Nash Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

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Nash Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps...


A Gardner  Denver Product 

Vacuum and Compressor Systems for the Chemical Process Industry

Proven technology built from experience Gardner Denver Nash has been serving process industries such as petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical for more than a century. You can count on Gardner Denver Nash to design and deliver the right solutions for your vacuum pump and compressor system application. As a worldwide leader in vacuum technology, Gardner Denver Nash has the expertise and knowledge to ensure that you receive the best product for your application. We don't just sell something off the shelf. We take the time to determine what your needs are through a comprehensive analysis of your process. We then design the system to meet your specific requirements beginning with the fundamentals - capacities, vacuum or pressure levels and the unique demands your process will require. We take into consideration your objectives relative to operating costs and initial capital investment. Then, we engineer a NASH® system to satisfy all of your needs.

The Liquid Ring Advantage


Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors that use a fluid compressant in lieu of pistons, vanes or rotating lobes are the best choice in most applications. They provide benefits that are not possible with other alternatives. Gardner Denver Nash easily complies with ATEX requirements because of the isothermal compression that is characteristic of liquid ring pumps. Simply put, NASH pumps run much cooler than other technologies.


Ability to handle carryover

Minimal process problems; Intended for severe mill and chemical duty use

Long design life

Highest reliability

No internal lubrication required

No routine maintenance required; less downtime

No metal-to-metal contact

Constant wear-free performance

Cool Running, Minimal temperature rise between inlet and discharge

Ideal for explosive gases and vapor recovery applications

Only one moving part

Simple and reliable operation

Chemicals Handled Unlike other vacuum pumps and compressors, NASH systems can handle moisture-laden inlet streams; explosive gases; dirty, abrasive or corrosive gas mixtures; and unpredictable streams that change with process variables. Some of these gases and vapors are: Acetone Acids Air Alcohol Ammonia

Aniline Benzene Butadiene Carbon Dioxide Chlorine

Freon Hydrocarbons Hydrogen Hydrogen Cyanide Hydrogen Sulfide

Isopropyl Ether Ketones Nitrous Oxides Propylene Oxides PVC

Styrene Sulfur Dioxide Vinyl Chloride Monomer

Complete application solutions Our goal at Gardner Denver Nash is to provide long life, reliable, low maintenance and energy efficient solutions to processes like: evaporation, distillation, vacuum filtration, gas compression, VOC recovery, solvent recovery and drying.

We produce a complete range of products and systems for industries including: Chemical Petrochemical Water Treatment Mining Petroleum Steel Pharmaceutical

Explosive Gas Compression

VCM Recovery

A typical arrangement for handling explosive gases, this compressor system keeps acetylene cool and saturated with water, which is used as the seal liquid. By doing this, the risk of explosion is minimized.

In one of several batch monomer recovery systems, unreacted vinyl chloride is first transferred into the evacuated holding tank. A NASH vacuum pump scavenges gas out of the PVC and delivers it to the compressor inlet at or near atmospheric pressure. The singlestage compressor then compresses the gas for condensation and storage as a pressurized liquid.

140 psig








Polymerization Reactor

VOC Recovery

To eliminate plugging from polymer carryover, NASH ejectors are driven with ethylene glycol vapor. Liquid ethylene glycol is then used as the vacuum pump seal liquid and also to cool the direct contact condensers. This eliminates process contamination from water, steam and air.

Vacuum tumble-drying performed in batch processing requires a gradually increasing vacuum to draw out solvents at the maximum sustainable rate. Often times this same solvent can be used as the pump seal liquid and motive vapor in the ejector to operate the process. Contamination is eliminated and pure solvent is recovered.











Seal Liquid Options Water is an excellent seal liquid and is most often used due to its availability and convenience. There are many situations, however, where alternative seal liquids may yield important process advantages or where even trace amounts of water cannot be tolerated in the product. In these instances, NASH vacuum pumps have demonstrated their versatility by successfully operating with a variety of other liquids. These liquids include: Acetic Acid Acetic Anhydride Acetates Acetone

Alcohols Caustic Soda Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

Gasoline Glycols Hexane Hytor Fluid

Kerosene MEK Oils Sulfuric Acid

Toluene Xylene and many others

Versatile product technology expertly applied Our broad range of products, consisting of liquid ring vacuum pumps, liquid ring compressors and ejectors can be individually applied or combined into packaged systems with additional components to serve a variety of process demands.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps The NASH liquid ring vacuum pump family provides a wide range of product options. From the topof-the-line heavy-duty P2620 with a dry air capacity of 23,000 CFM/ 39,082 m 3 /h to the mid-range Vectra (2,800 CFM/ 4,750 m 3 /h) and the smaller close-coupled 2BV series, we have the right answer for your individual vacuum requirement. Gardner Denver Nash knows the technology behind liquid ring vacuum pumps, because it invented the liquid ring principle of operation. Liquid ring vacuum pumps operate at low temperatures and are suitable for handling liquids, steam and condensate. Developed for the toughest applications, these pumps can safely and reliably extract explosive gas and corrosive vapors. Requiring minimal care and known for extremely low maintenance, NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps provide years of dependable service due to their robust design, rigorous quality, and their fewer and generously proportioned parts. Thanks to their low operating costs and extensive performance range up to 23,000 CFM/ 39,082 m3 /h, they excel in any application.




Liquid ring compressors Gardner Denver Nash offers the widest pressure and capacity ranges of liquid ring compressors worldwide. Together with the impressive NASH HP-9 and the introduction of the 14 over-hung models, NASH's highpressure compressor product line provides compression greater than 200 PSIG/ 15 Bar abs and up to 2,500 CFM/ 4,250 m3 /h per machine. Low-pressure compressors are available to 30 PSIG/ 3 Bar abs, and as much as 3 20,000 CFM/ 34,000 m /h. Found primarily in petroleum refineries and chemical plants, these rugged and reliable compressors handle highly toxic, explosive and corrosive gases in applications such as flare-gas, chlorine and Vinyl Chlorine Monomer (VCM) recovery.


NASH engineered systems are built to last Gardner Denver Nash provides the broadest range of vacuum packages to ensure a complete solution for your process needs. For general applications, the readily available 2BV and VectraPaks offer economical vacuum when you need it. For unique and demanding applications, our unparallel engineering staff will custom design a system specifically for your needs. A high quality NASH package provides value in terms of reliability, long life, energy savings and ease of installation.

Hybrid systems NASH hybrid systems, combine different vacuum producing technologies to provide maximum efficiency and effectiveness for a wide array of applications. Benefits of a hybrid system include lower operating costs and reduced capital equipment investment; higher capacity, and higher vacuum levels at an economical advantage.

Ejectors NASH ejectors are ideally suited to handle applications with large volumes, high vacuum levels and low molecular weight gases. Designs are available in sizes ranging from one-inch to 78-inch inlets and may be combined in various stages to meet your specific application needs. Inlet capacities range from 20 CFM/ 34 m3 /h to 20,000 CFM/ 34,000 m3 /h or more, and pressures as low as 0.001 mm Hg absolute can easily be accommodated. Ejectors can be manufactured in a variety of materials and require no moving parts, translating into trouble-free continuous operation.

Complete performance testing & worldwide service and support Our quality standards are rigorously enforced, and as a final safeguard prior to leaving the factory, all NASH equipment is subjected to 100% performance testing. All Gardner Denver Nash manufacturing facilities worldwide are ISO 9001 certified. In addition, the development and design of all NASH products are in accordance with ISO 9001 standard. Gardner Denver Nash provides full support from the initial system design through the installation and start-up. If equipment ever needs to be serviced, repaired or rebuilt, our service centers are located strategically around the world to respond quickly to your needs.

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