Nso Level2 Class 3 Set 1

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Time: 1 hr.




sof national science olympiad

Level-2 Guidelines for the Candidate 1.

You will get additional ten minutes to fill up information about yourself on the OMR Sheet, before the start of the exam. 2. The Question Paper comprises two sections, Science (30 Questions) and Achievers Section (5 Questions). Each question in Achievers Section carries 2 marks, whereas all other questions carry one mark each. 3. All questions are compulsory. There is no negative marking. Use of calculator is not permitted. 4. Write your Name, Roll No. and Class clearly on the OMR Sheet and do not forget to sign it. 5. There is only one correct answer. Choose only ONE option for an answer. 6. To mark your choice of answer by darkening the circles in the OMR Sheet, use an HB Pencil or a Blue/Black ball point pen only. E.g. Q.16 : Raj goes to school on a bicycle. Which of these safety rules he should follow? A. He should give signals before taking turns. B. He should keep to the right of the road. C. He should cross the road by using zebra crossing. D. All of these. As the correct answer is option A, you must B C D 16. A darken the circle corresponding to option A in the OMR Sheet. 7. Rough work should be done in the blank space provided in the booklet. 8. Return the Question Paper and OMR Sheet to the invigilator at the end of the exam.

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science 1. Which of the following plants have very thin and weak stems, and require support to grow?

A. Coriander

B. Bougainvillea

C. Beetroot

D. Potato

2. Which of the following help ants to breathe __________?

A. Gills

B. Lungs

C. Air holes

D. Skin.

3. The animal which has long sticky tongue to capture insects is __________.

A. Butterfly

B. Cockroach

C. Mosquito

D. Chameleon

4. Match column I with column II and select the correct option. Column I (a) Down feathers 1. (b) Flight feathers 2. (c) Body feathers 3. 4. 5.

A. B. C. D.

(a) - 1, 4; (a) - 1, 3; (a) - 4, 5; (a) - 4;

(b) - 2, 5; (b) - 2; (b) - 2; (b) - 1, 2;

Column II Fluffy and soft feathers Used for flying and balancing Give shape to the body Keep the bird warm Found only in tail and wings

(c) - 3 (c) - 4, 5 (c) - 1, 3 (c) - 3, 5

5. Which of the following statements are correct?

(a) Talons help vultures to pick up small animals like rats. (b) Crane walks through water with the help of webbed feet. (c) Crows and sparrows are perching birds. A. (a) and (b) only B. (b) and (c) only C. (a) and (c) only

D. (a), (b) and (c)

6. Which of these beaks helps the bird to crush grains and seeds?





Space for Rough Work


 Class-3 | Level 2

7. Unscramble the given options to find the name of the food that helps in building and repairing the body.

A. E C H S E E

B. R A G E O N

8. Identify the correctly matched pair. Plant part used as food A. Root B. Leaf C. Stem D. Flower

C. T P O T A O

D. D R A B E

Plant Onion, Radish Spinach, Broccoli Sugarcane, Potato Cauliflower, Apple

9. Which one of these is considered as an energy-giving food?





10. Which of the following measures would help to check the spread of diseases like malaria and dengue? 1. Drains carrying dirty water should be covered. 2. House should have proper ventilation and courtyard. 3. Mosquito repellents should be used. 4. Doors and windows should be fitted with wire-netting. A. 1 and 3 only B. 2 and 3 only C. 1, 3 and 4 only D. 1, 2, 3 and 4 11. Fill 1. 2. 3.

in the blanks with correct option. ________ entering the house acts as disinfectant. There should be proper ________ to let smoke out of the kitchen. ________ keeps insects away from the house.

1 1 2 1

A. B. C. D.


Sunlight, Fresh air, Netting, Smoke,

2 2 3 3


Ventilation Ventilation Drainage system Wire mesh Space for Rough Work

 Class-3 | Level 2


12. Select an INCORRECT statement. A. Fibre obtained from silkworm is a natural fibre. B. Cotton and nylon are plant fibres. C. Jute keeps our body cool and absorbs sweat. D. Terrycotton is a man-made fibre. 13. Study the given diagram carefully and identify X.

A. Wool

B. Rayon

C. Cotton

D. Both A and C

14. Sonia who lives in India has to invite her friend, who lives in London for her wedding. For sending an invitation to her, Sonia may use a/an _________.

(p) E-mail

(q) Newspaper

(r) Courier

(s) Radio

A. (p) and (r) only

B. (r) only

C. (p), (q) and (s) only

D. (p), (r) and (t) only

(t) Telephone

15. There was a short circuit in a factory which resulted in fire. Which of the following vehicles would help to control the situation?




D. All of these

16. Study the given flow chart about means of communication and identify K, L and M.


 Class-3 | Level 2

A. B. C. D.

K Radio E-mail Newspaper Magazine

L Fax Television Telephone Radio

M Mobile Letter Postcard E-mail

17. Match column I with column II and select the correct option. Column I Column II a. Nervous system 1. Blood vessels b. Digestive system 2. Windpipe c. Circulatory system 3. Kidney d. Excretory system 4. Anus e. Respiratory system 5. Spinal cord 6. Stomach 7. Lungs

A. a-5, b-4, c-1, d-3, e-2 C. a-1, b-6, c-2, d-3, e-7

B. a-5, b-6, c-2, d-4, e-7 D. a-5, b-4, c-7, d-3, e-2

18. Which among the following organs absorbs the oxygen from the air we breathe in?





19. Refer the given figure of the human excretory system. In which organ does the urine get stored before being passed out?

A. p C. r

B. q D. Both (p) and (r)

p q r

20. Identify the constellation shown in the given figure.

A. Ursa Major

B. Orion

C. Great Bear

D. Big Dipper

Space for Rough Work

 Class-3 | Level 2


21. Select the correct option to fill in the blanks given below. P. The Earth completes one rotation on its axis in _________. Q. The Moon takes about _________ to go around the Earth.

A. P-365 days, Q-28 days C. P-365 days, Q-24 hours

B. P-24 hours, Q-28 hours D. P-24 hours, Q-28 days

22. Identify the phase of the Moon when it occurs between the Earth and the Sun.

A. Full Moon

B. Gibbous Moon

C. New Moon

D. Crescent Moon

23. Which of these is NOT a standard unit of measuring length?

A. Metre C. Millimetre

B. Handspan D. Centimetre

24. 'X' has no definite shape but has definite volume. It takes the shape of the container it is poured in. 'X' is _________.

A. Paint C. Water vapour

B. Oxygen D. Ice

25. Which statement is INCORRECT for shadow?

A. B. C. D.

It is formed by blocking the path of light. It always forms on opposite side of the light source. It can be seen at different times of the day. It is always bigger than our actual size.

26. Which statement is correct regarding solar eclipse?

A. Earth blocks the light of the Sun.

B. Moon blocks the light of the Sun. C. Moon gets partially hidden. D. None of these.

27. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT? A. A force is invisible. B. A force is a push or pull. C. A force always causes movements. D. A force is required to do work. Space for Rough Work


 Class-3 | Level 2

28. The given pie chart shows the proportion of gases that make up the atmosphere. What gas does each label represent? P Q R A. Oxygen Nitrogen Other gases B. Nitrogen Carbon dioxide Oxygen C. Nitrogen Oxygen Other gases D. Ozone Oxygen Carbon dioxide 29. The given picture shows water cycle with its different processes represented as P, Q, R and S. Which stage represents the evaporation?

A. P C. R

B. Q D. S

30. Why is Earth called the Blue Planet? A. It is the only planet where life exists. B. 70% of Earth's surface is covered with water. C. Earth has its own natural satellite. D. Most of the water present on Earth is in frozen state.


31. Which statement is INCORRECT for given parts of a plant?

A. B. C. D.

Part 'P' helps a plant to reproduce and grow more of its own kind. Part 'Q' stores the food in cabbage. Part 'R' carries food and water to different parts of plant. Part 'S' helps to keep plant straight and upright.



32. Study the two groups X and Y of birds given below. Group X Crow, Sparrow

Group Y Parrot, Woodpecker

Which of the following shows the characteristics of X and Y accurately? X Y A. Feet help to have firm grip on branch, Feet help to climb trees and hold fruits even when they sleep to eat B. Short pointed beak to crush seeds Strong, curved beak C. Feet help to scratch the ground to eat Curved claws to grip and carry small seeds and insects animals D. Have long and thin legs Beak longer than the length of head Space for Rough Work

 Class-3 | Level 2


33. Select the correct statement. A. Man went to the Moon for the first time in a spacecraft called Sputnik-1 in 1979. B. The Earth spins from East to West. C. Revolution of the Earth causes days and nights. D. Crescent Moon is seen after 3 days of New Moon. 34. Observe the given pictures showing the states of three different matters.

I II III Which of the given options correctly match with these pictures? A. B. C. D.

I Water vapour, Carbon dioxide, Milk, Balloon,

II Honey, Pencil, Paper, Diary,

III Lemonade Apple juice Paint Paper cup

35. Atul was cycling back to his home after meeting his grandmother who lives on a hill. Atul had to cycle harder while going to his grandmother's home, but he came back rather comfortably. Which of the following options correctly explains this? A. Force of friction is lesser in uphill direction. B. Force of friction is lesser in downhill direction. C. Gravitational force resists the uphill movement. D. Gravitational force resists the downhill movement. Space for Rough Work


 Class-3 | Level 2

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