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Answer(  )*( , &'pe( 3 1.

Which of the following following statement statementss about managerial managerial accountants accountants is false? false? A. Managerial Managerial accountant accountantss more and more more are consider considered ed "business "business partners partners." ." B. Managerial Managerial account accountants ants often often are part part of cross-f cross-functi unctional onal teams. teams. C. An increasing increasing number number of organizati organizations ons are segregatin segregating g managerial managerial accountants accountants in in separate separate managerial-accounting departments. . !n a number of companies companies managerial managerial accountan accountants ts ma#e significa significant nt business business decisions decisions and resol$e operating problems. %. &he role of manageri managerial al accountant accountantss has changed changed considerab considerabl' l' o$er the the past decade. decade.


Which of the followin following g is not an ob5ecti$e ob5ecti$e of managerial managerial accountin accounting? g? A. /ro$iding /ro$iding inform information ation for decisio decision n ma#ing ma#ing and planning. planning. B. Assisting Assisting in direct directing ing and controllin controlling g operati operations. ons. C. Maim Maimizi izing ng profit profitss and minimi minimizin zing g costs. costs. . Measuring Measuring the perform performance ance of of managers managers and subuni subunits. ts. %. Moti$atin Moti$ating g managers managers toward toward the the organiza organization6 tion6s goals. goals. Answer( C )*(  &'pe( +C

Answer( C )*( 1 &'pe( +C 7. ,.

&he da'-to-da' wor# of management teams will t'picall' t'picall' comprise all of the following acti$ities ecept( A. deci decisi sion on ma# ma#in ing. g. B. planning. C. cost cost min minim imiz izin ing. g. . direct directing ing oper operati ationa onall acti$i acti$itie ties. s. %. c on ont ro ro llll in ing . Answer( C )*( , &'pe( +C


Answer( B )*(  &'pe( +C :.

Which of the following functions is best described as choosing among a$ailable alternati$es? A. eci ecisi sion on ma# ma#in ing. g. B. /la n nn ning. C. irect irecting ing oper operati ationa onall acti$i acti$itie ties. s. . Cont Contro roll llin ing. g. %. Budgeting. 1
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