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July 30, 2017 | Author: Aditya Singh | Category: Master Of Business Administration, Inflation, Economies, Religion And Belief, Business
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Group Discussion Topics 1. Secularism...INDIA 2. Superstitions....Modern India 3. Democracry is not suitable for a multi-religion and multi-racial country like India. 4. Liberalization has done more harm than benefit to the country. 5. Education system in our country is out dated. 6. Television is doing more harm than good. 7. Military training should be compulsory. 8. Gender inequality is increasing in India. 9. TV does more harm than good. 10. India's education system is outdated. 11. Friendly matches between India and Pakistan do not help in improving relations. 12. India shining: myth or reality? 13. Does marketing forces customer to buy the product. 14. Commercialization 15. Valentines Day doesnt go with Indian culture. 16. World peace is an unrealistic dream. 17. IIM's should go abroad as well expand in nation also. 18. Television and internet are reducing reading habits of young generation. 19. Hollywood and bollywood occupy get too much attention in newspapers. 20. There are no role models for the youth today. 21. Youth are today moving away from hard work and going for softer options. 22. Too much democracy is turning into mobocracy. 23. Newspapers today have distorted priorities and mislead the public. 24. Modern education is ruining people's traditional values. 25. Youth today shirks from hard work and goes for softer career options. 26. The only Hinderance in economic development of India is Infrastructure. 27. Too many MBA colleges are not good. 28. Newspapers have wrong priorities. 29. Have you done any Social Service? 30. Which books have you read? 31. Multi party governments cannot solve the real problems of the country. 32. Too much emphasis on industrial growth is proving detrimental for poor farmers. 33. What kind of company would you like to work for? 34. Management studies need to spend at least 6 months in villages during the course. 35. For India to be a super powe, social stability is more essential than financial stability. 36. Multiparty politics cannot do the public good. 37. Lopsided emphasis on indutry is detrimental to the poor farmers. 38. Harmful effects of absence of ethics in business. 39. MBA degree takes far from the root problems. 40. Media is potraying fake idols infront of youths 41. Sex education should be made compulsory in schools. 42. It is better to live in a joint family than in a nuclear family. 43. Internet has made classroom education irrelevant in today’s world. 44. Should there be a retirement age for politicians? 45. Does literacy guarantee education? 46. Indian villages are our weakness. 47. Work-ex should be a prerequisite for Management Education. 48. Leaders are not born but made. 49. Secularism score over communalism. 50. Superstitions and blind faith are still prominent in Indian society. 51. Borderless world is dangerous for humanity. 52. Is MBA education necessary to succeed in business? 53. We don't learn from history but we repeat it. 54. Success is 1%hard work & 99% luck. 55. Government business is to do its business. 56. MNCs – devils in disguise. 57. NGOs should be trusted for disaster relief. 58. Camera phones are invading our privacy and ruining our culture. 59. Over dependence of human beings on computer.


60. Should Dual Citizenship be allowed for NRIs? 61. Democracy is good for multi ethinic and multi religious country like India? 62. Is capital punishment justified? 63. MNC like Pepsi and Coke in soft drink industry should be driven out. 64. There are no role models left in India. 65. Ethics and values in India are degenerating day by day. 66. Government interference in higher education is unnecessary. 67. Information technology is not able to abridge gap between rural and urban areas. 68. There should be one currency system for South Asia just like European Union. 69. Examinations should be abolished as they cause severe stress. 70. Media & Films should have censorship to preserve the Indian culture. 71. Indian organisations working for social cause. 72. Higher education is leading to brain drain than to progress of India. 73. Beauty pageants are derogatory for women. 74. India can never be a world class destination for tourism. 75. Religion: a personal choice:Should Government interfere? 76. Should India invest more in nuclear weapons or food and shelter for poor? 77. Is 5-star healthcare care culture eroding medical ethics? 78. Indian government is justified in acquiring land from farmers forcibly. 79. Consumerism is bad for society. 80. Entry of MNCs like Walmart should be banned in India. 81. Foreign channels should be banned because they don’t go with Indian culture. 82. India can become a superpower. 83. Indo-Pak cricket matches can improve relations between the 2 countries. 84. Foriegn schools/universities should not be allowed to set shop in India. 85. Government should ban coaching classes. Interview questions 1. What is the meaning of your name? 2. What is your favourite subject? 3. How can India grow? 4. Why MBA? 5. What do you think participation in an event is more imporatnt or just organising it? 6. Why Finance? 7. Why Naresee Monjee? 8. Which banks would you like to work with once you complete your MBA and why? 9. Name the companies that have presence in the reatil banking sector. 10. Why should we take you? 11. How do you like your college? Any advantages or disadvantages? 12. What are your hobbies? 13. Do you have any achievements in sports and music? 14. What are your reading habits? 15. Which is the latest book that you have read? 16. If I had only one seat in NMIMS and I had Gandhi, Hitler, Bush and, you competing; who do you think I should select and why? 17. Have you ever been to Mumbai? Mumabi has a fast life, would you be able to cope up with it? 18. Why entrepeneurship? 19. If given a chance, what changes would you like to make in the arrangement of the room? 20. What is a round table conference? 21. Who is your ffavourite leader and why? 22. Where did Hitler go wrong? 23. What is the full form of NOIDA? 24. What is Market Reaseach? 25. What is FDI? 26. What is your opinion about B Schools going global? 27. Who is the editor of Times of India? 28. Which specialization do you want to go for? 29. What have to learnt from your experience? 30. What is the difference between Computer Science and Info Science? 31. Have you done any Social Service?


32. Which books have you read? 33. What is your job profile? 34. What do know about Prime Minister Employment Scheme? 35. Why do you want to leave your current job? 36. Which foot ball team do you support? 37. What are your achievements over this period? 38. Are PSUs Public Ltd.? 39. What is the difference between FDI and FII especially regarding Daksh and IBM? 40. What kind of company would you like to work for? 41. Tell me about your final year project. 42. Why do ERP projects fail in organizations? 43. What values will you take after passing out from NMIMS? 44. What is the difference between client, consumer, and customer? 45. Who is your favourite bollywood actor? 46. What in your opinion are three essential qualities of a good manager? 47. What are the capitals of Kerela, Assam, Nagaland, and Jharkhand? 48. If you get through to a full time mba course, do you think it is worth the investment considering the fact that you are already earning well? 49. Tell me an incident where you showed resourcefulness and leadership. 50. What do you like about Narsee Monjee’s website? 51. Who is the richest Indian? 52. What has been your greatest achievement so far? 53. What is your view on budget? 54. What is the current political news in Mumbai? 55. What is the difference between GMAT and NMAT? 56. What is the turnover of amazon.com? 57. What is India’s GDP? 58. What is sensex and how many companies are listed in it? 59. List 3 important events of past 6 months. 60. Who is the governor of Maharashtra? 61. Who is the secretary of UN? 62. Lord Krishna was a great enterpreanurer.What do you have to say on that? 63. Tell me what do you mean by geriatrics and geriatrology? 64. What are fringe benfits? 65. Why actuarial science? 66. How relevent do you think is MBA in actuarial science? 67. What is ASI? How long does it take to become an actuary and president of ASI? Do you want to become an actury? 68. What does Vodafone stand for? Who is the CEO of Vodfone? 69. What is the total number of mobile subscribers in India? Where does India stand in total number of mobile subscribers? 70. What is law of diminshing marginal utility? 71. What is Keynesian theory of economics? 72. What is Marginal Propensity to Consume? 73. What is Demand-Supply Equlibrium? 74. What does expenditure depend upon? 75. What do you think is the cause of illiteracy in India? 76. Why is the quality of education poor in rural areas? 77. What has been your most embarrassing moment so far? 78. What did you find most outstanding in the last book you read? 79. Where was Laxmi Mittal’s first investment? What did Mr Mittal’s family own? 80. What kind of profiles would you be interested in after completing your MBA? 81. Give me the names of 3 ad agencies active in India. 82. What is difference btwn a leader and a manager? 83. What is subisistence farming and what is SEWA? 84. Do you think India should have Capital Account Convertbility? 85. Do you think after all this rate hike by RBI and inflation reaching high levels, will market continue to do well? 86. What have you heard about NMIMS as an institute? 87. What do you know about the mobile handset market in India? 88. Tell me something about liberalisation in the banking sector.


89. What is variance? 90. How would you calculate deviation? How would you know how much you should deviate? How will a company calculate this safe level of deviation? 91. What is probability? 92. Assume you are Manmohan singh, what would be your advice to P Chidambaram to curb inflation? 93. Can you tell me any ad that was made specifically for a particular target group? 94. What do you think about the Neo Sports ads? Don't you think negative publicity is also good? Engineers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

What is WAN and WAP? What is GPRS? Can you name some telecom companies? Given a choice which would you join and why? Where is semiconductor used in computers? Why? I am a layman and I use the computer only for data retierval and storage.What fuctionality would you like to add to my computer? 6. What is the difference between ISO 9000, 9001, and 14001? 7. Why do people go in for this certification? Which companies go in for 9001 and which for 14001? What are the good points about ISO and what are the bad points? 8. Tell me about data tranfer on internet and LAN. 9. What is the advantage of PeopleSoft HRMS 10. What is the difference between rf tags and barcode readers? 11. What is 6 sigma technology? 12. Which Generation is going on in computers?

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