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This paper is a project paper for Digital Marketing subject....


DIGITAL MARKETING PLAN A Partial Fulfillment on Digital Marketing Subject

Group Members: Bautista, Maynard Niel, N. Datukon, Jahn Avery Mitchel C. Palad, Kevyn Mikko B. Paraiso, John Daniel N. Sanchez, Ken-Ken D. Talatala, Nathanael R.

December 17, 2015


Industry Overview

Background: “What is presently known as the pioneering and trusted local mobile phone brand in the Philippines has a humble beginning which can be traced in 2007. Back then, Mr. David Lim played the part of a modern-day David when he dared to battle established international giants in the mobile phone industry with his introduction of the first Filipino mobile phone brand – MyPhone. Small as it was then, with only 3 models and 15 dealers distributing its products nationwide during its first year, MyPhone was built out of a big goal – to be a proudly Pinoy brand that is in the service of providing Filipinos with excellent quality phones at prices within their reach. This has been perfectly embodied in the phone brand’s logo which is depicted by the Philippine flag enclosed in a solid heart. This image clearly shows how MyPhone, as a company, is committed to uplifting Filipino pride and love for the country. Over the years, the MyPhone brand has never once strayed away from its vision. From being the first Filipino mobile phone brand, to being the first to offer dual-SIM mobility in the country, MyPhone has always been a pioneer in bringing various developments that are heavy on nationalistic themes and pro-Filipino features. Offering affordable mobile phone alternative among the Filipinos, MyPhone consistently grew both in sales and reach. Its product line continually widens as it offered more variety of phones: from basic call and text phones, to touchscreen phones, Wi-Fi enabled phones, mobile TV phones, and recently, Android phones.’’ From a market underdog, the company has continuously and consistently risen to become a definitive contender in the Philippine mobile phone landscape. Within its first five years in the business, the company has come far from having just 15 dealers in 2007 to its current roster of 250 dealers and nearly 200 concept stores and kiosks distributing its products nationwide as of today.

E-marketing can be an advantage for MyPhone because it allows the company to target a market that hasn’t been in their marketing plans before. If they are able to execute this e-marketing plan flawlessly then it would be very convenient for both them and their consumers. E-marketing opens the door for a whole new market, but it also makes it more convenient for the customers they already have and would want to retain. The URL of the website that we created for this e-marketing plan is: Mission: Our mission is to continuously promote and advertise the product offerings of our affiliated company through the use if internet. Vision: Our Company envisions itself to be the most trusted and preferred MyPhone online retail store across the country, making ourselves visible and accessible to all types of users online through continuous innovation and monitoring of the behavior of the netizens, making way for the awareness of people to MyPhone. Partnership Our company would be having a collaboration with MyPhone which gives us the authority to sell their products under their name at the same price, but we will be having a specific percentage of the profit for every unit that we will be selling. In exchange, we will be promoting their products all over the Philippines by the use of internet and different social media. Our partnership allows us to do retail selling via internet with the permission of MyPhone. We believe that the growing awareness of people to digital purchasing could lead to a bigger profitability since there is also an abundant growth of the number of Filipinos who are looking for gadgets that are affordable but competitive in terms of quality. By knowing these, we had decided to have an affiliation with MyPhone. Our aim is to gain profit at the same time help to open the minds of the Filipino in E-commerce since technology is becoming an oxygen nowadays, people

should be more aware of the advantages of having the knowledge of maximizing their resources. The choice of which phones or gadgets to purchase depends entirely to the perspective and loyalty of the buyer and this is what every firm is competing for. Businesses nowadays are utilizing every resources to innovate and step a level higher, with that in mind, companies made use of the internet and made websites for them to tap every person they wanted to interact and do business with. Websites became an essential tool for a company’s profitability. Our competitors would be those firms who offer the same product category as what MyPhone gives which also has an online retailers and advertisers. Since MyPhone is already a known brand, we could actually dominate in internet marketing because we could continuously enhance our website without worrying about the innovation of the product because that part would be handled by MyPhone itself. II.

Objectives a. Task Our objectives is to sell and advertise products via internet and social media. The

other objective is consumers can buy the products using digital devices so they can come to us to close the sale. We are eyeing for customers which are oriented to online buying and willing to do online transactions. Giving information to the consumers/buyers about the products that they have or they are about to buy is the main objective of this marketing plan. In the website that we created and designed, our task is to give information about the product and the company that we are in partnership with. We also included online shop to sell the products in the website and for the consumers to have an easy transactions to get in touch with the product. We also put a tab for contacts for the costumer to inform and approach us if they have any concerns or inquiries.

b. Pricing Our pricing objective is to be able to gain market share by pricing our service at a lesser cost. The company wishes to maximize the number of subscribers in the online internet access business, even though the profit gained from a customer is lower. It will be convenient for us in the long term because more subscribers will mean more potential repeat customers. The bottom line is that we get more profit in the long run. c. Measurable Quantity Philippines has a population of over a hundred million people. We intend to cover the whole Philippines as our target market since most of the residents around the country are in need of mobile phones and different gadgets for their everyday use. We can achieve our purpose with the help of different legit courier which deliver packages with proper diligence and honesty that we would be partnering with. We would be selling 5% each of the total unit of gadgets produced by MyPhone quarterly and it would be available in the web or they could contact us through email and contact number. III.

Situational Analysis a. PEST Analysis

Political Analysis The political environment of the company MyPhone could be affected by the laws and regulations made by the government that has to be abided in order to be permitted to continue doing business. The company should ensure the safety of the environment and be considerate of the policies of the government. The business also could be affected politically by the changing of terms of the law makers and chairpersons of the state. Laws and policies concerning trades and product selling may shift according to the new rules that would be implied by them. Taxes, may also change drastically depending on the people who would be governing our regulating offices.

Economic Analysis A rising economy always means rising of economic status which could be a big factor in one nation's buying power. Inflation is one of the biggest factor that could affect a company's economic environment because sales, trends and demands comes along with the increase of financial status of a person. The company would earn more profit if the economic state of the country is doing well thus, if more people would be employed and earn, more products could be introduced to the market for merchandise. Socio-cultural Analysis Culture is definitely a big factor when it comes to product preference. Every person's choice could be influenced by their beliefs and behavior which companies study and take into consideration before they introduce a product to their target market. The increasing popularity of mobile devices and the continuous advancement of technology made several of preferences and trends which could be a challenge to every firms. Technological Analysis Technology is now the basic foundation of a growing business. Innovative tools and machineries produces innovative products and services which people yearn for. A company's lifeline depends on how well they can manage to continuously evolve with the use of their technology. High productivity level and manufacturing capacity also depends on how well the speed of a firm's technological adaptation is. The performance of a company would be greatly affected with the technological advancements.

b. SWOT Analysis

Strengths: 


Frequent updates for people to be 

More people are discouraged to do

aware about our product

online buying due to trust issues

Made by Filipinos

Ignorance of people to E-commerce

Smooth transactions

Some applications and features are

Accessible for the use of social media.

Software is competitive and updated

User Friendly

Stalls are available nationwide even in

mostly imitated 


by the

majority of the

masses 

Operating systems are easily bugged

the web 

Price is affordable and reasonable

Customer Support Online

Opportunities 



Threats could

be 

Aggressive making of ads and banners


of competitors

Social media as a gateway to brand 

False web pages


Large scale reach of social media

Brand loyalty

Innovation of other companies

Expanding Innovation

Increasing Popularity of other phones

Putting up more Service Centers

Competitors’ Negative feedbacks

Can hire skilled Filipino worker

Slow internet connection from the user


E- Marketing Strategic Planning a. Segment Analysis Segmentation is the process of dividing the market into segments based on

customer characteristics and needs, and the consumer who are using the internet as their source of information is the main target of this e-marketing strategic planning. We segmented the analysis into 4 parts – Geographic, Demographic, Psychographic, and Behavior with regards to the product, this are the following: Geographic segmentation: Country: Philippines Region: All regions Demographic segmentation: Age: Suitable for all ages, 18 and up. Social Class: Upper C, Lower C, D. Social Status: Single/ Married Psychographic Segmentation: Lifestyle: Studying, working, and connecting to friends and family. Interest: Music, videos, games, social media, camera, and special features. Behavior with regard to the product: Attitudes and behavior: Calling, texting, internet surfing, online shopping, analyzing and surveying

b. Market Opportunity Analysis 1) DEMOGRAPHICS Filipinos are known to be thrifty and a conservative type of persons which affects their choice of food, clothes, and specially gadgets. Even before buying anything they take into consideration the specs the features and the totally of something, they make researches and studies about the product they wanted before making the purchase. Filipinos also take into consideration the price of the product they wanted to buy. In the Philippines “budget” always counts as a major factor in buying anything. They always wanted the best for their money and that is what the company MyPhone aims to offer. Making quality gadgets for an affordable price for every Filipinos which gives rise to economic innovation and at the same time nationalism. 2) GEOGRAPHIC MyPhone aims to provide excellent products with high quality performance which every Filipinos in every part of the Philippines could enjoy. The company aims to make everyone available and oriented to product they offer. In every cities, municipalities, and in every region My Phone products could be bought and are available online. 3) ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT The Philippines is a fast growing country with numerous projects and innovations on going. With these, more people are given the opportunity of being employed and more money is being circulated in the economy which paved way to more opportunities to Filipinos in enjoying different types of getaways and the ability to purchase what they are yearning for. A rising economy comes with the introduction of different businesses and products. With that in mind, MyPhone took the chance of creating and developing a product which would be of good use to all Filipino residents with the proper insurance of what they have worked hard for. Thus, the innovation of the gadgets they created also

comes hand in hand with the innovation of the country. The more people who patronize their product the more the economy rises. 4) POLITCAL- LEGAL ASPECTS In every business proper paper works and legalities are needed to ensure the countrymen that the product or service a firm is offering is legal and certified original. The government regulates and conducts inspections for the safety of the consumers. Changes in the government policy make up the political factors. The change can be economic, legal or social. Every business should be wary of the risks and the outcomes of the changes that could happen while they are doing transactions because there are many factors that can affect their way of doing business politically. Some of the factors are the following: 


Corruption level

Freedom of the press


Trade control

Education Law

 Environmental Law  Health and safety law  Competition regulation  Regulation and deregulation  Tax policy (tax rates and incentives) 

Government stability and related changes

Government involvement in trade unions and agreements In doing business one company must consider every aspects that may affect

their business and social status and culture is one of them.

A company should always align their product to their target market, the volume of the consumer and their capacity to buy the product or service would greatly affect the profit of the company, also the values and beliefs of a specific person should also be accounted in making the product. Since the Philippines is known to be a wholesome country and are known to always save as much as possible MyPhone had built the gadget just right for those characteristics. The company had made their gadget suitable for what the Filipinos’ values are and how exactly they wanted their gadget to be with a very affordable and reasonable price. Their product could satisfy what their target market is which is the mass in all ages because what they offer has all the features which Filipinos needed like Radios, T.V., Game oriented, available to send messages and make calls, etc. they even have their own original app which have jokes on them and also religious prayers which only Filipino culture has. 5) TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGES The world today continuously innovates and finds ways to make new trends, and to continuously adapt to those changes the firms and businesses also apply changes to their products and services to be able to compete with their competitors and to stay in the industry. With the advancements of technologies comes the advancement of gadgets. New features are made, new models are introduced and new competitor arises. With the technological change that is happening, new modifications also comes in. A company should not get outdated with the new trends that people wanted because if they do, they will be forgotten and their customers will switch to another brand. MyPhone continuously innovates and apply changes to their product offerings align to what their consumers wanted. Every quarter or every year they are introducing new types of smart phones or android phones which many Filipinos are enticed to buy because of its’ unique features and of course affordable price. They also offer phones that is suitable for emergencies for an affordable and reasonable price.

In every business it is important that they take into consideration the new trends and new technology to be able to adapt to new changes and for them to be able to stay alive in their industry.


E-marketing Strategy a. Product Strategies: Our main strategy would be product differentiation. MyPhone offers different

types of gadgets which capitalizes in fulfilling the needs and wants of the Filipino people. Different phones and gadgets have been adjusted and designed specifically to make the daily lives of the consumers easier and more convenient. b. Pricing Strategies: Our company would be using different pricing strategies namely: i. Penetration Pricing Since MyPhone was founded in 2008, it is still in its infant stage. With that being said, penetration pricing will be key to our marketing strategy because the goal is to set a low initial price in order to penetrate quickly in the mass market. It is also the best approach when many segments of the market are price sensitive. ii. Competitive Pricing Paying attention to what your competitors charge for a similar product or service is vital in e-business. It is all too easy for customers to search and find a lower price. We aim to undercut our competition, at first at least, until our company becomes more established. This may narrow the company’s profit margin, but we can make up the difference by selling more than we would if our prices have been higher. iii. Odd-even Numbers Pricing

This type of pricing strategy takes advantage of human psychology. Studies of price points by direct marketers have found that products sell best at certain price points, such as Php999, Php1299, and Php1599, compared to other prices slightly higher or lower.

c. Distribution Strategies Through the use of the created website, we would be selling our products using that channel mainly and the products being purchased would be delivered via the help of trusted local courier companies. d. Marketing Communication Strategies These type of strategies are all about the company trying to project and show the necessary information of the products and services to the consumers. Our strategies would be the following: i. Web Site Since the web site is the starting point of every e-business, it would mean that most information necessary would come from here. Just through a click, consumers can canvas the different products that are being offered in the site. ii. Search Marketing This type of channel is all about promoting the website by increasing the visibility in search engine results by using the two types of search engine optimizations namely organic search results and paid search results. iii. Email Marketing Through the use of emails, the company will be able to directly send commercial messages with necessary information of the products, thus making them more aware of recent promos and news.

iv. Mobile Marketing Via text messages, consumers will be updated with the recent news and promos since it is assumed that most people always bring their handheld devices anywhere they go. It is also the easiest way to spread information because just by texting, it can be transferred from one person to another. v. Web Banner/ Banner Ads By putting up banner ads and web banners in different web sites, people would be more inclined and curious about the products we offer. A simple click of those ads would lead them directly to our web site. vi. Pop-ups The company would also make use of these types of advertisements in order to spread information of our products online. It would be key to have pop-ups in online games, videos, blogs, and different web sites for more convenience. vii. Social Media Our company will utilize social networking websites as a marketing tool to produce content that different users can share with their network, in order for our company to increase brand exposure and to broaden customer reach. e. Relationship Management Strategies The plan for this kind of strategy is to increase our performance of customer relationship strategies. A good way of retaining relations with customers is by gaining and keeping their trust. Warranties would be key for MyPhone to keep their repeat customers, Good customer service that replies to the needs and queries of our customers would also be relevant for retaining our customers whether online or in local branches/stores, and to always relay new information to customers especially about discounts, promos, and new products. VI.

Implementation plan

a. Marketing Mix Tactics Product Product differentiation is the method used to implement because MyPhone caters the needs of the Filipino consumers. MyPhone have differentiated features and products compared to their competitors. The Philippines is an archipelago that consist of 7000 islands give or take. Many of these regions are common places where natural disasters strike every year. MyPhone has innovated the SOS phone which was created to enable the locals there to be ready for any calamity that comes their way. SOS button is one of the features of that phones, it is designed for emergency purposes. The battery of SOS phone can last longer than any ordinary phone because it lasts for seven days when fully charged. The phone itself is shock proof and water resistant. Another example of a phone is the My32. It is known for a fact that Filipinos always prefer having the latest technology in their gadgets. MyPhone has innovated a phone which caters to that need but is still affordable for the Filipino masses. It has an Octacore processor and a HD camera that is a main need when Filipino consumers look for a phone. Pricing As mentioned in the paper, MyPhone has been in the industry for seven years now. Compared to its competitors, the company is still in its infant stage. In order to gain market share, we need to set a low initial price so that we can infiltrate the market easily. Odd-Even pricing is a psychological pricing strategy in which numeric value is utilized to affect the consumer’s perception of the product’s value. It is understood that Filipinos are cost sensitive and they prefer the most affordable product so the odd-even pricing really is essential in targeting the Filipino demographic. It is evident that MyPhone also uses this strategy even in their direct selling marketing plans. It has worked for them then, and it will work for us now. Place

For digital marketing, it’s all about consumers and potential customers finding out about the brand, products, services, and information about MyPhone. We would be selling our products to the digital market and its domain.

Promotion We intend to promote MyPhone products by airing their different commercials, infomercials, and print advertisements in the different use of the channels of digital marketing. We need to capitalize on this in order to gain market share and increase the knowledge of consumers about our product. b. Relationship Management Tactics Customer plays a big role in a company, without them the company will not gain any profit. MyPhone must establish and maintain strong relationship with their target market since they are only new to the industry, it is also a key in building a strong following for their products and growing the profitability of MyPhone. One way to build strong relationship with the customer is to listen and review their comments and suggestions, this gives the MyPhone to have a free market survey. MyPhone doesn’t have to spend a huge amount of money in order to get that info. They just have to include customer service in their site and create a page in any social media that allows the customer to give their feedbacks and suggestions. The reasons why our company must build strong relationship with their customers are the following: 

Customer can spend more money in their products

Brand loyalty of the customers

Public trust in the event of crisis

Repeat purchases of customers

Influence of word-of-mouth marketing

c. Marketing Organization Structure Strategic marketing involves offering and selling your products in a way that will lead to achieving the organization's goals. Tactical marketing outlines specific steps that need to be taken to implement the strategy.



Customer Service





the Customer Service Agent

needs and concerns Online Inquiry

and to give a genuine information.

Build the website and

To help create strong

launch it

brand-customer relationship

Web designer/Web developer

Establish a monitoring

To track and check


the inventory

Shipping to local areas

To distribute the

to constitute the first


Finance Manager

Operations Department/ Production


Provide support to

To have their Loyalty

local manufacturer

and Trust

Marketing Department

d. Information-Gathering Tactics One of the best ways to get inputs and insights from customers is having a good relation. It is important to build connection with your customers to gain loyalty and credibility. Using forums, web forms, and feedbacks are the main sources of a company to be able to know and understand what exactly does a customer wanted for the product or service that they are offering. Social media is the most commonly used portal in giving comments, reactions and suggestions. The new trends and updates about everything that is happening around the world could also be seen using social media. So, by maximizing the use of these sites people could be aware of the trends. Our company would be using Feedbacks, forums and online communities to continuously be updated to what the customer think about the product and what more

they could suggest to further innovate our service. We could also use these portals to enhance our marketing strategies and to respond to the problems and casualties we are facing and about to face. VII.

Evaluation Plan A. Tracking systems in place to measure results. The application Web-stat is a system/application for website trafficking that costs

Php 2,791/year. A person is only considered a visitor in the site once they have accessed the web site and at least browse and click in the any of the pages. Bounce visitors aren’t recorded in this statistic. Enables the company to keep track of how many people actually visit their site once or on a regular basis. In Web-stat, the referrer or the link which leads the costumer in our website is also indicated. The more visitors there are in a site, the more successful the marketing plan will become. In short, brand exposure has increased and therefore being a plus factor for us. Newsletter that will costs Php 1,692/year is a measurement that will show the increase in the number of subscribers to the newsletter situated in the website, it means an increase on the consumers

interested with the products, services, news of the

company. B. Various metrics relate to specific plan goals. Website bounce rate is a metric that indicates the percentage of people who land on one of your web pages and leave without clicking to anywhere else on your website. The cost of an online store is Php 5,546/year. This will help indicate that the higher sales you have the more close you are to attaining company goals for that year. Having this metrics makes us, online marketers, to measure and know what are the interest or behavior of the consumers in viewing our website. This metrics will be the measure if we attain the desired consumer who visited and returned. It will also give us the information if we achieved the objectives of the marketing plan.

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