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March 14, 2018 | Author: fmaria64 | Category: Sewing, Textile Arts, Fashion & Beauty, Clothing, Textiles
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Creative ideas for using your Necchi....






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designer' Meet the urorld's greotest introYeors ogo NECCHI zig-zog sewlng duced the first household Americo' Soles mochine to the women of found ihot of the mochine soored' Women i *.rfa do qll their iedious sewing iobs onl- ofro moke beoutiful embroidery mov,rir.h", quickly ond eosily' by simply ing o lever or two bY hond' the Four yeors loter NECCHI introduced which pronrrt orrorotic cobinet mochine tl]t:h": du."d o wide voriety of decorotil:

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this wos o ereot without manvotconrrol' While


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' revolutionory -rnew sewrng mochine"'ihe this And now NECCHI introduces mochine! of firsr ruLLY nuiomlrlc cobinet pushbufion supERNOVnt il1" efiiciently' stroight stitching quietly, smooihly' course, it does oll your bosic Itolsomokesthezig-zogstitchesyou'llusetoovercosiseoms'sewonloce' buitons,blonketbinding'etc'Then'or'tf'"-pu'hofobuttonthismosterdesigner_theSUPERNoVA_goesintooctiontodoollyourtedioussewingiobs Let me exstitches completely ouiomoticolly' beouiiruia".orltive ond ollyour oni ho'' it differs from other the ploin how this tolent is built inio ';;i;;'


{rom side to aL '| the movement of the rreedle only mochines ln oll semi-outomqtic possible on these Ever]'d"to'oti'" outomoticolly' ::tt:h controlled side is soon tire of ' o ,or"n"r, thot you moy stitc'h, sqrin the of mochines is o voiiot.ron

UnderneoththeproudheodoftheSupernovoore..hiddenhqnds''whichoufomoves from side io bock ora for* *t'ite t',e needle motically

*or" *JioAric

side.Thisexclusivefeolureenoblesyo,'o*.reembroiderystitcheswithon ortistichond-modelookthqtnoother.,."r,'i""conproduce.otherexclusive continuous operoiion wiihyo, to moke o buttontroi" in one

feotures enoble stitch hems you moke monogroms ond blind dorn, con exclusive out turning tt *ot"rior. in the world hos these " ;;.h*" cobinet other No olso outomoticolly.


Inthefollowingpogesyouwillseehowthemogicofthismochinewillhelpyou ond your home' , your fomily things'i.r v"rr*rf beoutiful mo-re to enioy sewing Poge


[ET'S GET ACQUAINTED STRAIGHI.SEWING Sit down ot the mochine ond relox, Notice how soothing

the lovely non-glore colors ore to the eyes. Threod the mochine ond push o bution to stort sewing of slow or high speed. A light obove the needle floods your sewing oreo right where you need it. Push o button to sew in reverse. Push onother to moke boi tocks ot points of stroin.

It purrs olong os quietly os o hoppy kitten to moke oll your stroight seoms ond to ioin oll gorment sections with perfect stitches in ony desired length.


o lever ond the needle will outomoticolly

move from side to side, forming o zig-zog stitch

in ony size you need. Use the smoll zig-zog stitch for overcosting row edges, ond to sew on loce; use the wider one for blonket binding ond for sewing on buttons. Use o dointy zig-zog stitch for oll types of opplique work; choose motching or controsting color threod occording to your toste. Moke the stitches close together to produce o sotin stitch which con be used for opplique os well os for cut-work designs.





AUTOIJIATIC SEWING you will experience o new thrill when you see oulomolic sewing. Job: thoi used to toke hours of time ond months of prqclice con now be done in minutes. A little disc mogicolly conlrols eoch operolion with precision resulls you could never gel by hond sewing. LET HIDDEN




lmogine the thrill of moking buttonholes AUTOMATICALLYI Drop ihe buttonhole disc in ploce, tune in lhe size you wont ond sew. As if by mogic the slitches form down one side of o morked line ond bock the olher, bor tocking both ends to give you o perfect buttonhole in o few seconds. No more tedious hond work, no more eye stroin, no more hours ond months of proctice, no more opologies for home-mode looking buttonholes! Without ony fuss, wilhout even iurning the moleriol, your Supernovo's "hidden honds" mokes perfect buttonholes every time. You will now enioy sewing pinofores ond button front dresses. ln foct, you will find dozens of new woys to use buttonholes os o decorotive iouch-os o color occentos o slosh for scorf or tie.

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Poge 4

AUIOTUIAIIC SCAIIOPS embroidery stitches in One of the most common hond stitch used to moke Oronarno', doy wos the blonket proctice to moke tiresome lt took weeks of scoflops.


months of work to finish lhem smooth ond even, ond then

with the mogic of o toblecloth edged with them' Todoy' of scollops in yords outomotic sewing you con moke minutes.


from the some disc' to tune-in ond get the size you wont oble to moke beoutiful Just think whoi it meons to be designs without ony previous experience'

embroidery is built right into the Even o child cqn do it' The tolent Use iiny scollops mochine. All you do is guide the fobric'


Use ihe lorger sizes

size on towels, doilies, lingerie, etc' ond curtoins' on sheets, pillow coses, linens' oprons


AUTOTUIAIIC HETUIilIING At hems your skirts ond dresses' The NECCHI Supernovo even spring into oction to fosten

,oi..orrond "invisible fingers" monner' ,ou f,"r, in o truly professionol hond-sewing iob token over sewing mochine engineering'


Another weory'

outomotic' up-to-the-minute

Poge 5

SCROtt DESIGN lf you And now hond embroidery by mochine' beouhqd four honds you couldn't produce lhe tiful designs mode qutomoticolly on this mochine. Drop in the disc with the scroll design ploinly morked on top ond sew' Did you ever dedreom thot o mochine could moke o stitch uniformly So dointy? ond sign so exquisite perfect? Lift your honds from the fobric for o bockmoment ond notice how the fobric moves is needle the while forword word os well os moveoulomolic this is lt producing the design. ment of the fobric thot mokes possible such scolexclusive ond intricoie designs' Like the

lops, this stitch too con be elongoted if desired' in The Supernovo is the ONLY cobinet mochine

the world thot hos this omozing elongotion feqture.

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