New Super Mario Bros. (DS) Playthrough

August 31, 2017 | Author: Stephen Foley | Category: Mario, Nintendo, Action Video Games, Electronic Games, Sequel
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Descripción: A text playthrough with my reactions for the first New Super Mario Bros....


New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS) World 1: Peach’s Castle World World 1-1 This level is basically introducing Mario to the controls and basic enemies, like Goombas, Koopa Troopas, etc. World 1-2 A classic underground Mario level. World 1-3 This level mainly involves moving mushroom platforms Mario must use to progress through the level. Red Rings can be of great help here, I thought. World 1-Tower This is the first tower level of the game. Mario must battle Bowser Jr., but before you can get to him, Mario must climb up the tower while avoiding blocks that crush and kill you. Dry Bones are introduced here, too. Boss: Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. is, like always, pretty easy. Mario needs to avoid him when he takes cover under his spiky shell; jumping on this shell hurts Mario. When Bowser Jr. is open for attack, jump on him three times to defeat him. He will now take Peach off to the World 1 Castle. (Note: When I fought the bosses in this game, I noticed that if Mario does a Ground-Pound on them, it will do double the damage and count as two hits.) World 1-4 This level is a grassy meadow in the Mushroom Kingdom, where Goombas coming out of pipes are a hazard for Mario at times. World 1-5 For this level, Mario will be going across bouncy pink mushrooms. The extra boost these mushrooms give Mario can help in collecting certain Star Coins. World 1-A This level is unlocked by getting at least five or more Star Coins. It is optional. Mario has to go underwater and avoid Sushis, shark-like enemies. World 1-Castle This castle of World 1 features moving platforms that rise and sink from the lava. Boss: Bowser Just because Bowser is fought here doesn’t mean the game’s over! Defeating Bowser here is really easy, I.M.O. Mario must avoid his fire breath and jump on the ? Switch to send Bowser into the lava pit below. Talk about easy. Now, Peach is carried off to World 2. World 2: Desert World 2-1 This level introduces Pokeys and sand that hurts Mario at times. 2-2 Lakitus will throw Spinies and crap at Mario here. (Sigh...) 2-3 Piranha Plants in the sewer? Really? 2-A A tropical island on a desert? Really? 2-4

More desert and Warp Pipe stuff. World 2-Tower This time, Bowser Jr. has set up spinning triangular platforms Mario needs to go across. 2-5 Annoying snake creatures called Fire Snakes will be a nuisance and common obstacle in this desert-themed area. Also, Blockhoppers, bouncing ? Blocks, are found here; they can be hopped off of to reach some Star Coins or other objects. 2-6 Moving platforms in the clouds with Piranha Plants. My favorite... 2-Castle We’re actually in an outdoor desert castle this time! Spike balls will try to kill you, so...yeah. Boss: Mummipokey Mummipokey is a gigantic Pokey mummy. Mario needs to either shoot him with the Fire Flower, Ground-Pound him, or jump on him at the right time to beat him. Mummipokey will often shoot up from the sand in an attempt to harm Mario. If you beat him with a Mini Mushroom, you will unlock World 4, an optional forest world. World 3: Tropical Island/Beach World 3-1 In this underwater place, Mario gets to avoid starving Cheep Chomps. If he is eaten once by one, it’s instant death for Mario! 3-A Skeeters drop bombs on Mario underwater here. Ugh... 3-2 Cloud mushrooms in a tropical paradise. Really? 3-B Pipes and Piranhas in the sky in a tropical world. Really? 3-C OMG! The Spike Bass returns from the Super Mario Bros. series! ): 3-Tower Mario has to climb up grates and avoid climbing Koopas in this tower. Of course, you must fight Bowser Jr., too. 3-3 Blooper Nannies and Bloopers try to kill Mario. 3-Ghost House Spooooooky... 3-Castle Spike pillars will often try to crush Mario here. Thankfully, they aren’t instant death. Boss: Cheepskipper This fish sure is cheep, all right! Throughout this boss fight, Cheepskipper will often hop up from the water and try to hurt Mario, accompanied by his baby Cheep-Cheeps. World 4: Forest World 4-1 Mario rides across a friendly dino creature called Dorrie, who gives you a ride across the purple poisonous water. 4-2

Clouds and mushrooms; an interesting combination. 4-3 Unagis are a PAIN in this underwater level. Damn... 4-Tower Amps and fences. Sweet, right? NOT! 4-A Mario gets to climb across vines like Tarzan here. 4-4 Wigglers in the forest! 4-Ghost House The Balloon Boo, a giant Boo that inflates and deflates itself, appears here. 4-5 Bob-ombs in the underground! 4-6 Dorrie again. She is so cool... 4-Castle Thwomps will try to crush you here. Boss: Mega Goomba Basically like its name says. This boss is a mega Goomba. To beat him, Mario just needs to cause a platform to appear, jump from it and Ground Pound him. World 5: Snow World 5-1 This level features Snow Spikes, penguins with scarfs that throw snowballs at Mario. 5-2 The mysterious underground ice cave... 5-A Annoying blue platforms will move in and out, creating issues for Mario. In other words, they shrink in size. 5-Tower We go up a moving platform with spikes, then fight Bowser Jr. on ice! 5-3 Mario will go across slippery ice and avoid a new enemy, the Snailicorn, a red snail-like enemy with a unicorn’s horn, here. 5-Ghost House Broozers are featured here. 5-B More slippery ice and Snailicorns. 5-C Broozers and Buzzy Beetles on ice. Oh my! 5-4 Side-scrolling mushrooms in an ice world? Cool...or not? 5-Castle Slippery ice and Piranga Plants. Boss: Petey Piranha Petey isn’t too bad. He just hops around the icy arena, trying to kill you. Like all bosses, jump on him. You can beat him with the Mini Mushroom to unlock World 7.

World 6: Cliff World Bullet Bills and stuff in the mountains up high. 6-A Lakitus and Tweesters in a desert in a mountain world. Really? 6-2 Tropical paradise with rising water. At least it’s not rising lava. That’d be evil. 6-Tower What did I tell you about spiky pillars that go left and right, Mario? No touchy! 6-3 Piranha Plants and Warp Pipes in a jungle in the cliffs. 6-4 Mario goes across cliffs for once. 6-Tower 2 Wait? There are TWO towers in World 6? 6-5 Tornados underwater. Really? A green Cheep Cheep, the Deep Cheep is found here. 6-B Snow in the mountains. Mario has to go across icy platforms (like World 5) and use moving ropes to swing to Star Coins and such. 6-6 Chain Chomps are introduced for this level. 6-Castle Moving platforms and lava, like the World 1 Castle. Boss: Monty Tank This Monty Mole rides a tank and throws Bob-ombs and shoots Bullet Bills at Mario. When necessary, jump on his head. Often, Monty Tank does an annoying spinning attack, where he fires like crazy. World 7: Cloud World 7-1 The peaceful! 7-Ghost House This Ghost House has Phantom Hands, hands that point out ? Blocks. 7-2 Koopa Paratroopas and clouds. 7-3 I loved this one. Mario gets to ride a giant Wiggler across the sky. 7-Tower Moving walls with spikes. No touchy, Mario! 7-4 This level was short. It involves mushroom platforms, blue drill objects that launch Mario high into the air, and Hammer Bros. 7-5 Banzai Bills and Bob-ombs in an overworld level, not in the sky. 7-6 (Snore) This world is so peaceful! 7-A

A sewer-themed level, where mini Wigglers called Squigglers must be avoided. It is a maze of sorts; the Star Coins here are really well hidden. 7-7 Falling platforms in the clouds? 7-Castle This level is set upon Snake Blocks that Mario must ride through a castle to reach the big guy... Boss: Lakithunder Lakithunder is a fat Lakitu who rides on a thundercloud and throws Spinies down at you. Avoid his lightning shock attacks, then jump on him when necessary. World 8: Volcano World 8-1 Annoying, swooping crow enemies called Crowbers appear here, along with Banzai Bills, Boos, and these pumpkin/jack-o’-lantern-like enemies called Splunkins. If Mario hits a Splunkin once, it cracks a bit. If it gets hit twice, it is destroyed. 8-2 Skeeters in the sewer. Really? Really. 8-Tower Rocket Engines annoy me... 8-3 A Mega Unagi will chase you through this underwater cavern. 8-4 Scuttle Bugs and moving platforms. I hated this level... 8-Castle Boss: Dry Bowser Bowser made out of bones, basically. But it’s not over yet. 8-5 Volcanic hazards like rising lava. 8-6 This time we’re inside a volcano. 8-7 Every type of Bro. almost is fought here. 8-8 Meteor showers and Ka-Bombs, Bob-omb like enemies, appear here. 8-Tower 2 The hardest tower. Snake Blocks move around the area that Mario has to ride across. 8-Bowser’s Castle The final castle. It features a maze. If Mario goes through one wrong way, he’ll hear a ding and have to start over. ? Switches are common here. Final Boss: Bowser & Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. is pretty much the same. Jump on him, and then avoid his dash attacks. As for Bowser, avoid his huge fire breath, then, when he jumps up high, run quickly under him and have Mario hit the ? Switch, ending it all! I hope you enjoyed my New Super Mario Bros. DS LP! See y’all next time...

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