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July 14, 2017 | Author: Ramesh Menon | Category: Planets In Astrology, Planets, Horoscope, Jupiter, Saturn
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INTRODUCTION Great Indian Astrologers after years of experience and research have come out with certain combinations of planetary positions. The permutations and combinations of these planetary positions have no limit. However, a broad outline is given in reference to a few important combinations given by ancient Hindu Astrological Seers. The Hindu Astrologers have classified planets as benefic and malefic and divided the 12 houses starting from the ascendent into the following groups:-

1. Trine: 1,5, and 9 Best at their position 2. Quadrants: 1 ,4,7 and 10 Good in their disposition 3. Tricks: 6,. 8,and 12 Bad in their disposition The remaining houses 2, 3, and 11 are not so good. The interaction between good, best and not so good house planets will yield good results. But, the interaction between tricks, good, best, and not so good houses, will not only lessen the good result, but, gives bad results. In Naadi system of prediction sage Brighu has not concentrated on Ascendent (Lagna) on the other hand concentrates on Jupiter calling it a life force. Hence, the author treats Jupiter as the ascendant and the 12 houses bhavas there from. The above said trine, quadrants, triks, are also from the house/sign where Jupiter is posited. After going through old writings of Sage Brighu the author has brought some yo gas which can be seen and predicted without any calculation or tracing the ascendants. Before going through the combinations a few things have to be carefully borne in mind like, planets, enemies camp, exhaltion, debilation, signs signifying forest, signs signifying vegetation, fortune, intellectual etc. Before the study of planetary combinations, the below mentioned planets and significations are important. Sun - For father and promotion in services. Moon -For mother and foreign travel Mars -For brothers I position in male horoscopes. Indication of marriage/husband in case of female horoscope. Mercury- For education and intelligence. Jupiter- Is said to be the life force. Venus- About wife in male's horoscope and money I children in general Saturn- For professions and problems. Rahu & Kethu -For family circle, family/problems/death/roads, beginningorendofajob/ change of place. Taurus is a sign of fortune, Gemini is the sign of intelligence, Leo for capital city/Govt Headquarters, Scorpio is an introvert sign, Sagittarius is the sign of forest, Virgo is the sign of vegetation. Jupiter is the life force and Saturn is action (Karma) so the importance is given to these two planets. Other planets like Mars, Venus, Mercury, tells about children, marriage, developments in life when touched by Jupiter while in transit among the 12 houses bhavas. Jupiter's adjacenthouses and 7th houses tells number of brothers and Introduction sisters. Rahu and Kethu - shows about the family circle. ahu and Kethu also tells about the lane or roads in front of the house in which the native is born. Rahu, also tells about the windy complaints and Mars tells about boils, wounds and accidents. Rahu's placement shows the part of the city in which the native is born (East/West/South/North part of the city) because R.ahu is said to be the mouth or the entrance. In Jupiter's 6th round when Jupiter touches Kethu, death of the native is denoted. Jupiter retrograde in a birth chart says that the life of the native will develop in a different place other than his home town or birth place. Saturn retrograde in a birth chart says that the native will have a good development in profession and good income in other places other than his home town. In a female horoscope when Mars contacts Rahu or Saturn before touching Venus marriage will be delayed. Jupiter in his 3rd round when he touches the 3rd house lord or the planet in the 3rd house from Jupiter in the birth chart, the native will face lot of problems. This effect will be worse when the 3rd house lord or the 3rd house has a malefic in it, but when Sun aspects the 3rd house the effect is reduced to a maximum extent. In a males horoscope

the sign in which Venus is placed shows the direction from where the wife ofthe native would be coming and in female's horoscope the placement of Mars shows the direction from which the husband is going to come. The planets in the 7th house to Jupiter tells about the natives friends and when Jupiter in his rounds of transit touches Sun or is in the 7* house to Sun the native will be getting good name and fame. Though the above said for only introduction part of the subject, the same is given in length in the following pages.

Principles of Naadi According to Sage Brighu the significations of planets are a little different than the usual. In Naadi, Sage Brighu has not concentrated on Ascendant but, concentrates on each planets placement very closely. Each planet when placed in different signs/houses reflects different dimensions of the qualities, for e.g .. , Mercury in Gemini says law and also a trader, Saturn in Virgo (Mercury's house) says business, Mars in Gemini says writer or printing etc. In Naadi Jupiter which is considered as life force takes 1 year to travel from one sign to another, and while in transit Jupiter will touch all the other planets like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, etc., so, when the so called life force touches other planets, the life of an individual would experience the qualities of that planet which is in touch with Jupiter. For example, when Jupiter touches Venus in his rounds of transit it shows that the native will get money- as Venus is significator of money or when Jupiter touches Sun, you can be sure that the native will earn good name and fame. The above said principles can be utilised in prediction, but, with reference to bhavas which is counted from Jupiter. Jupiter in his first round of transit among the 12 houses when touches Kethu that is the year of danger for the individual, see for the number of houses between Jupiter and Kethu and you can known the particular year, the danger is foreseen. This is the way for calculating timing of events. The number of signs in between Jupiter and the particular significator is the number of years of fruitification of the object. The first round of Jupiter's transit is for the development of the individual the 2nd round of Jupiter's transit is for family and financial. The 3rd round of Jupiter's transit is for traveling and development of brothers/sisters. In the 4th round of Jupiter's transit development of house/landed property is denoted. The 5th round of Jupiter's transit is for children and their developments or fall back. The 6th round of the Jupiter, tells the dangers to the native himself. Saturn is also an important point in Naadi system of Astrology. Saturn is the planet, which takes two and half years to move from one sign to another sign and takes 30 years to complete one rotation of all the 12houses. Just like Jupiter's transit even Saturn's transit in the 12 houses l bhavas will give results pertaining to kanna/action. Here, in Naadi system of astrology Saturn signifies profession, problems or death. When Saturn touches/sees Rahu in his I 51 round of transit, that is the age of beginning of the profession/business for the individual. The age of profession/business is known by the number of signs between Saturn and Rahu or at times Venus, the time taken by Saturn to reach Rahu in the birth chart is the age of profession (count the number of signs and multiply by 2Y2 that is the age of profession I business"). In the same manner, Saturn's 1st round of transit is for development/business/ profession of the individual. In the 2nd round of Saturn's transit it tells about family members problems or death. In the 3rd round of transit Saturn's transit it tells about the death of the native. Saturn touches/sees Sun's 8th house planets I 8th house, death of the father is denoted, when Saturn touches/sees Moon's 8th house planets I 8th house, death of the mother is denoted, Saturn touches Mar's 8th house planet I 8th house, death of the brother is denoted in male's horoscope and death of the husband in females horoscope. Saturn touches Jupiter's 8th house or 8th house planet denotes death of the native. Saturn's first round among the 12 houses tells about profession. Saturn's 2nd round among the 12 houses tells about achievements. Saturn's 3rd round among the 12houses tells about death of the native. Thus, to study the planets more closely readers are provided with the significations of signs and planets which is applicable in decoding the native's birth chart in the following pages.

Significations of Signs Aries:- Head, chemicals, ancient history, ancient scripts, fiery, technical machinery etc., Taurus:- Face., fortune, medicine, painting, singing, music, fine arts, rich house or fortune. Gemini:- Intellect, shoulders, law, dual sign, business, trading, etc., house of intellect. Cancer:- Moon's house, mother's house, heart, breast, watery, milk, hotels, restaurants, foreign land, frequent changing, moody, etc. Leo:- Father's house, capital city, medicine, fiery, chemistry, stomach/spine, gas, leader, head of the dept, pious, kingly, Govt.headquarters etc. Virgo:- Law, Judicial, dominating, intellect, vegetation, business, trade, fickle, commercial house, etc. Libra:- Rich, Banking, Gold and Jewellery, fine arts, good, beautiful, luxury, vehicles, royal, house of pleasures etc. Scorpio:-lron and steel, Machinery, chemicals, police dept., army personnel, mantras, brothers, introvert sign, sex organs etc. Sagittarius:- Dual sign, forest, half good and half bad, dry, banking, teaching, guru, religious, accountancy, thighs, noble, etc. Capricorn:- Watery, holy place, village head, slim cautious royal, politicians, waist, etc. Aquarius:- Village, holy waters, remmciation, kingly, politics, liquors, good, etc. Pices:- Dual sign, liberation, feet, pious, holy, salvation, noble, religious, etc.

Significations of Planets Sun:- Temple, Shiva, bones, father, head of the dept., medicine, city, man, religion, vedic, teaching, hard, promotion, Govt. Honors, development, name and fame. Etc. Moon:- Mother, woman, milk, fickle, changing, smooth, virtious, restaurants, eatables, hotels, foreign land, psychology, soft, travels, wells, and mind. Mars:- Brothers, sisters, boils, blood, Govt. Service, accidents, typing, printing, spirits, rape, desires, mantras, vedas, machinery, labour, house, land and building, man, Hanuman, Durga, breaks in education, accidents. In a female horoscope -husband. Mercury:- Education, intelligence, trade and business, law, judicial, twin, double, stomach, son, dual, languages, talking, children, good happenings etc. Jupiter:- Life force, native, living way of life, body, guru, teacher, religion, banking, preacher, chest, holy, pious, nature, moral, principles, gains, philosophy, spiritual science, judicial services, etc. Venus:- Eyes, good natured, riches, costly, gold and jewellery, smooth, wife (in a male's horoscope), vehicles, development fmancially, marriage, female child, mistress, sweet drinks, juices, etc. Saturn:-Action, Karma, duty, profession, bad periods, death, delay, desire to do, obstacles, village headman, spirits, livelihood, etc. Rahu:- Dryness, gas, empty, trouble, death, accidents, mouth, roads, beginning of the road, family circle, Part of the city (Rahu's placement) in which the native is born, Spirits, fear, photographer, typist, darkness, secret, etc. Kethu:- Tail, end of the family circle, salvation, pilgrimage trips, surgery, bad periods, electrocution, diseases, death, hot things, electrification, doctors, teachers, preacher, vedic, astrology, chemistry, end, death, photographer, light,

Points to be noted before making a reading

Rahu and Kethu's placement shows the road to the house in which the native is born. E.g .. , When Rahu is placed in Aries and Kethu in Libra, you can say that the road in front of the house in which the native is born runs from East to West. Rahu's placement sign shows the part of the city in which the native is born. E.g .. , Rahu in Aries, you can say that the native was born in the eastern part of the CityNillagel Town. Mars and the planets conjoined shows the number of brothers and sisters to the native. Well placed Mars shows the life style of the brother of the native. Well placed Venus shows the life style of the sister of the native. Venus in debilation shows ill luck to sisters or less number of sister to the native. Sun's conjoined planets shows th~ brothers/sisters of XX Brighu Naadi Sangraha the father of the native. Jupiter is the native, and Jupiter's placement shows the life style of the native. For e.g .. , Jupiter in Sagittarius, you can be sure the native's life is like a forest life, Jupiter in Taurus, you can say that the natives life is in a rich/royal way. In a female horoscope when Jupiter touches Mars, you can be sure the lady is going to get married. Jupiter touches Sun/Mercury/Venus in his rounds of transits you can be sure that these are the lucky periods and good things happen to the native. Jupiter's 5th house planets and planets aspecting the 5th house from Jupiter shows the number of children. Jupiter in Gemini, Sagittarius and Pices, the life of the native will be very good only after 41 years of his age. Jupiter having no planets in the 4 consecutive houses the life of the native is a misery. Jupiter in Leo, Venus in his own house, Mercury in his own house, Saturn in his own house, Moon in his own house- the life of the native will be a royal life. Mercury is checked for knowing the field of education. Mercury's placement will show the nature of study of the native. Mercury touching Jupiter Without touching Mars, Saturn before touching Jupiter shows that the education of the native will be smooth and complete. Saturn's placement shows the type of profession of the native. The 1 Olh house from Saturn shows the profession of the native and also Saturn's 2nd house lord shows the profession of the native. Saturn's 2nd house lord and its placement shows the profession of the native. E.g .. , Saturn in Venus's house with Rahu and Kethu with Jupiter in the 7th house, you can be sure that the native's profession will be a photographer. E.g .. , Saturn having Moon, Mars, Venus in the consecutive houses -The profession of the native will be running hotels or restaurants etc. Saturn touches/sees the 8th house lord/8th house of Sun in his 2nd round of transit, death of the father of the native is denoted. Saturn touches/sees the 8th house I 8th house lord of the Moon in his 2nd round of tranSit, death of the mother of the native is denoted. Saturn touching 8th house from Venus in his 2nd/3 rd round of transit - death of the wife of the native is denoted. Saturn touching 8th house from Jupiter in his 3rd round of transit, death of the native is denoted. Venus's placement sign (in a male horoscope) shows the direction from which the native's wife would be commg. Mars placement sign (in a female horoscope) shows the direction from which the husband of the native would come. Saturn in his rounds of transit touches Moon first and then Sun. The mother of the native would die first and then the father would die. Saturn in his rounds of transit touches Venus first and then Jupiter. The wife of the native would die first and then the native. Mars touches Rahu first without the aspect of a benefic planet the brother of the native would die early

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