Nasurefco vs NLRC

July 22, 2016 | Author: Ven Xtian Telles | Category: Types, Legal forms
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National Sugar Refinery Co. vs. NLRC...


National Sugar Refinery Corporation (NaSuRefCo) vs. National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) Gr. No. 101761 March 24, 2993 FACTS: On June 1, 1998, NaSuRefCo implemented a Job Evaluation, which affects all employees from rank-and-file to department heads. The program was designed to revise the duties and functions of all positions, level of responsibility, and recognize both wages and operational structures. As a result, all positions including the members of respondent union were granted salary adjustments and increased in benefits. Having such evaluation, the respondents were reclassified as managerial staffs which increased their salaries, and had adjustments to their benefits. And on May 11, 1990, respondent union filed a petition for non-payment of overtime, rest day and holiday pay, which allegedly in violation of Article 100 of the Labor Code. Respondents then asseverated that since they (petitioners) were reclassified as managerial staffs, hence, as prescribed by law, are no longer entitled to overtime, rest day, and holiday pay. ISSUE:WON respondents’ petition be granted HELD: NO. Being reclassified as members of the managerial staffs, they are no longer entitled to overtime, rest day and holiday pay, as defined under Article 82 of Labor Code of the Philippines.

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