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October 6, 2017 | Author: Ievgen Volvach | Category: Xml, Prediction, Microsoft Excel, Map, 2 D Computer Graphics
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NETACT 5.0 : SHORT TUTORIAL By Sumantri Pramudiyanto Creating Site List 1. Open Excel XML template to create site list. 2. Fullfilll the site list in available column according to column title

3. Before generating the site list, please set macro security in MS Excel to low level through Tool  Macro  Security 4. Click on “Generate XML” Creating Project 1. Open Netact 5.0 2. On Start Project Click Add, and Follow this screenshot setting :

To fill the configuration click this button

Fullfiling the map data

Direct to user preference folder ( make the folder first)

3. On Tab “ Map Data Extents “ Click Calculate

4. Finish the Setting by click “OK” then “Start” to start the project Configuring Netact 1. Create Coverage Scheme through Configuration  GSM Coverage Scheme 2. Add system schema

3. Configure Cell Layer  Configuration  Layers  Cell Layer 4. Click Add, and follow the configuration bellow :

Just double click on it, to change value

5. Don’t forget to click “Commit” and “Apply” to finalize the setting.

Importing Antenna System, Propagation Model, Feder, Equipment It can be done by importing from XML  File  Import  XML and checklist parameters above (Antenna, propagation/prediction, etc) or you can create by your own by fulfill equipment/configuration one by one. In this tutorial we are assume that you have imported equipments/configurations from XML. Import Site List 1. Click on file  import  XML 2. on Import Files, browse index001.xml on sitelist folder 3. Checklist all needed 4. Click “Import” 5. Check the site list whether it has successfully imported, Databases  Sites

6. Applying Feder, Propagation Model through Databases  sites  Global Edit

Creating Coverage Prediction 1. Running Pathloss Predictor  Tools  Pathloss Predictor and use configuration bellow :

2. Click Start 3. To create coverage prediction per site, Zoom the expected sites until around sites disappear.

4. Click on icon “Display Coverage for per site “ 5. Then click on the expected sites

Importing Coverage Site Prediction to Map Info 1. Unchecklist all vector,polygon, data except coverage plot

Unchecklist all

Just Checklist the coverage plot

2. So, the 2D View will appear like this :

3. From 2D View Display, click file  Export Map Info Set the output folder and file

Set the appropriate Coordinate System

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Click “OK” Open MapInfo Program Click Table  Import Choose the exported file Fulfill the output name, then Click OK.

8. The MapInfo Coverage prediction has created :

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