at the OL and at the same time will showcase an aquaculture project. 5. DEMO AREAS FOR DIFFERENT SHOWCASE PROJECTS The open spaces are recommended for the following:    

Goat Production Free-Ranged Chicken Production Aquaculture Vegetables & Dragonfruit

Further research on the technologies required for the above showcase projects is needed to be done and put in separate reports.

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