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Norton Critical Editions catalog 2017-18


“Norton Critical Editions are Editions  are among our finest teaching tools.” EDWIN STEIN, JR., Whitman College

“Norton Critical Editions are where  you’ll find the classics in their their classiest form. I know I can rely on them for materials worthy of sharing  with my students.” SUSAN BERNOFSKY, Columbia University 

“Strengths: (1) inclusion of sources, (2) students can afford it, (3) we can all carry it.” HOWARD MILLER, SUNY Plattsburgh

Annotated Texts, Contexts, and Criticism Norton Critical Editions have everything students need for an unbeatable value.

Read by more than 12 million students over students  over 55 years, the Norton Critical Editions set the  standard for teaching classic texts. Since the  series began in 1961, every title has remained in print, and we are committed to carrying on this tradition.

No series offers more pedagogical value than the Norton Critical Editions. Each volume brings together everything  students require for in-depth study, study, and all at a reasonable price.



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Package two or more NCEs for 25% off the total price. price . Special single-author packages offer an even greater value. See page 22 for details.


Our award-winning translations include, translations include, most recently, Dorothy Gilbert’s Marie de  (Northern California Book France: Poetry  (Northern Award) and Wayne Rebhorn’s The Decameron (PEN Center USA Literary Award).

“At a time when students (and others) can’t distinguish between news and fake news, news, and when they can’t distinguish between a legitimate academic essay and essay  and the first result of a Google search, Norton can help students have a good start to their research. research. Additionally Additionally,, as more and more students try to read Shakespeare—on their phones!—from free texts on the internet that have no notes, annotations, or glosses, the inexpensive yet solidly scholarly texts from Norton are Norton are crucial.” —JAMES M. DUTCHER, Holyoke Community College



The Oresteia Translated by Oliver Taplin, Oxford University Edited by Oliver Taplin and Joshua Billings, Princeton University  “This vivid and accessible translation captures the drama of Aeschylus’  poetry and the the excitement excitement of the the action in performance. performance. ”

— victoria wohl, University of Tor Toronto onto “This critical edition provides a lavish l avish and fulsome picture of ancient Greek tragedy’s most significant surviving document.”

—johanna hanink, Brown University This Norton Critical Edition includes: w




Oliver Taplin's new translation of the fifth-century b.c.e. Greek tragedy—a trilogy of revenge and murder within the royal family of Argos—with explanatory annotations by the editors.  Ancient backgrounds backgrounds and responses responses from from Homer, Homer, Stesichorus, Stesichorus, Pindar, Euripides, and Sophocles.

978-0-393-92328-5 w 400 pages w December 2017 w $12.00 w

Fifteen wide-ranging critical essays on the Oresteia, from G. W. F. Hegel and Friedrich Nietzsche to Oliver Taplin and Peter Wilson.  A Glossary of Technical Technical Terms Terms and Proper Proper Names and and a Selected Bibliography.


The Canterbury Tales: Seventeen Tales and the General Prologue Edited by V. A. Kolve, University of California, Los Angeles , and Glending Olson, Cleveland State University  “The Second Edition is an expanded edition of which the editors and Norton itself should be justly proud. ” —contemporary review  “This book has been more helpful to the students—both the better ones and the lesser ones—than any other book I have ever used in any of my classes in my more than a quarter century of university teaching. ”

—richard l. kirkwood, University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire

This Norton Critical Edition includes: w

The medieval masterpiece’s most popular tales, including—new to the Third Edition—The Man of Law’s Prologue and Tale and The Second Nun’s Prologue and Tale.


Extensive marginal glosses, explanatory footnotes, a preface, and a guide to Chaucer’s language by V. A. Kolve and Glending Olson.


Sources and analogues arranged by tale.


Fourteen critical essays, eight of them new to the Third Edition.


THIRD EDITIO ED ITION N 978-1-324-00056-3 w 688 pages w March 2018 w $19.00 w e Ebook $12.99 w

 A Chronology Chronology,, a Short Glossary Glossary,, and a Selected Bibliography Bibliography.. 1


The Awakening Edited by Margo Culley, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 

“I have used the Norton Critical Editions since graduate school. As a teacher of high-school literature, I find them to be excellent resources for the study of various novels, plays, etc. When I was asked which copy of two texts I wanted to receive as a gift, I chose the Norton Critical Edition of The Awakening.” —brooke gifford, Vincent Middle High School

This Norton Critical Edition includes: w

Kate Chopin’s modernist novel of marital infidelity, set in New Orleans and Grande Isle, Louisiana.


 A preface, preface, a critical essay essay,, and explanatory explanatory annotations by Margo Culley Cull ey..

THIRD EDITION E DITION 978-0-393-61731-3 w 384 pages w August 2018 w $14.00 w e Ebook $11.99 w




Essays by acclaimed Chopin biographers Per Seyersted and Emily Toth, “An Etiquette/Advice Book Sampler” with selections from the conduct books of the period, and contempora contemporary ry perspectives on womanhood, motherhood, and marriage. Forty-five reviews and interpretive essays on The Awakening spanning three centuries.  A Chronology Chronology of Chopin’s Chopin’s life and work and and an updated Selected Selected Bibliography.


Medea Translated and Edited by Sheila Murnaghan, University of Pennsylvania “ A  A terrific new new translation—Murnaghan translation—Murnaghan’s ’s Medea is both terrifying and sympathetic, an emotionally complex portrayal that leaves the reader no simple answers.” —kirk ormand, Oberlin College “This NCE will appeal to a wide range of teachers who are in search of an authoritative text of a play that is both highly provocative and in need of interpretive support.” —michelle zerba,  Louisiana State University

This Norton Critical Edition includes: w

978-0-393-26545-3 w 224 pages w December 2017 w $10.00 w


 A full introduction introduction and explanatory explanatory annotations by Sheila Murnaghan.


 Ancient perspectives perspectives on the unforgettable unforgettable plot plot from Xenophon, Xenophon,  Apollonius of Rhodes, Rhodes, and Seneca.




Sheila Murnaghan’s new translation of the great Greek tragedy of betrayal, revenge, and murder, set in Corinth in the fifth-century b.c.e.

Seminal essays on  Medea by P. E. Easterling, Easte rling, Helene Hele ne P. Foley, Foley, and Edith Hall.  A Selected Bibliography Bibliography.

The Golden Age of Spanish Drama Translated by G. J. Racz, Long Island University  Edited by Barbara Fuchs, University of California, Los Angeles “The comedia was the vibrant center of Spain’s Golden Age and this skillfully curated collection provides the reader with a superior introduction to its range and complexity. Gregary Racz’s delightful translations are complemented by Barbara Fuchs’ deep knowledge of the period to produce an essential primer for all students of early more, University of Brasília modern theater.” — anna more,

This Norton Critical Edition includes: w





Five major early modern plays of the Spanish Empire— The Siege of Numantia, Fuenteovejuna, The Dog in the Manger , Life Is a Dream, and The Trials of a Noble House—when Spain produced one of the most vibrant and dramatic canons in the history of theater.  An Introduction, Introduction, a Note Note on the Translation, Translation, and explanatory footnotes by G. J. Racz and Barbara Fuchs.

978-0-393-92362-9 w 304 pages w November 2017 w $12.00 w

Background materials centering on the  comedia; on class, gender, and the performance of identity; and on stages, actors, and audiences. Fourteen judiciously chosen critical essays both on Golden Age Fourteen Spanish drama generally and on the individual plays.  A Selected Bibliography Bibliography.


The Rise of Silas Lapham Edited by Paul R. Petrie, Southern Connecticut State University  “I love teaching The Rise of Silas Lapham because it is a rich opportunity to examine humor, humor, American Dream ideology ideology,, and realism (and sentimentalism) in American literature. It’s always worked well in my classes as a text that helps expand and clarify my students’ literary theoretical understanding of realism. ”

—gregory eiselein , Kansas State University

This Norton Critical Edition includes: w

w w


The text of the novel as it first appeared (serialized in 1884–85), 1884– 85),  with explanatory annotations annotations by Paul Paul R. Petrie. Petrie. Two maps of contemporary Boston.  A wealth wealth of cont contextu extual al mater materials ials,, includ including ing cor corres respon pondenc dencee about about the novel’s composition and excerpts from Howells’s essays on the craft of fiction writing, as well as readings carefully chosen in order to help students understand the United States during the Gilded Age.

978-0-393-92242-4 w 528 pages w February 2018 w $13.00 w

Nearly two dozen reviews of the novel and letters from Howells’s early readers.


 A wide range of of recent criticism criticism exploring the novel’ novel’ss style and themes.


 A Chronology Chronology and a Selected Bibliography Bibliography.. 3


The Portrait of a Lady Edited by Michael Gorra, Smith College “Michael Gorra’s wise and worldly new critical edition of James’s first masterpiece will help readers of all persuasions appreciate The Portrait of a Lady as a brilliant experiment in the art of the novel; as a landmark in the emergence of American literature; and as an open-ended, quietly terrifying meditation on American identity in its encounter with the world. ”

—mary loeffelholz, Northeastern University “This is a Portrait in many rich dimensions. Michael Gorra’s introduction and contexts frame frame a novel that, like l ike its heroine, is deeply implicated in history, surveys an expansive geography, and has a future that continues to be written.” —t. austin graham, Columbia University w 978-0-393-93853-1 w 656 pages w September 2017 w $16.00

This Norton Critical Edition includes: w


w w

The New York Edition of the novel, accompanied by Michael Gorra’s introduction and explanatory footnotes. Background and contextual materials centering on James as a  writer,, The Portrait of a Lady  in revision, and reviews of the novel  writer by James’s contemporaries. Seven important critical essays, chosen for their accessibility.  A Chronology Chronology and Suggestions Suggestions for Further Further Reading. Reading.


Moby-Dick  Edited by Hershel Parker, University of Delaware “One of the great strengths of this third edition is Hershel Parker’s inclusion of commentary on Moby-Dick  from  from its publication in 1851 right into the 21st century to answer why Moby-Dick —boisterous, —boisterous, beautiful, filled with soaring language, forever questioning, and nearly 200 years old—is more popular than ever.”

—mary k. bercaw edwards,  University of Connecticut This Norton Critical Edition includes:

THIRD EDITION E DITION 978-0-393-28500-0 w 736 pages w October 2017 w $18.00 w e Ebook $12.99


Melville’s classic novel of whaling and revenge, based on Hershel Parker’s revision of the 1967 text edited by Harrison Hayford and Hershel Parker.


Twenty-six illustrations, including maps, contemporary engravings, and diagrams of whaleboat rigging.






Background and source materials centering on whaling and  whalecraft, Melville’ Melville’ss international international reception, the inspirations inspirations for  Moby-Dick, and Melville’s related correspondence. Forty-four reviews and interpretations of the novel spanning three centuries.  A revised and updated updated Selected Bibliography Bibliography..

Adrienne Rich: Poetry and Prose Edited by Barbara Charlesworth Gelpi, Stanford University , Albert Gelpi, Stanford University , and Brett Millier, Middlebury College “This absolutely exquisite selection of a major poet’s best poetry is a tribute to both her and the editors as well as a deep service to literate humanity. ” —albert wachtel, Pitzer College “I do use your edition of Rich each time I teach my women writers course. It’s Essential! ” —joellen delucia, Central Michigan University

This Norton Critical Edition includes: w




Generous selections of poetry and prose from the entire oeuvre of one of America’s most influential poets.  An introduction introduction and explanatory explanatory annotations annotations by Barbara Barbara Charlesworth Gelpi, Albert Gelpi, and Brett Millier. Millier. Fifteen reviews and critical commentaries, nine of them new to the Second Edition, carefully chosen as a guide to Adrienne Rich’s poetics—and to her poetics as related to politics—ranging from W. H. Auden’s 1951 response to her first book to critics’ reviews of the magisterial Collected Poems in 2016.

SECOND EDITION 978-0-393-26543-9 w 448 pages w December 2017 w $22.00 w

 A Chronology Chronology,, a Selected Bibliography Bibliography,, and an Index. Index.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream Edited by Grace Ioppolo, University of Reading “In the pure poetry and intoxication of words, Shakespeare never rose higher than he rises in this play.” —g. k. chesterton

This Norton Critical Edition includes: w

Shakespeare’s most popular comedy—with its unforgettable love triangles, woodland fairies, and magic—based on Grace Ioppolo’s conflated text (Q1 with F1 variants) and accompanied by her introduction, introductio n, note on the text, and explanatory annotations. annotations.


Five illustrations.


Seven sources for the play, including those by Geoffrey Chaucer, Plutarch, and Lucius Apuleius.




Sixteen wide-ranging critical assessments, including ones by Marina Warner, Margo Hendricks, and Peter Brook.

Night’s Dream by Robert Cox and  Adaptations of of A Midsummer Night’s Henry Purcell and Elkanah Settle.

978-0-393-92357-5 w 288 pages w December 2017 w $9.00 w e Ebook $8.00 w

 A Selected Bibliography Bibliography..



Uncle Tom’s Cabin Edited by Elizabeth Ammons, Tufts University  “Elizabeth Ammons has produced a first-rate Norton Critical Edition with Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

—mason i. lowance, jr.,  University of Massachusetts Amherst “I will definitely use this edition again. The critical materials at the end of the book helped my students to have informed, productive class discussions.” —heidi oberholtzer lee, University of Notre Dame

This Norton Critical Edition includes: w

The 1852 first book edition, accompanied by Elizabeth Ammons’s Ammons’s preface, note on the text, and explanatory annotations.



Twenty-two illustrations.

978-0-393-28378-5 w 664 pages w August 2017 w $12.00 w e Ebook $11.99



w w

 A rich selection of historical historical documents on slavery and abolitionism. Seventeen critical reviews spanning more than 160 years.  A Chronology Chronology,, A Brief Time Time Line of Slavery in America, and and an updated Selected Bibliography.


A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur Arthur ’s Court Edited by Henry B. Wonham, University of Oregon “ An  An exciting exciting new edition edition of a Twain Twain text text that raises raises important questions questions about modernity, technology, technology, and progress. I especially welcome the inclusion of all of Dan Beard’s original illustrations. ”

—beverly lyon clark, Wheaton College “ Artfully  Artfully designed to make Mark Mark Twain’s Twain’s ‘most ‘most conceptually conceptually ambitious and most wildly problematic novel’ accessible to today’s reader. reader.” —thomas cooley, The Ohio State University

This Norton Critical Edition includes: 978-0-393-28417-1 w 576 pages w February 2018 w $14.00 w






The first American edition (1889) of the novel, approved by Twain and published by his own company.  All 241 original original illustrations, illustrations, bringing bringing to life Twain Twain’s ’s admiration admiration for King Arthur, Merlin, and Camelot as well as his deep interest in time travel, technology, and political satire. Five contemporary critical assessments from American and British sources along with seven recent essays on the novel’s major themes.  A Compositional Compositional Chronology Chronology and Selected Bibliography Bibliography..


The House of Mirth Edited by Elizabeth Ammons, Tufts University  “ A  A staple in my my feminist theory theory and sex-gender sex-gender courses, courses, this novel novel  provides endless endless opportunities for for discussion discussion of the situation situation of women, women, of performing ‘feminine,’ and of the insecurities and dangers for women in a society with limited economic possibilities. This is an excellent edition and I appreciate it. ” —paula backscheider,  Auburn University

This Norton Critical Edition includes: w

The 1905 book edition of the novel, complete with A. B. Wenzell’s eight original illustrations illustrations..


 A preface and explanatory explanatory footnotes by Elizabeth Ammons. Ammons.


 An abundant selection of contextual contextual material, including excerpts excerpts from Wharton’s letters, contemporary reviews, six drawings by Charles Dana Gibson, Thorstein Veblen on conspicuous consumption, Charlotte Perkins Gilman on women and economics, and various others writing about women’s place in society at the turn of the century.



SECOND EDITION 978-0-393-62454-0 w 374 pages w February 2018 w $14.00 w

Six modern critical views, considering issues of economics, race, materialism, body image, nature, and feminism within the novel.  A Chronology Chronology and a Selected Bibliography Bibliography..

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Titles in the Series: Alphabetical Titles available as ebooks are denoted by e . Paperback prices are net prices to college and university bookstores and are subject to change.


Things Fall Apart, edited by Francis Abiola Irele

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�9321 3�93219�5 9�5 $1 $19.00 9.00

NEW!  AESCHYLUS The Oresteia, translated by Oliver Taplin, edited by “There are few critical editions that can compare with the Norton Critical Editions. The edition of the work is here topnotch as always. In addition, the background information on Austen and her times has proven invaluable to me as a teaching tool. It helps greatly in providing my  students a platform platform from which to view the novel, giving insight into Austen's purpose and position in regards to her own  society.. Thank you  society you for so superb an edition.” —ROBERTA M. COSTA , Gwynedd-Mercy College

Oliver Taplin and Joshua Billings ALCOTT

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92328�5 3�92328�5 $1 $12.00 2.00

Little Women, edited by Gregory Eiselein and Anne K. Phillips

ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�976 3�9761 14�4 $1 $15.50 5.50

ALGER Ragged Dick, edited by Hildegard Hoeller ISB N 97 978�0�393�92589�0 $1 $13.00 3.00

ANDERSON Winesburg , Ohio, edited by Charles E. Modlin and

Ray L. White  ISBN

978�0�393�96795�1 $13.00

AQUINAS St. Thomas Aquinas on Politics and Ethics , edited by

Paul E. Sigmund

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�95243�8 3�95243�8 $1 $15.50 5.50

THE ARABIAN NIGHTS translated by Husain Haddawy, based on the text

edited by Muhsin Mahdi, selected and edited by Daniel Heller-Roazen ISB N 97 978�0�393�92808�2 $1 $16.00 6.00


Poetics (The Hutton Translation), edited and with a revised

translation by Michelle Zerba and David Gorman $14.00

ISB N 97 978�0�393�93886�9 8�0�393�93886�9

EBOO OOK K $11.99 e EB


Emma, Fourth Edition, edited by George Justice

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92764�1 3�92764�1 $1 $14.00 4.00

AUSTEN  Mansfield Park, edited by Claudia L. Johnson ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�96791�3 3�96791�3 $1 $14.00 4.00

AUSTEN Northange Northangerr Abbey, edited by Susan Fraiman ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�97850�6 3�97850�6 $1 $14.00 4.00


Persuasion, Second Edition, edited by Patricia Meyer Spacks

ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�91 3�91153�4 $14.50

AUSTEN Pride and Prejudice , Fourth Edition, edited by Donald Gray and Mary

 A. Favret Favret

ISB N 97 978�0�393�26488�3 8�0�393�26488�3 $1 $12.00 2.00

EBOO OOK K $11.99 e EB

AUSTEN Sense and Sensibility, edited by Claudia L. Johnson ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�977 3�9775 51�6 $1 $14.50 4.50


The Underdogs, translated by Ilan Stavans and Anna More, edited by

Ilan Stavans

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92234�9 3�92234�9 $11.50Y

e EBOOK $10.50Y

BABEL Isaac Babel’s Selected Writings , translated by Peter Constantine, edited

by Gregory Freidin   ISBN 8

978�0�393�92703�0 $18.50


Père Goriot, translated by Burton Raffel, edited by Peter Brooks

ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�97 3�971 166�8 $1 $14.50 4.50

BEHN Oroonoko, edited by Joanna Lipking   ISBN 978�0�393�97014�2 $14.00 BEOWULF  A Prose Translation, Translation, Second Edition, translated by E. Talbot

Donaldson, edited by Nicholas Howe

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�97 3�97406�5 406�5 $1 $15.00 5.00

BEOWULF  A Verse Verse Translation Translation, translated by Seamus Heaney, edited by

Daniel Donoghue  ISBN

978�0�393�97580�2 $15.00

THE BHAGAVAD GITA  translated by Gavin Flood and Charles Martin, edited

by Gavin Flood BLAKE

ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�91 978�0�393�91292�0 292�0 $1 $14.50 4.50

EBOO OOK K $11.99 e EB

Blake’s Poetry and Designs, Second Edition, edited by

Mary Lynn Johnson and John E. Grant

ISB N 97 978�0�393�92498�5 8�0�393�92498�5 $23.50

BOCCACCIO The Decameron, translated and edited by Wayne A. Rebhorn ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�93562�2 3�93562�2 $1 $18.00 8.00


e EBOOK $12.99

The Consolation of Philosophy (The Green Translation) , edited by

Douglas C. Langston

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�93071�9 3�93071�9 $1 $14.00 4.00

BRONTË, CHARLOTTE  Jane Eyre, Eyre, Fourth Edition, edited by

Deborah Lutz  ISBN

978�0�393�26487�6 $13.50

EBOO OOK K $11.99 e EB

BRONTË, EMILY Wuthering Heights, Fourth Edition, edited by

Richard J. Dunn BROWN

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�97 3�97889� 889�6 6 $1 $13.50 3.50

EBOO OOK K $11.99 e EB

Wieland and Memoirs of Carwin the Biloquist Biloquist , edited by

Bryan Waterman

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�93253�9 3�93253�9 $1 $14.50 4.50

BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT Aurora Leigh, edited by Margaret Reynolds ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�9629 3�96298�7 8�7 $1 $17 7.00

BROWNING, ROBERT Robert Browning’s Poetry,  Second Edition, edited

by James F. Loucks and Andrew M. Stauffer BÜCHNER,

The Major Works (The Schmidt Translation), edited by

Matthew Wilson Smith BUNYAN

ISB N 978 978�0�393�92600�2 �0�393�92600�2 $1 $18.00 8.00

ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�93351�2 978�0�393�93351�2 $1 $16.00 6.00

The Pilgrim’s Progress , edited by Cynthia Wall

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�9277 3�92771�9 1�9 $1 $14.50 4.50

BURGESS  A Clockwork Orange Orange, edited by Mark Rawlinson ISB N 97 978�0�393�92809�9 $1 $15.50B 5.50B

BURNETT The Secret Garden, edited by Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92635�4 3�92635�4 $1 $13.50 3.50


Evelina, edited by Stewart J. Cooke

ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�971 3�97158�3 58�3 $1 $17 7.00

BYRON Byron's Poetry and Prose, selected and edited by Alice Levine ISB N 97 978�0�393�92560�9 $1 $19.00 9.00


Chronicle of the Narváez Expedition, translated by

David Frye, edited by Ilan Stavans

ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�9181 978�0�393�91815�1 5�1 $1 $14.00 4.00


CARROLL  Alice in Wonderlan onderland, d, Third Edition, edited by Donald Gray ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�93234�8 3�93234�8 $1 $15.00 5.00


Daniel Javitch

e EBOOK $12.99

 (The Singleton Translation), edited by The Book of the Courtier  (The

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�97 3�97606 606�9 �9 $1 $16.60 6.60

CATHER  My Ántonia, edited by Sharon O’Brien ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�96790�6 3�96790�6 $1 $14.00Y 4.00Y


EBOO OOK K $11.99Y e EB

O Pioneers! edited by Sharon O’Brien

ISB N 978� 978�0�393�92466�4 0�393�92466�4 $1 $15.00Y 5.00Y


“As with other Norton volumes, a valuable feature is the addition of some later contemporary assessments, followed by some twentieth-century discussions which can serve as stimulus for thought concerning the important issues that are raised.” —ROMANTICISM 

Don Quijote, translated by Burton Raffel, edited by Diana de

 Armas Wilson Wilson  ISBN

978�0�393�97281�8 $17.50

NEW!  CHAUCER The Canterbury Tales: Seventeen Tales and The General Prologue,  Third Edition, edited by V. A. Kolve and Glending Olson ISBN IS BN 97 978�1�324�0 8�1�324�00056�3 0056�3 $1 $19.00 9.00


e EBOOK $12.99

Dream Visions and Other Poems, edited by Kathryn L. Lynch

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92588 3�92588�3 �3 $1 $16.00 6.00


Troilus and Criseyde,  edited by Stephen A. Barney

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92755�9 3�92755�9 $1 $18.00 8.00

CHEKHOV  Anton Chekhov’s Chekhov’s Selected Selected Plays, translated and edited by I SBN N 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92465 3�92465�7 �7 Lawrence Senelick   ISB


CHEKHOV  Anton Chekhov’s Chekhov’s Selected Selected Stories, edited by Cathy Popkin ISB N 978� 978�0�393�92530�2 0�393�92530�2 $1 $18.00Y 8.00Y

e EBOOK $12.99Y

CHESNUTT  The Conjure Stories, edited by Robert B. Stepto and

 Jennifer Rae Greeson Greeson   ISBN

978�0�393�92780�1 $15.00

CHESNUTT  The Marrow of Tradition, edited by Werner Sollors ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�9341 3�93414�4 $1 $14.50 4.50

NEW!  CHOPIN The Awakening, Third Edition, edited by Margo Culley ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�61 3�6173 731�3 1�3 $1 $14.00 4.00

EBOOK OOK $11.99 $11.99 e EB

CHRISTINE D E  PIZAN The Selected Writings of Christine de Pizan,

translated by Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski and Kevin Brownlee, edited by Renate Blumenfeld-K Blumenfeld-Kosinski osinski  ISBN 978�0�393�97010�4 $15.50 THE CLASS IC FAIRY TALES TALES Second Edition, edited by

Maria Tatar

ISB N 978� 978�0�393�60297�5 0�393�60297�5 $21.00

e EBOOK $12.99

COLERIDGE Coleridge’s Poetry and Prose,  edited by Nicholas Halmi,

Paul Magnuson, and Raimonda Modiano CONFUCIUS

The Analects, translated by Simon Leys, edited by Michael Nylan

ISB IS B N 978�0�39 978�0�393�91 3�91195�4 $13.50


ISB N 978 978�0�393�26486�9 �0�393�26486�9 $1 $16.50 6.50

e EBOOK $12.99

Lord Jim, Second Edition, edited by Thomas C. Moser

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�96335 3�96335�9 �9 $18.00


EBOOK OOK $11.99 $11.99 e EB

Heart of Darkness, Fifth Edition, edited by

Paul B. Armstrong CONRAD

ISB N 978 978�0�393�97 �0�393�97904�6 904�6 $23.00

The Secret Agent, edited by Richard Niland


ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�937 3�93744�2 44�2 $1 $13.00 3.00

EBOO OOK K $11.99 e EB

The Secret Sharer and Other Stories , edited by John G. Peters


ISB N 97 978�0�393�93633�9 $1 $13.00 3.00

EBOOK OOK $11.99 $11.99 e EB

CRANE  Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, edited by Thomas A. Gullason ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�95024�3 3�95024�3 $1 $16.00 6.00


The Red Badge of Courage,  Fourth Edition, edited by Donald Pizer and

Eric Carl Link   ISBN DANTE

978�0�393�93075�7 $14.50

Inferno , translated by Michael Palma, edited by Giuseppe Mazzotta

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�977 3�97796�7 96�7 $1 $16.00 6.00


Darwin, Third Edition, edited by Philip Appleman

ISB N 97 978�0�393�95849�2 8�0�393�95849�2 $21.00

DEFOE  A Journal of the Plague Year Year,, edited by Paula R. Backsheider ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�96188�1 3�96188�1 $1 $13.50 3.50

DEFOE  Moll Flanders, edited by Albert J. Rivero ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�97862�9 3�97862�9 $1 $15.00 5.00

DEFOE Robinson Crusoe, Second Edition, edited by Michael Shinagel ISB N 97 978�0�393�96452�3 $1 $14.00 4.00

DICKENS Bleak House, edited by George Ford and Sylvère Monod ISB N 97 978�0�393�09332�2 $1 $19.00 9.00

DICKENS David Copperfield, edited by Jerome H. Buckley ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�95828�7 3�95828�7 $1 $19.00 9.00

DICKENS Great Expectations, edited by Edgar Rosenberg ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�96 3�96069� 069�3 3 $1 $17 7.50


Hard Times, Fourth Edition, edited by Fred Kaplan

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�2843 3�28438�6 8�6 $1 $14.50 4.50

EBOOK OOK $11.99 $11.99 e EB

DICKENS Oliver Twist, edited by Fred Kaplan ISB N 97 978�0�393�96292�5 $1 $15.50 5.50

DONNE  John Donne’s Donne’s Poetry, Poetry, edited by Donald R. Dickson ISB N 97 978�0�393�92648�4 $1 $18.50 8.50


The Brothers Karamazov, Second Edition, edited

and with a revised translation by Susan McReynolds ISB N 97 978�0�393�92633�0 8�0�393�92633�0 $1 $18.50 8.50


Crime and Punishment (The Coulson Translation),

Third Edition, edited by George Gibian DOSTOEVSKY

ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�95623 978�0�393�95623�8 �8 $1 $17 7.00

Notes from Underground,  Second Edition, translated and edited

by Michael R. Katz  ISBN

978�0�393�97612�0 $14.00

DOUGLASS Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave,

Written by Himself,  Second Edition, edited by William L. Andrews and William S. McFeely   ISBN

978�0�393�26544�6 $16.00

e EBOOK $12.99 11

DREISER Sister Carrie, Third Edition, edited by Donald Pizer ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�92773�3 3�92773�3 $1 $17 7.00

DU BOIS  The Souls of Black Folk, edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and

Terri Hume Oliver   ISBN EDGEWORTH

978�0�393�97393�8 $17.00X

Castle Rackrent, edited by Ryan Twomey

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92241�7 3�92241�7 $1 $13.00 3.00

EBOOK OOK $11.99 $11.99 e EB

(The Wild Duck, Three Sisters, Candida, The Ghost Sonata, Six Characters in Search of an Author, Long Day’s Journey into Night, Mother Courage and Her Children, Happy Days),  edited by EIGHT MODERN PLAYS

 Anthony Caputi Caputi  ISB I SBN N 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�96 3�9601 015�0


ELIOT, GEORGE  Middlemarch, Second Edition, edited by Bert G. Hornback ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�97452�2 978�0�393�97452�2 $1 $17 7.00

ELIOT, GEORGE The Mill on the Floss,  edited by Carol T. Christ ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�96332 3�96332�8 �8 $1 $17 7.00

ELI OT OT,, T. S. The Waste Land, edited by Michael North ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�97 3�97499 499�7 �7 $1 $13.00X 3.00X

ELIZABETH I AND HER AGE  edited by Donald Stump and Susan M. Felch ISB N 978� 978�0�393�92822�8 0�393�92822�8 $1 $19.00 9.00


Emerson’s Prose and Poetry,  edited by Joel Porte and Saundra Morris

ISB N 978� 978�0�393�967 0�393�96792�0 92�0 $20.00


THE ENGLISH BIBLE  King James Version, Volume One:

The Old Testament, edited by Herbert Marks $26.00

ISBN 978�0�393�92745�0

e EBOOK $14.99

THE ENGLISH BIBLE  King James Version, Volume Two: The New Testament

and the Apocrypha, edited by Gerald Hammond and Austin Busch ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�9750 3�97507�9 7�9 $26.00

e EBOOK $14.99

EQUIANO The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, Or Gustavus

Vassa, The African, Written by Himself,  edited by Werner Sollors ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�97 978�0�393�97494�2 494�2 $1 $16.50 6.50


The Praise of Folly and Other Writings,  translated and edited by

Robert M. Adams   ISBN

978�0�393�95749�5 $15.50

NEW!  EURIPIDES  Medea, translated and edited by Sheila Murnaghan ISB N 978� 978�0�393�26545�3 0�393�26545�3 $1 $10.00 0.00

FAULKNER  As I Lay Dying, edited by Michael Gorra ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�931 3�93138�9 38�9 $1 $18.00 8.00


The Sound and the Fury, Third Edition, edited by Michael Gorra 

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�91 3�91269�2 269�2 $1 $18.00 8.00

e EBOOK $12.99

FIELDING  Joseph Andrews Andrews with Shamela and Related Writings, Writings, edited by

Homer Goldberg  ISBN

978�0�393�95555�2 $16.50

FIELDING  Tom Jones, Second Edition, edited by Sheridan Baker ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�96594 3�96594�0 �0 $1 $17 7.50


FLAUBERT Madame Bovary (The Aveling/de Man Translation),

Second Edition, edited by Margar Margaret et Cohen FORD

ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�97 3�9791 917�6 7�6 $1 $16.00 6.00

The Good Soldier , Second Edition, edited by Martin Stannard

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92792�4 3�92792�4 $1 $15.50 5.50

FORSTER Howards End, edited by Paul B. Armstrong ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�9701 3�97011�1 $16.00X


The Coquette and The Boarding School, edited by Bryan Waterman and

 Jennifer Harris

ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�931 978�0�393�93167�9 67�9 $1 $15.00 5.00

FRANKLIN Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography,  edited by Joyce E. Chaplin ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�93561�5 3�93561�5 $1 $17 7.00


The Feminine Mystique , edited by Kirsten Fermaglich and

Lisa M. Fine

ISB N 978� 978�0�393�93465�6 0�393�93465�6 $1 $18.00A 8.00A

Woman in the Nineteenth Century,  edited by Larry J. Reynolds


“This edition is superb! The  supplementary  supplementa ry materials are terrific!” —JUDITH MILLER,

ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�97 3�971 157�6 $1 $18.00 8.00

Emory University 

GASKELL  Mary Barton, edited by Thomas Recchio ISB N 97 978�0�393�93063�4 $1 $15.00 5.00

GASKELL North and South,  edited by Alan Shelston ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�97908�4 3�97908�4 $1 $15.00 5.00

THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH  translated and edited by Benjamin R. Foster ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�975 3�9751 16�1 $1 $14.5 4.50 0

GOETHE  Faust, Second Edition, translated by Walter Arndt, edited by

Cyrus Hamlin  ISBN GOETHE

978�0�393�97282�5 $19.50

The Sufferings of Young Werther , translated and edited by

Stanley Corngold

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�93556�1 3�93556�1 $1 $15.00 5.00

GOGOL Dead Souls (The Reavey Translation), edited by George Gibian ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�95292�6 3�95292�6 $1 $15.50 5.50



and edited by Barbara Fuchs

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�9236 3�92362�9 2�9 $1 $12.00 2.00

THE G REAT FAIRY FAIRY TALE TRADITION From Straparola and Basile to the

Brothers Grimm, selected and edited by Jack Zipes ISB N 97 978�0�393�97 8�0�393�97636�6 636�6 $22.50

HARDY Far from the Madding Crowd,  edited by Robert C. Schweik ISB N 97 978�0�393�95408�1 $1 $14.00 4.00

HARDY  Jude the Obscure, Obscure, Third Edition, edited by Ralph Pite ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�93752�7 3�93752�7 $1 $16.50 6.50

e EBOOK $12.99

HARDY The Mayor of Casterbridge,  Second Edition, edited by Phillip Mallett ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�97 3�97498� 498�0 0 $1 $15.00 5.00

HARDY The Return of the Native,  Second Edition, edited by Phillip Mallett ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92787�0 3�92787�0 $1 $15.00 5.00

HARDY Tess of the d’Urbervilles,  Third Edition, edited by Scott Elledge ISB N 97 978�0�393�95903�1 $1 $15.00A 5.00A


HAWTHORNE The Blithedale Romanc e, edited by Richard H. Millington ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92861�7 3�92861�7 $1 $15.00 5.00


The House of the Seven Gables, edited by Robert S. Levine

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92476�3 3�92476�3 $1 $13.50 3.50

HAWTHORNE Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Tale s, Second Edition, edited by

 James McIntosh McIntosh HAWTHORNE

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�93564�6 3�93564�6 $1 $15.00 5.00

The Scarlet Letter and Other Writings, Second Edition, edited by

Leland S. Person

ISB N 978 978�0�393�26489�0 �0�393�26489�0 $1 $14.00 4.00

EBOOK OOK $11.99 $11.99 e EB

HERODOTUS The Histories, Second Edition, translated by Walter Blanco,

edited by Walter Blanco and Jennifer Tolbert Roberts ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�93397�0 3�93397�0 $1 $18.50 8.50

HOBBES Leviathan, edited by Richard E. Flathman and David Johnston ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�96798�2 3�96798�2 $1 $15.00 5.00

HOMER The Odyssey, Second Edition, translated and edited by Albert Cook ISB N 978� 978�0�393�96405�9 0�393�96405�9 $1 $16.50 6.50

NEW!  HOWELLS The Rise of Silas Lapham, edited by Paul R. Petrie ISB N 978� 978�0�393�92242�4 0�393�92242�4 $1 $13.00 3.00

IBSEN Ibsen’s Selected Plays (The Johnston and Davis Translations) , edited by

Brian Johnston JACOBS

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92404 3�92404�6 �6 $1 $16.00 6.00

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl,  edited by Nellie Y. McKay and

Frances Smith Foster   ISBN JAMES

978�0�393�97637�3 $17.00

The Ambassadors, Second Edition, edited by S. P. Rosenbaum

ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�96 978�0�393�9631 314�4 4�4 $1 $14.00 4.00


The American, edited by James W. Tuttleton

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�09 3�09091�8 091�8 $15.00

NEW!  JAMES The Portrait of a Lady,  edited by Michael Gorra ISB N 978� 978�0�393�93853�1 0�393�93853�1 $1 $16.00 6.00


Tales of Henry James, Second Edition, edited by Christof Wegelin and

Henry B. Wonham   ISBN JAMES

The Turn of the Screw,  Second Edition, edited by Deborah Esch and

 Jonathan Warren Warren  ISBN JAMES

978�0�393�97710�3 $15.50

978�0�393�95904�8 $14.00

The Wings of the Dove,  Second Edition, edited by J. Donald Crowley and

Richard A. Hocks   ISBN

978�0�393�97881�0 $15.00

JEFFERSON The Selected Writings of Thomas Jefferson,  edited by

Wayne Franklin  ISBN JOHNSON


978�0�393�97407�2 $18.50

Jacquelinee The Autobiography of an Ex-Color Ex-Colored ed Man , edited by Jacquelin

ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�97286�3 978�0�393�97286�3 $11.00


e EBOOK $10.00

Ben Jonson’s Plays and Masques,  Second Edition, edited by

Richard L. Harp   ISBN

978�0�393�97638�0 $18.00

ISBN BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�97 3�9785 851�3 1�3 $1 $15.00 5.00 JOYCE Dubliners, edited by Margot Norris IS


JOYCE  A Portrait Portrait of the Artist as a Young Young Man, edited by John Paul Riquelme ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92679�8 3�92679�8 $1 $14.00 4.00

JULIAN The Showings of Julian of Norwich,  edited by Denise N. Baker ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�979 3�9791 15�2 $1 $16.00 6.00

KAFKA Kafka’s Selected Stories, translated and edited by Stanley Corngold ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92479�4 3�92479�4 $1 $15.50 5.50

KAFKA The Metamorphosis, translated by Susan Bernofsky, edited by

Mark M. Anderson KEATS

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92320�9 3�92320�9 $1 $12.00 2.00

EBOOK OOK $11.99 $11.99 e EB

Keats's Poetry and Prose, edited by Jeffrey N. Cox

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92491�6 3�92491�6 $1 $18.50 8.50


The Book of Margery Kempe,  translated and edited by Lynn Staley

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�97639�7 3�97639�7 $1 $16.50 6.50


Kim, edited by Zohreh T. Sullivan

ISB N 978� 978�0�393�96650�3 0�393�96650�3 $1 $15.50 5.50

The Spanish Tragedy, edited by Michael Neill


ISB N 978�0�393�93400�7 978�0�393�93400�7

EBOO OOK K $11.99 e EB

LAFAYETTE The Princess of Clèves,  translated and edited by John D. Lyons ISB N 97 978�0�393�96333�5 $1 $15.00 5.00

LANGLAND Piers Plowman, edited by Elizabeth Robertson and

Stephen H. A. Shepherd   ISBN LARSEN

978�0�393�97559�8 $19.00

Passing, edited by Carla Kaplan

ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�97 3�9791 916�9 6�9 $1 $15.00X 5.00X

LAZARILLO DE TORMES translated and edited by Ilan Stavans EBOO OOK K $11.99 e EB

ISB N 97 979�0�393�93805�0 $1 $12.00 2.00

LEACOCK Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, edited by D. M. R. Bentley ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92634�7 3�92634�7 $1 $15.50 5.50


Lincoln’s Selected Writings, edited by David S. Reynolds

ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�921 3�92179�3 79�3 $1 $16.00 6.00

e EBOOK $12.99

LOCKE The Selected Political Writings of John Locke,  edited by Paul E. Sigmund ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�96451�6 3�96451�6 $1 $15.00 5.00

MACHIAVELLI The Prince, Second Edition, translated and edited by

Robert M. Adams   ISBN MALORY

978�0�393�96220�8 $17.00

Le Morte Darthur, edited by Stephen H. A. Shepherd

ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�97 978�0�393�97464�5 464�5 $1 $19.50 9.50

MALTHUS  An Essay on the Principle Principle of Population, Population, edited by Joyce E. Chaplin ISBN IS BN 97 978�1�324� 8�1�324�00055�6 00055�6 $1 $18.50 8.50


e EBOOK $12.99

Death in Venice, translated and edited by Clayton Koelb

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�96 3�9601 013�6 3�6 $1 $14.50X 4.50X


Katherine Mansfield’s Mansfield’s Selected Stories, edited by Vincent O’Sullivan

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92533�3 3�92533�3 $1 $16.00 6.00


Poetry, translated and edited by Dorothy Gilbert

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�9326 3�93268�3 8�3 $1 $14.00 4.00

EBOOK OOK $11.99 $11.99 e EB


MARLOWE Doctor Faustus, edited by David Scott Kastan ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�977 3�97754�7 54�7 $1 $14.50 4.50


The Communist Manifesto (The Moore Translation), Second Edition,

edited by Frederic L. Bender MAUPASSANT

Selected Works, translated by Sandra Smith, edited by

Robert Lethbridge MELVILLE

ISB N 978� 978�0�393�93560�8 0�393�93560�8 $1 $15.50 5.50

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92327�8 3�92327�8 $1 $12.00 2.00

EBOO OOK K $11.99 e EB

The Confidence-Man, Second Edition, edited by Hershel Parker and

Mark Niemeyer  ISBN

978�0�393�97927�5 $15.00

MELVILLE  Melville’s Short Novels, Novels, edited by Dan McCall ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�9764 978�0�393�97641�0 1�0 $1 $15.50 5.50

NEW!  ME LVILLE  Moby-Dick, Third Edition, edited by Hershel Parker ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�28500�0 3�28500�0 $1 $18.00 8.00


e EBOOK $12.99

Pierre; or, The Ambiguities , edited by Robert S. Levine and

Cindy Weinstein   ISBN MEREDITH

978�0�393�93894�4 $17.00

e EBOOK $12.99

The Egoist, edited by Robert M. Adams

ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�091 3�0917 71�7 $1 $19.00 9.00

MIDD LE ENGLISH LYRICS LYRICS  edited by Maxwell S. Luria and

Richard L. Hoffman

ISB N 97 978�0�393�09338�4 8�0�393�09338�4 $20.00

MIDDLE ENGLISH ROMANCES  edited by Stephen H. A. Shepherd ISB N 97 978�0�393�96607�7 8�0�393�96607�7 $20.00


The Roaring Girl, edited by Jennifer Panek

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�93277�5 3�93277�5 $1 $13.50 3.50

MILL  Mill: The Spirit Spirit of the Age, On Liberty, Liberty, The Subjection of Women, Women,

edited by Alan Ryan   ISBN

978�0�393�97009�8 $17.00

MILTON  Milton  Milton’s’s Selected Selected Poetry and Prose Prose, edited by Jason P. Rosenblatt ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�97 3�97987�9 987�9 $1 $18.00 8.00


Paradise Lost, edited by Gordon Teskey

ISB N 978� 978�0�393�92428�2 0�393�92428�2 $1 $19.00 9.00

(Fate of a Cockroach, Intelligence Powder, Sizwe Bansi Is Dead, Death and the King’ King’ss Horseman, Collision of Altars, The Dilemma of a Ghost, I Will Marry When I Want, Esu and the Vagabond Minstrels),  edited by MODERN AFRICA AFRICAN N DRAMA

Biodun Jeyifo  ISBN

978�0�393�97529�1 $20.00


Pot of Broth, At the Hawk’s Well, Purgatory, Spreading the News, The Rising of the  Moon, Riders to the the Sea, The Playboy Playboy of the Western Western World, World, John Bull’ Bull’ss Other Island, Island,  Juno and the Paycock, Krapp’ Krapp’s Last Tape, Tape, Translations, Translations, The Weir eir,, By the Bog of Cats), Second Edition, edited by John P. Harrington ISB N 97 978�0�393�93243�0 8�0�393�93243�0 $23.00


Tartuffe: A New Verse Translation by Constance Congdon, edited by

Constance Congdon and Virginia Scott

ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�931 978�0�393�93139�6 39�6 $1 $12.00 2.00

MONTGOMERY  Anne of Green Gables, Gables, edited by Mary Henley Rubio and


Elizabeth Waterston  ISBN

978�0�393�92695�8 $13.00


Roughing It in the Bush, edited by Michael Peterman

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92667�5 3�92667�5 $1 $16.00 6.00


Utopia, Third Edition, edited and with a revised translation by

George M. Logan  ISBN

978�0�393�93246�1 $14.50

NEWMAN  Apologia Pro Vita Vita Sua, edited by David J. DeLaura ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�09766�5 3�09766�5 $1 $19.00 9.00

NEWTON Newton, edited by I. Bernard Cohen and Richard S. Westfall ISB N 97 978�0�393�95902�4 8�0�393�95902�4 $20.00

NORRIS  McT  McTeague, eague, Second Edition, edited by Donald Pizer ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�970 3�9701 13�5 $1 $14.50 4.50


Twelve Years a Slave, edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and

Kevin M. Burke

ISB N 978 978�0�393�26424�1 �0�393�26424�1 $1 $10.00 0.00

e EBOOK $9.00

OVID  Metamorphose  Metamorphoses,s, translated and edited by Charles Martin ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92534�0 3�92534�0 $1 $15.50 5.50

PAINE  Common Sense and Other Writings, edited by J. M. Opal ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�978 3�97870�4 70�4 $1 $15.50 5.50


The Selected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe,  edited by G. R. Thompson

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�97285�6 3�97285�6 $1 $19.00 9.00


Swann’s Way (The Moncrieff Translation), edited by Susanna Lee

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�91 3�9191 916�5 6�5 $15.00

e EBOOK $12.99

978�0�393�927 0�393�92705�4 05�4 $25.00 THE QUR’ĀN,  edited by Jane McAuliffe ISB N 978�

e EBOOK $14.99 (The Country Wife, The Man of Mode, The Rover , The Way of the World , The Conscious Lovers, The School for Scandal ), edited by Scott McMillin RESTORATION AND EIGHTEENTH�CENTURY COMEDY

ISB N 97 978�0�393�96334�2 8�0�393�96334�2 $23.00


Wide Sargasso Sea, edited by Judith Raiskin

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�96 3�9601 012�9 $1 $15.50B 5.50B

NEW!  RICH  Adrienne Rich’s Rich’s Poetry Poetry and Prose, Second Edition, edited by Barbara Charlesworth Gelpi, Albert Gelpi, and Brett Millier ISB N 97 978�0�393�26543�9 8�0�393�26543�9 $22.00


How the Other Half Lives,  edited by Hasia R. Diner

ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�930 978�0�393�93026�9 26�9 $1 $17 7.00


Rousseau’s Political Writings, translated by Julia Conaway

Bondanella, edited by Alan Ritter and Julia Conaway Bondanella ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�95651�1 978�0�393�95651�1 $1 $16.50 6.50

ROWSON Charlotte Temple, edited by Marion L. Rust ISB N 97 978�0�393�92538�8 $1 $13.50 3.50


The Writings of St. Paul,  Second Edition, edited by Wayne A. Meeks

and John T. Fitzgerald   ISBN

978�0�393�97280�1 $21.00


SEVENTE ENTH�CENTURY B RITI SH POETRY, POETRY, 1603�1660 1603�1660  edited by

 John P. P. Rumrich and and Gregory Chaplin Chaplin

ISB N 97 978�0�393�97 8�0�393�97998�5 998�5 $23.00

SHAKESPEARE  Antony and Cleopatra Cleopatra, edited by Ania Loomba ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�93077�1 3�93077�1 $1 $12.50 2.50

SHAKESPEARE  As You You Like It, edited by Leah S. Marcus ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92762�7 3�92762�7 $1 $14.00 4.00


Hamlet, edited by Robert S. Miola

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92958�4 3�92958�4 $1 $14.00 4.00


1 Henry IV,  Third Edition, edited by Gordon McMullan

ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�9793 978�0�393�97931�2 1�2 $1 $14.00 4.00

SHAKESPEARE  Julius Caesar, edited by S. P. Cerasano ISB N 978� 978�0�393�93263�8 0�393�93263�8 $1 $13.00 3.00


King Lear , edited by Grace Ioppolo

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92664 3�92664�4 �4 $1 $14.50 4.50

SHAKESPEARE  Macbeth, Second Edition, edited by Robert S. Miola ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92326�1 3�92326�1 $1 $14.00 4.00

EBOOK OOK $11.99 $11.99 e EB

SHAKESPEARE  Measure for Measure, edited by Grace Ioppolo ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�931 3�9317 71�6 $1 $14.00 4.00


The Merchant of Venice,  edited by Leah S. Marcus

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92529�6 3�92529�6 $1 $14.00 4.00

NEW!  SHAKESPEARE  A Midsummer Night’ Night’ss Dream, edited by Grace Ioppolo

ISB N 97 978�0�393�92357 8�0�393�92357�5 �5 $9.00


Othello, Second Edition, edited by Edward Pechter

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�26422�7 3�26422�7 $1 $14.00 4.00


e EBOOK $8.00

EBOOK OOK $11.99 $11.99 e EB

Richard III, edited by Thomas Cartelli

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92959�1 3�92959�1 $1 $12.50 2.50


Romeo and Juliet, edited by Gordon McMullan

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92626�2 3�92626�2 $1 $12.50 2.50


EBOOK OOK $11.99 $11.99 e EB

The Taming of the Shrew, edited by Dympna Callaghan

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92707�8 3�92707�8 $1 $14.00 4.00


The Tempest, edited by Peter Hulme and William H. Sherman

ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�97 3�9781 819�3 9�3 $1 $14.00 4.00

George Bernard Shaw’s Plays (Mrs. Warren’s Profession, Man and Superman, Major Barbara, Pygmalion),  Second Edition, edited by Sandie Byrne SHAW

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�977 3�97753�0 53�0 $1 $15.00J 5.00J

SHELLEY, MARY  Frankenstein, Second Edition, edited by J. Paul Hunter ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92793�1 3�92793�1 $1 $14.00 4.00


EBOO OOK K $11.99 e EB

Shelley’s Poetry and Prose,  Second Edition, edited

by Donald H. Reiman and Neil Fraistat SINCLAIR

The Jungle, edited by Clare Virginia Eby

IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�97779�0 3�97779�0 $17.00 $17.00X X


ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�393 8�0�393�977 �97752�3 52�3 $21.00

SIR GAWAIN GAWAIN AND THE GREE N KNIGHT  translated by Marie Borroff,

edited by Marie Borroff and Laura L. Howes

ISB N 978 978�0�393�93025�2 �0�393�93025�2 $1 $15.00 5.00

The Expedition of Humphry Clinker , Second Edition, edited by


Evan Gottlieb

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�93671�1 3�93671�1 $1 $15.00 5.00


e EBOOK $12.99

Oedipus Tyrannus, translated and edited by Luci Berkowitz and

Theodore F. Brunner

ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�09 978�0�393�09 87 874�7 4�7 $1 $14.50 4.50

SOR JUANA INÉS DE LA  CRUZ  Selected Works, translated by

Edith Grossman, edited by Anna More   ISBN

978�0�393�92016�1 $15.00

e EBOOK $12.99 SOYINKA Death and the King’s Horseman, edited by Simon Gikandi ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�977 978�0�393�97761�5 61�5 $1 $15.50X 5.50X


Edmund Spenser’s Poetry, Fourth Edition, selected and edited by

 Anne Lake Prescot Prescottt and Andrew Andrew Hadfield STEIN

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92785�6 3�92785�6 $21.00 $ 21.00

“With the additional material that Norton provides, a professor can make the students understand why they’ve read a genuinely important work. Thank you for making me a better teacher.” —SASCHA FEINSTEIN, Lycoming College

Three Lives and Q.E.D., edited by Marianne DeKoven

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�97903�9 3�97903�9 $1 $15.50 5.50

STENDHAL The Red and the Black (The Adams Translation) , Second Edition,

edited by Susanna Lee STERNE

ISB N 978�0�393�92883�9 978�0�393�92883�9 $1 $14.50 4.50

Tristram Shandy, edited by Howard Anderson

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�95034�2 3�95034�2 $1 $18.00 8.00

STEVENSON Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,  edited by

Katherine Linehan   ISBN STOKER

978�0�393�97465�2 $12.00

Dracula, edited by Nina Auerbach and David J. Skal

ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�970 3�9701 12�8 $1 $14.00 4.00

NEW!  STOWE Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Third Edition, edited by Elizabeth Ammons ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�28378�5 3�28378�5 $1 $12.00 2.00

EBOO OOK K $11.99 e EB

SWIFT The Essential Writings of Jonathan Swift , edited by Claude Rawson and

Ian Higgins

ISB N 97 978�0�393�93065�8 8�0�393�93065�8 $1 $19.50 9.50

SWIFT Gulliver’s Travels, edited by Albert J. Rivero ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�95724�2 3�95724�2 $1 $15.00 5.00


In Memoriam, Second Edition, edited by Erik Gray

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�97926�8 3�97926�8 $1 $14.50 4.50


Tennyson’ss Poetry, Second Edition, edited by Robert W. Hill, Jr. Tennyson’

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�9727 3�97279�5 9�5 $21.00

THACKERAY Vanity Fair, edited by Peter L. Shillingsburg ISB N 97 978�0�393�96595�7 $1 $19.00 9.00


Walden, Civil Disobedience, and Other Writings, Third Edition,

edited by William Rossi THUCYDIDES

ISB N 97 978�0�393�93090�0 8�0�393�93090�0 $1 $16.00 6.00

The Peloponnesian War, translated by Walter Blanco, edited by

Walter Blanco and Jennifer Tolbert Roberts TOCQUEVILLE

ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�97 3�971 167�5 $21.50

Democracy in America (The Reeve Translation), edited by

Isaac Kramnick   ISBN

978�0�393�92986�7 $15.50


TOLSTOY Anna Karenina, Second Edition, translated and edited by

George Gibian

ISB N 97 978�0�393�96642�8 8�0�393�96642�8 $21.00

TOLSTOY Tolstoy’s Short Fiction,  Second Edition, edited by Michael R. Katz ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�931 3�93150�1 50�1 $1 $17 7.50

TOLSTOY War and Peace, Second Edition, translated and edited by

George Gibian

ISB N 97 978�0�393�96647�3 8�0�393�96647�3 $22.50

TOOMER Cane, Second Edition, edited by Rudolph P. Byrd and

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�931 978�0�393�93168�6 68�6 $1 $16.00 6.00

TURGENEV Fathers and Children,  Second Edition, translated and edited by

Michael R. Katz  ISBN

978�0�393�92797�9 $14.50

TWAIN  Adventures of Huckleberry Huckleberry Finn, Third Edition, edited by

Thomas Cooley

ISB N 978� 978�0�393�96640�4 0�393�96640�4 $1 $13.00 3.00

TWAIN The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, edited by Beverly Lyon Clark ISB N 978� 978�0�393�92603�3 0�393�92603�3 $1 $13.50 3.50

NEW!  TWAIN  A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Arthur’s Court, Court, edited by Henry B. Wonham

ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�284 3�2841 17�1 $1 $14.00 4.00

TWAIN Pudd’nhead Wilson and Those Extraordinary Twins,  Second Edition,

edited by Sidney E. Berger

ISB N 978� 978�0�393�92535�7 0�393�92535�7 $1 $13.50 3.50

VOLTAIRE Candide (The Adams Translation), Third Edition, edited by Nicholas

Cronk   ISB I SBN N 97 978�0�393 8�0�393�93252�2 �93252�2

$15.00 $1 5.00

e EBOOK $12.99

WASHINGTON Up From Slavery,  edited by William L. Andrews ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�96725�8 3�96725�8 $1 $15.00 5.00


The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure

of DNA, edited by Gunther S. Stent WEBER

ISBN IS BN 978�0�39 978�0�393�95075�5 3�95075�5 $1 $17 7.00A

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (The Parsons

Translation), edited by Richard Swedberg WEBSTER

ISB N 978 978�0�393�93068�9 �0�393�93068�9 $1 $16.00X 6.00X

The Duchess of Malfi , edited by Michael Neill

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92325�4 3�92325�4 $11.50

e EBOOK $10.50

WELLS The Time Machine, edited by Stephen Arata ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92794�8 3�92794�8 $1 $12.00 2.00

WHARTON The Age of Innocence, edited by Candace Waid ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�96794�4 3�96794�4 $1 $15.50 5.50

WHARTON Ethan Frome, edited by Kristin O. Lauer and Cynthia Griffin Wolff ISB N 978� 978�0�393�96635�0 0�393�96635�0 $1 $13.50 3.50

NEW!  WHARTON The House of Mirth, Second Edition, edited by Elizabeth Ammons WHITMAN

Leaves of Grass and Other Writings, Writings, Second Edition, edited by

Michael Moon WILDE

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�62454�0 3�62454�0 $1 $14.00 4.00

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�393 8�0�393�97 �97496� 496�6 6 $21.00

The Importance of Being Earnest,  edited by Michael Patrick Gillespie

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92753�5 3�92753�5 $1 $13.00 3.00



The Picture of Dorian Gray,  Second Edition, edited by

Michael Patrick Gillespie

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92754�2 3�92754�2 $1 $15.50 5.50

WOLLSTONECRAFT  A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Woman, Third Edition,

edited by Deidre Shauna Lynch

ISBN IS BN 978�0�393�9297 978�0�393�92974�4 4�4 $1 $15.00 5.00

WOOLF  Jacob  Jacob’s’s Room, edited by Suzanne Raitt ISB N 97 978�0�393�92632�3 8�0�393�92632�3 $1 $15.50 5.50

WORDSWORTH The Prelude: 1799, 1805, 1850,  edited by Jonathan Wordsworth,

M. H. Abrams, and Stephen Gill WORDSWORTH

ISB N 97 978�0�393�0907 8�0�393�09071�0 1�0 $23.00

Wordsworth’s Poetry and Prose , edited by Nicholas Halmi

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�92478�7 3�92478�7 $20.00 $20.0 0


e EBOOK $12.99

Yeats’s Poetry, Drama, and Prose,  edited by James Pethica

ISBN IS BN 97 978�0�39 8�0�393�97 3�97497�3 497�3 $21.00

“This edition is a work of art. It is likely to set the agenda for classroom study of Wordsworth for years to come, and is an essential text for scholars.” —TIMES LITERAR LITERARY Y  SUPPLEME NT 


THE COMPLETE COM PLETE LIBRARY LIBRARY The Norton Critical Edition series—258 titles *—is now available in one complete collection perfect for home, office, or institutional libraries. From Shakespeare to Faulkner, from medieval poetry to modern Irish drama, from Conrad to Soyinka, from the Brontës to Wide Sargasso Sea , from Ovid to Kafka, the Norton Critical Editions set the standard for the study of classic texts across genres.  $1,500** CONTACT RENEE MCCABE AT [email protected] OR (800) 233-4830 TO ORDER. *Some titles not available outside the U.S. **Shipping, handling, and tax not included.


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AUSTEN ISBN: 978-0-393-61921-8

MILTON ISBN: 978-0-393-14130-6

CHAUCER ISBN: 978-0-393-17133-4









HAWTHORNE ISBN: 978-0-393-62563-9


THE ENGLISH BIBLE ISBN: 978-0-393-12826-0

HARDY ISBN: 978-0-393-62565-3

DOSTOEVSKY ISBN: 978-0-393-62562-2





TWAIN ISBN: 978-0-393-62564-6

WHARTON ISBN: 978-0-393-62566-0

CONRAD ISBN: 978-0-393-62561-5

Forthcoming NEW TITLES Antigone

Medieval English Lyrics

Silas Marner

The Art of War

Much Ado About Nothing

The Book of the Courtier

My Bondage and My Freedom

The Sonnets (Shakespeare)

Civilization and Its Discontents

The Tale of Genji

The Odyssey

A Tale of Two Cities

Confessions (St. Augustine)

Oedipus at Colonus

Tennyson's Selected Poetry

A Contract with God

On Liberty and Other Writings

Tess of the d’Urbervilles

The Price of Salt

Twelfth Night


The Winter’s Tale

Oedipus the King

Crime and Punishment E. E. Cummings: Selected Poetry The Island of Dr. Moreau The Jew of Malta

Tristram Shandy

Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama

NEW EDITIONS Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 4e

Hamlet, 2e

Anna Karenina, 3e

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, 2e

As I Lay Dying, 2e

I Henry IV, 4e

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, 2e The Prince, 3e

Beowulf: A Verse Translation, 2e

Leviathan, 2e

Rousseau's Political Writings, 2e

Metamorphoses, 2e

The Tempest, 2e

Bleak House, 2e

Middle English Romances, 2e

Wide Sargasso Sea, 2e

Paradise Lost, 2e

Wuthering Heights, 5e

Don Quijote, 2e The Epic of Gilgamesh, 2e

Winesburg, Ohio, 2e

Frankenstein, 3e

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Titles in the Series: Chronological ANCIENT & CLASSICAL ERAS  aeschylus,  aeschylu s, The Oresteia  aristotle, Poetics

The Bhagavad Gita confucius , The Analects The English Bible, Vol. One: The Old Testament The English Bible, Vol. Two: The New Testament and the  Apocrypha

The Epic of Gilgamesh euripides,  Medea herodotus, The Histories homer, The Odyssey ovid, Metamorphoses The Qur’an st. paul, The Writings of St. Paul sophocles, Oedipus Tyrannus thucydides, The Peloponnesian War 

MEDIEVAL ERA  aquinas,, St. Thomas Aquinas on  aquinas

Politics and Ethics The Arabian Nights Beowulf: A Prose Translation Beowulf: A Verse Translation Translation boccaccio, The Decameron boethius , The Consolation of Philosophy Taless chaucer, The Canterbury Tale chaucer, Dream Visions and Other Poems chaucer, Troilus and Criseyde

christine de pizan, Selected Writings dante, Inferno julian, The Showings of Julian of Norwich kempe, The Book of Margery Kempe langland, Piers Plowman malory, Le Morte Darthur  marie de france, Poetry

 Middle English Lyrics  Middle English Romances Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

RENAISSANCE castiglione, The Book of the


shakespeare , Hamlet

cervantes, Don Quijote

shakespeare , 1 Henry IV 

donne, John Donne’s Poetry

shakespeare , Julius Caesar 

Elizabeth I and Her Age erasmus, The Praise of Folly and Other Writings The Golden Age of Spanish Drama Jonson’s Plays and Masques jonson , Ben Jonson’s kyd, The Spanish Tragedy Lazarillo de Tormes machiavelli, The Prince marlowe, Doctor Faustus middleton & dekker , The Roaring Girl more, Utopia Seventeenth-Century British Poetry, 1603–1660 shakespeare , Antony and Cleopatra 24

You Like It shakespeare , As You

shakespeare , King Lear  shakespeare , Macbeth shakespeare , Measure for Measure shakespeare , The Merchant of Venice

Night’s Dream shakespeare , A Midsummer Night’s shakespeare , Othello shakespeare , Richard III shakespeare , Romeo and Juliet shakespeare , The Taming of the Shrew shakespeare , The Tempest spenser , Edmund Spenser’s Poetry  webster, The Duchess of Malfi

AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT bunyan, The Pilgrim’s Progress

milton, Paradise Lost

Year  defoe, A Journal of the Plague Year 

molière , Tartuffe

defoe, Moll Flanders

newton, Newton

defoe, Robinson Crusoe

Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Comedy rousseau, Rousseau’s Political Writings smollett , The Expedition of Humphry Clinker  sterne , Tristram Shandy swift, The Essential Writings of Jonathan Swift swift, Gulliver’s Travels  voltaire  volt aire, Candide  wollstonecraft  wollston ecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

fielding, Joseph Andrews with

Shamela and Related Writings fielding, Tom Jones hobbes , Leviathan lafayette, The Princess of Clèves locke, The Selected Political Writings of John Locke malthus, An Essay on the Principle of Population milton, Milton’s Selected Poetry and Prose COLONIAL & EARLY AMERICAN ERAS behn, Oroonoko

foster, The Coquette and The Boarding School

and Memoirs  Memoirs of brown, Wieland and

franklin , Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography

Carwin the Biloquist cabeza de vaca , The Chronicle of the Narváez Expedition equiano, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano

jefferson , The Selected Writings of Thomas Jefferson paine, Common Sense and Other Writings

Temple mple rowson, Charlotte Te sor juana inés de la  cruz  cruz, Selected Works tocqueville , Democracy in America


coleridge , Coleridge’s Poetry and Prose

 austen, Mansfield Park

edgeworth , Castle Rackrent

 austen, Northanger Abbey

goethe , Faust

 austen, Persuasion

goethe , The Sufferings of

 austen, Pride and Prejudice

gogol, Dead Souls

 austen, Sense and Sensibility

keats, Keats’s Poetry and Prose

balzac, Père Goriot

shelley , Frankenstein

Young Werther 

Blake’ss Poetry and Designs blake, Blake’

Shelley’ss Poetry and Prose shelley , Shelley’

büchner , The Major Works

stendhal , The Red and the Black

burney , Evelina

 wordsworth  wordsw orth, The Prelude: 1799, 1805, 1850

byron, Byron’s Poetry and Prose

 wordsworth  wordsw orth, Wordsworth’s Poetry and Prose


VICTORIAN VICT ORIAN ERA E RA barrett browning , Aurora Leigh

hardy, Far from the Madding Crowd

brontë, Jane Eyre

hardy, Jude the Obscure

brontë, Wuthering Heights

hardy, The Mayor of Casterbridge

browning, Robert Browning’s Poetry

hardy, The Return of the Native

carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Tesss of the hardy, Tes

The Classic Fairy Tales darwin, Darwin dickens , Bleak House dickens , David Copperfield dickens , Great Expectations dickens , Hard Times dickens , Oliver Twist eliot, Middlemarch eliot, The Mill on the Floss gaskell , Mary Barton gaskell , North and South The Great Fairy Tale Tradition: From Straparola and Basile to the Brothers Grimm


kipling, Kim meredith , The Egoist mill, The Spirit of the Age, On Liberty,

The Subjection of Women newman, Apologia Pro Vita Sua D r. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde stevenson , Strange Case of Dr. stoker , Dracula tennyson , In Memoriam tennyson , Tennyson’s Poetry thackeray, Vanity Fair   wells, The Time Machine  wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest  wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

AMERICAN REALISM & REFORM  alcott, Little Women

lincoln , Lincoln’s Selected Writings

 alger, Ragged Dick

melville , The Confidence-Man

chesnutt , The Conjure Stories

 Melville’ss Short Novels melville , Melville’

chesnutt , The Marrow of Tradition

melville , Moby-Dick

chopin, The Awakening 

melville, Pierre; or, The Ambiguities

crane, Maggie: A Girl of the Streets

montgomery , Anne of Green Gables

crane, The Red Badge of Courage

moodie , Roughing It in the Bush

douglass, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

 McTeague eague norris , McT

dreiser , Sister Carrie

northup, Twelve Years a Slave

du bois, The Souls of Black

poe, The Selected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe

Folk emerson , Emerson’s Prose and Poetry fuller , Woman in the Nineteenth Century hawthorne, The Blithedale Romance hawthorne, The House of the Seven Gables hawthorne, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Tales Letter  and Other Writings hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter and howells , The Rise of Silas Lapham jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl james, The Ambassadors james, The American james, The Portrait of a Lady james, Tales of Henry James james, The Turn of the Screw james, The Wings of the Dove 26

riis, How the Other Half Lives sinclair, The Jungle stowe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin thoreau, Walden, Civil Disobedience, and

Other Writings twain, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  Yankee in King Arthur’s Arthur’s Court twain, A Connecticut Yankee twain, Pudd’nhead Wilson and Those Extraordinary Twins  washington  wash ington, Up From Slavery  wharton, The Age of Innocence  wharton, Ethan Frome  wharton, The House of Mirth  whitman, Leaves of Grass and Other Writings

EUROPEAN REALISM & REFORM burnett, The Secret Garden

ibsen, Ibsen’s Selected Plays

Chekhov’s chekhov , Anton Chekhov’s

marx, The Communist Manifesto

Selected Plays Chekhov’s chekhov , Anton Chekhov’s Selected Stories dostoevsky , The Brothers Karamazov dostoevsky , Crime and Punishment dostoevsky , Notes from Underground flaubert, Madame Bovary

maupassant, Selected Works tolstoy, Anna Karenina tolstoy, Tolstoy’s Short Fiction tolstoy, War and Peace turgenev, Fathers and Children  weber, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit

of Capitalism

MODERNIST & CONTEMPORARY ERAS  achebe, Things Fall Apart

Young Man joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young

 anderson, Winesburg, Ohio

Kafka’ss Selected Stories kafka , Kafka’

 azuela , The Underdogs

kafka , The Metamorphosis

babel, Isaac Babel’s Selected

larsen, Passing 

Writings burgess , A Clockwork Orange cather, My Ántonia cather, O Pioneers! conrad, Heart of Darkness conrad, Lord Jim conrad, The Secret Agent conrad, The Secret Sharer and Other Stories Eight Modern Plays eliot, The Waste Land faulkner, As I Lay Dying  faulkner, The Sound and the Fury ford, The Good Soldier  forster, Howards End friedan, The Feminine Mystique johnson, The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man joyce, Dubliners

leacock, Sunshine Sketches of a

Little Town

mann, Death in Venice mansfield , Katherine Mansfield’s Selected Stories

 Modern African Drama  Modern and Contemporary Irish Drama proust, Swann’s Way rhys, Wide Sargasso Sea rich, Adrienne Rich: Poetry and Prose shaw , George Bernard Shaw’s Plays soyinka , Death and the King’s Horseman stein, Three Lives and Q.E.D. toomer, Cane  watson  wa tson, The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA  woolf, Jacob’s Room  yeats, Yeats’s Poetry, Drama, and Prose





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ABOUT NORTON W. W. Norton & Company has been independent since its founding in 1923, when William Warder Norton and Mary D. Herter Norton first published lectures delivered at the People’s Institute, the adult education division of New York City’s Cooper Union. The firm soon expanded its program beyond the Institute, publishing books by celebrated academics from America and abroad. By midcentury, the two major pillars of Norton’s Norton’s publishing program—tr program—trade ade books and college texts—were firmly established. In the 1950s, the Norton family transferred control of the company to its employees, and today—with a staff of four hundred and a comparable number of trade, college, and professional professional titles published each year—W. W. Norton & Company stands as the largest and oldest publishing house owned wholly by its employees.



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Everest International Publishing Services Wei Zhao, Director • 2-1-503 UHN Intl 2 Xi Ba He Dong Li • Beijing 100028 Tel (86) 10 5130 1051 • Fax (86) 10 5130 1052 Mobile (86) 13 6830 18054  [email protected] om Email: [email protected]



 John Wiley Wiley & Sons Australia Australia Ltd. 42 McDougall Street • Milton, Queensland 4064 Tel (61) 7 3859 9755 • Fax (61) 7 3859 9715 Email: aus-custserv  [email protected] [email protected] com

Pansing Distribution Pte. Ltd. 1 New Industrial Road • Times Centre Singapore 536196 Tel (65) 6319 9939 • Fax (65) 6459 4930 Email: [email protected]

JAPAN Rockbook — Gilles Fauveau Exprime 5F 10-10 Ichibancho Chiyoda-ku • 102-0082 • Tokyo • Japan Tel +81 (0)90 9700 2481  [email protected] [email protected] kbook.nett Email: ay Tel +81 (0)90 3962 4650 Email: [email protected]

TAIWAN AND KOREA B. K. Norton Ltd. 5F, 60 Roosevelt Road • Sec. 4, Taipei 100 • Taiwan Tel (886) 2 6632 0088 • Fax (886) 2 2368 8929  [email protected]  tw  Email: [email protected]

THAILAND, CAMBODIA, LAOS, VIETNAM, MYANMAR Hardy Bigfoss International Co. Ltd. 293 Maenam Kwai Road, Tambol Tha Makham  Amphur Muang Muang • Kanchanaburi Kanchanaburi 71000 71000 • Thailand Thailand Tel (66) 3451 1676 • Fax (66) 3451 1746 Email: [email protected]

MEXICO, SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA, THE CARIBBEAN US PubRep, Inc. 5000 Jasmine Drive • Rockville, MD 20853 • USA Tel 301 838 9276 • Fax 301 838 9278 Email: [email protected]

HONG KONG AND MACAU Transglobal Publishers Service Ltd. 27/F Unit E Shield Industrial Centre 84/92 Chai Wan Kok Street Tsuen Wan, N.T. • Hong Kong Tel (852) 2413 5322 • Fax (852) 2413 7049 Email: anthony  anthony.choy [email protected] @transglobalpsl. com 29

B W. W. NORTON & COM COMP PANY ANY,, INC. I NC. 500 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10110-0017 WWNORTON.COM



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