Network Design Proposal

June 23, 2018 | Author: Josiah | Category: Data Center, Malware, Computer Network, Data Transmission, Information Age
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Network Design Proposal...



 Network Design Proosa!:  Na"e: Institution:




Network design proposal

T$e "odern wor!d $as %een re&o!utioni'ed %( t$e introdu)tion o* new and inno&ati&e te)$no!ogi)a! "easures+ T$e new te)$no!og( $as )$anged t$e "anner in w$i)$ situations are $and!ed, "aking t$ings a !ot easier+ Howe&er, t$e new te)$no!og( is a!so rone to ) ri"e- data on a erson or a )o"an( )an easi!( %e sto!en or $a)ked into %( "a!i)ious indi&idua!s+ T$ere*ore, t$ere is an in)reasing and a great need to "ake sure t$at t$e data e.isting in a )o"an( and t$e in*or"ation o* t$e e"!o(ees and t$e eo!e w$o are in&o!&ed is rote)ted using t$e %est "eans and )$anne!s /0e!ag!a'o& et a!, #1#2+ 1. Physical Network Design A. Network Topology Business needs

T$e institution %e!ie&es t$at t$e ri&a)( and se)urit( o* t$e data used %( t$e sta** and t$e s)$oo! as a w$o!e is i"ortant+ T$e rote)tion o* data )reates a )ordia! and sa*e en&iron"ent *or t$e students, sta** and t$e "anage"ent o* t$e s)$oo!+ T$is is %e)ause ea)$ o* t$e arties %e!ie&es t$at t$e( are sa*e and )annot e.erien)e )ases o* "is!a)ed or !ost data *i!es /0enani et a!, #32+ On t$e ot$er $and, t$e institution %e!ie&es t$at t$e rote)tion o* t$e *i!es on "anage"ent and t$e "anner in w$i)$ t$e institution is run wi!! $e! t$e" kee u wit$ t$e a)e and re&ent t$eir ri&a!s *ro" knowing t$e in organi'ationa! issues as t$e *i!es wi!! %e we!! rote)ted+ T$ere*ore, t$e institution is wi!!ing to in&est in a data )enter w$ere t$e re!e&ant *i!es and in*or"ation a%out t$e s)$oo!, e"!o(ees, and t$e "anage"ent are &est ket+ T$e data )enter wi!! a)t as t$e !a)e w$ere t$e institutions te)$no!ogi)a! $ead4uarters wi!! %e %ased+ T$e idea o* t$e



data )enter wi!! insta!! ri&a)( and rese)t a"ong t$e entire s)$oo! )o""unit(+ Nota%!( t$e data )enter wi!! a!so "ake t$e stake$o!ders and t$e students $a&e a ositi&e i"ression o* t$e s)$oo!+ Proposed topology

Gi&en t$at t$e institution re)ent!( a)4uired a new %ui!ding, t$e roosed data )enter wi!!  %e set u in one o* t$e o**i)es in t$e %ui!ding+ T$e data )enter wou!d %e t$e )ontro! roo" *ro" w$ere t$e se)ia!ists &iew data and a!so t$e te)$no!ogi)a! needs o t$e s)$oo! wi!! %e ro)essed in t$e data )enter+ T$e %udget t$at was )arried out *or t$e data )enter, t$ere*ore, ut into )onsideration t$at t$e data )enter wou!d %e wit$in t$e re)ent!( !eased %ui!ding+ T$e data )enter wi!! $a&e *i%er oti) )a%!es and a!so %e )onne)ted to t$e 66T7 )a"eras o* t$e s)$oo!s /Lin et a!, #32+ On t$e ot$er $and, t$e data )enter wi!! %e di**erent *ro" t$e ot$er )o"uter !a%s+ T$is is  %e)ause it wi!! $a&e an auto"ati) ower %a)ku to "ake sure t$at ower is not !ost+ T$e se)urit( o* t$e data )enter wi!! %e "ore t$an t$e di**erent !a)es- t$e door to t$e data )enter wi!! $a&e a  %io"etri) s)anner+ T$is wi!! "ake t$e data )enter a))essi%!e to on!( t$ose w$o $a&e t$eir s)ans in t$e s(ste" /Lin et a!, #32+ T$e data )enter wi!! $a&e roer &enti!ation to %a!an)e t$e te"erature o* t$e roo" sin)e t$ere wi!! %e "an( and a)ti&e )o"uters in t$e roo"+ T$e &enti!ation wi!! $e! wit$ energ( sa&ing+ T$e data )enter wi!! $a&e a s"a!! energ( s(ste" t$at wi!! assist t$e ro*essiona!s wit$ regu!ating t$e a"ount o* energ( sent+ Desite t$e *a)t t$at t$e data )enter wi!! $i&e %io"etri) s(ste", t$e resen)e o* a $(si)a! se)urit( s(ste" is ne)essar(+ T$ere*ore, t$e institution s$ou!d $ire a se)urit( *ir" to ro&ide



sur&ei!!an)e *or t$e data )enter+ A *irewa!! to resist e.terna! atta)ks wi!! %e )onstru)ted+ T$is wi!! $e! wit$ dete)ting t$e "a!i)ious atta)ks %e*ore t$e( )ause $ar" to t$e institution+ T$e tota! )ost o* )onstru)ting t$e data )enter wi!! add u to 9#8,+ T$is is %e)ause t$e insta!!ation o* rote)ti&e wa!!s, *!oors and *inis$ing is ne)essar(+ T$e insta!!ation o* a %io"etri) s(ste" *or t$e door wou!d a!so %e )ost!(+ T$ere*ore, t$e data )enter wou!d %e a se)ure sound and *ire roo* roo" w$ere data )ontro!s are )arried out /0e!ag!a'o& et a!, #1#2+ B. Network media Business needs

T$e institution re4uires a network "edia t$at wi!! %e e**i)ient in running t$e data )enter+ Proposed Network Media

or t$e %est ser&i)es in t$e data )enter t$e institution is suosed to $ire t$e 6is)o S(ste"s, In)+, t$e )o"an( wi!! ensure t$at t$e data )enter is u to date and tota!!( a *oo! roo* area+ T$is is  %e)ause t$e )o"an( $as a &ast e.erien)e in t$e "anage"ent and )onstru)tion o* data )enters



/Data )enter, #152+T$e wiring s(ste" t$at 6is)o s(ste"s wi!! use *or t$e data )enter is as %e!ow+


T$e )$osen wiring o* t$e network wi!! ensure t$at a!! se)tors o* t$e institution are )onne)ted to t$e data )enter+ It is a!so nota%!e t$at t$e wiring s(ste" is )ost e**i)ient and wou!d not )ost t$e institution a !ot o* "one(+




A. Network devices Business needs

T$e institution re4uires de&i)es t$at are u to date and re!ia%!e+ T$e de&i)es t$at t$e institution re4uires are t$ose t$at )an %e used to "onitor, o&erride and )ontro!s s(ste"s t$at are )onne)ted to t$e data )enter+ T$ere*ore, t$e 4ua!it( o* t$e de&i)es t$at t$e institution re4uires s$ou!d %e $ig$+ =a>or!(, t$is is %e)ause t$e $ig$?4ua!it( rodu)ts are dura%!e and rodu)ti&e+ Proposed network devices

 T$ere are &arious de&i)es t$at are re4uired to "ake sure t$at t$e data )ontro! )enter is )onne)ted and we!! networked+ T$e de&i)es $e! t$e data )enter to sta( in s$ae and a!so sta( *un)tiona!+ T$e *o!!owing are t$e network de&i)es t$at are needed %( t$e institution *or t$e data )enter+ Ite"


LAN )a%!es












 Network inter*a)e )ards


Wire!ess a))ess oints


T$e de&i)es wi!! $e! to "ake t$e data )enter sta( in )onne)tion+ T$e )o"uters in t$e data )enter wi!! %e )onne)ted to one anot$er at a!! ti"es /0enani et a!, #32+

 NETWORK DESIGN PROPOSAL A. Network security devices Business needs

T$e institution re4uires se)urit( de&i)es t$at wi!! dete)t an atta)k %e*ore it )auses $ar"+ T$e se)urit( de&i)e s$ou!d a!so %e )aa%!e o* re&ersing t$e atta)k and restoring t$e *i!es and data as t$e( re&ious!( were+ B

Intrusion dete)tion s(ste"s


=o%i!e de&i)e "anage"ent


Ne.t?generation *irewa!!s



T$e se)urit( de&i)es wi!! ensure t$at an( "a!i)ious atte"ts are dea!t wit$ *ort$wit$+ T$e de&i)es wi!! a!so ensure t$at t$e atte"ts are not done in a reetiti&e "anner sin)e t$e( )an identi*( t$e "a!i)ious )o"uter /Guo et a!+ #C2+

B. Computer systems Business needs

T$e institution re4uires a )o"uter s(ste" t$at wi!! %e re!ia%!e and )an )ontain t$e data )ontro!s and so*tware /Guo et a!+ #C2+



Proposed computer systems

 T$e institution wi!! use t$e A!e In) ser&ers in t$e data )enters+ T$e institution, t$ere*ore, needs Twe!&e A!e ser&ers *or t$e data )enter+ T$e ser&ers are re!ia%!e *or t$e data )enter %e)ause t$e( $a&e strong %a)kus and )!oud storage s(ste"s+ T$e ser&ers a!so $a&e strong re?insta!!ed *irewa!!s+


0e!og!a'o&, A+, A%awa>(, +,  0u((a, R+ /#1#2+ Energ(?aware resour)e a!!o)ation $euristi)s *or  e**i)ient "anage"ent o* data )enters *or )!oud )o"uting+ Future generation computer systems, 28/32,
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