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CONTENTS WELCOME WELCOME TO TO HELL ............................................. 3 Making Making Characters Characters ............................. 9 The The Sacri Sacri Ordines ............................ 11 Hindrances Hindrances....................................... 18 Edges Edges................................................ ................................................ 19 New New Litanies Litanies & Sins ......................... 24 ARCHETYPES ARCHETYPES.................................................... 26 CHURCH CHURCH HARDWARE HARDWARE ......................................... 33 Vehicles Vehicles............................................. ............................................. 38 Armor Armor ............................................... ............................................... 42 Ranged Ranged Weapons Weapons .............................. 43 Special Special Weapons Weapons............................... 44 Melee Melee Weapons Weapons ................................ 45 Generic Generic Personal Equipment ........... 45

BriefHistory History.................................. ..................................4646 AABrief

SETTING SETTINGRULES RULES................................................ ................................................4747 Fire FireSupport Support..................................... .....................................4848 GUIDE GUIDETOTONECROPOLIS NECROPOLIS..................................... .....................................5151 Gazetteer GazetteerofofNecropolis Necropolis.................. ..................5454 MOTHER MOTHERCHURCH CHURCH.............................................. ..............................................5757 Church ChurchStructure Structure.............................. ..............................5757 The TheMedia Media......................................... .........................................6161 Calendar ............................................ Calendar ............................................6262 Church ChurchLaw Law....................................... .......................................6262 The ThePopulace Populace.................................... ....................................6565 Other OtherMilitary MilitaryForces Forces........................ ........................6666

WELCOME TO HELL The The year year is is 2350. 2350. Knights Knights of of the the militant militant Sacri Ordines of the Third Third Reformation Reformation Church are locked in a bitter crusade crusade against against the the Rephaim (“the dead ones”), a race race of of evil evil beings beings who who wield necromantic powers and and possess possess aa desire desire to exterminate all life. The The place place is is Salus—more Salus—more popularly called Necropolis—the Necropolis—the only only habitable world left to mankind mankind since since the the destruction of Earth in 2319. Divided Divided between between the Third Reformation Church, Church, the the Union Union of Corporations, and the Rephaim, Rephaim, the the inhabitants inhabitants of Necropolis are locked in in aa struggle struggle for for supremacy. supremacy. Lives are not the only thing at at stake—humanity’s stake—humanity’s very existence hangs thing in the the balance. balance. in the Rephaim Rephaim win, humanity’s light will IfIf the forever disappear disappear from the universe. Should forever humanity succeed succeed in overcoming the tide of humanity darkness, itit can can begin begin to rebuild its former might, darkness, perhaps again again reaching reaching out into the void to find perhaps new worlds worlds on on which which to prosper and multiply. new The war war against against the supernatural in NecropoThe lis is is overt—the overt—the common common people know about lis the Rephaim, at least the Rephaim, at least the more common varieties. Church Church media media frequently portrays battles ies. between holy holy Knights Knights and Rephaim, and images between of walking walking corpses corpses are considered terrifying, but of not unusual. unusual. AA popular popular poster shows a Knight not with sword sword raised raised standing standing atop a pile of Rephaim with corpses. corpses. Few citizens citizens have have ever encountered a Rephaim, Few but the the forces forces of of darkness darkness are encroaching further but into human human territory territory each day. into It’s strongly strongly recommended recommended players start by It’s reading the the Militia Militia Dei section, then move on reading to the the background background material starting on page to 51 before making their characters. War Masters 51 before making (WM) should read through the War Master Sec(WM) should read tion before play begins. tion before play begins.

SACRI ORDINES have fifinnI have fought a good fight, II have the faith faith ished my course, I have kept the 2 Timothy 4:7 the Church Church has has Since the Third Reformation, the warrior–monks to to again found itself relying on warrior–monks military organizaorganizalead its holy crusade. Though military nancially into into tions at heart, they have grown fifinancially the framework framework of of miniature superpowers within the the Church. Orders”) are are the the elite elite Sacri Ordines (“Holy Orders”) forces of humanity, dedicated to to the the destrucdestruction of the Rephaim and rekindling rekindling the the flflame ame of of hope.

TRAINING A KNIGHT In the early days of chivalry, chivalry, knights knights were were usually born to nobility. Joining Joining aa holy holy militant militant order was often just a matter of donating donating all all your your worldly wealth and taking monastic monastic vows. vows. Things Things have changed since the Third Reformation. Reformation. Although a Knight must still forsake forsake all all worldly worldly wealth and take his vows, the process process of of selection selection is akin to that of the regular military. military. Prospective Prospective members must be aged between between 18 18 and and 30 30 but but may come from any social background. background. CandiCandidates must pass rigorous physical physical and and mental mental tests before being accepted into into aa training training PrePreceptory as a Squire. Here the Squire undergoes two two months months of of continuous assessment in physical physical exercise, exercise, weapon handling, theological study, study, and and basic basic technological skills. Those who make the grade make the grade are accepted for further training—those training—those who who fail fail must return to their former occupation. occupation.


NECROPOLIS 2350 RECORDING TIME Throughout Throughout this book, time is recorded in the the following following notation. AA year year equates equates to 384 days (one quarter of the the actual actual local local solar year) and comprises eight eight months. months. A month has 48 days broken down down into into six six weeks, each of eight days. AA day lasts day lasts 24 24 hours. More detail can be found on pages found on pages 51-53. Successful Successful Squires Squires receive a further year of intensive training. intensive training. They are also expected to be a productive productive member member of the rear echelon staff, preparing paring meals, meals, handling handling logistics, digging graves, and and so so on. on. Except Except for combat duties, life is as hard for for aa Squire Squire as as it it is for a fully trained Knight—the Ordines Ordines accept accept only only the toughest candidates. At At the the end end of of the the training, the Squire is brought before before the the Preceptory’s Preceptory’s leaders and questioned vigorously vigorously for for many many hours. His physical, mental, and and spiritual spiritual states states are called into question, his worth worth doubted, doubted, and his piety mocked. Only Only ifif he he remains remains resolute in his desire to become become aa Knight Knight will he pass the test and be offered aa sword—the sword—the sign of a Knight—and take offered his sacred sacred vows. vows. Those who fail must either accept his position as as aa Sergeant Sergeant or leave the Ordo. aa position The Ordines Ordines accept accept candidates of either sex as The Knights and and shared shared barracks are common. While Knights this does does put put aa strain strain on the vow of celibacy, most this Knights treat treat their their opposite sex colleagues as Knights “one of of them.” them.” Recently, hard-line bishops and “one cardinals have have called called for women to be banned cardinals from serving serving as as Knights, Knights, but so long as the Grand from Master of the Lazarites Master of the Lazarites is a woman, and has the ear of the the Pope, Pope, their their cries fthe practice continues. of

KNIGHTLY VOWS Every Knight Knight must take vows of poverty, chasEvery tity, obedience, obedience, and piety before he can claim tity, his title. title. Though Though every Ordo has its own unique his vows, these these four four are the core of any Knight’s duty vows, and those breaking and those breaking them are severely punished.

COMMAND STRUCTURE Each of of the the modern modern Sacri Ordines has built Each their organization organization around the greatest of their their medieval namesakes—the namesakes—the Knights Templar. medieval


At the the top top sits sits the the Grand Grand Master Master of of the the Ordo, Ordo, At followed by the Deputy Master Master (who (who runs runs day–today–today affairs), Seneschal (in charge charge of of the the fifinancial nancial and logistical status of the Ordo), Ordo), and and Marshal Marshal (commander of the armies). These These four four dignitardignitaries reside at the Ordo’s headquarters headquarters and and answer answer above them. them. The The Grand Grand directly to the individual above Pope. Master answers only to the Pope. responsible for for overseeoverseeField Masters are responsible given geographical geographical ing an Ordo’s estates in a given Commanderie. Below Below these these area, known as a Commanderie. who govern govern aa single single are the Preceptor Masters, who domain. The The number number of of Preceptory within that domain. ve and and ten ten in in most most Preceptories varies between fifive Commanderies. Knight Commanders aid the the Preceptor Preceptor Masters, Masters, typically as senior unit commanders commanders in in battle. battle. NCOs of of the the Ordines Ordines Senior Knights are the NCOs Commander. At At the the and answer to their Knight Commander. ladder are are the the Knights. Knights. bottom of the monastic ladder common soldiers—the soldiers—the SerSerBelow them are the common geants (see page 18). Preceptor Master Master requires requires Promotion as far as Preceptor of the the Field Field Master. Master. only the recommendation of appoints Field Field Masters. Masters. The Grand Master himself appoints All four of the senior positions positions are are responsible responsible for nominating their own successors, successors, though though the the Grand Master can appoint a person of his choosperson of his choosing to the post if one of the members members dies dies without without clear succession. All Knights use a prefix or suffi suffixx (they (they can can be be used interchangeably) based on on the the type type of of unit unit in which they serve. Thus, there there are are Knight Knight ArtilArtillerists, Combat Engineer Knight Knight Commanders, Commanders, and so on. Within a Sacer Ordo, ranks are are commonly commonly used used to address superiors or underlings. underlings. Citizens Citizens refer refer to all Knights as “Sir” out of respect for their posirespect for their position. Knightly Ordines are not democracies, democracies, nor nor is free will expected. A Knight Knight of of any any rank rank is is expected to obey his superiors superiors without without question. question. There are no committees or forums forums for for discussdiscussing and planning a mission—the mission—the CO CO makes makes aa decision and his men follow his his orders. orders. Naturally, Naturally, this total obedience initially led led to to many many costly costly mistakes in terms of human life, life, and and Field Field MasMasters are now expected to be exceptional exceptional leaders leaders in combat situations—though situations—though familial familial bonds bonds and and bribery still go a long way in the 24th Century. the 24th Century.

WELCOME TO HELL MILITARY STRUCTURE The The Sacri Sacri Ordines Ordines also modeled their basic military structure military structure around around the old Templar cavalry system. system. The The basic basic infantry infantry unit of 4–6 Knights led by by aa Senior Senior Knight Knight is called a Lance. Standard composition composition is is one one Infantry Support Knight, one Combat Combat Medic Medic Knight, Knight, and 2–4 Knight Infantrymen. men. Each Each Lance Lance is assigned an identification number number between between one one and twenty, which is prefifixed xed by by their their Banner Banner designation. Ten Ten to to twenty twenty Lances Lances form a Banner and are led by a Knight Commander. by a Knight Commander. Knight Commanders are frontline frontline offi officers cers and and are expected to be capable tacticians. Banners tacticians. Banners are assigned letters from A through through to to TT to to distinguish distinguish between them. Ten Ten to to twenty twenty Banners Banners form a Squadron, led by by aa Preceptor Preceptor Master. Master. This represents the entire fifighting ghting force force of of Knights Knights in a single Preceptory. Only Only frontline frontline Preceptories Preceptories are kept at full strength—those strength—those in in the rear often fail to raise five Banners Banners of of Knights. Knights. Squadrons are named after their their Preceptory. Preceptory. The The largest largest formation, formation, a Battle, is formed from between between fifive ve and and ten ten Squadrons and is broken down into into aa vanguard, vanguard, left flank, center, right down ank, and and rear rear guard. guard. A Field Master commands a flflank, Battle. AA Battle Battle comprises comprises a force of Knights anyBattle. where from from 2000–24,000 2000–24,000 strong and represents where every Knight Knight within within a Commanderie. Battles are every given unique unique names names after one of the many popes given of history, history, such such as as Battle Battle Celestine. of

SERGEANTS structure but but are are not not Sergeants follow the same structure included in the above figures. Serving Serving as as infantry infantry and rear echelon support, Sergeants Sergeants outnumber outnumber Knights by almost ten-to-one. Lances of Sergeants attach to Knight Knight Lances Lances as as required. A Senior Knight may command command as as many many as ten Lances of Sergeants in the fifield. eld. Sergeants Sergeants maintain their own ranking system system (page (page 18) 18) but but Knights. are always subservient to Knights.

CHAPLAINS military command command Chaplains sit outside the military members of of the the structure but are still valued members is the the Chaplains’ Chaplains’ Ordo. While Knights fight, it is physical, spiritual, spiritual, and and duty to tend for their physical, part-priest, part-medic, part-medic, mental injuries. They are part-priest, part-diplomat. Chaplains Chaplains part-psychologist, and part-diplomat. military training training than than receive considerably less military carry weapons. weapons. Knights or Sergeants but may carry Their role is no less important than than aa Knight’s Knight’s and their presence reminds the the Knights Knights their their cause is a holy one.

INTER-ORDO POLITICS Status is extremely important important to to the the Sacri Sacri Ordines. There is fierce competition competition among among them to prove themselves as the the Church’s Church’s most most

When multiple multiple battles battles are grouped together, When which is is usually usually only only during a major offensive, which the Marshal Marshal of of the the Ordo appoints one of the the Field Masters Masters as as “Field “Field Marshal of the Battle”—an Field honorary position position rather rather than a permanent rank. honorary Being chosen to hold Being chosen to hold the title is often seen as sign of of possible possible promotion promotion to a high echelon aa sign position when the position when the current holder retires. The Marshal only only takes takes command when the entire Marshal Ordo fifights ghts together, together, which is extremely rare. Ordo The above above numbers numbers include every branch The of the the military, military, only only about a third of which are of Knight Infantrymen. Infantrymen. Artillery, tanks, engineers, Knight and air air support support are are attached to an infantry force and as required required and and follow follow the same basic structure as (4–6 guns, guns, tanks, tanks, or or aircraft form a Lance, and so (4–6 on). Such units are on). Such units are rarely formed larger than a Squadron. Squadron.


NECROPOLIS 2350 effi efficient cient champion. champion. Cooperation is tentative at best best and and one-upmanship one-upmanship is rife among the lower ranks. In the ranks. In the higher higher echelons, political maneuvering for favor ing for favor is is part part of daily life. Every Ordo has an ambassador an ambassador to the Pope, each with his own agenda, agenda, and and his his own network of informants. When When forced forced to work together for a common cause, senior cause, senior ranking ranking Knights try to curry favor with the Pope with the Pope for their own Ordo, usually by making making promises promises of wealth in return for being able to lead able to lead the the assault. assault. Ordines failing to achieve this this have have aa habit habit of making their own rules of engagement engagement and and are notorious for charging recklessly recklessly into into battle battle to prove their worth. Any failure failure is is attributed attributed to serving under a poor commander. mander. Being Being chosen chosen to lead a major military campaign is is the the highest highest honor honor the Pope can bestow on an Ordo Ordo as as aa whole. whole. Success guarantees Church media media coverage, coverage, better enlistment rates, sizeable donations, donations, and and the promise of more campaigns to to follow. follow. After After the the successful campaign to defend the the industrial industrial town town of Dainome in Tomaculum, the the Impalers Impalers saw saw their financial and manpower assets assets rise rise by by 2% 2% in a single quarter. Knightscan canalso also find themselves battling against Knights rival Sacri Sacri Ordines, Ordines, especially when a valued prize rival is at at stake. stake. In In 2340, 2340, elements of the Templars and is Incinerators fought Incinerators fought a three–day running battle in the the ruins ruins of of Rhodes Town for the privilege in of being being the the fifirst rst unit to reach the main church. of Casualties ran ran into into hundreds before the Templars Casualties hoisted their their pennant pennant on the church tower. hoisted

LIFE IN AN ORDO The life life of of aa Knight Knight is not all combat and glory. The When aa Knight Knight is is not on active combat duty, his When waking day, day, which which runs from 5 a.m. through to waking 10 p.m., p.m., is is spent spent exercising, praying, studying 10 scripture, or or weapon weapon handling. Don’t think being scripture, Sergeant is is any any easier—they work twice as hard aa Sergeant keeping the the complex complex logistics running. keeping Meals are are served served three times a day. The regular Meals diet is is one one of of gruel, gruel, vegetables, dairy products, diet and bread, bread, almost almost all of which are produced on and the Preceptory’s Preceptory’s lands. Meat is only allowed every the third day day for for Knights Knights and every four days for Serthird geants, even in combat combat situations. Troops in the geants, even in fi eld eat dried rations, field eat dried rations, which are barely palatable but serve serve their their dietary dietary requirements. but


Prayers are are held held six six times times aa day day in in the the PrecepPrecepPrayers times of of war war this this rule rule tory church or cathedral. In times to say say his his prayers prayers is waived, allowing a Knight to allows. Mass Mass is is always always whenever the situation allows. held after a battle. Sacri Ordines’ Ordines’ watchwatchObedience is one of the Sacri breaches are are severely severely words and even minor breaches expected to to comply comply without without punished. A Knight is expected question, hesitation, or individuality individuality to to an an order order from a superior. Few citizens are are cut cut out out for for such such discipline.

TERM OF SERVICE whether as as aa Chaplain, Chaplain, Joining a Sacer Ordo, whether decision taken taken Knight, or Sergeant, is not aa decision Resignation is is possible, possible, lightly. Service is for life. Resignation with aa loss loss of of faith faith and and but this usually coincides with cowardice by by many. many. Even Even is seen as a sign of cowardice are found found work work in in aa Knights crippled in battle are bureaucratic role. years of of age, age, he he is is When a Knight reaches 50 years and assigned assigned aa rearreartaken off frontline duties and an administrator administrator or or echelon position, either as an holding rank rank may may a training instructor. Knights holding cers. At At 70, 70, aa Knight Knight continue to serve as staff officers. service and and retires retires to to is withdrawn from active service the Preceptory to live out his his remaining remaining days days as as a monk. Extreme circumstances circumstances may may see see him him returned to active status, but but most most spend spend their their final years in quiet reflection. AA retiring retiring Knight Knight is is allowed to join the Church as aa priest. priest.

PRECEPTORIES The center of a Knight’s life life is is his his PrecepPreceptory—also called a chapter house house or or monastery. monastery. Individual Preceptories can vary vary in in size size from from aa few dozen administrators in a backwater province backwater province living in a farmhouse to a 200,000 200,000 strong strong military military garrison on the frontline covering covering hundreds hundreds of of square miles. Regardless of size or status, status, all all Preceptories Preceptories contain common features—one features—one or or more more chapels, chapels, barracks, warehouses, armories, armories, mess mess halls, halls, and and administration offices, as well well as as the the option option of of tank parks and runways. Larger Larger Preceptories Preceptories often have a cathedral at their their heart. heart. Preceptories in the war zone zone are are extremely extremely well-defended, with razor wire wire perimeters, perimeters, mineminefields, automatic sentry cannons, cannons, and and constant constant guard patrols. Preceptories in in safer safer areas areas may may have nothing more than a handful of handful of Sergeants Sergeants with guard dogs providing security. security.

WELCOME TO HELL KNIGHTLY KNIGHTLY JUSTICE Much Much to to the the chagrin chagrin of the Curia—the Church civil service—the civil service—the Sacri Sacri Ordines are outside the Church judicial system. Church judicial system. While bishops dispense justice justice to to commoners, commoners, Knights are tried by their peers. peers. Within Within aa Preceptory, Preceptory, the Preceptor Master, the the senior senior Chaplain, Chaplain, and a Knight Commander agreed agreed on on by by both both former parties hear crimes in in the the Preceptor Preceptor Court. Court. The accused is brought before before the the council, council, whereupon his crimes are read read out out to to him. him. He He then enters a plea. Should he plead not guilty, a plead not guilty, a trial trial ensues. Unlike Unlike standard standard Church courts, there are no lawyers. lawyers. Witnesses Witnesses present statements for and against against the the defendant defendant to the council, which then reaches reaches aa verdict verdict based on the evidence provided. vided. AA simple simple majority majority verdict is required from the the council. council. The The Preceptor Preceptor Master, in accordance with with the the Ordo’s Ordo’s specifi specific Rules, then sentences the the guilty guilty party. party. Knights Knights of of higher higher rank are tried by different courts. courts. AA Field Field Master Master and two other Preceptor Masters Masters judge judge Preceptor Preceptor Masters in the Field Court. Court. The The Supreme Supreme Court, comprising of the Grand Grand Master Master and and two two other senior officers, tries Knight Knight of of Field Field Master Master rank and above. Should aa Grand Grand Master be indicted of a crime, Should he answers answers solely solely to to the Pope at a special Pontifihe cal Court. Court. Such Such an an event has never occurred. cal Knights found found guilty guilty of a crime are given one of Knights three punishments, punishments, as best suits the offense. Flogthree ging (anywhere (anywhere from from 5–500 lashes) is reserved ging for minor minor crimes, crimes, such such as swearing, speaking at for mealtime, missing missing prayers, disobedience, and mealtime, so on. on. Major Major crimes, crimes, which include stealing, so blasphemy, common common murder, and gross disobeblasphemy, dience can can be be dealt dealt with by a higher number of dience lashes (anywhere (anywhere up up to 2000 given over a period lashes of time) time) to to aa tour tour with with the Ordo Penitentia (see of page 17). 17). Murder Murder of of a brother Knight, heresy, and page disobedience in in the the face of the enemy (among disobedience others) are are called called mortal mortal crimes. A transfer to the others) Penitents is is the the only only punishment. Penitents Typical sentences sentences with the Ordo Penitentia Typical range from six months months to five years for a major range from six crime, up up to to 10 10 years years for a mortal crime. Knights crime, found to to be be unrepentant unrepentant after their sentence are found expelled from from their their Ordo, excommunicated, or expelled sentenced to to death death (depending on the severity of sentenced the crime). crime). the The terms “crime” “crime” and “sin” mean the same The terms thing within the Sacri Ordines, and indeed the thing within the Sacri Church as a whole. Church as a whole.

REPHAIM 101 Sacri Ordines Ordines After decades of war, the Sacri more common common know something about their more enemies. First, Rephaim come in several several forms. forms. The The most common types are skeletons skeletons and and zombies, basic soldiers in the the Rephaim Rephaim uncommon, are are armies. Vampires, while uncommon, things like like walkwalkknown. Reports indicate things when they they get get ing corpses that explode when the ground ground close, corpses that leap out the steal the the form form then blow up, ones that can steal of their victims, and many more more besides, besides, await humanity’s finest warriors. warriors. invested heavily heavily Second, the Church has invested Despite shredding shredding in flechette weapons. Despite effect on on most most human flesh, they have little effect best weapons weapons Rephaim but they’re the best sword—it’s available. All Knights receive aa sword—it’s a rare mission it isn’t drawn. Third, players and WMs shouldn’t shouldn’t think think from some some old old of Rephaim as creatures from the heart heart will will horror movie. Sure a stake in the large explosion, explosion, kill a vampire, but so will a large concentrated flechette fire, or or hacking hacking itit to pieces. Vampires don’t turn turn into into bats bats or or mist, they don’t burn up in sunlight, sunlight, and and they sure as Hell don’t wear formal formal dress dress when leading troops in the the fifield. eld. They They have been known to dominate dominate weak-willed weak-willed citizens. Their agents are called called “puppets” “puppets” and they look just like any one one of of your your characters. Lastly, the Rephaim can use use all all human human technology. They’ve got flechette echette weapons, weapons, grenades, even tanks. Rumor Rumor has has itit they they also use necromantic powers powers to to create create technology from human corpses. corpses. Despite being priests, Chaplains Chaplains are are treated treated as members of the Ordines. They They are are tried tried by by aa council of fellow Chaplains, one one of of whom whom is is the the Preceptory’s senior Chaplain.

FINANCIAL STATUS For quasi–monastic brotherhoods brotherhoods that that forbid forbid personal wealth, the Ordines are are exceptionally exceptionally wealthy. Each Ordo is not just aa fifighting ghting force, force, but a financial force as well. An army of accounarmy of accoun-


NECROPOLIS 2350 GROUP STRUCTURE Necropolis Necropolis can can be played with both single Ordo Ordo or or mixed-Ordo mixed-Ordo groups. In In mixed mixed Ordo Ordo groups, the characters are assumed assumed to to serve the Ordo of the highest-ranking est-ranking player character. Characters belonging belonging to to a different Ordo have been seconded as seconded as part part of a new program to foster better better inter-Ordo inter-Ordo relationships. Seconded characters characters are are expected to obey their superiors, riors, regardless regardless of their Sacer Ordo, but should should strive strive to maintain their own Ordo’s doctrines doctrines and and goals. The conflict should make make for for good good roleplaying. tants tants and and administrators—typically administrators—typically Sergeants or Knights whose or Knights whose injuries make them unfit for battle—work battle—work tirelessly tirelessly behind the scenes to keep keep each each Ordo’s Ordo’s assets as healthy as possible. Running Running aa sizeable sizeable army is not cheap, and the Ordines Ordines receive receive revenue through donations from rich rich citizens citizens and and friendly companies, trading in stocks stocks and and shares, shares, raising its own taxes and rents, and and engaging engaging in in mercantile activities. Critics argue argue the Ordines are breaking their Critics own sacred sacred vow vow of poverty—the Church sees own things differently. differently. The five Ordines each have a things complex infrastructure infrastructure and diverse needs. The complex cash–strapped Church Church could never support a cash–strapped single Ordo Ordo by by itself let alone five, and so the single Pope exempted exempted the Ordines from all forms of Pope taxation and allowed allowed them to own land for the taxation and purposes of “self purposes of “self sufficiency.” The Ordines Ordines took these rulings to heart and The began trading, trading, able able to undercut local merchants began because of of their their tax exempt status. Land, most because often donated donated by by wealthy patrons, was rented often to Corporations, Corporations, and new settlements built, the to citizens owing owing property property rents to the Preceptory. citizens The Ordines Ordines are are now as financially powerful as The any of of the the smaller smaller Corporations and richer than any many (some (some would would say all) archbishops. many

CHARACTER TYPES Now you’ve you’ve decided decided to join the crusade against Now the Rephaim you the Rephaim you need a character. Here are some of the the more more typical typical archetypes found within the of Sacri Ordines. Sacri Ordines.


Artillerist: Long-range Long-range and and close close support support artilartilArtillerist: advantage over over the the more more lery gives the Church an advantage character Artillerists Artillerists numerous Rephaim. Player character units to to act act as as forward forward are assigned to infantry units or aa close close support support observers for artillery fire, or mortar element. most often often shortshortAssault: The bravest, and most Assault Knights. Knights. Their Their lived, Knights are the Assault head on on using using heavy heavy role is to tackle the enemy head from the the battlefi battlefield. eld. firepower to drive their foes from grade. Church Church media media Few Knights ever make the grade. the best best of of the the best. best. portrays Assault Knights as the has its its Chaplains— Chaplains— Chaplain: Every Ordo has responsible for for the the dedicated men and women responsible spiritual welfare welfare of of the the men men physical, mental, and spiritual are noncombatants, noncombatants, with whom they serve. Many are prohibited. though taking up arms is not prohibited. bridge needs needs conconCombat Engineer: When aa bridge destroying the the Sacri Sacri structing or a fortification destroying Engineers. ConsidConsidOrdines call on the Combat Engineers. rear-echelon troops, troops, Combat Combat ered by many to be rear-echelon required to to work work at at the the Engineers are frequently required head of an army. the Rephaim, Rephaim, the the solsolCombat Medic: Unlike the special immunity immunity to to diers of the Ordines have no special physical injury. When a soldier soldier goes goes down, down, itit is is the responsibility of the medic medic to to get get him him up up and and fighting as quickly as possible. possible. Unlike Unlike Chaplains, Chaplains, Combat Medics care only for the the physical physical wellbewellbeing of the troops and are expected expected to to be be effi efficient cient soldiers themselves. Infantry: Church media portrays portrays the the Knightly Knightly infantryman as the hero of the the people. people. Images Images of of sword wielding Knights standing standing atop atop aa mounmountain of corpses are commonplace commonplace and and used used as as propaganda to recruit new members. members. Infantry Support: Heavy support support weapons weapons are the lynchpins of the infantry. infantry. When When the the going going gets tough, infantry support support are are there there to to lay lay down withering fire with flechette echette machineguns machineguns or cleanse emplacements with with flflamethrowers. amethrowers. Scout: A lonely and dangerous dangerous role, role, the the Scout is nonetheless a vital member of the member of the army. army. Accurate intelligence is vital to to any any military military plan plan and Scouts are often expected to operate expected to operate behind behind enemy lines. Most Scouts are are cross-trained cross-trained as as snipers. Senior Knight: Promotions Promotions within within the the Sacri Sacri Ordines are rare and reaching the rank of reaching the rank of Senior Senior Knight is often the pinnacle of of aa long long and and gloriglorious career. Senior Knights regularly command regularly command aa

WELCOME TO HELL Lance Lance of of Knights, Knights, but but may be given control of a large large number number of of Sergeants Sergeants and vehicle elements in in combat combat situations. situations. Sergeant: Sergeant: Knights Knights may be the elite forces of the the Church Church but but the the Sergeants make up the bulk of the the fifighting ghting force force of of the militant Ordines. Though they they are are members members of of a Sacer Ordo, Sergeants are lower lower in in status status than than Knights. Sergeants can be infantry infantry or or technicians. technicians. Playing a Playing a Sergeant Sergeant is not recommended but is included for included for players players wishing to take a backseat role role or or who who would would rather roleplay their rise to Knighthood. Knighthood. AA player player character Sergeant ranks below below all all Knights Knights and and can expect to be treated as as aa general general dogs dogs body. body. He is also likely to be the one one chosen chosen to to take take point. Vehicle Vehicle Crew: Crew: Although Although the Templars are considered sidered to to command command the elite armored units on Necropolis, Necropolis, every every Ordo Ordo maintains its own tanks and and self-propelled self-propelled artillery (SPA). Despite what the the media media portrays, portrays, tankers lead unglamorous lives, lives, and and are are usually usually called upon to spearhead attacks. Against attacks. Against enemy enemy tanks, the life expectancy of of aa tanker tanker is is not not much much longer than an infantryman. man.

MAKING CHARACTERS The Necropolis Necropolis Savage Setting is designed The around the the crusade crusade to destroy the Rephaim, with around players taking taking on on the the roles of Knights and Chapplayers lains within within the the Sacri Sacri Ordines. lains

1) RACE RACE 1) All characters characters are are human and therefore receive All free Edge. Edge. They They must must meet all the requirements aa free of the the Edge Edge as as normal. normal. of

2) SACER SACER ORDO 2) Every character character should should be either a Chaplain or Every Knight of of aa Sacer Sacer Ordo. Once a character has aa Knight joined an an Ordo, Ordo, whether whether as a Knight or a Chapjoined lain, he he cannot cannot change change Ordo. The Sacri Ordines lain, are detailed detailed individually individually starting on page 11. are

3) BRANCH BRANCH AND RANK 3) All characters characters fifillll a specific role within their All Lance. The branch branch you choose determines the Lance. The minimum requirements minimum requirements needed for the character. These minimums minimums represent represent the skills received These

bought with with the the in basic training, and must be bought and skill skill points. points. AA character’s starting attribute and for aa Knight Knight or or character who does not qualify for Sergeant or or be be Chaplain role must become a Sergeant reworked. Chaplain: Spirit d8, Guts d6, Healing Healing d6 d6 Knight Artillerist: Strength d8, Vigor d8, Vigor d6, d6, Fighting d4, Guts d4, Knowledge Knowledge (Artillery) (Artillery) d6, Shooting d6 Knight Assault: Strength d8, Spirit Spirit d6, d6, Vigor Vigor d8, d8, Fighting d8, Guts d8, Shooting Shooting d8 d8 Knight Combat Engineer: Smarts Smarts d6, d6, Vigor Vigor d6, Fighting d6, Guts d4, Knowledge Knowledge (one (one technical) d6, Repair d6, Shooting Shooting d4 d4 Knight Combat Medic: Smarts d6, d6, Fighting Fighting d4, d4, Guts d6, Healing d6, Shooting Shooting d4 d4 Knight Infantry: Strength d6, Vigor Vigor d6, d6, Fighting Fighting d6, Guts d6, Shooting d6 Knight Infantry Support: Strength Strength d8, d8, Vigor Vigor d6, d6, Fighting d4, Guts d6, Shooting Shooting d8 d8 Knight Scout: Agility d6, Smarts Smarts d6, d6, Vigor Vigor d6, d6, Fighting d4, Guts d4, Notice d6, Shooting d6, Shooting d6, d6, Stealth d8, Survival d6, Tracking Tracking d4 d4 Knight Vehicle Crew: Agility d6, d6, Vigor Vigor d6, d6, Boating, Driving or Piloting d6, d6, Fighting Fighting d4, d4, Guts d4, Repair d4, Shooting d6 d6 Senior Knight: Rank (Senior Knight) Knight) Edge Edge Sergeant: Vigor d6, Fighting d4, d4, Guts Guts d4, d4, Shooting d4


NECROPOLIS 2350 LEADERSHIP Necropolis Necropolis assumes assumes your team is part of a squad squad of of around around 4 to 6 Knights. The player characters characters are are of course the backbone of the squad. the squad. They They don’t work alone, however, and are ever, and are usually accompanied by at least least one one Lance Lance of Sergeants. These are Extras. Extras. The The Senior Senior Knight needs a copy of the the Squad Squad Sheet Sheet found at the back of this book book and and on on our website to record the non-player non-player characters’ characters’ names, statistics, and and basic basic personalities. personalities. The The Senior Senior Knight Knight might sometimes find himself himself commanding commanding as many as five Lances of of Sergeants Sergeants and maybe even an extra Lance Lance or or two two of Knights. These units must be be tracked tracked as as well, though it probably isn’t important important to to create names and personalities ties for for them them unless they will be attached for for an an extended extended period. Besides Besides aa bit bit of bookkeeping, the real challenge lenge in in playing playing Necropolis is the role of leaderships. leaderships. Someone in the group needs to to play play aa Senior Senior Knight. Yes, this means one player player is is going going to tell the others what to do. Your Your hero hero might be ordered to charge do. machine gun gun nest or take point in an aa machine almost certain certain ambush. That’s life in the almost Sacri Ordines, Ordines, and one of the really chalSacri lenging aspects aspects of playing Necropolis. lenging Leaders can can enjoy the thrill of leading a Leaders lightning strike strike raid against an enemy posilightning tion with with no no casualties. Then deal with the tion trauma of of losing losing half their men in the next trauma ght. Knights Knights get to bitch and moan about fifight. everything—which can make for great roleeverything—which playing—but in the end have to do what playing—but they’re told told or or face the consequences. they’re Refuse to to polish polish your armor and you’ll Refuse likely pull pull extra extra KP (“kitchen police”—helplikely ing the the cooks cooks with chores) duty. Desert ing your squad squad when when they’re being overrun by your Rephaim and Rephaim and you’ll be lucky if you aren’t put before before aa fifiring squad. put Like most most Savage Savage Worlds games, Necropolis Like is designed designed for mature players who can is handle giving giving orders and taking them. Try handle and we we think think you’ll really come to like itit and this change change of pace from the egalitarian this nature of of most most parties in fantasy and other nature genres. genres.


4) TRAITS sort of of character character you you Once you’ve decided what sort determine your your traits. traits. want to play, it’s time to determine

ATTRIBUTES d4 in in each each of of his his Your character starts with aa d4 Smarts, Spirit, Spirit, Strength, Strength, five attributes: Agility, Smarts, and Vigor. You then have 5 points points to to distribute distribute among them as you choose. Raising Raising an an attribute attribute a die type costs 1 point, and you you may may not not raise raise an an attribute above d12.

SKILLS buy your your skills. skills. RaisRaisYou also have 15 points to buy point as as long long as as ing a skill by a die type costs 11 point attribute it’s it’s linked linked to. to. It It it’s no higher than the attribute raise aa skill skill over over its its costs 2 points per die type to raise linked attribute. available in in NecropoNecropoAll the standard skills are available Arcane Background Background also also lis. Characters with an Arcane skill. The The only only availavailhave access to a special arcane skill. Knowledge (Artillery) (Artillery) is is able arcane skill is Faith. Knowledge weapons, such such as as howitzers, howitzers, used to fire indirect weapons, mortars, when when the the fifirer rer grenade launchers, and mortars, cannot see the target.

LANGUAGES Humanity retains many of of the the national national lanlanguages common in the 21st century century before before the the expansion into space. All citizens citizens under under Church Church dominion receive schooling in in Latin, Latin, the the de de facto language of the Church. Church. Learning Learning different different languages requires the purchase purchase of of individual individual Knowledge skills, with a d6 indicating indicating basic basic flfluuency. The Rephaim’s language has has been been dubbed dubbed Cryptspeak, though many common common Rephaim Rephaim lack lack the ability to speak. All characters characters begin begin the the game game with a d6 in their native language language and and Latin. Latin.

SECONDARY STATISTICS Charisma is a measure of your yourhero’s hero’slikeability, likeability, and is added to Persuasion and and Streetwise Streetwise rolls. rolls. Your Charisma modifier is +0 +0 unless unless changed changed by by Edges or Hindrances. Pace is equal to 6”, unless unless changed changed by by Edges Edges or Hindrances. Parry is equal to 2 plus half half your your Fighting Fighting die type. Edges, Hindrances, and some types and some types of of equipment can modify your Parry Parry score. score. Fighting Fighting can, in some cases, go above aa d12. d12. In In such such cases, cases, all fractions are rounded down. down.

WELCOME TO HELL Toughness Toughness is is equal equal to 2 plus half your Vigor die die type. type. Edges, Edges, Hindrances, Hindrances, and Armor can modify modify your your Toughness. Toughness. Vigor can, in some cases, go go above above aa d12. d12. In In such cases, all fractions are rounded rounded down. down.

5) 5) SPECIAL SPECIAL ABILITIES All All Knights Knights and and Chaplains receive the Vow (Sacred (Sacred Oaths) Oaths) Major Major Hindrance at the start of the game. game. These These are are the the sacred oaths of chastity, obedience, dience, poverty, poverty, and and piety taken upon accepting the the cross. cross. This This “freebie” “freebie” does not count toward a character’s character’s Hindrance Hindrance limit. To To compensate, compensate, Chaplains Chaplains and Knights receive special special training, training, as as detailed under each Sacer Ordo. Ordo. Sergeants Sergeants take take Minor Vows of obedience, poverty, poverty, and and piety piety only. In return, they receive one one extra extra skill skill point. point. Now Now decide decide ifif you you want any extra Hindrances. IfIf so, so, you you may may now now use the points from them to gain gain one one of of the the benefi benefits below. You may take up to to one one Major Major Hindrance Hindrance (worth 2 points), and up to to two two Minor Minor Hindrances Hindrances (worth 1 point each). For For 11 Hindrance Hindrance point you can gain another skill skill point. point. For For 22 Hindrance Hindrance points you can raise an an attribute attribute by by one one die type or choose an Edge.

6) GEAR GEAR 6) Church characters’ characters’ vow of poverty extends to Church personal belongings belongings as well as money. Members personal ofan an Ordo Ordo start start with with an equipment package based of on their their role role in in the the unit. Sergeants and members on of the the Ordo Ordo Penitentia Penitentia are forbidden from using of grenades and and heavy heavy weapons except in the direst grenades circumstances. The The penalty for breaking this rule circumstances. is flflogging. ogging. is Chaplain: Light Light armor, armor, flechette pistol with 3 Chaplain: mags (optional), (optional), medikit, Book of Common mags Prayers, ID ID tag. tag. Prayers, Knight Artillerist: Artillerist: Light armor, molecular sword, Knight echette pistol pistol with 3 mags, Levant 2.5” flflechette mortar plus plus 55 HE HE shells, choice of 3 grenades, mortar binoculars, ID ID tag. tag. binoculars, Knight Assault Assault Trooper: Trooper: Infantry battle suit, Knight molecular sword, sword, flechette rifle with 3 mags, molecular choice of of 55 grenades, grenades, Dove AT–1 launcher choice with three three warheads, warheads, sledgehammer, ID tag. with Knight Combat Combat Engineer: Medium armor, Knight molecular sword, sword, flechette SMG with 3 molecular mags, toolkit, toolkit, choice choice of 4 mines with remote mags, detonators, choice choice of 3 grenades, ID tag. detonators, Knight Combat Combat Medic: Medic: Light armor, molecular Knight

sword, fl flechette echette SMG SMG with with 33 mags, mags, choice choice of of 33 sword, grenades, medikit, ID tag. Knight Infantry: Medium armor, armor, molecular molecular sword, flechette rifle with 3 mags, mags, choice choice of of 55 grenades, ID tag. Impalers receive receive 33 spears spears or or heartbreakers (their choice). Medium armor, armor, Knight Infantry Support: Medium MG with with 33 mags mags molecular sword, flechette MG cylinders ifif Ordo Ordo (flamethrower with 2 fuel cylinders grenades, ID ID Sacrae Flamulae), choice of 33 grenades, tag. Knight Ordo Penitentia: Molecular Molecular sword, sword, ID ID tag. molecular sword, sword, Knight Scout: Light armor, molecular mags, ghillie ghillie suit, suit, flechette sniper rifle with 2 mags, ID tag. Knight Vehicle Crew: Light armor, armor, molecular molecular sword, flechette pistol with 3 mags, mags, ID ID tag. tag. armor, molecular molecular Senior Knight: Medium armor, mags, choice choice of of sword, flechette SMG with 3 mags, binoculars, mobile mobile 3 grenades, ID scanner, binoculars, command center, ID tag. molecular knife, knife, flflechette echette Sergeant: Light armor, molecular SMG with 3 mags, ID tag. characters receive receive Common Equipment: All characters the following basic equipment, which which is is stored stored in their combat webbing: bedroll, bedroll, canteen canteen (full), (full), combat fatigues, mess kit, medpac, medpac, and and one one week week of basic trail rations. This equipment equipment weighs weighs 15 15 pounds and is generally removed removed before before enterentering combat. All Knights are issued issued with with aa shield, shield, though this is not normally carried carried in in combat. combat.

7) BACKGROUND Spend some time thinking about about your your charcharacter’s background. Why did he he join join the the Ordo? Ordo? Does he agree with Church politics? politics? What What are are his his views on the Corporations? Does Does he he sympathize sympathize with any heresies? Who are his friends? friends? Has Has he he lost family to the Rephaim? A few minutes spent fleshing out out your your characcharacter will add to the roleplaying experience. experience.

THE SACRI ORDINES And the armies which were in in Heaven Heaven followed him upon white horses, horses, Clothed Clothed in fine linen, White and clean. Revelation 19:14


NECROPOLIS 2350 CHAPLAINS Every Every Ordo Ordo maintains maintains a cadre of Chaplains whose task is to whose task is to cater for the physical, mental, and and spiritual spiritual needs needs of the Knights and Sergeants, both on and off both on and off the battlefield. Chaplains belong to to aa Sacer Sacer Ordo Ordo in the same manner as Knights and Sergeants and Sergeants but but with two key differences—they do not undergo do not undergo the same training as Knights and are are not not expected expected to carry weapons—though there is no specifi is no specificc rule rule prohibiting this. Chaplains Chaplains fifitt uneasily into the rigid military structure. structure. Technically Technically they have no rank, nor can they ever can they ever hold hold one, but their vocation places them on an equal them on an equal footing with Senior Knights in terms terms of of the the respect respect due them. According According to to the Rules of the Ordines, Chaplains lains are are not not required required to perform guard duty, cannot cannot be be made made to do physical labor, and have the right right to to question question their commander’s judgment. The The one one exception exception to the latter is in combat, when when the the senior senior ranking Knight has total control of of his his unit. unit. Chaplains Chaplains and and Combat Medics fulfill a similar role role on on the the battlefi battlefield, though Chaplains are also required to to perform perform last rites, act as psycholorequired gists and and spiritual spiritual guides, and function as morale gists officers. cers. The The horrors horrors of Necropolis are many and offi even the the toughest toughest Knights occasionally crack even under the the strain. strain. under The correct correct term term of address for a Chaplain is The “padre.” “padre.”

TABARD AND EMBLEM TABARD Chaplains wear wear black armor emblazoned with Chaplains a gold cross on a gold cross on the breastplate. Shoulder plates are colored colored to to match match the Knights’ tabards of the are Ordo they serve. Ordo they serve. Chaplains wear black fatigues with appropriately appropriately colored cuffs instead of a with tabard. tabard.

SPECIAL TRAINING SPECIAL Blessed: Chaplains Chaplains can buy the Holy Warrior Blessed: Edge without meeting the Arcane Background Edge without meeting (Miracles) and Faith requirements. They receive (Miracles) and Faith Power Points equal Power Points equal to half their Spirit die and use Spirit in in place place of of Faith. Spirit Church Knowledge: Knowledge: As members of the Church clergy, they receive clergy, they receive +2 to Common Knowledge involving the the Church Church or the Sacri Ordines. involving


Healers: Chaplains Chaplains are are trained trained to to heal heal physiphysiHealers: wounds. They They begin begin the the cal, mental, and spiritual wounds. game with a d6 in Healing.

ORDO HASTAE SANCTAE ( IMPALERS) HISTORY the Order Order of of the the Founded in March 2325, the from the the spear spear used used Sacred Lance took its name from to pierce Christ while on the cross. cross. Known Known as as the the Spear of Longinus—also the Holy Holy Lance Lance and and the the Spear of Destiny—the ancient ancient relic relic was was brought brought to Salus a matter of months months before before the the Earth Earth was destroyed. It was kept in the the Pope’s Pope’s private private artifact possessing possessing museum, revered as a holy artifact Pilgrims across across Salus Salus great but unknown powers. Pilgrims it was was brought brought into into would flock to see it when it public view at Easter. founded itit was was granted granted When the Ordo was founded the Spear, Spear, which which is is custodial guardianship of the headquarters. Knights Knights now housed in the Ordo’s headquarters. Spear and and replicas replicas hang hang swear their oaths on the Spear The media media originally originally in every Impaler Preceptory. The Lancers, but but changed changed the the called the Ordo the Lancers, one after after witnessing witnessing name to its more current one their first engagement with the the Rephaim. Rephaim. As with their Templar and Incinerator Incinerator countercounterparts, the Knights and Sergeants Sergeants of of the the Ordo Ordo have have chosen a combat specialty—in specialty—in this this case case melee melee combat. For the most part this this stems stems from from their their guardianship of the Spear of Destiny of Destiny and and their their belief it possesses power over over evil. evil. However, However, there are many who believe Vlad Vlad the the Impaler Impaler was was the first vampire and it is with aa certain certain irony irony they they impale Rephaim on spears in the the manner manner of of this this infamous Romanian warlord. Rephaim defeated in battle are are left left impaled impaled on on long spears as a warning to others others of of their their kind. kind. Spears are also effective at keeping keeping aa Rephaim Rephaim at at arms’ length while colleagues hack hack itit pieces, pieces, and, and, traditionally, for dispatching vampires. vampires. All Knights carry a sword as as part part of of their their offi office, ce, but most are also equipped with with at at least least three three spears, some of which have been been modifi modified ed into into weapons known as heartbreakers heartbreakers (page (page 34). 34). Their Their propensity for fighting Rephaim Rephaim face-to-face face-to-face has has earned them a reputation as being being some some of of the the toughest warriors serving the Church. Church. The Impalers have few quarrels quarrels with with the the other other Ordines, content with leaving them to their them to their petty petty arguments while they get on with with their their work. work.

WELCOME TO HELL GRAND GRAND MASTERS Only Only one one Grand Grand Master has led the Ordo, though though his his deputy, deputy, Simon LeNoir, has effectively ruled ruled for for the the last last two years. Ivan Dmitrovich (Grand Master. (Grand Master. 2325–present) 2325–present) was actually a colonel in the Swiss colonel in the Swiss Guard before accepting the post post of of Grand Grand Master Master of the new Ordo. He is a close friend of the close friend of the Pope, having served him loyally ally for for 20 20 years years before before taking his holy vows. However, However, since since 2344 he has been suffering from from aa progressive progressive wasting wasting disease and, in the last few few years years especially, especially, has taken a less active role in Ordo’s Ordo’s running. running. Many Many suspect he will soon step down down from from offi office. ce.

TABARD TABARD AND EMBLEM Knights Knights and and Sergeants Sergeants both wear white tabards—Knights ards—Knights sport sport a black cross and Sergeants aa red red one. one. Unlike Unlike regular regular crosses, the top of the cross is pointed, resembling cross is pointed, resembling the spear they wield in in combat. combat. Armor Armor is is camouflaged and the cross is worn worn on on the the shoulder. shoulder.

SPECIAL SPECIAL TRAINING Face-to-Face: Face-to-Face: Impalers Impalers prefer to impale their foes. They They add add +2 +2 to Fighting rolls when using foes. spears and and heartbreakers. heartbreakers. spears Total Faith: Faith: Their Their bravery, total belief in their Total cause, and and outright outright aggression give these Knights cause, +2 to to Guts. Guts. +2

In 2321, 2321, the the pope pope publicly publicly proclaimed proclaimed the the In existence of the Lazarites and expanded expanded their their mandate, transferring to them the the exclusive exclusive rights rights to study the Rephaim, as the creatures creatures were were now now theologians joined joined the the known. Scientists and theologians experiments. Ordo in droves to assist with the experiments. Ordines brought brought The formation of the other Ordines internecine confl conflict. ict. the Lazarites into political internecine Only the Lazarites took Rephaim Rephaim prisoners, prisoners, and and the zealousness of the other Ordines Ordines meant meant fewer fewer Grand Master Master petipetiand fewer were available. The Grand the Lazarites Lazarites were were tioned the Pope and in 2323 the any military military operaoperagiven papal authority to halt any specimens is is deemed deemed tion if the “capturing of specimens and one one open open to to necessary”—a loose phrase and interpretation. It became a major major sin sin to to interfere interfere in Lazarite operations or to refuse refuse to to cooperate cooperate the other other Grand Grand with their requests. Protests from the Masters have fallen on deaf ears. ruling offi officers cers knows knows No one outside of the ruling laboratory is is located located or or where every research laboratory performed. Critics Critics what experiments are being performed. veil of of secrecy, secrecy, of of within the Church speak of a veil even of of being being in in colcoldabbling in dark forces, and even lusion with the Rephaim. The Grand Master has responded responded to to these these claims with the Ordo’s need to maintain maintain secrecy secrecy to stop Rephaim attacks aimed at at halting halting the the vital vital

ORDO LAZARI SANCTI ( LAZARITES) HISTORY HISTORY Originally formed formed circa 1130, its original Originally members were were leper leper Knights fighting in the Holy members Land, who who went went on on to found many leper hospiLand, tals. They They were were offi officially cially suppressed in 1790. tals. Papal authority authority reformed reformed the Ordo in secret on Papal 11 January January 2314 2314 in in direct direct response to the growing 11 rumors of of “demons” “demons” plaguing Salus. The Ordo’s rumors Rule decreed decreed the the Knights Knights were to capture as many Rule demons as as possible possible and transport them back to demons Earth for for Church Church theologians theologians and trusted scienEarth tists to to study. study. Covert Covert teams were dispatched and tists on 12 12 January January 2315 2315 the first specimens arrived on on Earth. Specimens on Earth. Specimens were tortured, subjected to batteries of of tests, tests, and and dissected in order to disbatteries cover their biological cover their biological functions and how best to combat their their supernatural supernatural abilities. combat


NECROPOLIS 2350 research research and and of of the the consequences of cultists trying to to infi infiltrate ltrate the the laboratories laboratories to free the specimens. Such Such rhetoric rhetoric does does little to appease the critics. After After nearly nearly 40 40 years of study, the Lazarites have provided provided intriguing intriguing information to the Curia, but they they still still have have aa very very long way to go to fully understanding standing the the diverse diverse “races” of the Rephaim.

Founded on on 16th 16th June June 2320, 2320, the the Incinerators Incinerators Founded Ordo dedicated dedicated purely purely were the second militant Ordo was little little more more than than to combat. At first the Ordo was organization—a force force of of Knights Knights another Templar organization—a lay down down their their lives lives and Sergeants prepared to lay women who who found found the the in just cause. Men and women turned to to the the new new Ordo Ordo Templar credo too rigid turned and its ranks quickly grew.


realized that that part part of of The Grand Master soon realized Rephaim was was their their the problem with fighting the Rephaim zombie cut cut in in half half tendency to multiply quickly. AA zombie together and and reanimated reanimated could be stitched back together of aa fallen fallen foe foe could could to fight again, and the corpse of skeleton. The The Ordo Ordo had had be used as a zombie or a skeleton. belief God God manifested manifested taken its name from the belief Testament times, times, as as fifire, re, himself, at least in Old Testament force. If If the the Rephaim Rephaim and that fire is a purifying force. bodies must must be be puripuriwere to be beaten their evil bodies fied.

The The fifirst rst Grand Grand Master of the Lazarites, Bishop Augusta Bishop Augusta di Roma (GM. 2314–2319), had long long preached preached against against the dangers of believing in in demons, demons, preferring preferring that mankind accepted responsibility responsibility for for his own sins. When the results of the the early early studies studies were brought to his attention he committed committed suicide suicide rather than face an existence where, where, itit seemed, seemed, Hell has opened its doors. Sandra Sandra O’Flaherty O’Flaherty is the current Grand Master (GM. (GM. 2320–present). 2320–present). She joined the Ordo as aa Field Field Master Master at its inception, having previously ously served served as as an officer with the Nagahima Corporation’s Corporation’s mercenary mercenary force. She is a skilled politician politician and and has has persuaded the pope to increase her her Ordo’s Ordo’s infl influence. uence. To her own Knights she is known known as as “Reverend “Reverend Mother”—to her rivals she is commonly commonly referred referred to as “the pope’s whore.”

TABARD AND EMBLEM TABARD Knights of of the the Ordo wear a plain black tabard— Knights Sergeants wear wear aa black tabard with a white cross. All Sergeants soldiers in in the the Ordo Ordo wear unadorned black armor, soldiers regardless of of the the environmental environmental conditions. regardless

SPECIAL TRAINING SPECIAL Rephaim Knowledge: Knowledge: Lazarites start the game Rephaim with Knowledge with Knowledge (Rephaim) d6 and add +2 to any Common Knowledge Knowledge involving these creatures. Common Specimen Collection: Collection: Lazarites gain +2 to Specimen Fighting rolls rolls when when using a corpse catcher and Fighting +2 to to Shooting Shooting rolls when using a tangle gun +2 against Rephaim Rephaim targets. against

ORDO SACRAE FLAMULAE (INCINERATORS) HISTORY HISTORY The Order Order of of the Holy Flame had no predeThe cessors upon which to base its Ordo, though cessors upon which cynics openly remark at their similarity to the cynics openly remark witch–burning Inquisition of Earth’s Renaissance witch–burning Inquisition period. period.


had taken taken to to its its new new By early 2322 the Ordo had Any Rephaim Rephaim the the Ordo Ordo creed like a duck to water. Any re. Any Any settlement settlement discovered were put to the fifire. cultists was was razed razed to to the the thought to be housing cultists became the the Ordo’s Ordo’s infaninfanground. Flamethrowers became choice. try support weapon of choice. re was was unpopular unpopular Their overzealous use of fifire with innocent townsfolk and and members members were were feared as witch–burning fanatics. fanatics. Priests Priests of of burnt burnt villages complained to bishops, bishops, who who complained complained to archbishops. Even the Lazarite Lazarite Grand Grand Master Master lodged formal complaints that that the the Incinerators Incinerators were leaving no Rephaim for study. study. In 2323 the Pope called the the Grand Grand Master Master to to heel and forbade the burning of settlements of settlementsunless unless they were proven strongholds strongholds of of the the Rephaim— Rephaim— villagers accused of collaboration collaboration were were to to be be tried before an ecclesiastical court rather court rather than than summarily executed and the use use of of flflamethrowamethrowers in inhabited areas was to be curbed. to be curbed. Above Above all, the Lazarites were to be given given the the opportunity opportunity to retrieve corpses for experimentation. experimentation. The Grand Master, having having no no wish wish to to be be removed from his office, has in turn brought in turn brought the the Ordo to heel and their reputation reputation with with the the public public is slowly improving. Their flflamethrowers amethrowers may may ignite less often but the fire within within their their hearts hearts has not been dampened.

GRAND MASTERS Two Grand Masters have led led the the Incinerators Incinerators since their founding.

WELCOME TO HELL Henry Henry Dalgleish Dalgleish (GM. 2320–2337) was an Inquisitor–Bishop Inquisitor–Bishop before before taking on the mantle. It was was he he who who fifirst rst promoted promoted the use of fire as the most most effective effective weapon weapon against the Rephaim. He died died in in an an automobile automobile accident. Claude Claude de de Bussey Bussey (GM. 2337–present) was Deputy of the Deputy of the Ordo Ordo when Dalgleish died. Like his his predecessor, predecessor, he he continued the Ordo’s tradition tion of of fifighting ghting evil evil with fire. He sees the Lazarite Grand Grand Master’s Master’s interference interference in his Ordo’s work as paramount paramount to to aa personal personal challenge of honor. It is well well known known he he despises despises Grand Master O’Flaherty and and tensions tensions between between the two have carried down to their troops. to their troops.

TABARD TABARD AND EMBLEM Knights Knights and and Sergeants Sergeants both wear a red tabard with with aa black black cross cross on the chest. Knights wear an an additional additional cross cross on their shoulders. Their scorched scorched armor armor always always has a red chest plate emblazoned emblazoned with with aa black cross—the remainder is camoufl camouflaged. aged.

SPECIAL SPECIAL TRAINING Brave: Brave: Their Their willingness willingness to go into the heart of of aa Rephaim Rephaim lair lair to to deliver “purification” grants them aa +2 +2 bonus bonus to to Guts rolls. them Cleanse by by Fire: Fire: Members of the Ordo gain Cleanse +2 to to Shooting Shooting rolls rolls when using flamethrowers, +2 microflare are guns, guns, or or firing incendiary grenades. In microfl addition, they they gain gain +2 to Throwing rolls when addition, chucking incendiary incendiary grenades. chucking

ORDO TEMPLI NOVI ( TEMPLARS) HISTORY HISTORY In the the last last years years of of the 20th century, stories surIn rounding the the original original Poor Knights of Christ and rounding of the the Temple Temple of of Solomon Solomon (1118–1314) placed of them at at the the heart heart of of an international conspiracy to them control the the fate fate of of Europe. Europe. Their foundation was control linked by by some some to to ancient Egyptian beliefs, their linked continued existence existence attributed to Freemasonry, continued and their goal to preserve preserve the bloodline of Jesus and their goal to Christ. Scholarly research Christ. Scholarly research showed them to be an order of of warrior–monks warrior–monks dedicated to defending order pilgrims in in the the Holy Holy Land who fell from grace pilgrims because of of greed greed by by the French king and Pope. because Whatever their their true true purpose, the original TemWhatever plars were were charged charged with heresy and disbanded by plars Pope Clement and the last Grand Master burnt Pope Clement VV and at the stake. at the stake.

The Order Order of of the the New New Temple Temple was was established established The decree. Whereas Whereas on 13th October 2319 by papal decree. Church’s scientifi scientificc the Lazarites were to be the Church’s them status status as as aa arm, the Templar Rule granted them ghting aa holy holy cause. cause. military Ordo of warriors fighting selected from from military military The initial intake was selected personnel of strong faith, and and the the Templars Templars immediately set about founding founding Preceptories Preceptories near the frontlines. Battle against the Rephaim was was fifirst rst joined joined in in came early early to to Salus, Salus, 2320, a year in which winter came and 300 300 Sergeants Sergeants when a force of 15 Knights and (now Augustus). Augustus). In In landed near the city of Satura (now Templars launched launched a show of faith and might, the Templars waiting for for Lazarite Lazarite straight into battle without waiting their foe. foe. None None sursurscientists to brief them on their media reported reported the the vived the week. Though the media unending hoard hoard of of Knights battling against “an unending darkness” and “ceaseless attacks,” attacks,” the the Templars’ Templars’ eagerness had simply got the better better of of them—a them—a lesson they still have to learn. receptus non non conconThe Templar motto, non receptus surrender), refl reflects ects their their cedere (no retreat no surrender), Knights entering entering unswerving loyalty to the cause. Knights additional vow vow never never to to the Ordo must take an additional they are are the the last last leave the field of battle unless they caused thousands thousands man alive—an attitude that has caused of needless deaths. Despite the the heavy heavy losses, losses, Templars still hold true to their motto. motto. Since 2326 the Templars have have organized organized themselves around mechanized mechanized support support and and are without doubt the best in the the galaxy. galaxy. Their Their Calvary and Golgotha tanks and assorted assorted aircraft aircraft are welcomed on the field of battle battle by by any any allied allied force and their reputation for turning turning the the tide tide of battle on numerous occasions occasions has has won won them them many papal citations. Though other militant Ordines Ordines have have since since been been founded, the Templars take pride pride in in their their being being founded first, a fact they never forget forget to to mention mention to the later Ordines.

GRAND MASTERS Since their inception the Templars Templars have have had had only a single Grand Master, Simon Simon Monterrey Monterrey (GM. 2319–present). Monterrey had had trained trained as as a priest but fought with papal forces forces during during the the Third Reformation, earning his Knighthood Knighthood the the old fashioned way. Although a competent competent stratstrategist he follows the spirit of his his Ordo’s Ordo’s motto. motto. Some say that when he is not planning planning the the next next Templar offensive he flagellates himself himself for for the the countless souls he has sent to the the Creator. Creator.


NECROPOLIS 2350 TABARD TABARD AND EMBLEM Knights Knights wear wear a white tabard with a red Maltese cross cross on on the the chest—Sergeants chest—Sergeants a black tabard with aa red red cross. cross. In In battle, battle, their armor is camouflaged to suit the local to suit the local terrain, but a white (or black) square square and and cross cross can always be found on their left breasts. left breasts.

SPECIAL SPECIAL TRAINING Vehicle Vehicle Expertise: Expertise: Templars receive +1 to Boating, Boating, Driving, Driving, or Piloting (pick one). This bonus bonus stacks stacks with with the Ace Edge. They also gain +1 +1 to to Shooting Shooting when using the vehicle mounted weapons weapons of of the the same vehicle type and +1 to Repair such vehicles. Repair such vehicles. For For example, example, a Templar choosing +1 Driving would would receive receive the the bonus for any land vehicle, from from aa sports sports car car to a grav tank. He also gains a +1 +1 to to Shooting Shooting when when using weapons mounted on these these vehicles vehicles and and a +1 to Repair such vehicles. He He gains gains no no bonuses bonuses for watercraft or aircraft, even even if if they they have have weapon systems similar to those those on on land land vehicles. vehicles.

ORDO VERBI BAENEDICTI (PREACHERS) HISTORY HISTORY The last last offi official cial Sacer Ordo was created in JanuThe ary 2328 2328 and and is is the least militant. The Pope had ary already created created an an Ordo to study the Rephaim and already three Ordines Ordines to to combat them, but he needed an three Ordo to to protect protect the common people. This is the Ordo offi cial role of the the Order of the Blessed Word. official role of

The Pope Pope gave gave the the Preachers Preachers four four main main goals. goals. The the Word Word of of God God to to First, they were to spread the the sphere sphere of of the the remote settlements beyond the and in in Corporate Corporate Church’s direct influence and enclaves. Second, they were were to to protect protect these these areas from Rephaim incursion—a incursion—a mandate mandate that that includes the ferreting out of collaborators. collaborators. Third, Third, they were to act as hospitallers, hospitallers, bringing bringing medical medical aid to remote areas and caring caring for for the the hearts hearts and and minds of the sick. Fourth, they they were were to to train train setsettlers to defend themselves against against the the Rephaim. Rephaim. In short, they were to win hearts hearts and and minds. minds. The Corporate media often often portrays portrays the the Preachers as missionaries converting converting colonists colonists by by the sword. In fact, nothing could could be be further further from from Preceptories are are built built among among the truth. Their Preceptories heavily armed armed reinreinrural communities, where heavily between. Yet Yet they they are are forcements are few and far between. settlements and and do do charged with defending these settlements mere handful handful of of so with great bravery. Often aa mere village against against odds odds Knights are left to defend a village numbering dozens–to–one. common people people has has won won Their work with the common all the the Ordines, Ordines, their their them many supporters. Of all most widespread. widespread. intelligence network is the most Ordines as as set set upon upon Many folk see the other Ordines pedestals, but the Preachers are are widely widely trusted trusted and information reaches their their Preceptories Preceptories from from a variety of sources. From village village priests priests whose whose settlements were saved, to cattle cattle farmers farmers whose whose child they delivered, to the Corporate Corporate wage–slave wage–slave whose ears were opened to a new new hope, hope, rumors rumors of Rephaim activity and heresy heresy fifilter lter slowly slowly back back to the nearest Preacher Preceptory. Preceptory.

GRAND MASTERS The Preachers are unusual in in that that their their Grand Grand Masters are often found operating operating in in the the fifield. eld. As humanitarian as this may be, be, ambushes ambushes and and attacks have resulted in a disproportionately disproportionately high number of Grand Masters Masters given given their their short short existence. The first Grand Master was Cardinal Cardinal Luigi Luigi SalvaSalvatore (GM. 2328–2335), former former head head of of the the Vatican Vatican Relief Agency. He was killed by aa vampire’s vampire’s puppet puppet on a visit to a Preceptory in New New Carpathia. Carpathia. Next came Montalban Gregory Gregory (GM. (GM. 2335– 2335– 2339). Gregory was a missionary serving missionary serving in in New New Carpathia when he was named named as as successor. successor. Although an outsider, the Ordo Ordo prospered prospered under under his short rule and he founded many founded many new new PrecepPrecep-


WELCOME TO HELL tories tories and and hospitals. hospitals. Gregory was killed when Corporate Corporate forces forces shot shot down the troop ship in which he was traveling. which he was traveling. Patricia Patricia Pryce Pryce (GM. (GM. 2339–2344) was promoted from Seneschal from Seneschal when when Gregory was killed. Her tough stance on tough stance on providing providing free medical care to the poor alienated the poor alienated many in the Curate. She died of of typhus typhus while while treating treating plague victims. The The current current Grand Grand Master is Nicholas Boyle (GM. (GM. 2344–present). 2344–present). Former Marshal of the Ordo, he he has has increased increased the the number of Preceptories and stepped stepped up up the the training training of colonists. Many see him him as as aa radical radical and and accuse him of moving toward aa more more militant militant stance. stance. In which direction the Ordo Ordo will will turn turn under under his rule is widely debated.

TABARD TABARD AND EMBLEM Knights Knights wear wear aa green green tabard with a white cross and and Sergeants Sergeants aa black black cross. Regardless of camouflflage, age, colored colored squares squares are worn over their hearts on on their their armor. armor.

SPECIAL SPECIAL TRAINING Hearts Hearts & & Minds: Minds: Preachers are trained to win hearts and and minds minds and and have +2 Charisma. hearts Training Cadre: Cadre: Preachers are responsible for Training training local local militias militias to combat the Rephaim. training The Preacher Preacher acts acts as as if he has the Command Edge The when leading citizen when leading citizen or militia allies. A character who already already possesses possesses the Edge increases his who command radius radius to to 10” (or 15” if he also has command Command Presence) Presence) with regard to citizens and Command militia. militia.

ORDO PENITENTIA ( PENITENTS) The Penitents Penitents are are not a true Knightly Ordo in The the manner manner of of those those above. They are an Ordo the whose membership membership is quite exclusive—they only whose accept criminals criminals from from the other Sacri Ordines. accept Starting characters characters may only join this Ordo as Starting result of of purchasing purchasing the Penitent Hindrance aa result (page 19). 19). (page

HISTORY HISTORY Founded in in 2333 2333 by joint agreement of the Founded fi ve Grand Masters, five Grand Masters, the Ordo serves as a way for Knights and and Chaplains Chaplains who have fallen from grace Knights to redeem themselves. to redeem themselves. Only the most serious of

crimes results results in in transfer transfer to to the the Penitents, Penitents, though though crimes sometimes given given aa persistent minor offenders are sometimes out. short tour to straighten them out. military prison, prison, where where Serving in a regular military considered an an easy easy option option Sergeants are sent, is considered compared to life as a penitent penitent Knight. Knight. PhysiPhysical punishment is common, training training is is twice twice as as brutal, and theological lessons dwell dwell on on the the sins sins of man and eternal life in Hell. into combat combat zones zones Fallen Knights are shipped into armor and and ballistic ballistic with few luxuries, including armor forbidden to to them them weapons. Even grenades are forbidden Ordo. Many Many scrounge scrounge while they serve within the Ordo. battlefield, eld, but but being being weapons and armor on the battlefi in aa longer longer sensencaught with them can result in tence. The only way a Penitent can redeem redeem himself himself his own own soul soul by by is through combat, cleansing his Rephaim. Some Some comcomdispatching those of the Rephaim. Penitents under under their their manders like to think of Penitents the Ordo Ordo does does not not control as suicide troops, but the unnecessarily. exist to waste lives unnecessarily. repent his his sins sins and and is is A dead Knight cannot repent battle against against great great useless to the Church. They battle at least least aa fifighting ghting odds, but they are always given at chance to succeed.

GRAND MASTERS The Ordo has no Grand Master. Master. The The highest highest rank is Field Master. Although a senior senior offi official cial of of any Ordo may in theory overrule overrule him, him, the the Field Field Master is generally given free reign reign to to act act as as he he sees fit while in office. At his disposal disposal are are Knights Knights of lesser rank and Sergeants (both (both known known as as warwardens), as is normal within an Ordo. Ordo. Wardens are drawn by random random lot lot from from the the five main Ordines and serve with with the the Penitents Penitents for one year. There is no shame attached attached to to this this duty. Many Knights the see chance chance to to redeem redeem aa fellow Knight as a sacred task. Those sentenced to serve with with the the Penitents Penitents are stripped of all rank, whether whether one one was was aa SerSergeant or a Field Master beforehand. beforehand. As As the the Ordo’s Ordo’s motto says, “all sinners are equal equal in in the the eyes eyes of of the Lord.”

TABARD AND EMBLEM Penitents wear a gray tabard with with aa yellow yellow cross. cross. Their armor, on the rare occasion occasion itit is is issued, issued, has has a large yellow cross on the chest chest plate. plate. Wardens Wardens retain their normal tabards but but wear wear aa yellow yellow cross on their left shoulder.


NECROPOLIS 2350 SPECIAL SPECIAL TRAINING Edge Edge Restrictions: Restrictions: Penitents begin the game as Knights Knights but but cannot cannot purchase the Rank Edge until they they return return to to their their unit. Likewise, Church media never never gives gives these these fallen Knights coverage—they may may not not purchase purchase the Media Star Edge. Seen Seen It It All: All: Penitents Penitents do not actually receive any any formal formal training, training, but their frequent use as shock shock troops troops against against Rephaim has hardened them to to the the terrors terrors of of their foes. Penitents receive +2 to Guts rolls. to Guts rolls.

SERGEANTS The The image image of of heavily heavily armored Knights standing atop a mountain atop a mountain of Rephaim corpses is common enough enough on on the the news channels, but in truth the bulk bulk of of the the Ordines’ Ordines’ fighting force is made up of Sergeants. Sergeants. To To most most citizens the differences are simple—Sergeants simple—Sergeants are not as heroic and wear a different different tabard. tabard. As with most things within the Church, Church, there there is is more to it than meets the eye. Sergeants Sergeants are are a combination of Squires who failed failed to to make make the the grade of Knighthood and ordinary nary citizens citizens who who have chosen to join the Ordo as aa way way out out of of the long unemployment lines. as Both see see serving serving as a Sergeant as a step toward Both Knighthood. As As with with Knights, Sergeants take vows Knighthood. of poverty, poverty, piety, piety, and obedience, but may marry of (casual sex sex is is still still frowned upon). Sergeants are (casual forbidden to to carry carry swords as these are the mark forbidden of aa Knight. Knight. of In return return for for this this dedication, Sergeants receive In a pardon for any a pardon for any minor sins they committed before joining joining the the Ordo, free room and board, before the chance chance to to become become a Knight, and a guaranteed the seat in in Heaven Heaven ifif they die fighting for the Ordo. seat Sergeants have have their own ranks, but are always Sergeants subservient to to Knights. A Sergeant does not subservient hold the the rank rank of of that name as used by Corporate hold armies. armies. The lowest lowest rank rank is that of Sergeant itself, The equivalent to to aa private private in Corporate armies. Next equivalent are the the Sergeant Sergeant Commanders, seasoned warare riors with with many many years good service who act as the riors NCOs of of the the Sergeant Sergeant corps. Topping the ladder NCOs are Sergeant-Knights. Sergeant-Knights. Hardened veterans who are have proven proven their their value to the Ordo, a Sergeanthave Knight can generally Knight can generally expect to be ordained as a Knight after after fifive ve to ten years’ service in this role. Knight


Sergeants hold hold combat combat positions positions as as infantryinfantrySergeants administrative posts posts as as men and technicians, and administrative supervisors, though though often often merchants and estate supervisors, charge. The The Templars Templars are are with a Knight in overall charge. Sergeants to to operate operate unusual in that they allow Sergeants as combat vehicle crew as well well as as technicians technicians and and supply drivers. Sergeants willing to fight side side by by side side with with the the Knights greatly swell infantry numbers. numbers. Without Without the Sergeants the Sacri Ordines Ordines would would be be aa shadow of their current status. status.

TABARD AND EMBLEM and emblems emblems of of the the Sergeants wear the colors and having no no separate separate Knightly Ordo they serve, having organization of their own.

SPECIAL TRAINING of the the Ordines, Ordines, and and Sergeants are the “grunts” of receive no special training.

HINDRANCES The following Hindrances are are not not available available to to Church characters: Doubting Thomas, Illiterate, Thomas, Illiterate, One Arm, One Leg, Outsider, Outsider, Poverty, Poverty, Wanted, Wanted, and Young.

ALL THUMBS (MAJOR) Technology plays as much aa part part in in the the success success of the Sacri Ordines as the spirit of its men. As spirit of its men. Assuch, such, All Thumbs is a Major Hindrance Hindrance in in Necropolis. Necropolis. The penalty applies to modern modern ranged ranged weapons, weapons, vehicles, and heavy ordnance. ordnance.

BULLET MAGNET (MAJOR) The character has the unfortunate unfortunate tendency tendency to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. the wrong time. The The character is hit by adjacent fifire re (using (using Innocent Innocent Bystander rules) on a 1–2 for for single single shot shot weapweapons and 1–3 for shotguns or full-auto fi full-auto fire. re. He He also also suffers a hit by suppressive fire re on on aa roll roll of of 1–2. 1–2.

F-ING NEW GUY (MINOR) Fresh from Squires’ training training and and very very wet wet behind the ears, the FNG is the runt of the the runt of the squad. squad. He has few friends among his his peers, peers, is is often often the the brunt of jokes, and receives the worst duties. the worst duties.

WELCOME TO HELL The The newbie newbie is is never never dealt cards on the first round round of of any any combat combat (he’s always “surprised”). In In addition, addition, he he subtracts subtracts 2 from Guts rolls when facing facing Rephaim Rephaim as as well well as most Common Knowledge edge rolls rolls involving involving the military and the Rephaim. An An FNG FNG cannot cannot begin begin the game with the Rank (Senior (Senior Knight) Knight) Edge. Edge. Of Of course, course, an an FNG FNG doesn’t stay new forever. The reason such an The reason such an awful Hindrance is Minor is because because itit can can be be bought bought off. After After each each relatively relatively active month (48 days), the hero hero makes makes aa Smarts Smarts roll at –2. If the roll is successful, cessful, he he drops drops one one group of penalties—either the the action action card card penalty penalty or the –2 to Guts and Common Common Knowledge Knowledge rolls. He may roll again after after another another month month to rid himself of the other penalty, penalty, at at which which point point he is no longer the FNG.

PENITENT PENITENT (MINOR) The The character character has has been sentenced to the Ordo Penitentia. Penitentia. The The character character must decide to which Ordo Ordo he he belonged belonged and his occupation before becoming becoming aa Penitent. Penitent. His transfer was approved before before he he advanced advanced to special training—the character acter gains gains only only the the “special training” of Ordo Penitentia. Penitentia. In In addition, addition, the character cannot purchase the the Rank Rank Edge. purchase Under the the Penitents’ Penitents’ Rule, the character is Under forbidden from from wearing wearing armor or using any forbidden weapon other other than than his molecular sword. He can weapon also expect expect to to be be put put on point and used to set also off enemy enemy ambushes ambushes every time he goes into the off eld. fifield. character returned returned to his old unit (typically AA character this should should be be after after 1d4+4 months) is allowed this to arm arm himself himself appropriate appropriate to his position and to assumes the the rank rank of of Knight. He may acquire all assumes his order’s order’s Special Special Training bonuses when he his reaches the the next next character character Rank, but must spend reaches single advancement advancement to do so. Guts bonuses aa single from Special Special Training Training do not stack. Having served from his time, he is no longer longer considered a Penitent. his time, he is no

SLOW (MAJOR) (MAJOR) SLOW The character character draws draws two cards in combat and The acts on on the the worst. worst. If If he draws a Joker as his first acts card, he he uses uses itit normally normally and ignores this Hincard, drance for for the the round. round. drance Slow characters Slow characters cannot take the Quick Edge, but they can can improve improve their reaction time by taking but they the Level Headed Edges (but not during characthe Level Headed Edges ter generation). For ter generation). For this soldier, Level Headed

allows them them to to draw draw one one card card and and act act normally. normally. allows Improved Level Headed grants them them two two cards cards and they act on the best of the two. two.

WEAK WILLED (MINOR) The character is more a sheep than than aa shepherd shepherd character suffers suffers aa –2 –2 and lacks willpower. The character to perform perform them them penalty to Tests of Will (both to opposed use use of of and resist them), as well as any opposed Spirit roll. roll. AA weak weak arcane powers requiring a Spirit the Strong Strong Willed Willed willed individual cannot have the Edge.

EDGES not be be taken taken by by The following Edges may not Background (Magic, (Magic, Church characters: Arcane Background Weird Science), Science), Psionics, Superpowers, and Weird requiring these these are are Noble, and Rich. Any Edges requiring likewise disallowed.

BACKGROUND EDGES HOLY FIRE Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+ d8+ When the going gets tough this this character character grits grits his teeth and pushes forward. When When spending spending aa benny, the character receives a +1 +1 bonus bonus to to the the reroll.

NEPOTISM Requirements: Novice Nepotism, the act of favoring family family members members (or close friends), is rife in the Church. Church. The The charcharacter has a family member or close close friend friend placed placed high within his Sacer Ordo. The character may join any branch branch of of the the Sacri Ordines without needing needing to to meet meet the the minimum trait requirements. The character may The character may also purchase the Rank (Senior (Senior Knight) Knight) Edge Edge without meeting any of the requirements. requirements. If If the the Wm allows it, he may also take the the Rank Rank (Knight (Knight Commander) Edge ignoring all all requirements. requirements. Such officers usually prove disastrous disastrous in in the the fifield eld as they lack the experience required to hold the required to hold the position.


NECROPOLIS 2350 Unfortunately, Unfortunately, such favoritism leads to animosity mosity among among his his comrades, and the character subtracts subtracts 22 from from Charisma when dealing with Knights Knights or or Chaplains. Chaplains.

VALHALLA VALHALLA GRADUATE Requirements: Requirements: Novice, Wild Card, Smarts d6+, d6+, Spirit Spirit d6+, d6+, Intimidation d6+, Knowledge (Battle) (Battle) d8+, d8+, Shooting Shooting d6+, Command The The character character is a graduate of Asgard’s Valhalla Military Military Academy. Academy. Like all graduates, he served aa minimum minimum of of five years with Asgard’s security forces forces after after graduating. graduating. Since Knights are not accepted accepted at at Valhalla, Valhalla, this means the character graduated graduated and and served served his time before joining an Ordo, Ordo, hence hence this this is a Background Edge. The The character character gains +1” to his “command radius” radius” per per character character Rank, starting at Novice. He gains gains +1 +1 to to all all Knowledge Knowledge (Battle) rolls. In addition, tion, he he may may ignore ignore the Rank requirements when taking taking Leadership Leadership Edges.

COMBAT EDGES ASSAULT ASSAULT Requirements: Seasoned, Rock and Roll Requirements: Assaulting an an enemy position often means a Assaulting full frontal frontal charge, charge, and being able to lay down full hail of of fifire re on on the approach can mean the difaa hail

ference between between life life and and death. death. The The character character ference may ignore the recoil penalty for for fifiring ring aa weapon weapon on fully automatic when moving, moving, even even ifif he he runs runs (though for the latter he still suffers suffers aa multi multi action action penalty).

BLOOD AND GUTS Requirements: Veteran, Fighting Fighting or or Shooting Shooting d10+ share of of battle. battle. The The The character has seen his share between tokens tokens when when hero halves the difference between Shooting roll roll in in aa Mass Mass making a Fighting or Shooting down). Battle if it is negative (round down).

CLIPPING THE GRASS Rock and and Roll Roll Requirements: Seasoned, Rock provide true true grazgrazThis machine-gunner can provide off the the ground. ground. The The ing fire—just a few inches off echette or or laser laser MG MG but but weapon may be either a flechette must be braced on a grounded grounded bipod, bipod, window, window, or or other solid surface. re, those those caught caught in in When using suppressive fire, damage on on aa Spirit Spirit roll roll the area of effect suffer damage (1–3 against against Bullet Bullet of a 1 or 2 instead of just 1 (1–3 Magnets).

DEFENSIVE DRIVER Requirements: Seasoned, Boating, Boating, Driving Driving or or Piloting d8+, Notice d6+ A sudden turn or a quick dive dive behind behind cover cover can save a vehicle from destruction. destruction. Unless caught by a surprise surprise attack attack and and taken taken completely unawares, attackers must subtract attackers must subtract 11 from any attack roll against aa vehicle vehicle driven driven by by a character with this Edge. Drivers Drivers may may make make aa Boating, Driving, or Piloting roll roll (as (as appropriate appropriate to the vehicle) at +1 to evade evade area area effect effect attacks attacks when allowed.

IMPROVED DEFENSIVE DRIVER Requirements: Veteran, Defensive Defensive Driver Driver As above but attackers subtract subtract 22 from from their their attack rolls, and the character character adds adds +2 +2 to to evade evade area effect weapons when allowed. allowed.

DIG IN! Requirements: Novice, Smarts Smarts d6+ d6+


WELCOME TO HELL This This character character is is good at making himself small and and getting getting the the most most out of any cover he is in. The The Cover Cover level level of of the the character’s position (Light, Medium, Heavy) is Medium, Heavy) is increased increased by one category, to a maximum of “near total,” maximum of “near total,” which grants a –6 Cover modifi modifier. er. This This benefi benefit applies only to the character with the Dig ter with the Dig In In Edge—other characters in the same position use same position use the normal Cover level—and there there must must be be cover cover available. A character in a flflat, open fi eld can’t at, open field can’t benefit from Light Cover just because because he he has has this this Edge.

IMPROVED IMPROVED DIG IN Requirements: Requirements: Wild Card, Seasoned, Dig In! This This soldier soldier seems seems to be able to blend into the ground when under ground when under fire. He can find the most advantageous advantageous fold fold or nook to fit his body into to to avoid avoid incoming incoming fire. When prone, this soldier receives receives –4 –4 protection protection instead of the usual –2. He He is is also also only only hit hit by by Suppressive Fire if both his Spirit Spirit die die and and his his Wild Wild Die come up ones. While While this this Edge Edge is is negated if the attacker moves within within 3”, 3”, the the character character still receives this Edge’s benefi benefits ts ifif attacked attacked from the side.

ÉLAN ÉLAN Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d8+ Requirements: Your character character has has a distinctive and vigorous Your ghting spirit. spirit. He He has has confidence in his abilities fifighting and the the determination determination to overcome all obstacles. and Where others others just just want to get the job done, a Where character with with the the Élan Edge goes about it with character air and and dash. dash. flflair Characters with with the Élan Edge who spend a Characters benny to to reroll reroll aa trait trait roll and score a raise on the benny reroll have have their their benny benny returned to them. reroll

EYE FOR FOR TERRAIN EYE Requirements: Novice, Notice d6+ Requirements: you have have aa good good eye for terrain you can IfIf you quickly fifigure gure the the best best places to set an ambush, quickly or the the best best routes routes to take that will avoid likely or ambush locations. locations. Your Your character has a talent for ambush picking good good defensive defensive terrain as well. picking This Edge Edge gives gives your your character a +2 on Notice This rolls to spot an ambush rolls to spot an ambush (but not minefields). When setting setting an an ambush, ambush, you and all the soldiers When under your command under your command have a +2 on their Stealth rolls to to remain remain hidden. hidden. rolls

GRENADE LAUNCHER KING Shooting d8+ d8+ Requirements: Novice, Shooting an uncanny uncanny knack knack A soldier with this Edge has an can lob lob his his shots shots with grenade launchers and can all deviation deviation rolls rolls with startling accuracy. Halve all for grenades launched by this soldier. soldier.

GRENADE LAUNCHER GOD Requirements: Seasoned, Marksman, Marksman, GreGrenade Launcher King These veteran soldiers really really know know how how to to and take take great great reach out and thump someone and destructive effect effect of of pride in the accuracy and destructive God knows knows how how their fire. The Grenade Launcher God the most most damage damage to angle the shot so that it does the halves deviation deviation rolls rolls to the targets beneath it. He halves grenade’s damage damage as above, and adds +2 to his grenade’s rolls.

HOSE ’EM DOWN Shooting d8+ d8+ Requirements: Novice, Shooting machine-gunner can can suppress suppress With this Edge a machine-gunner an area more effectively than a regular regular gunner. gunner. When using a braced flechette or or laser laser machinemachinegun, this hero can suppress an area area equal equal to to two two Medium Burst Templates. The second second template template must be adjacent to the first in in any any direction, direction, and the weapon burns through double double its its usual usual amount of ammunition.

IMPROVED HOSE ‘EM DOWN Requirements: Seasoned, Hose Hose ‘Em ‘Em Down Down This edge allows an MG gunner gunner to to suppress suppress an area equal to three Medium Burst Burst Templates, Templates, at triple the usual amount of ammo ammo spent. spent. Each Each template must be adjacent to the fi rst. the first.

INCOMING Requirements: Novice, Smarts Smarts d6+, d6+, Notice Notice d6+ On the battlefield, soldiers quickly quickly learn learn to to identify threats and respond without without hesitation. hesitation. For ground troops, enemy artillery artillery fifire re is is one one of of the greatest threats. After a while, while, many many vets vets are are able to distinguish the sounds of of different different kinds kinds of artillery fire, both friendly and enemy, and enemy, and and determine if it is outgoing or incoming. incoming.


NECROPOLIS 2350 Whenever Whenever aa character character with the Incoming Edge is is under under artillery artillery attack, he gets a +2 on his Agility ity roll roll to to avoid avoid damage. Even if the roll fails, he may may choose choose to to go go prone as a free action (even if it is is not not his his turn turn to to act).

TANK TANK BUSTER Requirements: Requirements: Seasoned, Shooting d10+ Being Being able able to to disable a tank quickly by hitting its its weak weak spot spot takes takes a steady hand and keen eye. AA hero hero with with this this Edge who scores a Critical Hit on on aa vehicle vehicle may may alter the result on the Critical Hit Hit Table Table by by one one point (up or down). He modifies the the result result after after the the dice are rolled.

TANK TANK HUNTER Requirements: Requirements: Novice, Guts d6+, Notice Notice d6+, d6+, Shooting Shooting d6+ The The best best weapon weapon to use against aa tank tank is is another another tank. Without one, one, soldiers soldiers have have to do the job themselves. themselves. To To an infantryman aa tank tank is is an an invincible invincible armored monster. monster. To To aa hero with this Edge, Edge, aa tank tank is is just a large target. target. When attacking attacking armored When vehicles, your your character character knows vehicles, how to to hit hit the the weaker points how of the the vehicle vehicle and and adds +4 to of the AP AP value value of of his weapon. the This bonus bonus applies applies to attacks This with ranged ranged anti-tank anti-tank weapons with or close close up up weapons weapons like mines. The or weapon the the hero hero uses must still be weapon able to to affect affect armored armored vehicles. able

WALL OF FLAME WALL Requirements: Seasoned, ShootRequirements: ing d8+ d8+ ing Flamethrowers are one of the Flamethrowers most effective effective weapons for dealmost ing with with Rephaim. Rephaim. This devestating ing weapon can can be be used to clear large areas weapon and diffi difficult cult to to reach reach targets. and The character The character has developed a technique for cleansing larger area than normal flamethrower cleansing aa larger use. When using a flamethrower, he places a use. When using second Cone Templates adjacent to one side of second Cone Templates the the fi rst (his choice), affecting everything the the first (his beneath both templates. beneath both templates.


LEADERSHIP EDGES ART OF WAR Smarts d8+, d8+, KnowlKnowlRequirements: Novice, Smarts edge (Battle) d8+ an intuitive intuitive grasp grasp Some military men have an They also also have have aa keen keen of strategy and tactics. They their enemies, enemies, and and can can insight into the minds of their ght more more mediocre mediocre easily outmaneuver and outfight leaders. When up against an opponent opponent of of similar similar skill and guile, it is a challenge challenge they they face face with with relish. Characters with the Art Art of of War War Edge Edge are are the ones whose quotations end end up up in in the the history history books. gets aa +2 +2 on on KnowlKnowlYour hero gets (Battle) rolls, rolls, and and mat mat edge (Battle) make

BORN LEADER Requirements: Veteran Veteran Requirements: Command comes easy tothis this Command comes easy to his troops troops respect respect Knight and his looks after after his his men men and and him. He looks look after after each each other. other. teaches them how to look Soldiers making group group rolls rolls under under this this leader’s command roll roll d8 d8 as as the the Wild Wild Die instead of d6.

CRY HAVOC! Requirements: Veteran, Requirements: Veteran, Spirit d8+, Knowledge Knowledge (Battle) (Battle) d10+, Command, Command, Fervor Fervor The general has an an knack knack for for knowknowing when to attack attack and and when when to to hold back. Once per per Mass Mass Battle, Battle, during the the Battle Battle Roll Roll Phase, Phase, the character character may may declare declare a total attack. attack. He He must must do do this before he rolls before he rolls his his Battle die. die. If If he he succeeds succeeds in in his roll and beats his opponent, opponent, his his enemy enemy loses loses one extra token.

COMMAND PRESENCE Requirements: Novice, Command Command A booming voice, effective effective hand hand signals, signals, or or simple training as a unit results in a much results in a much more more effective combat element. At the the center center of of that that

WELCOME TO HELL element element is is the the Knight Knight in charge. An NCO or officer cer with with this this Edge Edge has a command radius of 10” instead instead of of the the usual usual 5”.

DEATH DEATH BEFORE BEFORE DISHONOR Requirements: Requirements: Veteran, Knowledge (Battle) d10+, d10+, Command, Command, Hold Hold the Line The The character character has has led his army to many victories, ries, and and the the men men have have come to accept retreat as aa stain stain on on their their honor. honor. The The character character gains gains +2 to Spirit rolls when rolling rolling for for Morale Morale in in a Mass Battle.

FANATICISM FANATICISM Requirements: Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d8+, Command mand Some Some leaders leaders command command fanatical loyalty from their their followers. followers. These These fanatics march willingly into into the the lairs lairs of of the the most fearsome Rephaim. Troops Troops under under command command of a character with this Edge Edge add add +1 +1 to to their their Guts rolls.

TACTICIAN TACTICIAN Requirements: Requirements: Seasoned, Wild Card, Smarts d8+, Knowledge Knowledge (Battle) (Battle) d6+, Command d8+, The hero hero has has aa natural natural grasp of small unit tacThe tics and and can can instantly instantly take advantage of a rapidly tics changing situation. situation. changing At the the beginning beginning of a fight, before any initiaAt tive cards cards are are dealt, dealt, the hero makes a Knowledge tive (Battle) roll. roll. For For each each success and raise he receives (Battle) one initiative initiative card. card. These are kept separate from one his regular regular initiative initiative cards and are not placed back his into the the deck deck until until used or the combat ends. into At the the start start of of any any round, the hero may give At one or more of these one or more of these extra cards to his allies, whether Extras Extras or or Wild Wild Cards, who then use it as whether their initiative card their initiative card for the round in place of the one dealt dealt them. them. This This does allow Extras to operate one independently of Wild Card characters for one independently of Wild round if they receive round if they receive their own card. Only one hero per per encounter encounter may use this Edge. hero

PROFESSIONAL EDGES DEMO EXPERT EXPERT DEMO Requirements: Novice, Agility d6+, KnowlRequirements: edge (Demolitions) d6+, Guts d6+ edge (Demolitions)

This character character is is intimately intimately familiar familiar with with all all This and booby-traps. booby-traps. sorts of explosives, detonators, and rolls made made to to set, set, This soldier gets a +2 to all rolls and booby-traps booby-traps disarm, or improvise explosives and can cover cover aa range range (but not to Notice them). This can determined by by your your War War of abilities and skills determined disposal, bomb bomb Master (for example ordnance disposal, demolition). making, or structural demolition).

MEDIC Healing d6+ d6+ Requirements: Novice, Healing can get get wounded wounded A character with this Edge can seconds. soldiers up and fighting again in seconds. wounded non-Wild non-Wild If the medic can get to a wounded in which which he he was was Card by the end of the round in immediate Healing Healing wounded, he can make an immediate successful, the the victim victim is is roll at –2. If the roll is successful, wounded. merely Shaken instead of wounded.

RANK (SENIOR KNIGHT) Knight, Smarts Smarts d6+, d6+, Requirements: Novice, Knight, Knowledge (Battle) (Battle) Fighting d6+, Guts d6+, Knowledge d6+, Shooting d6+, Command are few few and and far far Promotions with the Ordines are Knights ever ever rise rise to to between. Only a quarter of Knights this rank during their long service service career. career. As As aa result of his bravery, piety, and obedience, obedience, the the character begins the game as a Senior Senior Knight. Knight.

RANK (KNIGHT COMMANDER) Requirements: Veteran, Knight, Knight, Spirit Spirit d8+, d8+, Vigor d8+, Guts d8+, Rank (Senior (Senior Knight) Knight) The highest regular service rank rank is is reserved reserved for for the cream of the Ordines’ soldiers. soldiers. The The character character is promoted to Knight Commander. Commander. Note: War Master approval is required required before before taking this Edge. See Awards and and Promotions Promotions (page 47) for details.

SPOTTER Requirements: Novice, Smarts Smarts d8+ d8+ This hero has a special knack for for calling calling in in supsupporting fire, and can make all the difference difference in in the the world when trying to break an enemy enemy assault. assault. A character with this edge can can shift shift the the target target point of artillery up to 20” per round per round without without delay (instead of the usual 10”). In In addition, addition, the the deviation for any air strikes this character character calls calls in in are halved (rounding down).


NECROPOLIS 2350 TECHNICALLY TECHNICALLY INCLINED Requirements: Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Agility d6+ d6+ Modern Modern warfare warfare relies on technology. The side that can get that can get the the most out of their equipment may have a decisive have a decisive advantage advantage in battle. You intend to see to it that the see to it that the winning side is your side. Your Your character character is good with mechanical and electronic electronic devices, devices, and can more easily figure out how how to to use use and and repair them. He gets a +2 bonus to to Knowledge Knowledge or or Repair rolls required to use, design, design, troubleshoot, troubleshoot, or repair such devices.

SOCIAL EDGES BAND BAND OF BROTHERS Requirements: Requirements: Wild Card, Veteran, Common Bond Bond This This unit unit has has been to Hell and back together. That That kind kind of of bond bond hardens men and makes them able able to to better better withstand withstand wounds that might otherwise erwise have have put put them out of action. Subtract Subtract 11 point point of damage from every attack that that hits hits aa character character for each other “brother” within 6”, 6”, to to aa maximum maximum of –4. within

MEDIA STAR MEDIA Requirements: Wild Card, Seasoned, Knight Requirements: Church media media portrays Knights as larger than Church life heroes heroes fifighting ghting the good fight for the benefit life of all all mankind. mankind. The hero receives regular coverof age. He He has has +2 +2 Charisma. Charisma. age.

SCROUNGER SCROUNGER Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, StreetRequirements: wise d6+ d6+ wise Wars and and the the associated chaos often bring out Wars unusual traits traits in in people, both good and bad. unusual Some seem seem to to have have an uncanny ability to find just Some what they’re they’re looking looking for among the mountains of what equipment shipped shipped into the theater. equipment This soldier soldier can can find a way to acquire almost This any piece piece of of equipment equipment or luxury item. While in any populated area, area, such as a village or town, a sucaa populated cessful Streetwise cessful Streetwise roll allows the scrounger to do one of of the the following: following: one Improve one one squad’s Ammo one level •• Improve Acquire 2d6 2d6 refills for a medikit •• Acquire


• Acquire Acquire some some rare rare but but not not particularly particularly valuvalu• able item.

WEIRD EDGES COURAGE UNDER FIRE Command, Rank Rank Requirements: Novice, Command, No matter the war, officers cers who who put put the the welwelfare of their men before their their own own safety safety always always inspire troops. The War Master Master secretly secretly rolls rolls 1d4 1d4 at the start of each mission. This This is is the the number number of of wounding attacks your character character can can ignore ignore while while men. Instead Instead of of hitting hitting standing and leading his men. off his his helmet. helmet. StandStandthe hero, the round knocks off direct fifire re triples triples the the ing in the open while under direct leader. command radius of this leader. against direct-fi direct-fire re ranged ranged This Edge only works against has no no effect effect on on attacks or melee attacks. It has effect weapons. weapons. damage inflicted from area effect

NEW LITANIES & SINS Rephaim has has awoken awoken The crusade against the Rephaim a new spiritual fervor among among the the masses. masses. AA select few are able to invoke miraculous miraculous powers powers through their faith. These powers powers are are known known as as litanies. Chaplains and other other miracle miracle workers workers can use any standard power except except burrow, burrow, flfly, y, shape change, teleport, or zombie. zombie.

SINS The following entries indicate indicate minor, minor, major, major, and mortal sins for characters with characters with the the Arcane Arcane Background (Miracles) Edge. The The WM WM is is free free to to alter entries to suit his version version of of Necropolis. Necropolis. Minor: Refusing to destroy destroy an an Extra Extra Rephaim, Rephaim, engaging in conversation with with aa Rephaim Rephaim (except (except to Intimidate, Taunt, or interrogate interrogate it), it), allowing allowing a corpse to be buried without without proper proper rites, rites, desdesecrating a tomb or other sanctifi sanctified ed burial burial place, place, refusing to aid a human in need need (except (except known known heretics), committing a minor minor crime. crime. Major: Refusing to kill a Wild Wild Card Card Rephaim, Rephaim, refusing to deliver a cultist to the the Inquisition, Inquisition,using using a Rephaim item, committing aa major major crime. crime. Mortal: Knowingly aiding a Rephaim Rephaim or or known known cultist, taking a human life (except known (except known herheretics), committing a capital crime. crime.

WELCOME TO HELL NEW LITANIES Presented Presented below below are new powers for those blessed with blessed with the the gift of miracles. Some individuals viduals have have actually actually developed psionic powers. Unfortunately, Unfortunately, the the Inquisition has branded such people people as as heretics heretics and and actively hunts them down. The The Sacri Sacri Ordines Ordines have a similar view, and thus characters characters may may not not play psionicists.

BLESSING BLESSING Rank: Rank: Seasoned Seasoned Cost: Cost: 22 Range: Range: Touch Touch Duration: Duration: 33 (1/round) (1/round) Trappings: Trappings: Consecrated Consecrated host, holy water, cross The The simple simple act act of of blessing a soldier can have wondrous wondrous effects effects on on his morale. Recipients of this this power power gain gain +2 +2 to Spirit and linked skill rolls for for the the duration. duration. On On a raise, these bonuses are increased increased to to +4. +4. Blessing Blessing a weapon enables it to affect affect Rephaim Rephaim immune immune to normal weapons.

CONSECRATE CONSECRATE Rank: Rank: Veteran Veteran Power Power Points: Points: 33 Range: Spirit Spirit Range: Duration: 11 minute minute (1/minute) Duration: Trappings: Circle Circle of of holy water pentagram Trappings: Consecrated ground ground is an anathema to Consecrated Rephaim. Through Through the use of this power, an Rephaim. area of of holy holy ground ground is created, forming a barrier area against all all Rephaim. Rephaim. against Any Rephaim Rephaim wishing wishing to physically cross the Any circle must must succeed succeed in a contested Spirit check circle against the the caster’s caster’s arcane skill. With success, they against may enter enter freely. freely. On On a failure, they are prevented may from crossing crossing the the boundary for the duration. from Ranged weapons weapons and and melee weapons with Reach Ranged pass freely freely through through the warding, but spells and pass monstrous abilities abilities (such as a vampire’s Charm monstrous power) are blocked power) are blocked if the Rephaim fails its roll. Rephaim already already within an area that becomes Rephaim consecrated must must make a Spirit roll versus the consecrated caster’s arcane arcane skill. skill. On a success they are free to caster’s remain in in the the area. area. A failure means they become remain Shaken and and are are expelled, expelled, moving to just outside Shaken the warding. warding. With With aa critical failure they suffer an the automatic wound wound as as well. automatic

Power Points: Points: 22 Power Range: Self Duration: 1 minute mantra Trappings: Concentration, mantra powers may may be be disdisChaplains maintaining powers rupted. The concentrate power keeps keeps the the Chaplain’s Chaplain’s mind focused on his magic, even even when when his his body body With aa success, success, and mind are being assaulted. With to rolls rolls to to resist resist the caster receives a +2 bonus to Because concentrate concentrate disruption, +4 with a raise. Because dropped ifif the the cannot be maintained, it is not dropped Chaplain is disrupted.

SUCCOR Rank: Novice Power Points: 1 Range: Touch Duration: Instant Trappings: Prayer, laying on hands hands level, or or two two with with aa Succor removes one Fatigue level, Shaken status. status. raise. It can also remove a hero’s Shaken

restore consciousness consciousness Succor may be used to restore Incapacitated due due to to to those who have been Incapacitated wounds as well, though the wounds wounds remain. remain. It It does not stop bleeding or otherwise otherwise stop stop mortal mortal wounds from worsening, however. however.

CONCENTRATE CONCENTRATE Rank: Seasoned Seasoned Rank:


NECROPOLIS 2350 CHAPLAIN Greetings, Greetings, brothers! brothers! I am one of the Faithful, ful, those those blessed blessed by the Almighty with spiritual powers. powers. I’ll I’ll be be there there in battle to tend your wounds and and absolve absolve you you of any sins if the worst happens. Don’t Don’t let let my my size size fool you, either. When the going gets gets rough, rough, my my gun will be firing just as fast as yours, yours, assuming assuming I don’t lose my glasses. Quote: Quote: “I “I know know you’re in pain, but stop cursing.” ing.” Attributes: Attributes: Agility Agility d4, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength Strength d6, d6, Vigor Vigor d6 Skills: Skills: Faith Faith d10, d10, Fighting d4, Guts d6, Healing ing d8, d8, Notice Notice d4, d4, Persuasion d6, Shooting d6, Stealth Stealth d4 d4 Charisma: Charisma: 0; 0; Pace: Pace: 6; Parry: 4; Toughness: 8(4) Hindrances: Hindrances: Bad Bad Eyes (Minor—wears glasses), Quirk Quirk (slaps (slaps anyone anyone who curses in his presence), Small, Small, Vows Vows Edges: Edges: Arcane Arcane Background (Miracles), Power Points Points Litanies: Litanies: Healing, Healing, light, stun (15 Power Points) Special Special Training: Training: Church Knowledge, Healers Gear: Gear: Light Light armor armor (+4), flechette pistol (Range: 12/24/48, 12/24/48, Damage: Damage: 2d6, AP 2, Semi-auto), 3 mags, medikit, medikit, prayer prayer book, ID tag, combat webmags, bing (bedroll, (bedroll, canteen, canteen, combat fatigues, mess kit, bing medpac, one one week’s week’s trail rations) medpac,


SAMPLE ARCHETYPES KNIGHT INFANTRYMAN OF THE ORDO HASTAE SANCTAE citizen with with half halfaabrain brain Guns are for wimps! Any citizen go toe-to-toe toe-to-toe with with can spray flechettes around. To go special. Nothing Nothing beats beats a zombie takes something special. the feeling of getting up close and and personal personal with with a Rephaim, ramming a heartbreaker heartbreaker through through its its explosive charge. charge. Man, Man, ribs, and detonating the explosive too many many heartheartI love combat! Just be warned, too your hearing. hearing. breaker explosions can screw up your me? Come Come and and Quote: “You want a piece of me? try it!” d6, Spirit Spirit d6, d6, Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6 Healing d4, d4, IntimIntimSkills: Fighting d8, Guts d6+2, Healing d8, Stealth Stealth d6 d6 idation d6, Notice d6, Shooting d8, Toughness: 11(6) 11(6) Charisma: 0; Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: Hearing (Minor), (Minor), Hindrances: Curious, Hard of Hearing Loyal, Vows Edges: First Strike, Quick Face-to-Face, Total Total Faith Faith Special Training: Face-to-Face, heartbreakers Gear: Medium armor (+6), 33 heartbreakers hands), molecumolecu(Str+d6/2d6, Reach 1, 2 hands), 4), flflechette echette rifl riflee lar sword (Str+d8+2, AP 4), (Range: 24/48/98, Damage: 2d8, 2d8, AP AP 2, 2, Auto, Auto, 3RB), 3 mags, integral grenade grenade launcher launcher (Range: 20/40/80), 3 filament lament grenades grenades (Damage: 3d8, AP 4, MBT), 22 incendiary incendiary gregrenades (Damage: 2d10, MBT, ignores ignores armor), armor), ID tag, combat webbing (bedroll, (bedroll, canteen, canteen, combat fatigues, mess kit, medpac, medpac, one one week’s week’s trail rations)


NECROPOLIS 2350 KNIGHT INFANTRY SUPPORT OF THE ORDO SACRAE FLAMULAE That That smell smell is is victory, son. Sure it smells like burning pork, burning pork, but but the only way to make sure a Rephaim Rephaim stays stays down down is to use fire. All we need to wipe wipe out out the the Rephaim Rephaim is a few flamethrowers and aa no-nonsense no-nonsense attitude. attitude. Nothing can stand against aa flflamethrower! amethrower! What? Yeah, maybe smoking will kill kill me, me, but but there’s there’s a bigger chance I’ll go down in in combat combat fifighting ghting the good fight, so I figure the Lord Lord can can forgive forgive a man a small sin. Quote: Quote: “Burn “Burn everything!” Attributes: Attributes: Agility Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d8, Strength Strength d8, d8, Vigor Vigor d6 Skills: Skills: Driving Driving d4, d4, Fighting d6, Guts d8+2, Intimidation Intimidation d4, d4, Notice d4, Shooting d10, Stealth Stealth d6 d6 Charisma: Charisma: –1; –1; Pace: Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 11(6) Hindrances: Hindrances: Habit Habit (Minor; heavy smoker), Loyal, al, Overconfi Overconfident, dent, Vows Edges: Edges: Hard Hard to to Kill Special Special Training: Training: Brave (included), Cleanse by Fire Fire Gear: Medium Medium armor (+6), molecular sword Gear: (Str+d8+2, AP AP 4), flamethrower (Range: Cone, (Str+d8+2, Damage: 2d10, 2d10, ignores ignores armor), 1 spare canisters, Damage: incendiary grenades grenades (Damage: 2d10, MBT), ID 33 incendiary tag, combat combat webbing webbing (bedroll, canteen, combat tag, fatigues, mess mess kit, kit, medpac, one week’s trail rafatigues, tions). tions).


SAMPLE ARCHETYPES KNIGHT VEHICLE CREW OF THE ORDO TEMPLI NOVI more than than once, once, Yeah, I’ve been called reckless more main battle battle tank tank but I’m blessed. Even inside a main Heck, II remember remember I can detect danger coming. Heck, during one assault we ambushed ambushed aa bunch bunch of of Rephaim light tanks. Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Destroyed Destroyed knew we we were were there. there. everyone before they even knew infantry being being glory glory So don’t talk to me about the infantry military might might of of boys—us tankers are the true military the Ordines. wrong here.” here.” Quote: “Something smells wrong d6, Spirit Spirit d6, d6, Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6 d6, Guts Guts d4, d4, NoNoSkills: Driving d8+1, Fighting d6, Stealth d4 d4 tice d8, Repair d6, Shooting d6, Stealth Toughness: 11(6) 11(6) Charisma: –2; Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: Overconfident, dent, Ugly, Ugly, Hindrances: Cautious, Overconfi Vows Edges: Danger Sense, Luck Training (Driving) (Driving) Special Training: Vehicle Training molecular sword sword Gear: Light armor (+4), molecular pistol (Range: (Range: (Str+d8+2, AP 4), flechette pistol Semi-auto), 33 mags, mags, 12/24/48, Damage: 2d6, AP 2, Semi-auto), ID tag, combat webbing (bedroll, (bedroll, canteen, canteen, comcombat fatigues, mess kit, medpac, one one week’s week’s trail trail rations)


NECROPOLIS 2350 SENIOR KNIGHT OF THE ORDO VERBI BAENEDICTI Okay, Okay, here’s here’s the the plan. We split into pairs and flflank ank the the enemy enemy from both sides. The flechette MG MG stays stays here here and keeps the Rephaim pinned down. down. If If any any flflank ank meets resistance, remember the tactic we used the tactic we used in Augustus—sit tight while the other other squad squad suppresses, suppresses, then move forward and engage engage with with swords swords before the enemy get chance to to open open fifire. re. Quote: Quote: “Stick “Stick to the plan.” Attributes: Attributes: Agility Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength Strength d6, d6, Vigor Vigor d6 Skills: Skills: Fighting Fighting d6, Guts d6, Intimidation d6, Knowledge Knowledge (Battle) (Battle) d8, Notice d6, Shooting d6, Stealth Stealth d4 d4 Charisma: Charisma: +2; +2; Pace: Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 11(6) Hindrances: Hindrances: Heroic, Heroic, Loyal, Stubborn, Vows Edges: Edges: Command, Command, Rank (Senior Knight), Tactician cian Special Special Training: Training: Hearts & Minds, Training ing Cadre Cadre Gear: Gear: Medium Medium armor (+6), molecular sword sword (Str+d8+2, (Str+d8+2, AP 4), flechette SMG (Range: 12/24/48, 12/24/48, Damage: 2d6+1, AP (Range: 2, Auto), Auto), 33 mags, mags, 3 filament grenades 2, (Damage: 3d8, 3d8, AP 4, MBT), ID scan(Damage: ner, binoculars, binoculars, mobile command cenner, ter, ID ID tag, tag, combat combat webbing (bedroll, ter, canteen, combat combat fatigues, mess kit, canteen, medpac, one one week’s week’s trail rations). medpac,


SAMPLE ARCHETYPES KNIGHT SCOUT OF THE ORDO LAZARI SANCTI think our our sole sole purpurOur misguided brethren think through force force of of pose is to eradicate the enemy through wrong. We We need need to to arms. That’s where they go wrong. understand our enemy better and and that that means means we need prisoners. My job is to scout scout out out enemy enemy for interrogation. interrogation. forces and select candidates for squads to to round round them them Then I call in the snatch squads up. to be be seen.” seen.” Quote: “Hey, it’s my job not to d8, Spirit Spirit d6, d6, Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6 Skills: Fighting d4, Guts d4, Notice Notice d6, d6, Shooting Shooting Tracking d8 d8 d6, Stealth d8, Survival d8, Tracking Toughness: 9(4) 9(4) Charisma: +0; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: Phobia (Major: (Major: artilartilHindrances: Anemic, Loyal, Phobia lery strikes), Vows Edges: Woodsman Collection, Rephaim Rephaim Special Training: Specimen Collection, Knowledge molecular sword sword Gear: Light armor (+4), molecular sniper rifl riflee (Range: (Range: (Str+d8+2, AP 4), flechette sniper 2, integral integral scope scope 30/60/120, Damage: 2d8+1, AP 2, with low-light vision attachment), attachment), 22 mags, mags, ghillie ghillie suit, ID tag, combat webbing (bedroll, (bedroll, canteen, canteen, combat fatigues, mess kit, medpac, medpac, one one week’s week’s trail rations).


NECROPOLIS 2350 FALLEN KNIGHT OF THE ORDO PENITENTIA I’m I’m aa fallen fallen Knight, Knight, a sinner. In another life I was was aa combat combat engineer. engineer. My squad was conducting ing aa holding holding action action while I rigged a bridge for destruction destruction to to halt halt the enemy advance. I don’t know what went know what went wrong, but the explosives blew early early and and wiped wiped out half the unit. I was found negligent negligent and and sentenced sentenced to the Penitents. I’ve learned learned my my lesson. lesson. Now I think twice and act once. once. Having Having to to charge the Rephaim without armor armor will will do do that that for you. Quote: Quote: “We “We need need a better plan.” Attributes: Agility Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength Strength d6, d6, Vigor Vigor d6 Skills: Skills: Fighting Fighting d6, Guts d6+2, Knowledge (Demolitions) molitions) d8, d8, Notice Notice d8, Repair d6, Shooting d4, Stealth Stealth d6 d6 Charisma: Charisma: +0; +0; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5 Hindrances: Hindrances: Bullet Bullet Magnet, Cautious, Penitent, Vows Vows Edges: Edges: Demo Demo Expert, Expert, McGyver Special Special Training: Training: Seen It All Gear: Gear: Molecular Molecular sword (Str+d8+2, AP 4), ID tag, combat webbing webbing (bedroll, canteen, combat facombat tigues, mess mess kit, kit, medpac, one week’s trail ratigues, tions). tions).


CHURCH HARDWARE Blessed Blessed are are the the peacemakers, peacemakers, for they shall be called called children children of of God. God. Matthew Matthew 5:9 5:9 Items Items listed listed below below are typical of those found in in the the 24th 24th century century Church armies. Church characters acters have have no no cash—the cash—the Sacri Ordines provide everything everything they they need need to do their job (but not necessarily necessarily everything everything they want).

PIERCING PIERCING WEAPONS The Thefollowing following weapons weapons inflict piercing damage: 6mm 6mm and and 12mm 12mm ballistic ballistic weapons, bolt rifle, all flflechette echette weapons, weapons, heartbreaker, shotgun, and spear. Molecular Molecular weapons weapons used to stab count as spear. piercing weapons. weapons. Heavy Weapons never count piercing as piercing piercing attacks attacks due due to their power. as

DIRECT AND INDIRECT DIRECT When the the fifirer rer of of a mortar or grenade launcher When can see see the the target target area, area, he uses Shooting. Firing can indirectly requires requires Knowledge (Artillery). Morindirectly tars, grenade grenade launchers, launchers, and thrown grenades tars, are subject subject to to deviation. deviation. are

ARMOR Knights of of the the Sacri Ordines are typically Knights equipped with light or medium body armor equipped with light when entering battle when entering battle and light body armor when on “soft “soft duty,” duty,” such such as riot duty or rear echelon on protection. Infantry Infantry battle suits are reserved for protection. Assault Knights. Knights. Assault Infantry Battle Battle Suit: A full body suit comInfantry prised of of aa layer layer of of dense dense carbon fiber sandwiched prised between ceramic ceramic plates. plates. Its total body protection between comes at at the the price price of of a higher weight. The helmet comes is equipped with a removable armored faceplate, is equipped with a removable headset communicator, headset communicator, camera, and built-in respirator. pirator.

comprises aa ceramic/ ceramic/ Light Armor: Light armor comprises helmet with with neck neck carbon–fiber sandwich combat helmet and shin shin guards. guards. guard, upper arm guards, vest, and chance of of hitting hitting Head and limb shots have a 50% chance cover only. only. armor. The vest provides torso cover In addition, the combat helmet helmet also also comes comes communicator and and equipped with a headset communicator back to to command command camera for relaying information back respirator. AA wireless wireless centers, and a fold-down respirator. ID tag tag emission emission receiver picks up the wearer’s ID footage. and piggybacks it with camera footage. armor provides provides Medium Armor: Medium armor thicker ceramic ceramic plates. plates. extra protection through thicker body armor. armor. It is otherwise identical to light body Shields: Shields in the 24th century? century? All AllKnights Knights are equipped with a durable, high–density high–density plastic plastic shield out of tradition and for carrying carrying on on formal formal occasions as part of their dress dress uniform. uniform. Most Most Knights refuse to carry one in combat, combat, preferpreferring to have both hands free for for their their fifirearms. rearms. However, some still adhere to the the “old “old ways,” ways,” fighting the Rephaim face–to–face, face–to–face, and and for for them them the shield can be a lifesaver. If a character with a shield is hit hit by by aa ranged ranged attack from the protected side, roll roll damage damage nornormally, but add the Armor bonus of of the the shield shield to to the character’s Toughness in the affected affected area. area. It It counts as an obstacle. Tabard: A thigh–length, short-sleeved short-sleeved garment garment woven from heavy cloth, tabards tabards are are worn worn over over combat fatigues when a Knight is is off–duty. off–duty. Their Their color and decoration vary with each each Sacer Sacer Ordo. Ordo. Limb shots have a 50% chance chance of of hitting hitting the the tabard.

MELEE WEAPONS Corpse Catcher: Corpse catchers catchers are are based based on a martial weapon called the man the man catcher. catcher. Comprised of a long metal shaft shaft with with aa set set of of


NECROPOLIS 2350 “pincers” “pincers” at at one one end, they are designed for catching ing Rephaim Rephaim with with minimal damage and are a favorite favorite tool tool of of the Lazarites. A switch near the butt butt activates activates the the pincers. AA success success on on a Touch Attack (+2 to Fighting) means the target means the target has been caught around his waist waist but but his his hands hands remain free—with a raise the arms are pinned the arms are pinned as well. Pinned victims may attempt attempt to to break break free. An opposed Strength roll is required is required ifif pinned pinned around the waist and an opposed Strength opposed Strength –2 roll if the arms are pinned. The The corpse corpse catcher catcher has an effective Strength of d12 for resisting d12 for resisting escape attempts. Heartbreaker: Heartbreaker: Favored by the Impalers, the heartbreaker heartbreaker is is aa spear with an explosive charge fifitted at the base tted at the base of the point. If the spear successfully cessfully strikes strikes a target the wielder may activate the the explosive explosive as as a free action. The small explosive sive charge charge drives drives the spear point through the target, target, infl inflicting icting 2d6 damage and ignoring Armor. Detonation Detonation ruins ruins the weapon. The Church has outlawed outlawed their their use use against living targets. Molecular Molecular Sword: Sword: Carried by all Knights, the molecular molecular sword sword is as much a part of a modern Knight’s Knight’s armament armament as long swords were to their medieval counterparts. counterparts. Unlike piercing weapons, medieval they are are very very effective effective against Rephaim and most they Knights have have “blooded” “blooded” their swords. Knights Note that that molecular molecular weapons retain the +2 Note bonus and and AP AP bonus bonus even if a hero has a lower bonus Strength die. die. For For instance, a Knight with Strength Strength d6 causes causes 2d6+2 2d6+2 damage AP 4 with a molecular d6 sword. sword. Sledgehammer: Although rarely carried in Sledgehammer: combat, the the sledgehammer sledgehammer remains a handy combat, weapon for for use use against the Rephaim, especially weapon skeletons, and and for for battering down doors and barskeletons, ricades. ricades.

RANGED WEAPONS Church law law restricts restricts ownership of any firearm Church to those those with with special special permits. Publicly this is to to make war war less less likely, likely, preserving the Peace of the make Church. The The unoffi unofficial view is that the Church is Church. reducing the the likelihood likelihood of rebellion. Many settlereducing ments openly ments openly flflout these regulations, requiring all citizens citizens to to be be armed. Homemade or stolen all weapons are also weapons are also common, especially among criminals. Among Among the Corporations only the criminals. security forces are issued weapons licenses. security forces are


Bolt Rifl Rifle: e: An An experimental experimental weapon weapon designed designed Bolt anyone realized realized vamvamfor fighting vampires before anyone “staked”, the the bolt bolt rifl riflee pires do not need to be “staked”, bolt from from aa rotary–fed rotary–fed fires a 2” diameter steel bolt particularly heavy heavy magazine. Though not a particularly weapon, the recoil is immense. immense. Due to the poor aerodynamics aerodynamics of of the the mismissile, the weapon becomes more more inaccurate inaccurate over over increased by by –1 –1 at at distance. Range penalties are increased range. Telescopic Telescopic sights sights medium range and long range. do not help with accuracy. Flechette weapons weapons are are Flechette Weapons: Flechette the Church Church armies. armies. the standard firearms of the darts, magnetically magnetically Flechettes are small metallic darts, speeds. Unlike Unlike convenconvenpropelled to supersonic speeds. tional bullets they have no case, case, produce produce no no muzzle flash, and there is little little sound sound beyond beyond aa whine. Their Their small small short duration, high–pitched whine. magazines to to carry carry more more size and weight allows magazines ballistic weapons weapons and and rounds than conventional ballistic with minimal protrusion. micro battery battery along along Each magazine holds a micro negating the the need need for for aa with the flechette rounds, negating long as as there there is is aa magamagaseparate power source. So long zine fitted, the weapon always has has enough enough power power are interchangeable interchangeable to fire. Flechette magazines are assault rifl rifle. e. To To reduce reduce between the SMG and assault the risk of contamination by by foreign foreign particles, particles, flechette magazines are hermetically hermetically sealed. sealed. On On insertion the seal is breached, breached, allowing allowing the the proprojectiles to be feed into the firing ring chamber. chamber. As with conventional bullets, bullets, Rephaim Rephaim have have proven resilient to flechettes. echettes. Their Their higher higher penpenetration still makes them an an effective effective weapon, weapon, however. The Church authorities authorities invested invested heavheavily in flechette weapons before before the the Rephaim Rephaim emerged and few resources have have been been diverted diverted to new weapon programs. Flechette Assault Rifle: The The FAR FAR comes comes fifitted tted with an underslung 40mm grenade grenade launcher launcher as as standard (included in the weight—see weight—see page page 36). 36). It also has a mount for a telescopic telescopic sight sight and and night vision scopes, though these are “optional these are “optional extras.” Flechette Sniper Rifle: The The FSR FSR comes comes fifitted tted with a telescopic scope and low low light light vision vision adapadaptor as standard. The low light light adaptor adaptor reduces reduces the penalties for poor lighting lighting by by 1, 1, except except in in Pitch Black conditions. Flechette MG: The standard standard infantry infantry support support weapon, the FMG can also be be used used as as aa remote remote sentry cannon. When operating operating in in this this mode mode it is attached to a tripod (+8 (+8 lbs) lbs) and and carries carries aa

CHURCH HARDWARE 480–round 480–round hopper hopper (+8 lbs). A combined ID tag and and movement movement sensor sensor (+6 lbs) is connected to the the top top of of the the gun. gun. The The sensor sensor allows allows it to monitor movement within within aa 90 90 degree degree arc (45 degrees either side of the the barrel) barrel) extending extending out to 120 yards (60”) and gives it a d10 gives it a d10 Notice Notice skill. The range of the gun is effectively limited effectively limited by by the sensor’s range. Sensitivity ity can can be be set set from from anything from the size of rat (Size (Size –2) –2) upward. upward. Targets Targets detected within its field of of fifire re not not broadcasting broadcasting the correct identification signal signal (see (see ID ID Tags, Tags, page 38) cause the gun to open open fifire re automatically. automatically. IfIf left left to to its its own own devices, devices, the cannon continues fifiring ring until until the the target target stops moving or leaves its fifield eld of of fifire, re, or or the the gun runs out of ammunition. When set to automatic When set to automatic sweep and fire mode, the MG MG fifires res with with aa Shooting Shooting skill of d8. It has no Wild Die Die but but ignores ignores autofi autofire penalties. AA control control case case (weight (weight 3lbs) allows wireless remote remote control control of of all all MG functions to a range of 100”. 100”. Typically, Typically, the the gun is locked to cover only aa limited limited arc, arc, though though it can be configured to rotate rotate through through 360–degrees 360–degrees (the sensor still only sweeps sweeps aa 90 90 degree degree arc at any one time). Laser Laser Weapons: Weapons: Technological advances have seen seen the the fifirst rst introduction of portable laser have weapons. Though Though bulky, heavy, and relatively weapons. low powered, powered, they they are becoming popular with low troops for for use use against against the “flechette–resistant” troops Rephaim. Rephaim. Microflare are Gun: Gun: Originally designed to fire Microfl signal flflares, ares, the the MFG MFG has been modified into signal an effective effective weapon. weapon. Each magazine holds 15 an shotgun cartridge cartridge sized sized magnesium flares. Poor shotgun against armored armored targets, targets, its primary use is against against re-susceptible Rephaim, Rephaim, such as mummies. fifire-susceptible Flares do do not not count count as piercing weapons and Flares burn for for three three rounds. rounds. So long as the flare causes burn Shaken or or wound wound on impact, it continues to aa Shaken inflict ict damage damage each each round until it burns out. Roll infl the damage damage each each round. round. Targets struck by a flare the suffer terrible burns suffer terrible burns as the flare sears through their flflesh. esh. Though Though incapable of causing human their esh to to combust, combust, dry dry materials (including mumflflesh mies) ignite ignite as as normal normal (see Savage Worlds). mies) Stunner: Stunners Stunners are employed to quell civil Stunner: unrest without without infl inflicting icting heavy casualties. Victims unrest suffer nonlethal nonlethal damage damage and pass out for 2d6 suffer hours when when they they reach reach Incapacitated. Creatures hours with the the Undead Undead Special Special Ability are immune to with the effects of stunners. the effects of stunners. Stunners use laser pistol batteries. batteries.

Tangle Gun: Gun: Invented Invented for for capturing capturing criminals criminals Tangle adopted itit for for use use unharmed, the Lazarites have adopted tangle gun gun uses uses aa in catching specimens. The tangle propel aa weighted weighted compressed gas cylinder to propel When itit makes makes conconnylon net at a single target. When target, entangling entangling tact, the net wraps around the target, them completely. Escaping from a net requires a Strength Strength or or AgilAgility roll with a –2 penalty (victim’s (victim’s choice). choice). If If the the roll is failed, the victim is too entangled entangled to to make make wait for for rescue. rescue. The The another escape bid and must wait Toughness of of 77 (cutting (cutting mesh is strong and has a Toughness cannot cut cut themthemweapons only). Bound targets cannot to reload reload aa fifired red selves free. It is not possible to web.

SPECIAL WEAPONS tanks generally generally Dove AT-1: Although heavy tanks to the the venerable venerable have front armor impenetrable to AT–1, it is still capable of piercing piercing side side and and rear rear remains popular popular with with armor. Because of this, it remains with an an infrared infrared ground forces. It comes fitted with against living living or or sight (halve lighting penalties against painter (grants (grants +2 +2 other “hot” targets) and laser painter reusable. to Shooting rolls). The AT–1 is reusable. Dove AT/AA-2: A replacement replacement for for the the Dove Dove AT-1, the Dove AT/AA–2 can be be used used to to attack attack ground or airborne targets. It comes comes fifitted tted with with


NECROPOLIS 2350 an an infrared infrared sight sight and laser painter as per the AT1. 1. AA selector selector switch switch toggles the targeting system between between ground ground and airborne mode. As with the AT-1, AT-1, itit is is reusable. reusable. Filament Filament Grenades: Grenades: Commonly known as “shredders,” “shredders,” the the filament grenade comprises aa tightly tightly packed packed bundle of monofilament wire threads threads wrapped wrapped around an explosive charge housed in housed in aa plastic plastic casing. On impact the explosive detonates, sive detonates, causing the filament to spray outwards outwards at at supersonic supersonic speeds, literally shredding ding everything everything they touch. Flamethrower: Flamethrower: Flamethrowers are still worn with with the the fuel fuel tank tank worn strapped across the back. Aiming Aiming for for the the fuel fuel cylinder imposes a –6 penalty on on attack attack rolls rolls from from the front or flanks and a –2 penalty penalty from from the the rear. The tanks have a Toughness ness of of 8(4). 8(4). IfIf “wounded,” “wounded,” the cylinder explodes for 2d10 damage, damage, covering covering everything in a Medium Burst Template Template with with burning burning liquid. The wearer automatically matically catches catches fire. Apply the normal rules for the the fifire re spreading spreading (see Savage Worlds) for other characters. characters. Grenade Grenade Launcher: Launcher: The standard grenade launcher launcher of of the the 24th 24th century comes in two varieties. The The most most common common is the Hellfire, which is ies. tted to to the the underside underside of flechette assault rifles fifitted as standard. standard. This This is a 40mm, five-chamber, rotaryas magazine, pump-loading pump-loading launcher. The second magazine, is the the Brimstone, Brimstone, identical to the Hellfire save it is can’t be be fifitted tted to to a rifle and has a folding stock. can’t Both can can be be used used for direct fire (like a firearm) Both or indirect indirect fifire re (as (as a mortar). Each has the same or range and and fifires res the the same grenades. range Incendiary Grenades: Grenades: Though renowned for Incendiary causing “unnecessary “unnecessary collateral damage,” incendicausing ary grenades grenades remain remain popular for house clearance. ary Each contains contains aa glass canister of flammable liquid Each ignited on on impact impact by a small thermite charge. A ignited layer of weak explosive causes the outer casing layer of weak explosive and glass canister and glass canister to fragment before the thermite ignites the the fuel. fuel. As with flamethrowers, incendiignites ary grenades grenades ignore ignore armor. Incendiary grenades ary explode as as per per flflamethrowers if hit (–6 to attack explode rolls to to hit hit one), one), though they only cover a Small rolls Burst Template. Template. Burst LAW: The The LAW LAW (Light Antitank Weapon) is a disLAW: posable rocket rocket launcher launcher designed to be portable posable and fifired red quickly. quickly. While capable of destroying and APC’s, against against tanks tanks it is only effective when fired APC’s, at the rear armor. at the rear armor. This is a no-frills design with a simple optical optical sight. sight. simple


Starshell Grenades: Grenades: The The starshell starshell is is aa Starshell grenade launcher. launcher. parachute flare fired from a grenade darkness penalties penalties in in Starshell rounds negate all darkness terrain for for 2d4 2d4 rounds. rounds. non-forested or jungle terrain In light vegetation, penalties are are reduced reduced to to –1. –1. They have no effect in thick vegetation. vegetation. It can be used in an offensive offensive capability, capability, but but requires a direct hit to be effective. effective. It It causes causes 2d10 2d10 burns. Targets Targets have have the the damage each round it burns. re—the roll roll should should standard chance of catching fifire—the is burning. burning. be made each round the flare is

CLOSE SUPPORT ARTILLERY valuable asset asset ifif used used corcorArtillery can be a valuable either self–propelled self–propelled or or rectly. Church artillery is either designed to be man–portable. Weapons Weapons described described below fall into the latter category. category. Crusader Short Short Barrel Barrel Crusader SBAC: The Crusader developed to to provide provide Autocannon (SBAC) was developed Complete with with gun gun carcarheavy infantry support. Complete pulled by by two two men men with with riage, the SBAC can be pulled behind aa vehicle. vehicle. AA new new relative ease or towed behind be inserted inserted into into the the five round magazine can be round of of the the previous previous cannon before the last round for continuous continuous fifire. re. magazine is fired, allowing for warhead is is effective effective only only The armor–piercing warhead at relatively close range but packs packs aa powerful powerful charge. Jericho Cannon: Short ranged, ranged, but but packing packing a heavy punch, the Jericho’s role role is is to to demolish demolish barricades and buildings. It fifires res aa large large caliber caliber HESH shell. HESH (High Explosive Squash Squash Head) Head) shells shells are not designed to pierce armor armor but but to to deliver deliver a supersonic shockwave. Against Against tanks tanks and and other other armored targets, they cause the the inner inner armor armor to to fragment, sending razor sharp sharp fragments fragments into into the the crew compartment at supersonic supersonic speeds. speeds. The shell has an effective AP AP of of 40 40 and and Armor Armor provides protection equal to half half the the weakest weakest side side (rounded down). All crewmembers crewmembers are are automatiautomatically caught in the blast and the the vehicle’s vehicle’s Armor Armor provides no additional protection. protection. Against Against buildbuildings and barricades, the shell creates creates aa hole hole large large enough for infantry to pass through through (assume (assume 1” 1” width) and inflicts damage on on anyone anyone within within a Small Burst Template sheltering sheltering behind behind the the obstacle. Shooting rolls made to to target target individual individual troops are at –2. Megiddo Rotary Mortar: Mortar: Possessing Possessing six six rotating tubes, a single Megiddo is Megiddo is equivalent equivalent in in firepower to a full Lance of single single tube tube Levant Levant

CHURCH HARDWARE mortars. mortars. Unlike Unlike conventional conventional mortars, the tubes are lightweight and are lightweight anddisposable. Reloading involves removing removing the the old old barrels, barrels, called cartridges, and inserting new ones. inserting new ones. Installing a new cartridge takes takes an an entire entire round. round. The Megiddo can be set to fifire one tube per re one tube per round round or all six simultaneously.

VEHICULAR WEAPONS AP AP Packs: Packs: Anti–personnel Anti–personnel packs are defensive sive weapons. weapons. Roughly Roughly the size of a briefcase and and loaded loaded with with hundreds of steel flechettes packed packed around around an an explosive charge, AP packs are are attached attached to to the the sides and rear of tanks. When activated—any activated—any crewmember crewmember can do this as an action—the action—the AP AP pack pack discharges its deadly cargo. Any Any foe foe on on the the same same facing as the AP pack and within range is affected. within range is affected. Flechette Flechette Chain Chain Gun: A highly inaccurate weapon weapon designed designed to to saturate an area rather than target target specifi specificc foes. foes. When fired on the ground, it can can only only be be used used to to conduct a Suppressive Fire attack. attack. Each Each burst burst fires 50 rounds. Due to the chain chain gun’s gun’s high high rate rate of fire, targets have –1 to their their Spirit Spirit rolls. rolls. Foes Foes who roll a 1 or lower on their Spirit Spirit die die (regardless (regardless of Wild Die) are hit their and suffer suffer damage damage normally. and Passover AT AT Missiles: Missiles: The Passover system is Passover the standard vehicle the standard vehicle mounted anti–tank missile, capable of of ground–to–ground ground–to–ground and air–to–ground capable operations. Both Both variations variations pack a tremendous operations. punch and and are are powerful powerful enough to knock out a punch main battle battle tank tank at at long long ranges. Laser painters are main used for for target target acquisition acquisition (+2 to Shooting rolls), used with on-board on-board image image recognition systems taking with over once once the the weapon weapon is launched, allowing the over operator to to switch switch to a new target. operator The missile missile guidance guidance is semi-intelligent and The tries to target the top of a ground vehicle. A raise tries to target the top on the Shooting roll means it has struck the on the Shooting roll deck—Armor protection deck—Armor protection is reduced to half the lowest rating rating (rounded (rounded down). lowest Railguns: Railguns Railguns are the primary weapons Railguns: mounted on on MBTs. MBTs. Firing armor piercing promounted jectiles, the the railgun railgun is a magnetic propulsion jectiles, armament similar similar to to flechette firearms. armament Due to to the the high high power power requirements, a railgun Due is only only ever ever fifired red while while the vehicle’s engine is runis ning. Without Without the the engine engine running only a single ning. round can be launched round can be launched before the batteries die.

MUNDANE GEAR Backpack Radio: Allows communication communication over over 500 miles in open terrain. Binoculars: Encased in a durable durable plastic plastic case, case, binoculars give 20x magnification cation and and are are fifitted tted with a night vision attachment as standard. standard. These These reduce penalties for poor lighting lighting by by 11 except except in in Pitch Black conditions. Consists of of aa thermal thermal Cold Weather Clothing: Consists trousers, and and aa body suit, lined boots, gloves, trousers, bonus to to rolls rolls to to parka. Wearing it grants a +4 bonus resist Fatigue due to cold. webbing consists consists Combat Webbing: Combat webbing straps, and and aa lightlightof a belt, pouches, shoulder straps, successful Agility Agility roll roll itit weight backpack. On a successful action—otherwise itit can be removed as a free action—otherwise takes an action. Contains enough enough prepreComposite Rations: Contains drinks to to last last seven seven served food and powdered drinks included. days. No form of heating is included. Jammed into into an an Command Center, Mobile: Jammed (Armor 2), 2), the the mobile mobile oversize armored briefcase (Armor commanders with with the the command center provides commanders means to collate information from from their their troops troops in the field. It draws power from from aa laser laser pistol pistol battery (included in the weight), weight), which which provides provides 12 hours of continuous usage. An An adaptor adaptor allows allows it to run indefinitely from a vehicle vehicle powerplant. powerplant. Its primary function is to display display images images from from helmet–mounted cameras, giving giving the the offi officer cer aa “troops’ eye” view of the mission mission as as itit unfolds. unfolds. A high resolution, 36” folding plasma plasma screen screen can can display up to six separate video feeds feeds simultanesimultaneously (typically an entire Lance), Lance), each each labeled labeled with the transmitter’s ID (patched (patched from from his his ID ID tag). Radio communication through through an an MCC MCC can can be directed at all troops under the the offi officer’s cer’s comcommand or focused to specific individuals individuals through through one of six encoded communication communication channels. channels. This feature reduces the risk of units units intercepting intercepting orders designated for other troops. troops. When commanding remotely, remotely, the the operator operator may pick one of the Knights to be his eyes be his eyes and and ears on the ground. This allows the the Knight Knight to to use use some of his commander’s Leadership Leadership Edges Edges as as ifif they were his own. Available Edges Edges are are Art Art of of War, War, Born Leader, Command, Cry Havoc, Fanaticism, Havoc, Fanaticism, Fervor, Hold the Line, Inspire, and and Tactician. Tactician.


NECROPOLIS 2350 However, However, since since the Knight must wait for orders, he he draws draws one one less less initiative card than normal. Knights Knights who who would would normally draw one card take two two but but act act on on the lower card (except Jokers, which which function function as as normal). Should he choose not to to take take this this penalty penalty (decided each round before cards cards are are dealt), dealt), he cannot “gain” the Leadership Edges Edges that that round. round. The The Eloi Eloi (see (see page 40) has an enhanced MCC package package which which allows allows for each of the three passengers sengers to to command command their own Lances (maximum of of 18 18 men). men). Each Each passenger typically commands a separate Lance. separate Lance. Electronic Electronic Lockpicks: Lockpicks: This small computer is designed to bypass designed to bypass electronic locks. Attempting to to “pick” “pick” an an electronic electronic lock without one incurs a –2 –2 penalty. penalty. Field Field Surgery Surgery Kit: Basically a large version of the the medical medical kit, kit, the field surgery kit holds 40 sets of of supplies supplies and and gives gives a +4 bonus to Healing rolls. Each Each wound wound treated treated uses 1d4 points of supplies. IfIf aa medical medical kit kit runs runs out, the medic can continue to to use use the the instruments instruments and non-expendables but but no no longer longer gains gains the +4 bonus to his Healing rolls. rolls. Fire Fire Extinguisher: Extinguisher: A successful Agility roll when using using aa fifire re extinguisher reduces a fire by when one step, step, or or two two with a raise. Each extinguisher one contains enough enough powder for ten uses. contains Flares: Each Each flflare burns for 20 minutes illumiFlares: nating aa Large Large Burst Burst Template. Flares are available nating in a variety of different colors though all flares in a variety of different bought in in aa pack pack are the same color. bought Flashlight: Heavy-duty Heavy-duty flashlight with a 10” Flashlight: beam. beam. Ghillie Suit: Suit: Predominantly used by snipers, Ghillie the suits suits provide provide a +2 bonus to Stealth rolls when the camouflaged aged to to match the local terrain. camoufl Headset Communicator: Communicator: Standard issue to Headset most security security forces. forces. Has a 5 mile range. most ID Scanner: Scanner: AA hand held scanner carried by all ID Knights of of Knight Knight Commander rank and above. Knights It allows allows the the user user to pick up ID tag signals and It displays their their information information in textual form. It has displays range of of 12”. 12”. aa range ID Tags: Tags: ID ID tags are the modern equivalent ID of dog tags. Cross–shaped, of dog tags. Cross–shaped, they are issued to all members of of the the Church armies and worn around members the neck. A microchip continually broadcasts the neck. A microchip the wearer’s name, the wearer’s name, rank, and Ordo to a range of 12”. 12”.


Meal Ready Ready to to Eat Eat (MRE): (MRE): Contains Contains enough enough Meal Food is is contained contained in in food for a single meal. Food is bland bland and and looks looks self-heating cans. The food is nutritionally balanced balanced to to unappetizing but is nutritionally energy and and nutrients nutrients provide a soldier with the energy ghting form. form. he needs to remain in fighting Combat Medics Medics and and Medikit: Issued to all Combat 10 points points of of fifield eld Chaplains. Each kit contains 10 non-reusable items items dressings, drugs, and other non-reusable surgery kit), kit), and and adds adds (used up as per the field surgery +2 to Healing rolls. medical kit kit issued issued to to all all Medpac: One use medical contains aa large large fifield eld military forces. Each pack contains antiseptic spray, spray, and and dressing, a small canister of antiseptic There are are enough enough a syringe of local anesthetic. There wound. It It grants grants aa oneonesupplies to treat a single wound. rolls. time +1 bonus to Healing rolls. small pan pan with with foldfoldMess Kit: Comprises one small cutlery. ing handle and a set of cutlery. to trigger trigger mines mines by by Remote Detonator: Used to detonator works works with with any any remote control, a radio detonator small control control panel panel mine the character plants. A small to 20 20 mines, mines, either either allows the user to operate up to The detonator detonator has has aa individually or in groups. The range of 30 yards (15”). Rope, Nylon: The rope can can safely safely handle handle 500 500 pounds. For every 50 pounds pounds over over that, that, roll roll 1d6 1d6 every minute or whenever the the rope rope suffers suffers aa sudden stress. On a 6, the rope rope breaks breaks under under the the strain. Satellite Radio: Satellite radios radios use use the the few few remaining satellites to bounce signals bounce signals across across Necropolis. They have an unlimited unlimited range range and and are rarely affected by weather. weather.

VEHICLES Destruction cometh; and they they shall shall seek seek peace, peace, and there shall be none. Ezekiel 7:25. Any war requires infantry to to secure secure victory, victory, but but having mobile support helps—the Sacri helps—the Sacri Ordines Ordines are equipped with tanks, APCs, APCs, and and recon recon vehivehicles. Recent technological advances advances allowed allowed the the first grav lift tanks to enter the battlefi battlefield eld in in 2340, 2340, giving tanks the ability to move move unhindered unhindered over over most terrain. The technology is still is still new, new, however, however, and prone to breakdown.

CHURCH HARDWARE NEW NEW VEHICLE VEHICLE NOTES Coaxial Coaxial Weapons: Weapons: The gunner of a vehicle with a main with a main gun gun and and coaxial weapons can fire all those weapons in those weapons in the the same round, though he suffers a multi action fers a multi action penalty. penalty. If he switches targets, he he suffers suffers an an additional additional –1 penalty per target. Grav Grav Lift: Lift: Anti–gravity Anti–gravity lift engines are in their infancy. infancy. Capable Capable of of lifting a craft to a maximum ceiling ceiling of of 66 yards yards (3”), (3”), they negate penalties for rough roughterrain terrainand and water water with one limitation—hills. In In order order to to function, function, the vehicle must remain within within 15 15 degrees degrees of of horizontal. Passing over hills is next to impossible is next to impossible and requires a Driving roll at at –8. –8. Grav Grav lift lift tankers tankers have taken to skimming the the side side of of hills—a hills—a tactic to which their enemy is becoming becoming accustomed. accustomed. Grav vehicles generate no surface surface pressure pressure and and so do not activate mines. Handling: Handling: Some Some vehicles are more maneuverable verable than than others. others. Handling adds directly to the the driver’s driver’s Boating, Boating, Driving, or Piloting roll, as applicable. applicable. Pintle Pintle Weapons: Weapons: The commander of a vehicle with with aa pintle pintle mounted mounted MG can fire only when exposed. exposed. He He gains gains Medium Medium Cover when doing so, as as only only his his upper upper body body is visible. Twin Twin Weapons: Weapons: Twin weapons fire together when the the trigger trigger is is pulled. They must use the when same ROF ROF and and fifire re at at the same target. When firing same twin weapons, weapons, you you add +1 to each Shooting die. twin Successful hits hits infl inflict ict an extra dice of damage. For Successful instance, twin twin flflechette echette MGs would roll 3d8+1 instance, damage for for each each hit. hit. damage

Weapons: Weapons: * 60mm railgun (30 rounds) (150 rounds) rounds) * 20mm autocannon coaxial (150 * Flechette MG coaxial (2000 rounds) rounds) * Flechette MG pintle (500 rounds) rounds) facing) * Eight AP packs (2 each facing)

DANIEL QUAD BIKE the Daniel Daniel quad quad With its four oversized tires, the driving. It It lacks lacks bike is well suited to off–road driving. acceleration and and any form of armor, but has good acceleration combat role, role, itit is, is, maneuverability. Ill–suited for a combat however, perfect for patrol duties duties in in non–hostile non–hostile territory and for getting around around larger larger PrecepPrecepnow adopting adopting itit as as tories. Some recon units are now their vehicle of choice. tted as as standard, standard, aa Although no weapons are fitted along with with aa 500 500 flechette MG can be mounted along round hopper. Toughness: 12; 12; HanHanAcc/Top Speed: 20/30; Toughness: dling: +1; Crew: 1 tted as as standard), standard), Notes: Fixed Weapon (not fitted Four Wheel Drive, Night Vision

FLAGELLANT INFANTRY SUPPORT VEHICLE The Flagellant ISV is one of many many light light vehicles vehicles modeled on the Prophet chassis. chassis. The The passenger passenger bay has been replaced with four four flflechette echette chain chain

GROUND VEHICLES CALVARY HEAVY TANK CALVARY The Calvary Calvary is is the the next–generation MBT. Its The revolutionary grav grav lift engine gives superior revolutionary maneuverability but but due to its low power output, maneuverability the tank tank suffers suffers less less protection and firepower due the to reduced reduced weight weight load. There are still teething to problems with the grav grav lift engines and few crews problems with the are yet yet willing willing to to advance advance much beyond the range are of supply supply lines lines for for fear fear of becoming stranded. of The Templars Templars have have adopted it as their main The MBT and and possess possess aa large number in their frontMBT line Preceptories. Preceptories. line Acc/Top Speed: Speed: 12/45; 12/45; Toughness: 100/90/70 Acc/Top (85/75/55); Handling: Handling: –1; Crew: 4 (85/75/55); Notes: Grav Grav Lift, Lift, Heavy Heavy Armor, Improved StabiNotes: lizer, Night Vision, Sloped Armor (–2) lizer, Night Vision, Sloped


NECROPOLIS 2350 guns guns mounted mounted on an extendable arm. Weapon control control is is mounted mounted inside the cab and the gunner aims aims using using cameras cameras mounted on the platform. The The Flagellant’s Flagellant’s main drawback is that all four guns guns must must be be fifired red at the same general area. Place four four adjacent adjacent Medium Medium Burst Templates (forming aa square) square) on on the the battlefield within range. Make aa single Suppressive single Suppressive Fire attack (the guns are linked linked and and all all either either hit or miss). Acc/Top Acc/Top Speed: Speed: 6/25; Toughness: 25/20/20 (15/10/10); (15/10/10); Handling: Handling: +0; Crew: 3 Notes: Notes: Heavy Heavy Armor, Armor, Improved Stabilizer, Night Vision, Vision, Weapons: Weapons: ** Four Four linked linked flflechette chain guns (2,000 rounds each) each)

GOLGOTHA GOLGOTHA HEAVY TANK With With aa reputation reputation for being able to take excessive sive punishment, punishment, the Golgotha was once the main battle battle tank tank of of the the Sacri Ordines. The The Calvary Calvary grav grav tank is being slowly phased in as as the the main main MBT MBT of the Sacri Ordines, and spares for for the the Golgotha Golgotha are becoming harder to requisition. tion. The The Templars Templars plan to remove it from service completely completely within within five years. Acc/Top Speed: Speed: 5/20; Toughness: 116/96/76 Acc/Top (100/80/60); Handling: Handling: –2; Crew: 3 (100/80/60); Notes: Heavy Heavy Armor, Armor, Night Vision, Sloped Armor Notes: (–3), Stabilizer, Stabilizer, Tracked Tracked (–3), Weapons: Weapons: 80mm railgun railgun (40 rounds) ** 80mm 30mm autocannon autocannon coaxial (200 rounds) ** 30mm * Flechette MG coaxial (2000 rounds) * Flechette MG Flechette MG MG pintle (500 rounds) ** Flechette Eight AP AP packs packs (2 each facing) ** Eight

JUDEA MEDIUM TANK JUDEA An older older generation generation tank, the Judea was once An the MBT of the Sacri Ordines but has been downthe MBT of the Sacri graded to to aa medium medium tank. It was the first tank graded to mount mount aa railgun. railgun. A six–round rocket launcher to is fifitted tted to to the the rear rear of the tank, giving it limited is artillery capability. capability. artillery Acc/Top Speed: Speed: 5/20; Toughness: 74/64/54 Acc/Top (60/50/40); Handling: Handling: –1; Crew: 3 (60/50/40); Notes: Heavy Heavy Armor, Armor, Night Vision, Sloped Armor Notes: (–1), Stabilizer, Stabilizer, Tracked Tracked (–1), Weapons: Weapons: 45mm railgun railgun (40 rounds) ** 45mm * Six 30mm unguided rockets* (see Artillery * Six 30mm unguided


rules, on on page page 48) 48) rules, * Flechette MG coaxial (2000 (2000 rounds) rounds) and rear) rear) * Six AP packs (2 each side and * If used from a Judea on the tabletop, tabletop, the the rockets rockets have a minimum range of 50”. 50”.

NAZARETH LIGHT TANK infantry support support against against Designed for close infantry poorly armored targets, the the Nazareth Nazareth is is the the lightest tank used by Church forces. forces. Passover Passover AT AT missiles give it a fighting chance chance against against an an MBT MBT ifif it can survive long enough to launch launch them. them. On the Nazareth II variant, variant, the the twin twin autocanautocannons have been replaced with with aa single single 30mm 30mm railgun (40 rounds). Toughness: 52/42/32 52/42/32 Acc/Top Speed: 6/30; Toughness: Crew: 33 (40/30/20); Handling: +0; Crew: Improved Stabilizer, Stabilizer, Night Night Notes: Heavy Armor, Improved Vision, Tracked Weapons: (100 rounds rounds each) each) * Twin 40mm autocannons (100 missile tubes tubes (no (no * 2 x Passover 6cm AT missile reloads) (2000 rounds) rounds) * Twin flechette MG coaxial (2000 and rear) rear) * Six AP packs (2 each side and

PROPHET APC Designed to deliver troops troops to to the the frontline frontline as as quickly and safely as possible, possible, the the Prophet Prophet has has become a common feature on on the the battlefi battlefield. eld. Variants include the Eloi mobile mobile command command unit (three passengers and an an improved improved comcommunication array), the Ezekiel Ezekiel repair repair truck truck (two (two passengers and adds +2 to Repair Repair rolls), rolls), and and the the Job supply truck (no passenger passenger seats seats but but holds holds 22 tons of cargo). Acc/Top Speed: 6/25; Toughness: Toughness: 25/20/20 25/20/20 (15/10/10); Handling: +0; Crew: Crew: 2+12 2+12 Notes: Heavy Armor, Improved Improved Stabilizer, Stabilizer, Night Night Vision Weapons: * 30mm autocannon turret turret mounted mounted (40 (40 rounds) * 2 x Passover 6cm AT missile missile tubes tubes (no (no reloads)

PROVERB MINESWEEPER Another vehicle based on the the Nazareth Nazareth chaschassis, the Proverb is designed to clear to clear mines. mines. It It has has heavily reinforced front armor, armor, to to which which is is fifitted tted aa

CHURCH HARDWARE series series of of heavy heavy chains chains on a rotating drum. As the vehicle vehicle moves moves forward, forward, the drum rotates, flailing the the ground ground in in front front of it. In In game game terms, terms, the the driver must make a Driving roll roll each each round round he he moves through a minefield. Each Each 5” 5” of of movement movement or part thereof above 5 gives gives aa –1 –1 penalty. penalty. On On a success, he clears a track through through aa minefi minefield eld 4 yards wide (2”) and as deep as as the the vehicle vehicle moves moves that round. With a failure, he merely merely lowers lowers the the density density of the minefield by one step. step. AA roll roll of of 11 or or less less fails to clear any mines. Acc/Top Acc/Top Speed: Speed: 4/20; Toughness: 82/32/22 (70/20/10); (70/20/10); Handling: Handling: –2; Crew: 3 Notes: Notes: Heavy Heavy Armor, Armor, Tracked Weapons: Weapons: ** 20mm 20mm autocannon autocannon coaxial (100 rounds) ** Flechette Flechette MG MG in in turret (2000 rounds)



is covered covered in in the the The use of combat aircraft is 49). No No stats stats are are Setting Rules chapter (see page 49). provided.

Based Based on on the the Nazareth Nazareth chassis, the Purifier lacks lacks sophisticated sophisticated fire–control stabilizers and night night vision vision equipment. equipment. Built for urban warfare, the the turret–mounted turret–mounted heavy flamethrower is perfect fect for for flflushing ushing Rephaim Rephaim from buildings and for blocking blocking streets. streets. Acc/Top Speed: Speed: 5/30; Toughness: 62/52/42 Acc/Top (50/40/30); Handling: Handling: +0; Crew: 3 (50/40/30); Notes: Heavy Heavy Armor, Armor, Tracked Notes: Weapons: Weapons: Heavy flflamethrower amethrower (30 shots) ** Heavy 20mm autocannon autocannon coaxial (100 rounds) ** 20mm Twin flflechette echette MG MG pintle (2000 rounds) ** Twin

units, the the Sinai Sinai Favored by reconnaissance units, enclosed, itit can can jeep is a rugged vehicle. Fully enclosed, relative comfort. comfort. Of Of all all carry four passengers in relative the military vehicles, it is the most most commonly commonly modified by its crews. The specifi specifications cations below below represent the “factory model.” Toughness: 16 16 (4); (4); HanHanAcc/Top Speed: 6/25; Toughness: dling: +1; Crew: 2+4 Technology, Four Four Wheel Wheel Notes: Advanced Stealth Technology, Night Vision, Vision, Stealth Stealth Drive, Improved Stabilizer, Night Paint Weapons: (1000 rounds) rounds) * Twin flechette MG in turret (1000


ANGEL DROPSHIP equivalent of of the the The Angel is the airborne equivalent three Knight Knight Lances Lances Prophet. Capable of carrying three (or one Lance plus supporting Sergeants) Sergeants) straight straight into the heart of battle, providing providing fifire re support, support, and then airlifting the troops to safety, safety, the the Angel Angel

SAMARITAN MEDEVAC APC SAMARITAN The Samaritan Samaritan APC APC has a Prophet chassis but The heavily modifi modified ed interior, interior, which allows for four aa heavily stretchers (in (in two two tiers of two) as well as two stretchers medics and and their their equipment. equipment. Healing rolls made medics within the the Samaritan Samaritan are made at +2 because of within the advanced advanced equipment. equipment. the The loss loss of of the the Passover launchers gives the The vehicle aa slightly slightly better acceleration than the vehicle standard Prophet. Prophet. standard Acc/Top Speed: Speed: 7/25; Toughness: 25/20/20 Acc/Top (15/10/10); Handling: Handling: +0; Crew: 2+2 (15/10/10); Notes: Heavy Heavy Armor, Armor, Improved Stabilizer, Night Notes: Vision Vision Weapons: Weapons: 30mm autocannon autocannon turret mounted (40 ** 30mm rounds) rounds)


NECROPOLIS 2350 is is deserving deserving of of its its name. Its armor is capable of defl deflecting ecting autocannon autocannon rounds, but is no match for for railguns railguns or or Dove–2 Dove–2 rockets. Two Two variations variations exist. The Gabriel is a medevac transport, transport, its its passenger passenger bay replaced by eight stretchers stretchers and and aa small surgery station (treat as aa fifield eld surgery surgery kit). kit). The Pedael is a cargo lifter capable of moving capable of moving 6 tons of supplies instead of transporting transporting troops. troops. Acc/Top Acc/Top Speed: Speed: 30/300; Toughness: 40 (24); Handling: Handling: +1; +1; Crew: Crew: 2+18 Notes: Notes: AMCM AMCM xx 6, Fixed Gun, Heavy Armor, Improved proved Stabilizer, Stabilizer, Night Vision Weapons: Weapons: ** Flechette Flechette chain chain gun, nose (2000 rounds) ** 22 xx Passover Passover 9cm 9cm missiles (no reloads)

CHERUB CHERUB INSERTION CRAFT Designed Designed for for covert operations, the Cherub is is aa rotary rotary wing wing aircraft equipped with the latest in in stealth stealth technology technology and noise suppression systems. systems. Almost Almost completely silent, it can carry a six–man six–man strike strike team team in its cramped interior deep into into enemy enemy territory territory with little chance of being detected. detected. AA sliding sliding side–door allows for quick dispersal. dispersal. Acc/Top Speed: Speed: 20/60; Climb: 20; Toughness: Acc/Top 14 (4); (4); Handling: Handling: +2; Crew: 1+6 14 Notes: Advanced Advanced Stealth Technology, Night ViNotes: sion, Stealth Stealth Paint Paint sion, Weapons: Weapons: Twin flflechette echette MG in nose turret (1000 ** Twin rounds) rounds)

WATERCRAFT In addition addition to to the vehicles presented here, the In Church uses uses freighters freighters identical to those of the Church Corporations (page (page 76). Corporations

GALILEE PBR Rephaim have, thankfully, yet yet to to master master waterwatercraft. Necropolis has many navigable navigable rivers rivers whose whose banks must be patrolled and marshes marshes in in which which the Rephaim seek concealment. concealment. The The Galilee Galilee is is shallow bottomed bottomed and and ideal for this role, being shallow little as as three three feet feet of of capable of operating in as little troop insertion insertion and and water. PBRs are also used for troop can carry 20 men on deck. Acc/Top Speed: 4/16; Toughness: Toughness: 15 15 (4); (4); HanHandling: –1; Crew: 6+20 Notes: — Weapons: forward (100 (100 rounds) rounds) * 20mm autocannon forward (100 rounds) rounds) * 20mm autocannon aft (100 forward (1000 (1000 rounds) rounds) * Twin Flechette MG forward (1000 rounds) rounds) * Twin Flechette MG aft (1000

JONAH LIGHT DESTROYER Church’s only only maritime maritime The Jonah is the Church’s primarily used used for for coastal coastal combat vessel and is primarily has aa range range of of 12,000 12,000 defense and escort duty. It has Lances of of Knights, Knights, and and is is miles, can carry up to six Lances Corporations can can fifield. eld. a match for anything the Corporations Toughness: 38 38 (25); (25); HanHanAcc/Top Speed: 3/12; Toughness: dling: –2; Crew: 12+24 Notes: Heavy Armor Weapons: * 60mm railgun front turret (30 (30 rounds) rounds) * Two 30mm railguns each side each side (50 (50 rounds rounds each) * Four flechette chain guns for for antiaircraft antiaircraft use use (1200 rounds each) * Four front–firing torpedo torpedo tubes tubes (Range (Range 150/300/600, Damage 5d10, 5d10, ROF ROF 1, 1, Medium Medium Burst Template, AP 20)

ARMOR Type Type




Light armor armor Light Medium armor armor Medium

+4 +6

8 12

See notes See notes

Infantry battle battle suit suit Infantry Medium shield* shield* Medium

+8 Special

20 6

Covers entire body +1 Parry; +2 Armor to ranged shots that hit the the protected protected side side

Tabard +1 1 See notes Tabard Shields protect protect only only against against attacks attacks from from the the front front and ** Shields and left left (assuming (assuming a a right–handed right–handed character) character)




Crusader Crusader 25mm 25mm SBAC SBAC Crusader Crusader 50mm 50mm SBAC SBAC

Damage Crew Mag Notes

30/60/120 50/100/200

3d8 4d8+2

2 2

5 5

Small Burst Burst Template Template AP 10; HW; gun carriage; Small Small Burst Burst Template Template AP 20; HW; gun carriage; Small




AP 40; HW; 1 Action to reload; reload; gun gun carriage; carriage; see see notes





see notes notes Medium Burst Template; see

Jericho Jericho cannon cannon Mortars* Mortars* Megiddo Megiddo 2.5” 2.5” rotary rotary mortar mortar ** Minimum Minimum range range 15”. 15”.


Range Range

Damage RoF



Min Str.


Pistols Pistols Flechette Flechette pistol pistol

12/24/48 12/24/48





Semi-auto AP 2; Semi-auto

3/6/12 3/6/12





See notes

12/24/48 12/24/48





Worlds; Semi-auto Semi-auto See Savage Worlds;

Stunner Stunner Shotguns Shotguns Semi–auto Semi–auto

Submachine Guns Guns Submachine Flechette SMG SMG Flechette

12/24/48 12/24/48





AP 2; Auto

Microflare are SMG SMG Microfl

10/20/40 10/20/40





Semi-auto; See See notes notes

Assault Rifl Rifles es Assault Bolt rifl riflee Bolt

8/16/32 8/16/32






AP 4

Flechette rifl riflee Flechette

24/48/96 24/48/96





AP 2; Auto; 3RB; 3RB; Integral Integral grenade launcher launcher

2/4/8 2/4/8





See notes

30/60/120 30/60/120





AP 2; Integral Integral scope scope with with low light vision vision attachment attachment

8/16/32 8/16/32 15/30/60 15/30/60

1–3d6* 1–3d6*

1 3

8 16

12 24

d6 d6

Semi-auto Auto

Tangle gun gun Tangle Sniper Rifl Rifles es Sniper Sniper rifl riflee Sniper Laser Weapons Weapons Laser Laser pistol Laser pistol Laser rifl riflee Laser Machine Guns Guns Machine Flechette MG MG Flechette Laser MG Laser MG

30/60/120 30/60/120 25/50/100 25/50/100

240 d6 AP 2; 3RB 2d8+1 4 16 1–3d6* 5 32 48 d8 Auto Increasing the the damage damage per attack uses a like number of shots. A 3d6 attack, for instance, uses ** Increasing uses 33 shots. shots. Semi–Auto: May May Double–Tap; Double–Tap; Auto: Fully Automatic or Single Shot; 3RB: Has a 3–round burst Semi–Auto: burst selector. selector.


NECROPOLIS 2350 SPECIAL WEAPONS Type Type Flamethrowers Flamethrowers

Range Range

Damage Damage

Weight Weight

Shots Shots

Min Str. Str. Min

Notes Notes

Flamethrower Flamethrower Grenade Grenade






Ignores armor armor Ignores

Grenade Grenade launcher launcher Filament grenade Filament grenade

20/40/80 5/10/20*

as grenade 3d8

3 0.5

5 —

— —

See notes notes AP 4; Medium Medium Burst Burst Template Template

Incendiary Incendiary grenade grenade Starshell Starshell

5/10/20* As GL

2d10 (2d10)

0.5 0.5

— —

— —

Medium Burst; Burst; ignores ignores armor armor Medium notes See notes

Mines Mines Anti–personnel Anti–personnel mine mine



Medium Burst Burst Template Template Medium

Anti–tank Anti–tank mine mine



Small Burst Burst Template; Template; AP AP HW; Small against half half weakest weakest Armor Armor 40 against rounded down down value rounded

Monofi Monofilament lament mine mine



HW; Medium Medium Burst Burst TemTemAP 4; HW; plate

Dove Dove AT–1 AT–1






HW; Medium Medium Burst Burst AP 60; HW;

Dove Dove AA/AT–2 AA/AT–2






HW; Medium Medium Burst Burst AP 90; HW;

LAW LAW 66mm 66mm





HW; Medium Medium Burst Burst AP 30; HW;




Medium Burst Burst Template; Template; +1” +1” Medium and +1d6 +1d6 damage damage per per charge; charge; HW





1 action action to to reload; reload; Medium Medium Burst (HE) (HE)

Rocket Rocket Launchers Launchers

Explosives Explosives Demolition Demolition charge charge

Mortars** Mortars** Levant fifield eld mortar mortar Levant

Thrown. Grenades Grenades fired from a grenade launcher use the Grenade Launcher range distances. ** Thrown. distances. ** Minimum Minimum range range 15”. 15”. **

VEHICULAR WEAPONS Type Type 20mm autocannon autocannon 20mm

Range 50/100/200

Damage 3d8

30mm autocannon autocannon 30mm 40mm autocannon autocannon 40mm

50/100/200 75/150/300

3d8 4d8

30mm railgun railgun 30mm 45mm railgun railgun 45mm

50/100/200 70/140/280

3d8 3d8

60mm railgun railgun 60mm 80mm railgun 80mm railgun

100/200/400 120/240/480

4d8 5d8

2/4/8 30/60/120

2d6 2d8+1

Heavy flflamethrower amethrower Heavy Passover 6cm 6cm AT AT missile missile Passover

40 40 100/200/400 100/200/400

2d10 2d10 3d10 3d10

Passover 9cm 9cm AT AT missile missile Passover

100/200/400 100/200/400

4d10 4d10

AP pack pack AP Flechette chain chain gun gun Flechette




Small Small

AP 8; HW AP 12; HW

Small —

AP 16; HW AP 35; HW

— —

AP 60; HW AP 75; HW

— —

AP 120; HW See notes

— — —

AP 2; See notes As As vehicular vehicular flflamethrower amethrower

Medium Medium AP AP 40; 40; HW HW Medium AP 65; HW Medium AP 65; HW

CHURCH HARDWARE AMMUNITION Ammo Ammo Dove Dove AT–1 AT–1 Rocket Rocket Dove Dove AT/AA–2 AT/AA–2 Rocket Rocket Flechettes Flechettes Fuel Fuel cylinder cylinder Laser Laser battery battery (pistol) (pistol) Laser Laser battery battery (rifl (rifle) e) Laser Laser battery battery (MG) (MG) Levant Levant 2.5” 2.5” shell shell Microfl ares Microflares

Weight Notes 3 One rocket 4 One rocket 1/60 2

Includes micro battery Provides one full load of shots for a flamethrower

1 2

Provides one full load of shots Provides one full load of shots

4 2

Provides one full load of shots One HE mortar round


Provides one full load of shots


Damage Damage


Baton Baton

Str+d4 Str+d4


Carried on riot control duties

None None


Reach 1; see notes

Heartbreaker Heartbreaker

Str+d6/2d6 Str+d6/2d6


Reach 1; see notes

Molecular Molecular knife knife

Str+d4+2 Str+d4+2


AP 2; cannot be thrown

Molecular Molecular sword sword

Str+d8+2 Str+d8+2


AP 4

Sledgehammer Sledgehammer

Str+d8 Str+d8


AP 2 vs. rigid armor; Parry –1; requires 2 hands hands

Spear Spear

Str +d6 Str


Parry +1; Reach 1; requires 2 hands

Corpse Corpse catcher catcher


GENERIC PERSONAL EQUIPMENT Item Weight Weight Item General Items Items General Bedroll Bedroll Binoculars Binoculars Electronic lockpicks lockpicks Electronic Entrenching tool tool Entrenching Fire extinguisher Fire extinguisher Flares (4) (4) Flares Flashlight Flashlight Handcuffs (10) (10) Handcuffs ID Scanner Scanner ID ID tag tag— — ID Remote detonator Remote detonator Rope, nylon Rope, nylon Toolkit Toolkit Wire cutters cutters Wire Medical Supplies Medical Supplies Field surgery surgery kit kit Field Medpac Medpac

3 2 1 2 5 1 3 1 2 2 10 15 2 20 20 1 1

Medikit Clothing Business suit Cold weather clothing Combat fatigues Combat webbing Dress uniform Ghillie suit Communication Gear Backpack radio Command center, mobile Headset communicator Satellite radio Whistle Rations Canteen Mess kit MRE MRE (Meal (Meal Ready Ready to to Eat) Eat) Trail rations Trail rations

8 2 5 2 1 3 3 10 8 1 20 — 1 1 11 66


NECROPOLIS 2350 A BRIEF HISTORY 2012: 2012: First First manned manned mission to Mars 2015: 2015: Dr Dr Robert Robert France and Professor Fergus Crawford Crawford discover discover a way of distorting time and space space to to avoid avoid the limitations of faster-thanlight light travel. travel. Theoretical propulsion system dubbed dubbed the the FC FC Drive after its discoverers. 2016: 2016: First First test test of FC Drive between Earth and Mars Mars damages damages the probe but proves theory has has practical practical applications. 2019: 2019: Completion Completion of full-size FC Probe. Launched to to Alpha Alpha Centauri Centauri on one-way mission. 2023: Data received 2023: Data received from Alpha Centauri probe reaches reaches Earth. Earth. Man has reached another star star system. system. Production Production of FC Drive craft for manned manned flflight ight begins. 2040: 2040: Global Global riots riots over cost of FC Drive projects. 2042: 2042: First First manned manned FC Drive craft visits Alpha Centauri. Centauri. The The gateway to the stars is open. 2044: 2044: Mars Mars colonized. colonized. 2052: 2052: Asteroid Asteroid mining mining posts fully operational. 2059: 2059: Start Start of of extended extended mission to find habitable planets planets beyond beyond Earth. Many mineral rich worlds worlds discovered discovered but none habitable. 2080:First First mining mining and research outposts founded 2080: on distant distant worlds. worlds. on 2096: Discovery Discovery of an Earth-like world located 2096: 480 light light years years from Earth. The planet is named 480 Chalcis after after the scientist leading the project. Chalcis 2100: Discovery Discovery of Chalcis leads to widespread 2100: religious revolution. revolution. religious 2132: Colonization Colonization of Chalcis begins. Over the 2132: next 30 30 years years 500 million people settle there. next 2149: First Reformation Church unitesmankind’s 2149: First Reformation religious beliefs. beliefs. New age of peace begins. religious 2193: Despite Despite newfound mineral wealth, the 2193: cost of of expansion expansion into outer space leads to cost nancial collapse collapse of the industrialized powers. fifinancial Earth slides into anarchy as nation after nation Earth slides into declares itself declares itself bankrupt. 2198: World World War War III begins. Chalcis declares itself 2198: an independent independent world and officially cuts all an communication with Earth. communication 2201: World World War War III ends. Second Reformation 2201: Church founded. founded. Church 2206: Collapse Collapse of many nations following the 2206: world market market crash and World War III leads the world Church to to become become the ruler of a united Earth. Church 2212: Growth of the Corporations. Nationalistic 2212: Growth of views are replaced views are replaced by Corporate identities.


2245: Chalcis Chalcis re-opens re-opens communication communication with with 2245: colonization begins. begins. Earth. Second wave of colonization 2249: Corporations begin investment investment in in Chalcis. Chalcis. resources leads leads to to 2290: Competition for resources declares itself itself neutral. neutral. Corporate Wars. Chalcis declares stalemate. Founding Founding 2300: Corporate Wars end in stalemate. Corporations. The The majority majority of of of the Union of Corporations. been destroyed destroyed in in the the FC Drive vessels have been colonies lost lost forever. forever. war. Many outposts and colonies of peace peace to to Earth. Earth. 2309: Chalcis extends hand of 2312: First reports of “demons” “demons” on on Chalcis. Chalcis. Hard Hard line cardinals start a bitter bitter two-year two-year war war that that ends in the formation of the the Third Third Reformation Reformation more militant militant stance stance Church. Church takes a more problems on on Chalcis. Chalcis. toward heresy and the problems 2314: Founding of the Ordo Lazari Lazari Sancti. Sancti. bans all all development, development, 2316: Nuclear Weapons Act bans weapons. testing, and use of nuclear weapons. between Rephaim Rephaim 2317: Open war breaks out between and colonists on Chalcis. Chalcis along along with with 2318: Church moves HQ to Chalcis majority of the Lazarites. Lazarites. Chalcis Chalcis renamed renamed control. Salus as Church assumes control. Templi Novi. Novi. Earth Earth 2319: Founding of the Ordo Templi unknown. destroyed—cause unknown. Ordo Sacrae Sacrae Flamulae. Flamulae. 2320: Founding of the Ordo First Templar battle against against Rephaim Rephaim ends ends in in disaster. 2321: First instance of miraculous miraculous powers powers noted noted among citizens of Salus. 2323: Lazarites granted new powers powers over over other other Sacri Ordines regarding capture capture of of Rephaim. Rephaim. 2325: Founding of the Ordo Hastae Hastae Sanctae. Sanctae. 2326: Templars reorganize their their Ordo Ordo into into aa mobile force. 2328: Founding of the Ordo Verbi Verbi Baenedicti. Baenedicti. 2329: First recorded use of necromantic necromantic weapons weapons by Rephaim. 2330: Church declares all citizens citizens possessing possessing miraculous powers must join join aa Sacer Sacer Ordo Ordo or or the Inquisition, or be branded branded heretics. heretics. 2333: Founding of the Ordo Penitentia. Penitentia. 2334: Salus unofficially renamed renamed Necropolis. Necropolis. 2339: Inquisitor-Asgard skirmish skirmish threatens threatens to to bring the Church and Union Union to to war. war. 2346: Fall of New Budapest, a strategic strategiccity citylocated located near the Dead Zone, to Rephaim forces. Rephaim forces. 2347: Attempt to retake New Budapest Budapest fails. fails. 2348: Rephaim assault on Iron Iron Belt Belt repelled. repelled. Southern war reaches a stalemate. stalemate. 2350: Present day

SETTING RULES Let Let all all things things be be done decently and in order. 11 Corinthians Corinthians 14:40 14:40

COMMON KNOWLEDGE Every Every Church Church character character receives a detailed briefi briefing ng during during training training on the nature of his foe. foe. As As such, such, all all characters characters can make Common Knowledge Knowledge rolls rolls relating to the following Rephaim—vampires, Rephaim—vampires, skeletons, and zombies. Knowledge Knowledge of of other other abominations requires the Knowledge Knowledge (Rephaim) (Rephaim) skill.

GRENADES Most Knights Knights carry carry a few grenades. Grabbing Most one, activating activating it, it, and and throwing it is considered a one, single action, action, assuming assuming the hero hasn’t stuffed it single into aa pocket pocket or or pack. pack. into Knights with with grenade grenade launchers must decide Knights whether their their grenades grenades are loaded in the launcher whether or carried carried externally externally (or how many are stored or where ifif they they divide divide them up). Loading or unloadwhere ing aa single single grenade grenade from a grenade launcher ing takes an an action, action, thus thus limiting the character to takes adding or or removing removing one grenade per round. adding Characters with with different types of grenade Characters loaded into into aa launcher launcher need to determine in what loaded order they they are are loaded, loaded, as the grenades are fired in order the same same order order they they are shoved into the weapon. the character with with three three filament and two incendiAA character ary grenades grenades can can store store them in any order, but he ary (and the the WM) WM) needs needs to know which warhead will (and be launched launched when when he next pulls the trigger. be

AWARDS AND PROMOTIONS Unlike traditional traditional armies, the Sacri Ordines do Unlike not reward their soldiers soldiers with medals or promonot reward their tions. Individuals may join a Corporate army to tions. Individuals may

awards, but but those those in in climb the ranks or receive awards, such base base desires. desires. the Sacri Ordines are beyond such little hope hope of of achievachievEven if they’re not, they have little ing their goal. is possible possible only only Promotion to Senior Knight is vacancy. If If the the unit’s unit’s if the character’s unit has a vacancy. good report report the the Knight- Commander puts in a good Rank (Senior (Senior Knight) Knight) character may purchase the Rank the usual usual requirerequireEdge. He must still meet all the ments. Knight-Commander requires requires Promotion to Knight-Commander Master. Any Any Senior Senior the support of the Preceptory Master. requirements may may Knight character meeting the requirements apply for promotion. If his service service record record is is good good and his Banner currently lacks aa Knight-ComKnight-Commander, he is likely to be promoted. promoted. In In game game terms, he must have the WM’s permission permission to to purpurchase the Rank (Knight Commander) Commander) Edge. Edge. He He must also fulfill all the requirements requirements of of the the Edge. Edge. Promotion to higher ranks would would effectively effectively remove the character from the game. game. Sergeants may be promoted solely solely on on the the word word of their commanding Knight. Should Should aa player player have have a Sergeant character, use the guidelines guidelines on on page page 18 to determine if he is eligible for for promotion. promotion.

TRANSFERS Characters, whether Chaplains, Chaplains, Knights, Knights, or Sergeants, cannot transfer between between Sacri Sacri Ordines. They may resign from their their Ordo—conOrdo—considered dishonorable and cowardly—but cowardly—but cannot cannot then enlist in another Ordo. They They may, may, however, however, change roles within their Ordo. Ordo. So So long long as as the the character meets the minimum requirements requirements for for his new role he may request an internal internal transfer. transfer. Note that a character who transfers transfers to to become become a Chaplain does not gain the Chaplain’s Chaplain’s Special Special Training. Likewise, a knighted Chaplain Chaplain (or (or SerSergeant) would not gain his Ordo’s Ordo’s training. training.


NECROPOLIS 2350 Receiving Receiving aa transfer transfer requires a Persuasion role from from the the applicant. applicant. On a success, the character receives receives his his transfer transfer and is equipped according to his his new new profession. profession. A failure means the request is is denied denied and and the the character must remain in his old old post. post. Characters Characters may apply for a transfer each each time time they they reach reach a new character rank (Seasoned, soned, Veteran, Veteran, etc.). Only one transfer attempt is is allowed allowed per per rank. rank.

AMMUNITION Each Each group group of of Extras starts with an Ammo Level of of Very Very High, High, High High (typical), Low, or Out. You’ll fifind nd aa Supply Supply Track Track on the Ally Sheet to help you keep keep track. track. Very Very High Ammunition Level means the the Extras Extras have have aa –1 penalty to their physical rolls due due to to being being overloaded. overloaded. After After each each fifight, ght, the ammo drops a level. Allies dealt dealt aa deuce deuce during during combat drop an ammo level immediately immediately after after that round. When the combat is is over, over, use use the the average average ammo level for the entire collection collection of of Extras. Extras. Once Once the the team team is “Out,” they have a few rounds each, each, perhaps perhaps one one grenade for every dozen men, and and so so on. on. Individuals Individuals aren’t completely helpless but as as aa group group they they are combat ineffective. but

FIRE SUPPORT Commanders can radio for artillery and air Commanders strike support, support, although what’s available from strike general support support depends on what else is happengeneral ing in in the the theatre theatre of war at the moment, and so is ing something of of aa random random process. something To determine determine if support is available have the To Senior Knight Knight make make a d6 Support Roll adding the Senior modifiers ers below. below. A total of 4+ means support is modifi available. If If the the mission is deep behind enemy available. lines or or itit specifi specifically states that no support of lines any type type is is available, available, no one will answer the call any so no no roll roll can can be be made. so

SUPPORT ROLL MODIFIERS SUPPORT Modifier er Modifi +2 +2 +1 +1 +1 +1


Situation Situation Character Character is a Knight-Commander or higher or Character Character is a Knight or Senior Knight Knight Dedicated Dedicated support available

+1 +1 –3

If about about to to be be overrun overrun (WM’s (WM’s If diScretion) Support Roll Roll attempted attempted For each Support hours in the past 8 hours

was allocated allocated for for the the If no specific support was mission, the CO has called in general general supporting supporting fire. The CO (or forward observer) observer) rolls rolls on on the the Support Table to see what is available. available. After the type of support is determined, determined, roll roll the the takes to to arrive. arrive. ArtilArtilDelay Die to see how long it takes appropriate round, round, lery lands at the start of the appropriate of Spades Spades and and interintereffectively landing on an Ace of those dealt dealt Jokers. Jokers. rupting all characters except those same action action they they are are Aircraft payloads land the same interval passes). passes). called (after the Delay Die interval every round round after after the the The Bingo Die is rolled every asset is is used used up up or or asset fires. On a roll of 1, the asset mission is is over. over. On On otherwise diverted and its fire mission any other roll, the asset remains remains on on call. call.

SUPPORT TABLE d6 1–3 4–6

Support Available General Support Artillery Support below) Air Support (see below)


Type Judea Medium Tank Constantine SPA Basilica SPA Goliath 200mm MRLS Goliath 300mm MRLS

Delay Delay Die Die d4 d4 d6 d6 d6 d6 d4 d4 d4 d4

Bingo Bingo Die Die d6 d6 d10 d10 d10 d10 d4 d4 d4 d4

ROCKET BARRAGE The player can place as many many of of the the vehicle’s vehicle’s rockets as he wishes on the battlefi eld battlefield each each turn, turn, but all rockets fired in a single single round round must must be be adjacent. Next roll a d12 and and 2d10–1 2d10–1 xx 2”. 2”. This This is the direction and number of of inches inches the the rounds rounds deviate, measured from the center center of of each each temtemplate. Goliath Multiple Rocket Rocket Launch Launch System: System: Up to eight 200mm (4d8 damage damage in in aa Large Large Burst Burst Template) or six 300mm rockets rockets (5d8 (5d8 damage damage in in a Large Burst Template). Judea: Six 30mm rockets for for 3d6 3d6 damage damage in in aa Medium Burst Template.

SETTING RULES SPA SPA BARRAGE BARRAGE The The CO’s CO’s player player places two adjacent templates on his desired on his desired targets targets and checks for deviation as above. above. Basilica: Basilica: 5d10 5d10 damage damage in a Large Burst Template. plate. Constantine: Constantine: 4d10 4d10 damage in a Large Burst Template. Template.

ADJUSTING ADJUSTING FIRE The The CO CO can can allow allow the barrage to continue each round round in in the the same same location as the first salvo hit, or or he he can can adjust adjust the the target point up to 10” per round without delay. round without delay. If the barrage is not used in aa round, round, or or is is shifted shifted more than 10” in a round, it must must be be called called in in again again (meaning another Delay Die Die roll). roll). Even Even with with the accuracy of modern guns artillery artillery fifire re is is still still aa little unpredictable. Whether Whether or or not not the CO has shifted fire or allowed allowed itit to to come come down on the same location, each each template template deviates deviates d4–1 inches (d8–1 for rockets) rockets) each each turn turn using a d12 to determine the direction. direction.

odd, resolve resolve the the attack attack against against half half the the target’s target’s odd, weakest armor (rounded down). down). If If the the roll roll is is even it strikes the side Armor.

ILLUMINATION Constantine and Basilica units units can can also also fifire re illumination flares each round instead instead of of HE. HE. phosphorous rounds rounds These are extremely bright phosphorous parachute. This This counts counts that drift down on a small parachute. as the battery’s barrage for the turn. turn. Illumination Illumination penalties in in nonnonrounds negate all darkness penalties 1d10+5 rounds. rounds. forested or jungle terrain for 1d10+5 In light vegetation, penalties are are reduced reduced to to –1. –1. vegetation. They have no effect in thick vegetation.


Delay Die Die Delay

Bingo Die Die Bingo


d4 Archangel Assault Craft d4

d10 d10


Angel Dropship

d6 d6

d6 d6



Deliverance Bomber

d8 d8

d8 d8

Artillery shells shells and rockets explode when Artillery they strike strike resistance. resistance. In theory this should be they the ground, ground, but but one one of the most feared types of the explosions are are airbursts. airbursts. These are extremely explosions common when when artillery artillery is firing into a wooded common area. As As well well as as shrapnel shrapnel from the shell, shatarea. tered trees disperse tered trees disperse sharp splinters of wood in all directions. directions. all The WM WM should should roll roll a d6 when artillery is firing The into wooded wooded areas. areas. In lightly wooded areas, a into roll of of 66 indicates indicates an airburst. In heavy woods roll this increases increases to to aa roll roll of 4–6. Only full overhead this cover offers offers any any Armor Armor bonus against such explocover sions. Simply Simply being being prone or hiding behind an sions. obstacle offers offers no no protection protection from these deadly obstacle explosions. Damage explosions. Damage is increased by 2d6, due to the flflying ying wood wood splinters. splinters. the


Scourge Bomber

d6 d6

d6 d6

d6 d6

d6 d6

9–10 Crown Fighter

ARTILLERY VS. VEHICLES ARTILLERY Artillery rounds rounds plunge down from above at a Artillery steep angle. angle. This This can can be dangerous for vehicles steep struck by by artillery artillery rounds. rounds. struck the vehicle vehicle is is enclosed, there is a good IfIf the chance the round chance the round may strike its relatively weak deck Armor. Armor. Roll Roll aa d6 if the center of the Burst deck Template is located Template is located over a vehicle. If the roll is


NECROPOLIS 2350 AIR AIR STRIKES Air Air support support ranges ranges from Crown fighters up to the powerful Archangel the powerful Archangel Assault Craft. Dedicated air air support support loiters loiters in area as long as possible during crucial during crucial moments moments of the operation to try and and provide provide effective effective coverage. General General air air support support is often aircraft in the area area returning returning from from a mission with undropped ordnance. ordnance. After After calling in the support, roll the Delay Delay Die Die to to see see how long it takes the aircraft to reach reach the the unit unit and and start blasting any Rephaim or Corporate Corporate forces forces foolish enough to be seen. Once Once the the aircraft aircraft arrives, the CO can determine which one of which one of its its weapons it uses each round on his his action action card. card. See the Aircraft Payloads table to to fifind nd out out what what munitions an aircraft has at its disposal. disposal. If If itit is is listed listed as having a choice of munitions, tions, randomly randomly to determine what is available. As always, always, roll roll the the Bingo Bingo Die every round the aircraft fifires. res. On On aa 1, 1, itit is is no longer available. Bombs Bombs are are Large Large Burst Templates that explode for for 4d10 4d10 damage. damage. The player can place as many of of the the aircraft’s aircraft’s bombs bombs as he wishes on the battlefifield eld each each turn, turn, but all munitions dropped in a single single round round must must be adjacent. Roll 1d10–1 x 3” deviation deviation for for each each Burst Template. Guns fifire re aa single single Strafe Template each round. Guns This is is Suppressive Suppressive Fire. Those who are hit suffer This 2d8+1 damage damage (AP 2). There is no deviation. 2d8+1 Due to to the the gun’s gun’s high rate of fire, targets have Due –1 to to their their Spirit Spirit rolls. Foes who roll a 1 or lower –1 on their their Spirit Spirit die die (regardless of Wild Die) are hit on and suffer suffer damage damage normally. and Napalm is is sticky, sticky, flaming goo that incinerates Napalm most targets. targets. It It has has an AP value of 30, causes 3d10 most damage, and and burns burns for 10 rounds on objects or damage, 1d10 rounds rounds on on “soft targets” such as Rephaim. 1d10 Each canister canister of of napalm creates a chain of four Each Medium Burst Burst Templates Templates in a straight line. Roll Medium for deviation deviation as as for bombs and move the entire for chain the the indicated indicated direction and distance. chain Napalm can can also also be used tactically to destroy Napalm vegetation and soft cover. Most flora (as well as vegetation and soft fauna) beneath beneath the the template is destroyed and no fauna) longer provides provides cover or concealment. longer Missiles: Passover Passover missiles fired from the air Missiles: automatically hit hit the deck of a vehicle. The target automatically vehicle’s Armor Armor is counted as being half its lowest vehicle’s value (round (round down). down). value Rockets: The The player can place as many of the Rockets: aircraft’s rockets aircraft’s rockets as he wishes on the battlefield each turn, turn, but but all all rockets fired in a single round each


must be be adjacent. adjacent. Roll Roll 1d10–1” 1d10–1” deviation deviation for for must 30mm rocket rocket causes causes each Burst Template. Each 30mm Burst Template. Template. The The 3d6 damage in a Medium Burst explode for for 4d8 4d8 damage damage in in larger 200mm rockets explode a Large Burst Template.

AIRCRAFT PAYLOADS Aircraft Archangel

Munitions Available Available Munitions Bombs x4, x4, Rockets Rockets Guns, Bombs (30mm), Rockets Rockets x4 x4 x10 (30mm), (200mm), Missiles Missiles x4 x4 (200mm), (Passover 9cm) 9cm) (Passover Angel Dropship Guns, Missiles Missiles x2 x2 (Passover (Passover 6cm) x10 or or Napalm Napalm x10 x10 Deliverance Bomber Bombs x10 Napalm x4 x4 Scourge Bomber Napalm and Rockets Rockets x6 x6 Crown Fighter Guns, and (30mm) or or Bombs Bombs x2 x2 or or (30mm) Missiles x2 x2 (Passover (Passover 6cm) 6cm) Missiles

ANTI-AIRCRAFT FIRE and fast fast for for effective effective Most aircraft fly too high and the Dove Dove AT-2, AT-2, FlagelFlagelanti-aircraft fire. However, the Shredder light light tank tank are are lant ISV, and Corporate Shredder capable of knocking out enemy enemy aircraft. aircraft. Other Other weapons lack the accuracy, rate rate of of fifire, re, range, range, or or elevation. Characters armed with these these weapons weapons can can try try to shoot down aircraft dropping dropping their their payloads. payloads. The firer must be on Hold on on the the round round the the aircraft makes its attack, otherwise, otherwise, the the aircraft aircraft is long gone before the firer can can react. react. Treat Treat the the pilot has having Agility d8 for for the the purpose purpose of of interrupting. Whether he successfully successfully interrupts interrupts or not, the hero still gets to to attack attack the the aircraft aircraft this round—the difference between between success success and and failure is the aircraft has fired fifirst. rst. The range is always treated treated as as being being Long Long Range. Make a single attack roll, roll, ignoring ignoring any any ROF. ROF. If the firer scores a success, the the GM GM immediately immediately rolls the aircraft's Bingo Die. Using Using aa Flagellant Flagellant allows four dice to be rolled (one per (one per gun). gun). On On any roll of 1, the aircraft has been shot been shot down down or or damaged enough to abort its mission. mission. Otherwise Otherwise there is no effect. With a raise on on the the attack, attack, roll roll aa Bingo Die of one die lower (minimum of d4). (minimum of d4). A single hero using anti-aircraft anti-aircraft weaponry weaponry has has a low chance of success, whereas a whereas a battery battery of of FlaFlagellants or Dove AT-2s greatly increases increases the the odds odds of destroying enemy aircraft.

GUIDE TO NECROPOLIS Let Let darkness darkness and and the shadow of death stain it; it; let let aa cloud cloud dwell dwell upon it; let the blackness of the the day day terrify terrify it. it. Job Job 3:5 3:5 Whether Whether you you call call the world Chalcis, Salus, or or Necropolis, Necropolis, itit holds holds the prestigious title of being being the the only only habitable habitable planet outside of the solar solar system system upon upon which mankind has built a home. home. It It also also holds holds the honor of being the site of of humanity’s humanity’s last last stand stand against a dark, insidious, and and destructive destructive force force threatening to extinguish the the light light of of mankind. mankind.

NEW SOL At the the center center of of the Chalcis system sits an At unusual binary binary star star system. The single star is a unusual white-yellow F-class F-class giant (category III) star. white-yellow Scientificc research research shows shows the star has undergone Scientifi some sort sort of of transformation transformation in its history, possible some direct result result of of its its companion—a black hole. aa direct The black black hole, hole, labeled Krijger X–1 after the The famous Dutch Dutch astronomer astronomer who discovered it in famous 2128, lies lies aa distance distance of 6.3 million miles from its 2128, luminous companion, companion, New Sol. Invisible for much luminous of the the time, time, the the black black hole’s existence becomes of visually apparent apparent during during two solar events. visually First, the the tidal tidal effect effect of Krijger X–1 generates First, massive solar solar flflares. ares. Although the atmosphere massive of Salus Salus and and its its distance distance from the star protects of the inhabitants inhabitants from from harmful radiation, the flares the have proven proven disastrous disastrous to spacecraft caught “in have the open.” open.” One One such such craft was ark vessel Exodus the 9, which which entered entered the Chalcis system shortly 9, before aa flflare. are. Its Its hulk hulk now orbits New Sol at a before distance of of 2.4 2.4 AU, AU, a mausoleum for the 50,000 distance souls onboard. onboard. souls Strangely, although some of the ejected solar Strangely, although matter ends up drawn towards the event horizon matter ends up drawn of the black hole, of the black hole, there is no evidence of any

indication aa black black hole hole x-ray radiation, a clear indication detected only only weak weak is “feeding.” Probes have detected some interesting interesting Hawking radiation, which raises some radiation bursts, bursts, the the questions. However, with no radiation solar system is habitable. Second, every few days New Sol Sol passes passes behind behind of Salus Salus the the star star Krijger X–1. From the surface of develop aa large large hole, hole, seems to bulge and then develop are bent bent around around much like a donut, as light waves are as an an Einstein Einstein the black hole. This is known as Ring. radiation, the the black black hole hole Because there is no radiation, uence its its gravity gravity can only be detected by the influence as the the Einstein Einstein has on its surroundings (such as Ring). Still, FC Drive ships needed needed to to be be careful careful as the energy field from the drive drive engines engines were were subject to heavy disruption when when entering entering the the system. New Sol has 6.8 times the mass mass of of Earth’s Earth’s own own sun, Sol. It is 2.6 times as bright, and and has has aa radius radius of 4.7 times larger than Sol. The The star star is is stable stable and likely to remain that way for for many many billions billions of years.

SOLAR SYSTEM The Salus system consists of eight eight planetary planetary objects. Numbers in parentheses parentheses after after the the planplanetary object name are distances from from the the star star in in astronomical units (1 AU equals equals approximately approximately 93 million miles). Infernalis (0.65): Blasted by the the intense intense heat heat of the giant star and often bathed bathed in in solar solar flflares, ares, Infernalis is a barren wasteland. wasteland. Its Its surface surface is is near-molten, making detailed exploration exploration of of the the surface impossible. Vulcan (1.0): Like Infernalis, Vulcan Vulcan is is aa barren barren rock with a heavily cratered surface. surface. Remote Remote probes launched soon after the system system was was disdiscovered found nothing of interest. interest.


NECROPOLIS 2350 Midgard Midgard (1.5): (1.5): Tidally locked, Midgard’s sunward ward face face is is baked baked and blistered, while its other side side is is bitterly bitterly cold. cold. Back in 2139 a dozen solar flflare are sensor sensor satellites satellites were placed in orbit ringing the the day-night day-night divide. divide. Two centuries on, the satellites lites still still warn warn the the citizens of Salus of approaching solar solar flflares. ares. Incus Incus (2.75): (2.75): Incus (“Anvil”) is an astronomical cal rarity rarity and and aa nightmare nightmare for scientists. At some point point there there was was once a large gas giant in the orbit orbit (estimated (estimated diameter 170,000 miles). All that that remains remains now now is a ball of solid metal many thousands thousands of of miles miles in diameter, some apocalyptic force force having having stripped stripped away its primordial atmosphere. sphere. Attempts Attempts to mine the surface were hastily abandoned abandoned due due to the solar flares, which fried even even hardened hardened robots. robots. Salus Salus (5.2): (5.2): Only Only habitable planet. See below for for detailed detailed information. information. Malleus Malleus (11.2): (11.2): A small gas giant (diameter 63,000 miles) 63,000 miles) with with rings of small particles and ice ice crystals crystals and and 10 moons (largest just 2500 miles miles diameter). diameter). Like all gas giants, Malleus (“Hammer”) (“Hammer”) has has a primordial atmosphere of hydrogen, hydrogen, helium, helium, methane, and ammonia. An An orbital orbital facility facility was constructed in the upper atmosphere in in 2271 2271 to harvest and process the atmosphere gases. It It was was abandoned abandoned in 2298 for fears it gases. would become become a terrorist target for out-system would Corporate extremists extremists determined to bring Salus Corporate into the the war. war. Latest Latest scans indicate the facility is into still circling circling the the planet, planet, though it has slipped into still lower orbit. orbit. Predictions Predictions are it will fall into the aa lower atmosphere within within a few decades. atmosphere Icicle (21.8): (21.8): Unusually, Icicle (official name Icicle “Cavil,” after after the the first man to set foot there) is “Cavil,” rocky world, world, much like Salus. The world is aa rocky swathed in in aa layer layer of ice with an average depth of swathed 10 miles. miles. Evidence Evidence suggests the world entered an 10 ice age age perhaps perhaps 100 million years ago and never ice recovered. Scientifi Scientific consensus is the molten recovered. core cooled cooled and and lack of volcanic activity allowed core the surface surface to to cool cool into eternal winter. the Interest in in the the world was always low, though Interest one Corporation, Corporation, Off-World Mining, founded a one mining station station in in 2247 to explore the possibility mining of recovering mineral of recovering mineral wealth from beneath the ice. All All contact contact was was lost in 2289. Off-world Mining ice. was obliterated during the Corporate Wars and its was obliterated during local offi ce fell to local office fell to West Star Mining in a relatively bloodless takeover, takeover, one of the few incidents bloodless during the war to to affect Salus. during the war


The Beach Beach (35.1): (35.1): Evidence Evidence suggests suggests the the The populated asteroid asteroid fifield, eld, Beach, a thin, sparsely populated planetary formation. formation. So So may have been a failed planetary planet was was stillborn, stillborn, far from the sun’s gravity, the planet the swirling morass of rocks aa leftover leftover from from the the creation of the solar system. Early Early probes probes indiindicated metals found only in full-formed full-formed planets. planets. mystery. Their presence remains a mystery. Wars, several several CorporaCorporaBefore the Corporate Wars, platforms, though though these these tions established mining platforms, minerals no no longer longer were abandoned by 2300, the minerals Corporate war war effort. effort. The The being useful to the Corporate stations remain intact, but no no attempts attempts to to reuse reuse them have occurred.

SALUS as New New Sol Sol 55 in in the the Salus is also referred to as scientific community.

LOCATION planet in in the the local local Salus is the only habitable planet astronomical units units from from its its sun sun system. Lying 5.2 astronomical the distance distance between between (i.e. just over five times the positioned centrally centrally in in Earth and the Sun), it is positioned Were Salus Salus in in orbit orbit at at the star’s habitable zone. Were the same distance as Earth is from from the the Sun, Sun, New New Sol would dominate the sky. Life Life would would also also be be impossible at such close proximity. proximity.

ATMOSPHERICS Atmospheric pressure at sea sea level level is is equal equal to to that of Earth. Even the atmospheric atmospheric composition composition is remarkably close to that of of mankind’s mankind’s former former homeworld. Towards the polar zones, the the aurora aurora borealis borealis (northern hemisphere) and aurora aurora australis australis (southern) are constant companions companions during during the the long winters. The energy output output of of New New Sol, Sol, even even at this distance, results in spectacular spectacular light light shows shows as solar radiation energizes particles particles in in the the ionoionosphere. Particularly powerful displays displays illuminate illuminate the surrounding lands with an an eerie, eerie, pale pale green green glow, almost as bright as a full full moon moon on on Earth. Earth. Settlers in these climes welcome welcome such such nights nights for for the extra light they provide. One side effect of the increased increased radiation radiation that that strikes Salus is the amount of radio radio interference interference itit causes. A solar flare can result result in in disrupted disrupted comcommunications over much of the the planet’s planet’s surface surface lasting days or weeks at a time. time. Military Military strategists strategists must take such astronomical phenomenon phenomenon into into account.

GUIDE TO NECROPOLIS CLIMATE CLIMATE At At 5.2 5.2 AU AU itit takes takes Salus 1,536 days to circle its sun, sun, resulting resulting in in seasons seasons lasting longer than an Earth year. (Each Earth year. (Each recorded year is exactly one season season long.) long.) However, However, the slight orbital eccentricity (0.005) and tricity (0.005) and aa low axial tilt of just 10 degree equate equate to to only only comparatively comparatively mild seasonal variations in temperature. tions in temperature. Little comfort if you live in the the polar polar extremes, extremes, where the sun barely rises for nearly 400 nearly 400 days. days. Salus has Salus has ice ice caps caps at the poles and temperatures there there never never rise rise above above freezing in the summer. During During the the long long winter, winter, the temperature plummets mets well well below below the the line. Snow regularly falls as low low as as the the 40th 40th parallel. parallel. At the equator, the high summer summer temperatures temperatures are blistering but more pleasant pleasant in in winter. winter. Wealthy citizens move toward the the equator equator to to escape escape the long, cold winter nights. The The sidebar sidebar shows shows average summer high and winter winter low low temperatures temperatures at various latitudes. Precipitation Precipitation in in non–desert non–desert regions is plentiful and and in in certain certain regions regions can be near constant. The The rotation rotation period period of Salus is almost exactly 24 24 hours. hours. AA leap leap day day is added to the last day of the calendar calendar every every ten ten years to account for the slight difference. difference. This This degree degree of closeness to Earth’s day has has been been attributed attributed to everything from alien day tampering to to divine divine blueprints. tampering Thunderstorms and electrical storms are Thunderstorms common in in the the summer summer and a Salus storm at its common height can can be be aa truly truly frightening experience—day height turns to to night, night, thunderclaps thunderclaps can knock a man turns off his his feet, feet, and and lightning lightning strikes make travel off extremely hazardous. hazardous. extremely Such storms storms can can cover an area the size of the Such entire American American Mid Mid West and can last for many entire days. Hurricanes Hurricanes and and tornadoes, whilst less fredays. quent, easily easily rival rival those on Earth, and, in rare quent, cases, can can exceed exceed their their power many fold. cases,

GEOGRAPHY GEOGRAPHY With aa diameter diameter of 8,950 miles and circumferWith ence of of 28,100 28,100 miles, miles, the planet is larger than ence Earth. However, However, itit is is marginally less dense, resultEarth. ing in in aa surface surface gravity gravity of 1.01G. Surface area is ing approximately 251 251 million square miles (644 approximately million square km). million square km). This equates to around 20% more than than Earth. Earth. more Water makes makes up up 62% of the surface area (156 Water million square miles). million square miles). Salus lacks its own satellite, resulting resulting in in weak weak yet complicated tides due lite,

TEMPERATURE RANGES Latitude 0° 10° 20° 30° 40° 50° 60° 70° 80° 90°

Summer 117F (47C) 104F (40C) 92F (33C) 79F (26C) 67F (19C) 57F (14C) 47F (8C) 37F (3C) 27F (-3C) 14F (-10C)

Winter Winter 82F (28C) 82F (28C) 70F (21C) (21C) 70F 57F (14C) (14C) 57F 45F (7C) (7C) 45F 32F (0C) (0C) 32F 15F (-9C) (-9C) 15F –2F (-19C) –2F (-19C) –19F (-28C) (-28C) –19F –36F (-38C) (-38C) –36F –49F (-45C) –49F (-45C)

Krijger X–1 X–1 and and New New to the combined gravity of Krijger the binary binary pair pair Sol. When Salus is aligned with the there is a noticeable high tide. salty from from eons eons As with Earth the oceans are salty The deepest deepest part part of of of constant mineral erosion. The is an an astounding astounding any ocean, the Putin Canyon, is been fully fully explored. explored. 14 miles deep and has never been is 2–3 2–3 miles. miles. By By The average depth of the seabed is mountain, Mount Mount BasBascomparison, the highest mountain, or 2.4 2.4 miles. miles. tion, is 12,800 feet (4267 yards), or The remaining 38% of the surface surface area area (95 (95 million square miles) is divided divided into into four four large large landmasses. Salus’ population of of just just 832 832 milmillion humans—and an unknown unknown number number of of Rephaim—live scattered across this this vast vast landlandscape. Total human population population density density is is just just 8.75 citizens per square mile. (For (For comparison, comparison, the United States had roughly 76 76 citizens citizens per per square mile during the early 21st 21st century, century, nine nine times that of Salus.) Minerals common to those found found on on Earth Earth are are found within the crust, though there is there is aa noticenoticeable lack of heavier, radioactive elements, elements, such such as as those vital for FC Drive manufacture. As on manufacture. As on Earth, Earth, soil composition is variable, but but generally generally even even the best agricultural soil is lacking lacking in in nitrates nitrates and and extensive use of fertilizer is required required to to produce produce good crops. The planet’s thick crust crust gives gives rise rise to to only minor plate tectonics.

IMPORTED BIOSPHERE Genetically modified grains and and cereals cereals from from Earth have proven adaptable to Salus’ to Salus’ nutrinutrient-deficient soil. A variety of Earth Earth fruits fruits and and vegetables were also introduced, albeit with albeit with some some


NECROPOLIS 2350 DIVISION OF LAND When When you you look look at the map of Necropolis you you may may be be inclined inclined to think of the Church and and Union Union states as being single, vast metropolises metropolises or clearly defined territories. In In fact, fact, over over 75% 75% of these areas are uninhabited ited and and unprotected—in unprotected—in most cases the borders borders are are arbitrary arbitrary lines drawn on a map and represent and represent the furthest the respective militaries militaries are are willing to patrol. In the vast majority majority of of non-troubled areas, outlying settlements settlements are are left to fend for themselves. Within Within each each territory are hundreds of smaller smaller zones, zones, each effectively a nation unto itself, itself, which which split split into still smaller domains. The The Church Church has has its archdioceses, dioceses, and and Preceptories—the Preceptories—the Union has city-states and and industrial industrial enclaves controlled by a single single Corporation. Corporation. Much Much of of the the Corporate population lives in in huge huge cities cities of towering skyscrapers, usually usually located located near the coasts or rich natural natural resource resource reserves—only a few large towns towns and and industrial industrial sites lie beyond the city city limits. limits. The The situation is reversed with the Church—there Church—there are few true cities and the much of of the the population population lives in large towns much and villages, villages, where agriculture and light and industry are are the the prime sources of income. industry Why has has so so much territory remained Why unclaimed? If If settlers were to move into unclaimed? an area area both both the Church and the Union an would have have to protect their citizens. would Military resources resources on both sides are already Military stretched to to breaking breaking point, so colonization stretched is actively actively discouraged discouraged through excessive is taxes and and highly highly priced imports. taxes faring better better than than others. For the most part, any faring vegetable product product once found on Earth can be vegetable bought in in the the markets markets of Salus. bought Up to to fifive ve harvests in prime agricultural Up areas can can be be gathered gathered during the long summer areas and autumn, autumn, though though the quality is often poor. and In winter, winter, agriculture agriculture is confined to the tropics In and equatorial equatorial regions, regions, few of which are densely and populated. populated. Many species species of food animal were also shipped Many to Salus. Poultry, cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs to Salus. Poultry, are bred, and have have required little modification are bred, and to adapt to their to adapt to their new environment. Rabbits were


introduced as as aa plentiful plentiful food food source source and and have have introduced adaptable. Within Within the the fifirst rst proven perhaps too adaptable. few decades many thousands thousands had had escaped escaped into into the wilds and began breeding. Now, Now, two two centuries centuries on, they are found in abundance abundance across across much much of of the planet. Cats and dogs of all breeds, still still popular popular pets pets in in the 24th century, are numerous. numerous. In In outlying outlying areas areas many dogs have gone feral, and and have have taken taken to to hunting in packs, much like African African wild wild dogs dogs did did on Earth. Rats, a common enough enough rodent, rodent, can can be be settlements. Though Though none none found in most human settlements. Salus their their migramigrawere deliberately shipped to Salus tion with man was inevitable. extinction on on Earth Earth Many species in danger of extinction virgin wilds. wilds. Elephants, Elephants, found a new home in the virgin amongst others, others, were were rhinos, tigers, and wolves, amongst loose on on the the native native transported to Salus and let loose adapted to to eat eat native native wildlife. Virtually all have adapted animals. species of plants and animals.

GAZETTEER OF NECROPOLIS Pocket was was formed formed The Alvam Pocket: The Pocket as a block to Church expansion expansion from from the the Vatican Vatican and to protect vast reserves reserves of of oil. oil. While While the the former failed to materialize, the the latter latter has has made made the Corporations operating here here very very rich. rich. Aquilo: Named for the bitterly bitterly cold cold wind wind that that howls relentlessly from the northern northern ice ice caps, caps, Aquilo covers an arc along the the coast. coast. The Augustine Territories: Territories: The The Territories Territories lie lie along the southeast bulge of the the Terra Terra Australis Australis and border both Rephaim and and Corporate Corporate territoterritories. Where the border with Dead Dead Zone Zone Gamma Gamma is heavily fortified, a major road road and and rail rail network network links the western territory to to New New Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh. The largest city is Augustus, which which lies lies along along the the banks of the Celestine River. Dead Zones: The term used used to to describe describe the the territory held by the Rephaim. Rephaim. AA thick thick cloud, cloud, impenetrable by the most advanced advanced sensors, sensors, covers much of the interior of of each each DZ. DZ. Few Few ground units can penetrate much much further further than than aa few hundred miles into the core, core, and and what what lies lies beneath the cloud is a mystery mystery to to the the Church. Church. Dead Zone Alpha: DZ-Alpha, DZ-Alpha, as as itit is is known known among the Sacri Ordines, is the major stronghold the major stronghold of the Rephaim. What is now now dank dank marsh marsh and and

GUIDE TO NECROPOLIS barren barren steppe steppe was was once a vast plain interspersed with with verdant verdant forests. forests. New Budapest, the former Vatican Vatican of of the the South South now lies in the zone. Dead Dead Zone Zone Beta: Beta: Located in the western bulge bulge of of Terra Terra Nova, Nova, DZ-Beta is considered a serious serious threat threat to to human human existence. Until 2319 the area area was was barren barren wastes, wastes, marshes, and jungle, and home home to to aa few few isolated isolated Church and Corporate enclaves. enclaves. Without Without warning, warning, a tide of Rephaim swept forward ward from from the the marshes marshes and destroyed everything in in their their path. path. Although Although the Sacri Ordines have managed managed to to halt halt their their progress, the border is not as as well well defended defended as as the Iron Belt. Dead Dead Zone Zone Gamma: Gamma: DZ-Gamma has so far far been been contained contained by the quick action of both Church Church and and Corporate Corporate forces. It borders three territories, territories, all all of of which which are heavily fortified. The Rephaim Rephaim have have kept kept up pressures on all three borders—a borders—a tactic tactic which which has failed to produce any major major breakthroughs. breakthroughs. Drake Drake Peninsula: Peninsula: Technically the peninsula covers covers only only the the north north part of the territory, but as the the Corporations Corporations expanded expanded the name was carried ried over over to to the the whole whole area. Although a series of bridges and and tunnels tunnels links the southern extreme bridges with Hensland, Hensland, natural natural geography has prevented with the two two states states from from merging completely. the

safe from from attack. attack. The The northern northern extreme extreme was was once once safe far as as New New BudaBudaNew Carpathia, and stretched as far pest in the west. largest territory. territory. Kobia: Kobia is the Union’s largest Levant has has been been Western expansion toward the Levant are diverted diverted to to halted as Corporate resources are border. Several Several large large defending the eastern border. Montes Ferrum. Ferrum. mining cities exist along the Montes the northern northern coast coast The Levant: Running from the Mountains, the the Levant Levant is is down to the Carpathian Mountains, forces massing massing along along under threat from Rephaim forces border extends extends the Iron Belt. The southeastern border as far as Terra Infernalis. Midgard: The most northerly northerly Corporate Corporate enclave is the headquarters of Asgard. Asgard. Very Very little little of its colossal military might is stationed stationed here, here, as as there is no serious threat to its hegemony. hegemony. Rumors Rumors abound the Corporation has constructed constructed several several but the the Church Church research bases in the ice caps but to investigate investigate the the cannot afford the manpower to truth of the matter. Budapest, the the Vatican Vatican New Budapest: New Budapest, largest Church Church city city of the South, was the second largest on aa large large island island on Salus. Originally constructed on quickly expanded expanded in the River Boritsi, the city quickly Within aa decade decade of of onto the neighboring banks. Within its founding it was home to two two million million souls. souls. Its fall to the Rephaim in 2346 was was considered considered

The Eastern Eastern Conurbs: Conurbs: Western Haven may The be home home to to the the Church’s Church’s penal mines, but the be eastern sector sector belongs belongs to the Corporations. eastern Haven: The The smallest smallest continental landmass of Haven: Salus is is aa morass morass of of tropical jungle and swamps. Salus Much of of the the center center remains unexplored, though Much few Corporate Corporate research research bases exist. aa few Hensland: Also Also known known as The Strip, the Union Hensland: founded Hensland Hensland in a bid to stop Nova Europa founded and Tomaculum Tomaculum completely completely isolating the Drake and Peninsula by overland Peninsula by overland routes. The plan worked and Hensland Hensland is is now now a major Corporate enclave. and The Iron Iron Belt: Belt: The The Iron Belt is a series of large The Preceptories manned Preceptories manned by all five Sacri Ordines spread out out over over 5,000 5,000 miles along the foothills of spread the Montes Carpathia. the Montes Carpathia. Despite the massed ranks of troops, troops, defending defending every mile of the border is of beyond the Church’s capability and incursions beyond the Church’s through the Belt are are commonplace. To the east through the Belt lie the Carpathians, lie the Carpathians, to the west lies Dead Zone Alpha. Civilians Civilians still still live in the region and farm Alpha. the fertile soil to feed the Knights and Sergeants the fertile soil to feed whose constant vigil whose constant vigil keeps the eastern continent


NECROPOLIS 2350 aa disaster disaster of of the the first magnitude and a clear sign the the apocalypse apocalypse was near. An attempt to liberate the the city city in in 2347 2347 failed and led to the fortification of of the the Iron Iron Belt. Belt. The The city city is is divided divided into three key areas—the city city center, center, the the outer districts, and the suburbs. The The main main island island remained the city center and housed the housed the great great cathedral of St Peter, as well as bureaucratic bureaucratic Preceptories Preceptories for all five Ordines, an Inquisition Inquisition offi office, ce, and a vast treasury. On either bank bank were were the the main accommodation areas and light light industrial industrial parks. Tall apartment blocks housed housed the the tens tens of thousands of workers, whose smoky smoky factories factories were located in the surrounding area. area. Further Further afi afield were the suburbs—a mix of large large villas villas owned owned by the rich and the slums of the the poor poor who who saw saw New Budapest as a new hope. Once Once New New Budapest Budapest was the capital of New Carpathia—now Carpathia—now it lies hundreds of miles behind the the frontline. frontline. As As far as the Sacri Ordines have been been able able to to deduce, deduce, within a few months of the city city being being taken taken the two million souls inhabiting the the city city became became two million Rephaim. Recapturing ing the the city city is is aa Church Church priority. New Eden: Lies New Eden: Lies on the western tip of Haven and and serves serves as as aa Church Church penal mining colony. New Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh: The second-largest Union New state is is one one of of the key manufacturing areas on state Salus. Vast Vast industrial industrial complexes produce everySalus. thingfrom from processed processed food to telecommunications thing satellites. Although Although the attempt to link the terrisatellites. tory with with Kobia Kobia to the north has been thwarted tory by the the Church, Church, relations remain good between by the Corporations Corporations and their Church neighbors. the The New New Territories: Territories: The New Territories The were claimed claimed in in 2332 in direct response to the were growth of of the the Corporate Corporate territory of Kobia to the growth north. The The border border with Kobia is heavily fortified north. to prevent prevent further further expansion. Preceptories guard to the eastern eastern border, border, but the Rephaim exist here the in fewer fewer numbers numbers and do not present as much in threat as as those those far far to the west. threat Nova Europa: Europa: Covers a vast territory, though Nova much of the population population lives in the northern much of the bulge. The The coastal coastal arc is predominantly combulge. prised of of fifishing shing towns. prised Telmar: Telmar Telmar has shrunk to half its former Telmar: size since since the the Rephaim Rephaim stormed out of DZ-Alpha. size Asgard and and Ravendell Ravendell both maintain large garAsgard risons on on the the border—paid border—paid for by Corporations risons within the the territory—but territory—but the unending waves of within Rephaim have have so so far proven unstoppable. It is Rephaim likely the territory likely the territory will fall within two decades.


Terra Australis: Australis: The The great great southern southern continent continent Terra land area area of of Salus. Salus. accounts almost half the land much of of the the southern southern Although it now covers much always so. so. The The Montes Montes hemisphere, it was not always joining of of three three conconCarpathia are in fact the joining eastern parts parts of of the the tinents—the western and eastern island crashed into a central central continent. continent. As As the the two larger continents drive toward toward each each other, other, the region of Terra Infernalis is is being being crushed crushed to to form the two mountain ranges ranges to to either either side. side. Hemmed in in by by the the Montes Montes Terra Infernalis: Hemmed the Montes Montes Ferrum Ferrum to to Carpathia to the west and the barren desert. desert. Thin Thin the east, Terra Infernalis is a barren the mountain mountain ranges, ranges, strips of farmland exist near the allow crops crops to to grow. grow. where summer melt waters allow part of of which which is is the the The vast interior, the largest part been fully fully explored explored but but Ruber Desert, has never been satellite mapping mapping have have reconnaissance flights and satellite revealed nothing but vast seas seas of of sand sand dunes dunes broken by rocky plateaus. was the the fifirst rst continent continent Terra Nova: Terra Nova was Its vast vast area area ranges ranges on which mankind landed. Its through to to sub sub arctic arctic forforfrom equatorial jungle through two continents continents thrust thrust ests. Terra Nova comprises two activity—the western western portion portion together by tectonic activity—the while the the eastern eastern part part is moving slowly eastward while is grinding southwest. Terra Septentriones: With With its its northern northern coast coast inside the Arctic Circle, Terra Septentriones Septentriones is is the the most northerly continent. Much Much of of its its territory territory is is unclaimed taiga. Tomaculum: Until 2327 the the region region of of TomacuTomaculum was known as Aquinas. Corporate Corporate expansion expansion from the north and a constant constant Rephaim Rephaim threat threat from the south, combined with with the the near-impassnear-impassable Montes Leviathan to the east east have have resulted resulted in the territory being isolated. The The name name TomacuTomaculum actually means “sausage” “sausage” and and refers refers to to the the territory’s shape. The northern and eastern eastern borders borders are are only only lightly defended—the Church simply Church simply cannot cannot afford the manpower to watch watch three three borders. borders. Vatican City: Although the the entire entire territory territory is is referred to as the Vatican, the city city itself itself comprises comprises only 50 square miles and is located located on on the the New New Tiber estuary. The inner city is is one one of of opulent opulent splendor, but is surrounded by by slums slums and and factofactories. As one might expect, the entire entire area area is is ringed ringed with Preceptories. Each Sacer Ordo Ordo maintains maintains an an administrative Preceptory building building close close to to the the Papal palace, which serves as the the headquarters headquarters of of the Sacer Ordo and is home to the to the Grand Grand Master Master and his aides.

MOTHER CHURCH Thou Thou shalt shalt fear fear the Lord thy God, and serve him, him, and and shalt shalt swear swear by his name. Deuteronomy Deuteronomy 6:13 6:13 At At the the center center of of mankind’s resistance to the Rephaim Rephaim threat threat sits sits the Third Reformation Church. Church. No No longer longer a simple spiritual entity, the Church Church represents represents a sizeable financial, political, and and military military force, force, ruled ruled over by Pope John XXIV. This This is is not not the the same same Church as that of the 21st century. century. The The Third Third Reformation Church bears only only passing passing resemblance resemblance to that entity, which withered withered during during the the first colonization of the Terran solar solar system, system, when mankind’s belief in his Terran own ability ability replaced replaced the need for God. own Much has has changed changed in the Church since its iniMuch tial creation creation during during the Imperial Roman period. tial Women are are accepted accepted as priests, although few rise Women to positions positions of of power, power, the militant Sacri Ordines to have risen risen from from the the ashes, and Church doctrine have has moved away from many of its former tenets. has moved away from In many many ways, ways, the the Church Church has taken several steps In backwardtoward toward aa more more medieval view of life. The backward war against against the the Rephaim Rephaim is a crusade, heretics are war arrested, tortured, tortured, and and executed, and familial ties arrested, are aa way way of of climbing climbing the spiritual power ladder. are (Readers should should note note the term “heresy” does not (Readers in any any way way refer refer to to other, real world religions.) in

CHURCH STRUCTURE Pope John John XXIV XXIV is the spiritual and secular Pope leader of of the the Church, Church, and the most influential leader individual on on Salus. Salus. His decrees affect the lives of individual the hundreds hundreds of of millions millions of citizens who belong the to the Church. As to the Church. As well as being pontiff, he is entitled Bishop Bishop of of the the Vatican and Vicar of Salus. entitled

cardinals of of the the Beneath the pope are the cardinals ministers and and chief chief Curia, who act as the pope’s ministers Cardinals, these these advisors. Forming the College of Cardinals, edicts and and ensure ensure individuals carry out the pope’s edicts effectively. The The the Church machinery operates effectively. beyond the the doors doors reach of a cardinal extends far beyond of his office, however. Even though though they they have have no no rest of of the the hierarhierarjurisdictional powers over the rest carries great great weight weight chical structure, their word carries will refuse refuse to to aid aid and few archbishops or bishops will For all all they they know, know, a cardinal when requested. For pontiff and and favors favors are are he may become the next pontiff handy resources. archdioceses are are the the Ruling over areas called archdioceses archbishops. Answerable directly directly to to the the pope, pope, itit is their job to maintain order over over the the bishops bishops who serve them. The biannual gathering gathering of of archarchbishops—the Prime Synod—functions Synod—functions to to see see the the pope’s will is carried out, as well well as as to to discuss discuss matters of faith and law. Bishops are responsible for aa diocese, diocese, the the main administrative unit of the Church. Church. It It is is their their duty to govern the parochial churches, churches, deliver deliver Church law to the citizens, oversee oversee educational educational and charitable programs, and stamp stamp out out heresy heresy within their diocese. Each has the the power power to to create create Diocese Laws, so long as they do not not counter counter any any Church laws. The bishop’s palace palace is is both both home home and office, containing residential quarters quarters for for the the bishop, as well as administrative offi offices, ces, the the court court of laws, and extensive libraries. Serving under the bishops are are aa varying varying number of priests. Depending on on the the size size of of the the diocese this can range from 50 up up to to 500. 500. Priests Priests are responsible for a single church church within within aa settlesettlement. Again, depending on the population population of of the the settlement, there may be as many many as as two–dozen two–dozen churches catering for the religious religious needs needs of of the the masses. Priests are responsible for for carrying carrying out out their bishop’s orders and for caring caring for for the the needs needs of their congregation.


NECROPOLIS 2350 THE CURIA The The Curia Curia is is the the civil service of the Church but most often refers most often refers only to the cardinals who run the the various various departments departments and belong to the College of Cardinals. lege of Cardinals. Each Each cardinal cardinal takes his orders directly from the pope and pope and departments departments are seen as personal fiefs, to to be be ruled ruled as as they they wish so long as the pontiff remains remains happy. happy. Beneath Beneath the cardinals is a veritable army army of of priests priests and and laity, whose task it is to ensure each each department department runs smoothly and efficiently. The The Curia Curia has has many arms, but the most well known known are are described described below (in alphabetical order) order) in in more more detail. Examples of lesser offices include include the the Offi Office ce of Printing (printers of official Church Church booklets booklets and Bibles), Office of Ceremonies nies (organizes (organizes major events and pontifical tours), tours), the the Offi Office ce of Mail (the Church’s postal department), department), and and the Office of Astronomy (one of of several several scientifi scientific offices answering to the Office of of Scientifi Scientificc Research). Research).

OFFICE OF CORPORATE LIAISON The Church Church may not favor the Corporations The but itit also also knows knows it cannot afford to completely but alienate them—too them—too much of Salus’ manufacturalienate ing capacity capacity is is held in their hands. The Office ing of Corporate Corporate Liaison Liaison is charged with two key of tasks—ensuring the Corporations do not overstep tasks—ensuring the mark mark and and smoothing smoothing any ruffled feathers. The the head of of the the offi office ce carries the title Cardinal Secrehead tary of of State State and and is the highest-ranking cardinal in tary the Curia. Curia. He He is is also the Pope’s chief advisor. the Ambassadors are sent to each Corporation’s Ambassadors headquarters on on a year long secondment, during headquarters which time time they they are the pope’s official represenwhich tatives. Though Though the Corporations rarely warm to tatives. an ambassador—most ambassador—most view them as little more an than spies—they spies—they are at least cordial. With every than ambassador travels travels an entourage of 10–30 adminambassador istrators. istrators. At least least one one of of the administrators is a member At of the the Church Church Intelligence Service tasked with of gathering as as much much information as he can on gathering covert Corporate covert Corporate activities and reporting them back to to the the CIS. CIS. Church ambassadorial staff are back accorded diplomatic accorded diplomatic immunity, and the only punishment the the Corporations can inflict on those punishment caught spying is expulsion from the enclave. caught spying is


An ambassador ambassador is is also also tasked tasked with with liaising liaising with with An office ce in in the the various various each Corporate diplomatic offi one ambassador ambassador is is aa Papal states. More than one CIS knows knows the the true true CIS agent, though only the CIS figure.

OFFICE OF EDUCATION The Church considers part part of of its its moral moral duty duty as protector of mankind to educate educate the the masses. masses. enclaves, all all schools schools and and Outside of Corporate enclaves, controlled. Reading, Reading, writing, writing, colleges are Church controlled. part of of the the agenda, agenda, as as math, and sciences are all part is a heavy dose of theology. are well well staffed, staffed, with with City schools and colleges are specialized subject. subject. In In rural rural deans teaching a specialized areas, the local priest often doubles doubles as as the the schoolschoolhis own own skills, skills, certain certain master, and, depending on his the timetable. timetable. subjects may be missed from the and colleges colleges hold hold aa Each year the schools and various Curial Curial offi offices ces careers day. Members of the various trying to to recruit recruit new new and Sacri Ordines attend, trying those graduating graduating that that members from amongst those businesses are are also alsoinvited. invited. year. Church approved businesses the Sacri Sacri Ordines’ Ordines’ Most of the children flock to the veritable arsenal arsenal each each stands, keen to handle the veritable talk with with the the Knights. Knights. Ordo brings along and to talk Such is the power of the Church Church media. media. The education channel is run run by by members members of of the Office of Education, working working alongside alongside their their colleagues from the Office of Information. Information.

OFFICE OF INFORMATION Citizens on Salus have few few choices choices when when itit comes to television and radio. An in-depth radio. An in-depth look look at the Church media is found found on on page page 61. 61. The The Office of Information is directly directly responsible responsible for for the Church’s media network and and in in this this capacity capacity works closely with the Office of of Education. Education. People crave entertainment, entertainment, and and itit is is the the responsibility of this office to ensure ensure they they receive receive this—so long as the programs programs are are approved approved by Church doctrine. The offi ce has office has full full control control over television, radio, and newspapers newspapers within within non–Corporate areas. As well as reporters, cameramen, cameramen, newsreaders, newsreaders, and sound engineers, the office ce also also has has aa departdepartment dedicated to tracking down down Corporate Corporate radio radio stations broadcasting within Church Church territory territory and and shutting them down. Officially cially called called the the Offi Office ce of of Public Conscience, they are commonly commonly referred referred to as the Censors.

MOTHER CHURCH OFFICE OF INTERNAL SECURITY More More properly properly named named the Church Intelligence Service, the CIS Service, the CIS is a large department that that works works closely closely with the Inquisition. Their Their mandate mandate covers covers everything from countering countering Corporate Corporate espionage, uncovering ering heresies, heresies, and and reporting on morals amongst amongst the the laity. laity. It has no interest in minor minor crimes crimes unless unless the suspect is of signifi cant interest, nificant interest, such such as a high–ranking clergyman or Corporate clergyman or Corporate executive. Members Members are are stationed stationed in every large large settlement settlement across Salus, in in Corporate Corporate liaison liaison teams, within within Preceptories, Preceptories, and even in non–Church non–Church territories. territories. Other Curial Curial departments departments are frequently placed placed under under routine routine surveillance for for signs signs of of corruption. corruption. The The CIS CIS has has access access to a wide range of of communication communication equipment and maintains maintains two two spy spy satellites satellites of its own. Though Though the the CIS CIS has has a wide range of investigative investigative powers, powers, it has no judicial arm—the arm—the Inquisition Inquisition handles arrests and and interrogations. interrogations. Since the the founding founding of the first Since Sacer Ordo, Ordo, the the CIS CIS has tried to Sacer work its its way way into into a position of work trust. To To date, date, there there has been no trust. noticeable success. success. The Ordines noticeable are fifiercely ercely independent independent of outside are agencies, even even those those of the Church, agencies, and maintain maintain their their own intelligence and gathering arms. arms. gathering Members of of the the CIS caught Members spying within within aa Preceptory Preceptory are tried spying as spies spies by by the the Preceptory’s Preceptory’s court as and receive receive severe severe punishments, and much to to the the outrage outrage of the CIS, much who are are powerless powerless to interfere in who the process. process. the

OFFICE OF THE TREASURY With an an iron iron grip on the With finances of the Church, the Office finances of the Church, of the the Treasury Treasury is is probably probably the most of powerful of of the the Curial Curial offices, conpowerful trolling the the finances finances of even the feared trolling Inquisition, for for without without money, the Church Inquisition, cannot function. function. As well as accountants, the cannot

Treasury has has aa large large staff staff of of tax tax collectors, collectors, Treasury street–level donation donation financial investors, and street–level collectors. territory must must pay pay All citizens within Church territory as aa tithe) tithe) to to the the 10% of their income (known as Church on a monthly basis. Many Many settlements settlements are actually owned ownedby bythe theChurch Church directly, so rent rent monies monies are are also funneled funneled straight straight to to the the Collection plate plate Treasury. Collection made in in cathecathedonations made churches are are one one drals or churches nancial areas areas left left in in the few financial the local local bishops, bishops, the hands of the collections go go straight straight to to and collections treasuries for for use use as as the bishops’ treasuries he sees fit. Though a rigorous rigorous anti–Corporaanti–Corporation stance is maintained maintained to to the the accountants are are public, the Church accountants Church owns owns stock stock in in not fools. The Church Corporations, handled handled many of the Corporations, network (some (some say say web) web) through a network nancial adviadviof “independent” fifinancial stockbrokers. Investments Investments sors and stockbrokers. the hundreds hundreds of of are also made in the not answerable answerable to to smaller companies not any Corporation. Companies entirely owned owned by by the the Church, and there are many many scattered scattered across across Salus, plow their profits into into the the Treasury, Treasury, greatly bolstering the coffers. coffers. Amongst these businesses businesses are are several several mining operations, plastics manufacturers, manufacturers, and, of course, armaments fifirms. rms. Peace Peace may may be part of the doctrine, but the the Sacri Sacri Ordines Ordines need to purchase weapons from from somewhere somewhere and it is better to pay the Church Church than than enrich enrich the Corporations. The Sacri Ordines are a thorn thorn in in the the TreaTreasury’s side. Due to their unique papal unique papal status, status, the Ordines are exempted from from many many of of the the regular taxes and own huge huge territories territories of of their own, from which they they collect collect their their own taxes and donations. donations. Calls Calls to to the the pope to revoke certain certain benefi benefits ts have have not been well received received by by the the Ordines Ordines or the pontiff himself. As As such, such, the the Sacri Sacri Ordines are the only Church branches branches outside outside of of Treasury control. The official currency of the Church Church is is the the miter miter (M). Currency is minted in coins and notes, and notes, with with denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, and and 100. 100.


NECROPOLIS 2350 OFFICE OF THE HOLY INQUISITION AA man man need need not not have committed a sin to fear the Inquisition. the Inquisition. Their reputation for thoroughness, ness, brutality, brutality, and persistence is well known. Posters Posters proclaiming, proclaiming, “The Inquisition is Watching You!” ing You!” are are on on every street corner and village square, and their square, and their activities in rooting out heretics are are always always headline headline news (except when it suits the the Church Church to to keep keep quiet).

ORGANIZATION ORGANIZATION The The Offi Office ce of of the Holy Inquisition of the Third Reformation Reformation Church, Church, to give it its full title, is a semi-independent semi-independent police force within the Church tasked tasked with with hunting hunting down heretics and Rephaim sympathizers sympathizers (yes, (yes, they do exist) wherever they lurk. lurk. Dressed Dressed in in red red and black armor and armed with flflechette echetteweapons, weapons, the Inquisition is a paramilitary force force unto unto itself. itself. Its head, the Grand Inquisitor, although although aa cardinal, cardinal, has limited powers over the other other Curia Curia members. members. Only the Sacri Ordines of Knights Knights remain remain outside outside his jurisdiction. Serving Serving under under the Grand Inquisitor are the Inquisitor–Generals. As well as forming the CounInquisitor–Generals. cil of of Inquisition, Inquisition, each is governor of Inquisitorial cil affairs within within an an archdiocese, though the archaffairs bishop has has no no powers powers over their activities. Their bishop duty is is to to coordinate coordinate Inquisitional affairs within duty their area area of of jurisdiction, jurisdiction, organize educational their classes for for school school children, maintain a public classes presence, liaise liaise with CIS local officials, and head presence, up the the local local Inquisition Inquisition court. up EachInquisitor-General Inquisitor-Generalhas a number of chapter Each houses answerable answerable to him. Ruled by an Inquisihouses tor–Bishop, these these serve as the police precincts of tor–Bishop, the Inquisition Inquisition and and are staffed by inquisitors and the security–screened civilian employees. security–screened

INTERROGATION INTERROGATION The Inquisition Inquisition has been given powers of arrest The over heretics. heretics. It It is also the judicial arm of the CIS over and the the Church’s Church’s own internal police force. and Suspects arrested arrested by the Inquisition are norSuspects mally taken to the nearest chapter house for mally taken to interrogation. Here, they are stripped naked, prointerrogation. Here, cessed (covered cessed (covered under Church Law, p. 60), and thrown into into dank, dank, crowded cells. Rights common thrown to “regular” criminals are not applicable when to “regular” criminals under Inquisitional under Inquisitional arrest.


Following processing processing the the suspect suspect will will be be interinterFollowing time limit limit on on this this and and rogated. There is no set time nitely without without charge charge prisoners can be held indefinitely 2321. When When an an inquisiinquisiunder the Heretic Act of 2321. is aa palpable palpable aura aura of of tor opens the cell door there is fear from the prisoners. vary from from old–fashold–fashInterrogation techniques vary psychological torture, torture, ioned physical torture, psychological pharmaceutical injection, injection, sleep deprivation, and pharmaceutical varied mixture mixture often often to polite questioning. A varied achieves the best results. amongst Inquisitors Inquisitors who who It is a matter of pride amongst quickest, though though many many can break a suspect the quickest, stubborn prisoners prisoners take pleasure in interrogating stubborn experiment with with their their “art.” “art.” as it allows them to experiment Inquisition has has become become aa In recent times, the Inquisition Incidents of of suspects suspects being being little trigger–happy. Incidents risen over over 200%, 200%, killed before capture have risen not been been curbed curbed by by though their activities have not the Curia.

JUSTICE Inquisitionare arebrought brought Those being tried by the Inquisition Inquisitor–Bishop. Evidence Evidence and and before the local Inquisitor–Bishop. little compared compared to to aa witness statements mean little signed confession, and most are are deemed deemed guilty guilty before they even receive a trial trial date. date. For For heretics heretics there is only one sentence–death sentence–death by by burning burning without absolution. For most other other offences, offences, the the Inquisition prefers incarceration incarceration in in aa labor labor camp camp or reeducation (i.e. lobotomy). lobotomy).

PAPAL ELECTIONS A second function of the Curia Curia is is to to elect elect aa new new pontiff from amongst their number number upon upon the the death or abdication of the current current pope. pope. Being Being chosen as God’s vicar is not purely purely aa matter matter of of divine providence—politics plays a very plays a very imporimportant role. Each cardinal, and there are are currently currently 87, 87, is is allotted a single vote, to use as they see wisest. as they see wisest. Under Church law, discussion discussion amongst amongst the the carcardinals is prohibited. Each is shown to a cell shown to a cell and and remains there until he has made made his his decision. decision. In reality, many cardinals already know already know whom whom they wish to see seated on the the papal papal throne throne and and promises are made long before before the the current current pontiff pontiff has departed office. Regardless Regardless of of the the Church’s Church’s new stance on women priests, there priests, there is is an an unspounspoken rule that no woman will ever ever be be allowed allowed to to

MOTHER CHURCH sit sit on on the the papal papal throne. throne. Given there are presently only only six six female female cardinals cardinals the chances of this happening pening are are extremely extremely remote. When When all all of of the the cardinals are ready, a secret vote vote is is held held in in the the main Curia chamber within the the Vatican Vatican Palace. Palace. The names of those who have received received votes votes are are read out, along with their current vote tally. current vote tally. In order to become pope, a cardinal cardinal requires requires two–thirds two–thirds of the votes plus one one extra. extra. IfIf there there is is no no clear clear winner, the cardinals return to to their their cells cells and and another another vote is held after their meditations. meditations. This This procedure procedure can last for many days, days, but but as as successive successive votes are held, so the number number of of candidates candidates is naturally reduced, with cardinals cardinals throwing throwing their weight behind one or other other of of the the candidates candidates with votes in the previous round. round. In In keeping keeping with with the old Vatican tradition, colored ored smoke smoke is is released released from the chimney within the the Curia Curia council council chamber after each round of voting. voting. Black Black smoke smoke signifies the voting has failed to to elect elect aa new new pope—white pope—white means a new pontiff has has been been elected. elected. Huge Huge crowds gather outside in the the plaza, plaza, hoping hoping the the voting will be swift and a new new pope pope soon soon enthroned. enthroned.

OTHER APPOINTMENTS OTHER The offi office ce of of Pope Pope is the only elected position The within the the Church. Church. The pope is directly responwithin sible for for appointing appointing members to the posts of sible cardinal and and archbishop archbishop and his word is final in cardinal such matters. matters. such Bishops are are appointed appointed from amongst the Bishops priesthood by by the the archbishop archbishop they will serve. Due priesthood to nepotism, nepotism, many many bishops are blood relatives of to their archbishop. archbishop. their Bishops appoint appoint common priests, the lowest Bishops ordained members members of the Church. Any appointordained ment is is an an excuse excuse for a Mass to be held at the ment local church church or or cathedral. cathedral. local

All six six channels channels broadcast broadcast 24 24 hours hours aa day, day, 88 All periods aa seventh seventh days a week. During festival periods the festive festive events events channel is broadcast, covering the viewers to to partake partake of of taking place and allowing viewers own home home through through the celebrations from their own interactive options. allotted one one hour hour The Sacri Ordines are each allotted to broadcast broadcast their their per day on the news channel to this is is aa recruitrecruitown material, though typically this footage of of Knights Knights in in ment film or old news footage promoting the the good good combat with a voice-over promoting viewers receive receive live live work of the Ordo. Sometimes viewers footage, though usually only when when the the Church Church is winning a battle. Once a week week the the shopping shopping channel hosts an “Ordo Night,” where where shoppers shoppers can purchase Sacer Ordo memorabilia memorabilia (model (model tanks, mugs, commemorative coins, coins, autographed autographed on). photos of heroic Knights, and so on). Church radio radio services services Just two stations provide Church broadcasts aa mixture mixture of of for Salus. Vatican Radio broadcasts whereas Radio Radio Salus Salus sermons, music, and news, whereas shows, plays, plays, comcomprovides a mixture of chat shows, light entertainment. entertainment. edies, and other forms of light broadcast its its own own Each Sacer Ordo is allowed to broadcast radio station on Fridays. newspapers, which which Lastly, there are the daily newspapers, are actually printed on paper. The The Vatican Vatican Daily Daily is available only within the Vatican Vatican City City itself, itself, but but the Salus Times, the Daily Word (jokingly (jokingly referred referred

THE MEDIA There are are six six main main Church television channels, There each covering covering aa single single subject. The channels proeach vide news news (religious, (religious, civil, and business), movies, vide light entertainment, entertainment, sermons and hymns, educalight tional programs, and and home shopping (from Curia tional programs, approved companies, approved companies, of course, and with a cut of the profi profits ts going going to to Church coffers). the


NECROPOLIS 2350 to to as as the the Burning Burning Bush), and the Independent (which (which itit is is not) not) are available in densely populated lated regions. regions. Remote Remote areas often have to suffice with with the the local local bishop’s bishop’s own monthly newsletter. Corporate Corporate media media of any form is banned within Church–dominated Church–dominated territories. Depending on the the content, content, being being caught reading or listening to Corporate media Corporate media can carry a charge of heresy.

Human biology biology has has not not altered altered since since mankind mankind Human arrived on Salus and aging occurs occurs at at the the same same rate rate as it did on Earth. In keeping with with tradition, tradition, citicitizens still refer to their age in Earth Earth years. years. Citizens Citizens Salus solar solar year. year. celebrate four birthdays every Salus


governs the the entirety entirety In theory, Church law governs of Salus. In reality, it extends extends only only as as far far as as the the Church can enforce its will. Remote Remote settlements settlements often self–governed, self–governed, and Corporate enclaves are often to intervene intervene except except leaving the Church powerless to Sacri Ordines Ordines are are offi offi-by military force. Only the Sacri Church law. law. cially exempted from regular Church

Though Though Salus Salus has a 24–hour rotation it has a 1,536-day 1,536-day year. year. The The earliest calendars were simply an extension of an extension of Earth’s own, with months ranging ing from from 127 127 to to 130 days in length and keeping the the same same names names as had been used for centuries. Every Every 365 365 days, days, the year was increased. Following ing the the Third Third Reformation, Reformation, the Church drastically altered altered the the calendar. calendar. The The modern modern calendar works on a non-solar year year of of eight eight months. months. Each month is named after one one of of the the canonical canonical hours—Prime, Terce, Sext, Nones, Nones, Vespers, Vespers, Compline, Matins, and Lauds. Each Each month month comprises comprises 48 days, broken down into into six six weeks weeks of of eight days. Days retain their old Earth names, names, but but Prayday (Restday in the Union) Earth now sits sits between between Saturday and Sunday. Prayday now is the the only only regular regular day off during the week for is civilians. Weeks Weeks begin on Sunday. civilians. The fifirst rst and and last last days of each month are a major The public holiday, holiday, during which time the Church public hosts many many large large festivals. Even the corporations hosts have adopted adopted these these holidays. have At the the end end of of each eight month cycle, the year At count is is increased increased by one, differences between count the 384 384 days days of of aa quarter year on Salus and Earth’s the 365 day day year year being being politely ignored. With Earth 365 destroyed, the recording of Earth years is more a destroyed, the recording nod to the past than a strict requirement. nod to the past than With each each recorded recorded year lasting exactly a quarWith ter of of aa Salus Salus solar solar year, each effectively covers ter single season. season. The current year covers spring, aa single 2351 will will be be summer, summer, 2352 spans fall, and 2353 2351 is winter. winter. The The cycle cycle then begins again with 2354 is in spring. spring. Of Of course, course, seasons rarely answer to the in calendars of of men men and some leeway in seasonal calendars variations is is to to be be expected. variations Date notation Date notation is written as “number of day in the month.month.year.” The month is notated by the month.month.year.” Roman numerals. Thus, the last day of the curRoman numerals. rent year would be written 48.VIII.2350. rent year would



POLICING CRIME by aa professional professional Settlements are policed by police force, with a regimented regimented hierarchy hierarchy from from captain. The The two–tier two–tier patrolman up to precinct captain. law enforcement enforcement as as structure of Salus extends to law well. Whereas cities may have dozens dozens of of multistory multistory precinct buildings containing cells, cells, interrogation interrogation rooms, offices, armories, and garages, garages, the the smallsmallest villages may have nothing other other than than aa police police sergeant and one or two patrolmen patrolmen operating operating out of a two cell one office shack. shack. Metropolitan Metropolitan police are issued with batons, batons, flflechette echette pistols, pistols, tangle guns, light armor, combat combat helmets, helmets, and and APC’s—rural officers are lucky lucky to to receive receive anything anything other than a baton and a patrol patrol car. car. Regardless of geographic location, location, the the senior senior officer answers directly to the bishop—the the bishop—the chief chief of police within the diocese. Suspects detained by the police police are are allowed allowed a single phone call (upon which which the the police police may may eavesdrop), have the right to be be treated treated humanely, humanely, and the right to an attorney. attorney. Those Those detained detained by the Inquisition have no rights. Suspects rights. Suspects are are fingerprinted, DNA–printed, photographed, photographed, and and retina scanned before being locked locked in in aa cell. cell. Once a suspect has been processed, processed, the the case case is is handed over to the Bishop Attorney’s Attorney’s offi office. ce. LawLawyers within the Bishop Attorney’s Attorney’s offi office, ce, whether whether clergy or civilian, carry the title Monsignor title Monsignor AttorAttorney.

MOTHER CHURCH CRIMES For For those those who who answer answer to the Church, the law covers all civil, criminal, covers all civil, criminal, and religious crimes— everything everything from from murder murder to theft to extortion passes through the passes through the Bishop Attorney’s office. Religious Religious crimes crimes have been reintroduced since the Third Reformation. the Third Reformation. The Inquisition handles heresy, heresy, the the most most severe severe of the religious crimes— the bishop handles the bishop handles all other religious crimes. Blasphemy, Blasphemy, not not paying paying tithes, desecration, and anti–Church activities, anti–Church activities, the meaning of which is left left deliberately deliberately vague vague to allow Inquisitional jurisdiction, are now diction, are now punishable punishable offences. In In keeping keeping with with its authoritarian stance, the Church labels Church labels all all crimes as sins—acts against God—and criminals God—and criminals are referred to as sinners.

THE BISHOP’S COURT Trial Trial by by jury jury is is aa thing of the past. Evidence gathered over the gathered over the centuries proved the jury system system is is flflawed awed and and open to corruption. Under the edicts of the pope, the edicts of the pope, all criminal matters committed mitted by by citizens citizens are are to be heard by bishops, in whom the the Church Church places places great faith. Citizens who whom have sworn sworn fealty fealty to to a Preceptory have the right have to trial trial in in the the Ordines’ Ordines’ courts. to Given that that one one man must oversee all court Given proceedings, the bishop does not have time, or proceedings, the bishop the inclination, to hear every case. Simple cases, the inclination, to hear where the suspect where the suspect was caught red–handed, are handled by by simple simple submission of evidence and handled witness statements. witness statements. The accused does not get his “day in in court” court” to to defend defend himself. “day More complex complex cases, cases, those involving important More fi gures, or cases deemed figures, or cases deemed to be of public interest are handled handled differently. differently. Both accused and accuser are (a lawyer if the crime is against the Church) are (a lawyer if the crime brought before the bishop, along with material brought before the evidence, witnesses, evidence, witnesses, and character witnesses. This is is often often aa trial trial by by numbers, with the number This of character witnesses, of character witnesses, as well as their reputation, playing aa direct direct role role in determining guilt. playing For example, example, family family and friends will accomFor pany a poor tenant pany a poor tenant farmer caught stealing from his master. master. The The landowner, landowner, on the other hand, his will bring other wealthy will bring other wealthy landowners, churchmen, doctors, and and other other professionals of good reputadoctors, tion to back him up. The unlucky farmer stands tion to back him up. little chance of being little chance of being found not guilty.

Bribery is is considered considered aa sin, sin, but but donations donations to to Bribery not. Naturally, Naturally, the the worthy Church causes are not. the donor. donor. The The difference depends solely upon the example may may be be able able to to peasant from the above example and earn earn the the favor favor buy a few candles for his church and of his priest—a landowner accused accused of of murdering murdering a social inferior could afford an an entire entire hospital hospital wing named after the bishop’s mother. mother.

SENTENCING read the the evidence evidence Once the bishop has heard or read on the the crime crime and and he passes sentence. Depending on anything from from aa severity, the punishment may be anything public flflogging, ogging, fine to confiscation of property, public mutilation (including branding), incarceration incarceration in in a labor camp, or death by burning burning or or hanging. hanging. being generous. generous. To call sentences medieval is being sometimes offered offered Those sentenced to death are sometimes absolution for their mortal sins. The appeal appeal process process Appeals or retrials are rare. The of flflogging, ogging, mutimutiis painfully slow and, in the case of late to to be be of of much much lation, or death, often comes too late accused is is given given aa use to the accused. At best, the accused posthumously). AA sample sample of of pardon (sometimes posthumously). below. crimes and punishments is listed below. Crime Punishment. Arson Death by burning. burning. Blasphemy Ten lashes, increasing increasing by by ten ten for for each further offence. offence. Persistent Persistent offenders may be be handed handed over over to the Inquisition. Inquisition. Grand theft (10,000M+) Loss of dominant dominant hand, hand, plus plus fine equaling 20–100% 20–100% of of the the value of the goods goods stolen. stolen. Handling of stolen goods Fifty lashes and fifine ne equal equal to to the the value of the goods. goods. Heresy Death by burning burning without without absoabsolution. Murder of a clergyman Death by burning. burning. Murder of a social equal 5–25 years incarceration incarceration in in aa labor camp. Murder of a social superior Twenty years to to life life incarceraincarceration in a labor camp. camp. Petty theft (1,000M or less) Twenty lashes plus plus fifine ne equal equal to to value of the goods. goods. Sedition Ranges from five ve or or more more years years in a labor camp to camp to death death by by burning.




MOTHER CHURCH CHURCH LAW AND THE CORPORATIONS “Justice “Justice for for All” All” is is a motto the Church cannot always enforce. Ruling always enforce. Ruling the common people is one one thing, thing, but but dispensing dispensing justice with regard the Corporations Corporations is is another another matter altogether. For For aa start, start, each each Corporation has their own internal internal security security force and judicial system. Though Though technically technically these are to police Corporate crimes, crimes, such such as as fraud fraud or sabotage, in reality Corporate porate enclaves enclaves are are separate city–states, ruled by the the local local board board of of directors. directors. The Church may The Church may have a presence within these cities, cities, in in the the form form of a house of worship, but it lacks lacks any any real real judicial judicial authority. Corporations allow allow clergy clergy to to preach preach to the masses, but armed Church Church enforcers, enforcers, even the Sacri Ordines, are forbidden forbidden access access unless unless specifically invited. Church Church ambassadors ambassadors may request an individual vidual be be extradited extradited to a Church state to stand trial trial under under Church Church law, but such requests must go go before before the the board board and are often placed under “Any “Any Other Other Business” Business” and missed out if the meeting ing overruns. overruns. After After a half dozen such overruns, even even the the most most pacifi pacifistic of ambassadors is ready to to call call in in the the Knights. Knights. There have have been been instances of armed Church There intervention. In In 2339, 2339, Inquisition spies had long intervention. suspected aa senior senior executive of the Asgard Corsuspected poration was was aa vampiric vampiric puppet, diverting arms poration shipments to to the the Rephaim Rephaim through intermediarshipments ies. Asgard’s Asgard’s board board refused to hand the executive ies. over, stating stating they they were “not in a position to over, comply until until they they had viewed the evidence.” comply Having reviewed reviewed the the evidence the board again Having refused, insisting insisting aa junior executive was actually refused, the party party responsible. responsible. the After six six months months of wrangling the Inquisition After persuaded the the pope pope to order the Ordo Hastae persuaded Sanctae to to capture capture the suspect on their behalf. Sanctae During aa fifierce erce battle battle with Asgard security forces During that left left over over 150 150 dead, the Ordo eventually that located the the executive. executive. He committed suicide located before they they could could arrest him. Asgard remains a before erce opponent opponent of of the Church to this day. fifierce

THE POPULACE The Church Church actively actively governs over 400 million The souls. From the largest city to the smallest farmsouls. From the largest stead, the Church has made it its mission to save stead, the Church has

the souls souls of of the the populace populace by by any any means means necessary. necessary. the archdioceses and and Church territory is divided into archdioceses the Church, Church, and and dioceses controlled directly by the Preceptories owned owned by by the the Commanderies and Preceptories Sacri Ordines. of the the land. land. The The Poverty is rife across most of Church imposes heavy taxes on the the masses masses to to pay pay for public services and subsidize subsidize industry—the industry—the Ordines’ taxes go toward keeping keeping their their military military machines running at the highest highest possible possible effi effi-are senior senior Church Church ciency. The wealthiest citizens are captains of of indusindusmembers (bishops and above), captains try, and crime bosses. majority of of the thepoppopWithin cities and towns, the majority apartment blocks. blocks. Large Large ulace lives in towering apartment few apartments apartments families are the norm, though few Most apartment apartment have more than two bedrooms. Most maintenance, but but the the blocks are in dire need of maintenance, Church is loathe to spend money money on on refurbishrefurbishment when it has more pressing matters matters to to deal deal masses, saving saving souls, souls, with—such as feeding the masses, and rooting out heresy. rows of of apartment apartment In stark contrast to the drab rows tree-lined avenues, avenues, blocks are the marbled plazas, tree-lined more affl affluent uent parts parts and open parks located in the more diligent watch watch over over of town. Police patrols keep diligent these areas and those who look out out of of place place are are stopped and questioned. Rephaim attacks on rural communities communities have have led led to mass migrations to the already already overcrowded overcrowded cities, placing further strain on the the Church Church welfare welfare system. Beggars are becoming more more common common on on city streets despite local police actions actions to to remove remove them to work camps. Corporate observers often accuse accuse the the Church Church of deliberately keeping the masses masses downtrodden. downtrodden. This way, they say, the citizens see see membership membership of of an Ordo as advancement up the social social ladder ladder and and flock to the various Ordines, so keeping keeping up up troop troop strengths. The Church is quick to to retort retort that that CorCorporate pricing policy and trading trading practices practices stifl stiflee local industries. Citizens living in villages and hamlets hamlets are are only only slightly better off. Agriculture is the the usual usual way way of of life and while not richly rewarded rewarded employs employs most most of the rural population. Houses range range from from prefab prefab structures used by the earliest colonists colonists to to stone stone and thatch cottages more reminiscent reminiscent of of 18th 18th century Earth. Few farmers can afford afford the the latest latest Corporate agricultural machinery machinery and and so so must must rely on a combination of outdated machines— outdated machines— some dating back to the first colonization—and colonization—and backbreaking manual labor.


NECROPOLIS 2350 There There are are “free “free hold” areas within the Church hegemony. hegemony. Land Land not controlled directly by a bishop bishop or or Preceptory Preceptory is often run by a close relative relative of of the the offi official. Nepotism is seen as an acceptable acceptable part part of society—at least to those with something something to to gain gain from it. Church Church laws laws ban citizens from owning firearms, leaving arms, leaving most most with no way of defending their homes against homes against the the Rephaim. As attacks increase more more and and more more citizens are acquiring illegal firearms arms through through Corporate Corporate channels—something the the Church Church is is keen keen to stop.

OTHER MILITARY FORCES True True military military power within the Church lies solely solely in in the the hands hands of the Sacri Ordines. A unit known known as as the the Swiss Swiss Guard serves as the pope’s personal personal bodyguard. bodyguard. Originally founded in the 15th 15th century century from from Swiss mercenaries, the current rent pope pope reintroduced reintroduced the Guard when he took offi office. ce. Comprised Comprised of of Knights poached from their Ordo Ordo to to serve serve the the pontiff directly and citizens who who pass pass the the rigorous rigorous training regime, they pro-


tect the the pope’s pope’s body, body, possessions, possessions, and and residence, residence, tect cial tours. tours. Within Within the the and accompany him on official are always always stationed stationed Vatican itself four members are at the pope’s side. ercely loyal loyal to to the the ponponThe Swiss Guard is fiercely tiff, willing to lay down their their lives lives for for him him at at aa moment’s notice and without without hesitation. hesitation. No No door is closed to the Guard so so long long as as the the pope pope are present present at at even even is present, and bodyguards are they hold hold this this knowlknowlsecret meetings. Knowing they suspicious of of any any Curial Curial edge makes them highly suspicious Guard members members pride pride advances toward them. Guard incorruptible—the punishpunishthemselves on being incorruptible—the pope’s trust trust in in them them is is ment for breaking the pope’s absolution. death by firing squad without absolution. At present, the Guard maintains maintains aa force force of of only only 200 soldiers, plus a cadre of 100 100 support support staff. staff. possess are are Prophet Prophet The only armed vehicles they possess dropship (call-sign (call-sign Ark Ark 1) 1) APC’s and a single Angel dropship his tours. tours. Members Members for transporting the pope on his purple battle battle suits suits and and of the Guard on duty wear purple Although comprised comprised mainly mainly carry flechette rifles. Although is not not aa Sacer Sacer Ordo Ordo of Knights, the Swiss Guard is military ranks ranks similar similar to to and its members use military those of the 21st Century. However, However, members members are are much to to the the disgust disgust of of allowed to carry swords, much the Sacri Ordines.

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The year is 2350. The place is Salus—more popularly called Necropolis—the only habitable world left to mankind. Knights of the militant Sacri Ordines of the Third Reformation Church are locked in a bitter crusade against the Rephaim (“the dead ones”), a race of evil beings who wield necromantic powers with the desire to exterminate all life. Yet even when faced with extinction, mankind cannot work together. While the Rephaim batter at humanity’s door, the Church and Union of Corporations continue their cold-war struggle for dominance over the lives of millions. Necropolis 2350 2350™ ™ is a dark futuristic setting for the award-winningt Savage Worlds RPG™

All that stands between oblivion and salvation are courage and faith. Welcome to Necropolis 2350… © 2008 Triple Ace Games. Necropolis, Necropolis 2350 and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Triple Ace Games. Savage Worlds, Smiling Jack and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Group.All All rights reserved. Used with permission. Produced under license by Studio 2 Publishing, Inc.The Inc. The Studio 2 logo is a trademark of Studio 2 Publishing, Inc. © 2008. 2008.All All Rights Reserved.

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