Mudlogging Operations

February 21, 2019 | Author: andrzema | Category: Porosity, Science, Geology, Nature
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Summary • Lack of visible stain is not conclusive proof of the absence of hydrocarbons • Lack of fluorescence is not conclusive conclusive proof of the absence of hydrocarbons • Hydrocarbon shows will usually give a positive cut fluorescence (wet cut). High gravity hydrocarbons will often give a positive cut fluorescence and/or a residual cut, but will give negative results with all other  hydrocarbon detection methods. Minerals which fluoresce will not yield a cut.

Responsibilities of a Mud Logger  • To collect and record all the engineering and geological data obtained while drilling • To interpret the acquired data • To inform the client of significant changes in the well • Maintain good relations with the client and other  personnel on the rig • Ensure that the unit and equipment are properly maintained and in good working order  • To perform all duties in a safe manner 


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