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July 8, 2017 | Author: Janibie John Pascua | Category: Fashion & Beauty, Clothing
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ST. JOSEPH INSTITUTE OF DINGRAS, INC. Dingras, Ilocos Norte Search for Mr. and Miss Intrams 2009 September 16, 2009 Voice Over: A parade of beauties! A battle of wit! A show-off of poise and carriage! Who would be among Princess, Maricon, Dianna, Airene, Jessa, Joanna, Junie Bless, Joseph, Prince, Zaldrex, Kim, Jeffrey, Johnlee and Gilbert (KURANG!!!) would be crowned Mr. and Miss Intrams 2009? There’s only one way to find out. Let’s all watch: the Search for Mr. and Miss Intrams 2009! : To begin with, Winie: A pleasant morning to all of you! Today will be filled with verdure of entertainment as MMSU-CTE brings you the Search for MR. and MS. Intrams 2007. Angel: Indeed, we are here today to foment a flake of entertainment that will engross everybody to be formidable wishers of this program’s success. Flor: Well, as my partners have said, today is the Search for MR. and Ms. Intrams 2007. So why don’t you sit down and relax as we bring you a different taste of fop satisfaction; because after those days of hardships wherein everybody goes to be very busy, we really need to have some unwinding activities. ALL: Ladies and gentleman, Winie: I’m Winnie Angel: I’m Angel Flor: I’m Flor ALL: and we will be hosting… Winie: the grandest… Angel: the most exciting… Flor: and the most fabulous pageant at this very side of the planet… ALL: the SEARCH FOR MR. AND MS. INTRAMS 2007 W: They say that beauty is relative. What may be beautiful to me may not be beautiful for you, or the other way around…that’s why we have with us excellent panel of judges who have an eye for beauty. A: But the question is how will they be judged? F: So ladies and gentlemen, let’s get to know our board of judges and the criteria for judging through the Women’s Club Adviser, Prof. Rose Francis Mina.

W: Thank you very much Ma’am. I can see in the eyes of our audience to see the candidates… A: So, we’ll not prolong the agony of waiting anymore… hold your breath as we bring you the 16 enchanting candidates as they capture the center stage in their… All: Production Number! (Production Number- read the profiles) F: Thank you very much candidates. At this point of moment, let us witness how the candidates walk with their dresses they usually use in the mall, in the beach or any other places they go. All: Ladies and Gentlemen.. the candidates in their casual wear! (Casual Wear) W: We will now be awarding our first set of minor awards. (awarding) A: Nobody in the world could question how talented a Filipino youth is, for in fact, he is blessed with a sundry of talent exaltations that are unequalled by any race. To give us the evidence, may e call on the Bin- I dance troupe to render us an intermission number. (intermission) F: That was an outstanding performance! You’ve got it done pretty well! I know that the next part of the pageant is the most teasing and the most watched that every ball of the human eye never blinks. W: right you are Flor. It is here the candidates show their beautiful bodies and display their perfect measurements. A: No doubt, you are referring to the swimsuit competition. For sure those hips, muscles, and perfect curves would make the crowd say “ wow”! (swimsuit) F: Listening to people with brilliant thoughts and smart ideas is one way of developing a strong foundation of the institution. Friends, let us lend our ears to the dynamic dean of the college, Dr. Eduardo T. Borja, for his inspirational talk. W: Thank you very much Sir for those inspiring words of wisdom that we will keep in the treasure box of our hearts.

A: CTE is a cradle of talented students. To give us a taste of this, may we again welcome with a resounding applause the Bin- I Dance Troupe. F: You know the candidates are not only inspired by the beauty of Venus but also the talent of Minerva. So at this juncture, may we now call on Female Candidate # 2 _______ and Male candidate # 11_________ to (talent) W: We have seen the candidates in their swimwear and now it is the moment that we take a glance of our candidates in their sportswear. A round of applause for our candidates please. (sportswear) A: We will now be awarding our second set of minor awards. (awarding) F: We cant afford to let great talents out of your sight. And so we’re bringing back the Bin- I dance Troupe for another intermission Number. Take it away Bin- I ( Intermission) W: And now. L& g, may we proceed to another high spot of this pageant as the candidates parade with their elegant and glittering gowns to prove that are really entitled to be kings and queens. A: Yes! They will be showing us their serenity and poise that will give them points as they battle for that very prestigious crown. F: Friends, what about a big round of applause for the candidates as they walk with elegance and peace in the formal wear competiton with the touch of Ilocano style.

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