Motion for Issuance of Writ of Execution sample

August 12, 2018 | Author: Coreine Imee Valledor | Category: Lawsuit, Legal Procedure, Common Law, Government, Politics
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Republic Republic of the t he Philippines MUNICIPAL TRIAL COURT IN CITIES 10th Judicial Region Branch 1 Cagaan Cagaan de Oro Cit

!EOR!E "# $UIMPO% Plainti,% )&er'u')

Ci&il Ca'e No#C()Jul)*+*


RAUL JABIEN%   e3endant# 4)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))2 MOTION -OR TE ISSUANCE O"RIT O- E5ECUTION COMES NO" Plainti,% through counsel and unto this Honorable Court most respectfully submits this Motion for the Issuance of Writ of Execution and in amplication thereof  most respectfully aver !" #hat #hat this this is a case case for for $orci orcibl ble e Entr Entry y %ith %ith Praye rayerr for for Preli Prelimin minary ary Mandat Mandatory& ory&Pr Prohi ohibit bitory ory In'unct In'unction ion(( led led by plaint plainti) i) %ith this this Honorab Honorable le Court Court %herein %herein *udgme *udgment nt +,#E+ #E+ +ec +ecember !( -.!.( %as made in favor of  plainti)( the dispositive portion of %hich provides Judgment is hereby   6WHEREFORE, rendered in favor of plainti ordering defendant  RAUL RAUL JABIE JABIEN, N, his his heirs heirs,, assi assign gns, s, su su es esso sors rs!i !in! n! interest, guests or any oupants on the sub"et   premises #ith the permission of defendant to immedi immediatel ately y vaate vaate the proper property ty sub"e sub"ett hereof  hereof  ove overed red by $%$ No& $!' !'( ()*+ and turn! rn!over   possession of the same plainti&

efendant is further ordered to -a. pay   plainti the reasonable monthly ompensation of  /(,***&** starting eember +, '**0 until defendant shall have atually vaated the same -b. pay attorney1s fees of /+*,***&**, and -. osts of suit& /ursuant to 2etion +3, Rule 0* of the Rules of %ourt, e4eution shall immediately issue upon motion unless an appeal has been perfeted and the defendant to stay e4eution 5les a supersedeas bond in the sum of 6ne 7undred Ninety thousand -/+3*,***&**. /esos approved by  this ourt and e4euted in favour of plainti to pay  the rents, damages and osts aruing to the time of this "udgment& 26 6RERE&8  -" #hat this case %as appealed by defendant %ith the Regional #rial Court of Misamis /riental %hich +enied the ,ppeal through an /rder dated ,pril !0( -.!!( the dispositive portion of %hich provides 9:7ERE;6RE, the appeal is ordered I2
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