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March 10, 2018 | Author: sanchit_dalvi | Category: Chakra, Meditation, Weight Loss, Forgiveness, Mantra
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Naran is the only person in India preparing brain wave audio-cassettes and CD’s using alpha, beta and delta brain waves. His CD’s are used for meditation, concentration, relaxation, sleeplessness, migraine & pain management, self-confidence, physical healing & chakra tuning. One can attend his lectures at Chennai and or write email him at [email protected] URL: CDs Available SWITCH WORDS CD 1. TOGETHER DIVINE


3. Welcome Change Now 4. You are no more alone

5. Leap Forward and Progress 6. The Optimist 7. Rule your mind – Release Fear 8. Rule your mind – Release resistance

9. Harmony

For what it is used –Fulfillment in Life


Helps to be in tune with Divine To integrate the aura, human and deva/angel qualities present in our mind/ consciousness To Forgive; Tones of Flowers oduct/together-divine-listenheadphones

Contains The Mother’s affirmation oduct/towards-perfect-healthcontains-mothers-affirmation oduct/mantra-diabetes-hasfive-mantras-5-major-internal- oduct/forgiveness-listenheadphones Embracing changes in life oduct/together-change-listenheadphones To come out of loneliness oduct/you-are-no-more-alonelisten-headphones To move forward and progress in life oduct/leap-forward-andprogress To keep one in high spirits, to persevere oduct/be-optimist-listenheadphones Release fear by ruling the mind oduct/rule-your-mind-releasefear Release resistance by ruling the mind oduct/rule-your-mind-releaseresistance For establishing harmony. This cd has two tracks. The first one is letting go oduct/harmony those which prevent harmony. The second track is thanking statements with “English mantras” subliminally recorded. The English mantras have direct access to subconscious mind.

PHYSICAL HEALTH CD 10. Towards Perfect Health

11. Mantra For Diabetes

For activating the digestive system, facilitating glucose-glycogen balance. A supportive therapy for Diabetes.

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12. High BP Mantra

13. Vision Improvement

14. Inner Smile 15. Back Pain (Vallabam)

16. Let go pain 17. Weight Loss

organs Hypertension, BP oduct/high-bp-listenheadphones For Vision related problems – caused by Diabetes, old age etc oduct/vision-improvement For establishing inner (for body organs) & outer harmony and living a oduct/inner-smile full life For alleviating Back Pain oduct/backpain-vallabamlisten-headphones Any Body Pain including emotional oduct/let-go-pain-listenheadphones Using switchwords and affirmations for reducing excess weight uct/weight-loss


18. Abundance

19. Special Mantras 20. GuruguhanKodiKodiLava nyam 21. Mantra Healing Part 1

For abundance, prosperity, constant inflow of money and Be Free from Financial worries. Switch words recorded subliminally. For all life situations like –harmony, marriage, to get job, for success in examinations, for physical health etc., A good anti-depressant, healing the love pangs – loss of love oduct/abundance

Organ Mantras - For healing different organs in the body For Spiritual growth oduct/mantra-healing-i oduct/om-namo-narayana oduct/namashivayam

22. Om Namo Narayanaya

23. Namah Shivayam

24. Durga Durgama Dosha Varjitha

Chanting To remove dead cells (eg: Cancerous) any tumors etc To resolve land and house disputes The mantra will keep all the unwanted energies away from anyone who is chanting this mantra. Durgama: Any dark energy can never be near Durga, because she is doshavarjitha -the one who is without any blemish(darkness) vibrating with light and love that can annihilate any unwanted energy or anything dark, turning it into light and love. A good protection mantra to keep oduct/special-mantras oduct/guru-guhan oduct/durga-durgama-dosha

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away dark forces. ENERGY HEALING Meditation on Sun for improving health vitality,- color healing 25. Solar Energy 26. Crown and 3rd Eye (Solution Finder)

27. Circular Breathing

Solution finder, for activating Ajna Chakra, improving creativity, higher understanding Chakra Cleansing, Activation, balancing and Harmonizing through Rhythmic breathing Chakra Healing – Root and Crown Chakras. For stability; for getting a job for physical rejuvenation oduct/solar-energy-listenheadphones oduct/solution-finder-listenheadphones oduct/circular-breathing oduct/mooladhara-and-crownevening-de-stress-listenheadphones Cleansing and clearing of solar plexus 29. Psychic Ties Cut chakra – makes one assertive. oduct/psychic-ties-listenheadphones Inspired by Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri and The Divine Mother for oduct/soul-love-listenestablishing Divine / Buddha headphones 30. Soul Love consciousness into oneself All the seven chakras are activated and balanced oduct/chakra-activation-and31. Chakra balancing balancing-once-week-listenheadphones 32. Reiki and Five elements Drawing universal energy from five elements to all organs. uct/reiki-5-element-meditation GENERAL LIFE SOLUTIONS Meditation on Bach Flowers for 33. Prayer to Bach Flowers bringing inner Harmony, connecting oduct/flower-meditation / Flower Meditation with evolving self- higher self. To feel great 34. Feel great oduct/feel-great-listenheadphones It is part of rule your mind series, 35. Release desires and release desires and cravings. uct/rule-your-mind-release-yourcravings desires-and-cravings Calms and relaxes 36. Calm and Relaxation uct/calm-and-relaxation-listenheadphones For Positive attitude. Hope, Self acceptance, improving Self-worth oduct/i-love-myself-listenand Connecting to Universal or head-phones Divine Love 37. I love Myself: Manifest For Improving Self-Confidence, Divine Love Acceptance, and Success in Money 28. Mooladhara and Crown (Stable Mooladhara)

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38. Attention and Focus

Career and Relationships, opening up and take control of life. For increased attention and focus on work, studies attention-and-focus

- Only to be listened with headphones

- Can be listened over speakers

Disclaimer for CDs Naran CDs present the ear with alternating frequencies to stimulate and activate the brain. While this treatment has had a wide variety of benefits for various individuals, we do not guarantee any particular result. When you undertake a CD, it is with this understanding, as each nervous system is unique and will respond differently to the program. It is highly likely, if you persist with the program that you will experience benefits, but we cannot predict nor guarantee what those will be. WARNING For medical advice or if symptoms persist, please see your doctor or health professional. CDs with headphones should not be heard by people suffering from epileptic seizures and nervous disorders. CD should not be listened while driving, working or standing.

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List of Books: Multi-dimensional healing

Forgiveness why and How

Mantras part one and Two (Mantra steps to prosperity zone)

Switch words vol and vol 2

Multi-dimensional healing techniques discussed in the book for various life situations and physical problems Healing methods from Mudras, gem remedies, animal spirit guides, bach flowers are discussed in a quick reference in the book. Naran has written this book dedicated to just the attitude of Forgiveness. Why is it so important in life and how does one forgive even the most difficult person / situation. How does it benefit the person by doing so has been explained with examples, case studies in the book. Different mantras explained for various situations like prosperity, abundance, attention and focus. Benefits of each mantra, mantra for physical ailments like fever, swine flu, back pain are discussed in the books. It comes in two parts. Switch words or so called English mantras are discussed in depth in the book. Switch words which are powerful and act at the sub-conscious level are given for various situations,

http://www.naran multidimensionalhealing-workshop

http://www.naran narans-life-toolsforgiveness-whyand-how

http://www.naran mantras-part-iand-ii

http://www.naran switch-wordsenglish-mantraspart-i-ii

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case studies discussed. Bach flower remedies Basic Bach flower remedies are (Basic) discussed. Reader will understand how to use Bach flower remedies to overcome the emotional state and feel better. Book is categorized broadly into the emotional states like Fear, Worry, Grief, Anger etc,. Book of secretsAdvanced Bach flower Naran’s Bach flower remedies book dealing with Remedies different life situations and real time case studies. Example – job situation, pregnancy, improving financials, marital situations etc., Bach flower remedies for Book of Bach flower remedies children specially for children – Deals with all kinds of mental states, situations that parents face with children and the children themselves face in life. Gem Therapy Book discusses different gems, benefits of gems, how to use different gems for various physical issues, various life situations. Naran’s Find your life answers Different mantras explained for through Mantras various life situations like finding a job, hospital admission and emergencies, for balancing chakras, domestic misunderstandings, job situations, mental emotions one faces in day-to-day life.

http://www.naran bach-flowerremedies-part-i-ii

http://www.naran bach-flowerremedies-part-i-ii

http://www.naran bach-flowerremedies-part-i-ii

http://www.naran narans-lecturesgem-therapy-0 http://www.naran find-your-lifeanswers-throughmantras

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