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How-to begin Oracle Application Framework...


OA Framework Tutorial 01 -Bölgesel Ayarlar : İngilizce After having received some requests from Oracle EBS newbies, I have decided to do some video tutorials to explain how screens can be built in OA Framework. For this purpose, I will build a simple case study[Person Maintenance Screen]. To begin with, I will create a simple page in OA Framework, and in following sessions, I will add additional Functionality[creation/changes] to the same page. Welcome to the first Audio-Video tutorial in this series. Objective :- To create a working page in OA Framework, without writing a single line of code in java. Step 1 Create a table and insert sample data[3 records] for this demo. Run script xxoafdemo01.sql from this link and create an OA Workspace and an OA Project. Click here for Audio Video Link for Step 1 The above Step 1 will do the below:1.

Creates a table named xx_person_details to capture Person Details


Create a API to help insert records in this table


Inserts three records into table xx_person_details


In jDeveloper, create an OA Workspace and default Project for this OA Framework tutorial

create table xx_person_details ( PERSON_ID NUMBER NOT NULL ,FIRST_NAME VARCHAR2(50) ,LAST_NAME VARCHAR2(50) ,EMAIL VARCHAR2(100) ,student_flag VARCHAR2(1) ,name_of_university VARCHAR2(100) ,last_update_date DATE ,last_update_login INTEGER ,last_updated_by INTEGER ,creation_date DATE ,created_by INTEGER );

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE xx_insert_person_prc(p_person_rec IN OUT xx_person_details%ROWTYPE) IS BEGIN SELECT per_people_s.NEXTVAL INTO p_person_rec.person_id FROM dual; p_person_rec.last_update_date := SYSDATE; p_person_rec.creation_date := SYSDATE; p_person_rec.last_update_login := -1; p_person_rec.last_updated_by := 71690; p_person_rec.created_by := 71690; INSERT INTO xx_person_details VALUES p_person_rec; END xx_insert_person_prc; /

DECLARE l_person_rec xx_person_details%ROWTYPE; BEGIN l_person_rec.first_name := 'Anil'; l_person_rec.last_name := 'Passi'; l_person_rec.email := '[email protected]'; l_person_rec.student_flag := 'N'; xx_insert_person_prc(l_person_rec); l_person_rec.first_name := 'Tom'; l_person_rec.last_name := 'Kumar'; l_person_rec.email := '[email protected]'; xx_insert_person_prc(l_person_rec); l_person_rec.first_name := 'Mark'; l_person_rec.last_name := 'Kapoor'; l_person_rec.email := '[email protected]'; xx_insert_person_prc(l_person_rec); commit; END; /

SELECT count(*) FROM xx_person_details ; commit;

New Project

Create OA Workspace..

File Name : OAFsem13.jws ( Workspace name )

File Name : OAFsem13.jpr ( Project name ) Default Package : tutorial13.oracle.apps.ak.xxperson13 -Next


DBC File Name : test40.dbc User Name : ax07926 Password : erptest

Application Short Name : XXRM Responsibility Key : XXRM_R1_YEDEK_PARCA


Step 2 Create the required BC4J and java packages for this OA Framework Screen This step will create xxPersonDetailsEO xxPersonDetailsVO xxPersonAM

[ Entity Object ] [ View Object ] [ Application Module ]

Relation between view Object and AM, in effect creating an instance of the View Object. Name of this view Object instance will be xxPersonDetailsVO1 Click here for Audio Video Link of Step 2

Add Business Components

OAFsem13.jpr -> Right-> New Business Components Package





Tutorial13.oracle.apps.ak.xxperson13.schema.server Business component created

Create New Business Component

OAFsem13.jpr -> Right ->New Business Components Package



Tutorial13.oracle.apps.ak.xxperson13.server Business component created..

Create New Business Component

OAFsem13.jpr -> New Business Components Package



Tutorial13.oracle.apps.ak.xxperson13.webui Business component created..

Create Entity Object

Tutorial13.oracle.apps.ak.xxperson13.schema.server -> Right -> New Entity Object...


Name : XXPersonDetailsEO Package : tutorial13.oracle.apps.ak.xxperson13.schema.server Schema Object : XX_PERSON_DETAILS_S -ileri




Validation Method Create Method -İleri



Entity Object Created..

Create View Object..

XXPersonDetailsEO -> Right -> New Default View Object

View Object Created

XXPersonDetailsEOView -> Right -> Move package


XXPersonDetailsEOView moved to tutorial13.oracle.apps.ak.xxperson13.server

XXPersonDetailsEOView -> Right -> Rename XXPersonDetailsEOView

View Object name changed..

Create Application Module

Tutorial13.oracle.apps.ak.xxperson13.server -> Right -> New Application Module


Name : XXPersonAM -Next





Application Module Created

OAFsem13.jpr -> Right -> New

OA Components -> Page Tamam

Name : XXPersonMainPG Package : tutorial13.oracle.apps.ak.xxperson13.webui Tamam

XXPersonMainPG created

region1 -> Properties ID : MainRN

AM definition :tutorial13.oracle.apps.ak.xxperson13.server.XXPersonAM

Window Title : Main Person Page for Search

Title : Main Person Page for Search


MainRN -> New -> Region

region1 created.. region1 properties ID : QueryRN

Region Style : query

Construction Mode : resultBasedSearch

Include Simple Panel : True

Include Views Panel : True

Include Advanced : True

QueryRN -> Right -> New -> Region Using Wizard


Region Style : table

PersonId – FirstName – LastName – Email selected... -İleri

Style : messageStyled -İleri


QueryRN table created..

Personld Properties Search Allowed : True

Sort Allowed : ascending

FirstName Properties Search Allowed : True

LastName Properties Search Allowed : True


-Rebuild the Project -Run the Page

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