New Avatar Power Offensive Armor Ritual 3 X More Powerful

August 30, 2017 | Author: Siegfried Thunderbird | Category: Religious Belief And Doctrine, Religious Behaviour And Experience, Religion And Belief
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New Avatar Power Offensive Armor Ritual 3 X More Powerful...


THE NEW AVATAR POWER OFFENSIVE ARMOR RITUAL POLTERGEIST PROTECTION CRACK Carry out the complete Central Pillar Ritual.119 MIDDLE PILLAR RITUAL Sit or lie down. Now breathe in and out until a rhythm is established. While inhaling and exhaling in this pattern imagine that a sphere of light is hovering just above your head. This is the Sphere of Spirit. Say 3 times: EH-HEH-YEH You will feel a tingling sensation in your hands and feet. Picture the mental image of a small shaft of white light moving out from the lower half of the sphere of light. The shaft moves down through your head until it reaches your throat, at which you imagine a second sphere of light. This is the Sphere of Air. Say 3 times: YEH-HO-VO-EL-OH-HEEM You will experience warmth in your throat. With these two spheres awakened, visualize that the shaft of light moves slowly down through your chest. Now picture a third sphere on at your heart. This is the Sphere of Fire. Say 3 times: YEH-HO-VO-EL-OH-VE-DAH-ASS You will feel a vibration throughout your chest. Now imagine the shaft of light moving down your body to your groin, visualize a fourth sphere. This is the Sphere of Water. Say 3 times: SHAD-AI EL-KAI You will experience a pleasant sensation in your pelvic region. Extend the shaft of white light to your feet, where a fifth sphere is visualized. This is the Sphere of Earth. Say 3 times: AH-DOH-NAI-HA-AH-RETZ The image you have in your mind should be a shaft of white light running from your head to your toes, in the center of your body, studded with five, white spheres three along the center of your body and one at each end. After performing the Middle Pillar exercise recite the Bornless One invocation and the Circulation Ritual to strengthen your aura around you. Perform the Invocation of the Headless One Ritual.125 BORNLESS ONE INVOCATION Thee I invoke, The Bornless One. Thou are Man made perfect, whom no man has seen at any time. This is He whom the winds fear. Hear me, and make all subject unto me, so that every Spell and scourge of the Vast One shall be made obedient to me. I am He, the Bornless Spirit, strong and of immortal fire. I am He, the Truth, that lighteneth and thundereth. I am He whose mouth ever flameth. I am He the begetter and the manifester unto the Light.

Then perform the Uncrossing Ritual ( = KABBALISTIC CROSS RITUAL) to Banish Evil Influences. 68 Stand up, feet together. Close eyes. With left hand at side, raise right hand ab ove head, pointing at ceiling with first and second fingers. Keep those 2 fingers together and curl thumb and third and fourth fingers into p alm. Say the Word of Power: AH-TAY Bring right hand and arm straight down in front of body and point at floor betwe en feet. Say the Word of Power: MALL-COOT Lift right arm, bending it at the elbow, and point two fingers at right shoulder . Say the Word of Power: VAY-GAY-VOO-RAH Move right hand across body and point left shoulder. Say the Word of Power: VAY-GAY-DOO-LAH Clasp both hands in front of chest and say: LAY-OH-LAHM-AMEN Then in a firm voice announce: "In the Name that is above every other Name, I ba nish from this place all seeds of evil. I bind them as with chains and cast them into the Outer Darkness where they shall trouble not the Seekers of Truth." I banish from me all influences of wickedness, be they spirit, fiend, or devil. Begone and return whence you came, thou foul beings, in the Names of Power: YOD-HAY-VAW-HAY, AH-DOH-NIGH, EH-HEH-YEH and AH-GAH-LAH. So mote it be! Now repeat the gestures and Words of Power just given. And then as you sit feeling the glow and surge of your NAP, repeat this Invocation 3x: Thou Beings of Vast Strength and Ultimate Power, GADIEL MAHASHIAH LELAHEL DAMBAYAH MENQAL YECHOEL LEHAHIAH KEVEQIAH MENDIAL ANIEL CHAAMIAH SAITEL

and OLMIAH I command Thee to place Thyselves all around me (and my beloved ones) and every direction and surround me (and my beloved ones) and all that I have, Such that nothing can reach me and all that I have, And nothing can touch me and all that I have, And nothing can harm and hurt me and all that I have. And I command this with the Words of Power: EE YOTE EE YAH VAW ARE ZALL and NET ZAHK EE ODE. So mote it be! [You are now supernaturally protected. Come back from your ritual in the usual way. Should you wish to attack and counter your enemies, carry out the following] GADIEL MAHASHIAH LELAHEL DAMBAYAH MENQAL YECHOEL LEHAHIAH KEVEQIAH MENDIAL ANIEL CHAAMIAH SAITEL and OLMIAH Say 3x: By my divine power I command thee to destroy all magickal protections of [Name people and groups] and to enter their home with rage and wrath. Desroy all their electric cables in their home walls, until they are cut off of power. I command you to feed on their life force and to weaken their bodies and mind! I command you to scare them to death by heavy Poltergeist activies! I seal this command with the Word of Power: YOD HAY VAW HAY. So mote it be!

Offensive Armor Rituals

Say 3x: THE OCCULT JUDO RITUAL (This Ritual will return/reflect curses, evil eye Spells and other similar sorcery to the person sending them) Go forth DAMBAYAH and MENQAL. Seek out the one [or Name people and groups] who torments me. Intercept the evil and return it whence it came, such that the vile parent of this sin shall writhe in agony, scream in dread, and trouble not the upright. Go with the Word of Power: MAL COOT VAHV. So mote it be!

THE ASTRAL BOMB ATTACK Know this, YECHOEL and LEHAHIAH, Mine enemies [Name people and groups]... shall be mentally and physically confused and scattered and dumbfounded. And those who want to harm and hurt me and take away all that I have, Shall be mentally and physically conquered, and destroyed, and harmed and hurt, And all that they have shall be taken away. By the Might of Thy Material and Awesome Powers. Hear me and obey. I seal this command with the Word of Power: BEEN AH HEH. So mote it be!

THE PSYCHIC GUIDED MISSILE RITUAL Mine enemies [Name people and groups]... are hidden and hiding and lurking in the darkness and shadows and distance. Look for and seek out and get them, KEVEQIAH and MENDIAL, No matter if they run to the ends of the Earth and this World or to the Inner Planes beyond. Scourge them with Thy rods of Vengeance and Wrath,

and conquer their minds and bodies, and destroy them, and harm and hurt them, mentally and physically, and take away all that they have. I command this of Thee in the authority of the Word of Power: KESS SED HEH. So mote it be!

THE ETHERIC SHRAPNEL RITUAL (Use this Ritual only again an enemy of the opposite sex. It is effective against lies,spite and slander) By the Power invested in me I command Thee, ANIEL and CHAAMIAH, to close the mouth and eyes of [Name people and groups] who maligns me. Visit him/her while he/she sleeps, and plant fright and dread in her soul, such that he/she no longer slanders me. Obey me with this Word of Power: GAY BOO RAH VAHV. So mote it be!

THE THEURGIC BOBBY-TRAP RITUAL (This Ritual works on the minds of your antagonists. If they attempt to torment you, your NAP will generate unrest in them, turning there attention away from you) Thou SAITEL and OLMIAH. Lie in wait for mine enemies [Name people and groups]. Send fire and force into their minds when next they harass me. I seal this command with the Word of Power: TEE FAR ATE YOD. So mote it be! End of rituals... Be sure and perform the Attack Cancellation Ritual after your enemies have been crushed. THE ATTACK CANCELLATION RITUAL These forces whom I command, Withdraw from the scene of battling and fighting and warring. Stay with me and heed my future calls. I command this of Thee with the Word of Power: NEAT SAHK HEH. So mote it be! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------To Rouse Vengeful Destruction I chalaz Itz rechel Ahn tal Ah tan tel Regrezitahl Me Vaskalla Pert ent itzu (Repeat this over and over, calling forth sick spirits of destruction, directing them through a link to your victim)

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