Nursing English Conversation

July 21, 2016 | Author: vinda astri permatasari | Category: Types, Creative Writing
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Nursing English Conversation TAKING HEALTH HISTORY CONVERSATION Name : Vinda Astri Permatasari as Nurse Normalasar...


Name : Vinda Astri Permatasari as Nurse : Normalasari Dwi Nugraheni as Patient


Vinda : Good morning miss Mala : Good morning nurse Vinda : Come in and sit down please. I’m nurse Vinda and today is my shift. What’s your name miss ? Mala : My name is Normalasari Dwi Nugraheni Vinda : Haw can I call you ? Mala : You can call me Mala Vinda : How old are you ? Mala : ...... years old Vinda : Where do you live ? Mala : I live in ......... Vinda : Are you married ? Mala : ............. Vinda : What is your occupation ? Mala : I’m a ........... Vinda : Are you a muslim ? Mala : Yes, I’m muslim Vinda : What is your problem ? Mala : I am feeling fever Vinda : Let me check your fever . This is thermometer to measure your body temperature, can you insert this to your armpit please ? It’s just about 10 minutes, and I will take it again. Here Mala : Ok, no problem nurse

Vinda : How long you have been ill ? Mala : It’s about 1 week ago nurse Vinda : Show me your throat please. Say “Ahh” Mala : “Ahh”. Nurse, I also have cough Vinda : Mm hmm, your throat is also sore. Did you feel pain during the night ? Mala : Yes, I couldnt sleep Vinda : I see, and do they come on at any particular time ? Mala : They’re usually worse in the morning Vinda : Ok, it’s 10 minutes already. Let me check the thermometer Mala : Ok here nurse Vinda : It’s 38 degree celsius, It’s quite high fever. Which kind of medicine do you prefer to take when you’re sick ? Mala : Hmm, nothing I take Vinda : Well now, I’ll take your blood sample for laboratorium check. Please get your sleeve roll up..... after a while ..... Please wait here. Maybe 1 hours, the results will be done. Just tell me when you need some help.

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